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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  November 23, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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thankful. thank you, again, for watching "special report" and to our sponsor tunnel 2 towers for tonight's program with limited commercial interruptions tunnel 2 towers has been able to donate 200 mortgage free homes to injured veterans, gold star families and contribute by going t 2 thanks for inviting us into your home tonight fair balanced and unafraid. >> sean: welcome to "fox news primetime" i'm sean duffy. a registered sex offender with a rap sheet spanning more than 20 years. on the streets freely despite active warrant in nevada failing to report a change of address after pleading guilty to statutory sexual seduction when he impregnated a 15-year-old girl in 2006. since 1999, he has been charged with at least 16 crimes and was released from jail just days ago
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on a shockingly low $1,000 bail. after allegedly running over the mother of his child with what might be the same suv that left six dead and 48 injured in wisconsin. today he made his first appearance in court. but the question on the minds of every victim and their family members remains: why was he out of jail in the first place? and the answer is because of leftist d.a.s who value looking woke more than they value the least of innocent civilians. milwaukee district attorney john chisholm is a self-described progressive who in 2007 reportedly confessed that his radical bail reforms will lead to the murder of innocent people, quote: is there going to be an individual i support or i put into treatment program who is going to go out and kill somebody? you bet. guaranteed. it's guaranteed to happen. it does not invalidate the overall approach. chisholm now seems to be backpedaling calling brooks bail
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recommendation inappropriately low. but not everyone on the left seems to agree. despite the mayhem in waukesha, some progressives are still fighting to release more criminals like darrell brooks back on the streets. democrats on the house oversight committee, including alexandria ocasio-cortez warned new york district attorneys, quote: we have grave concerns that excessive bail amounts are leading to unnecessary pre-trial detentions and contributing to a humanitarian crisis. if these conditions are not addressed, federal intervention may be necessary to protect detainees from additional harm. meanwhile, congresswoman rashida tlaib was called out for endorsing an act that would empty prisons onto the streets. >> everyone is like oh my god, we are going to release everybody. that's not what i'm. >> that's what. >> yeah, but did you see how many people are mentally ill that are in prison right now. >> i know, but the act that you endorsed actually says release everyone in 10 years. >> in 10 years, think about it
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who are we releasing. >> there are like human traffickers. >> i know. >> your proposal is so sweeping it does release everyone. >> yeah. within 10 years and obviously there is a process of looking how can we get away from mass incarceration. >> sure. >> sean: these radical ideas have real life consequences they embolden criminals coast to coast to gun down a pregnant woman in philadelphia outside her home as she was unloading gifts from her own baby shower, to raiding department stores with no fear of punishment, and run over dozens of people in a small town christmas parade, leaving 48 injured and six dead. as much as the left would like us to not talk about the repercussions of the policies, we have to. the people killed in waukesha deserve to be remembered. virginia sorensonenson was a 79-year-old grandmother to six. leanna owen was 71. tamara durand 52-year-old grandmother to four.
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jane kuehl listen also 52 years old leaves behind 17-year-old twins, 2 daughter and grandchildren. wilhelm hospel was 81 years old. today an 8-year-old little boy died. every time the left tries to defund the police, or undermine the rule of law, they are choosing this monster over those great wisconsinites. here to respond is dan bongino host of unfiltered on saturday nights. dan, thanks for joining me. first, you and i have both been in law enforcement. you have been a cop. i have been a prosecutor. and here we have mr. brooks who has a warrant out for his arrest. has a serious charge over a year ago, and is released on $500 bail. and on the second arrest, with a warrant out for his arrest, he is released on only $1,000 cash bail. tell me how this works and how prosecutors can make such low
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recommendations to judges. >> dan: i have got a lot to say here so get ready first, it's very good to see you hosting. no one more appropriate for this topic than you. you were a prosecutor literally in wisconsin. you were united states on my radio show. your insights are fantastic. let me say this. number one, the alleged perpetrator here, let's do the legalese here, this kid died, not that -- listen, the people who are dead, they all matter. they are all just unfathom nabbably tragic. but this kid had a lot of life left in him. and he is dead. and he is dead because of this mutt, this savage. and you know i know the left oh we can't call them looters. you don't want to call them savages or animals. it dehumanizing them. i'm not dehumanizing anyone. this animal dehumanized himself. i didn't dehumanized anyone. he dehumanized himself. you know, fake tough guy rapper
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in the video, you know beating up on women and kids, running down people with a car, he's exactly what i just called him. is he a piece of -- you get the rest. now, getting back to the topic at hand here. this liberalism garbage is just a really crappy bumper sticker in a terrible bumper sticker store. that's what this is. it's all garbage, sean. you see them with all their bumper stickers, coexist, tolerance, bail reform, defund the police. and, yet, when the bumper sticker becomes reality, sean, the body bags start piling up. and you have to start asking yourself, america -- not america, america has asked themself for a question now as evident in virginia and new jersey and across the country in the past few weeks. american liberals, you have to start asking yourself a serious question, listen, horse blinders, pay attention, i know it's hard for you idiots but pay attention. how many body bags are you willing to tolerate before you
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finally admit that you're worshiping a bunch of golden calf false gods? how many? you are waiting for your kids to die? your grandma to die? your store to be robbed? your car to be stolen? your kid to get his caboose kicked on the way to school? well, how many body bags? when is it enough for you? how many times are you going to try this? rashida tlaib is on tape. they want to empty the prisons. do you not -- do you not have twitter or facebook? do you not see the videos of these street rampages? these scenes out of like an apocalyptic book of eli denzel washington movie? this was supposed to be america. these are unfathomable scenes years ago. one more thing, sean. one more thing. do you ever notice how the left, aoc, the squad, and all these jokers they always talk about the about the situation we're n terms of how the criminals see it. oh my gosh, we got take care of
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people crossing the border illegally. oh my gosh the criminals in jail, they may have to post cash bail. we can't have that what about the people they mugged? what about the people having to finance 100 plus thousand people a month cross into the country illegally. what about them? nobody ever, ever on the left, sean, says hey, what about the tax paying law abiding hardworking moms and dads, do they matter? >> alicia: s are like double-barreled family friendly middle finger, they are like we don't give a damn but. we only care about how the bad guys feel. and if you don't see it our way, then you are a loser and you are a racist and we will still that advertise you. >> sean: dan, this is what gets me. these are judges that are elected that you have communities that buy into these crazy ideas and i actually don't think they understand the consequences of soft on crime prosecutors and now when you see the consequences whether in san francisco or l.a. or milwaukee,
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i think there is going to be a change of heart for voters. i want to get reaction to this. activist in milwaukee had some comments about the parade tragedy in waukesha. take a look. >> now, we are they do -- we may have to wait to see what they say about why this happened. but, it's revolution has started in america. started with the christmas parade. >> sean: what, dan, a revolution has started from the blm leader? these are blm peaceful protesters and parents who protest critical race theory after the schools. they are the domestic terrorists? right? what's your response? >> how are they -- they were marxist -- they are openly marxist, the group. and they practice tactics,practiced by domestic terrorists. please explain to me to all the goofballs in the audience who don't understand that how
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burning down innocent people's buildings, attacking innocent people that have done nothing wrong. i saw the blm people up close and personal walking outside the white house the night trump walls renominated for the presidency. i watched them look into my wife's face and tell them they were going to rape her while i watched. that happened. it's on video. >> sean: i saw the video. >> i know you did. tell me again. the left is like yeah, me too. me too. except when blm threatens to rape conservative's wives then it's okay. that's why these liberals are just total scum bags. i don't trust them one bit. they're pieces of garbage and they support this crap. you ask the question before i want an answer. you say hey, listen, they elect people like john chisholm in milwaukee, like george gascon and chess can a boudin. we elected a lot of crappy school board people too, parents at home looking at their computer going hey, wait, what? you are teaching my kid to hate a kid because he is white or black?
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what the hell is that crap? look what happened? they all got shown the door, a oneway ticket out of their spot. i'm telling you, that's going to happen now with these soros funded prosecutors all across the country. and, no, it's not a conspiracy theory, jerk wads. look it up. cash checks for these people. that's not a conspiracy or a theory. it's the real world. >> sean: dan, sometimes people don't understand the importance of school boards, das or judges, after this garbage happens, no doubt they will. dan, no one says it like you. thank you for joining me tonight even with a little bit of a whay voice i'm grateful. right now we have dog the bounty hunter coming on. here's what i find interesting with you. you were sent to jail. and you actually are a success tore of someone who got reformed came out and been incredibly productive. do you think so those who are promoting bail reform and criminal justice reform think every criminal is dog the bounty
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hunter? >> no. and i was punished. i went to jail in texas in the 70s where we made big rocks little rocks. every day it was punishment. so, you know, that's why i changed. obviously across the country right now in the last couple years, the bail reform has said no bail. you have can go, here is a summons, see you later. that is not working. when someone goes to jail, the first person they meet is not the district attorney. they meet a counselor that asks them questions how many times have you been arrested? what's your charge? and that person recommends to the district attorney on the bail amount. and how serious it is. then the district attorney takes it to the judge. i don't think this d.a. ever looked into the guy's rap sheet. i don't think the judge, he better not have ever looked into
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this guy's rap sheet. they trusted a civilian to interview this guy to get a bail recommendation. that kind of stuff has got to go. >> sean: dog, actual malpractice. every prosecutor, i was a prosecutor 10 years. you look at the criminal history, the pending cases the warrants for every defendant as you come up with a recommendation to the court. so if someone else was providing information other than the prosecutor themselves, it's shameful. but i want to get your take on -- you have seen the left, the squad, the aocss out there saying we want criminal justice reform and we want bail reform. what is your response to those liberals in congress? >> the whole reason is because the black tribe was treated unequally, so they have the largest mouth. and they got people to see that, okay? now, that means we need more fairer cops. we need more fairer laws. we need more fairer jails.
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it doesn't mean you need free bail. it's not working. a monetary thing is a punishment. you want to steal a car, it's going to cost you $7,500, which is 7,500 bucks to get out of jail. you are going to put up collateral and have a parent or someone you are related to sign. so they can find you if you run. >> sean: that's right. >> i'm telling you, this is -- but you said it just right, and so did sheriff clarke today. we need to get down there and get these guys voted out. now you tried it your way and people are dying. let's go back to the right way. there is things we have to change. you know, police officer training, you know what i'm saying. >> sean: 100 percent. >> and once we get that done, milwaukee doesn't have a bail -- like you go to jail for first
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degree burglary it's a $25,000 bond. a lot of states have bail reform conditions. milwaukee -- >> sean: dog, there is liberal prosecutors there that i don't think give a darn about any of this criminal history warrants or anything. they are about letting people out who cares about the effects on the communities in which they serve. i want to get your take on this. brian laundrie, his autopsy just came out today. it shows that he shot himself in the head. this is a case that you worked on. we all saw that so what's your take on the autopsy? >> well, you know, the professionals looked at it that's what -- you know, there is all that's theories. we chase live people dead, do you know what i mean? if they pulled something over the feds feds eyes, the wool over the feds eyes, brian laundrie's attitude, if he is alive somewhere, he is going to get arrested. and if he and when he does, then there will be heads that roll. but right now it looks like he committed suicide and it's a
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tragedy for both families. >> sean: dog, listen, i want to thank you for joining us tonight and, again, i think that autopsy showed that he shot himself in the head. but i thank you for joining me and thanks for all your great work and thanks for being such a wonderful success story for so many americans. we appreciate it all right, coming up: they made his case all about rage do you know why the left hates kyle rittenhouse? we will tell you after the break. ♪
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♪ >> it's actually quite hysterical how nobody can go back and look at the facts of the case. he crossed state lines. false. he is a white supremacist, false. none of that is true. and the lies that they can just get away with spreading is just sickening.
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>> sean: kyle rittenhouse was absolutely right. none of what the media said about him was true. not the facts of the case, not his believes and certainly not who he was as a person. you see, kyle came from a working class background. something foreign to liberal elites who sit and judge him from their ivy towers. they don't understand working and middle class america. they don't understand why a kid would carry a gun let alone have access to one. because they have never had to guard their gated community. they don't understand hunting culture and they don't want to. they don't understand why someone would want to protect their city because they have never had to defend their businesses from destruction. they're repulsed by a mom who would legally grab a beer with her son, instead saying it will perpetuate the rittenhouse cycle of failure. joining me now to react sohrab ahmari, american conservative and mollie hemingway senior editor at "the federalist." thank you for joining me. i appreciate it so, so sohrab;
4:23 pm
culture, this is a debate about class and culture, am i wrong? >> sean, i think that you are absolutely right. the issue of class remains the main dividing line in the united states, as it has been. and race is a sort of way to mystify that and obscure that reality. and over the past two years, especially, you have seen one set of classes in this country, the large corporations and the managerial classes who service them really squeeze people they sees a class they don't understand them. they look at them with contempt. small business owner and tangible workers. people who still toil with their hands. who keep stable the fabric of the world as the old testament says.
4:24 pm
our elite have enormous contempt for them. it squeezed them through covid rules that make their businesses have to shut down but not large corporations, not jeff bezos amazon. and it's unleashed riots on them with blue leaders, mayors and governors winking at riots and more or less saying you should take it because that's justice. that's the ark of history, your community has to burn down. we live in parts of manhattan where we are safe. or parts of california silicon valley where we are immune to that but you have to take it. rittenhouse working class kid grabs a beer with his mom big crime condemned on twitter for that believes in the idea of self-defense. and he i understand created the basic natural right of self-defense embedded deeply in the american idea by defending his communities against looters and arsonists. and so that's where i think all the hatred against him is coming
4:25 pm
from. >> sean: what frustrates me the very elites implementing these policies destroyed by the middle class and lower income class americans say that their policies are actually going to help them when they're actually hurting them. great analysis. we talked about this a little bit. but is the anger from the left really in regard to guns and are guns in america the great equalizer. >> i think that if you were a poor american last -- or less wealthy american last year during the summer of violence. what you learned is that the left wing could run rampage over your city and there was nothing the government would do to stop it. and, in fact, the elites would encourage this violence for political and electoral change. and the type of people who own and use weapons are the last barrier to the left's complete control over this country. and they understand that they have tried to attack the second
4:26 pm
amendment full frontally. and that didn't work. the courts still tend to view second amendment rights as being important. so their posture toward kyle rittenhouse was about removing second amendment rights in practice. and this is a case that never should have been brought to trial. they trial to racialize it when the facts of the case were not there: the gun is a -- and second amendment rights are a way for this country to be equal and to not have one class able to tyrannize another class. >> sean: 100 percent. they want us to rely on the government instead of ourselves. you see in kenosha oftentimes you can't rely on the government you have to have means to defend yourself and guns give you that power. thank you both for joining me tonight. i appreciate your insight and analysis. >> thank you. >> sean: coming up, how much oil do we consume every day? let's ask the energy secretary? >> don't have that number in front of me. >> sean: karl rove and mick
4:27 pm
mulvaney, they're coming up next. ♪ not again. oh no. for the gifts you won't forget. the mercedes-benz winter event. get a credit toward your first month's payment on select models.
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♪ >> sean: on the very first day joe biden entered office, he took a hatchet to america's energy independence by killing the keystone pipeline and pausing dig on federal land. now gas prices are surging and biden's solution is to treat this a gapping ax wound by slapping a band-aid on it the president announcing today that he will release 50 million barrels of oil from our strategic reserves. he also wants you to know that none of this is his fault. take a listen. >> i also want to briefly address one myth about inflated gas prices. they are not due to environmental measures. my effort to combat climate change is not raising the price of gas. >> sean: oh, joining me now is fox news contributor karl rove and former director of the office of management and budget mick mulvaney, karl, is the
4:33 pm
president telling telling us the truth that rising gas prices are not his fault. >> no. bologna, gas prices are up 61% since the time that he took office. part of it is because of the overhang of the pandemic. buff the other part of it is the anti-energy actions that this administration has taken. putting a halt on new leasing, taking anwar off the table, you know, saying they are going to have new taxes and regulations. and not only that but this whole thing is a kabuki, it is a fake action to try and look like they are doing something about it think about this. 50 million barrels. now, in reality, it's 32 millio. because 18 million barrels were already authorized by congress to be sold in order to gain revenue for the government to pay for all these -- for part of this spending program. it's only 32 million barrels. why is that important? because america uses 19 million barrels of oil a day so they have just -- between the
4:34 pm
32 million that the administration has actually doing and the 18 million that congress already told them to sell to make money, that's 2.6 days worth of energy. for the united states. oil and gas, now, look at this. we're also doing this, they say, in cooperation with countries around the world. china, india, japan, south korea and the united kingdom. the only country that produces much oil and gas is china. india doesn't -- produces a million barrels a day. japan 123,000 barrels a day. south korea negligible, united kingdom negligible. the people who have got the oil, opec, have already told the u.s. government to take a i can who, they are going to increase the amount of production modestly. not a lot. and they have already told the administration we're not going to help you solve your problem. and so now we announce we are cooperating with people who don't have oil and gas.
4:35 pm
energy for america that's unbelievable. mick, i want to get reaction to this. energy secretary granholm she made a statement and didn't know how much oil the u.s. consumes. take a look. >> this is very curious about this i'm curious if you know how many barrels of oil does the u.s. consume per day? >> i don't have that number in front of me. >> sean: mick, you and i were both in politics together. i can't believe she would know the eaten to that question. like a teacher not knowing how many kids are in his class. what do you say to that? >> yeah, that type of stuff gets you fired. it just does. it's the type of thing that makes the president look bad. again, it's the one thing you cannot do as a cabinet member is make the president look bad. it's an easy number. took me 15 seconds to find that out. what that means they are not doing the work necessary to prep at the energy department for a press conference which makes you won determine what they are doing with their time. and my guess is, to karl's point, they are spending their time trying to figure out how to make us produce less. keep in mind under the trump administration we were net exporters of energy. the price of gas, sean, pretty
4:36 pm
simple. you and i understand it. it's supply and demand. the more supply, the price goes up. the more demand the price goes up -- >> morgan: supply the price goes down. in a situation where this administration is limiting our own ability to get our oil and natural gas to market. and that is driving the price up. but people don't want to talk about is the fact that we don't buy any oil from opec. we don't. most of our oil we buy overseas canada and venezuela. we don't buy it from the mideast. most of what we consume here in the united states we make here. and when the biden administration has changed their policies, it's had a direct impact on how much you and i and everybody else is paying at the pump. and the secretary of energy needs to know that or else she needs to go. >> sean: you and i saw this firsthand. we served in congress together on the financial service committee. all these do good progressives that care about the weather, what they want to see is energy price goes up. make a transition to greener energies. i hear about this all the time. this is one of the biggest issues that i hear when i'm
4:37 pm
around in wisconsin, people talk about gas prices. karl, quickly, what kind of impact does this have on elections when people are angry about kitchen table issues like gas price when they fill up their cars? >> well, obviously, it's a big research why the administration has such lousy marks on the economy, inflation and jobs. let me tell you though, there is good news. the international energy agency says there is a reprieve from the price rally could be on the horizon and what does s. that reprieve from? when the u.s. production rises. next year they hope. the answer is produce more energy. you have more energy. the price will go down. answer, simple: sore enemies. so, for the first time enemies actually see us as vulnerable? what are the national security implications with all of this? joining me now is the
4:38 pm
congressman i want to get your take on this. i'm concerned and i know you are as well, because you are on the armed services committee. you are a china hawk. what impact does energy policy from the biden administration have on our relationship with china? >> president biden's energy strategy p strategy is a geopolitical gift to america's enemies. foreamongst them is china. xi jinping designed a strategy to undermine domestic production in america and undermine american energy independence. and to add insult to injury, a lot of the reserve release is going to be bought by china at discounted rate. the very people that are constantly lecturing us about climate change, foremost among them john kerry are the same selling us out to china in the process betting genocide. right now john kerry is lobbying
4:39 pm
against the uyghur force prevention act in the how fast because it would screw up solar panel production. this is crazy. it reveals the hypocrisy at the heart of their entire strategy it reveals that the entire foundation that they are building the church of climate change on, is being built with slave labor in china. it is crazy, sean. >> sean: isn't it also an issue, mike, because we have at love energy in america, oil and gas, if we go green and we're all electric and battery run, we're not making those batteries and solar panels in america. they are made in china, right? >> yeah, we are going to be more dependent on china. here's the thing, john kerry and others in the biden administration are laboring under the fantasy that somehow we can get a big climate change agreement with china and all sing kum ba yah and sunshine and rainbows. they went to scotland and signed an agreement, the guy chairs the whole conference started crying at the end they realize they
4:40 pm
capitulated to china. by the way china made nebulous commitments to maybe at some point in the future reduce coal production. it's literally a waste of carbon to negotiate with these people. china is not interested in climate change. they are dr.ed in undermining american leadership. we are giving them a massive assist by unilaterally disarming as the biden administration is doing with this misguided energy strategy. >> sean: mike, i want your take on this it seems like you if you are opec, you can pump more oil, put it on the market and make a lot more money. prices are high. opec has said listen, we are not going to produce more oil. we are going to keep prices high. we are not going to answer the call of joe biden to pump more. why is that? >> well, if you pump more oil, if you are opec, prices go down. they would rather sell 90 barrels at $90 as opposed to 100 at 50. so in the past when they decided to increase supplied, it was as part of an effort to gain market share. right now they are not interested in doing that i do also think it's fair to say the
4:41 pm
swing producers in opec, particularly saudi arabia are very, very skeptical of the biden administration's approach to the middle east. because the biden administration is intent on reviving the iran deal in the process rehabilitating iran's role in the global energy market allowing them to flood the market with crude. that would be bad for everybody. there is a lot of skepticism in terms of undermining a lot of the progress we have made in the last four years in the middle east that i think is part of the reason why a lot of key states in opec are saying well, i'm not interested in listening to the biden administration. >> sean: 100 percent. mike gallagher, thanks for joining me and go pac go, okay? >> go pac go. >> sean: is that jesus or george floyd? you are not going to believe where this painting is hanging. we will take it up next with charlie kirk and tomi lawrence right after the break
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>> sean: thou shalt have no other gods and thou shalt not create false idols, those are
4:47 pm
literally the first two elements in bible. jew jude deo christian religion. you would think take it seriously you would be wrong. the school hung a painting pointing george floyd being held by the virgin mary. the called momma. it proudfully hangs in the school chapel. george floyd is many things to many people but is he not jesus christ. founder and president of turning point u.s.a. and tomi lahren host of no interruption with tomi lahren. all right, tomi, give it to me. is this nod incredibly offensive or what? >> this would make sense if it was maybe aoc or rashida tlaib's living room. at the catholic university of america this makes absolutely no sense. this is what we have seen for the last year or more. we have seen these people raise him up as some sort of a martyr. now, listen, americans can look at this and say he absolutely should not have died that day and we can grieve the loss of
4:48 pm
life certainly. let's also keep in mind this man has a rap sheet. this man has aggravated robbery charges. he is not exactly an upstanding citizen or wasn't exactly an upstanding citizen or even a decent citizen at that so, it's a little far to depict him as even mother teresa but jesus christ, my goodness. that is just on another level. >> sean: is this blasphemy? >> i think it's heresy. absolutely. i think had this sass evangelical christian with a lot of respect for catholicism. i'm trying to wonder what the religion is wokism or catholicism. i say that with scaramucci. sarcasm.sean talking to you, i k that facebook catholics out there that honor the tradition ever the church and believe that jesus is divine this should be completely and totally unacceptable. it's not cute. it's not funny. it's not something that you can kind of walk by and take a joke
4:49 pm
at. it's her rhetoric call and blasphemous wokism is now overtaking that judicial christianity in so many circles we never would have expected. >> sean: shameful. a lot of the kids are pushing back on this. it's the administration in the campus minister. campus minister who advocated to put this up. he was marching with blm but would not let pro-lifer abby johnson come and speak at catholic universities, tomi, what do you think of that? >> well it, makes no sense but when you read these articles, there are students at this university who are very upset with this. they said that there is not much he this can do about it. if they do speak up, if there is some kind of an outcry they are afraid to be labeled as racist. that's the point we have come to in this country anybody that has to do with saint floyd or others they are deemed white
4:50 pm
supremacists or racist or given connotation they expected him to die or they were happy that george floyd died. that's not the case at all. just don't depict him as jesus christ. that's going a little far. come to this point where anybody speaks out against this as wokism as charlie mentioned was labeled a racist. silences people and intimidates people and censors people. >> sean: if you are out in the america and give to liberal institutions you are part of the problem. as a father i have a lot of kids. i made mistakes with my first two. i made a decision now that i am not going to send any of my kids, i'm not funding any kids to go to any liberal schools like this. if i'm paying, i'm voting often where my kids go. they will go a conservative school. why would i send them to a catholic school that undermines our faith? it's outrageous and i think when they pay a financial consequence they will actually start to pay attention to americans and students who say no more of this. thank you for joining me tonight. i appreciate it coming up, a very duffy christmas. my wife rachel is up next and if you change the channel, she is
4:51 pm
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♪♪♪ ♪♪it's a most unusual day♪♪
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♪♪feel like throwing my worries away♪♪ ♪♪as an old native-born californian would say♪♪ ♪♪it's a most unusual day♪♪ ♪♪it's a most unusual sky♪♪ ♪♪not a sign of a cloud passing by♪♪ ♪♪if my heart won't behave in the usual way♪♪ experience the power of sanctuary at the lincoln wish list event. knot ♪ climb down the chimney. >> sean: it is never too early for a little christmas getting ready for the christmas season.
4:57 pm
pick up a copy of the all new book from my wife rachel and me all-american christmas. we are bringing you the very best holiday traditions and celebration from your favorite fox news personalities. the book is chock-full of great stories. photographs and recipes from the whole fox family. now joining me the host of "fox & friends weekend," co-host of this book, my wife rachel campos duffy, hi. we are so far part. >> we are social distancing. we don't do that at home. >> sean: tell me some of your gavery stories. >> i don't like when you say my favorite. all of these stories are like my children i love them all equally. i thought i would highlight charles payne tonight because charles payne's story is heart-warming but also he has a tradition that i want to be a new duffy tradition for our christmases. >> sean: what is it. >> rachel: started because his wife has always had this heart condition and she was doing poorly she needed actually a new heart. one day charles payne gets a
4:58 pm
call from a close friend very tragically his teenage daughter passes away and they want to give her heart because she is a donor to his wife and she receives this heart. obviously every christmas they are so thankful for this heart. and they knew they wanted to pay it forward. and they decided that the way they were going to pay it forward was to do something to also honor the family and the girl who gave her heart but also his mother. charles is very close his mother and his child. he decided to go to a store, find people who had gifts on layaway the way his single mom did as she was struggling when he was growing up and pay off their layaway. he remembers how hard it was for a single mom as you get close to the day, right? , you have got to come up with the money or there is not going to be any gifts. don't you think that's a great way to do it. >> sean: i love that story. >> rachel: good for you, charles. >> sean: charles payne, i love him. what did he want for christmas
4:59 pm
as a little boy? >> rachel: you just had to guess if you are charles payne what would you ask santa for. we see a lot of in our house never seen this one. he asked for a desk and he asked for a briefcase and santa gave him a desk and the next year gave him a briefcase with a calculator inside which i think was the beginning of fox business. it's the beginning of fox business. >> sean: what's so cool about this book is we got to know our own colleagues here at fox in a very unique way. these stories that we would have never known if we didn't have them to share christmas growing up. how they celebrated today. you and i. how we have tried to talk about our hispanic, mexican christmas and irish catholic christmas. >> rachel: because schwabb has taken on my hispanic traditions we celebrate from the beginning of advent all the way to epiphany which is january 6th. is we have a very long christmas season in our house. >> sean: i put on a lot of
5:00 pm
weight and we have a lot to drink? >> rachel: yeah, fair enough. i'm going to make you work out. >> sean: all-american christmas book is available at and you can preorder it there. thank you for watching "fox news primetime." i'm back tomorrow night at 7:00. tucker carlson is coming up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." last friday kyle rittenhouse was acquitted of all charges against him in kenosha, wink. just two days later, a black nationalist blm supporter drove an suv through a christmas parade in walk shawrks wisconsin. it was a slaughter. >> >> get out of the way. [screams]


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