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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  November 23, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PST

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>> sean: that's all the time we have for tonight. tomorrow night join us 9 p.m. ian pryor. the 45th president of the united states on camera donald trump will join us for the full hour. his thoughts on joe biden and his performance and we will talk about a lot more. let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham is standing by with a great show as usual. >> laura: i look forward to president trump tomorrow night. >> sean: thank you. >> laura: that will be good. >> sean: i have a lot t laura ingrandma standing by. in 19 i look forward to donald trump tomorrow night. that is going to be good. >> a lot to ask him that might surprise you. >> we tore it up and we will pick it up where you left off. this is the ingrandma on a busy monday night. not the only concerned citizen who stepped into the chaos in kenosha last august. we will speak to another
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individual exercising his second amendment rights to keep the streets safe. he will give his perspective but first, looting america is the focus of tonight's and go. college football games wrapped up this weekend. i actually hit the television remote from my kids. especially this weekend because the footage of the mob looting stores in chicago and the horrific video of the christmas parade massacre in wisconsin, was too much ugliness but then i realized i have an obligation to explain this all to my kids so i told them this is happening because liberal politicians have cobbled and glorified radical blm activist to market grievance
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and resentment nationwide. remember in the summer of 2007 it was gavin ruffling. >> those of you out there protesting, i want you to know you matter and i said you to know i care, we care. you lost patients, so have i. you are right to feel wrong. you are right to feel the way you are feeling. laura: who can forget san francisco's mayor london breed, her push for a $120 million cut from the police budget, for this she was profiled in the magazine. in reality they should pull back on the idiotic idea but it is funny how they are not trying this nonsense in states like florida or texas. instead they are targeting the
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bay area with marxist das and big cities with mayors like by foot. organized criminals and petty fields know the chances of being apprehended and actually prosecuted in these cities are slim to none. so 17 months after the unchecked mayhem from the george ford riot stealing couldn't be easier, slap on a covid mandated facemask, have a car waiting and you are good to go. under the circumstances created by local incompetents, the police are either being branded as racist or cornered by vaccine mandates. the pro-criminal soros supported das, the unspoken belief that police just shouldn't respond aggressively to property crime, all of this means it is open season on retail chains just trying to get back on their feet and the murderous blood who mode
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through the parade should never have been on the streets at all. he had just smashed the mother of his child in the face, ran part of her leg over and was out on solo bail amount. unless you think he was just having a rough month his rap sheet spans decades. everything from felony strangulation charges to aggravated battery. and registered sex offender in nevada. after all of this, including the start of an internal review by the milwaukee da to find out why he was out on such low bail, squad leader aoc wants to make things even easier for criminals. she's going after cash bail. you cannot make this up as the regime media moved quickly to discount even the possibility of a political motive on the part of that thug but his lousy rap music is itself violent. ♪♪ should all the ammunition
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♪♪ on your social feed ♪♪ >> the lyrics if you can call from that are all about fury and revenge and reschedule through but it is all healthy self expression we would be told in a college seminar on hip-hop. hollywood, schools, even corporate america are in a constant state of apology of america's past and present so they lionized colin cabinet, antiracism, the blm movement and life in our country we are supposed to believe is vicious, unfair, racist and rigged. you go on social media and you are going to see people tonight who have fancy titles next to their name making excuses for looting. we are entitled to what you have, you didn't build that, you don't deserve that, you're living on stolen land, you are racist. consumer reparation.
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you will not and must not stop them for if you do they will cry racism. they even cry racism with no black person was involved in a high profile case. >> i find these people disgusted. i'm discussed at what i'm seeing, not this trial but other trials, the fact that white supremacists go freely and celebrate this little murderous white supremacist and the fact that he gets to walk the streets freely. >> this was worse -- >> this idea of white vigilante violence where white men feel they have the right to enforce the law themselves. as our kids of people celebrating this. >> that is about the rittenhouse trial and verdict yet there are connections among the chaos after the break shooting, the multi-day looting spree and the parade tragedy. all of these scenarios spraying
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for refusal to enforce the laws as written in the impulse to blame racism as a convenient cover. biden sunk further into the gutter by leaning into the the left after the rittenhouse word came out and harris implicitly agreed that there were racial undertones in rittenhouse's getting up. >> the verdict speaks for itself. as many of you know i spent the majority of my career working to make the, justice system more equitable and there's a lot more work to do. >> talk about hit and run. she skews her acidic accusations that our country, then scoots away. can't risk being asked real question by real reporters. can we? the fact is everything we want you about a 2020 campaign is now happening to the country we love. we want you efforts to defund the police would lead to fewer cops and more dangerous streets.
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we warned you about covid shutdowns of all the businesses and schools would hurt, not help. we warned you that politicized school boards would ruin school curricula. we warned you that inflation would be permanent unless biden left trump's policies in place. we warned you race relations would worsen when frauds tried to turn us against our own history and tradition. yet there are encouraging signs that americans just don't want to live in the type of society that the democrats, captive to the far left, our building for us. african-americans are beginning to leave chicago, hispanics are voting republican and now asians are turning to the gop. more parents are voting with their feet and their school tuition dollars so congratulations, democrats, this last generation of christians to send their kids to public
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school. the left is determined to turn all of them into woke reeducation camps. the world the left is building is depressing and cynical, one where they don't even want families to have many children anymore. one where their response to every problem is to say america is racist and deserve whatever happens, raise taxes and redistribute money to their cronies or encourage americans to lower their standard of living and expectations. the radical movement the left started and democrats adopted is designed to tear down the entire country but now - of course the real victims of the looting and lawlessness are not the wealthy but the people who work in the schools and businesses. a lot of stores won't open again. why should they?
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as usual modern-day liberalism sacrifices the middle-class for the whims and convenience of the superrich. next year the democrats nonstop smash and grab will finally come to a end. and that is the angle. joining the, fox news contributor newt gingrich, author of the new book beyond biden. it is hard not to see this situation playing out in san francisco and chicago and wisconsin as the likely result of permissive policing and woke responses to rank criminality. >> if you wanted to undermine and destroy america you could hardly do more effectively than what george soros is president
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biden have done. you are showing us examples that are very predictable. when you have a communist district attorney, literally he is a communist, openly economist in san francisco who says he's not going to enforce the law, he's not going to punish criminals, what do you think is going to happen, you're sending a signal to every would be thug in the city, go ahead and do what you want and on one occasion the last few days he had up to 80 people at a time looting a store. if you are a normal citizen who just uses common sense it won't take long to figure out of all your stores are looted civilization is collapsing. at the same time you have this tragedy which resembles what happened in east france a year and a half ago. we had somebody in the truck runs down, kills 5 people, wounds 40 people and we will
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hear all the explanations for why he did it. the truth is that is a massacre is the person who did it should be treated as a terrorist who is willing to kill fellow citizens on that scale. across the country whether you are in new york which also had problems or wisconsin or chicago or san francisco you have a growing sense that america is stupid, open and easy to steal from and easy to beat up so the thugs come out of the woodwork and until we are prepared to turn around and say you do stuff like this you are not going to be in the street for a very long time, we are going to continue to have this problem. a crisis of our civilization. >> i to play part of a shocking interview congresswoman rashida tlaib on what she called prison reform. >> this proposes emptying federal detention facilities within 10 years.
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to what extent have you wrestled with any downside of policing into society, anyone in federal prison? >> everyone says we are going to release everybody, that is not -- people who are mentally ill who are in prison right now. laura: it is becoming a little joke, we have the casual little laugh. this is just bringing about the utter destruction of america, certainly safety in the streets. >> if you are not releasing prisoners from jail you are letting in 1,400,000 illegal immigrants with no record of their covid and no record of their, background, you have a whole system where the build back america better bill creates america as a sanctuary country giving people all sorts of excuses to stay here no matter what crimes they commit, and my
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personal view is if we took 20% of people crossing the border, put them in nantucket and took everybody coming out of federal prison under this model and put them in similar places around the country so as long as you are really part of the billionaire pro-democrat class you have the next-door neighbors of that caliber, you find these policies change in 48 hours. it is the poor who get hers, the middle class that pays for it and the very rich i didn't sanctuary surrounded by private security guards. >> we appreciate it, great to see you tonight, in the aftermath of the waukesha car attack that left dozens wounded, john chisholm has called for an investigation into the inappropriate low cash bond offered to the alleged
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perpetrator, darrell brooks a few days earlier. the investigation should start with chisholm himself. he is a nakedly political official with a checkered record of prosecutorial misconduct and abuse with use of force behind the investigation, and associates that involved secret predawn raids on homes to the alleged crime of campaign coordination was our next guest was a victim of these witchhunts. eric o'keefe with mpower with constant -- wisconsin. tell us what residents of milwaukee should know about this chisholm character. >> he is corrupt in the way of abusing the powers of his office for political ends and pursuing noncriminal across the state. conduct grades in other counties, but his top lieutenants in pursuit of associates because the pay of
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his staffers was reduced. he's more concerned with protecting government from the people than with protecting people from criminals. they committed crimes in pursuit of innocent people and allow criminals to stay on the streets. chisholm needs to be removed from office. he can be removed by the governor and you can be removed by impeachment and the problem in milwaukee was similar to the one in kenosha which is a district attorney playing to a wokee not running their own candidates or a better campaign. that's a different discussion but they are getting big support in these local races and now we are seeing the results, are we not? a guy who never should have been let out let out on this paltry
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bail and 5 people dead, others critically injured, children in pediatric units, this is what liberalism is in the united states of america. who is going to support this? >> it is sad and tragic but i can tell you why he is still in office. consider the challenges of running against a corrupt district attorney who likes to do political investigations to protect the click in power and has the newspaper with him. that's what you face in the cities. anybody who is an attorney practicing in milwaukee county and wants to run a campaign against a district attorney who is known for doing political hits. >> have got to run a better campaign. we got to run better campaigns, got to run better campaigns. the republicans are always
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campaigning, run better campaigns. how did democrats become the party of lawlessness and chaos? look no further than the das we were just talking about who allow the cities to crumble. in moments former governor chris christie is here on that plus we will discuss the road ahead for the gop. stay there. t plan with voya keeps me moving forward... even after paying for this. love you, sweetheart they guide me with achievable steps that give me confidence. this is my granddaughter...she's cute like her grandpa. voya doesn't just help me get to retirement... ...they're with me all the way through it. come on, grandpa! later. got grandpa things to do. aw, grandpas are the best! well planned. well invested. well protected. voya. be confident to and through retirement.
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>> are you in favor of law and order. law and order with justice where people get treated fairly. >> he really means what the left means emboldening criminals and there's no bigger proponents of this fair justice been democratic governor george soros in his mission to but the most radical das imaginable in office. let's look at his track record. in san francisco, champion the campaign on not charging for lesser crimes. the daily mail reports he charged people with theft in less than 50% of cases since he started. you saw videos from the angle of folks running in and out of
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designer stores and then georgia gascon in la has halted bail request, stop trying juveniles as adults and even band prosecution seeking sentencing enhancements. one la mother whose son was brutally murdered, stabbed, beaten and unethical told me how she feels about his take on crime. >> i felt let down by george gascon. i think he's a danger to la county frankly. criminals are now considered victims. what are we doing here? it is the other way around. i feel they are getting more justice than we the victims aren't it is not right at all. laura: in cook county that includes chicago, kim fox dismissed tens of thousands of felony cases during her first 3 years as prosecutor. in dallas, john trudeau campaigned on ending mass incarceration. he won't prosecute for shoplifting if it is for, quote, necessities and in philadelphia, larry krasner just won
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reelection despite record high, sides there. the city has seen 500 this year alone. my question, when did the democrats become the party of chaos and lawlessness. we are joined now by chris christie, former new jersey governor and author of the new book republican rescue. good to see you tonight, thanks for being here. i to get your take on what these das given your former life as a prosecutor, what these das are doing to these cities across this country? >> there wrecking them and wrecking the livelihoods of businesses, wrecking the quality of life for the citizens and doing it for purely political purposes. an extraordinary thing to watch as a former prosecutor because our job as prosecutors is to
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make sure the law is enforced fairly and firmly and what they are doing out there now is creating absolute mayhem. police are backing off of their job because they know they are not supported by the prosecutors which is the second half of the law-enforcement equation, police officers keeping order on the streets by performing arrests and prosecutors backing them up by putting those people in jail. you have some of the worst and most violent criminals getting back out on the street, intimidating witnesses against their crime, in some places killing witnesses to make sure they can't be prosecuted but you have people like gascon saying we won't prosecute these crimes and you see what is happening, in los angeles this week it is a much different looking city than it was 5 years ago. laura: it is heartbreaking to
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talk about what happened in milwaukee with that is released with very little concern what happens once he gets out again and look what happened. i to move on to your book, you're getting a lot of play with your book. you accuse donald trump of engaging in what you call vendetta politics and dwelling in the past, what happened in the 2020 election. explain what vendetta politics and why you think he has engaged in that? >> what i said in the book, it is not useful for donald trump or anybody else to now be looking backwards when you see the tragedies going on in this country every day. we talked about some of them because of democratic policies and also looking at huge inflation, looking at failure in afghanistan and around the world, huge new spending that
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include bankrupt this country. these are the things we should be talking about and contrasting with we would do for this country as republicans versus what others would do. any time we spend looking backwards and distracting from mission of stopping president biden and kamala harris is a day wasted and we cannot waste another day because if they are successful with this they will be giving benefits out to people a very difficult for us to take back even when we retake government and long-term destroy the work ethic in the capitalist system in this country. that's what i'm focused on, stopping president biden and we should be focused on anything that happened in 2020 anymore because that election is over and we've got to move forward. >> you believe election integrity matters. you've always been in favor of voter id and all that. used to think that is important and if there are issues that
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states should address those issues, clean up voter rolls, track ballots and make sure everything is done? >> that is a forward-looking issue. that is saying we know what happened in 2020 in instances where voting laws were changed improperly and serving the confusion and people's concern about integrity. that is why our support in georgia voting changes that brian can put in place, support the texas voting changes put in place by governor abbott and every other place in this country where republican governors leading the way to change voting making sure vote count happen more quickly than they do. voter id is an absolute necessity. it is office buildings in washington dc where they would recognize and ask for my id. why can't we have a id when voting? >> if donald trump does decide
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to run, no one knows what he's going to do but if he does decide to run and get the nomination you are going to support him, you're not going to go voting for biden or supporting biden over the democrats nominee? >> i answered this question on the pbs news hour. they asked me would you vote for joe biden? i said absolutely not. i didn't want him in 2020 and i couldn't vote for him in 2024 and i cannot support someone like bernie sanders or elizabeth warren. you go through the list of people standing on that stage in 2020 and assume any one of them is the nominee i couldn't vote for them. >> what you don't like about trump is more personality or backward looking stuff, the policies you like. >> the policies i supported and you know the line of supporting donald trump starts behind me. i was the first elected official in america to endorse him in 2016. prepped him for those debates, and stood up for him as chairman of the opioid commission and
12:31 am
chairman of the transition but we lost and we've got to get back to winning. we see the ramifications of not winning, with all the spending, crime, and everything else. we have to stop complaining and stop complaining and start working to be a contrast to president biden and stop a distraction 2022 and every minute we spend looking backward is a minute we are not spending stopping them. i don't want to go through anymore years of control. >> congratulations on the book and kyle rittenhouse wasn't the only armed citizen on the streets of kenosha on that fateful night in august of 2020. and moments we will speak to kevin matthewson who was with kyle that night and will explain what people are getting wrong about what happened, stay there.
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>> where are the police? >> i am not sure really.
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they have a >> where the police? >> i'm not sure. they have a hard job for sure but i didn't think they got the support they needed, the national guard should have had calls august 20 third the city of kenosha failed the community. governor tony evers failed the community, they should've been more resources to help with that. >> into that vacuum kyle thousand others stepped in to keep kenosha from burning to the ground. when elected leaders refused to protect their citizens because they don't want to offend the protesters, those very citizen step up and some work to protect the community and kyle wasn't alone that night. my next guest was armed and with him although he didn't know him personally. here is kevin matthewson, former alderman in kenosha. what is the biggest misconception about what happened that night, you were
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there, you are the trial every day but what is the biggest misconception? >> it is you. the misconception that he was a white supremacist. only time i've ever seen a white kid shoot three other white people and we call a white supremacist. race had nothing to do with this was what this was was a city that was abandoned by our leaders. we have the mayor, the county executive, sheriff, the governor, democrats were too afraid to ask donald trump for help. they just didn't want to do it a they wanted to show us they were big boys and could take care of it on their own and they couldn't. we didn't have the resources we needed so the phrase was given, some lines got crossed, that is not what happens when you are an elected leader. you get to us and get it as soon as you can. i watched the video that went viral within minutes, shooting of jacob blake and anybody with half a brain knew this was going
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to get bad and we were going to have riots on our hands and we just didn't get the help requested that we needed. your tonight is don't let your cities burn, don't let your cities be destroyed, do what you can within the boundaries of the law and your constitutional rights to protect your city. >> in wisconsin you have the right to carry arms, what hundreds of others did because health wasn't coming. firetrucks were not putting out fires so i didn't want to watch my neighborhood burned to the ground and the talking points were businesses. residential units on the second and third floor where my district was when i was an
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alderman and watch them burn and it be dismissed because it is just property really rubs me the wrong way and what can i do? i have an ar 15, i will round up some like-minded people, thousands of people responded to my call to arms. it was said during the trial on the 20 fifth, the light of the shootings there was an influx of armed civilians and a decrease in the amount of destruction, fires so that correlation was no coincidence. laura: the new york times seems to be blaming you for the unrest that happened that night, mister matthewsunedison on the kenosha guard facebook page urging them to take to the streets to defend the city, the call to arms brought dozens of mostly white armed paramilitary into the streets of the city creating a heavily armed confrontation that
12:41 am
came to a head with the rittenhouse shooting, your response? >> that's not exactly what happened. what happened was there was a vacuum of people helping others in the vacuum was killed by folks like kyle the house, not even an adult who felt the urge to help others and i didn't do anything in support strongly by the first and second amendment, was not a paramilitary group, we were not vigilantes, we wanted to do was protect police officers from getting knocked unconscious with a brick or 71-year-old man getting beaten so we needed to have his jaw rewired. >> did the police think you? >> there is liability things with that. boots on the ground in so many ways, they appreciated us being
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out there but the leadership, the democratic sheriff, wouldn't go over too well if they did anything publicly but we knew they supported us. >> thank you for these insights. the more we hear the more we learn. joining me now is victor davis hanson, senior fellow. since beef failed gubernatorial candidate beta or reveals what the left is using the entire rittenhouse case for. watch. >> this entire tragedy makes the case that we should not allow our fellow americans to own and use weapons that were originally designed for battlefield use, that ar 15, ak-47 has one single solitary purpose and that is killing people as effectively, as efficiently and as great a number in his little time as possible. we saw that in kenosha. >> they don't want citizenry to protect themselves even in the police or local officials will not.
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>> that's what the rittenhouse trial is all about. one of the most important trials in our lifetime because this all academic idea the crime was just a social construct to create, laws created by the elite to the press people of color has filtered into the police and district attorney so police can't or don't have the ability you won't enforce the law, or the prosecuting attorneys will not indict or prosecute crimes and you end up with kenosha so what does a citizen have recourse to do if they are not safe in their homes or going to the store they have second amendment rights, you may have the right to bear arms but if you use it and injure somebody we will go after you. if he had not shot that gun he would have been beaten to death. i would suggest there might've been a good likelihood the perpetrator that killed him wouldn't be prosecuted for a variety of reasons.
12:44 am
we are making the district attorney the most powerful person in america and they have a monopoly on not prosecuting criminals so the only recourse is taken away. that's what they don't wants and what the left want. we have this discussion, every topic, on the border, on afghanistan, supply chain, inflation, the characters change but the central issue is the same, you cannot have a civilization as it collapses materially, psychologically or spiritually and that is what the left is trying to do, trying to create such chaos and strip away constitutional protections of its citizens that they have no recourse but to ask and make please, we beseech you, please protect us. we may or may not depending on what you are willing to do and that is what pre-civilizational barbarism is all about. >> the barbarians at the gate,
12:45 am
we will continue to track it and president biden got his long awaited physical this past friday but there was one to secure is the missing. ronnie jackson, donald trump's white house doctor reveals wine a matter of moments.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> you have taken a >> having taken a positive -- >> haven't taken a test. why but i take a test? come on, man. >> had a little pep in his step back event. his first physical as president, the cognitive test would happen and even sans j gupta seemed surprised it didn't. >> read carefully through the doctors reported they mentioned neurological exam but there was more in terms of testing motor strength, sensation and things like that but as far as whenever president biden we didn't see a test performed. >> texas congressman ronnie jackson served as white house physician under president obama and trump. the current white house physician says biden is fit to successfully execute the duties
12:51 am
of the presidency as long as wrong claim makes all his decisions, i'm joking. how would we know that without a cognitive test? is that important in your estimation? >> it is absolutely important especially in the situation, he is 79 years old, 50% of the united states population does not believe he is mentally fit, cognitively fit to lead this country as our commander-in-chief and head of state so doctor o'connor spent 6 pages talking about useless stuff no one cares about and did not address the elephant in the room which is is this man cognitively said to be the president? and donald trump had his physical i did a cognitive test on him, the first president of the have one done because the far left and liberal media demanded, they were relentless in the pursuit of me in getting this done and the cognitive test is part of that. we did that and i did it because i was sure there was one single thing wrong with donald trump and he said let's do it, i've got nothing to hide but they are just as sure right now the biden would not do well on this test and that is why they will not do
12:52 am
it because they know he will fail miserably. what the public thinks about him right now, he's not fit to be our commander-in-chief. >> they went on and on about trump's cognitive test, it was the most ridiculous thing. anyone who spent any time with donald trump, there is no issue with his cognitive ability. is a list of all the things the white house physician says he checked, optometry, odor ologies, dentistry, orthopedics, cardiology, radiology, dermatology, anesthesiology, gastroenterology, sounds like a bad scrabble contest but dentistry? why do we care about whether he needs a root canal or not? >> he was trying to fill the report, 6 pages of the report. he should of got up, doctor o'connor who i don't know
12:53 am
personally used to work for me, don't think he is a man of integrity should have gone up there, stood before the press, whenever i did donald trump's physical exam and cognitive test i stood in the press briefing room for one hour and 15 minutes and answered every single question that could come up about the physical exam and what we have here? a written report and a useless written report at that. laura: the white house did make a big announcement today. >> reports that president biden is going to run for reelection in 2024. is he going to run in 2024? >> that is his intention. laura: jen psaki didn't even seem to believe that, that is his intention. a little bit of a hedge. what does biden look like in 2024? maybe they will come out with a cognitive test in 2023. >> there is no way, mark my
12:54 am
word, he will not run for president for a second term. he will be 82 years old. i will stick to what i've been saying all along, he won't make it to the end of this term. they will remove him sometime after the 2022 midterm, they have to address his cognitive issue. it won't be ronnie jackson anymore, it will be the democrats and they have to claim what is going on with him. there's a certain number of people in the white house, kamala harris walks past the office every day, looks in there and things i will be president and she might be right, she probably is right and that is the only way she will become president because she's not going to get elected. there has to be incentive to get him out of there. laura: kamala is worse than the other one, good to see you tonight. when we come back, i have a special freedom matters announcement for christmas.
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>> freedom matters gear,, proceeds go to unconditional pet love rescue in arkansas. all the proceeds go there. made in america, the cuddly parties and when you order $100 you get of freedom matters made in the usa christmas ornaments offer a good cause. up next. >> we went from the situation and thrilled children to calamity. >> we grieve together right now. todd: it is november 20 third. wisconsin of the nation morning the lives lost in the wausau christmas parade tragedy, the grieving process playing as we learn the suspect, a career criminals out on the streets thanks to liberal bail reform policies. you are watching "fox and friends first".


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