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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  November 22, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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have for tonight. tomorrow night join us 9 p.m. ian pryor. the 45th president of the united states on camera donald trump will join us for the full hour. his thoughts on joe biden and his performance and we will talk about a lot more. let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham is standing by with a great show as usual. >> laura: i look forward to president trump tomorrow night. >> sean: thank you. >> laura: that will be good. >> sean: i have a lot to ask him that it might surprise people. >> laura: i will watch it. i am laura ingraham with "the ingraham angle" on a busy monday night. kyle rittenhouse was not the only concerned citizen who stepped into the chaos in kenosha. we will speak to another individual who was there exercising his second amendment rights in an effort to keep the
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streets safe there. he will give his unique perspective. first, looting america. that's the focus of tonight's "angle." after college football games wrapped up this weekend, i actually hid the television remotes from my kids. especially this weekend. the footage of the flash mobs looting the stores in the bay area and in chicago and the horrific video of that christmas parade massacre in waukesha, wisconsin, it was too much ugliness. could not take it. i realized i have an obligation to explain this all to my kids. i told them, this is happening because liberal politicians glorified radical blm activists who market resentment nationwide. remember in the summer of 2020,
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it was gavin grovelling? >> for those of you who are out there protesting, i want you to know you matter and we care. you lost patience. so am i. you have a right to it feel the way you are feeling. >> laura: and the san francisco mayor who wanted to cut $120-million dollars from the police budget and she was profiled in "vogue" magazine. she pulled back on that idiotic ideal. thieves are not trying this nonsense in florida or texas. they are in chicago run by
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corrupt mayors like lightfoot. thieves know the chances of being prosecuted in these cities are slim to none. 17 minutes after the george floyd riots. stealing could not be easier. slap on a covid mandatd face mask and have a car waiting you are good to go. the police are branded as racists or corned by vaccine mandates. -- unspoken belief that police should not respond aggressively to property crime. it's open season on retail chains trying to get back on their fetus. -- feet. and the murder us thug just ran
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part of his ex-wife's leg over and was out on a low bail amount. he is also a registered sex offender in nevada. after all of this including the start of an internal review by the milwaukee d.a. to find out why he is out on bail. aoc is going after excessive cash bail. you can't make this up. the media moved quickly to discount the possibility of any political motive on the part of that thug. his lousy rap music is rife with violence. >> ♪ [rapping]♪.
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>> laura: the lyrics are all about revenge and the "n" word scattered that you. it's all healthy self-expression. hollywood and schools and corporate america are in a constant state of apology for america's past and presence. they idolize colin kaepernick and life in our country is vicious and unfair racist and rigged. you go on social media you will see people 2 have fancy titles next to their names making excuses for looting. we are entitled to what you have -- it goes on and on. it's called consumer reparation. you must not stop them.
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if you do they will cry racism. they even cry racism if no black person was involved in a high-profile case. >> i find these people early on. it's not just this it trial. this in particular the white that white supremacy white supremacists sell great this little white supremacist. >> this idea of white vigilante violence. white men feel they have the right to enforce the law themselves -- there is a dark edge of people celebrating this. >> laura: that's about the rittenhouse trial and verdict. there are connections among the chaos in the streets after the blake shooting and the shooting spree and the parade tragedy. all sprang where a refusal to enforce the laws as written and
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blame racism as a cover. biden sunk further into the gutter by leaning into the anger of the left after the rittenhouse verdict came out. and harris agreed there were racial undertones in rittenhouse getting off. >> the verdict speaks for itself. i spent a majority of my career working to make the criminal justice system more equitable. there is a lot more work to do. >> laura: a hit and run. says this and scoots away. can't be asked real questions about real reporters. everything we warned you about during the 2020 campaign is happening to the country we loved. efforts to defund the police led tofu -- fewer cops.
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and school boards would ruin school curriculum. and race relations would worsen trying to turn us against our own history and tradition. yet there are encouraging signs that americans don't want to live in the type of society that the democrats and the far left are building for us. african-americans are leaving chicago. hispanics are voting republicans and now asians are turning to the gop. more parents are voting with their feet and their school tuition dollars. democrats, this might be the last generation of christians to send their kids to public schools. the left is determined to turn all of them into woke
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re-education campus. the world the left is building is depressing and cynical. their response to every problem is to say america is racist and deserve what happens. and b, raise taxes and redistribute money to their cronies or c, encourage americans to lower their standard of living and expectations. the radical movement of the left started and the democrats adopted is designed to tear down the entire country. now they are beginning to tear themselves down. look at the polls. one is worse than the next for the democrats. the real victims of the looting and the lawlessness are not the wealthy. it's the people who work in the stores and own nearby businesses. a lot of these stores won't open again. why should they? modern-day liberalism sacrifices the missed class for the whims
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of the super rich. next year the democrats smash and grab will end. that's the "angle." joining me now newt gingrich author of the new book beyond biden. it's hard not to see this situation playing out in san francisco. and in chicago and wisconsin as the likely result of permissive and woke responses to criminality. >> if you wanted to undermine and destroy america u could hardly do it more effectively than what george soros and joe biden have done -- you are showing examples that are predictable. you have a communist district
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attorney, he is open a communist in san francisco who says he won't enforce the law. he won't punish criminals. what do you think will happen? you are sending a signal to every would be thug in the city: do what you want to do. on one occasion there were up to 80 people at a time looting a store. if you are a normal citizen who just using common sense, it won't take long to figure out if all your stores are looted. civilization is collapsing. you have this it tragedy in waukesha, which resembles what happened in france about a year and a half ago. somebody in a truck runs downs and kills 5 people and wounds 40 people. we will hear all of the explanations he did. that's a massacre and the person
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who did it should be treated as a terrorist. across the country, whether you are in new york or you are in wisconsin or chicago or san francisco, you have a growing sense that america is stupid, open and easy to steal from and easy to beat up. the thugs come out of the wood work. until we are prepared to turn around and say, you do stuff like this, you won't be on the street for a very long time, we will continue to have this problem. >> laura: yes. i want to play part of a shocking interview with congresswoman rashida tlaib on prison reform. >> it proposes emptying federal detention facilities within 10 years. with what extent do you release
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with the down side of releasing every person in a federal prison? >> everyone is like high my god, we will release everybody. did you see how many people are mentally ill in prison -- >> laura: this is bringing about the destruction of america and safety in the streets. >> remember, if you are not releasing prinkers from jail, you are letting in a million and 400,000 illegal immigrants with no record of their covid or criminal backgrounds. you have a whole system where build back better bill creates america as a sanctuary country giving people excuses to stay here no matter what crime they commits. my personal view is if we took
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20% of the people crossing the border, put them in nantucket and took everybody out of federal prison under tlaib's model and put them in similar places across the country, as long as you are a part of the billionaire-pro-democrat class, you will have next door neighbors of that caliber, these policies would change in 48 hours. it's the poor who get hurt. the very, very rich just hide in their sanctuaries surrounded by private security guards. >> laura: we appreciate it. and in the aftermath of the waukesha car attack that it left multiple locals dead and dozens wounded the milwaukee d.a. is looking into the low bond for
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darrell brooks. he has a checked record of misconduct and abuse. he was the force behind the john doe investigation of former governor scott walker with secret pre-dawn raids on homes for the alleged crime of campaign coordination. our next guest was a victim of these witch hunts. tell us why residents of milwaukee should know about this it chisholm character. >> well, he is corrupt in the way of abusing the powers of his office for political ends and pursuing non-criminals across the state. he conducted raids in other counties and put his top lieutenants in pursuit of walker and associates because of the pay of his staffers was reduced. he is more concerned with
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protecting the government from the people than protecting people from criminals. they allow criminals to stay on the street. chisholm needs to be removed. he could be removed by the governor or impeachment. the problem in milwaukee was similar to kenosha. playing to the woke media instead of protecting people. >> laura: i don't know where the conservatives are not running better campaigns. that's a different discussion. they are getting big support in the local races. now we are seeing the results are we not? we are seeing a guy who never should have beenlet out. let out on paltry bail.
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5 people side and children injured. this is liberalism in the united states of america. who supports this? >> it's sad and tragic. i can tell you why someone like that is still in office. consider the challenges of running against a corrupt district attorney who does political investigations and protect the cliche in power and has the newspaper with him. that's you face in these cities. anybody practicing in milwaukee county and wants to run against the district attorney who is known for doing political hits -- > laura: it's a hard campaign. i know that but we have to run better campaigns. >> [overlapping talking]. >> laura: we have to go. how did democrats become the party of lawlessness and chaos?
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look no further than the d.a.'s who allow the cities to crumble. in moments former governor chris christie is here and the road ahead for the gop. stay there. ♪ ♪ don't be fooled by the bike. or judge him by his jacket. while ted's eyes are on the road, his heart stays home. he's got gloria, and 10 grand-babies, to prove it. but his back made weekend rides tough, so ted called on the card that's even tougher.
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let him finish. >> law and order and justice when people get treated fairly. >> laura: he means what the left means now. embodening criminals. no bigger propoint than george soros trying to put the most radical d.a.'s in office -- let's look at his track record. he charged people with theft in less than 50% of cases since high started. there is gascon in l.a. halted bail requests and banned
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prosecutors from seeking sentencing enhancement. one mother whose son was brutally murdered told me how she feels. >> i feel let down by george gascon. i think he is a danger to l.a. county. criminals are considered victims. it's the other way around. they are getting more justice than we the victims are. it's not right. >> laura: in cook county chicago figure, fox dismissed tens of thousands of felony cases during her first years. one won't prosecute for shoplifting if it's for
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necessities. what do the democrats become the party of chaos and lawlessness. we are joined by chris christie former new jersey governor and author of the new book, "republican rescue." i want to get your take on what these d.a.'s given your former life as a prosecutor, what these d.a.'s are doing to these cities across the country. >> they are wrecking them and wrecking the livelihoods of businesses. they are wrecking the quality of life for citizens. they are doing it for political purposes. it's an extraordinary thing to watch as a former prosecutor. our job as prosecutor is to make sure the law is enforced fairly
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and firmly. what they are doing out there now is creating mayhem. police are backing off of their job because they know they won't be supported by the prosecutors which are the second half of the law enforcement equation. police officers keeping the order on streets by performing arrests. then the prosecutors backing them up by putting those people in jail. you have some of the worst and most violent criminals getting back out on the street. intimidating witnesses against their crime. some some instances killing witnesses. even when that exists you have gascon who are out there saying we won't prosecute these crimes. i was in los angeles this week. it's a much different looking city than 5 years ago. >> laura: it's heart breaking and we talked about what happened in milwaukee. a thug released with little
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concern about what will happen to the public once when he gets out again. unbelievable. governor, your book. getting a lot of play with your book. in part you accuse trump of engaging when what you called vendetta politics and dwelling in the past on what happened in the 2020 election. explain what vendetta politics it is? >> what i said in the book it's a party it's not useful for donald trump or anybody else to be looking backwards when you see the extraordinary tragedies that are going on in this country every day. we talked about some of the them. the democratic policies and we are looking at huge inflation and failures in afghanistan and around the world. we are looking at huge spending that it will bankrupt this country and our children and grandchildren. those are the things we should spend every day talking about and contrasting what we would do
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for this country as republicans versus what others would do. any time we spend looking backwards distracting from the mission of defeating joe biden and kamala harris. we can't lose another day. they would give benefits out that would be hard to get back after we retake government. that's what i am focussed on is stopping joe biden. we should focus on 2020 anymore. that election is over. we have to move forward. >> laura: believe that election integrity matters. you were always in favor of the voter i.d.? >> absolutely. >> laura: so that's important. if there are issues states should address those issues and track ballots and make sure
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everything is done correctly? >> absolutely. that's a forward looking issue. we know what happened in 2020 when the voting laws were change improperly and the confusion and people's concern about integrity. that's why i supported the georgia voting changes very strongly. support the texas voting changes that were put into place by governor abbott. every other place in this country where a republican governor is leading the way to change voting. making sure vote count happen more quickly. voter i.d. is an absolute necessity. in the office buildings in washington, d.c. they would recognize me and say hello, governor and ask for my i.d. so not having voter i.d. is ridiculous. >> laura: but you would support
7:30 pm
donald trump and not support joe biden? >> i answered it question today on the pbs news hour. they asked could you vote for joe biden? i said absolutely not. i didn't vote for him in 2020 and would not in 2024. i can't support bernie sanders or elizabeth warren. going through the list of the people standing on that stage in it 2020 and assume any one is the nominee.2020 and assume any nominee. >> laura: what you don't like about trump is the back ward looking stuff. the policies you like? >> the line to support donald trump starts behind him. i stood up for him as a chairman of transition. but we lost, laura. we have to get back to winning.
7:31 pm
we see the ramifications of not winning. >> laura: absolutely. >> with the spending and the crime and everything else. >> laura: i said that at day after the election. move forward. >> stop complaining and work to be a contrast to joe biden and stop him in his tracks in it 2022. every minute we spend looking backward is a minute we are not stopping them. >> laura: kyle rittenhouse not the only armed citizens on the streets in kenosha in august, 2020. we will speak to ken who was can kyle that night. he will explain what people are getting wrong. stay there. they guide me with achievable steps that give me confidence. this is my granddaughter...she's cute like her grandpa.
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but i didn't think they got the support they needed. the national guard should have been called. august 23rd. the city of kenosha failed the community. the governor tony evers failed the community and there should have been more resources. >> laura: kyle rittenhouse and others stepped in to keep kenosha from burning to the ground. the citizens stepped up to protect the community. kyle was not alone. my next guest was armed and with him although he did not know him. kevin a former alderman in kenosha. what is the biggest misconception that night. you were there and at the trial every day. >> well, a few.
7:38 pm
the misconception that kyle was a white supremacist. the only time i have ever seen a white kid shoot three other white people and be called a white supremacist. race had nothing to do with this. this was a city abandoned by our leaders. the mayor, the sheriff, and the governor all democrats were too afraid and too proud to ask president trump for help. they didn't want to do it. they wanted to show us they were big boys and could take care of it on their own. they could not. we didn't have the resources we needed. i think the phrase was given, some lines got crossed. that's not what happens when you are an elected leader. you get the help as soon as you can. i watched that video that went viral within minutes. the shooting of jacob blake. anybody knew this was going to get bad and we would have riots on our hands.
7:39 pm
we didn't get the help requested we needed. >> laura: kevin, your message to people tonight is don't let your city burn? don't let your city be destroyed. do what you can within the boundaries of the law and your constitutional rights to protect your city? >> absolutely. we have the right to openly carry arms. that's what i did and hundreds ever other kenosha residents did. help was not coming. the fire trucks were not putting out fires and the police were not coming when you called them. i didn't want to watch my old neighborhood burn to the ground. the talking point is they were just businesses. no they had residential units on the second and third floors. to watch them burn and the seriousness be dismissed because it's just property rubbed me the
7:40 pm
wrong way. i have an ar-15. i will roundup some like-minded people on facebook and it exploded. thousands responded to my call to arms. it was said during the trial on the 25th the night of the shootings there was an influx of armed civilians. really a dedecrease in the amount of destruction and fires. that was no coincidence. >> laura: the "new york times" is blaming if you for the unrest that night -- they wrote you wrote on the facebook page urging them to take to the streets to defend the city. it brought dozens of mostly white armed para-militaries into the streets of the small downtown creating a heavily armed confrontation that came to a head with the rittenhouse
7:41 pm
shooting? >> that's not what happened. there was a vacuum of people helping others. that vacuum was filled by folks like kyle rittenhouse who was not even an adult who felt the urge to help others. i didn't do anything that was not supported strongly by the first and second amendment. we were not vigilantes. we wanted to protect the police officers from getting knock unconscience or a 71-year-old man beat to where he had to his jaw wired. >> laura: did the police officers thank you? >> no, there are liabilities with things on that. -- boots on the ground, they appreciated us being out there. the leadership, the democratic sheriff, they would not over too well. but we knew they supported us.
7:42 pm
>> laura: thank you. the more we hear, the more we learn. now victor davis hanson. soon to be failed gubernatorial candidate beto o'rourke revealed what the left is using the entire rittenhouse case for. >> this entire tragedy makes the case that we should not allow our fellow americans to own and use weapons that were originally designed for battleground use. the ar-15 and ak-47 has one purpose. killing people as efficiently and in great in number in as little time as possible. we saw that in kenosha. >> laura: victor, they don't want citizens to protection themselvesine when the police and local officials will not. >> yes, that's what the rittenhouse trial is all about.
7:43 pm
it was one of the most important trials in our lifetime. this old academic idea that crime was a social construct and laws were created by the elite to protect people of color filtered into the police. the police won't enforce the law. or the prosecutors won't prosecute crimes and you end up with kenosha. what does a citizen have recourse to do? they have second amendment rights. you go after that and you say, well you may have the right to bear arms, but if you injure somebody or kill them, we will go after you. if he had not shot that gun, he probably would have been beaten to death. there might have been a good likelihood the person who killed him would not be prosecuted. what we are doing is making the district attorney the most powerful person in america. they have a monopoly on not
7:44 pm
prosecuting criminals. the only recourse is taken away. that's what beto wants and what the left wanted for a long time am we have this discussion in america. on the border and on afghanistan and on the supply chain and on gas and inflation. the characters change but the central issue is the same. you can't have a civilization as it collapses, the left is trying to trying to strip away the constitutional protections of the citizens that they have no recourse, but beg the district attorney, please protect us. we may or may not depending on what you are willing to do with us. that's barbism is all about.
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>> laura: president biden got his long awaited physical friday, but there was one test missing. president trump's white house doctor reveals why in a matter of moments.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> you have taken a cognitive?
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>> no, why the hell would i take a test? come on, man! >> laura: he had pep in his step back then. we hoped during biden's first physical as a president that the cognitive test would happen and even gupta was surprised it didn't. >> i read carely and they missed neurological exam but that was testing more strength -- for president biden we did not see any kind of test like that performed. >> laura: joining me now is a congressman. how would we know that without a cognitive test? is that important in your
7:51 pm
estimation? >> it's absolutely important. the man is 79 years old. 50% of the united states population didn't believe that he is mentally fit to lead this country as our commander-in-chief and head of state. dr. o'connor spent 6 pages talking about useless stuff that no one cares about and did not address the elephant in the room: if is this man cognitively fit to be our president. president trump was the president to get it done. i was 100% sure there was not one thing wrong with president trump. he said i have nothing to hide. they are sure biden would not do well on the test. they know he would fail and validate what the public thinks about him.
7:52 pm
he is not fit to be our commander-in-chief. >> laura: they went on and on about trump's cognitive test. it was the most ridiculous thing. anyone who spends time with president trump there are no issues with his cognitive abilities for sure. all of the things the white house physician said he checked: dentistry and cardiology and dermatology. that sounds like a bad scrapple contest. dentistry? why do we care if he needs a root canal or not? this makes no sense. >> he is trying to fill the report. trying to fill 6 pages. he should have gotten up there. dr. o'connor, i don't want a lot of respect for the man. he should have gotten up there
7:53 pm
and stood before the press. when i did president trump's physical exam and did the cognitive test. i stood in the press briefing room for an hour and 15 minutes and answered every question regarding his physical exam. here we have a useless written report. >> laura: the white house did make a big announcement today. watch. >> president biden was telling allies he will run for reelection in 2024. you can confirm that? >> yes, that's his intention. >> laura: jen psaki didn't even seem to believe that. that's his intention. what does biden look like in 2024? maybe they will come out with the cognitive test in 2023? >> there is no way. he won't run for president for a second term. he will be 82 years old.
7:54 pm
i will stick to what i said all along. he won't make it to the end of this term. they will remove him. after the 2022 mid-terms they have to address his cognitive issues. democrats will have to explain what is going on with him. there are people in the white house right now -- kamala harris thinks i will be president pretty soon and she probably is right. that's the only way she will ever become president. she won't get elected. an incentive to get him out of there. >> laura: perish the thought. you have a special freedom matters announcement for christmas.
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♪ ♪ >> laura: okay,
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