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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 22, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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they weren't protecting the car lot, by the way. >> he didn't have anything negative to say about the police. he is literally going through hell. the police are not there. his community is being burned down and he is willing to help and not say anything about anyone else. >> tucker: we are out of time. god bless this boy. ♪ ♪ >> sean: welcome to "hannity." a major announcement at the end of the show. first this weekend's terrible news. waukesha, t wisconsin is reeling one day after a violent career criminal plowed his suv into a christmas parade killing 5 and injuring dozens more including children. yesterday 39-year-old rapper darrell brooks was allegedly fleeing the scene of a domestic dispute when he drove his red
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ford suv past police barriers and on to the parade route hitting more than 40 men, women and children. 48 hours earlier he posted a $1000 cash bond after assaulting the manager of his children and attempting to run her0c over with his car. defund the police and no bail. low bail. how is this working out for the country? that's right, he tried to run over his ex-girlfriend. got out of jail after posting a mere $1,000 despite a lengthy rap sheet of violent crimes going back decades. look at your screen. aggravated battery drug charges, more gun charges. another domestic y abuse charge. that's all in wisconsin.
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2010 strangulation abuse and 2020 several more resisting arrestar charges, more charges, more gun charges. several maternity warrants and that is all in the one state of wisconsin. in nevada brooks is a registered sex offender and got a 15-year-old pregnant. he is noted in that state for bail violations. so make no mistake, darrell brooks was a menace for a long time to society but according to the judge a $1,000 was all needed for him to get out again after decades of a criminal life. she failed to protect her community and 5 innocent people are dead and many injured. keep in mind, wisconsin is one of many states where far-left activists are flirting with bail reform laws
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like no bail in new york city. certain offenders are released from jail without a penny in bail. the results have been nothing but catastrophic. violent crime is surging. over the summer, one man was arrested for robbing 4 banks and released and robbed another bank and then 2 more banks. last week an ex-con tried to murder an nypd officer and arrested again for attacking another nypd officer only to quickly be released from jail after posting, you got it, $0 for jail. a man was shot by a stray bullet in yankee stadium and a 32-year-old was stabbed to death on a subway station in new york. they are looking for the suspect pictured there.
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and san francisco shoplifting has been decriminalized and local businesses are being destroyed because of looting on a mass scale. many retail locations in san francisco are closing early. some are closing all together. in illinois where cash bail was abolished. we have more looting there. this is the inside of a high end clothing store, a group of criminals helped themselves and took everything they wanted. in philadelphia a pregnant woman was murdered on the way back from her baby shower.g also in philly, an uber fought back against two armed robbers and killed one. lives are ruined when law and order breaking news down. this is the new green deal democratic socialist party. this is why we have laws, and
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this is why we need the police to uphold these laws. law and order, safety and security. lawlessness never begins and ends with shoplifting or petty theft. it gets worse until someone enforces the left. many on the left are ready to jeopardize your family's safety and security to tell everyone how wonderful they are for freeing people from prison and t defunding police and getting rid of bail. that, by the way would include kamala harris who supported that bail fund for the violent rioters in 2020. and alexandria ocasio-cortez wrote a letter threatening federal action if anyone is held on bail she deems excessive and that means congresswoman tlaib signed on to a plan to release everyone in the u.s. from prison and i mean everyone. take a look. >> oh, my god, we are going to release everybody. you see how many people are
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mentally ill. that are in prison right now. >> you can't release everyone. >> in ten years but think >> there are human traffickers. about it. >> i know. > you don't support that? >> no. >> there is a small proportion who need to be behind bars. >> i would have to look at every case individually. and figure all that i can't just say that. >> sean: release them to live with congresswoman talib. anyone who supports zero bail and defunding the police is not thinking about the consequences. now, are they? they are not thinking about the law abiding american citizens. businesses who will be impacted by their insanity. as always, they don't care about their own twisted political narrative. next november, we the american people, need to send a message to them at the ballot box.
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and it is simple. if you don't have law and order, you don't keep every american safe and secure you can't pursue happiness. that's that fundamental. more on this in a moment. g first, our own matt finn is on the ground in waukesha, wisconsin, with the latest details from yesterday's horrific massacre. >> this is the parade route behind me.da right now it is call quiet, but yesterday this place was packed with people who came down to celebrate a christmas parade. imagine some of those people watched their loved ones hit and killed right in front of them. police say 5 people are dead. ages range from 51 to 82-year-old and a 79-year-old virginia sorenson. in all, 18 children ages 3 to 16 were taken to the hospital and 6 are in critical conditions days before thanksgiving. tonight, these children are clinging to life. police will file 5 first degree
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murder charges against darrell brooks who has an extensive criminal history. court documents reveal brooks just post a $1,000 bail on charges he intentionally ran over the mother of his child with his vehicle. he also has an active warrant in nevada. there was a prayer vigil here in downtown. we will keep you updated on the status of the victims. >> sean: joining us now is former trump chief of staff and fox news legal analyst garrett. at what point do we start holding the judge is responsible? for example, i look at joe biden and he picks and chooses which was he enforces. he aids and abets the lawbreaking or those who support no bail and defund the police efforts?
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at what point do we hold the people accountable that are aiding and abetting the lawbreaking or support these no bail and dismantle and defund the police efforts? at what point do we hold them accountable? >> well, that's boiling over in this country. i am a wisconsin guy. i talked to a lot of my friends at the parade route. i had a friend that i talked to that barely escaped this maniac who came down the center of this beautiful place. it's like a normal rockwell parade in wisconsin. 60 years in the making. there is a strong stretch this parade route takes. as we all know, what this guy did was out of control. your monologue laid it out. we have an american right now that has had it with this woke mob that is telling us what to being. sitting here, we have to wear race goggles for it everything we.
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see in this country. now we have judges leading these guys out for almost no money. the only thing you missed. the only thing you missed in the monologue, he not only posted $1,000 bail after running over his girlfriend. he shot at his nephew. a few months before that he posted $500 in bail just a few months ago for obstructing a police officer and battery and other things. the american people in the last election even in places like seattle, elected an anti-progressive law and order person. i'm not just for defining the police. eric adams in new york. the minneapolis police defund effort flipped upside down. theic democrats in this country like everything else they are doing went too far. they went too far on the e bord. they have gone too far on this vaccine and too far on race. now look, they are going too far on crime.
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we have the highest murdererate increase since 1905 and the american people have had it. the president in the white house who in 2020 the headline in the "newde york times" that biden is walking a fine line in defunding the police rhetoric. 62% of the american people believe the democrat party is out of touch and doesn't represent them. they pretend to be the party of the people. most people in this country don't know what planet they are living on. people have had it. >> sean: they have the january 6th committee. they are going to look into that. i have been outspoken about it. gregg jarrett, you know that. where is liz cheney creating a committee to look into the 535 riots that the democrats and mob
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media referred to as the peaceful protests that killed dozen of americans and resulted in billion dollars of damages between arson and looting. not a single investigation. all of this video, they are not prosecuting. they only like the one riot that impacted washington. all riots are wrong. they have all of this evidence and they are not arresting anybody. >> well, that will be crime and punishment. the woke crowd wants crime without punishment. look at every major city in america run by blue politicians you will find criminals terrorizing communities. because the liberals and the radical democrats have worked to do several things. to defund police. to dismantle the prison system. to cancel jail. and to abolish bail.
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this is the new woke enlightenment. criminals are the victims. and victims are the criminals. if you dare exercise your second amendment or your right of self-defense, you will be the one that will be charged. you will be vilified and the media will come and get you. it's not just wisconsin. it's san francisco. it used to be the cleanest and safest most beautiful city. now it's a hellhole of violence. you played some of the videotape. >>f sean: the thing is this. when yous have sanctuary city ad state status, you are aiding and abetting law breaking. in some instances people commit act of violence against innocents people.
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why aren't the people who aid abet held accountable? the legal question to you. >>st well, they should be, sean. we have leaders in in country campaigning in cities like san francisco and los angeles. they are counting on voters in those places to agree with them. they won't enforce these laws and many people agree with this insanity enough that it these movements took hold in california. california led the way. greg mentioned san francisco. the 3 strikes law was for violent felonies. it was led in california. now you talk about 3 strikes and people say that's racist. we have gone the opposite direction. the inmates are running the asylum.. greg put it best in his answer. people are afraid for their life
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and safety. they are concerned about their jobs. this thing is spreading through the economy, but the good news is, in spite of tragedies, people are waking up that law and order makes sense.i defunding the police is stupid. having a secure border is the right policy. it's causing america to refocus on the things we agree with. thesee are 75% issues in in country. the democrat party has been taken over by the maniacs in their party. it's terrible for the country. they will pay a huge price. which i think is better for everyone to very quickly wake up. >> sean: look at this it video here. criminals are breaking store windows or just walk right in with a large group of people and take whatever they want and walk out. there are no consequences
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whatsoever. stores can't survive being rob to like that. then you have the more violent side of things. look at this guy's rap sheet going back decades and never spent a significant period of time he needed to spend in jail for the crimes he was convicted of. how do you get out on $1,000 bail when you tried to run over your wife the week before? he is out within days. be$1,000 bond is nothing. -- at some point here -- >> you have liberal d.a.s and judges. he has a rap sheet of charges that is 50 pages long! those arrest charges and convictions. these are violent crimes, sean. vicious beatings, domestic abuse and sex abuse and even strangulation.
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he was accused of running overer a woman with the same suv. this is a guy who should never have been walking the streets. the obvious answer is you have incredibly inept and stupid district attorneys or more likely, you have a bunch of liberal d.a.s like in los angeles who issued an order you are not oppose parole hearings. out in california. in san francisco. a man whose parents were murderers and he has spent time trying to get his dad out of prison. he condones looting and arson. he send a year message that i am going to look after you criminals and go after you
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innocent civilians. >> sean: when terry mcauliffe made comments about parents and schools. had a big impact. i would imagine between inflation, the high cost of energy, more covid deaths under biden this year than last year under trump, wide open borders and energy dependent, begging opec for energy, the disaster of afghanistan and not enforcing f the law to keep americans safe and secure, this is boomeranging back on the democrats. people are getting the message. last word? >> well, you are right. virginia was a parent revolt being told to shut up and sit down. you don't have an opinion. nothing in this country is going well under president biden. people don't feel safe and don't feel liken. we have a secure border, d they won't keep these people in office much longer.
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obviously i think that the next election is not going to be as much about the economy, although people are upset. [overlapping talking]. >> sean: that is going to be important. >> we'll be in for a cultural war as well. the democrats. won't be in good shape. >> sean: thank you both. when we come back a passionate mark levin will break down the break down of law and order and a big announcement about this show. stay with us. ♪ ♪
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>> sean: no secret the mob and media rush to judgment again and got almost all of the facts wrong about kyle rittenhouse. many of their lies were debunked during the trial and before the trail. some mob members have trouble letting go. they are wrong on every major case like trump and russian collusion that never happened. we have ferguson, missouri, baltimore, maryland. duke lacrosse and on and on. they get it wrong all the time. they are having a hard time letting this go.ry >> three people were shot and
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two people were murdered. >> the video show him running and turning around. which they said legally speaking -- >> he came there -- >> [overlapping talking]. >> that's the problem. >> i don't believe in open carry. >> sean: a question for the ladies of the "view." now, if somebody takes a loaded gun and points it at your head, what are you going to do? if y a mob chases and you gets u on the ground and are about to stomp on your face and push it into the pavement, what are you going to do? if somebody uses a skateboard to attack you, what are you going togo do? joining us now he is the host of life, liberty and levin, i call him the great one. mark levin. a lot of ground here. dying to get your thoughts.
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>> why do you care what they say on the "view." they have a negative iq of negative 17? who cares what they think? i don't. you asked earlier the break down of law and order. it has been institutionalized by the democratic party and their media. it's been institutionalized by them. the democrat party and the media is so racist now. the media. we don't have a free press. we have a tyrannical press. all you have to do is spend a couple of hours watching msnbc orit cnn, the constipated news network and you will see it. they talk about white justice and system set up for white people. that's joy reid and her limited brain capacity and tiffany is trying to outdoing joy reid. msnbc is owned by comcast. i just want everybody to know
11:28 pm
that, they own comcast. at&t they own cnn. these huge corporations are by being silenced by siding with the marxists, and the radicals. the media in this country, they are destroying this country. the rittenhouse case involved three white men. all felons. that's the commonality. one white teenager rittenhouse and white judge and white prosecutors and right defense counsel and some how it's racist. that's sick. the three people shot in the rittenhouse case were all felons. the individual who mowed down innocent human being the other night is another felon. who is it that it seeks to have felons as part of their base? bernie sanders said people still serving time should vote whether they are rapists or whatever. the democrat party campaigned
11:29 pm
for that vote and media confuse vigilanteism with good samaritan. kyle rittenhouse was a good samaritan. he wasn't a vigilante. everybody knows what a vigilante is. here is what cnn what they didn't report is the slaughter taking place in our city. black on black crime. young black men killing young black men. it never passes their lips in this white dominated society. it is an amazing thing. crt, white dominated society, but we have a real problem with the slaughter taking place in our city. here is cbs local in chicago. over 30 shootings and 6 killed. let me do something unusual that you won't hear on self-righteous msnbc or cnn.
11:30 pm
6 people died from gun violence in chicago as of saturday night. the fatal shooting a man was shot and killed and , another wounded. west angola. 35-year-old man was found inside the residence with a gunshot wound and a 45-year-old was found in a parked vehicle with gun shots to the chest and head. a 35-year-old victim was transported to the chicago fire department to the hospital and listed in good condition. a 45-year-old victim was taken to the medical center where he was pronounced dead. in another deadly incident, a 22-year-old man was shot in the head saturday afternoon. the victim was standing on the corner minding his own business had an unknown person shot him in the head. the victim died. police said a 47-year-old man was shot in a drive by.
11:31 pm
around 2:00 p.m. on saturday and he stood on the sidewalk. he suffered a gunshot wound to the lower right abdomen and taken to the hospital and pronounced dead. sunday a 19-year-old man was shot inak the shouting shore -- shot in the head in the souh shore the victim was pronounced dead at the scene. 14-year-old boy was killed in a shooting in the rose land neighborhood. police say he was near a sidewalk. these are all innocent people being slaughtered. this is only chicago. we are worried about vigilantes like kyle rittenhouse who defended himself. shot 3 felons and another felon is out driving and trying to kill people at a parade. a 16-year-old suffered a gunshot wound on saturday. police said the victim was walking when he heard shots and felt pain.
11:32 pm
the victim was transported to a hospital. a 33-year-old man was shot during a robbery. police said the victim was outside shot multiple times. by an unidentified male offender at the scene. he was shot in the head and in the arm. let's see. 27-year-old man suffered a gunshot wound in the back of the head roseland neighborhood saturday morning. the victim was transported to a medical center in critical condition. a man was shot following a verbal altercation. early saturday morning in the belmont heights neighborhood, and you know what, i have only just gotten started. here's some more. here's some i want to know on msnbc and the constipated news network why they claim to be so concerned and yet don't cover any of this. if i had not read this, it it would not be on any national television program. not one. cis
11:33 pm
why aren't people concerned about felons roaming around and joy reid said the white house -- the whites are concerned about property rights because that's what the nation was founded on. maybe next time she negotiates her contract, she can remember that. she is into property too. it's not about a white dominant society.y. it's note about corrupt judges r police or jurors. it's about a culture in decline. the culture in decline is led by the racist media in this country which appears by giant corporations, whether it is comcast, at&t or jeff bezos. they are undermining this nation and don't care for law enforcement. when they go home they are not going into these communities. it's like professional sports. they run around with stuff on
11:34 pm
their sneakers and shirts and think o they are revolutionaries meanwhile, they support communist china. they won't say anything about the uighurs being slaughtered and the christians being rounded upal and as a benton's being killed. but they will talk about slavery that occurred 250 years ago. we can talk about that. but what about modern-day humanity? no, no, no. the people on tv, they go home. people need to know. they go home and show up for the revolution in front of their camera and go back home to their nice neighborhood. i am saying this: the greatest threat we face in this country right now is the american media and the democrat partyis who are at war with our culture and our society and constitutional system. >> sean: i have a question. >> that's it, i am done. >> sean: legal remedy in a case like this?
11:35 pm
nicholas sandman you know what they did to that kid for wearing a magaga hat a pro-life rally ad they lied about him. and he has now settled with media organizations. does kyle rittenhouse have a case against the people in the media that lied and called him a white supremacist? does he have a case against biden? >> let's take based on the bill clinton biden first. case with paula jones, you can bring a civil case against somebody who becomes president of the united states. he was a private citizen and the supreme court ruling, yes, you can bring a civil case against somebody who's been president. look, even though the supreme court has rewritten in a way that protects reprobates in public office, you can overcome it.
11:36 pm
if somebody makes a definitive statement that you are a white supremacistt and they have no evidence despite all of the levels the courthouse put in place, that's a strong case. i saw tiffany on msnbc. and i don't know her last name on msnbc, even after the trial, she talked about kyle rittenhouse being a young white supremacist murderer. that's a great case. against somebody like her, as far we are not talking about as i'm concerned. defending a free press. this press is supporting activitiesde and movements that are destructive in this country. what i call this american marxist movement. if you are going on tv and be a bigot and racist and homophobe ight after night, as far as am concerned, yes. and i will one other thing. tell you they try to destroy the character of anybody who doesn't agree with them.on you could be black, brown or red. or whatever it is. if you don't join in the marxist
11:37 pm
revolution or critical race theory or climate change and don't believe in the redistribution of wealth, they start characterizing a you. they use racism. there was a study done by a guy at the heritage foundation a year ago. it's in my book. he points out that the use of white supremacy and the use of racism and so forth by the media, by the "new york times" it was up 1200%. by "the washington post" and 1500%. >> sean: mark -- >> when they talk about white racists. they are talking about all white people and including people of color who love this society and this not only that, they have an anti-semitic problem in the media. look how they protect tlaib and omar and aoc. so,
11:38 pm
we need to focus on companies like comcast, and at&t and others and go to their shareholders meetings and demanding --he >> sean: mark, i have to roll. >> without all of these racists bastards going on tv and lighting fuses all over the place for which they take no responsibilities and no consequences. that'sy it. >> sean: i did that at the patriots awards in your honor. meanwhile, back at the white house another weeks bringing a lot of bad news for joe biden. a newgi cbs news poll shows joe again under water. 56% disapproval rate. they disapprove of the way biden is handling every issue in this country. the economy, immigration reform,
11:39 pm
and of course inflation and don't forget last week quinnipiac had joe biden at a meager 36% approval. while buyers remorse for biden sweeps the nation, he doesn't seem to know or care, according to jen psaki biden intends to run for reelection this 2024. doesn't look strong enough to make it through the next 3 years.un good luck with that. anyway, whether he's running again or not, joe biden is everything we have been telling you he is since the election. since before the election. a weak, frail, cognitive mess whose incompetence and radicalism are destroying the country. here with three action former arkansas governor mike huckabee and former white press secretary. ari fleischer. start with you. 36%, 28% and it looks like the white house wants to blame kamala harris more than joe. they are both awful. okay, their policies are awful. unless they change and adopt trump's policies i don't see them fixing any of the problems
11:40 pm
they are causing. >> no, they are not going to change. theyng are dead set on running down a progressive agenda. in biden governed as a moderate joe biden would be a lot more popular with manchin on one side and republicans on the other side it would be a different america. he sold out and thrown himself into bed with the progressives. it won't end well for him or the country. >> sean: let's see what joe manchin does. governor huckabee. but i will tell you, mitch mcconnell said for two months, every republican said they would not help on the debt ceiling and they caved.. will republicans, they have not been invited into this process at all.
11:41 pm
why should they lift a finger to help in any way? >> they should not lift a finger to help. they don't have to do anything. they just need to stand back. i am sure the announcement that joe biden is planning on running for reelection in 2024, don't you know that revved up the democrats. i can't imagine how excited they are. the truth is the poll numbers you just read from cbs, it reveals to us that the turkey is having a better week than joe biden is. the turkey is going to have a really bad thursday. >> sean: [laughing]. especially my turkey. i dump it right in a butter ball turkey fryer. it's the most delicious. the question is -- bill clinton had enough sense to change course. with this new democratic socialist party there is no room
11:42 pm
for course correction here. there won't be an era of big government is over. they won't secure the borders. they won't go to energy independence. they won't cut taxes and they will keep spending. there is no way out short of becoming donald trump.wi >> instead of being somebody that the country could have supported. he said he was for unity. he hasn't governed that way. he is for liberalism. that's taken joe biden down. the american people are not liberal or woke. a faction of his party is and he put that faction first. >> sean: i got a kick out of it that kamala harris and the next day joe biden got rid of the communications director.a
11:43 pm
okay, that's like firing the coach when the team is not doing well. maybe they didn't sign the best players. my question is, why are they governing so hard left? what is the scoop jackson party of old? where are the moderate democrats? you mentioned manchin and sinema, but they are not as crazy as the crazies dominating the entire party? >> the democrats have lost touch with reality. they live in their bubble. they are funded by hollywood, silicone valley and wall street and the lobbyists in washington. they are leaning left. but the ideological heart of the democratic he really is president. party is bernie sanders. i don't know if people understand that. he just doesn't have to show up. >> sean: joe didn't know we werh paying $450,000 to illegal immigrants who don't respect our
11:44 pm
borders and sovereignty. he told our own peter doocy stop talking about this craziness. then he started defending it. i don't know what is worse, he decided to adopt it. last word. >> there is a reason he likes ice cream. he never has to worry about getting l a brain freeze. he eats it fast. >> sean: [laughing]. your daughter will be a better governor but not a better stand up comic. i'm going to appreciate both of you being tell you that. with us. up next, shocking new report about zero experience hunter biden. and a deal he made with the chinese. here is a question, are the bidens compromised my china and russia and a big announcement about this show straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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>> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> sean: a shocking report about zero experience hunter biden and the biden family syndicate. the "new york times" reported that a hunter biden firm helped a russian company purchase a cobalt mine. from an american business. that is the metal essential for
11:51 pm
manufacturing batteries and electric vehicles. talk about american-last policy. that's about it. a source said hunter did not directly profit from the deal. are we to believe he worked for free? i don't believe that. he is charging a lot of money for his paint by numbers portrait oft a crack reaction. -- addict. here with reaction jason chaffetz. buck sexton show and i don't believe he did it for free. the bigger issue that we need an answer to. joe biden is allowing vladimir putin to build-up an army on the border with ukraine. and joe biden is allowing china to fly their fighter jet over taiwan and talk about reunification.ra the bidens are compromised because hunter got money from both countries? >> that's right. the smartest person on the
11:52 pm
planet according to joe biden is hunter biden. that's his son. his son has had deals in ukraine, china, and has taken millions of dollars from the former mayor of moscow's wife and tried to do some deals with influential people in mexico. what is missing is doing deals to better the united states of america.ea he hasn't done that. and now he's got this ridiculous dealh with himself and the white house to say i will sell thishe art for $450,000 a pop. even though the united states senate the year before said that is how it needs to be a special prosecutor. russians launder money. republicans better get their act together, sean, every republican in the house and the senate should be signing to a letter demanding from the attorney general that we have to have a special prosecutor. that's what democrats did to
11:53 pm
trump and what republicans are just wimpish on. they will go into the second half of the ballgame in 2022 and say we are winning. they won't to do anything bold because they think they are winning and they will let it guy get away for free. >> sean: clay, your take? >> everything that hunter biden is doing what they all said at the "new york times" and cnn and msnbc and the "washington post" that was happening with the trump kids. can you imagine if don jr. started to tell paintings for $500,000 to russian oligarchs? or anybody in the trump family -- let's make sure we are working to get a multi--billion dollars deal through for chairman xi and everybody in china?a?
11:54 pm
can you imagine the relationship there? everything the mainstream media told you was happening with the trump kids is having with hunter biden and nobody wants to acknowledge it. we know joe biden himself was involved in all of these deals. it's shameful and pathetic. everything they accused trump of doing, joe biden and his family have done it. >> sean: 3.5 million dollars from the russian oligarch and $1.5 billion deal with the bank china and 100,000 shopping spree with china. when we come back, an announcement about tomorrow night's straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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.. >> ♪ ♪
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>> sean: that's all the time we have for tonight. tomorrow night join us 9 p.m. ian pryor. the 45th president of the united states on camera donald trump will join us for the full hour. his thoughts on joe biden and his performance and we will talk about a lot more. let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham is standing by with a great show as usual. >> laura: i look forward to president trump tomorrow night. >> sean: thank you. >> laura: that will be good. >> sean: i have a lot t laura ingrandma standing by. in 19 i look forward to donald trump tomorrow night. that is going to be good. >> a lot to ask him that might surprise you. >> we tore it up and we will pick it up where you left off. this is the ingrandma on a busy monday night. not the only concerned citizen who stepped into the chaos in kenosha last august. we wil


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