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tv   The Five  FOX News  November 23, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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it's hard for people now not to look over the shoulders for the near term. >> right, this is where police presence can make all the difference and this is a heightened security that must take place all over america for holidays and parades like this. >> charles: thank you, my friend, happy thanksgiving to you, we will be watching that. in the meantime "the five" starts now. ♪ ♪ >> dana: hello, everyone, i am perino, dagen mcdowell, jesse watters, brian kilmeade, jessica tarlov, it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." joining over a liberal bail report policy in the wake of a horrific christmas parade in wisconsin, darrell brooks will be making his first court appearance and it is not his first run in with the law by any means. local prosecutors under fire after they were freed not once but twice just this year,
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despite having an active warrant in nevada for a sex crime. while many are serious and wondering how could this happen, members of the squad are doubling down on criminal justice reform, aoc criticizing extensive fail in new york city and congresswoman being confronted over a plan to release everyone from federal prison. >> have you wrestled with any potential downsides of releasing into society every single person who is currently in a federal prison? >> yes, i think that everybody is like were going to release everybody, did you see how many people are mentally ill that are in prison right now? >> no, i know -- but you say that you're going to release everyone. it's begun ten years -- >> there are human traffickers. >> i know. >> do you mean that you don't actually support that? >> dana: jesse, on the very day that the darrell brooks is about to be --
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these are life pictures, coming into court now, this is his first court appearance for this particular crime of the rampage where five people were killed, 48 injured as he pled in differencing and ran through in his red suv. so we will take it around the table and continue to watch lists if there is something to bring to you we will. on the very same day that this is happening, the squad is advocating for even more reforms of this. >> jesse: the congresswoman is an idiot and she has power, which makes her very dangerous idiot. you are looking at this guy here now gotten comfortable to confirm his social media account traffics and black militancy, black nationalizeddism. a lot of anti-trump, anticapitalism content. the white people are the enemy, that crazy stuff. wacky conspiracy theories about jews and hitler.
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he is a lunatic. hashtag blm all over the place. was not happy with the verdict, he has an open sex offender warrant because he was raping a15-year-old and got her pregnant. and just revolving doors out of there, because you have the stupid d.a. that is trying to reduce the prison population and rehabilitate everybody for restorative justice, that ridiculous mind-set and then mows down about 50 people, five dead and putting people back together in the hospital right now, and joe biden's asked about it and he says, i don't want to say too much, still waiting for some of the facts and the details come out. well, rittenhouse after that happened two days later slandered the western premises when there was video he was acting in self-defense. this guy in wisconsin was not
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acting in self-defense, the video clearly shows he is mowing people down and being charged with intentional homicide. and the media is basically commemorating the story already, we all know why, it does not need to be said. and what we heard yesterday was total garbage that he was fleeing a knife fight. who drives through a parade to flee a knife fight? are people throwing knives at his car? in either there was no pursuit, because you see the guy on the door -- camera, is having a sandwich while police are trying to find -- having a sandwich, get out of here! so everybody knows what is going on. and the media is going to pinch it all. >> dana: in 2007, let me read this to you, is there going to be an individual or put in the treatment program who is going to go out and kill somebody?
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you bet, guaranteed. it's guaranteed to happen. it does not invalidate the overall approach. by jessica, i think that yeah, this actually invalidates the approach? >> jessica: 100%. we can take gambles with certain groups of offenders. and i think that rashida tlaib did herself no favors in that interview and i don't know why anyone should be interviewed by jonathan swan unprepared. he is amazing at what he does, and he gets people clearly to talk about things that they did not intend to talk about on the bills are the policies that they support. there has to be a very serious conversation about who should get bail reform applied to them and what kind of offenders should not be going through that. absolutely with the appointment on the larger question with the fault of women, the 15 girls with the sex trafficking charge and getting her pregnant, that is something where the person out on bail is not enough for
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them. and a $2 million bail, i'm not saying that's kyle rittenhouse should not have a high bail, i'm saying the disparity is something for us to take note of. i don't think the media will pigeonholed us, this was something following along on social media and watching the live coverage people are taking very seriously this weekend. >> jesse: if you have not seen it today, not a lot yesterday. at cnn or msnbc home page, not really there. >> dana: taking it around the table, i will go to you next on darrell brooks in court for the first time. >> dagen: speaking of alexandria ocasio-cortez and rashida tlaib. i want them to go, go, go, keep at it. keep complaining about dangerous individuals who are being held on bail even in new york city where we had bail reform at the beginning of last year. and larson and child assaults, no bail. no free child, they tweaked it a
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little bit. but basically a dude can punch an old lady in the face and eyes back out on the street. i want him to go, go, go and continue to expose themselves for what they are and what they want, the more they spit in the faces of victims and their families, which is what you are doing with alexandria ocasio-cortez releasing this with people held on bail after this deadly murder. let them continue to attack or not stand up for innocent america. they don't care about safety and security for this country, they would rather coddle criminals to accumulate more power, so please keep jacking your jaws and this will end and it will end soon, because we always talk about new york city oh, it's new york city, no, it's not. it is many cities across the country where victims, think
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about the 11-year-old girl who is telling doctors in waukesha, as they went back together and he is left-wing mouthpieces can't shut up and think about families who are grieving. think about the moms and the dads and the sisters and the brothers who are grieving and suffering as their family, lost love ones or people in the hospital it's disgusting that they can't shut their traps per day. >> dana: one of the widowers who lost his life and the rampage said that his wife's life and his children's future was worth more than $1,000. >> i would think so, and he says oops i made a mistake, way too low, we will look into that. the full counting of everybody on probation right now in wisconsin, to find out if there is any other hoops out there that would be killer that might be lurking out $500. you pretty much covered it. the thing i find most scary is i
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believe democrats and republicans were run over by this guy. i don't believe they had a party preference. and i think the one thing that is pretty universal rule as you speak up with all the other democrats saying that they heard the phone the police. what we are seeing is the tone deafness of the democrats saying let's start with this bail were bail were a few cash bail along with the fund the police. this is one story, the looting in san francisco coming up later. through rittenhouse story coming up next, and this is the same thing. defaming, defaming, and defunding the police is all about the lack of law and order in all three places. please tell me how that benefits the american citizen, the american family. they are alienating the american people. you are not helping democrats. and i just find it so hard to believe that president biden seems to be listening to the squad and the left wing, not the
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middle of his party. how can he be this tone-deaf? i understand assigning them, but i never thought they would be drug through the administration. that's the scary thing for the country. forget about the party in the next election. >> dana: it's hard to come up from that. kyle rittenhouse morning biden in the media they will might want to lawyer up as well. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> brian: the new guys don't usually get to pick their music, but meanwhile, kyle rittenhouse after a year of relentless attacks in an interview with tucker carlson, the newly acquitted 18-year-old in team lawsuits could be coming while ripping the media and the president of the united states who suggested he is a white supremacist. >> mr. president if i could say
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one thing to you, i would urge you to go back and watch the trial and understand the facts before you make a statement. its actual malice defaming my character for him to say something like that. the lies that they can just get away with spreading is just sickening and its disgrace to this country. i'm hoping one day there will be some accountability for the actions that they did. >> you're not going to let that go? >> a really good lawyers handling that. >> brian: peter doocy grilling jen psaki over whether the president will apologize or not? >> this is about a campaign video released last year that use president trump's own words during a debate as he refused to condemn white supremacist and militia groups. >> you're saying it was a campaign video, the president gave an interview where he said that rittenhouse was a part of a militia coming out of illinois. >> he condemns the hatred and division and violence out of
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groups like the proud boys and groups that that individual has posed in photos with. >> brian: so she pointed out that the apology is not, and tried to qualify him using the term white supremacist, i'm sure he did not tweet himself, but tweeted out about white supremacy has got to stop. >> jesse: i don't know if i knew who was in the photo, people ask for me for photos, i just think they have great taste, i don't ask them about the resume, joe biden eulogized creed of the ku klux klan. i think that he knew robert byrd was in the clan when he eulogized him. i think barack knew who farrakhan was, and buried by reverend wright, does that mean that barack obama is an anti-semite? does that mean joe biden is a klansman? of course it doesn't, but that's the analogy and it's bogus. i have never seen anybody look so different than what they are
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portrayed on in the media. i was impressed, he looked like a guy you could have over for thanksgiving dinner, who would you rather have babysit your children? him or roosevelt? i think he wants kyle rittenhouse there, moving from demonizing politicians to demonizing regular people, now they go after the nick sandmann, they go after -- they go after parents for speaking out in the american people have seen that, they are repulsed by it and i hope hunter really did hold ten for the big guy, because joe might have to pony up some dough. >> brian: i saw the jonathan turley came on this afternoon, and set as a public figure, whoopi goldberg and people like the present and are immune to this type of lawsuit. >> jessica: jonathan turley is a better lawyer than i am, i.e. he is a lawyer. my thoughts on this, i thought that kyle rittenhouse did come across very well in his
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interview with tucker. and also clear of the point that he wanted to make and the sideshow stuff that he did not want to get involved in. do not want to have a lot of the conversations that opponents have been having about his intentions and really wanted make a larger point about what he saw his case as. and i thought i made a big impact on people, and he had one line that i thought was particularly important, he said i support the black lives matter movement, we don't know about the proud boys, maybe it was just two guys who said take a picture with me, but he said something like think about what would've happened if i was a black person in this position who had done this? how would my trial have gone differently. to acknowledge that is so core to people who support the black lives matter movement that they acknowledge that and the fact that he brought that forward. it was not what tucker asked him, and i thought it was a really important gestured towards the other side of the fight to say i understand the systemic challenges facing black people in the system, and i
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thought he did really well by himself. >> brian: only one more fact, "face the nation" came out and said that he got it wrong when he crossed state lines and used a gun, shot a black man seven times in the back, that was obviously wrong, they walk that back, and that's why they did not drive to kenosha, he was there already, it was not illegal for him to possess that particular weapon, that is true and we apologize for the oversight and language. >> dana: was at the goodness of their heart? or the morality play happening here? no, lots of people are about to get sued and this is laying in the ground, we are saying sorry, please don't sue us, so they probably are not the first, i'm glad they did it, but the other thing that i wanted to say is go back to that exchange with jen psaki and peter doocy, i don't blame jen psaki, she has to answer for something that happened in a campaign.
2:21 pm
but she is having to defend it, but why won't the commander-in-chief come the president of the united states who ran on the unifier of the country be able to say i never should've said that? that's all he has to say, then jen psaki won't get asked about it all the time and they can talk about build back better and how they are going to save the world. sorry, jesse. kyle by what he said and acknowledging that his trial might've looked differently in his opinion if he had been black instead of white, that is more unifying than anything else that has been said in this entire trial by anything else, and he is 18 years old. >> brian: i hear you, he spent 87 days in jail and did not have to come his attorney attorneys claimed that he was safer there, they raise money on his defense, one of his attorney said he was in a militia, he said i don't know what a militia is, that's another sub story to this in that interview.
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>> dagen: i notice the defense attorney on friday that he immediately came out and started talking about his prior attorneys and how they were using kyle for a call, he was lucky that he got that. >> brian: sitting in a one-room jail, thinking your attorneys are helping you and making money after you. spin on the two million-dollar bail and the thousand dollars bail that this alleged murderer got out on, it just -- i don't understand the language he was using, he was the word malice and defamation, he has a really good lawyer as he said, so those are the legal, i'm not a lawyer, but i know legal words when they see them, those are the legal terms that he would have to use, so to that point i don't understand why the clatter boxes on tv like at the view keep talking about him the way that they do. why do their bosses allow this?
2:23 pm
where are the grown-ups who are running these networks? can they talk about rittenhouse, i don't understand why they are so worked up over the death of a mentally ill child molester. they keep harping on this, but that's who they are. >> jessica: i know that we have to go, he did not know that he was a or child molester. >> dagen: facebook is going to get sued, you mark my words, because they did not ban any commentary that supported kyle rittenhouse initially and did and only allow declarations of his guild and not his innocence, so you go for the big pockets, the biggest pocket. >> brian: they should announce
2:24 pm
that suit on twitter. >> dagen: twitter did it too. >> brian: president biden trying to stop soaring gas prices, but will it make a difference. think about that question. ♪ ♪
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2:29 pm
about inflated gas prices, they are not due to environmental measures, my effort to combat climate change is not raising the price of gas or increasing its availability. >> jessica: and secretary granholm being criticized for the answer to this question. >> barreled a barrel does the u.s. consume per day? >> i do not have that number. >> jessica: dana, what say you? >> dana: you should probably know that if you are the secretary of energy, and joe biden talked about how long he has in washington and how much experience he has in any president of tries to tap the strategic petroleum reserve is not actually in it and oil emergency, it's like a gnat on an elephant, it does not have the impact that it wants to and they do it right before thanksgiving, and tapping the fdr is making up for them the bad policy from before, so canceling keystone and oil and
2:30 pm
gas, discouraging investment, not allowing and where to go through, so then you have to tap it which is not going to do anything, you will get through thanksgiving and they're hoping it all goes away, the same thing with the eviction moratorium, that was not working out, so they had to figure out another policy and then they have to go to the courts and basically get saved by the court and said they cannot do that or they are driving up inflation with bad policy and now they are like what are we going to do? so it's one thing after another. but the other thing about jennifer granholm door, the secretary is that yesterday, and she is not the only one, the administration position on this has been higher gas prices are the price at all of us are going to have to pay so that we can current ingestion lament transition to cleaner fuel for the climate, that's what they have said, so she said that yesterday, today she is in a briefing room saying, this is a very serious issue and it affects low income families, we will get on top of it, so somebody called her between yesterday and today and they realized their pulling is so bad on this, there was one that said
2:31 pm
77% of people notice inflation and 57% of them blame joe biden whether that is fair or not, that's a reality. >> jessica: there is another pullout that says 54% of americans raising gas and grocery prices are a major concern, that's the highest level of concern for them. >> jesse: joe does not seem very concerned, does he? i guess he said it, it makes it easier to transition to green, he does not want to pay a political price, so they do the release which is nothing, would we consume? 20 million a day and he releases 50 million. that is like your mother asking you to bring her something for things getting and you show up with two triscuits. what is that going to do? we are not going to get anywhere, he has been looking for fed, they are going to give them the middle finger, and it's going to be busy. calling them the pariah after he
2:32 pm
murdered the journalist. >> jessica: that was deserved. >> jesse: he takes it out on the american people. >> dana: better than calling kyle rittenhouse a white supremacist. >> jessica: 70% of americans have a negative outlook on the economy, but wages going up in the lower paid sectors, why do you think that that is happening? >> brian: i think it's because a practical use, joe biden says everything is back on the shelf which is miraculous, because it is not, but if he said it, i guess it works. it's the supply chain problem is solved, so the things that you go to buyer more expensive. of the things that you buy a lot of times we don't have them. it cost more, you actually try to buy stuff and you pay more and get less to go out to a restaurant and it cost more, the service is not as good come people are not working, sundays or restaurants here closed because it is not staffed, all these little areas around the country were affected and it
2:33 pm
affects the practical way that we lead our lives, because it is apolitical, everything i just mention has nothing to do with a republican for a loss of e or the democratic philosophy, it's making people say is my life better now than it was and who is responsible for it? and for somebody with such experienced staff, i don't know why he is always in reaction mode. never getting ahead of inflation, never getting ahead of the concern about gas and oil come just reacts the day before he goes to a billionaire's in nantucket. >> jessica: about the day-to-day, the ceo of walmart thinking president biden for fixing the supply chain crisis, and the ceo of etsy, he said this was a better year than last year what he makes of that. >> dagen: walmart fixed its own problem because they were able to release their own ships to make sure their stores --
2:34 pm
they are saying out loud, don't worry about the stores, because they don't want to discourage people from coming into shops, they will never tell you things are not in stock and they are also scared, their pants are in a twist over the cuckoo communists who are working in this administration, so that's the political calculation on behalf of walmart, but in terms of joe biden, the only thing i can think about is he is intentionally putting deeply stupid people in these jobs so that they can say stupid things that actually helped cover up what the real intention is, because -- if they screw up and tell you the truth, thank them for that if they make a mistake like jen bram home, but i was rating kyle blass on twitter working down the numbers, the world, it is a global economy consumes 100 billion barrels per day, so
2:35 pm
50 billion from the strategic reserve it's a rounding error, expect $100 oil, $5 a gallon for gasoline for years to come because of the damage. 20 million and refined products. >> jessica: we shall continue on the break, don't call it looting, leaders being accused of making excuses as robberies continue. ♪ ♪
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i feel so much better, and i think that that is the key. ♪ ♪ >> jesse: don't you dare call this looting, liberals are focused on not hurting the feelings of smash and grab gangs
2:40 pm
then getting tough on crime, and san francisco ransacked for a third night by mobs of looters, but it does not matter, local media reporting woke experts and some officials are cautioning against using the word "looting" because it could be seen as racist, brian kilmeade. >> brian: it's unbelievable, they say racial connotations according to the university of new haven, i would say a couple of things, this is also about the lawn disorder that is happening around 12 stores hit in san francisco, oakland was hit, 12 miles away at the same time, we see in san jose where the police department has re-examined what they are doing, this is someone thinking this is reparations for a society is in equities, that's what we are seeing and i wonder if gavin newsom is mad now, he laid the groundwork. >> jesse: reparation hunters. is that the word? >> dana: i think we will get a call from the word police,
2:41 pm
burglary -- organized robbery, it is, but we call it the same. >> jesse: i've seen whites, blacks, hispanics, everybody loot. >> brian: new yorkers invented looting. every time the lights go out everyone takes everyone else's stuff. [laughter] >> jessica: the lights out new yorker, not familiar with that, but if you are playing word police, you are losing the real battle which is like jim clyburn on the right side of what the police have been saying, people know what they are seen and it's being caught on video, and they know exactly what it is, it does not matter what you call it, it is stealing things and people use any number of synonyms for that. it smash and grab and ten seconds later you want to say looting, that is just fine. that is looting and stealing it is smash and grab. i do not even know -- you can use it. i would like to give it to you.
2:42 pm
speak on these thieves are not being stopped by the security guards very often because the stores are afraid of being called racists if they lay their hands on anybody or try to detain them, or if seen it happen in new york city, someone is stealing in broad daylight from a store in the security guard tries to get in front of the thief and they scream rape or you're a racist, get your hands off me, so a jolt, the politicians and the police step in, it creates these poverty zones, we are talking about like not chanel in new york, but walgreens, they are shut down 17 stores in san francisco already closing by more, the best rate is five times the national average in that city and it leaves people in low income areas without access to drugs and goods and jobs, quite frankly, because the jobs
2:43 pm
disappear. >> dagen: why would people be looting in a jobs presidency? it does not make any sense and i'm terrified to turn out the lights now. i'm going to leave them on. >> jessica: jesse jr. is going to raid your room? >> jesse: ahead, suggestions for thanksgiving. ♪ ♪ surprise! it's a new buick. you got me new buick? oh! and there are more gifts inside. wow! i don't even know what to open first. how about this? you got me the head up display. heated steering wheel. it's a massaging seat. do you love it? okay okay, what next? watch this, mom. alexa, turn on holiday lights. this year, give the gift of technology
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♪ ♪ spiel we all know the liberal media is out of touch, but this next story would make marie antoinette blushed, the counter inflation at nbc host says american should ditch the turkey for thanksgiving and shake down the guests for money. >> perhaps forgo the turkey. bear with me, i know that is the staple of the thanksgiving meal, however some people think turkey is overrated and so it tends to be the most expensive thing on the table, maybe you do an italian feast instead, you could ask everybody to just throw in cash, five or $10, that really
2:48 pm
adds up. >> dagen: it's funnier than anything on the sound bite. >> dana: america did not get to be in this position of greatness by lowering expectations, but that's what we seem to be doing, you should imagine that jimmy carter is saying i wish the media told everyone to suck it up when i was president. the democrats i think run a real risk of wearing the general malaise as their brand-new outfit wearing it all over town, this is the general malaise that looks really great and trying to convince themselves that it does in the polls and her blog that 77% of people saying they are feeling inflation and 78% of them blame joe biden that is real. >> dagen: they could at least have a can of cranberry sauce out of those windows that they are driving around. >> brian: i think this is free enterprise at its best, why not make it a corporation for a
2:49 pm
slice of cranberry sauce would be a dollar 25. >> jessica: i don't eat meat. >> brian: the stuffing of the turkey and offer combo rates. because i don't want the creamed onions, and never liked them. i don't believe that they should be creamed, so why do i have to pay for them? you don't have that? >> dana: i've never heard of it. >> dagen: submit your order in advance, brian. >> brian: why not the johnson family. >> jesse: i'm not charging uncle lenny to get in the door to thanksgiving. and no offense to the italians, but the pilgrims did not eat rigatoni bolognese. and i actually researched this, and butterball supplies a third of thanksgiving turkeys got hit with major labor shortages because of the vaccine mandate and the price of gasoline is rising, the transportation
2:50 pm
costs, so that's why you have increased turkey. >> brian: you know what i love about butterball, they put the giblets and a pack at any pull out a surprise, isn't that exciting. >> jesse: don't chase it with a cream onions. >> jessica: quickly, don't go after things people love, like holidays. because those are the things that i love. i don't know if people love rittenhouse like they love turkey, may be you, but if you want them to save money, talk about helpful tips like taking public transport or carpooling or whatever it is, but people are excited that they are vaccinated, majority of them and they can go see their families, last thanksgiving was not that great for a lot of people, christmas, et cetera coming want holiday cheer, you should go and have the turkey, and it so interesting when you find out their friends hate the things that you love, and blah, blah. but paper the turkey, don't
2:51 pm
charge people for friends giving a guest people do that, bring your own thing. but not at uncle larry's or wherever. >> jesse: lenny. >> dagen: elizabeth warren asked the department of justice to investigate the poultry industry. >> jessica: there's a lot of corruption and chicken. >> dagen: before we go, here's what i hate, hate segments that have chips. don't tell me how to get to the meal. i don't like the diet tips before thanksgiving. like oh, don't eat this. the sweet potatoes, because they are really high in calories. >> brian: you know what the problem is, we pardon way too many turkeys. we can't afford to pardon them. >> dagen: i am a vegetarian and i adopted a turkey from farm sanctuary. happy thanksgiving, bowie, you
2:52 pm
will have live for. "one more thing" next. ♪ ♪ ♪♪♪ ♪♪it's a most unusual day♪♪ ♪♪feel like throwing my worries away♪♪ ♪♪as an old native-born californian would say♪♪ ♪♪it's a most unusual day♪♪ ♪♪it's a most unusual sky♪♪ ♪♪not a sign of a cloud passing by♪♪ ♪♪if my heart won't behave in the usual way♪♪ experience the power of sanctuary at the lincoln wish list event.
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they guide me with achievable steps that give me confidence. this is my granddaughter...she's cute like her grandpa. voya doesn't just help me get to retirement... ...they're with me all the way through it. voya. be confident to and through retirement. ♪ >> dana: it's time now for one more thing. jesse? >> jesse: check out crazy video of wwe seth rollings. he got blindsided by a fan at the center. walking to the back after a match a crazed fan came out of nowhere and period him. the fan was then tackled by refs the guy faces charges of attempted assault and attempted arson cultural affairs. interrupt ago live sporting event is actually interrupting a cultural affair. i had no idea that was true.
2:57 pm
i would show up to if you are not. >> lucky he has pants on at all. be. >> dana: holidays are just around the corner, have you heard? if you are looking for a book to get a child, i have three for you here. jesse, this is right up your alley, it children's book series. here heros of liberty. like ronald reagan, thomas sowell. amy coney barrett great illustrations. in honor of these books. photographs, very there he is. >> jesse: right up my alley because i have a young son. >> dana: you like to read. you would want to buy these for your children. >> jesse: that was ha live look at my nursery. >> jesse: gift these to you. >> dana: dagen, you are next.
2:58 pm
>> dagen: this is a warning for you with percy. >> dana: oh, gosh. >> dagen: go visit momma with your dog sampson. got out of house. saint bernard. sampson was fine this is how hanging out with momma. children pooch, don't know, but he did. that's something percy would do. >> is he a rascal. i can see it in his eyes. ready to rascal around on the roof. >> dana: jessica? >> jesse: fun night with "dancing with the stars." i don't know if anyone else is a fan. i'm a fan of cody rigby and i missed watching it. i didn't get a chance to watch it. i was watching other things. yes, i'm so glad this is your one more thing. former nba store won "dancing with the stars." is he making history 2016 he won the nba championship. he was the first time that an nba an nba player taken home the mirror ball. dancing with partner. married to tee ona taylor a
2:59 pm
recording artist. and she had a part in the song that they danced to. to win it all. congratulations to them. it's such a fun show. >> dana: you don't think cody was robbed. >> he got covid. his moves on the bike aren't great. >> earlier dance in the season modern. >> dana: brian, you have an entire minute. >> brian: what is the fastest thing a human body can do. >> sit. >> swing. >> brian: here's a clue >> brian: snap your fingers. that is faster than blinking according to georgia tech it takes seven milliseconds to snatch your fingers certain finger, the quickest thick you could possibly do. how fascinating is that? >> dana: that's why you were
3:00 pm
interrupting our "dancing with the stars"? >> >> dana: i can't think of one one more thing. oh, brian, don't do that. that's it for us. join us tomorrow. "special report" starts now. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> bret: good evening. i'm bret baier. welcome to a special edition of "special report" with limited commercial interruptions. thanks to our sponsor this hour. tunnel 2 towers. breaking tonight, it's now up to the jury in the murder trial of three white georgia men accused of killing black jogger ahmad arbery in south georgia. deliberations began today. moments ago the judge heard from the jury that they want to continue. correst


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