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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  November 23, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PST

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>> fox news alert, the christmag his first court appearance in the deadly rampage. darrell brooks is certainly no stranger to the law. he has a long rap sheet with an active warrant in nevada. still, despite all of that, judges released him twice on lobel this year alone, including just days before the massacre. now progressives are sparking even more outrage by pushing for lower bails or eliminating them altogether. unbelievable. this is "outnumbered," i am
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kayleigh mcenany along with my cohost, emily compagno. also today, julie banderas, fox nation host, tomi lahren, and in the virtual couch seat, former south carolina congressmen, speed 13. city of waukesha held vigils for the victims last night with the five dead ranging in age from 52-81. dozens of other parade goers were also injured. now we are learning the man suspected of plowing into them as face criminal charges at least ten times since 1989 and was found guilty in multiple locations. still records show that two separate judges freedom on low cost bail. first for $500 and i buri over a shooting, and again for over a thousand dollars earlier this month over a domestic violence incident, where police say he ran over the mother of his child with the very same suv used in the parade massacre.
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all of this prompting the milwaukee county district attorney to launch an internal review saying the states bail recommendation in this case was inappropriately low in light of the nature of the recent charges in the pending charges against mr. brooks. the bail recommendation in this case is not consistent with the approach of a milwaukee district attorneys office towards matters involving violent crime, nor is it consistent with the risk assessment of the defendant prior to setting up bail. emily, i think a lot of us are asking the question why. this is acknowledged by the milwaukee prosecutors themselves, dozens of crimes dating back to 1989. by one count there were 16 crimes and out on bail add this heinous attack 48 hours after. >> emily: the tragic part of this, kayleigh, is it is predictable bear the question isn't why is this guy commits wise this still happening? how many times do we have to talk about these cases on the
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couch? how many times do we have to reference people like to read william to shot a 24-year-old to death and gunned down a 24-year-old here in brooklyn manhattan after being out on bail for felony firearm charges. in oakland, california, where i'm from while out on bail for two charges of felony firearm commits absolutely ludicrous. why does this keep happening? it's because voted in where these progressive das who i think hoodwinked the public on a campaign of criminal justice reform, which the people sign up for. what they are doing is the exact opposite. there is no such thing as justice when there are people being killed and slaughtered right and left because those district attorney can't get it together. the audacity of the milwaukee county d.a. to come out and say i wasn't in the courtroom come it doesn't matter. your concepts were. das like chief boudin will be up for recall injured because everybody has had enough. this is predicable when you take away judicial discretion like you're in the state of new york
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for judges to determine on an individual basis. you know, this guy's a violent preventive vest criminal paired or for della brooks, this guy is a registered sex offender, jumped bail in nevada, why was he getting bail at all in wisconsin? there is no option for no bail. whatever those judges do it is squarely on the das shoulders and it's up to us as citizens to vote these guys out. this has to stop happening. >> well sad. there is does harrowing passage from the milwaukee county district attorney's office, it's chilling to read it now. he said this, if there's going to be an individual i put into a treatment program that is good to want to kill somebody? is guaranteed to happen. it doesn't invalidate the overall approach. amazing, trey gowdy. >> trey: it's the most predictable thing in the world. when you hear the word reform, you should just think less. when the talk about prison reform they talk about wanting less people in prison.
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when they talk about bella reform they want no bail or lower bail. public safety is the preeminent function of government. it means it's always on the voters mind and it's always on the ballot. the contrast could not be more stark. if you want, like rashida tlaib, the federal prisons to be empty had ten years, that's what you want. in a decade nobody in federal prison. ask yourself who does that include? the oklahoma city bomber? the you know bomber? dylann roof, who killed nine black christians in south carolina, that's who is in prison. that's what you want to run on? then the voters need to know that when you hear progressive prosecutor that just means a public defender. at the public defender running for a prosecutors job. you are right to be disappointed, just don't be surprised. >> kayleigh: emily come i believe you have new video. >> emily: our team has received the very moment darrell
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brooks has been apprehended caught on a ring doorbell camera. now this was the situation, he told the homeowner he needed to use his phone to call for a ride. daniela reiter come of the homeowner, was watching football when darrell brooks came to the door asking to use his phone. brooks claimed he was homeless and rider good samaritan made him a so much and let them use the phone. he was unaware of the mass casualty horrific event at the christmas parade because brooks was on his own. now the homeowner noticed police driving down the street, that gave him concern and pause. he asked darrell brooks to leave. his neighbor then made him aware of the incident. this year is the moment that darrell brooks was apprehended, captured their e.j. ane homeowners ring camera. it's chilling video to watch of darrell brooks, the suspect in this. what's even more shocking to me is the day after this happened we all him know about the data
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dell mike bell incidents laid out. but tomi, aoc thought one day after this attack that she would tweet this, that when prosecutors seek excessive cash bail and result in increased rates of incarceration, particularly for low income defendants. she goes on to write that more than 75% of individuals in custody have been convicted of crime, and we are confirmed and unsafe conditions because they cannot afford cash bail. she goes on one day after this attack this is what she believes to be a priority, tomi lahren? >> tomi: well aoc is delusional, we all know she's delusional. i can't believe we are all taking anything she says as gospel. there is some progress of that do infuriating for some americans. i want to go back to what emily said come i think it's very important for americans to understand. the republicans fell victim to it too. we talk about criminal justice
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reform and we see kim kardashian's and others out there leading the charge. they are doing great work but a lot of american people start to conflate that and people who are wrongfully imprisoned are people who are in prison for far too long which is what's happening in our streets take a moche is no cash bail, proposition 47 and 57, crime reclassification, activist das, all of these are falling under that a bella of criminal justice reform. the american people are being duped. we need "law & order" and we also need to come to the realization and understanding that there are some people that are in prison that need to be in prison because they are bad people, they don't want to be rehabilitated, they are not going to be rehabilitated, and the american public, and the decent hardworking americans out there that are law-abiding citizens, we deserve to have safe streets. it's not about virtue is singling down mike singling down mike singh -- doesn't work in our streets and cities. >> no, rashida tlaib, she has an i.d. appeared she doesn't believe there should be people
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in prison. let's listen to this. >> everybody's like on my gosh, we are going to release everybody. do you see how many people are mentally ill in prison right now? >> the loss us to release everyone. >> there are like human traffickers. do you mean like you don't actually support that? your proposal is so sweeping. it does release everyone. >> within ten years. obviously there is a process of looking at how can we get away from mass incarceration. >> one social media users thing defund the police, reparation crt and now another stroke of abject stupidity. >> repeat offenders have -- law enforcement are being strapped down, literally hands tied behind their back. they are unable, physically
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unable because of these democratic lawmakers who just want to let all of the criminals run free. let the criminals run free and they get to repeat offender. also the kind of dangerous patterns that have led to this higher murder rate in this country is 100% do these repeat offenders. the nypd conducted an internal review, they interviewed about 6,000 police officers here in new york city. 56% of officers in the nypd say they wouldn't want to put a badge on again if they had to do it all over again. why? >> that's a good question. 80% of officers fear fighting crime aggressively because of that the roundabout criminal liability. there is no incentive now for us to be protected on the streets. politicians are not going to do it either. the crime rate is going to continue until something changes. something needs to change. >> absolutely. first it was defund the police announce empty the prison.
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good luck with that. coming up, kyla rittenhouse in an exclusive interview with tucker carlson. what he said the media and critics, like the president, got wrong.
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>> we, the jury, find the defendant, kyla rittenhouse, not guilty. >> kyle rittenhouse speaking out and in exclusive interview with tucker carlson and his first interview since the moment on your screen there. where a jury acquitted him of all charges for two shooting deaths during last summer's shooting. recounting his trail and how the media and the critics got the fact of his case so wrong.
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>> it's quite hysterical how'd nobody can go back and look at the facts of the case. he crossed state lines, false. he's a white supremacist, false. none of that is true and the lies they can get away with spreading is sickening and disgraceful to this country. >> those comments come as the cbs show, "based the nation" is forced to issue a correction after reporters claimed kyle crossed state lines armed for battle. they went on to admit that he didn't cross state lines with a weapon and it was not illegal for kyle to possess that specific gun. will be making no secret of her feelings on kyla rittenhouse being found not guilty. >> all of the excuses in the world does not change the fact that three people got shot. two people were murdered.
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to me it's murder, i'm sorry. >> trey gowdy, your thoughts? >> i'm torn between 99% of me that could care less about what whoopi goldberg thinks about the elements of murder and what a jury of 12 data, and how much politics relates to everything in our culture. i spent almost two decades in the justice system and while imperfect, it gets it right more than television commentators or cohosts on the view or media. the only 12 people in the country who listened to every single witness and examined every piece of evidence concluded unanimously that the state failed to meet its evidentiary area burden. that doesn't mean he's innocent, doesn't mean he didn't do anything wrong. it means the state failed, and you are therefore not guilty. why people can't accept that -- i mean the jury system is the closest thing for small
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government you will ever have, and all 12 said the state failed to meet its burden. why people can't accept that is disappointing. >> tomi, trey mentions small government, he also had this message for president biden, take a listen and will will get your thoughts on the other side. >> mr. president, if i could say one thing to you i would urge you to go back and watch the trial and understand the facts before you make a statement. its actual malice, defaming my character, for him to say something like that. >> i have to tell you, it's great kyla rittenhouse was able to come out swinging and with what happened with the covington catholic kid, i think kyla rittenhouse is now thinking that an exam saying hold my beer, he's coming for the media. he has a case to come for the media. this man is also a lot more intelligent than a lot of these media commentators gave him
9:19 am
credit for. he's incredibly well-spoken. he explained his case so well. i think people like whoopi goldberg would do well to actually sit down with someone like kyla rittenhouse, here is side of the story. but i would also say this come i wonder if her tone and feelings would have changed if it was a mob of trump supporter's attacking a blm activist. what you look at that blm activist as a murderer? something tells me that she would not. that's where the problem lies. it's not about justice, it's not about facts of the case, it's not about evidence, for these leftists in the media it's all about narrative and race, even where it doesn't exist. they have to look at everybody who may just be white and they have to demonize them. that's what they've done for so many years, it's worked for them. it's starting to wear off. >> that such a great point, kayleigh. justice is not blind to the left. well, whoopi goldberg, you don't get to decide what murder is. a jury of kyla rittenhouse's
9:20 am
peers match the fact to the lawn found him him to be not guilty and all of those charges. then she said one of the aggressors wasn't doing anything, there is video evidence of him hitting kyla rittenhouse with the skateboard. it's all about a narrative, to tomi's point, where msnbc but up this is their take away, the kyla rittenhouse trial was designed to protect white conservatives who kill. that's literally the headline that was on msnbc. really interesting to watch kyla rittenhouse use the word actual malice, that's the legal standard for defamation and use that when characterizing the way president biden. really interesting choice of words. i wonder if his lawyer told him to use those words. >> that specificity the people on the left refused to use. it has absolute meaning and they are gearing up for a fight. >> they do plan on suing.
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i wonder who is on that list be sued. they are probably going to figure out which media outlets to go after first. i believe that's why many of the media outlets are now backtracking. the narrative out there is the fault of these journalists. i don't know if whoopi goldberg really knows the case all that well. perhaps she was turning to her network was supposed to be reporting on this. cbs's mark stross meant just this past monday reported on the fact that kyla rittenhouse crossed date lines armed for battle. we all know that he did not cross state lines, that's a fact those out there from the beginning of the trial, which is why as it trey just mentioned that the jurors knew that, our viewing audience may knew that, but the rest of the public doesn't know that. another thing that he continued to add-on is that there's lots to unpack. the country's ongoing moment of racial reckoning and
9:22 am
self-defense claim from arms people who deputized themselves, and cbs is now saying this is an oversight in language. that's their way of correcting -- this is not an oversight in language, this is an oversight and facts. the bad part of this is cbs is not the only news i would to be putting out this information. there is no accountability pair that's the part that's the most frustrating. now you're going to see these protesters going on the street protesting about something they don't even know what they are protesting about. >> putting it out on the esteemed sunday show, they were just rife with misinformation. these facts have been out since day one. >> exactly. you don't have to be a juror to know it can be just have to do your research and read. >> and i was part of the conclusion by the way of the sandman court, it wasn't just the printing of the misinformation of the false fact, it was the amplification, the refusal to rectify that also led to them being held accountable. all right, guys, global outcry over a chinese tennis star who disappeared from public view,
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save an average of $3,000 a year. >> the chinese government trying to shut down questions about tennis star, . malicious speculation about her safety should not be politicized. peng claimed a former communist leader forced her to have sex. she apparently told the ioc she was safe and ask for her privacy per the virtual call came after beijing released photos and videos of her appearing to make limited public appearances. the head of the women's tennis association says they were glad to see peng shuai was okay but
9:28 am
added that this video alone is not sufficient evidence that she's acting of her own free will. the chinese government wants us to end the malicious speculation. i think it's fair speculation when it comes to an autocratic, authoritarian costs down my country committing against leaders in china, i think these are very fair questions. >> trey: 's they are. on the downside we can even find the origins of the coronavirus, which killed hundreds of thousands of americans and crippled our economy, so how are we supposed to find a single tennis player? i wish the u.s. would assert more authority but i'm thinking talk about sexual harassment, battery, thinking about governor cuomo. i thought they were talking about andrew cuomo. if we take a step back and say who can help us in china? was the best contact in china? i'm thinking as soon as hunter
9:29 am
biden gets through repainting the sistine chapel, we can get him to go over there and make sure she's okay. >> tennis star, peng, had this call i thought it was interesting, a lot of similarities to coerce statements from speakers that they have to make up the coercion of the chinese government. >> i'm not going to believe a word of this unless she does a live appearance, which isn't going to happen considering social media has banned in that country and there were posts about her that were since deleted. she is now saying that she wants privacy and she is safe. i don't believe any of this. i believe what trey was just saying about any social pressure whatsoever from this country come under president trump it was the first time we actually saw a president stand up to china and put them in the place but now we are not seeing that. praying for this girl that she is okay, but quite frankly you can't believe a word out of china. why do they tell us anything? why would they be truthful?
9:30 am
we've given them zero incentive to play ball and be innocent and forthright and be truthful i mean to say to us. but it's unfortunate. >> it really is. what's also unfortunate is the international olympic committee and their role in all of this. experts have accused them of harmful lead disturbing in active member location of chinese propaganda. the international olympic committee said they should be extremely careful not to participate in any whitewash of a possible violation of human rights. >> athletes have called them can complacent. the ioc has drawn the ire of a lot of athletes in different context. it's not surprising they would be acting not neutrally. one example is the terrible nasser sexual assault against gymnasts. they sued the ioc is welcome also incidences of russian
9:31 am
doping. the ioc is essentially a figurehead. when push comes to shove they do not have the best interests of athletes in mind. keep in mind what funds support the ioc. china and particulars quite a large one. i think it's important as well for viewers to understand that this is a pattern we keep seeing from china. anyone who dares and up against the chinese government in whatever capacity gets disappeared. this is a recurring issue. it's why we cannot believe anything that comes out of the government. the leaders there who have such an impressive stronghold over their citizens, over the us internationally and expect us to capitulate when they come out with that strong language they do each time blaming us for daring to question the origins of coronavirus. during us to question the lack of transparency. those are just two examples. a final quick point, just how sad it makes me because the
9:32 am
actual language that peng used when she tweeted about the sexual assault, she said even if it's just striking stone with a pebble i will tell the truth about you. it seems her statement was prophetic. >> it was indeed. tomi, the tennis association has been very helpful. many top ten the stars have been very vocal. we talk about the ioc and china they have one goal in common, and that's the beijing olympics in february. i wonder how this played into it. >> it's disappointing that that might be the case. i was also wondering besides hunter biden, i wonder what human activist aficionado, lebron james, said about this. i'm wondering what their statements are on this, they are of course human rights activists when it comes to blm issues here in the united states. i think more broad than this, the american people although we might not have much influence over china might not be able to get to the bottom of this particular incident, i think
9:33 am
this is also a cautionary tale to americans who are looking at the communist regime in china. for americans living in this country, that aspired to be communist or aspire to be socialist, aspire to have more social media -- take a look at china. is that what you want? be careful what you wish for here in the united states. we are free and we have the first amendment, the secondment amendment come in china they are not quite so lucky. maybe we shouldn't be modeling ourselves after them after all. >> there is no doubt about that. up next, equal pay for equal work? maybe it's not always that simple. activist jennifer lawrence says she's okay with leonardo dicaprio earning more than her on their new movie come even though she gets top billing. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ learning is hard work. hard work requires character.
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jennifer lawrence, said her costar, leonardo dicaprio, deserves to be paid more for his role in the film. she asked for and got top billing but later learned that dicaprio made $35 million while she made $20 million. she says leo brings in more box office than i do. i'm extremely fortunate and happy with my deal. what i've seen in other situations is it's extremely uncomfortable to inquire about equal pay. if you question something you say it's not gender disparity but they can't tell you exactly what it is. what are your thoughts on? >> i think gender pay and equality isn't something we should have been talking about anymore but sadly we are, it's unfair. if you been doing a job at the same amount of time is your counterpart who habits to be a meal you should be getting the same salary. i will say this, leonardo dicaprio is a huge name of your jennifer lawrence come
9:39 am
talented, but i don't necessarily entirely disagree here. when you think brings in bigger box office, leonardo dicaprio is in a lister and he brings in numbers. anytime i hear the leonardo dicaprio -- i can even say the name. anytime i hear that he's in a movie i'm there. he's one of my favorite actors. i think his name recognition and celebrity will bring people to the box office. however, $5 million is a big disparity. she was making $25 million on the film he would save $30 million. i don't as a woman feel that uncomfortable because it is leonardo dicaprio. they are, i got it out. >> i agree, there is a way to explain the difference in pay, but at the end of the day $25 million, $30 million, i'd be happy with either to be honest. it's one hollywood elite getting paid less than another hollywood elite. at the end of the day, who really cares? >> julie brought up that
9:40 am
leonardo dicaprio has been around a lot longer and he has longevity, jennifer lawrence is not wrong. here's some information. leonardo dicaprio's highest grossing movie is titanic come at $.2 billion of gross worldwide, versus her number one, "the hunger games" catching fire, $865 million gross worldwide. the list goes on, the point remains that i think she's making two points. she's not wrong with these numbers, leo is been around forever, he's in a list or star. at the same time yes, when there is that still exists i think there's a defensible way that executives go about addressing it that still isn't fair. >> i think when we are talking about any kind of disparity, if you can explain it i think it's a big difference than not talking about it are feeling uncomfortable. when i look at something like this i also think about the gripes of women soccer stars who claim they're not making as much
9:41 am
as men and the same thing with wnba. if you look at the numbers there's a reason the men are making more. let's be honest and realistic, let's not a virtue signal bear let's look at this objectively and then decide if there is unfairness or not. i think she made a great point and i'm happy she made it great it would have been easy for jennifer lawrence to say poor me, i'm a woman. and really beat the meat to drum and talk about women's rights, which she did in a way but i think about her stepping back and being able to say i see a reason for this, i think that goes a long way in the discussion itself. it's not just empty virtue signaling but she made a good point. i respect her for that. >> trey, to tomi's point we have seen female a-listers who have objected to pay. perhaps for the nonquantifiable elements of contracts in hollywood, there's some ways to get compensated that isn't just here's your paycheck and we are comparing it to that paycheck.
9:42 am
i think there's a lot of power discrepancy in hollywood, where the agents and executives writing these contracts and wrapping them in the studio's favor sometimes it's really an equal. >> you are also high-minded. i'm just real income i didn't realize he was still alive. i thought he drowned in that movie with the boat and the celine dion song. or you can smoke cigarettes and say the f word and make $30 million a year what a celebration of america. >> he's an incredible actor. i honestly think is one of the very best. >> really? >> there are amazing schoolteachers that make $35,000 a year. so how we value things in this country? i'd rather watch skyler dickens play basketball than lebron james but their
9:43 am
salaries are nowhere near each other. i'm happy he's alive, i'll watch true detective for the 20th time before i go see that movie. but i'm happy he's doing okay. i am hoping he can make $30 million. >> yes, i agree season one was the absolute best. coming up critics are slamming a "new york times" op-ed for advice to kids who won't be fully vaccinated before thanksgiving dinner. bogeys on your six, limu. they need customized car insurance from liberty mutual so they only pay for what they need. woooooooooooooo... we are not getting you a helicopter. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> president biden set to speak 2:00 p.m. eastern time on the economy amid a supply chain crisis. plus congressman reacts to the build back better bill to allow a pathway to citizenship in it. it will take a deep dive into jerry baker's column but the left's reaction to the kyle rittenhouse verdict. come join us at america reports at the top of the hour. >> "new york times" is taking heat for an op-ed that gives advice for lowering the age for
9:48 am
covid-19 vaccines before thanksgiving. here's the response, as the kids will not be fully vaccinated until two weeks after their second child, i think some care is warranted. especially because some attendees are 65 and older and thus at greater risk for more serious breakthrough infections. you could have the kids wear masks, each quickly, and stay away from the older adults when eating. oh, my goodness. this is pure idiocy. make the kids eat quick, no. >> first of all my kids don't need quickly. this would never work. we are there for hours and i will make them sit and wait until their plates are empty. i guess i'm going to infect my family members with covid because i'm not making my kids a quickly. when you over all that food you don't want your kids sloughing it down, you want your kids to take their bite slowly and enjoyed. the hard labor my mother will be
9:49 am
putting in towards our thanksgiving feast. we will be eating slowly at my house. >> my daughter will be too. the title of the post in "the new york times" website, i thought it was parity. it was held, the kids are coming inside. like what? you can't make it up. truth is stranger than fiction nowadays. a "new york times" headline is the same as the onion headlines. the point is thanksgiving is thanksgiving and it's honoring family and celebrating each other and faith. all of those really beautiful things that are so above the dribble -- i'm just going to interrupt myself saying the worst part of the scum of tragedy is people are writing into newspapers asking about health information bid that something they should pose to their doctor. if there was some specific fear wise and the government answering this question? i thought dr. fauci had all the answers. i thought our fda was responsible in the federal government was responsible for accurately disseminating
9:50 am
information to the citizens so we weren't confused by the notion that people have to write into dear sally and dear and lender to get information about their health is even more ridiculous. >> trey, we finally have permission i found she did have thanksgiving and now we have to do it quickly. >> i'm all for whatever gets the meal over the quickest so i want everybody to eat and not have to -- i have three sisters whoever said god doesn't give you more than you can handle doesn't have three sisters. they can go watch leonardo dicaprio with my wife and i'll go watch doc prescott and let's get it over with as quickly as possible. >> that make sense you have to get to the game. tomi, what about you? quick thanksgiving? >> no that's not going to happen. i'm from the great state of south dakota, where we never believed in this covid mumbo-jumbo fearmongering in the first place. we were a free state from the beginning. god bless south dakota.
9:51 am
the american people need to have a real long, hard look in the mirror and they need to decide, we are two years into a never-ending pandemic. you need to make the personal choice for yourself. will you live in fear in a bubble? or will you go home with your life and take health and safety precautions? of course. we need to be careful around the elderly. but are you going to live like a normal human being? if you're one of the people that wants to live in a bubble and is afraid of everything, is afraid of not being vaccinated or not having enough boosters, may be you're scared you should just stay home and leave the rest of us to our festivities and living a normal life, like so many of us have been doing for two years. >> i'm just imagining, because it wasn't just to eat quickly it was put on a mask. i have a 2-year-old. some expected to put a mask on her? we all know how improbable that is, forced her to eat quickly, and -- it's just so idiotic. >> dinnertime with their children is not fun, i'm not going to live.
9:52 am
throw mask on them? i'd rather shoot myself to be perfectly honest. as far as felty -- because foundry is actually said it's okay for us to go ahead and have our thanksgiving feast, be with our families. if you're vaccinated that would make it better. okay, so if you -- whether you are vaccinated or not, the covid rates and schools have gone down so much. we haven't had one case of covid in my school. none of the children in my -- we have not had one case of covid. i'm not worried about having covid at the thanksgiving table. speak about the unfortunate part, the kids have been a victim of a lot of these insane recommendations. they should be the ones who are prioritized. coming up, a liquor shortage could mean a blue christmas for you and your holiday plans. the supply chain crisis putting a damper on something wine connoisseurs look forward to every year at this time. more "outnumbered" right after this.
9:53 am
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♪ ♪ >> emily: the supply chain crisis may be driving some people to drink they can find a drink. the most horrifying thing way been reporting all day, we now face a liquor shortage with thanksgiving two days away and christmas right around the corner. wine fanatics are mourning the delay in the sears eagerly awaited beaujolais nouveau. every year on the third thursday of november at 12 oh 1:00 a.m., the french released their celebrated first wine of the harvest. kayleigh, we made up for this at my family's winery by drinking our own wine which we do, celebrating american-made wine.
9:58 am
what are you going to be celebrating with this holiday? >> i've got to go to your winery. we are fully stocked in my household. the key is to load up early. we have tons of red wine. we have a nice one from italy we are going to open. white wine, solving your blog. >> emily: you have to be organized. it's the strategy. >> i compare my wine to toilet paper. i hoard wine. forget the toilet paper. worst-case scenario, i can go to paper towels. the wine you cannot go without but if there's a shortage now which i didn't know until today, i will be going out to hoard some more. wine. not toilet paper. >> emily: there is a priority. you mentioned you and your sisters, saying that they might want extra bottles of wine having to deal with you, the little brother. >> my initial thought, i feel so sorry for all the baptists that
9:59 am
don't drink that are going to be without alcohol the season. >> i'm southern baptist. >> i don't drink although i reserve the right to start if y'all are serious about me going to see that leonardo dicaprio movie. if you're serious about that, i may start. >> emily: we will drink enough for you. this isn't boding boding well. we saw alcohol consumption spike. >> especially for moms. way more than that. >> tomi: listen during the pandemic the liquor stores were one of the essential business is wildly mom-and-pop shops weren't able to open. we have a shortage of everything in this country with the exception of illegal immigrants and communist morons so i'm not surprised we have a liquor shortage. there is great american options to choose from. you can have american wine from your winery. you could have some tennessee whiskey, american beer. great choices.
10:00 am
the french are great and they are wonderful but there's lots of choices here at home. let's hope we don't have a vaccine mandate on drucker so we can get those products as well. >> emily: and my household will probably enjoying all those things. thank you, everyone. cheers to you all. speed to kick off "america reports." brand-new video of darrell brooks' arrest. he is set to appear in court a few hours now. i'm sandra smith in new york. >> trace: hello, good day everybody. i am trace gallagher in los angeles and for john roberts. want to warn our viewers some details of this story could be disturbing. >> put your hands where i can see them! >> trace: this chilling video shows brooks being taken into custody after asking a homeowner


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