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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  November 23, 2021 6:00am-8:00am PST

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>> we'll be here tomorrow. >> pick up the duffy's christmas book. it's fantastic. >> bill: good morning. the news does not get any better for the people of wisconsin. parade attack reigniting the debate over bail reform as we learn the suspect was freed on bond not once, but twice just this year. the story gets deeper from there. i'm bill hemmer. welcome to our program today on tuesday. hello to you. >> dana: i'm dana perino and "america's newsroom." the shock is setting in for the people of waukesha. darrell brooks makes his first court appearance this afternoon. this is not his first run-in with the law. he faced criminal charges 10 times over the past two decades. >> bill: the city of waukesha
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reeling from the attack. five dead. dozens more injured. people reacting in the early hours. >> we're all in this together. we are waukesha strong. >> how unbelievably touched we all are. >> helpless, it's tough. so you just do everything you can and you don't know what that is sometimes. >> one of those things that you will remember for the rest of your life, you know. and we went from a situation of just exuberant, thrilled children to calamity. >> we grieve together now and heal together moving forward. >> what happens today, mike? >> in eight hours darrell brooks is scheduled to make his first appearance for the waukesha christmas parade massacre. when you look at the court
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records that are available, they go back essentially to when he was a juvenile and they reveal an adult life filled with criminal activity. he faced charges for everything from strangling a person to concealed weapons, domestic abuse, resisting arrest. in milwaukee county he allegedly fought and shot at his nephew. on november 2 he tracked down and punched the mother of his child and ran over her with the same s.u.v. used in the parade attack. his bail was reduced to $1,000. the state's bail recommendation was inappropriate, low and light of the recent charges and the pending charges against him. the waukesha police chief says days later brooks got into another domestic fight, jumped into an s.u.v. and drove into the people at the parade. >> investigation indicate did not indicate there is no national or domestic terrorism.
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there was some type of disturbance that we suspect was between the suspect and another individual, individuals at a different location prior to the incident. >> and dan thompson, the police chief says brooks will initially be looking at five intentional homicide charges. those charges could change. milwaukee -- wisconsin does not have a no bail option but the waukesha county district attorney promises bail will be set so high that brooks won't get out again. >> bill: so many questions. mike, where was this man before the parade began? was he nearby or did he have to go several miles? do we know that answer? >> we don't. it doesn't seem like several miles. what we have from some law enforcement is the domestic dispute originally called a fight, some people have said some sources said there was a knife involved.
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but that had occurred at a park very near the location of the parade, bill. >> bill: thanks for that. mike tobin back to you with morehead lines. >> dana: we're learning the names of the five people killed sunday. virginia sorenson 79. known as the heart of the dancing grannies. >> leona owen was 71 and a member of the group. >> bill: tamarah was 52 making her first appearance as a dancing grandma. >> she was walking with the company's parade float when hit this weekend. >> his wife is a member of the dancing grannies and helped get them to their gigs. he was 81 years old. >> joining us now is the former waukesha county d.a. good morning. a lot of questions. 1,000 dollars bail. long rap sheet going back decades. how does he get out of prison so easily?
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>> i'm sorry, it is hard to hear you. >> bill: did the system fail the people of waukesha? >> ye, it did. i think the district attorney in milwaukee county has admitted that. he has a long criminal history going back to 1990, all violent. firearms and drug cases in there but the two you are interested will be he was charged with two counts of reckless en gainingerment with use of a dangerous weapon and possession of a firearm by a felon and supposed to go to sentencing on the 11-11-21. because he pulled a new case, which was the case that you are talking about, the case that's bumped and he wasn't able to go to jury trial or plea and he had other violations. the bail was lowered to $500. that bail started at $10,000
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and lowered to $7500 and $500 for various reasons you don't have time to listen to. bail was set july 28 at 10,000 and reduced to 7500 and 500. he posted that. he had requested a speedy trial. the other case that caused the case i just talked about to be bumped was a resisting, bail jumping, two more counts of reckless endangerment, the case you are talking about where he ran over allegedly his girlfriend. bail was set at $1,000, which is unbelievable. that was posted, of course, as you can imagine on november 11th. so both those cases are still set. one is set for december 20th, the other one is set for december 21st. so he was out on bail on those, violent history dating back to 1990. >> bill: you have all that information on the piece of paper in front of you. so why wouldn't the judge have
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the same information and balance that into the decision they make? >> again, i received my information off what's called circuit court automated proper jefjt i know that you probably went to a different source and why you say 50 pages but his record is less than that but still 10 cases, probably 20 convictions. the judge can access that. you can by going to circuit court automated project and it is all there. the judge should have that, the d.a. should have that. $1,000 cash bail is shocking. and i know john chisholm personally and i can imagine he is shocked. when you have two felony cases pending and six felonies together it should have been $10,000 at least for those cases. >> dana: one of the victims's husbands says i think my wife's
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life and children's future are worth a lot more than 1,000 dollars. when they reduce these bail amounts, who do they think they are protecting? >> well, i know you aren't going to like to hear this and listeners aren't. he has a right to a speedy trial. if he can't get a speedy trial he will be released. so they reduced the bail to $500, which eliminates the requirement for a trial but the same thing happened. he was released. posted and he was out. so it was ridiculous that he should have been out to begin with. i know he has a warrant from out of state. so i fully agree and in waukesha if there is any silver lining in this tragedy my heart like yours goes out to these families is that you are in good hands with the district attorney here in waukesha county. i used to be the d.a. i hired her. she is a pistol and i'm sure
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that based on what i've seen this individual will likely spend the rest of his life behind bars. >> bill: do you think the progressive influence of the milwaukee county d.a. john chisholm ill served the people of wisconsin based on his influence and his progressive push not just in milwaukee but other big cities around the country. >> john is pretty much a straight shooter. he wasn't in the courtroom, of course, assistant d.a. was. i'm quite confident will be reassigned to juvenile traffic. he is a straight sheert and they have guidelines like i used to have. this bail recommendation violated their guidelines. so john is not the type of individual to lock them up and let them out but nonetheless this individual assistant d.a. i won't mention the name.
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should have had that information and been able to make that recommendation. i'm sure the defendant was elated when the court commissioner said $1,000 cash bail and now we see the unbelievable tragic consequences. >> dana: thank you for being with us this morning. >> bill: thank you for the information, too, sir. >> thank you very much. >> bill: this gentleman was quoted in 2007 will there be an individual i would put into a treatment program or go out and kill somebody a quote now. he said you bet guaranteed to happen. does not invalidate the overall approach. he has inspired other d.a.'s across the country. >> dana: kyle rittenhouse sitting down with tucker carlson. he had words for president biden who appeared to suggest that rittenhouse is a white supremacist. rittenhouse says the president defamed his character. >> mr. president, if i could say one thing to you i would
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urge you to go back and watch the trial and understand the facts before you make a statement. >> that's not a small thing to be called that. >> no, it's actual malice, defaming my character for him to say something like that. >> dana: he is not wrong. we'll see if the white house -- i think they would love to get this behind them. you saw the white house press secretary say -- rittenhouse has a long life ahead of him and he has to be able to move on, too. part would be restitution in a way that helps restore some dignity to his reputation. >> bill: very struck by the fact he just turned 18 years old. the president had it right when he said the jury has spoeng. whatever happened when he went inside the oval office and released that statement was a complete you could argue reversal based on the emotions he expressed in the statement. another one holding the media accountable from that same
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interview with tucker. roll this. >> people watching have reached the same conclusion and they would like to see you help make this better by holding some of these liars to account. do you plan to do that? >> i have really good lawyers taking care of that right now. so i'm hoping one day there will be accountability for their actions that they did. >> you aren't going to let that go. >> like i said i have really good lawyers doing that. >> dana: what i liked about that answer let the lawyers handle it. let him get on with his life. he will go on to study whatever he wants to study. he might want to be a lawyer one day. let the lawyers for now handle that for him. >> bill: i would expect something like nick sandmann to happen here. jury expected to begin deliberations in the trial of three men accused of killing ahmad arbery, southeastern georgia. the defendants claim they were trying to conduct a citizens arrest on arbery because they
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suspected that he was burglarizing homes in the neighborhood. prosecutors say there is no evidence he committed any crimes in that neighborhood. protestors gathered outside the courthouse yesterday. during closing arguments. they are expected to wrap later this morning. we'll monitor the trial and bring you news as it happens from georgia. >> dana: president biden launching a new strategy to combat soaring gas prices. will it bring relief? >> the so-called flash mob style robberies targeting luxury stores across the country but eptionly san francisco. why critics say the looters feel untouchable. >> the american people in this last election even in places like seattle elected an anti-progressive. this is because the democrats in this country like everything
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>> dana: president biden announcing the department of energy will release 50 million barrels of oil from the reserve as he tries to get a handle on soaring gas prices amid high inflation driving up the cost of everything to car rentals and thanksgiving dinner. i worked on capitol hill in 1995, worked for the administration, many presidents use the spr as kind of like the piggy bank, right? almost as if the president has gone to the casino, blown all his money and wants to dip into the retirement funds and get credit for fiscal discipline. >> good morning, dana. the president already getting some pushback from the u.s. chamber of commerce for using
6:20 am
the strategic petroleum reserve. as you mentioned 50 million barrels the president made this announcement today through the white house that he was directing the department of energy to do so. the reason the president says he wants to do so is to alleviate some of the pain at the pump as people are getting ready to head out for the thanksgiving holiday in a month the christmas holiday. right now the average price of gasoline $3.40 up from $2.11 last year. fox news poll shows the president's approval on the economy at 36%. in may it was 51%. you can see the difference in a few months. the president hoping jay powell, his nominee to renominate for the chair of the federal reserve will deliver a healthy economy in his second term. he got 84 votes in the senate. when trump nominated him in 2018. >> president biden: i believe jay is the right person to see us through and finish that effort.
6:21 am
while also addressing the threat of inflation, discuss his views on priorities for the federal reserve in the years ahead. >> strong labor market. >> one of the senators who voted no on jerome powell in 2018, california senator kamala harris. when asked yesterday how involved she was in the decision making process, white house press secretary jen psaki said she was consulted in the process. president biden hoping that powell focuses on climate change. as you know dana and viewers know, climate change is a key part of the build back better agenda that passed the house 220 to 213. the two names we continue to watch for months kyrsten sinema and joe manchin. the president heading to nantucket with his family for the thanksgiving holiday but expect intense negotiations at the white house following the
6:22 am
holiday. >> bill: josh kraushaar. how are you doing? a couple things here. jen psaki got a false rating that no economist feels the agenda with fuel inflation. we found will it cause hardship for your family? grocery prices yes, 73%, gas prices yes, 72%. josh. >> yeah, another poll that came out just this week from "politico" showing that just 26% of americans thought that this build back better legislation would actually reduce inflation. most people thought it would increase inflation. that is what's on the minds of most americans heading into thanksgiving week. there is a big worry about all the high costs of gas, the high costs of groceries and a tone deafness from this administration throughout the whole year. they've been putting ideology ahead of economic reality. it started with trying to pass
6:23 am
1.9 trillion at the beginning of the administration in government spending at a time when the economy was getting out of the covid crisis and already growing. it has caused inflation, it has created a lot of economic problems and they're scrambling to come up with a political solution to deal with it. >> bill: the end of last march how quickly 1.9 trillion went through congress. it barely got a wink. now slotkin is sensitive to this stuff. kitchen table issues affect michigan and the midwest more than any other national issue going on in washington so josh, what do you hear from those, that part of the country on topics like this? >> any democrat representing a swing state or a swing district has to be really concerned about their political future. inflation is a political job killer. anyone who is in office and may
6:24 am
be taking controversial votes on some of these spending packages that have accelerated the inflation will be on the ballot. they will be having to explain their positions to voters who are very disillusioned. the house already looking favorable for republicans to flip in 2022 but you can better believe the issue of the economy and inflation will be number one on the campaign trail in michigan and a lot of other states. >> bill: economy ranks number one in so many surveys, right? there is another issue crime in america, also the liberal pool on behalf of progressives in washington, d.c. charlie sikes characterized it this way. wisconsin democrats have a kenosha problem, he writes. even before rittenhouse's acquittal on friday the incidents in kenosha would cast a shadow over the 2022 elections in wisconsin. the verdict highlighted the deep partisan divisions and the problems that democrats face in
6:25 am
the crucial battleground states. now josh, hold on to that comment there and listen to how kyle rittenhouse answered the question about joe biden calling him a white supremacist early on in this story. >> it's actual malice, defaming my character for him to say something like that. the lies that they can just get away with spreading is just sickening and it is a disgrace to this country. >> bill: you put those two ideas together. how much thought have you given in term of its long-term effect. >> charlie is spot on. there is a big political backlash taking place over where democrats stand and how far to the left they've gotten on the issue of law and order and biden prejudging the jury decision and making comments in a statement offering his opinion ton jury decision is not popular with swing voters and certainly not popular in wisconsin. look, wisconsin, bill, will be the epicenter of a lot of the backlash based on what happened
6:26 am
in kenosha last year and the awful incident in waukesha over the weekend where as you guys have been talking about the guy was let out on $1,000 bail because of permissive prosecutorial policies in milwaukee county. a big issue. a governor's race in wisconsin next year and one democrats have to be concerned about given the changing mood of criminal justice and law and order. >> bill: josh, thank you. things can change quickly. thank you for your time today. we'll watch that. >> dana: check out josh's podcast against the grain. i listen every weekend. it's so smart and always really good. he knows i'm a fan. i always ask him who is coming up this week? the other thing that president biden said. the administration has this way of telling you that what you are experiencing and what you are seeing doesn't really exist. here is president biden on american's disposable income. >> president biden: if you continue and combine the wage increases we've seen with the
6:27 am
direct relief my administration has provided to middle class families, the typical middle class family's disposable income has gone up 2% this year even after accounting for higher prices. >> dana: you have nothing to worry about, everyone. >> bill: six one way, half a dozen of the other. direct relief. if you build back better you get more relief coming from washington, d.c. larry kudlow has a lot of ideas on this. in the meantime. >> dana: getting out the vote may soon apply to non-citizens in new york city if the city council has its way and taliban have been running the show in afghanistan for 100 days now and the crises are starting to pile up. the u.n. is calling for immediate action.
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6:33 am
local elections. green card holders and those who are legal to work. our city, our vote legislation. >> this has been in the works now for about two years. as you point out, if some new york city lawmakers get their way more than 800,000 residents, not citizens, will be allowed to vote in local elections. a bill before the city council has enough support to pass even if vetoed by the mayor who has expressed doubts about the legality of the legislation. critics say it undermines the value of citizenship. if the our city our vote bill as it is known becomes law anyone who has lived in the city for 30 days and has a green card or work visa will be able to cast a ballot for five local officials including the mayor. not allow for participation in state or federal elections. it would make new york the largest city in the country to allow non-citizens to vote. 12 other municipalities have passed similar laws.
6:34 am
rodriguez behind the legislation is quoted as saying this is not about a favor, this is about taxation without representation. the proposed legislation comes as a record number of immigrants are trying to enter the u.s. some opponents of the bill say it diminishes the incentive for pursuing citizenship and also say some residents who have had a deportation stayed by a judge will still be able to vote. new york city council is expected to vote on the bill early next month and the legislation has the support of the incoming mayor eric adams. >> dana: all right. well that is news to us. thank you, david lee. >> how about the guy running the hot dog stand on the corner, david lee? >> will he be able to vote? >> bill: it was sarcasm. >> dana: he might be the citizen. thank you, davidly. >> bill: today in the meantime marks 100 days since the taliban took over kabul. in that time the group has
6:35 am
returned to its old ways of murder and torture and severely curtailing women's rights. you could expect that. a former u.s. envoy to afghanistan, mr. ambassador, thank you for your time. we all remember the day on sunday and the monday that followed with the c-17 rolling down the tarmac. you were involved in the negotiation to get the document together with the taliban out of qatar. how did we screw this up so badly in august? >> well, i think the assumption on which planning was based turned out to be have been wrong. that's the biggest problem. the assumption was that the afghan security forces would not collapse before the u.s. forces departed and in fact as you know the opposite happened. and then a combination of fear in kabul that the taliban would persecute and fight the afghan
6:36 am
people and there will be problems, killing everywhere and two, that anyone who can make it to the airport will be taken to the united states created the mayhem debacle at the airport. so those were the reasons for what happened at the end. >> dana: i have a couple of questions. one look at the headlines about what is happening to women in afghanistan. the atlantic said her marriage or her funeral. years of severe drought have left some afghan families no choice but to marry off their young meetings. girl risk it all for an education. not allowed to go to school. we knew that was going to be the case, didn't we? >> well, from an american interest point of view, of course, the fact that the soldiers are home spending the holiday season with them is a good thing. they are not fighting there. and the fact that it doesn't
6:37 am
indicate the taliban aren't allowing al qaeda. on governing issues and values i think their record is different. although it's different in my view slightly, they are the same as they were the last time because girls are allowed to go to high school in nine provinces out of 34. elementary school everywhere. private universities, men and women are going. but that's not sufficient obviously. >> dana: you have to hand it to kim kardashian is trying to make sure everyone pays attention to it. she is one that can help. last question president ghani when he left there was a question how much money he took with him. there was going to be an audit. to let us know what happened.
6:38 am
do you know where that audit stands? >> i don't know exactly where it stands but several investigations are going on. we need to determine what happened, why did he leave, what did he take with him. not only immediately on the day he departed but also what his colleagues in the government did for weeks and months before. i think that's one of the reasons for the debacle at the end. this departure led to the disintegration of the security forces that i alluded to before. >> dana: a long winter and tough years ahead. thank you so much. >> great to be with you. >> dana: sheriff in loudon county virginia claiming school officials may have taken actions that resulted in a second sexual assault involving the same perpetrator. details on that up next. as the opioid crisis worsens, there is a show talking about
6:39 am
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>> bill: fox news alert with the sheriff of loudon county, virginia accusing the school superintendent of taking actions that allowed a male student who sexually assaulted a female student back in may go on to assault a second student at another public school in october. griff jenkins following the story in d.c. here. it has been on our radar for some time. what's new? >> what's new is this war of letters surfacing with the top cop blaming the superintendent for enabling that male predator student to commit a second sexual assault. the sheriff wrote to the superintendent saying you knew of the alleged sexual offense the day it occurred despite knowing the serious nature of the offense lcps decided to place this individual back into another high school population. that student was found guilty of two sexual offense charges stemming from a may 28th bathroom incident. he faces charges stemming from
6:45 am
a second incident on october 6th. the letter was in response to the sheriff's office violating the law failing to notify the school system of the arrest. that they shared inaccurate information on november 3 when he said the school had been notified. ziegler wrote we can't confirm we have received the required identification of charges as the attorney general elect moments ago weighed in with fox news saying he is launching an investigation right out of the gate into this. watch. >> it's a huge day one issue because what we've seen with this kind of one party control we've had in richmond the last two years is a criminal first, victim last mindset is what we've seen at all levels of government. we want to change that. >> what hasn't changed are loudon county parents upset wanting an investigation and calling for dr. ziegler's
6:46 am
resignation. >> bill: we're watching that story out of loudon county. dana. pharma company is lying about their medication. >> we have to go after the makers of oxy cot-in. >> my patients trusted me. >> dana: americans have been struggling with opioid addiction for decades. the cdc last week yearly drug overdose deaths topped 100,000 accounting for more than 75% of the figure. dope sick gives audiences a closer look at how one company triggered the worst drug lem in u.s. history. the importance of the new series. you have been involved in so many great entertainment products. when you read dope sick why did you want to make it into a show? >> one of the most shocking stories i've ever come across how one company that was run by
6:47 am
a single family could cause so much destruction across this country, and for just maybe, i don't know, 20 people making billions of dollars off all this damage. the way that they were able to manipulate and maneuver their way through the highest levels of the u.s. government. like the ultimate swamp story. he played on so many different levels. there was a crime story and then this story of government collusion, corruption, as a resolving door and all of it to me was fascinating and felt like it had to be told. >> bill: like we got carried away with prescriptions of oxycontin but some people need it for pain relief. how do we find the balance? >> unfortunately it has become much harder because of the rampant overprescribing. another one of the tragedies of what has occurred is because they pushed a highly addictive drug as non-addictive, it
6:48 am
became and created this rampant wave of addiction and now in some people's minds so much of an over correction some people do need the drug that aren't able to get access to it. >> dana: then they maybe sometimes forced to get it illegally and lead to poisoning. >> bill: some states passed laws to put limits on how many pills you could access. we went from all in to we are going to put a limit on this. >> dana: i wanted to play one other piece of sound. sound bite 2, a doctor is talking to a drug rep. apparently this happened a lot. >> it's a miracle drug. it is a tad more addictive than you said. >> that's not what we're hearing. but there is a condition
6:49 am
associated with this which i have some information on i can share with you. pseudoaddiction. >> dana: these addiction problems might be the most nonpartisan issue in our time. it affects people of all walks of life. >> yeah, yeah. there is no red, blue, purple. it is everyone. in that clip what you just saw is a classic example of purdue's lies an manipulation, a phrase pseudoaddiction. there is actually no addiction. their underlying pain hasn't been treated and they need more medication and that's what they used to keep pushing sales. >> bill: how much have you looked into the abuse of fentanyl and how widespread it is. china is making a ton of it coming across the border on a daily basis. >> fentanyl is unbelievably dangerous. one pill can kill you because of this illegal fentanyl that has been coming across the
6:50 am
border. i highly recommend parents to talk to their kids. if someone gives them a pill at a party don't take it. one pill can kill you at this point. it is a real -- another one of these tragic splinters that comes off of this opioid crisis. >> dana: basically a coroner might say it was an overdose when it actually is more of a poisoning or murder. >> i think poisoning is the perfect way to describe it. there was a party where a few people did cocaine and they all died, right? it's infected drugs aif cross every level and i just would highly recommend everyone to be extremely cautious. >> bill: bryan llenas had two specs of fentanyl in a test tube. the doctor said that can kill you. two specs. >> dana: the show is dope sick. i'm glad you came in. good to see you. >> bill: nice to meet you. in a moment this disturbing trend on crime in america,
6:51 am
so-called flash mob robbers back at it again now apparently no fear of consequence. growing questions why the wisconsin parade attack suspect was released on bond only days earlier. the former wisconsin governor scott walker will react on that coming up next live. >> didn't try to stop or blow his horn. he made no attempt to brake. the journey is why they ride. when the road is all you need, there is no destination. uh, i-i'm actually just going to get an iced coffee. well, she may have a destination this one time, but usually -- no, i-i usually have a destination. yeah, but most of the time, her destination is freedom. nope, just the coffee shop. announcer: no matter why you ride, progressive has you covered with protection starting at $79 a year. voiceover: 'cause she's a biker... please don't follow me in. >> are you ready to start a great career? voiceover: >> safelite is now hiring.
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this is an important mortgage rate watch alert for veteran home owners.
6:56 am
mortgage rates are starting to climb nationally, but newday is holding the line at just two and a quarter percent, 2.48 apr, still the lowest in their history. if you're one of the thousands of homeowners with va loans who haven't yet refinanced, one call to newday is all it takes. there's no appraisal and no out of pocket costs. save an average of $3,000 a year. >> dana: looters ransacking high-end stores around san francisco. it happened three nights in a row. critics are blaming california's lenient punishment for shoplifting. here to talk about the police lieutenant tracy mccray from san francisco. we were shocked at the cvs video. you reminded us you thought he bought the bike. something like that that
6:57 am
happened at nordstrom's, did that surprise you? >> no. you had walgreens, nordstrom, new burr berry, all these high-end places just getting hit by mobs of people who are organized to do this. and there is no fear of any type of repercussions. people are coming into the city and causing havoc knowing they can get away with it. >> dana: they covered up the license plate numbers. do you think any of these people will be tracked down and prosecuted? >> i'm hopeful. we did catch eight people that night. but that level of sophistication what you just said covering their license plate. no ordinary crook or criminal is going to do that, right? so here you have a very
6:58 am
sophisticated network of thieves knowing what they are doing targeting what they want to go after. the big lie here is about prop 47. when the aclu supported that and said it would make neighborhoods and schools safer. no it didn't. people figured out what the game is. you mean i can still up the $950 and i can only get a citation if i get caught? those citations will never be prosecuted. >> dana: here is governor newsom. risen to his to do list apparently and here is what he said. >> we want real accountability. we want people prosecuted. and we want people to feel safe this holiday season. why are we hear? we're talking about safety, people's health. we want to protect people. and we want to respect people's rights and including small business owners. i say this knowingly. my business has been broken into three times this year. >> dana: larceny theft is up 13.4% in san francisco this
6:59 am
year. obviously there is a huge problem. is he offering concrete solutions that you think would lead to change? >> in my opinion, it's a great sound bite but, you know, it is not only prosecution it's convictions. if i arrest you for a felony you get convicted of a felony. not that it is pled down to a misdemeanor like the d.a. to a 415 charge which is nothing, right? that you can get convicted of a felony and if you get convicted of a felony you go to jail not just a slap on the wrist. the proof is in the pudding as we say and the pudding is how many convictions do you have? zero. you've never prosecuted a case. >> dana: if you get a citation, how much is that? >> a citation? it's nothing. that's zero.
7:00 am
you get a citation and get released right then and there. you get nothing. just come on in and, you know, shop the new black friday that you want to. >> dana: tracy mccray. >> dana: an old-fashioned way to get this merchandise, you work, you earn money, you go to the store and pay for it. >> bill: if you have two dozen cars circling your store hard to poils. a cop or two in the street but no real way to stop it. if you all hit the store at the same time. >> dana: shocking details emerging about the suspect in sunday's parade crash freed by milwaukee judges twice in the past year in two separate criminal cases despite an active warrant out for him in nevada where he is a registered sex offender. the resolving door system of justice. a new hour of "america's newsroom."
7:01 am
>> bill: i'm big hemmer. -- bill hemmer. read this man's rap sheet will make your blood boil. he has been in trouble since 1999. no incidents this year. got out on $1,000 bail 48 hours earlier. it must make people who were victims of this so bothered by it. you have the disturbing problem. far left lawmakers pushing criminal justice reformed. happened in milwaukee. reduce or eliminate bail a day after the parade tragedy. >> dana: fox team coverage. grady trimble is following the latest from waukesha and gillian turner live in washington >> good morning bill and dana. a group of democratic house members is advocating brand-new criminal justice reform measures including a push to shut down all federal prisons within the next decade. it comes less than 48 hours
7:02 am
after police took darrell brooks juniors in custody. he killed five people. alexandria ocasio-cortez and two other new york reps say they have concern excessive bail is creating a humanitarian crisis in new york city's jail system. also claiming overcrowding and violence in new york jails. it violates the federal civil rights of inmates. aoc tweeting more than 75% of individuals in custody haven't been convicted of a crime and are confined in unsafe conditions simply because they can't afford cash bail. the members are also claiming 14 people have died this year while in new york city police custody. on sunday representative tlaib told axios she supports a proposal to shutter federal prison entirely. >> i think everyone is like oh my god we'll release everybody. that's not -- you see how many people are mentally ill that are in prison right now?
7:03 am
>> you want to release everyone. >> oh, oh. >> you can't release everyone. >> within 10 years there is a process of looking at how can we get away from mass incarceration and move towards care. >> brooks, the suspect in sunday's tragedy in wisconsin was himself out on $1,000 bail at the time he plowed into the parade in waukesha and two open criminal cases in milwaukee county right now. >> dana: thank you. >> bill: the 39-year-old suspect in that horrific parade crash due in court later today for his first appearance before a judge in this matter. prosecutors want to make sure he can't get out on bail. grady trimble back in waukesha with the latest on that. good morning. >> bill, good morning. when he committed the horrific attack in waukesha darrell brooks was out on bail after allegedly running over the mother of his child earlier this month. the bail in that case as you
7:04 am
mentioned set at just $1,000. given the severity of those charges and brooks lengthy wrap sheet dating to 1999 the democratic d.a. whose office set that bail admits it was inappropriately low and is reviewing how it happened. meanwhile, the community in waukesha is mourning the loss of five people ranging in age from 52 to 81. hundreds of people gathered at a vigil last night to mourn their loss. they are also praying for the 48 people who were injured including 18 children, 6 of them in critical condition. >> we went from a situation of just exuberant, thrilled children to calamity. >> we grieve together right now. we will heal together moving forward. >> brooks is now facing five counts of intentional homicide. more charges could be added on.
7:05 am
his first court appearance is scheduled for 4:00 central time this afternoon. >> bill: 5:00 our time. thank you. >> dana: the circumstances surrounding brooks's release on bail raising a lot of questions. scott walker is now president of young america's foundation, former governor of wisconsin. how much were the people of wisconsin let down here? >> unbelievably so. this is becoming a national tragedy when you see someone like this, a career criminal not should let out on bail but not in prison. this guy who time after time after time been given a break even committing violent crimes over and over again and someone who belongs in prison. after all the talk, the latest that you just mentioned with radicals from new york and elsewhere calling for the end of prison and cash bail, this is outrageous. people like this need to be protected from the public and it's an absolute breakdown this happened. >> bill: the former d.a. was with us last hour.
7:06 am
very interesting. he had a lot of facts, too. here is part of what he said. here he is from the 9:00 a.m. hour. >> he has a right to a speedy trial. ironically if he can't get a speedy trial within the time period he will be released. so they reduced the bail to $500, which eliminates this requirement for a trial but the same thing happened. he was released and posted it and he was out. so it was ridiculous that he should have been out. >> bill: i don't think anybody disagrees with that. the milwaukee d.a. is john chisholm, progressive and a lot of influence. he said this. the state's bail recommendation in this case was inappropriately low, call for two, guys, in light of the nature of the recent charges and pending charges against mr. brooks. chisholm is pushing this stuff in san francisco and st. louis and across the country.
7:07 am
last hour we asked bucher. his ideas are in the courtroom. to you then does he have an effect or influence on this $1,000 weak bail from two days ago? >> the standard has to be set at the top. this violated the proper sired. if that's the case they need to bring evidence up and talk about how they will fix and correct it. this is part of this left wing agenda funded by george soros and others around the nation and they need to answer for that and correct that as well. thankfully the district attorney in washington county someone i appointed and she will bring charges at minimum the five homicide charges, probably more charges. remember again, this guy tried to do something like this already just within the last month. not just in his lifetime going after the woman he tried mow down. this is a horrible crime. my mother was on that parade route and watching the parade.
7:08 am
she saw the car go by and said to me the night that this all happened after i talked to her and after it happened i talked to her and she said she couldn't believe somebody was going down the parade route that fast. that was before the guy hit anyone. it is horrific and i put up gofundme pages for some of any niece's classmates. a lot of people hurting and prayers and support for those families as well. >> dana: you are a former governor of wisconsin and ran for president. you have had a national look at things. when you consider crime in this issue and this year of the 2022 mid-terms coming up, how big a role should crime be for the republicans to try to right this wrong when it comes to the no cash bail? >> it's unbelievably important. this is something i got grief on when i was governor. i am all for rehabilitating people and dealing with opioid and other he dick shuns out there, that's different.
7:09 am
when we talk about violent criminals. people that are in and out of the system. we need to keep them safe from society and this is sadly one more classic example of that. you have a radical element that wants to defund the police, want to close down federal prisons, push back on this. we saw last year during the pandemic when you let violent criminals back out on the street they commit crimes. that's what criminals do. and we need to push back and make the case that the most fundamental responsibility of the government is to keep people safe, the federal government military or state and local government when it comes to law enforcement. >> bill: a quick answer on this and try to figure out why this would happen. is it personal politics, is it oversight or laziness on behalf of the court? >> all the above. sadly, all the above. it infiltrated into our largest communities, milwaukee, madison, san francisco, new york, d.c., you name it. this is where people are completely out of touch with reality.
7:10 am
>> dana: thank you, governor. happy thanksgiving. give our regards to your mom who was there at the parade, thank you. >> bill: he went there and that takes us to the "wall street journal." kyle rittenhouse and the left's terrifying assault on due process and he makes the connection between what was happening in milwaukee and kenosha, what was happening in waukesha. he said if the left's reaction to this case doesn't scare me or you i am afraid you don't understand what it represents or how rapidly the poison of the liberal dogma has spread through an ideology we once called liberal. a point of discussion and debate in america today whether or not the democratic party has been hijacked by this extreme progressive left movement. >> dana: this is a must read. when there is a gun crime there is an expectation we have a talk about gun violence. when we have these crimes and
7:11 am
reported on several of them this year. victims hurt after somebody got out on one of these situations with no cash bail usually domestic violence related. this guy as well. they're violent people and go on to commit other crimes. >> bill: i think the governor's last answer was telling. personal politics, oversight or just being lazy on behalf of the court? he concludes it's all three. >> dana: we'll stay on top of it as these people grieve this today. president biden changing his tune now to decide to tap into the petroleum reserve. is it too little too late. >> bill: will it make a difference? you may be fully vaccinated from covid-19 should you gate booster shot? dr. marc siegel will make the case when he joins us with his doctor's recommendation coming up. it was a easy decision -- clearchoice. [ awada ] the health of our teeth plays a significant role
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7:17 am
>> dana: fox news alert. president biden announcing the release of 50 million barrels of oil from the strategic petroleum reserve as americans trouble with the skyrocketing cost of gas and heating oil. larry kudlow has analysis but let's begin with a look at the rising prices and what congress is trying to do to stop it if they can. we go to congressional correspondent aishah hosni. >> millions of americans may have to turn their heat down this winter to lower their bills. last month the energy information administration predicted home heating oil bills will be up 43% this year. natural gas up 30%. electricity up 6% from a year ago. and it is only going to get worse if it's colder than last year, too. democrats and republicans alike are deeply worried about this. senator susan collins and jack reed just sent a bipartisan
7:18 am
letter to president biden urging him to release funding from the wealthyization assistance program to help families out with home heating bills. as republicans blast the administration for not taking swift action. >> for many of our seniors this thanksgiving in the colder areas will endure a 30% increase in their heating cost. a colder thanksgiving than it was last year. what does that do to people on fixed incomes? what does it do to the people that are living on $1200 social security checks? >> meantime gas prices also hitting the wallet hard. aaa says the average price of unleaded is $1.29 higher than this time last year amid mounting pressure from republicans the president releasing 50 million oil from the strategic petroleum reserve. will it bring enough relief in
7:19 am
time for families driving for the holiday? ranking member john barrasso calling the move a quote, desperate attempt to address the christis. >> this is a purposeful policy from this administration to drive up the prices of energy on americans. ask them that. is this your intention? i think the answer is yes. >> democrats deny climate action would come at the expense of the economy. >> bill: want to bring in larry kudlow host of kudlow on fox business. good morning to you. how are you doing? is >> great, kids. happy thanksgiving. >> bill: sounds like you are on
7:20 am
the video phone. here it is, right? the petroleum release would result in 50 million barrels. we consume 18 million a day. the total new supply will get you to three days, larry. how good will that be? >> yeah, it will be fabulous. this is called spitting into the wind, okay? you know what happens when you do that. it's not a good idea and the economics here are so silly. so first of all if it has any price impact in the short run -- by today on the announcement oil prices went up a buck and a half. so there is not much confidence there. 50 million barrels is nothing. suppose you got a little reduction. then all you would be doing is boosting the demand for oil. but the trouble is the bidens won't let you produce. my response here is drill, drill, drill, frack, frack, frack. we have two million barrels of
7:21 am
day short from where we were pre-pandemic? why? they don't want us to drill. they are flopping taxes on oil and gas and methane tax comes out of the blue unless senator manchin stomps it out. these other countries, china and india first of all are coal users. i don't know what japan will do. no palpable impact whatsoever. >> dana: it never does. >> of course it never does. by the way, in terms of the strategic petroleum reserve, to your point, dana, this is an emergency thing like the war in libya, the gulf war many years ago, hurricane katrina, that kind of stuff. we should reserve it. 600 million barrels which really isn't that great by itself. 50 million barrels will do absolutely nothing. the key here is drill, drill, drill. stop going hat in hand to saudi arabia. stop going hat in hand to
7:22 am
russia. stop -- let them drill in anwar, willow, xl pipeline. >> bill: not going to happen under this crew, larry. >> you're right. >> dana: the other thing they're trying to do the build back better push will try to do something to get it set up so they can come back from thanksgiving and vote on it. not everybody is buying it even some who worked for obama and vice president biden. >> when you see it all front loaded spending and back loaded revenues it is very hard to see it doesn't add to the deficit. so you have a modest increase in inflation. i don't want to overstate that. but a substantial increase in fiscal responsibility. we're setting the stage essentially for trillions of dollars of more government deficit and debt. >> dana: how do you think it will go, larry? >> well, i think steve ratner
7:23 am
got it right one time in a row. i will blow in there. summers has been talking about higher inflation, jason fuhrman has been talking about higher inflation. look, the federal reserve is the ultimate source of inflation and government spending such as we are going to have, it's a $5 trillion bill and financed by the feds printing all this money. economy has more money than it knows what to do with. the feds got to move. biden reappointed jay powell yesterday but he didn't give him a mandate to stop inflation. he gave him a mandate for climate change regulations and dealing with inequality and diversity. i didn't hear a mandate to stop inflation. the only way to stop it save america and kill the bill. just kill it. don't even winnow it down. just don't do it. push it way off into the second half of next year when maybe inflation will come off a
7:24 am
little bit and the second thing is the federal reserve stop stop printing all that money and start raising target interest rates. that will curb the inflation. it may take a year but that will do it. i don't see that happening now. i wish i am wrong but i don't see it happening. >> bill: they're trying to make it easier for manchin and sinema and others like warner in virginia to go ahead and oppose this bill. >> dana: don't forget mark kelly in arizona. >> bill: that's a great thought. those are all great thoughts. there is a lot of great thoughts out there. save america, kill the bill, and stop the -- yes, look, i've said this months ago and still on it. you know what? they just might kill the bill. the way this calendar works, dana, they aren't going to get anything done over the holidays. nothing is going to get done. then you come to the new year,
7:25 am
they'll all go home and take their caribbeanian vacations and come back next year and say why are we doing this? i'm optimistic about killing the bill. >> dana: politically it might be the best thing for them. i don't know if they'll believe it. a great thought. >> bill: 4:00 on fox business. that's a great thought, dana. >> dana: thanks, larry. a major group of maple syrup producers in canada helping offset a bloeb all supply shortage of the breakfast stable. staple. they'll drain half the stockpile and the most it drained since 2008. there was a shorter harvest season and increase in overseas demand. did you know in canada like in quebec they use maple syrup to sweeten their coffee. another great thought. >> bill: in a moment here kyle
7:26 am
rittenhouse sitting down with fox news after his acquittal. some highlights with tucker's interview from last night. millions of americans now eligible to get a covid vaccine booster. should you get in line? dr. marc siegel will make the case coming up.
7:27 am
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>> in my opinion there are no winners in this case or heroes in this case. i defended myself. i was attacked. >> bill: that's kyle rittenhouse last night with tucker. the 18-year-old also talked about his critics including president biden, vice president harris. rich edson has a recap from d.c. good morning. >> it is a case that has drawn national attention and here in
7:32 am
washington among republicans, democrats, and even the president and vice president. the jury found rittenhouse friday not guilty of murder and other charges. he claimed self-defense in shooting and killing two men and wounding a third at a protest in kenosha, wisconsin. president biden released a statement on the decision saying quite while the verdict in kenosha will leave many americans angry and concerned, myself included, we must knowledge the jury has spoken. rittenhouse is responding to the president. >> mr. president, if i could say one thing to you i would urge you to go back and watch the trial and understand the facts before you make a statement. it is actual malice defaming my character for him to say something like that. >> the white house added the president is opposed to vigilantes. rittenhouse says he has to have people with him because others want to kill him because he
7:33 am
defended himself. vice president harris said she is disappointed in the verdict and that the country has a lot of work ahead to insure a more fair and just criminal justice system. last year then candidate biden tweeted a video montage of white supremacists and militia groups that included kyle rittenhouse. he is studying to be a nurse. he may want to change that and is considering a career-in-law. bill. >> bill: rich edson in d.c. >> if you look at the data that we have fully vaccinated right now by definition is the original two doses right now when we're boosting people. we'll see what the durability of that protection is following them. >> dana: dr. anthony fauci saying the term fully vaccinated is original vaccine doess not boosters shot. he says they're essential and part of the standard regimen.
7:34 am
dr. marc siegel joins us now professor of medicine and fox news contributor. there is some confusion about boosters, should you get them or not. you have an op-ed. you should say should get a vaccine booster. a third shot restores with few side effects. i got my booster last friday. i think i had an hour of muscle soreness and that was it. >> dana, i completely agree with the way you presented that. i think the vaccine is wayneing. -- wa*ening. we saw in a study out of the v.a. they all got less effective over the last six months and israel over a million people and another study of a million people your protection against severity goes down. another thing, this is really important. a study in nature prominent journal from israel showed if you get a booster it decreases your amount of virus you have. it means your risk of spreading it goes down and not only
7:35 am
getting sick goes down your risk of spreading it goes down. i disagree with dr. fauci who i interviewed last week and he agrees with everything i just said but he says it is not fully vaccinated. i think you are getting boostered is fully vaccinated after six months period and that's what israel says and where i think we're going. this is good news because the cdc saw data last week from pfizer and over 10,000 people and you know what they thoed? that you return to 95% protection after you get boosters. >> dana: for how long? >> that's the point. we don't know how long. but the other thing that dr. fauci said that i agree with is this maybe is the third shot of a regimen that should have been three shots. we gave the two pfizer shots too close together. it was the study. we had to go by the study. maybe they should have been farther apart and this is the third shot. another study shows the amount of antibody you get after the
7:36 am
booster is higher than any of the other shots. i think my prediction is this will last after your booster for 6 to 9 months or more. i think this is the golden shot and we should consider it. one really important point. which would you rather have? i say it to a patient every day over the age of 5. which would you rather have, loss of your sense of smell or brain fog or a sore arm as you just said from a vaccine? the answer is simple. that's the way it should be prevented. all of this politics is a disgrace. >> dana: when will we know of any longer-term side effects from getting a third shot or do we have enough information now? >> great question. we have enough information now. they did a huge study on that and found that the side effects are about the same as the other two shots with one exception. they aren't seeing the myocarditis. they haven't seen one single case of that. that was in the pfizer data presented to cdc. sore arm and headache and
7:37 am
fatigue and fever for about a day. that's about all you see. your sore arm is what most people get. you won't see a situation where this is really important your question, you won't see a situation where you had no side effects at the time of the shot and then a year later you got some. that's a myth. i've been giving out vaccines for 30 or 40 years and never seen that with a vaccine and we won't see it here. >> dana: another thing the booster did for me. used it as an excuse to not do the dishes that night. there you go. >> from what i'm seeing your dog is doing the dishes. i can't believe the photos of that dog. what a beauty. >> >> dana: dishes need a little work. >> bill: unbelievable talent that dog, really. in a moment here a chinese tennis star missing for weeks reappearing in a video called why the global sporting community is still concerned about her well-being. basketball stars feuding off
7:38 am
the court about critics warn about human rights abuses in china. vivek ramaswamy will join us. >> everybody knows about the slave labor and everybody knows about the sweat shops. to me principles, morals and values is way more important than money and that should be for every athlete in the world. ♪ ♪
7:39 am
7:40 am
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7:43 am
>> dana: the whereabouts and well-being of chinese tennis player peng shuai. video emerged saying she is safe and well. critics are worried it may have been coerced. benjamin hall is live at the state department. anything more today? >> the mystery continues to deepen. more calls growing for an olympic boycott.
7:44 am
there were pictures of her at a restaurant last week and spoke to olympic officials from beijing and assured them she was safe. but it is widely expected those are staged and coerced and leading now to calls for a tougher response. >> if the chinese communist party will take its own athletes and disappear them and march them out in hostage videos like this, what will they do to our athletes? this is a regime committing genocide against its own people. we should not be doing anything to celebrate or honor china with these olympic games. >> basketball star tweeting this. it's time for us to wake up and speak up. all the gold medals in the world aren't worth selling your principles. where is peng shuai? no olympics 2022. she accused a senior member of the communist party for sexual assault and then disappearing
7:45 am
for two weeks. there should be freedom games in the u.s. and athletes around the world saying invited and the athletes saying they should go to beijing and beat the communists. >> bill: you could call for a boycott, maybe a diplomatic boycott, the talk at the white house. i don't think the chinese have proven this woman is okay just yet. what is your feeling? >> not at all, bill. no doubt that china represents the single greatest threat to not only the united states but open democratic societies around the world. a boycott is the tip of the iceberg. we need to take much more drastic measures with respect to china. i went to china in the spring of 2007. a student at harvard and did an exchange program with pee king university getting ready for
7:46 am
the 2008 olympics in beijing. it is them showing to the world stage they will actually be a fair and just society to create the smoke screen they are creating for the world just as they did with the false video of this tennis player. this reminds me of the berlin olympics in the early 1930s. a moment we'll remember for much of history if we ultimately indulge the chinese fantasy they are operating a just society when they represent the single greatest threat to open democracy around the world. i am in favor of pulling out of the olympics. i don't think it will be a big deal. that's the tip of the iceberg what we need to be doing against china. >> bill: the guy who really has put himself in the right position here is steve simon. he runs the u.s. tennis association and he is demanding proof of life and proof she is okay. otherwise they'll pull u.s. tennis players out of tournaments in china. it will cost the tennis association a lot of money but so far he is standing by his words. >> i look at that as at least
7:47 am
consistent. when you have organizations like the nba that refuse to do something similar decrying racial injustice at home and painting black lives matter on their courts but not saying anything about the chinese market. i applaud the tennis association. they put black lines matter behind the court last fall but standing by their principles and applying that consistently with respect to actual human rights abuses in china. >> bill: trying to get steve simon on the show. to the owner of nike. let's fly to china together and visit the slave labor camps and look at that? on friday night the lakers with lebron james were in boston and there was a chance there for
7:48 am
lebron and kanter to have a conversation. here is what lebron said when asked about it. >> i don't give too many people my energy, you know, he is definitely not someone i will give my energy too trying to use my name to create an opportunity for himself. definitely won't comment too much on that. he has always had a word or two to say in my direction. if you have an issue with somebody you come up to him. he had his opportunity tonight. i seen him in the hallway. walked right by me. >> bill: he is right about that. kanter had an opportunity if he wanted to talk about it face-to-face. go ahead. >> i don't know whether kanter is using it for an opportunity for himself or not but glad he is doing it. far from him using lebron james to advance his agenda lebron james is using social justice in the united states to advance his own brand yet he does not
7:49 am
actually say a peep about actual atrocities in china. the way it works in china they build a great wall that prevents you from entering the chinese market if you criticize the ccp but roll out the red carpet if you criticize the united states. phil knight is a beneficiary of that and lebron james. that's how these hypocrites are playing the game. i don't know what kanter's motivations are. the fact he is calling out is a step forward in the conversation and forces the woke including lebron james into the one arena they don't want to enter, debate. he tried to sidestep it. i hope the debate comes to him at his door steps and he deserves to answer for the hypocrisy and subsidizing and underwriting the ccp brand.
7:50 am
>> bill: thank you, sir, nice to see you again today. thank you for your time. >> dana: more than a year and a half into the pandemic the debate over he vick ton more tore yums continues. why the federal government is facing a lawsuit over that issue. eviction moratoriums. >> man: what's my safelite story? my my livelihood. so when my windshield cracked... the experts at safelite autoglass came right to me... with service i could trust. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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>> bill: strange but true, discovering a river spiked with alcohol on the island of oahu. he may have been contaminated by a pipe connected to a beverage warehouse. they ran a test revealing the river is 1.2% boos. >> dana: that's high for me. >> bill: grab a straw. >> dana: how did they figure it out? i want to know how you figure that out. i would be curious.
7:56 am
to the debate over eviction moratoriums. advocates say they were necessary to keep renters in their homes during the pandemic but several landlords lose out on payments and still struggling to stay afloat. >> this was a policy that was supposed to save the economy. but it has left some landlords to pay the price. >> this building has been in your family for over 70 years. now you might lose it. >> yeah. it's a real possibility and it is really unfair and unjust. >> lincoln has been managing this 14-unit building in brooklyn, new york, his entire adult life and expected to pass it on to his 7 monthly old son. he is now $100,000 in arrears blaming state and national eviction moratoriums. >> as soon as the moratoriums were announced you had multiple tenants stop paying their rent. >> right.
7:57 am
they stopped paying the rent. income collapsed significantly by 20%. >> the august the supreme court struck down a national eviction moratorium to aid out of work tenants but not the poor mom and pop landlords who reported huge losses. according to the national apartment association, landlords have lost over $25 billion because of the national moratorium alone. >> eviction moratoriums are bad. >> he is president of the naa and suing the federal government to recoup some of those funds. you also blame the federal government for the rent relief program which should have helped the people you represent. >> it should have helped but there is no consistency state to state. makes it difficult to have a program that can roll out nationwide. >> is more evictions the answer? >> no, it's never the answer. >> she is a lawyer with the
7:58 am
legal aid society in new york. she is a strong supporter of eviction moratoriums. she says the real problem and harm for a recovering economy is having tenants out on the street. >> the way that you get people back to work is keep them stablely housed. >> the real problem is when you have tenants willfully not paying that are gaming the system, doing more than harm, they are killing us. it is destroying us. >> destroying him now which he believes will hurt the entire housing market in the future. that's it from here. back to you, dana and bill. >> dana: important story. thank you for bringing it to us. to the point about providing rent relief. we did that as a country, taxpayers we said it's the right thing to do. the money wasn't disbursed. none of that money got to the landlords in the first place and that landlord is $100,000 in debt? >> bill: you have to get back
7:59 am
to a capitalist system. bad things happen. did you have something before we go? >> dana: i have a before we go. we love dogs here. i don't know if i would ever do this but have you ever seen a dog turn into a giraffe? you are about to. check it out here. ♪♪♪ i want to know how he ended up -- the hooves. that dog was very happy. he is not embarrassed in any way. we had a dog named mo on the ranch. the only dog allowed in the house. he would get his grooming done once a month and come back with bows in his hair.
8:00 am
my grandfather would say mo was so embarrassed and he would run the find and biggest manure pile the moment he got home so he could be a real dog again. >> bill: i don't blame mo for doing that. >> i'll try it on percy this afternoon. >> bill: i saw a wonderful thing. two dogs sitting there, percy says -- >> dana: somebody at fox sent me a note saying percy and jasper are friends. martha maccallum is in for harris. >> fox news alert as we learn more about the suspect that police say rammed his s.u.v. through a crowd of christmas parade goers in suburban milwaukee and there is a new focus right now on the district attorney who let him walk a few days before this recent attack. this is "the faulkner focus", i'm martha maccallum in today for harris. as we've watched over


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