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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  November 23, 2021 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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interrupting our "dancing with the stars"? >> >> dana: i can't think of one one more thing. oh, brian, don't do that. that's it for us. join us tomorrow. "special report" starts now. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> bret: good evening. i'm bret baier. welcome to a special edition of "special report" with limited commercial interruptions. thanks to our sponsor this hour. tunnel 2 towers. breaking tonight, it's now up to the jury in the murder trial of three white georgia men accused of killing black jogger ahmad arbery in south georgia. deliberations began today. moments ago the judge heard from the jury that they want to
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continue. correspondent steve harrigan is live tonight as brunswick, georgia with the latest. good evening, steve. >> that's right, bret. just within the last three to four minutes, some breaking news on this. the judge called the jury foreperson tout find out if they were close or not. he was told they are close to a verdict. so after a brief recess, this jury of 11 whites and one black will continue to debate whether or not the three white men are guilty of killing a 25-year-old black man in rural georgia in 2020. it was a real fight that we saw throughout the day in closing arguments over videos, over a videotape from security footage that ahmad arbery inside the house. they made the claim arbery was breaking be breaking the law he was not a jogger but instead a burglar and responsible for his own fate no one is saying ahmaud
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arbery had a reason to die. being captured that day and arrested by the police. he chose to fight. >> the prosecutor made the case at no point did arbery ever steal anything from that partially constructed home. thus, the claim of citizens arrest simply cannot stand. >> this isn't about whether these three men are good people or bad people. that's not what this is about. it's about responsibility. it's about holding people accountable and responsible for their actions. when they do something like this they have to be held accountable and responsible. nobody gets a free pass. >> the attorney for travis mcmichael the admitted shooter and only one of the defendants to take the stand said michael acted in self-defense, that he
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fired his 12-gauge shotgun only after arbery charged him with his fist. the prosecutor countereds saying it was the three white men who were actually the aggressors who caused this entire deadly situation. >> self-defense if you are the unjustified, initial aggressor, meaning if you started it. who started this? it wasn't ahmaud arbery. >> a crowd now continues to gather in the night chill around this courthouse. a lot of families. vigil going on, a far cry from what we saw yesterday when there were several dozen people in union form, some with masks, and many of them carrying rifles. bret, back to you. >> so, steve, just to be clear, the jury is saying they probably will have a verdict tonight. you know, we don't know how long, though. >> that's right. they have been at it for six hours. the judge was going to break
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them unless they were close, they said they are close enough to keep working so we could see a verdict on three murder charges tonight. bret? >> bret: okay. we will follow that here on fox news channel. steve harrigan live in brunswick, georgia. steve, thanks. a sixth personal meantime has died from injuries received when a driver plowed an suv into a crowd at a christmas parade sunday in wisconsin. today's fatality was a child. the man charged in those deaths and injuries to dozens more made his first court appearance in the case just moments ago. 39-year-old darrell brooks is described as a career criminal who once tried to run over his child's mother with a car. correspondent matt finn has been following this is he live tonight in waukesha, wisconsin with the latest. good evening, matt. >> good evening, bret. moments to go inside of that kenosha county courthouse here, the judge heavily scolded darrell brooks from the bench telling brooks that he set his bailment at $5 million because brooks doesn't respond well to
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common sense and, quote: didn't do well on all of his previous smallish bonds. the prosecution detailed brooks' lengthy extensive criminal history in court saying there are no words to describe what kind of risk he now presents to the public, considering his even most recent charge that he allegedly tried to run over the mother of his child with the same exact red suv that police say he drove through the christmas parade crowd here on sunday, bret. >> bret: and his reaction in the court? his -- how he was acting? >> in court at the beginning he acknowledged he was aware of the charges being presented and then throughout court he was noticeably rocking back and forth in his chair with his head down. each one of the first degree murder charges that he faces carries a maximum sentence of life in prison. he now faces that sixth first degree murder charge because of the shocking revelation in court moments ago the prosecution saying a child has now died.
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and the prosecution says they do intend to file a sixth first degree murder charge against darrell brooks. bret? >> bret: yeah, it's tragic. last thing, matt. the reaction in that community to the whole back and forth about him being out on bail and his long history of crimes. bret, fox news has talked to several people here in the community, some of which were at the parade, survived and try to render help. and they all unanimously say that they are shocked that this man was free on their streets, bret. >> bret: okay. matt finn, live in waukesha. meantime president biden is trying to slow down the increase of gasoline prices as we enter the holiday driving season. is he releasing 50 million barrels of oil from the country's strategic petroleum reserve. whether that will slow down the inflation spike provide that much relief for high gas prices soon, or end the downward spiral
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in the president's approval remarks really remains to be seen. white house correspondent peter doocy has the latest tonight live from the north lawn. good evening, peter. >> good evening, bret. the strategic petroleum reserve has historically only been tapped in emergency situations like when a shipping lane is blocked or when a hurricane threatens refineries. but this president is doing it because gas prices were going up and up and up. >> this is a problem. >> energy secretary jennifer granholm explains. >> the fact is right now that energy prices at the pump and at home are too high. >> granholm laughed off this issue weeks ago. >> what is the granholm plan continue to crease oil production in america? [laughter] oh my -- that is hilarious. >> she is not laughing anymore. >> the price of gasoline will come down, what they project, to be below $3 a gallon in 2022. >> that's with the release of
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50 million barrels of fossil fuels. >> the largest ever release from the u.s. strategic petroleum reserve. >> but what about promises to go green. >> it's a whole government approach, put climate change at the center of our domestic, national security, and foreign policy. >> that's apparently going to take a long time. >> we are in a transition. and the transition does not happen overnight. >> and the president insists this isn't his fault. >> my effort to combat climate change is not raising the price of gas or increasing its availability. >> while trying to sympathize with americans celebrating the most expensive thanksgiving ever. >> the middle class and working families are spending much too much and it's a strain. you are the reason i was sent here to look out for you. >> after that message to americans, he is off to a billionaire's come pound in new england. >> what should they read into him leaving now at this time of great personal financial hardship for so many to go to nantucket for the week.
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>> first, i would say peter, i hope you are spending time with your family. i'm spending time with my family. he has secure phone capabilities, he has staff traveling with him. and i think the american people can be assured that he will continue to press to lower their cost and ensure they have more breathing room. >> the same white house that celebrated when the cost of a fourth of july barbecue fell 16 cents is now admitting that this year a thanksgiving turkey is going to cost about $1 more than last year. and whatever it is that president biden is doing to address these problems, it will be from a billionaire friend's compound in nantucket. he and the first lady along with some of their grandkids and son hunter are aboard air force one ready to take off, bret? >> bret: peter doocy live on the north lawn, thank you. stocks were mixed. today the dow gained 195. the s&p 500 was up 8. the nasdaq lost 80. mounting fuel prices also concern many americans as they're trying to keep their homes warm this winter.
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congressional correspondent aishah hasnie has that part of the story tonight. >> as the temperature drops, the anxiety rises. energy costs are soaring across america. last month, the energy information administration predicted home heating oil bills will be up 43% from last year. natural gas up 30%. and electricity up 6%. gas prices also hitting the wallet. >> they are just crazy expensive right now. >> aaa says the average price of unleaded at the pump is 1.29 higher than this time last year. americans blame washington. >> i think they all need to get their act together and kind of work together. >> republicans and democrats in congress are sending out an sos to the white house. in a letter to president biden, senator susan collins and jack reed urged him to release funding from the weatherization assistance program to help families with their home heating bills. republicans warn though it's only going to get worse as it
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gets colder. >> what does that do to a senior that's struggling on a $1,200 social security check. not only are their food costs going to go up this thanksgiving but, again, their ability to keep warm. >> lawmakers on both sides of the aisle say the president's move to tap into the strategic petroleum reserve is too little too late. >> senator joe manchin snubbed it as an important policy band-aid for rising gas prices but does not solve for self-inflicted wound that shortsighted energy policy has on our nation. calling on the president to reverse the course on the keystone xl pipeline and senate energy committee ranking member john barrasso called the release desperate. and, bret, despite releasing more oil, president biden warning americans they will not feel the relief at the pump any time soon. definitely not overnight. so, that trip to grandma's house
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this thanksgiving is going to be just as expensive as you thought it would be. bret? >> bret: aishah hasnie live in alexandria, virginia. let's bring in senator pat toomey. senator, thanks for being here. >> hey, bret, thanks for having me. >> bret: what's your reaction to this move by the president as we see gas prices high. as we start heading into the holidays? >> it's unbelievable, bret. like, let's be honest. what was the first thing or certainly one of the very first things this president did was shut down the keystone pipeline, a tremendous source of oil. suspending the ability to drill for oil and gas in places where we have oil and gas. and so, nobody should be surprised and i don't think most pennsylvanians are surprised that prices are going through the roof. supplies are shrinking. now the president goes around pleading with opec countries to increase their production. how ridiculous.
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this isn't going to work. streak oil opec can decide to scale back to produce to make sure the prices stay high. you fundamentally you can't begin the process of crushing supply and not expect to see a price spike. >> bret: here is the president and the energy secretary about which we were just talking about. take a listen. >> my effort to come back climate change is not raising the price of gas. what it is doing, it's increasing the availability of jobs. >> no president controls the price of gasoline and the reality is we have to take some time to get off of oil and gas. we recognize this. this is a transition. let's build up clean energy future so we don't have to rely on volatile fossil fuels. >> bret: so are their decisions changing the price of gas in how they are dealing with all these things? >> bret, you can't suspend the laws of supply and demand,
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however much you might like to. nobody can when the president takes measures to curb supply it's going to catch up. in fact, the president has made the demand problem worse with all the massive amount of money that they're spending. so, the misguided policies of this administration are certainly contributing to the price spikes that we are seeing. >> bret: here is congressman ro khanna we had him on last night democrat. take a listen. >> the build back better actually will help with the supply chain issue. it will help bring more people into the workforce. it will ease some of the inflationary pressures. so, i believe the bill actually will help solve the problem. >> bret: build back better obviously passed the house. now in the senate. you have some specific concerns about it. can you address what congressman khanna said there and kind of list your concerns. >> well, it's too long a list.
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but i could get started, bret. first of all, the idea that this bill that according to the wharton school at the university of pennsylvania believes will cost $4.6 trillion over 10 years, if it were to become law. the one that the house passed. the idea that that's going to make inflation go down, i don't think anybody actually believes that look, across pennsylvania, what i'm hearing from people that contact my office and that i meet with, is they are really worried about this massive overspending. it's like it never ends. now, i understand why during the peak of the pandemic and economic collapse that was caused by governments shutting down our economy, you know, we had to take dramatic steps. that ended up being $3 trillion of spending above and beyond the usual spending. then president biden comes in with the economy already recovering, spends another 2 trillion, then there is the $1 trillion plus for the infrastructure bill, now they want who knows how many trillions. bret, this all adds up to maybe
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$10 trillion over 10 years. and we wonder why we're seeing record inflation? i mean, the inflation in october was the worse we have had in 30 years. that's a huge problem. you think about the actual individual items in this bill. there is all kinds of programs that will really seem designed to make the middle class dependent on government. new welfare programs. >> bret: i you want to put up a couple concerns that republicans have expressed already. $40 billion for new york public housing. 15% domestic corporate minimum tax. the state and local tax cap increase. universal pre-k. and to sun set the programs to reduce the cbo score costs. that's just a tip of the iceberg from republican point of view, right, in the senate. >> tiny, tiny fraction, right? all the tax increases are going to make us less competitive as a nation against other countries around the world. the spending is just as we talked about staggering.
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by the way, so many of these new programs they want to launch, very, very high income limits. there is people who have, you know, many multiples of the median family income. people who make several hundred thousand dollars they don't need the taxpayer to pay for child care. the state and local tax deduction, that's for people who make like millions of dollars. it's incredible how much that is going to be concentrated to benefit very high income people. the list just goes on and on this. is a terrible idea. loaded with terrible features. it's going to make inflation worse. it's going to keep people out of the workforce by the way, some of these programs, there is no work requirement. so you are going to get a lot of money without having to work. guess what? some people aren't going to work. really bad idea. >> bret: you have worked with senator joe manchin from west virginia on a number of different things. including bills you have sponsored together. now he is kind of the voice in standing up to a lot of things inside this bill. what's your assessment of senator manchin whether he is going to hold the line about
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what he said before about it? >> well, god bless him. he has been holding it so far. one of the things he has pointed out is the dishonesty and the accounting for all of this. they have decided to have some of these programs launch them -- have them terminate after a year with the expectation that they are not going to end after a year. but, by in theory limiting them to one year, the score is lower. so, senator manchin is on to that he has called them out on that. he gets the idea that making middle income and upper middle income americans dependent on government makes no sense. so i'm hoping he sticks to his guns. you know, i don't know, he has said there is some elements of this that he can support. so, in the end there is something that passes with his support. i don't know exactly. i hope it's not something they are considering right now -- >> bret: senator pat toomey, we appreciate your time. >> thanks for having me, bret.
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>> bret: the house committee probing the capitol riot is issuing five subpoenas to groups that head back to former president trump and individuals associated with those groups. the panel seeking the testimony and documents from the proud boys group and its chairman along with the oath keepers and its president as those subpoenas keep coming from the committee. we're getting reaction tonight to the first interview with kyle rittenhouse following his acquittal on murder charges last week. rittenhouse spoke exclusive whether i tucker carlson in an interview that ran last night. senior national correspondent rich edson takes a look this case has drawn national attention. the vice president and president of the united states. a jury found rittenhouse friday not guilty of murder and other charges. he claimed self-defense in shooting and killing two men and wounding a third at a protest in kenosha, wisconsin. president biden said the verdict left him and many americans
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angry and concerned. though he said he acknowledges the jury has spoken. now, rittenhouse is responding to the president. >> mr. president, if i could say one thing to you, i would urge you to go back and watch the trial and understand the fact before you make a statement. it's actual malice, defaming my character for him to say something like that. >> kamala harris, a former prosecutor, said she is disappointed in the verdict. and the country has a lot of work ahead to ensure a more fair and just criminal justice system. last year then candidate biden tweeted a photo of white supremacist and militia groups that included a photo of reince. opposed to vigilantes in communities with assault weapons. rittenhouse suggested is he exploring suing the figures who he said lied about him in public. rittenhouse maintains he is not a racist person, that he
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supports the black lives matter movement and peaceful demonstration. he charged there has been a lot of prosecutorial misconduct in his case and other cases. the now 18-year-old says he is enrolled at arizona state university, studying to be a nurse, though he is considering a shift towards a career in law. bret? >> bret: rich, thank you. breaking news now, the ahmaud arbery jury has just wrapped up for the day despite telling us that, perhaps, they might have -- be close to a verdict. they are finished for the day. and will continue to deliberate in that case in brunswick, georgia tomorrow. up next, the latest on the chinese tennis player who disappeared after accusing a communist party official of sexual assault. first, here is what some of our fox affiliates are covering tonight. a person killed and child missing following a explosion and fire in flinget three houses sustained major damage and fully
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engulfed in flames when firefighters arrived. 20 houses sustained damage in that fire. fox 11 in los angeles as police arrest three suspects accused of using hammers to break into a department store. monday night's incident at a nordstrom is one of several targeting high end retail stores in california in recent days. and this is a live look at nashville from our affiliate fox 17. one of the big stories there tonight, country singer tracy lawrence is trying turkeys for the city's rescue mission. lawrence and several other artists are staging a benefit concert tonight. this is the 16th consecutive year lawrence has volunteered for this mission. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report," we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ you find out who your friends are ♪ somebody's going to drop everything ♪ run out and car ♪ hit the gas ♪ fast never stop to think
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what's in it for me ♪ or it's way too far
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>> bret: shorter commercials here. the city of accident investor issuing a vaccine or masking requirement. >> the city joined several other communities in the metropolitan area to require masks indoors. employees and customers can seek an exemption if they have proof of vaccination. the biden administration is asking a federal appeals court to end the blocking of the president's covid-19 vaccine mandate. government says delaying the rule would lead to thousands of hospitalizations and deaths. the policy covers businesses with at least 100 employees. it requires vaccinations by january 4th. a group of healthcare employees challenging a vaccine mandate at
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mass general bring ham hospital is asking the u.s. supreme court for an emergency injunction to block the hospital's vaccine mandated. the employees failed to meet the deadline and were fired. the hospital will not accommodate their religious exemptions but has approved other requests not based on religion. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> beware that when you are in a situation where you are traveling, for example, and you are in an indoor congregant setting and you don't know the vaccination status of people, you need to wear a mask. but in the family setting, particularly among vaccinated people, enjoy the holiday. that's that's thanksgiving. looking ahead to christmas, right now since we can vaccinate children from 5 to 11, you start vaccinating them now, they will be fully vaccinated by the time we get to the christmas holidays that's what we should be thinking about. >> bret: dr. anthony fauci
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talking about the covid holiday protocol as he lays it out there as we head to thanksgiving and then to christmas. there are still big questions about the origins of covid where and how it came from and what china did in the early days of this pandemic. joining us now is john moody, author of the new book "of course they knew. of course they "john we should point out is one of my former boss one of the guys who started fox news. john, great to see you. >> bret, thank you very much. >> bret: this is a fascinating book think not guilty early reporting we were doing about the wuhan lab and what was happening. you kind of do this in a fiction book but lay out some really interesting perspective. >> i couldn't possibly report it with the depth and the knowledge and the access that i needed in order to make it nonfiction. so i created some characters and i overlaid them on top of real world conditions that we have
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all known about for the past 20 months or two years. the virus obviously started in wuhan, no matter what the chinese say. i believe it was in the laboratory and that it was accidentally released and i think it made its way to the wuhan wet market which is not too far away and that's a report, in fact, that the "new york times," of all places just came to the same conclusion over the weekend. >> bret: you know, what's interesting is how this reporting has evolved and come to the conclusion that, yes, the wuhan lab is a significant possibility also interesting you can't deny what china did in the early days of this pandemic as it he is scand to the world. >> well, you know, once they realized that there was a new kind of sickness going through wuhan, they did two things simultaneously, they shut down most of the residential areas of wuhan. they literally welded people into apartment buildings and at the same time they let people from wuhan fly internationally,
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if you are worried about what's going on in wuhan why would you let those people fly to other countries? i think we know the answer. >> do you think in the big scheme of history that china will pay for this in some way? >> you know, i think their idea of what is right and wrong is completely different from ours. that's one of the points i try to make in the book. china doesn't care what the rest of the world thinks about it. it cares about domination. they have a long-term plan for what they want to do and part of the things that they want to do is to dominate the world economically, military little and politically. that includes the united states. these are not guys that are playing by the rules. they play by their own rules and nobody else gets in their way. >> bret: one more thing about covid and how we are handling it here in the u.s. one in three americans had covid last year covid university. i'm constantly amazed how unvaccinated people are being fired despite having circulating
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antibodies to covid. they have antibodies that neutralize the virus but the antibodies are not recognized by the government. it is a conundrum we are dealing here with the mandates. >> a lot of things not recognized by the government including things like individual rights and the possibility that their protocols and their way of trying to combat this virus are not necessarily the best ones available. so, when they start talking about what's going on in austria where they are shutting people down and discriminating openly discriminating against unvaccinated people, you begin to wonder if there is something going on that should be changed. >> bret: john moody, the book is of course they knew, they. good to see you. happy thanksgiving, thank you, john. >> thank you, same to you. >> bret: there are continuing questions tonight about the fate of a chinese tennis player who is missing following a sexual assault claim against a senior communist party official. state correspondent benjamin hall brings us up to date
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tonight. >> good evening, bret. calls for olympic boycott condition tonight because the whereabouts of pentagon shay tennis player remain mystery. we have seen many people feel photos were stabled and coerced. >> it's especially concerning in the prc context to see this because we know that the prc has a track record of zero tolerance for criticism and a record of silencing those who would dare to speak out. >> peng had accused a form everywhere member of the communist party of sexual assault on social media before suddenly disappearing earlier this month. the chinese media foreign affairs people should stop politicizing and others are concerned about the safety of u.s. athletes. >> if the chinese communist party will take its own athletes and disappear them and then march them out in hostage videos like this, what will they do to
3:32 pm
our athletes? >> this should be moral oofnsd principles over money. because people's lives depend on it if they don't stand up against dictatorship, who will? >> critics say the olympic committee has become a vehicle for chinese propaganda. indeed the vice president of the olympic committee already in the past ruled out pressuring china over human rights saying we have no ability to go into a country and tell them what to do. all we can do is award the olympic tolls crawn tri in a condition set out in a host contract. senator marsha blackburn has an idea and wants to be host the freedom games in the u.s. instead of china. senator cruz athletes should go to china to compete so in his words they can in his words beat the commis. bret? >> benjamin hall in the state department. joining us is gordon chang a fellow author of the "coming clasp of china" and great u.s.-china tech war.
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thanks for being here. what's your fake on the chinese tennis player and all that has transpired with that? >> well, she is still in very difficult circumstances, bret. we know this because she wanted to assure the world that she was safe, we were told. well, she would actually talk to a broadcast network or she would talk to the woman's tennis association, which has been leading the charge for her safety. she wouldn't talk to the international olympic committee, which is what she did on sunday unless beijing coerced her to do that because the ioc has been quiet about her and the ioc has a very important financial advantage to support beijing's narrative. so her talking to the ioc i think is an indication that she is in still these very difficult circumstances. >> bret: what about this olympic boycott? do you think the u.s. is heading down that road and is china afraid that we will? >> well, first of all, china is very afraid actually to because
3:34 pm
they had peng shuai talk to thomasback the head of the ioc on sunday. the united states is not headed in that direction but we know things are changing pretty fast. a senior ioc member in february said that moving the games was, quote, unquote, silly. last week he actually raised the possibility that it might be moved. the ioc might itself realize it's under pressure and so, therefore, the momentum is toward a boycott or toward moving the games to another country. >> bret: you know, we had a recent fox news poll and one of the questions dealt with the president's approval rating. specifically on china. and if you look at those numbers, they're pretty abysmal. way under water. 55 disapprove. 28 approve. is this administration being too soft on china, especially after that virtual back and forth, that summit if you will with president biden and xi jinping? >> i think so, bret.
3:35 pm
also, what we have seen is directionless policy. now, at the climate summit, cop 26, i think the administration wanted to obtain china's cooperation. they are willing to give up a lot as john kerry the climate czar has said. at that biden virtual summit president biden did not raise the origins of coast. we are talking 773,000 americans who have died from this disease. he didn't raise it in the february, two hour phone calling. he probably didn't raise it in the september 90-minute phone call. he didn't raise it last week. this really have a dereliction of duty. i think the american people just have had enough of that. >> >> bret: let alone the chinese efforts military and hypersonic missiles and the rest. gordon cheang, thank you very much. up next is russia preparing to invade ukraine and where does the u.s. fit in to all of that? we'll have a live report from the pentagon. ♪
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the bureau received a tip warning that gunman nicholas cruise planned to attack a school about five weeks before the event. the information was never forwarded to the fbi's south florida office and cruise was never contacted. a forensic anthropologist has told the family of brian laundrie that the fugitive died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. that's according to a family attorney. laundrie was a person of interest in the death of his
3:39 pm
girlfriend gabby petino. he was also wanted on a fraud charge. his skeletal remains were found in a florida nature reserve. russian controlled forces in the eastern part of ukraine are increasing combat readiness and carrying out large scale exercises there russia has said in the past part of a disinformation campaign. but what's the truth. national security correspondent jennifer griffin has an update from the pentagon just how seriously the u.s. is taking this threat. good evening, jennifer. >> good evening, bret. this evening all eyes are focused on vladimir putin's next love. 100,000 russian troops remain on the border with ukraine. preparation force a very strong u.s. response, i'm told are underway. >> we are not sure exactly what mr. putin is up to but these movements have our attention. >> general mark milley the
3:40 pm
chairman of the chief spoke to counterpart and ukrainian counterpart yesterday. the second time in a week. the u.s. has shared intelligence and maps with europe allies that show a build up of russian troops and large scale push into ukraine from multiple locations. secretary of state tony blinken announced additional sanctions that could target the nord stream 2 pipeline. >> there is also the nuclear bomb of sanctions which is people are reluctant to do that. i think if there were a major ukraine involving the full russian military. that should be an option to consider. >> putin has leverage and may halt gas supplies to western europe to allow him to make his move into ukraine. u.s. officials have warned the belarus migrant crisis is an example of how putin can weaponize migrants trying to enter europe via poland and did i verdict attention away from the russian military build up.
3:41 pm
>> the gas leverage the gives moscow a little bit more confidence they could strike with less risk but i don't believe moscow believes it can strike with no risk. they understand this is inherently dangerous proposition. >> u.s. intelligence officials believe putin will do what he did in 2008 by invading georgia, an effort to prevent both ukraine and georgia from becoming part of nato. russian troops are still occupying territory in northern georgia more than a decade after that surprise invasion, bret? >> bret: jennifer griffin live at the pentagon. thank you. let's bring in keith kellogg the co-chair of the center for american security at the america first policy instituted and a former national security adviser to vice president mike pence. general, thanks for being here. your assessment of what is happening on that border with ukraine? >> >> thanks, bret, thanks for
3:42 pm
having me. i think it's a gigantic head fake. i really do. i think is he causing a lot of problems by massing on the border. i don't think he is going go into ukraine. if he does, it combat eastern part of ukraine. the reason i don't think he is going to do it. the european union, half of their trade is with russia. most of their investments with russia, if he goes into ukraine, then they will cut off the economic ties they have in russia. massive economic blow. is he sending a long-term message to us. and here's the message he is sending. ukraine will not become part of nato. and that's the message he is making loud and clear. we get so fixated on russia. we forget what our biggest threat, which is china. >> bret: which you are going to say is china i'm sure. >> yeah. >> bret: let's go back and put up this map of ukraine and russia and crimea. remember crimea and all of the concern about crimea.
3:43 pm
this is president obama in 2014. take a listen. >> we are now deeply concerned by reports of military movements taken bine the russian federation inside ukraine. any violation of ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity could be deeply destabilizing. >> bret: well, that was then but weeks later, russia went into crimea and essentially they set up a different time zone there. >> interest is a big difference between crimea. virtually 80% of crimea is russian. and when you look at the dawn bass region it's about 38% russian. then when you look at the rest of ukraine, it's more ukrainian than it is russia. so, you know, it's almost like it's apples and oranges. of course, that didn't play very well. what did they do when they went into crimea? nothing really happened there. i think, again, i think putin is sending a message.
3:44 pm
his message is clear. do not let ukraine become part of nato because i think that is a red line. >> bret: i'm going to end with this, general. >> cross that then we have a problem. >> bret: yeah, this is the associated press saying china and russia sign a road map to closer military ties. today and conditions of increasing geopolitical turbulence and growing conflict potential in various parts of the world. development of our interaction in such environment. russian chinese coordination becomes a stabilizing factors in global affairs. for you, that is a big deal. >> yeah, i think, you know, tankly, i think everybody is living inside joe biden's head right now. i think is he looking at russia and is able to distract from what's going on in china. the reason why i think china is the biggest threat out there, it's a multitude of issues. it's military. it's cultural, it's economic. you know, when you look at the trade imbalance with us and russia and china. our trade imbalance with $16 billion. with china over $350 billion a
3:45 pm
year. you know, when you look at biden almost afraid to talk about china. willing to talk about russia because you can rely on russia with trump which he has tried to do many times. when you look at china. almost like is he compromised to some degree. he just had that three hour call with president xi. did not even mention covid. covid is a disease that was ravaged america. more americans have died in two years of covid than died in all four years of world war ii. but he never even brought it up. we're darn sure it came out of the wuhan institute of virology. >> bret: general kellogg. we appreciate your time. >> thanks, bret. >> bret: happy thanksgiving. up next the push to end bail and close prisons slams up against the wisconsin parade tragedy involving a habitual offender out on bail. we will have a live report and discuss with the panel. ♪
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>> news that the suspect in sunday's failings incident at wisconsin christmas parade habitual offender out on bail progressives on capitol hill toward eliminating bail and closing federal prisons. correspondent gillian turner has that story tonight. good evening, gillian. >> good evening, bret. a group of house democrats advocating new criminal justice reforms measures a push to close all federal prisons within a decade. move comes less than 348 hours after police took darrell brooks jr. into custody on sunday. this after he mowed down parade goers and is killed 6 people. said president biden is not interested in reform. >> the president does not support abolishing prisons. he does not support defunding the police. he thinks measures like that will make us less safe and he
3:49 pm
would not support legislation that includes it. >> gillian: alexandria ocasio-cortez and two other representatives say they're concerned that excessive bail is creating quote a humanitarian crisis in new york city jail system. they are also claiming conditions in new york jails violated civil rights. aoc tweeting quote more than 57 individuals confined unsafe conditions simply because they can't afford cash bail. on sunday, rashida tlaib told axios on hbo she supports a proposal to shutter federal prisons all together. take a look. >> i think that everyone is like oh my god going to release everybody. that's not what i'm yeah, but did you see how many people are mentally ill that are in prison right now. >> i know but the act that you have endorsed actually says release everyone. >> within 10 years, honestly there is a process of looking how can we get away from mass incarceration. >> sure. >> and move towards care first.
3:50 pm
>> darrell brooks was himself out on $1,000 bail at the time he allegedly plowed into that waukesha parade. republicans say now they plan to take this issue straight to the midterms. >> you have a defund the police. close down federal prisons. we need to push back. the most fundamental responsibility of the government is to keep people safe. >> house democrats are claiming 14 people have died this year so far while in new york city police custody they insist the time for this battle is right now. bret? >> bret: gillian, thank you. let's bring in our panel now, former education secretary bill bennett. guy benson political editor at town host of the guy benson show on fox news channel and charles lane opinion writer for "the washington post." guy, what do you make of this, rashida tlaib's answer about the legislation. and all of this falling at this time. >> boy, that answer if you can call it an answer from
3:51 pm
congresswoman tlaib was eyebrow raising. i'm not sure she had really thought through the legislation that her name son that she has co-sponsored and even under just cursory questioning about basic things like hey, you really want to empty the prisons in 10 years? she is like well, maybe, i don't know about. it was a weak performance, i think, to put it kindly. as for this new push on bail reform from aoc and that press release that just came out. i mean, read the room a little bit. this is not great timing for that given what happened in waukesha apparently. criminal justice reform but not being soft on crime and letting dangerous people walk the streets and that can have really tragic consequences if we just seen. >> bret: yeah, i want to turn now to the decision on pine to release the oil from the strategic petroleum reserve
3:52 pm
bill. take a listen to the energy secretary. a little q and a that also raised eyebrows today. >> there's very serious about this. i'm curious if you know how many barrels of oil does the u.s. consume per day? >> i don't have that number in front of me. >> some suggest it's about 18 million which suggests you are releasing less than three days worth of supply from the petroleum reserve? why is that enough? >> well, what we are doing, plus what other countries may be doing, which will be less than what we are doing, because we have the largest, um, amount of strategic petroleum -- petroleum reserve. >> bret: one, bill, was that she didn't know the barrels that were used per day but the other was how significant this is. >> yeah. kind of hopeless and hapless. look, this will last maybe two, two and a half days. opec can lower its production,
3:53 pm
so prices can remain the same. in any case, it's a very, very temporary thing. you know, there is a problem with the biden administration right now that's getting acute and that is keep saying things are getting better, things are okay. you think things are bad, don't believe your own eyes. don't believe what you see at the gas pump, believe me. this is what happens in the authoritarian countries. and it's a very dangerous road, a very dangerous road to take. >> chuck, your thoughts? >> we did have a president in the previous four years a tom is a of authoritarianism as for the gas prices thing. you know, i'm shaking my head over this issue. i'm shaking my head over this issue, 11 -- the vast majority of the cause of gas prices, the global price of oil, this
3:54 pm
petroleum release won't affect it any. but, i wouldn't say that this was joe biden's fault either. because even if he ended the gas -- the oil leases and so on, that has a trivial marginal will effect. probably the worse thing for biden create the implication that he does have some control over the price of gasoline by taking this measure which probably in the end will demonstrate he doesn't have any control over it. bret go ahead, bill, can you respond. >> no, i was just going to say instinct here to go back to trump is just so telling onto me. you know, this guy is creating a disaster and he is reversing all the policies of trump. whatever one thinks of trump he wasn't destroying the country in the way that this administration is. whether you are talking about the border, whether you are talking about china, whether you are talking about the price of oil, i mean, it's really quite extraordinary what's going on. >> bill, bill, you said this
3:55 pm
authoritarianism and the last president the last president inspired a mob, a mob to attack the capitol, bill. >> bret: one at a time. there you go. >> we will have our january 6th. i know your guys are putting into that january 6th. but when you look at the policies of the previous administration compared to these policies, the country was in a lot better shape. a lot better shape. >> bret: all right. guy, weigh in here about, you know, the concern about gas prices, inflation, and how it's affecting this administration. >> well, it's not just gas prices, it's also heating homes. that's going to become an acute issue all over the country as the weather gets colder there are a lot of nonpartisan experts who say that is an area of inflation that's really going to bite a lot of people and he this will be seeing it in their monthly bills. month in and month out on top of petroleum and, you know, pain at the pump as the cliche goes. so i think that there is some
3:56 pm
real danger and risk politically for the white house to be at least trying to spin this in a happier way, some happy talk. things are getting better. if on some key metrics things may in fact get worse over the course of several months. i would just add the yan home performance you just played. secretary granholm that exact answer and that response to those questions under a republican administration would be widely ridiculed. would go viral, be in all the late night shows. we will see if any of them have it except maybe greg gut feldt, i downtown it. >> bret: i don't think they will. congressman dan crenshaw did weigh in on twitter. he had this to say after the secretary granholm q and a there filed this one under, quote: not qualified to be energy secretary. chuck, got a lot of problems on a lot of different fronts. we spent a lot of time in this show with expanded time talking about foreign policy. and it seems like china will
3:57 pm
dominate a lot of things, big things for months and possibly years to come. >> i was a little surprised that general kellogg was so confident that president putin doesn't intend to invade ukraine. i hope he is right. but what it points to is that on sort of both edges of the land mass over one side with taiwan and other with ukraine, we have two rising -- reemerging great powers acting very aggressively at the same time and that is inherently a threat and something that you have to be concerned about that the united states under any president but especially this one would be able to handle that at the same time. and, yes, you are absolutely right, bret, that whole complex of issues surrounding those two countries but especially china are going to be front and center.
3:58 pm
>> bret: bret go ahead, bill. >> bill: what does china have to do for us not to play ball for them. they will sent this virus over and around the world. they have this young tennis player in hiding. they have cheated and lied and stolen all sorts of property from the united states and still we play ball with them. they are a threat to us. and this president has said not one sharp word to the chinese, not one. >> bret: all right, panel. thanks so much. happy thanksgiving to you. now it is time for our tuesday tweets. #sr twitter tuesday. first we got dan. his question one of your favorite thanksgiving traditions our family for years. it's supposed to a run, we end up walking, but we are out there moving. and this goes to the next question we have. kevin here gee turkey or ham? i have am a traditionalist.
3:59 pm
turkey all the way tryptophan, couch; al-what's your most memorable golf shot where and when. >> this is easy. pebble beach at&t a few years back i blew one and here it is. i hit it in the stands way right. [cheers] >> i hit it from the stands and ended up making birdie on 18. that shot saved me and it was a lot of fun and fortunately caught it on camera. there is the best shot that i have and here is a good question from steven, hi, bret, how is your son doing now? i think you are talking about my son paul. my other son daniel torn lcl on the mend. out for four months but doing great. paul is one year out of his fourth open heart surgery this december 3rd. and today, today he made the basketball team. less than one year after his last open heart surgery he has had four of them.
4:00 pm
so, we are very blessed and very thankful. thank you, again, for watching "special report" and to our sponsor tunnel 2 towers for tonight's program with limited commercial interruptions tunnel 2 towers has been able to donate 200 mortgage free homes to injured veterans, gold star families and contribute by going t 2 thanks for inviting us into your home tonight fair balanced and unafraid. >> sean: welcome to "fox news primetime" i'm sean duffy. a registered sex offender with a rap sheet spanning more than 20 years. on the streets freely despite active warrant in nevada failing to report a change of address after pleading guilty to statutory sexual seduction when he impregnated a 15-year-old girl in 2006. since 1999, he has been charged with at least 16 crimes and was
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released from jail


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