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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  November 23, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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>> martha: and this is "the story." good afternoon, everybody. it's thanksgiving eve eve. americans are hiding the road, heading to the meals that will cost you 15% more than last year. also at the gas pump, a 52% increase over last year's experience. so the president saying moments ago that this is how to fix the gas prices. watch this. >> today i'm announcing that the largest ever release from the u.s. strategic petroleum reserve to help provide the supply we need as we recover from this pandemic.
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>> martha: so 50 million barrels will be released from under the ground stockpile. we haven't seen this kind of release in over ten years. it was just last month that president biden was talking in a town hall and explaining why releasing from this strategic petroleum reserve wouldn't make any difference. watch this. >> i can go in the petroleum reserve and take out and probably release -- reduce the price of gas maybe 18 cents or so a gallon. still going to be above $3. >> martha: congressman jim jordan is here with his take on this. first, art laffer, former economic adviser to president reagan and president trump. thanks for being here today. >> thank you. >> martha: we've seen this move from both president bushes, released from the spr as it is known. president obama did as well. did it make a difference then
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and will it make a difference this time, do you think? >> let me put it this time. this time is different because he shut down the keystone pipeline, anti-oil, anti-energy for quite some time. this is a short term palliative that won't make a long-term difference. it will be short term. it's a good thing he's doing it. he should have opened the keystone pipeline and start producing again so we can permanently reduce gas prices and make consumers better off. that's not what he's doing. he's doing it for a short period of time. >> i mean, i guess when you're in a tough position, anything sort of helps people a little bit is a good move, i guess, on the part of the white house. you know, the president also was careful to point out that he doesn't think the reason we're seeing an increase in prices is because of environmental concerns or because of an overall push on the part of the administration to back away from oil and energy. watch this. >> i also want to briefly
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address one myth about inflated gas prices. they're not due to environmental measures. my effort to combat climate change is not raising the price of gas or increasing the availability. what it is doing is increasing the availability of jobs. is that true, art? >> no, it's really not. he did shut down the keystone pipeline. he's been very anti-energy and all of that combined to make higher prices for gasoline and other products, hydrocarbon products. there's some argument in favor of the global warming and trying to get some of those carbon emissions down but the way he's going about it is the wrong way. if you're really want to handle global warming, put a tax on gasoline and have a tax cut on personal income taxes so it's exactly offset so we don't lose the economic growth and the
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prosperity. he short-changed gas and he's raising taxes on workers and producers and paying people more not to work, which is anti-production, anti-output. it's the wrong way to go and he's going to lead to higher prices, not lower prices. now, this release when the strategic oil reserve is a good move for a short run. but it's not a good long-term policy. it won't solve the problem. >> martha: so it wasn't long ago that we did experience something that none of us had ever experienced before, which is that the united states was energy independent. all of our geo political issues, so many of them, have been tied up in a number of issues related to the big oil-producing countries in the middle east. here's president trump talking about that liberation from that period. >> at the same time we've made america energy independent, bolstered by our tax and regulatory cuts, the united states is the number 1 producer of oil and natural gas in the
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world. >> martha: so that was short-lived. that was short-lived after this administration reversed those things. >> yes. may be short-lived but it was the right thing for trump to have done. i talked to george schultz before he died on this. george schultz was pride of the u.s. being energy independent. george schultz was very much wanting to combat global warming. george schultz wanted to put a tax on gasoline and i believe wanted to put tax cuts on income. also wanted to make sure that if oil and gas are produced, we're independent so that our policies are not subordinated to foreign pressures on oil and gas like -- i don't remember if you remember the opec embargo against the u.s. and all the pressure that did on jimmy carter and ruined so much stuff. george schultz and donald trump understood that energy independence is important for the u.s. to act independently on
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the world stage. what biden is doing is the reverse. it's taking us to be dependents on foreign oil to the extent we use it. >> martha: seems like there's a sweet spot there where you can do what you can to combat global warming and also be energy independent by increasingly using your own resources. just makes you a more powerful global player across the board in every way, right? >> you're exactly correct. there's no reason why we can't attack global warming and do it by a gas tax or carbon tax. you have to make sure you don't industry the economy in the same breath so you want an income tax rate reduction that matches the tax increase that spurs the economy to have more employment, more output, more production but also make sure that you're not anti-production of the u.s. on oil and energy. you know, be independent from the rest of the world is a very powerful factor for good policies. >> martha: yeah, don't bite off your nose to spite your face.
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>> it's silly what he's doing. >> martha: now you hear president biden begging opec to increase supplies. >> there you go. >> martha: great to see you, art. have a great thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving. you too. >> martha: so it's balanced out by the price increases we're dealing with. think about everything we've been through. the pandemic, now inflation. a lot of stuff to juggle as you put turkey on the table. congressman jim jordan on where he thinks this is headed with the food prices, oil prices and i'm going to talk to a butcher whose family has been in business 50 years. we're going to talk turkey why it cost more and why it's so much harder to get the bobblers when we come back. made me stro. others, weaker. that's the nature of being the economy.
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. >> martha: so you may want to stretch the leftovers this year to make up for the 14% jump this prices. there's a few examples, a 16-pound turkey is $23.99 which is up 25%. dinner roll, cranberries, pie shells, all of it more expensive this year. so in moments, i'm joined by jim jordan of ohio. we'll ask him if he's making a thanksgiving dinner this time around and how that is going. first, let's speak with roy who the owner of rocky's quality meats in san rafael, california. great to have you with us. congratulations on your family business. it's almost 50 years in business, which is a huge achievement for you and your family. congratulations to you for that.
12:13 pm
tell me about what business is like this year, roy. >> it's been really tough. prices have gone up so much and shortages and hard to get all sorts of products, it's not just jerkies, it's everything like meat, canned tuna, can be lettuce, the price of lettuce has gone up so much this year. and then jumps down. so prices are really fluctuated. prices have almost doubled to what they normally are this same time of the year last year. it's been tough. >> martha: so you had to raise prices and pass that along to your customers, i'm sure in order to pay the people that work there and cover your own costs. how have the customers responded to that? >> they have been pretty open to it for the most part. until two or three times and
12:14 pm
after they realize how much they play for a skirt steak, philly mignon, prime rib. turkeys have not gone up action much as the brief prices. beef prices and pork prices have really skyrocketed. >> martha: yeah, i've noticed that, too. what about -- we've heard from so many people that they have a shortage of workers. how is that going for you? >> well, it's hard to find workers. so you treat your workers the best you can and hopefully they stay with you as long as possible. >> martha: in terms of supply, do you think -- is it harder to get your hands on enough turkeys or are you seeing shortages? what are you seeing? >> i ordered my turkeys in april. i talked to my vendors to make sure i was going to get them, that they had my order. last year i got goofed up a
12:15 pm
little bit. they said no problem. i ordered them early. at the end that told me they shorted other people but not rocky's meats. i believe that's because i pestered them during the summer to make sure i would get all of my turkeys. >> martha: no doubt. you have to pay them, right? they want to be paid. that's probably also makes you a good relationship with them, right? >> absolutely. and we've been in business so long, most of the people that order the turkeys from us are the same ones year after year. the same people might only come once a year to get their holiday meal. that's the cool thing about being a small independent butcher shop. >> martha: it is cool. i congratulate you. great to see a good family business. hang in there. everyone will i'm sure love their turkeys from rocky's this
12:16 pm
christmas. thanks for being here. all the best to you and your family. >> thank you. hope you have a great holiday. >> martha: you too. >> thanks so much. >> martha: joined by republican congressman jim jordan of ohio. jim, it's always great to talk to people that own businesses across this country. there's jim jordan's book, "do what you say you would do." when you listen to this hard-working business owner and the increase in prices and what families are going through right now what goes through your mind? >> in joe biden's america, everything cost more. you want a home, costs more. rent an apartment, costs more. gas in your car costs more. thanksgiving turkey, christmas presents. everything costs more. we're at a 31-year high in inflagrants. the democrats' economic play is crazy. pay people not to work. for people who are working,
12:17 pm
they're raising your taxes. americans get it. that's why 71% of the country unfortunately it's a tough situation understand that we're on the wrong track. the truth is i'd like to meet the 29% that think we're on the right track. everybody knows we're not. it's driven by the ridiculous policies of america's left that now control the democratic party. >> martha: it's no surprise that the president disagrees with you on that. here's what he had to say about the economy and inflation. watch. >> so all of these concerns a few weeks ago, there wouldn't be ample food for thanksgiving, so many people talked about that understand ably. but families can rest easy. grocery stores are well-stocked with everything you need for thanksgiving. the major retailers have confirmed that their shelves will be well-stocked this holiday season. >> martha: he says it's going to be okay, jim. >> well, martha, when you have
12:18 pm
the spectacle of the president of the united states going out and saying -- trumpeting the fact that there's merchandise to purchase in the stores, my whole life there's always been stuff to buy in stores. that is crazy. so that's how ridiculous it's gotten when you have to brag about the fact that there's things to actually buy. he's not highlighting the fact that we have record inflation. remember, a few weeks ago, joe biden said if you spend $2 trillion more on this build back better plan, it will make everything better. if you spend $2 trillion, will help inflation. there's not a rationale sane person that believes that statement. for the president of the united states to make that statement and turn around a few weeks later and brag that there's things to buy? for goodness sake, drive by any car dealership in the country. i've never seen it that they don't have cars on the lot, this is joe biden's america. he can pretend it's all right. everyone knows that we went from an energy independent county to now the president of the united
12:19 pm
states begging opec, begging other countries to increase oil production when he shut down the keystone pipeline and they're doing everything that they can to stop domestic production in american oil companies. i could go on. this is ridiculous and the american people see through the crazy statements made by unfortunately the president of our country. >> martha: let me get your take on the build back better bill. one of the things that is pretty clear from economists across the board that this huge influx of money, of printing money that we've had from the fed, is getting close to $9 trillion if build back better back better passes in the 18 months. the largest infusion of cash we've ever seen in the american economy. so do you think that moderate democrats, people that you work with on the house side or folks on the senate side as well, that they're hoping that after thanksgiving or maybe this gets pushed to after christmas that this b.b.b. goes away?
12:20 pm
>> well, i mean, i don't know what they're thinking. they have no understanding of basic economics or bound and determined to make things bad for the country. you had the chairman of the budget committee a few months back that said oh, we don't have a debt problem because we can always print money. again, that's almost as dumb as the statement the president made about $2 trillion additional spending is not going to exacerbate the 31-high year inflation rate. they don't know what they're doing. if they do -- i actually think they want $8 gasoline. i do. i was in a committee hearing three weeks ago and ro khanna is going off the ceos of american energy companies saying will you commit to decreasing your supply and production. that's scary. >> martha: that may be true for some of these members who climate change is the most important issue, but when the rest of them start saying i'm not going run again, the number
12:21 pm
is 17 now. so there's a lot of democrats that would like to win an election in the fall, that would like to see this program not pass because they feel like it's gone far enough and it's not working. >> martha: let's hope so. let's hope so. let's hope joe manchin, senator sinema and other senators like senator kelly from arizona who is up for re-election, let's hope that they do something rationale and makes some common sense. let's hope that they stop this bill. we'll see. sure didn't stop them in the house. everyone but one democrat, only one can do the smart thing and vote against this crazy package. we'll see what happens in the senate. >> martha: and he was from a purple district in maine. thanks, congressman. good to see you. so the nba star oh -- this is jim jordan's book out today. so who -- we have an athlete front and center that you know right now. he's calling for the olympics to be taken out of china this
12:22 pm
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>> martha: a little more than two months ahead of the beijing winter olympics, there's a call to ban china and hold the olympics in another country after a chinese tennis player disappeared for a while, after
12:26 pm
she accused a former top government official of sexually assaulting her. now they have put her in front of video cameras, it appears, but not everybody is convinced that her claims that she's safe and fine are actually true. in moments, boston celtics center, ennis cantor who is calling on other athletes to relocate the olympics. first, benjamin hall. hi, benjamin. >> a couple of different boycotts are being discussed. one is a full boycott and the other is a diplomatic boycott. that means the athletes would go but officials would not. the whereabouts of tennis star peng shuai remains a mystery. yes, we've seen her at a restaurant and talking to ioc chiefs but many believe they're staged and coerced. the chinese government has silenced dissenters and force
12:27 pm
them to appear on television to recant the allegations. >> if the chinese communist party will take their own athletes and disappear them and march them out in hostage videos like this, what will they do to our athletes? they're committing genocide against their own people. we shouldn't be doing anything to celebrate or honor china with these olympic games. >> peng who had accused a former member of the communist party of sexual assault disappeared earlier this month. senator marsha blackburn has said that there should be the freedom games in the u.s. instead and everybody would be invited. senator ted cruz said that athletes should go to china and in his words, they should go to beat the commies. martha? >> martha: my next guest wants
12:28 pm
to move the olympics important peng shuai's sake. they say all the gold medals in the world are not worth for selling your ethics. ennis cantor, great to have you with us. you've seen so much courage in speaking out about this. i love in the piece that you wrote in the "wall street journal," you cited when is possible when athletes speak out. bill russell stood up against racial injustice, mohammed ali against the vietnam war. do you feel like you're alone when you put these things on your sneakers and protesting china? >> someone has to do it. there's so many athletes, so many actors, so many singers and rappers out there. they're scared to say a word because they care too much about their money, the endorsement
12:29 pm
deals. they are worried what the teams they play for say. they should know one thing. it should be morals and principles over money. shouldn't be the opposite way. people's life depends on this. it's so important especially athletes. there's so many young people out there that idolize us. if we don't stand up, we will. i do feel alone, yes. so many people care too much about the business side of it. but to me, human rights are way more than importants than anything you offer me. >> martha: you're setting an important example. i want to play a sound bite from the ioc vice president john coats that has trouble with thissish european. he says we can't do anything about what's going on in china. we're the international olympic committee. watch this. oh, this is a full screen quote.
12:30 pm
>> martha: what would you say to him and what he should do about this? >> first of all, the chinese communist doesn't have excellent, friendship. they're a brutal dictatorship and engage in censorship and threaten freedoms and they don't respect human rights and hide the truth. why are we speaking right now, there's a genocide happening. millions of people in concentration camps which i speak to many of them in america. you know, they're getting tortured and getting gang raped every day. you think about putting olympic games in a country like this, it's unacceptable. it's a shame that international olympic committee are doing this, but i feel like we should definitely stand up to these
12:31 pm
organizations and push to move the games somewhere else. >> martha: the tennis association is getting some praise for really pushing back on this issue. they're probably the first people that have done that after you. but the nba has a terrible record of this. so what is it like for you in your sport and people are speaking out and people have been suspended to support taiwan? >> i applaud the women's tennis organization. what a brave organization. i feel like every organization in the world, especially in america, the nba, nfl, nhl, mls, mlb should take notes. they care about their players more than the business and money. when i saw the wta, gave me so much hope and motivation. this is the start. people start waking up. but the one important thing is,
12:32 pm
listen, people lives, athletes lives is more important than business side of it. we should hold this organization accountable, especially once they call themselves social justice organizations. if it affects their money, if it affects their pocket and business, they tell us to remain silent. i feel like we have a huge platform and we need to use this platform. >> martha: there's a lot of questions about this video that peng shuai put out and whether or nots she's okay. one thing that we know is that she's an incredibly courageous young woman. what she did speaking out is very, very risky in china that she's calling out this man who has served in the government in high levels. we'll watch this. thanks very much for what you do and putting this front and center. you wear sneakers that say xi is a control freak. we've seen peopling speaking
12:33 pm
their minds about things but refreshing that you're willing to take a strong stand on this. thanks so much. great to talk to you. come back soon. >> martha: thank you, martha. so kyle rittenhouse seeks to hold some in the media accountable for what they said about him, calling him a white supremacist, finding him guilty before he had a trial and calling him guilty after he was proven innocent. talk about that next. >> i have really good lawyers that are taking care of that right now. so i'm hoping one day there will be some -- there will be accountability for their actions that they did. ( ♪♪ ) what a pain in the... alice? if it's "let's wrap this up" season, it's walgreens season. meet jeff. in his life, he's been to the bottom of the ocean. the tops of mountains. the er... twice. and all the places this guy runs off to.
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>> martha: jen psaki is taking questions about inflation and gas prices. let's listen in to this for a moment. >> you don't believe this is an energy crisis but a political crisis. >> the supply of oil has not
12:38 pm
kept up with demand as the economy has emerged from the pandemic. so it's not something that we're experiencing here in the united states in terms of supply issues but in countries around the world globally are experiencing it and the price of gas is up around the world. i would note this is not technically an emergency relief. the depth of energy has brought authority to do exchanges. 18 million barrels of this sale is congressionally mandated. the other set is through an exchange. we don't cost it under an emergency. it's under the department of energy. >> is this being done to try to stave off a political crisis? >> this is being done in order to take -- use every tool at the president's disposal to lower the price of gas for the american people. it follow as step he took last weak where he sent a letter to the ftc asking them to look in to what we see is a concerning trend where oil -- there's an increase in the supply of oil
12:39 pm
and not a decrease in the price of gas. something that he asked the ftc to look into. that's not in line with what the american people's expectations should be. >> we've heard from critics that this say this should be only used for supply disruptions. steny hoyer said it should not be used for prices but a collapse. what does the department say that this set as dangerous precedent. >> i think we're emerging from a pandemic. we're hopeful not to come out of a once in a century pandemic again. we're using it in moving up the 18 million barrels of sale that is congressionally mandated and also using authorities that the department of energy has. the president of the united states or as the white house or
12:40 pm
the federal government, we have a responsibility to do everything we can to eat the burden, cut costs for the american people. if there's other proposals out there, we would be happy to hear them. the president will use every tool in his tool box to address the costs. >> the white house is not ruling out any further action as the prices do not obviously fall down here. could we see that by the end of the year? is that off the table? >> we're continuing to evaluate. obviously we have a whole month left. we don't want to give you a timeline. we'll monitor prices and monitor supply. this is obviously a top priority for the president. go ahead. >> following up as well. to be more ex-me -- explicit. do you rule out releasing more? >> i'm not ruling anything out. the president said the department of energy is
12:41 pm
preparing to take -- as you heard from our guest in the briefing room today, we're looking at a range of options. we'll continue to. we feel this is an important step, something that as the secretary noted over the last several weeks as these discussions have happened and other countries have announced parallel releases. we've seen the oil prices go down about 10%. so i don't have anything to predict, preview or rule out today. >> two more quick follow ups. the japanese are quoted as saying that they weren't starting -- or weren't certain when and how they would do it. who has committed to doing this other than us? >> there's a number of countries that planned releases including china, india, japan. japan has the intention to. the republic of korea and the united kingdom. a number of countries have or will. that's part of the discussion we've had. i don't want to speak for them. these are the countries that we
12:42 pm
had discussions with to be more specific. >> you're not the spokesperson for -- >> no i have enough on my plate. >> you keep mentioning this letter from the ftc or to the ftc. have you heard back from the ftc? >> they're an independent actor. we will let them speak for themselves. we sent a letter to them earlier this year where we expressed a concern about kind of monopolies or conglomeration of oil companies. something that they responded to. i point you to them for their response. >> a couple days ago, president biden was in michigan and thanking congress woman rasheeda talib. she wants to release all federal prisoners within ten years. would the president do that? >> the president enjoyed visiting congress woman talib's district. the president does not support abolishing prisons or defunding
12:43 pm
the police. he thinks measures like that will make us less safe and he would not support legislation for that. he supports effective and accountable policing and a fair justice system and investment in public health, case, the housing, the community. he believes there's steps that we know that will reduce crime and make our neighborhoods safer but that is not one of them. >> another topic. would the president ever apologize to the acquitted kenosha shooter kyle rittenhouse for suggested online and on tv that he's a white supremacist? >> let's be clear what we're talking about here, this is a campaign video released last year that used president trump's own words during a debate as he refused to condemn white supremacists and malitia groups. president trump from we know from history and as many of you covered didn't condemn malitia groups. he actively encouraged them throughout his presidency. so you know what we've seen are
12:44 pm
the tragic consequences of that. when people think it's okay to take the law into their own hands instead of allowing law enforcement to do their job. the president condemns hatred and violence. >> you're saying it was a campaign video. it wasn't. the president gave an interview that he said that rittenhouse was part of a malitia out of illinois. have you ever referred president trump say one negative thing about white supremacists. this was not proven in trial. kyle rittenhouse said the president had actual malice in defaming his character. is that what happened here? >> the president spoke to the verdict last week. he has obviously condemned the hey dread by the proud boys and groups that that individual has posed in photos with. but beyond that, i'll leave it to his comments around the verdict. >> one more topic. what message does it send to the
12:45 pm
middle class americans that president biden says he's trying to help as they try to pay for the most expensive thanksgiving dinner ever as the president goes to a billion dollar compound in nantucket. >> a 20-pound turkey is about a dollar more. so any increase in prices is something the president is concerned about as is evidenced by his announcement today and his efforts to push forward on additional relief for the american people. i just want to be clear that there's an abundance of turkeys available, about $1 more for a 20-pound bird, which is huge if you're feeding a big factually. we're making sure people have more money in their pockets as the economy is turning back on. >> the president said today that he was sent here to look out for the middle class families that are strained right now. so what should we look into as he leaves at this time of great
12:46 pm
personal hardship for so many to go to nantucket for the week. >> first, i'd say, peter that i hope you're spending time with your family. i am. i hope everybody is spending time with their family. this is a time to put politics aside, spend time with your loved ones and talk about what you're grateful for. i'll tell you spending time working for this president and a past president that you're president no matter where you are. he will conduct his work from wherever he is on any vacation any time, in delaware, camp david or wherever he may be spending time with his loved ones. he has secure phone capabilities, he has staff traveling with him and i think the american people can be assured that he will continue to press to lower their costs and ensure that they have more breathing room. monica? >> i'm curious because of the president's comments about the deadly events in charlottesville being an inspiration for his decision to run for president. has he been following the unite the right trial --
12:47 pm
>> martha: we're keeping an eye on the white house press briefing. jen psaki speaking to the press. you heard questions from peter doocy a moment ago, our peter doocy. so kyle rittenhouse was the subject of the back and forth there. now there's suggestion on rittenhouse's part that he could pursue vindication against some of those in the media that maligned him, according to him and he was asked by tucker carlson about the dishonest coverage of his trial after he was found not guilty on all charges. here's that exchange. watch this. >> i have really good lawyers taking care of that right now. so i'm hoping one day there is some -- there will be account ability for their actions that they did. >> so you're not going to let that go? like i said, i have really good lawyers handling that. >> martha: rittenhouse accusing president biden of defaming him with this tweet during the 2020 campaign. it show as photo of rittenhouse
12:48 pm
under a comment about white supremacists. >> mr. president, if i could say one thing to you, i would urge you to go back and watch the trial and understand the facts before you make a statement. it's actual malice, defaming my character for him to say something like that. >> martha: let's bring in jonathan turley, a fox news contributor. good to see you. thanks nor being here today. >> thank you. >> martha: it was interesting to listen to peter doocy's question there. no doubt it would be of interest in any legal proceeding that would follow. would president biden consider apologizing to kyle rittenhouse for referring to him under that banner of white supremacist. what do you think about that and what do you think about the potential that rittenhouse teased there that he may indeed pursue a charge of defamation? >> well, you know, deeply disturbing to see how the white house is dealing with this
12:49 pm
verdict. the president didn't just call -- refer to him as a white supremacist but he returned to that subject and painted him as a white supremacist. but then the verdict came out and the president said he was angry about the verdict and people should respect the jury. and now they were waiting for the verdict, now the verdict is in, they're refusing again to make any comments. that's not leadership. that's not responsibility. what the president did was wrong. he didn't wait for a trial. he didn't wait for the facts. he painted this teenager as a white supremacist and got the facts wrong. we've seen that time and time again with this president. he did the same thing with the customs agent at the border when the investigation was just starting. he declared that they had flogged or whipped immigrants
12:50 pm
coming to the border and demanded that they be punished. the investigation just started. yet this pattern is going without much discussion in the media. it's harming people. it did harm rittenhouse to have a future president, now a current president saying that he's angry that he was not convicted and sent to jail for life. now, even having said that, the terrible thing is because rittenhouse is a public figure and i believe that he will be found to be a public figure, people have greater leeway and saying outrageous thing about him, including the president of the united states. the fact that he referred to actual malice was no accident. that is the standard for public figures. it means that as a public figure, you're subject to a higher burden to prove defamation, which is called
12:51 pm
actual malice. you have to show that whoever you're suing knew what they said was untrue or showed reckless disregard whether it was true or not. >> martha: yeah, it's interesting. he said that he has good lawyers that are working on this and no doubt those phrases are instrumental that you just mentioned, that he said he was defamed and it was through actual malice. i remember hearing his mom talk about the fact that my son was defamed by the president of the united states. so we'll see if they're warming up to a legal suit. there's the question of the media's actions in this. we've seen in this kind of case before or similar situations where there's been pretty hefty settlements on the part of heed i can't organizations. here's whoopi goldberg. here's what he said after the verdict. >> even all the excuses in the world does not change the fact that three people got shot. two people were murdered. to me it's murder. i'm sorry.
12:52 pm
>> martha: what about that? >> well, this is part of the unfortunate aspect of being a public figure. she's allowed to her opinion. she's allowed to disagree with a jury's decision. she's allowed to view what he did as murder. i think a court will allow that to be -- to remain opinion. even calling somebody a racist or white supremacist, the courts treat that as part of the public debate. they allow free speech to combat free speech. it's a huge cost to a teenager like kyle rittenhouse that just proved his innocence for a jury in wisconsin. but now he face as public forum, a trial before the public at large. there's a lot of people that won't accept any evidence to the contrary. it was clear in the media coverage. for a year, the media withheld facts that supported his self-defense claim. they repeated facts that were
12:53 pm
clearly false including the president of the united states. and people were shocked when they watched that trial and found out the real case is vastly different than how it was covered. >> martha: yeah, i would just point out as we finish up here a piece by jerry baker, which talks about what we lost in society, presumption of innocence, trial by jury, proof of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. these are all elements that you want to hear from the top leaders of the country. this is what is most important when you approach these situations and not to condemn people before they had a trial. thanks very much. have to go. happy thanksgiving. >> thank you. same to you. >> martha: all right. so we're now on verdict watch for another trial that has captivated the nation. three men charged in the killing of ahmaud arbery in georgia. we'll take you there live next. things are happening. we'll be right back. their only friend? the open road.
12:54 pm
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>> martha: the jury is deliberating the three men charged with killing ahmaud arbery. they say they were trying to make a citizens arrest. the man that admits to pulling the trigger called it a matter of life or death. the prosecutor says that the defendants attacked arbery because he was a black man running down the street in their neighborhood. steve harrigan live at the courthouse in brunswick, georgia. good afternoon, steve. >> good afternoon, martha. outside that courthouse, the police presence is more visible today. it's been stepped up. there's no presence of civilians with rifles. that's something that we saw yesterday. several dozen people. some in black uniforms, some masked, some carrying assault rifles chanting in front of the courthouse. they surrounded a mock coffin in front of the courthouse. the prosecutor wrapped up the closing arguments today. she made the case the 12 jurors have to do their duty and convict the three white men for
12:59 pm
the crime of murder. >> you can't claim self-defense if you're the unjustified initial aggressor. meaning if you started it. who started it? not ahmaud arbery. >> the three men face a change of charges. the most serious are felony murder and murder with malice. now back to you. >> all right, steve. thank you very much. so we wait for the jury to deliberate in that case and we will see when they come to a conclusion. three men as we said charged with murder and nine counts in that case. so that is "the story" on this tuesday, november 23, 2021. as the clock ticks on, as we head to the end of the year. look forward to seeing you back here tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. get ready for your thanksgiving dinner. wish you a good thanksgiving eve eve. "your world" will get started right away.
1:00 pm
have a great afternoon, everybody. thanks for being with us today. see you tomorrow. >> charles: president biden outlining planning to tackle inflation as americans are digger deeper to pay for food and fuel ahead of the holidays. the president says moms and dads are worried, so what stephen paddock -- what is being done to deal with it? this is charles payne in for neil cavuto. david spunt at the white house. >> thanks, charles. president biden said of the rising gas prices "this is a problem." to help alleviate the problem,


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