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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  November 23, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PST

1:00 am, proceeds go to unconditional pet love rescue in arkansas. all the proceeds go there. made in america, the cuddly parties and when you order $100 you get of freedom matters made in the usa christmas ornaments offer a good cause. up next. >> we went from the situation and thrilled children to calamity. >> we grieve together right now. todd: it is november 20 third. wisconsin of the nation morning the lives lost in the wausau christmas parade tragedy, the grieving process playing as we learn the suspect, a career criminals out on the streets thanks to liberal bail reform policies. you are watching "fox and friends first".
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he is set to appear in court this afternoon accused of killing 5 innocent people and injuring dozens of others. his lengthy rap sheet and active warrants. good morning. >> reporter: darrell brooks is facing 5 counts of first degree intentional homicide among other offenses, fleeing the scenedomestic incident when he drove over barricades and into the parade. the suspect has an extensive, history dating back to 1999 including multiple felonies. the conviction that the offender making bail twice in wisconsin this year despite having an active warrant in nevada. books post a $1,000 bail on charges he intentionally ran over his child's mother with his car, the same is uv he used to plow into waukesha residents. prosecutors are conducting an
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internal review after the milwaukee district attorney admitted his bond was inappropriately left. the washington district attorney saying she will ask for high cash bail. meanwhile residents coming together to pay their respects at a vigil just a block away from the crime scene. >> one of those things that you will remember for the rest of your life. >> grab my kids and through him in the wagon. >> you feel helpless and just do what you can. >> how unbelievably touched we all are by this. >> 5 people were killed, ages ranging from 52 to 81 years old including multiple members of the milwaukee dancing grammys. among the 40 people injured 18 our children ages 3 to 16 and 6 are in critical condition. >> it was just for lack of
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better -- liken it to a war zone. there were adults, children that were injured, first responders were there, they left their families to treat people. >> reporter: investigators say there's no evidence brooks knew anyone at the parade or that the crash was terror related. todd: trump's former white house chief of staff should be worried americans are increasingly voting to restore law and order. >> we have in america right now that has had it with this woke mob telling us what to think, what not to think, sitting here, we have to wear race goggles for everything we see in this country and judges that are letting these guys off for no money. the american people in this last election even in places like
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seattle elected an anti-progressive law and order person, not just defunding the police, eric adams in new york, minneapolis police defund effort flipped upside down. this is because the democrats in this country like everything else have gone too far. they went too far on the border, they've gone too far on the vaccine, they've gone too far on race and now they are going too far on crime. >> two members of the squad being slammed for bringing up, justice reform a day after the waukesha parade suspect was released on low bail. house oversight committee democrats including alexandria ocasio cortez are demanding answers from new york city prosecutors for keeping prisoners in jail longer than they say is necessary. the group writing a letter, quote, we have grave concerns that extensive bail amounts are leading to unnecessary pretrial detention and contributing to a humanitarian crisis in new york city's jail system.
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congresswoman rashida tlaib is pressed over her support for the green ask which would empty federal prisons in 10 years. >> everyone is like release everybody. did you see how many people are mentally ill that are in prison right now? >> the congresswoman went on to admit some people legitimately belong behind bars. >> mentally ill people on the streets. turning to fox news interview with kyle rittenhouse, the team responding to claims he is a white supremacist as alleged by president biden during the campaign. >> it is malice to say something like that. mister president, if i could say one thing to i would urge you to go back and watch the trial and understand the facts before you make a statement. >> it is widely speculated rittenhouse will file defamation lawsuits against those who he feels later his name.
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>> much of the coverage at the beginning was wrong, the trial proved to that. jill scarborough saying my client shotgun 60 times, that is wrong. when i hear a guest coast say he took 4 hours to go to a right with his ar, that is wrong. >> rittenhouse is opening up about his future plans in the trial of kyle available next month on fox nation. >> new york state assembly judiciary committee finding overwhelming evidence former governor andrew cuomo engaged in sexual harassment, the 60 page report says the disgraced democrat engaged in multiple instances of sexual harassment including creating a hostile work environment and engaging in sexual misconduct. the investigation also revealed cuomo's troubled administration lied about his handling of nursing homes during the pandemic saying he, quote, was not fully transparent regarding the number of nursing home residents who died as a result of covid 19 was a spokesman
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issued a detailed statement attacking all the report's findings and concluding, quote, the truth will come out. president biden is set to address the tanking economy before going to nantucket for thanksgiving. todd: as the white house confirms he intends to run for reelection despite low numbers and democrats hold crisis meetings. >> millions of americans today will hit the road ahead of thanksgiving but serious pain at the pump. the national average for gas is $3.40 a gallon, all a part of the spiking inflation which even former president obama's economic advisers says is driven by the administration's spending. >> we are running a higher
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inflationary economy at the moment, adding to the deficit in the next 5 years, simply adding to the inflationary pressures on our economy, setting the stage for trillions of dollars of government deficit and debt. >> but the white house placing some blame for the inflation search on corporate price gouging and ocean carriers. >> nation's importers are struggling with shipping costs, farmers are struggling to get product shipped, new data from industry experts shows and carries a been making strawberry profits this year. >> this as the white house acknowledges a plan to tap into the strategic petroleum reserve to lower gas prices saying no decision has been made. conversations are ongoing and we are considering a range of tools if and when action is needed. as gas prices rise, the president's fall numbers plummet, 36% approve of the job he's doing, the latest quinnipiac poll, prompting senate democrats according to the daily mail writing they are
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holding a crisis meeting to address the president's for poll numbers but don't think that -- white house press secretary jen psaki saying he is running in 2024. >> we appreciate it. >> kamala harris's questions whether she approves of the reappointment of jerome powell as federal reserve chair. >> thank you all, may god bless you and may god bless america, thank you. >> why is jay powell to be the right pick for the fed? >> is voting against powell in 2018 when she was a senator. jen psaki says he remains part of every decision. >> the press -- the vice president is first in the room, last in the room somebody the president sees as a partner and consult with and seeks the advice and counsel on nearly every decision he makes.
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this decision was discussed with her. >> i don't believe that. >> if you look at the leaks coming out from both sides, one side blaming the other, the communications from each part of the white house, the white house, both bp's office leaving over the course of the last week or so there is something going on and i think it is because the policies they've pushed forward are not working, we the american people realize that end of january, the white house and the vp's office is waking up to this fact in the results of the elections in november help them realize it. >> think about reflect on everything griff jenkins talked about from a policy standpoint, inflation is up, gas prices are up, crime is up, borders wide
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open, people are unhappy, biden's fall numbers down, the only good news for president biden is kamala harris's poll numbers are worse and a cnn article. the lid off their relationship saying that harris people are frustrated because they feel she's underutilized, the biden people feel harris is a political liability and everybody that voted for president biden thought things were going to, quote, go back to normal and if you remember the days of donald trump when there were borders, less crime, people were economically satisfied, would you take a couple two have that, some people would. >> this is the problem with following the blue check on twitter which represents this percentage of the american people, half of the american people, the real american person, the person that is out there in a blue state, red state, doesn't matter, wants to focus on their family, they want to focus on the kitchen table
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issues, they are worried about inflation, they are worried about crime, they're worried what's coming across the border, they do not care about the jibber jabber going on on twitter, that is the what the white house and vice president's officer focusing on. >> the vice president is genuinely that progressive but president biden ran as a moderate, more moderate than her, these two people shouldn't get along. kamala harris has the most progressive center record, more progressive than bernie sanders two years ago and she believed the woman who accused him of sexual assault and then suggested he was racist on the debate platform and she is the person that he picks as vice president of all people? bottom line this rift between them, you can't deny that it happened, people are on record saying this is true.
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this all boils down to the fact that president biden picked probably the worst possible candidate. >> he needed to pick her for the vote but from this point forward it is a disaster. it doesn't make sense. on paper or in reality. >> you should pick the best candidate regardless of race or sex if i were to be chosen as a vice president i wouldn't wanted to be because i am a woman but because i'm qualified. todd: i can't even say my own name. >> officials reportedly backed by the advances shown during china's recent episodic missile test which experts say the test defied previous scientific limits traveling 5 times the speed of sound. military officials say it is a clear sign the us is trailing china and russia in the modern arms race but they are not yet sure what china intends to do with the rocket. the white house sitting president biden chairman xi shipping reached no breakthroughs in a recent 3 and
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a half hour some new some accuse the international a big committee of being complicit in china's mistreatment of tennis star. >> lawmakers demanding proof of her safety, in jerusalem the very latest. >> lawmakers are accusing the international olympic committee of protecting the chinese communist party over what happened in recent weeks with the tennis star. the ranking member of the house foreign affairs committee called recent statements a disturbing, chinese state media released images this weekend of her at a tennis tournament but the women's tennis association said it's not enough to ease their concerns about the 35-year-old player. before the weekend she hadn't been seen in public since early november following sexual assault allegations she made against the former chinese vice premier. tennis stars like serena williams have called for an
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investigation into the situation and no factual coverage call the events strange. in washington lawmakers are removing call to boycott the 2022 intralipid games in beijing over the incident. >> by going to beijing what you are doing is enriching all of these chinese communist party companies. your sending a signal to the world that it is okay to participate with china in some ways but not in others. >> business people and athletes alike have had trouble when speaking out in china. last year a business executive, the cofounder of ali baba disappeared after criticizing the government. >> reporter: thank you. todd: 15 after they are. a firsthand account of the horan waukesha. we will speak to a father who witnessed the plow through the parade and his daughter's marching band.
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>> a waukesha father witnessing the deadly parade tragedy firsthand, the chaos unfolding as his daughter played in a marching band at the annual christmas parade this weekend. >> james touchstone joins us with his story and when you saw this unfolding you chased after the suspect's car to try to stop it what did you see and what was going through your mind is always was playing out? >> it was crazy. we saw the vehicle turned sharply around the vehicle behind the marching band and he had 30, 35 yards to stop and just accelerated through the kids. it was absolutely crazy. so i went through my mind, i am a combat veteran, serve two tours, stop the enemy because you could tell this person driving the vehicle had absolutely no desire to stop or
1:21 am
slow down through the parade route and once i realized he was going too fast i started to first data and triage and most of the people around me were standing frozen in absolute shock and horror. todd: were you able to keep eyes on your daughter during all this? >> my daughter was on the side, opposite side from where he was so i sped past her and knew she was safe behind me as i saw the truck go down the street so i was all right with that and then i found her maybe 15 minutes later after the paramedics got on scene to help the kid that i was rendering first-aid to. >> we learned a lot about the suspect, most notably that he is a career criminal and that he has an extensive rap sheet
1:22 am
currently 50 pages long and allegedly ran over the mother of his child, committing a similar crime, he was let out on just $1,000 bail friday only to allegedly commit this crime that you saw unfold before you. when you learn these details of his, more history what did you think? >> i was sad and disappointed for the state of things in our country. we heard that his bail was reduced three different times by 3 different judges to very low amounts. there is no way he should ever have been out on the street. it was over and over and over that he kept getting let go and able to repeat lots of crimes, not only this one.
1:23 am
>> that's the general reaction from most people in the country but i said to take it to the next level. as a father whose daughter was in this incident, who could have been one of those hit, very close to what happened, how absolutely infuriating is that to you? >> white-hot rage and anger. there is no other way to describe it, filled with white-hot rage and anger. my first instinct as a combat soldier was to charge the vehicle. i am a concealed carry person but i only had to go 15 yards in a sprint to get a clear shot and at the time it took me to go 15 yards he was already 45, 50 yards down the road or out of
1:24 am
range and how intent he was on not stopping. >> that's why police yesterday said he intentionally drove through this crowd. what is it like living in waukesha? how are residents doing in the aftermath of this horrific event? >> it is very somber. we've been doing this, i've been living here for 21 years going to the parade every year that i was able to and normally it is a festive, joyful time and it is very somber now. almost all the churches in the area, prayer vigils for people i just getting together and it -- absolutely gets a lot of people, how short your life is and you can't get complacent and the good side of it is people are refocusing on their relationships and making sure people that they love that you
1:25 am
constantly tell them and that they know that. >> we are thankful that your daughter is safe and sound and for your time this morning telling us about your experience, be safe, the best holiday season you can have under the circumstances. >> thank you for coming on with us this morning, appreciate it. the time is 24 after the hour. america's healthcare workers were hailed as heroes at the height of the pandemic, then many lost their jobs due to vaccine mandates and now this. >> our nation must invest in a healthcare workforce that looks like america and provide access to equitable health care for all americans. >> i will take whoever wants to save my life i don't get the color. another group of americans constantly criticized by democrats especially liberal new york city where half of all officers say they wish they had
1:26 am
never joined the force which we talk to a retired nypd lieutenant next.
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todd: closing arguments in the ahmad aubery case. the supreme commander of the militia saying serious trouble because the wrath of karma is coming on america, not taking it no more, the group caring new black panther flags with the deadly corpse inside with names george floyd and breonna taylor, the soft on crime da larry krasner, shooter the kill the woman and her unborn child, covington was loading gifts from her baby shower when she was shot several times in the head and the belly. police believe she was planned target the shooting. no arrests have been made that they are questioning a suspect in the case.
1:31 am
they advocate fewer gun prosecutions was critics say led to an increasing crime. carley: an internal poll paints an alarming picture of police morale finding more than half of officers regret joining the force which are to react is john mccarty. wasn't long ago being a police officer, being an nypd officer was the coolest profession out there and now we are seeing 56% of officers wish they never joined. what happened? >> the results of this survey should be concerning to all citizens. it highlights the failures of leftist policies. the nypd is made of the most diverse members of the community in new york city in the whole world and these are the men and women who decided to take a profession, go out into the pray, deal with situations and people who will turn the average citizen into a nightmare, their
1:32 am
morale is getting to the point that they are going to walk away, the survey should be truly eye-opening for all members of society. carley: those progressive policies, an absolute tragedy the people who put on that uniform and are willing to risk their life every single day to save somebody else's somehow been perceived to be the bad guy and part of the study that is really alarming shows 80% of officers, detectives, sergeants, and captains say they fear aggressively fighting crime because of threats of criminal liability. if officers are afraid to do their job what does that mean for residents, in particular residents living in high crime areas? >> i don't agree with that. i don't believe they are afraid to do their job. they are not allowed to do their job. i grew up in a city of crime.
1:33 am
i watched the broken windows, i watched police transform it into the tourist capital of the world, the safest city in the world and we went away from that under these progressive policies and we are seeing the deterioration not only in high crime but the quality-of-life is eroded in the city and it will go further. these are the professionals, it is going to get worse. it's not a question of if but when. carley: a new mayor will come into office in new york city, former police officer, could he change things for officers and make things better for the city? >> if he brings back the quality-of-life, brings back anti-crime and pushes the das to keep these people in jail
1:34 am
absolutely 100%. he was around at the time we did that again so we know what needs to be done, it just has to be done. >> we were talking about these progressive policies that make it impossible to be a police officer in cities across the country and this horrific crime took place in waukesha, wisconsin sunday, now we are learning the suspect is a career criminal with a massive rap sheet and he was released on $1,000 bail friday and the da admits he should still be behind bars, take a look at these headlines, in june a headline from the new york post is homeless man with 40 prior arrests busted for slugging an asian woman and this happened in new york city was a man was released after allegedly attacking a police officer displayed a past attempted murder charge of an officer. the system is broken, how do we fix it?
1:35 am
>> truly, the das and the judges, there need to be consequences for action. i don't understand, i don't know who is benefiting from these policies. the kernels themselves, i don't think they are being met on the right path. they are being led astray and the whole population is being made to be unsafe. >> when you care more about the criminals and the people they affect something is wrong, you are one of the good guys, thank you for joining us this morning, 35 after the hour, governor ron desantis proved vaccine mandates aren't always the answer, disney agreed with him but the white house doesn't and jen psaki is scolding him for doing what is best for florida. >> democrats retiring in droves is republicans recollection wins, that includes our next
1:36 am
guest, and obama backed candidate initially president biden won big-time, newly elected mayor of columbia, south carolina joins us next.
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>> california governor gavin newsom taking a break from state duties as he heads to mexico for thanksgiving, the family vacation comes less then a mechanism vanished from the
1:40 am
public for two weeks, the democrat even skipping the climate summit in scotland saying he decided to take his kids trick or treating instead. white house press secretary jen psaki criticizing florida governor ron desantis after disney world decided to halt its vaccine mandate for employees. >> obviously the governor there has consistently taken steps to take steps backward as it relates to fighting the pandemic, not forward. >> psaki's comments come days after desantis sign several bills protecting employees from vaccine mandates, disney says 90% of florida employees are fully vaccinated. all those who have not will have to wear masks and practice social distancing. >> republican momentum keeps building as gop candidate for mayor in deep blue columbia, south carolina defeat is obama backed opponent, joining me now is the mayor elect, congratulations on your win. how did you win? >> thank you.
1:41 am
back to the basics, people here really were focused on important things, roads, high taxes, crime, we went straight to the message, straight to the people and stuck with it, not some 22,000 doors with our team and that is what people were talking about they weren't, the national politics. they were worried about everything that affected their lives, businesses and families. todd: this was, is big-time biden country but you won by 4% over your obama backed opponent. to reiterate biden won this in 2020 by 38.3% of the vote. was this a rejection of the biden presidency by many people who voted for him?
1:42 am
>> i think people are concerned about where they are today, their lives and businesses and voted with their pocketbooks. they resonated with the message, high taxes, fuel prices going up, grocery store supply chains, all of these affect these businesses. on the national level people are worried about the basics and we were able to raise 98% of our money locally. we were not endorsed by any local officials and we went straight to the people and that is go to the people, they want to be heard. todd: bigger picture there are a lot and i say a lot of democrats retiring at the end of their term in 2022, 17 in all. there is a snapshot of them on your screen. in light of that, in light of your win, other shocking gop victories how excited should republicans be as we head into the midterms?
1:43 am
>> they should be excited but also realize, to have folks and we were able to get our base which was republicans but also bring in democrats and independents who are concerned about the future. we need to make sure when we reach out we reach out to everybody. >> to that end you focus on the issues when you spoke to the voters, this was a very issue based election you won because of it. do you expect democrats to reverse course on the policies that got them unelected and got you elected and similar results over the last couple weeks? >> if they were smart they would be but i'm not sure where they are. i think this is a lesson for everybody, listening to the people who put us in office is the most important thing, the only thing we should be focused on. todd: i will reiterate it until i'm blue in the face, you need
1:44 am
to ignore the blue check the gate on twitter, they represent a small percentage of the country. it is people like you in your town of columbia, south carolina the real americans and they tell you what you want and you listened. we wish you the best of luck. love your city, been there a few times, it is beautiful, has good food, hope to see you again. >> come back any time. >> time now 34 after the other, aoc in a house democrats ready to stage a revolt urging senate to ignore the parliamentarian controversial bill into the biden spending bill. >> thanksgiving is down is inflation put the squeeze on americans wallets. next we talked with generous restaurant owner helping those in need even though he's also feeling the pain of rising prices.
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>> aoc and more than 80 a house democrats telling the senate to the rules to push the radical immigration policy on the budget matter. in a letter the lawmakers say, quote, we understand the senate parliamentarian his vision a
1:50 am
memorandum dismissing despite evidence to the contrary the budgetary impact of providing a pathway to citizenship but the role of the parliamentarian is an advisory one in the parliament during's opinion is not binding. the push for policies against senate rules comes as a caravan of thousands of migrants moves toward the southern border. ice president alaris calling for minorities to be hired within the healthcare system is thousands of medical workers are either fire quitting due to vaccine mandates issued by the biden administration. >> our nation must invest in a healthcare workforce that looks like america and provide access to equitable health care for all americans. health disparities stem from broader systemic iniquities. with covid 19 has done is exposed these disparities. >> harris announcing the white house will be investing
1:51 am
$1 billion from the relief package to tackle the shortage of healthcare workers and high risk and underserved communities. 50 republican governors vowing to restore the fast flow of commerce amid an unprecedented supply chain crisis. the group says it is looking to commit to using our of 40 were allowable to modify weight, size of the restrictions to allow more cargo to move more efficiently, just hours of service and get more commercial truck drivers on the road. conservatives point the finger at president biden for exacerbating the problem by increasing regulations and forcing a vaccine mandate. >> the price a thanks giving meal this year not easy to stomach thanks to soaring inflation was a missouri restaurant known for turkey dinner donations as this year they can only afford to donate 3000 meals, seems great but he did drop from the 11,000 they were able to donate in 2019. scott allender joins me now. what you do for the community is
1:52 am
so inspiring. talk about these thanksgiving donations and why you do it. >> we do it because the community has been so amazing since we opened. we started to give back in 2014 and it has grown from there. there is such a need the goes unserved on big holidays. do an amazing job through the course of the year but thanksgiving adopted it 7 years ago. >> you will make so many people thanksgiving so much better. we gave the numbers in the intro. is 11,000 meals in 2019, 3000 this year. is that because inflation? >> some is from inflation and some because we couldn't get the items we need. packaging and challenging to get, donations are down.
1:53 am
>> inflation mixed with supply chain issues, what are you seeing? >> weird things. delhi containers went through the roof 400% if we can even get them. turkeys almost double. headed across the board, everything went up so once we pack everything and send it out we will be 80% higher than we were two years ago. carley: have you ever experienced anything like this type of inflation mixed with supply chain mixed with labor shortage issues? >> know, never. in the restaurant business for almost 30 years never seen anything like this. excuse me. carley: that's okay. for the meals you're delivering
1:54 am
to people, 3000, that is still a great number and i understand it is not just any turkey dinner, you have a st. louis bbq society working on your behalf. this is a big community effort. >> it is entirely done through volunteers through the community. 2019, we had 17 volunteers show up, this year 3 or 400 people coming to deliver thursday morning so it is a huge community effort and the communities embrace it and take it on its own and it is a fun day where we give back. >> what do people say when they receive these meals? >> the letters the come back from some of the people we deliver to are just awesome. we get stuff written in crayon, from senior citizens. it is just awesome. carley: are you accepting
1:55 am
donations do you need help? >> we need help to deliver, donations can be made through paypal, canned goods today and tomorrow. carley: such a cool story, thank you for joining us this morning, sorry about the inflation issues but happy thanksgiving. >> thank you. todd: that crayon. coming up in the next hour of "fox and friends first" are there more signs of division in the west wing? >> thank you, may god bless you and may god bless america. thank you. >> wise jay powell the right pick? carley: she didn't answer. vice president ferris answering questions about secretary powell. she voted against him the first time around. carley: we are talking to joke on the, dakota meyer and lara trump. , dakota meyer and lara trump.
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>> we begin with a fox news alert. the suspect in wisconsin parade tragedy set to appear in court today accused of killing five innocent people and injuring dozens of others. you are watching "fox and friends first" on tuesday morning. >> darrell brooks was a career criminal out on the street


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