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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  November 24, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PST

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that's bosco there, a lab, the best friend of my children and family. my wife is wondering why i pick pictures of my dogs, not children. >> dana: blame me. >> benjamin: that is his screen debut there. >> dana: many more to come. benjamin. happy thanksgiving to you. "the faulkner focus" is up next. sandra smith, here you go. >> dana and benjamin thank you. fox news alert. wisconsin court setting a $5 million bail for the suspect accused of mowing down dozens of parade goers in a suburb of milwaukee. a grieving community wants to know why he was allowed on the streets to begin with. you are in "the faulkner focus". i'm in for harris today. 39-year-old darrell brooks made his first court appearance yesterday. prosecutors charged him with five counts of first degree intentional homicide and another charge is on the way because a sixth victim, an 8-year-old boy, has now died.
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some critics are also questioning why the court set a bail at all given the nature of the crime and brooks' decades long criminal history. dan bongino needs the left needs to face reality. >> it's a crappy bumper sticker. that's what this is. tolerance, bail reform, defund the police. when the bumper sticker becomes reality, sean, the body bags start piling up. how many body bags are you willing to tolerate before you finally admit that you are worshipping a bunch of golden cavs? >> kat is here to react. mike tobin is live in waukesha at this hour. >> the waukesha county district attorney promised daily would be set high enough that darrell brooks wouldn't get out again
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and that's why we see the number $5 million bails. he appeared in waukesha county court wearing a suicide prevention suit and rock back and forth and shake and wearing a covid mask. initially he was charged with five counts of intentional homicide. the sixth count is on its way a matter of paperwork at 8-year-old jackson sparks died of his injuries. the bail was unusually high but in this case reasonable. >> i have no problem. i just with that bail it is extraordinarily high but it is an extraordinarily big case and an extraordinarily serious case with an extraordinary history. >> doorbell video shows him arriving at the home of daniel ryder 20 minutes after the attack claiming he was waiting for an uber. ryder didn't know about the attack.
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how deliberate the attack was. police detective first encountered the red suv it was going slow enough the detective was able to pound on the hood, get a look at brooks and tell him to stop. the s.u.v. only sped up as it got into the crowd of people. we know more about that november 2 attack in which brooks is alleged to have punched and then drove the vehicle over the mother of his child. we knew early on that when police arrived she had tire tracks on her pants and we now know she suffered a dislocated femur and broken ankle. still the bond for brooks was reduced to $1,000 and clearly when he got out he had access to the same vehicle. sandra, back to you. >> mike tobin on the ground in waukesha for us. thank you, mike. meanwhile outrage among locals in waukesha who can't believe the suspect given his long criminal history was out on a $1,000 bail days before this attack.
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>> i can't believe he was out. something needs to change. >> he was let out way too low. >> i heard what he did and crazy he only had a $1,000 bond. >> there was a mistake done, definitely. there is no reason somebody should be that low with that serious of crimes, felonies committed. >> horrible for that community there. op-ed out in the "new york post" today says no, jails aren't filled with people on minor charges. there is a reason we have bail and this "washington examiner" piece progressive criminal justice reforms will spark backlash as repeat criminals roam free. turns out milwaukee's district attorney admitted his reforms would get someone killed eventually. he said this in a 2007 interview quote, is there going to be an individual i divert or puft into a treatment program who will go out and kill somebody? you bet. guaranteed.
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it is guaranteed to happen. it does not invalidate the overall approach. kat is a republican congresswoman from florida and member of the house homeland security committee. her husband, a firefighter and paramedic as well as a swat medic. thank you for being here today ahead of the holiday we stop first and mourn the loss of that 8-year-old boy who went out to enjoy a parade and his hometown of waukesha and succumbed to his injuries and passed away. it is horrific. it is horrific. every detail of this story. why was this man allowed to be free on the streets especially going back to the words of that d.a. who said it was inevitable that without change to approach someone would die? >> the whole thing makes your heartbreak time and time again. since it happened i talked with my husband about this and he
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said this points exactly to the frustration that so many law enforcement officers around the country have been experiencing as this ultraprogressive left agenda goes after so-called bail reform. these law enforcement officers do their job, they go and arrest these criminals, these violent criminals, and next day or two days later they are back out on the streets. what is the point? now we have a situation in wisconsin which is heartbreaking. never should have happened. and, of course, this is the attention that we've been calling for, the dangerous approach like george soros funding these efforts for years is the result. you have people that have done a broad brush approach when it comes to bail reform. let's be clear. i think there is a definite distinction between criminal
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justice reform and bail reform. bail reform is before there has been due process and i think that's important to note because this man had a rap sheet a mile long. he was in the courthouse for a violent offense. this wasn't some petty drug crime. this was a violent offense. $1,000? $1,000? that's too low for this. you can see the rap sheet he has. when you have a repeat criminal offender as we saw with this criminal, this to me is 100% a failure of the system that has been in place because of this liberal approach like aoc and the squad have been calling for no cash bail, no cash bond. to me it's ridiculous. we need to give crime to the prosecutors and judges judge to determine on a days by case basis when it is appropriate and when it is not. >> it appears obvious. his rap sheet was scrolling
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there. we all see it. do you think the left will face reality and think it will serve as a wake-up call? >> the fact that you saw the d.a. making a statement in 2007 that said people are going to die because of this one size fits all approach, that just goes to show they care more about a political agenda and outcome than people's lives. they are so removed that they can't even come to terms with the fact that their policies have resulted in multiple deaths in a christmas parade from a violent offender who was a habitual offender. that to me again points to the fact that we have got to get very serious about these issues that are really in this particular case criminal justice reform, bail reform. these are state and local issues. >> i spoke to one of the representatives who covers that district right after this happened describing that parade that has been going on and a tradition for six decades in the town and he describes the
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scene out of a norman rockwell painting and this has been a nightmare for that community. meanwhile the biden administration is asking a federal appeals court to reinstate its vaccine mandate for private businesses after a different appeals court put it on hold pending several lawsuits. meantime denver is the latest city to require masks be worn indoors unless you are vaccinated. here is the mayor there. >> we are issuing what i like to call a vax or mask mandate. either your venue or business is requiring proof of vaccination or you choose to be a place where only masks will be required. but either/or as a venue or restaurant or type of operation, we are putting a mandate in place. >> one california imposed a sweeping indoor mask mandate that includes private homes.
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you heard that right. the county is requiring people who do not live in the same household to now wear masks while gathering regardless of vaccination status. it's hard to believe. i don't know. i'm trying to picture that. but congresswoman, where do you fall on masks, mandates, vax versus masks? some really important decisions have to be made here. a lot of lives are affected. >> of course. this is in a word all these mandates are unconstitutional, unconstitutional. that is exactly what they are. and there is no politician on the planet that can tell you as an individual in the united states of america what medical decisions you should be making because that is a conversation for you, your family and your doctor. the constitution is not ala carte. you can't pick and choose what you want to enforce one day an
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trample on the next. i don't know where biden gets off on this but he is doing everything he can to subvert the will of the fifth circuit court and the will of the american people. >> that ambiguity and changing on the mind is hard on individuals but really hard on businesses that have to follow these rules or they are penalized. it can be costly and it is a real problem not to know what's coming your way especially for those businesses. congresswoman, appreciate the chat. thank you. happy holidays. the hits keep on coming for the president's handling of the inflation crisis. senator kennedy never one to hold back. >> president biden's energy policy is both weak and dumb. he and his woke friends have eliminated, terminated, ended america's hard fought energy
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independence. >> backlash after the president opened up the oil reserves. we're learning now that americans might not be the only ones -- may not be the only ones who benefit from that controversial move. let them eat cake is the cry from critics at americans face the most expensive thanksgiving ever. the president jetting off to swanky nantucket to dine at a billionaire's massive estate there. out of touch, anyone? you know who is in touch? jason chaffetz, he is on deck and joins us next. ♪♪♪ ♪
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>> president biden: moms and dads are worried asking there there be enough food we can afford to buy for the holidays. grocery stores are well stocked with turkey and everything else you need for thanksgiving. >> sandra: president biden spends his thanksgiving at a billionaire friend. people are struggling with high prices. is scranton joe looking out of touch with the working class? a lot of critics say yes indeed. one twitter user with this quote. biden tells americans struggling to heat they need perspective hours before he jets off to have thanksgiving at a $30 million nantucket estate. another user saying this. it is already very let them eat cake for a president to hang at
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a billionaire's nantucket house but when that firm has all sorts of government interests right now. jackie heinrich is live in nantucket at this hour. >> critics are all over this one. the same day president biden tapped the nation's emergency oil stockpile to mitigate the crippling energy prices amid the soaring inflation he bordered air force one to head to nantucket to stay at a billionaire friend's compound. they were invited to spend thanksgiving here estimated to be worth more than $30 million and complete with several outbuildings and tennis court. the white house didn't say why biden chose to stay with ruebenstein except he has done it before. the luxurious day shows he is out of touch with problems facing working class americans.
8:20 am
the man is worth 4.5 billion dollar. the average cost for a dinner for 10 people reached an all time high. the department of agriculture data used a smaller sample of thanksgiving staples amid a three decade high in inflation. the white house favored the previous data and down played the impact of it. >> i don't know if you've cooked a turkey before. a 20 pound turkey is a big turkey. they're $1 more. not to minimize that, any increase in prices is something the president is concerned about as is evidenced by his announcement today. >> context. president biden is not the first president to spend a holiday with a wealthy friend. clinton stayed with someone in the 90s, obama stayed in martha ace vineyard and rented and the
8:21 am
bushes stayed at family compounds in maine several times. one layer of irony for biden's stay with ruebenstein is still pushing the spending plans through congress and paid for by taxing corporations and the rich and you have to think how ruebenstein feels about that. >> sandra: thank you. as the president enjoys his plush nantucket vacations americans are seeing their classics skyrocket in price. if you plan on make the trip to grandma's pony up big time for gasoline. prices at the pump well over up $1 since last year. jason chaffetz fox news contributor. i don't know if you listen to other networks. they will tell you to ride your bike to grandma's. msnbc said it was an anchor
8:22 am
suggesting turkey prices were up so find an alternative. this is an answer? the reality for many americans as the president just is off to a lovely holiday weekend. >> spam isn't bad this time of year. if you pull it out of your food storage and have a little spam. come on, it is much more expensive. the driving is more expensive and look, what i really feel for are people on fixed incomes. people that can't get a second job. these people -- this is very devastating to them. we can make light or jokes on the white house can make jokes and say the turkey is $1 more. add it all up time after time and sandra, what is so infuriating is this is totally avoidable. what biden and harris did was on purpose. it is a purposeful effect. it wasn't just oh my gosh, look at the prices went up. there is a reason why they went up. it is because the democrats
8:23 am
instituted their policy. >> sandra: you got it. this is something most american families are seeing. it is very tangible. we talk about dealing with that reality today certainly could be political consequences next year. jason, the white house is announcing they will be tapping into the federal oil reserves, big stories yesterday, and the president down playing criticism that that move will do very little to actually lower gas prices. >> president biden: our combined action will not solve the problem of high gas prices overnight it will make a difference. it will take time but before long you should see the price of gas drop where you fill up your tank and in the longer term, we will reduce our reliance on oil as we shift to clean energy. >> sandra: republicans tearing into the president for the surge in gas prices. john kennedy only sees the latest move as a diversion. >> i think they are just trying to create a distraction. they know what the answer to
8:24 am
this is. go back to what we were doing in december of last year. let america be energy independent. his reliance on foreign oil is causing gas prices to go through the roof. i think if -- if many people won the lottery the first thing they would do is fill up your gas tanks. it is just ridiculous. >> sandra: now jason we've learned that 18 million of the 50 million barrels of oil the president released from the strategic oil reserves are now even -- not even going to americans but to china and india. there is a big reason for that, jason. that's the u.s. refineries shunned this type of oil. it is more expensive to refine into gasoline and they don't favor it. so all of this could just be for nothing and that oil could wind up in the hands of china and india anyway.
8:25 am
>> the irony here is the release of this will make the price of gasoline go up because when you look at saudi arabia, you look at china, russia, you look at some of the other major oil producers out there, it gives them less incentive to increase production and drive down the price. and the strategic petroleum reserve is there in case we have a natural disaster, in case we go to war. ist --ist is not there to give us three days of supply. it won't have an effect and again it is what biden and harris did. it was within the first 48 hours they cut off the leasing and extraction of these products from our federal lands and out west where i live you go to places like wyoming and idaho and utah and new mexico and places that have a lot of federal land, nevada, guess what? this is devastating to jobs and
8:26 am
the consequences, you have to go beg the saudis and russians to produce more. what is wrong with this prediction? this picture? that's exactly what biden and harris wanted to do. >> sandra: i got off the phone with a trader right after all the news was hitting yesterday and became a much bigger story about the markets shunning this. i look at the market reaction. the markets never lie, right? he said that the markets are laughing off this decision not only is the total amount of oil barely enough to cover a few hours of global demand but because of the amount of high sulflfur and sour crude will ha hardly any impact on lowering gas prices at home. serious point to be made and this moment yesterday. jennifer granholm gave vague answers when pressed ton administration's plans to tap the country's strategic petroleum reserves. you have to watch this. >> how many barrels of oil does the u.s. consume per day? >> i don't have that number if front of me.
8:27 am
>> benjamin: some suggest it's 18 million. >> probably more of an art than a science subject to a lot of different volatility. we aren't going to say we're supplying all oil for the country. we're going to try to do what we can to temper. >> sandra: jason, that should have been an easy answer for the energy secretary of the united states. one question to our brain room this morning how many barrels of oil do we produce a day? -- consume a day in this country? 18 million. that's the lowest annual consumption. that's right here. the energy secretary certainly should have that at her fingertips. >> she did not instill confidence. if you release 50 million barrels the first question is what kind of effect is that going to have? she was totally unprepared. it is not -- if we start to see more gas prices rise, this is not going away, and it is a
8:28 am
shame because it doesn't have to be this way. we could be energy independent. we were moving in that trajectory and they decided, biden and harris, not to do it. >> sandra: great to have this conversation with you ahead of the holiday. i hope your family has a wonderful thanksgiving. >> yours as well. thank you. >> sandra: millions of americans hitting the airports for the holiday. bust are the airlines ready for this? it could be a big test after many airlines have struggled the major staffing shortages and cancellations in recent months. we'll see it is going at one of the nation's busiest airports so far this morning. >> will the president ever apologize to rittenhouse for suggesting that he is a white supremacist? >> sandra: good question. president biden under fire for his past comments for kyle rittenhouse. so far we haven't heard from the commander-in-chief. critics are calling him out and we have the latest on that next.
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try it for free. visit >> sandra: the busiest travel day of the year is upon us with the tsa expecting to screen some 20 millionaire line passengers this week. that's closing in on pre-pandemic levels. are the airlines up to the job after a year of delays, cancellations and staffing issues? fox weather's nicole valdez is live at atlanta's airport. i feel like i hear christmas music in the background. >> good morning, sandra. it has been quite a morning here at hartfield jackson, a violinist to help ease some of the travel stress. we did see a rush of travelers moving through here, 30 plus minute wait time. what tsa had in place to try to help that out. the ropes help those travelers stay in line as they try to
8:35 am
make their way through tsa here. if you look back where i'm standing at the current security wait time is about three or four minutes and you can see it has calmed down quite a bit. things moving smoothly. tsa saying they have all 32 lanes open as well as additional officers moving those travelers along to their gates, an area that is expected to see 80,000 people travel through this airport today. now of course fox weather is monitoring all commercial flights this morning. let's show you what's going on in the skies. more than 7700 flights flying over your head right now. atlanta actually leading the charge with the most departures so far this morning over 2300 taking off from hartfield jackson. we are still seeing some delays with about 400 nationwide. only about 40 flights canceled. here is a look at our live flight tracker across america thanks to flight aware. we are keeping tabs on some
8:36 am
delays out of washington, d.c., ronald reagan washington national airport reporting a busy airspace there. there is a ground stop for flights departing d.c. thankfully the weather not adding to holiday travel stress here in the southeast. the forecast in d.c. cold but it is a beautiful day and busy day across the country as we'll likely see that continue into the later part of wednesday as those travelers rush to get home for that turkey dinner. of course, if you are traveling this week you will want to have a fox weather app handy where you'll find the latest flight information and forecast across the country to find out if there is weather to impact your travel. you can scan the qr code on your screen right now to get it. >> sandra: that's impressive. to arrive at the airport to the sound of a beautiful vile inist. -- violinist.
8:37 am
thank you, nicole. >> apologize to kyle rittenhouse for suggesting online and on tv that he is a white supremacist? >> this is about a campaign video released last year that used president trump's own words during a debate as he refused to condemn white supremacists and militia groups. we've seen the tragic consequences of that when people think it is okay to take the law into their own hands. the president believes in condemning hatred, division and violence. >> sandra: that was the white house press secretary refusing to walk back. biden made a comment during his campaign last year and tweeted something similar. jesse waters calling out the ps on that. >> the american people have seen that and are repulsed by it. joe might have to pony up some dough. that was libelous what he said.
8:38 am
>> sandra: raymond, good to see you. happy holidays. so i look back and i've seen jen psaki and that exchange multiple times now. she is sorry but not sorry but she did not retract anything that the president has said in the past. >> no. they can't retract anything, sandra, because part of this is defending the narrative that joe biden and the democratic party and many in the media have been advancing for a good long time. let's go back quickly. remember joe biden ran on the premise of restoring the soul of the nation. now how defaming american citizens and a boy like this restores the soul of the nation? i don't know. from the outset the narrative was there is white supremacy around every corner and america is a racist place. they've continued to remind us of that and drive that narrative home even when the facts don't bear it out. remember, kyle rittenhouse would never have been at those
8:39 am
kenosha riots had the media not beforehand nramd the flames of the jacob blake story. he was a guy who brandished a knife and officers and he was shot and it was reported he was killed. he wasn't killed. he is paralyzed and living in kenosha now. they said he was killed and the subject of police rage and it was an unjust situation. that's what caused the riots in the first place. so you see this co-mingling of politics and journalism that creates this powder keg of racial division that frankly has no place in america, sandra. certainly not this time of year. the media is now backtracking on the rittenhouse story and their reporting of it that he crossed state lines with a weapon. turns out he didn't. cnn, "washington post", reuters are all backtracking on this story and good for them. by the way, biden should never have weighed in a story still being investigated in a case like this.
8:40 am
>> sandra: the untouchable hunter biden moving onto the president's son "the new york times" published a report on his dealings with the chinese to secure cobalt mine in the congo raising serious conflict of interest questions. all we've heard is crickets from the major news networks, msnbc and cnn and the others provided zero coverage of this story, raymond. and of course that's not the first time they've buried a scoop on the president's son. "new york post" anyone? >> thou shalt now criticize hunter biden. going back to the laptop story that was shut down before the election. he can't be touched. ist is nice to be hunter. a life that deserves scrutiny and receives none. his father has a d next to his name.
8:41 am
that's how it goes. >> sandra: as only joe concha can put it. this major story on how hunter biden's firm helped secure cobalt for chinese. that's a key ingredient for batteries for electric vehicles, raymond. >> sandra, this story is a spotty convoluted and ugly as one of hunter biden's frescoes. no one looks at this thing. we have to go back a little bit. remember christopher hines who was john kerry, the department of state leader and joe biden's son hunter were in business together. they owned this chinese shell company. this was by the way a 30% interest in this thing. they helped this cobalt sale which is located in congo. it is a cobalt mine. the problem is cobalt is the main ingredient in as you said the electric batteries that power these vehicles and what does joe biden do now?
8:42 am
he mandates the entire u.s. fleet convert to electric vehicles. and electric cars across the nation. so what has he done? hunter biden and john kerry's stepson have set us up to put china in the driver's seat of our future because now they own 2/3 of the cobalt is in the world. the congo mines. they control it. hunter biden helped facilitate that. this is really a wicked, awful story and again media and politics colluding to hurt americans and censor information we need. this has to be called out, sandra. glad you are doing it. >> sandra: when asked if the president had been made aware of his son's connection to the sale the white house spokesman said no. imagine that. i'm sure there is not a lot of shock there. >> he is not aware of where he is today most of the time. that would be a major achievement. >> sandra: happens to be nantucket for the holiday.
8:43 am
great to see you today, raymond. hope to see you again soon. with inflation up and president biden's poll numbers down republicans are looking to take control of congress next election day. how big could a red wave be? plus the president once again turns his back on reporters as they try, try, try again to ask questions and the press is losing patients. -- patience. they want a real news conference from the commander-in-chief. will it happen? our power panel will take it up next.
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visit your nearest xfinity store and see how the switch squad can help you switch and save. it's the xfinity black friday sales event. learn how to save up to $1000 on select phones by visitng your local xfinity store today. >> sandra: president biden getting called out for ignoring questions from the press. the president giving remarks yesterday on the economy and promptly exited stage right with one reporter yelling behind him as he walked away. >> i'm heading to a food kitchen to serve meals right now. thank you for your time and effort. i will have plenty of time to talk to you later. >> when will you answer our questions, sir? >> sandra: this latest incident blowing off the press comes after he faced heat last month for telling pre-school kids in new jersey his job is to avoid
8:49 am
the press. >> mr. president, you are talking about the presidency. >> president biden: when you are president, you see all these people here? they're with you all the time. they get to ask you all kinds of questions and you try to figure out how you can avoid answering them sometimes. >> sandra: the chairman of gopac. happy holidays to you and yours. you watch that and it is quite the opposite. the president is supposed to take questions from the press. he is supposed to provide some clarity, transparency, what is happening inside the without. -- white house. it was an important questions when can we ask you more questions about your meeting with xi and a reporter shouting when will you take any of our questions was quite telling. zblooutly.
8:50 am
absolute -- sloouftly. this administration and president in particular have more unforced errors than the tigers this year. as painful as that is for you it is painful for america. look at this administration whether it be the president who wants to turn over tax policy to international bodies whether it be an energy secretary who can't tell us how much petroleum we use in a day. f.b.i. who goes after parents who want to be involved in their children's education, whether it be a transportation secretary who wants to call roads and bridges racist. it is not surprising that this administration and the president in particular has sinking approval ratings and a confidence level that continues to go in the wrong direction. >> sandra: add to that the president's chief of staff who says inflation is high-class problems. a former ohio democratic congressional candidate joins us now.
8:51 am
desirae, thank you for joining us here. we want a fair debate what's happen here. isn't it about time the president starts answering some of these reporters' questions? >> i think the vast majority of the american people are thrilled to have a president who is not on twitter, who is not vacationing and playing golf at mar-a-lago every other week. we have a president who is on the job. he is passing infrastructure bills and accomplishing things that republicans haven't been able to accomplish in years and he did it in just months. democrats are delivering every day for their people and the president cannot answer every single question from a reporter. otherwise he would be there at the podium all day. >> sandra: let me let david dig into that. a lot to dig into there. first i want to put up the new fox news op-ed claiming the republican party is looking at an historic opportunity in 2022. he writes the current facts on
8:52 am
the ground are daunting for democrats. joe biden is about as unpopular as a democrat president can be. congressional polling has the gop up an unprecedented 10 points. the chance at power the republicans have today is of a completely different order of magnitude. voters are rejecting democrats' ideas on education, economy, border, crime, you name it. "wall street journal" editorial board says a host of issues will hurt democrats next year. >> the last two elections. in 2020 the republicans did a lot better in the house vote than people thought, you know? nancy pelosi is a very, very slim majority and they think they will do better. really if you are the democrats you are looking at two big issues coming at you, crime and inflation. and i think the republicans are going to capitalize on that as best they can.
8:53 am
>> sandra: bill mcgurn will join me on america reports. >> he makes a fair point. with every policy that comes out and this administration not being able to explain how it makes lives better for americans, they put more congressional districts in play. yesterday i was in virginia's second congressional district in virginia beach. a lot of chatter about afghanistan, a big naval base down there. they are still worked up about afghanistan. coming back up to virginia's seventh congressional district abigail spang berger is a target for republicans. a center of where parents want to be involved in their children's education. so it is not -- bill highlighted two big ones. in each of these competitive congressional districts there are specific issues that make those democrats vulnerable and put republicans in a good spot for next year. >> sandra: perhaps that's the
8:54 am
case when you look at this, desirae, 10 house democrats are retiring this year and seven more are seeking other offices creating more problems for your party ahead of the mid-term elections. >> we are also at a moment when we are fighting with redistricting and republican-led super majorities in state legislature across the country. democrats are focused on lowering taxes. building back better, getting trains, high speed internet in rural areas. we're focused on bringing people together and getting working people the resources they need while republicans are focused on cheating americans. >> sandra: a real quick last, 10 seconds. >> we didn't hear new york or illinois. they have stated bluntly they want to redistrict out every republican. if democrats want to talk about redistricting they need to be
8:55 am
fair and criticize their own party. maryland, illinois or new york. >> sandra: fair debate. thanks to you both for being here. happy holidays to all. thank you, back to you. thank you for watching "the faulkner focus". pleasure to be with you this morning. i'm sand are smith. -- i'm sandra smith. think about your troops on this thanksgiving holiday. "outnumbered" will start after the break.
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>> fox news alert as the tragedy surrounding the christmas parade massacre gross. a child now among the data. raising the number of killed 26. meantime, darrell brooks added to his very long rap sheet with five new intentional homicide charges as the judge addressed the controversial issue of bail. watch. >> i know that is an extraordinarily high bail. it is warranted here and i am setting cash bail at $5 million.


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