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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  November 22, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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>> judge jeanine: i'm on tucker tonight. interview with rittenhouse and come to me at the end. >> jesse: "watters' world" originals have expose on gutfeld. >> dana: must see tv tonight? >> harold: signing a magazine cover. >> dana: that's it for us, everyone, "special report" is coming up next, hi, bret. >> bret: does anybody else have any shows? [laughter] they would like to promote? >> dana: have a good one. should have tiger woods on gutfeld. >> dana: is he going to get right on that. >> bret: good evening. i'm bret baier. breaking tonight, sad news. five people are dead and dozens injured after a driver plowed his suv into a group of people watching a christmas parade in waukesha, wisconsin, sunday. the mayor of that city today called it a horrible and senseless act. a 39-year-old man with an extensive criminal history is now in custody. authorities say he was out on bail and had been involved in a
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domestic disturbance just minutes before this tragedy. we have images to show you. some of them are disturbing. correspondent matt finn is live in waukesha tonight with this tragic story. good evening, matt. >> good evening, bret. this is the parade route behind me now in downtown walk saw. calm and quite. this area was bustling with cheerful shoppers and parade goers before the unimaginable happened. [screams] >> more eyewitness video is emerging revealing the horrifying moments the speeding red suv suddenly plows through the joyful waukesha christmas parade sunday afternoon. one woman who shot aerial video of the massacre said it appeared intention ball. >> there is nothing that makes sense about this at all. the car didn't stop. he went completely down the end of the block. >> darrell e. brooks jr. was the alleged driver acting by
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himself. authorities say they do not consider this a terror attack. police say before the car attack, they were responding to a domestic disturbance call involving brooks. brooks left the scene. police say he then drove through a barricade and onto the parade route. brooks has extensive criminal history dating back to 1999 including multiple felonies. court documents reveal brooks just posted $1,000 bail on charges that he intentionally ran over the mother of his child with his vehicle. police records read in part, quote: officers observed swelling to her lip and dried blood on her face, tire tracks on her left pants leg. prosecutors are now conducting an internal review into their own decision to make an inappropriately low bail recommendation for brooks. [screams] police now say five people are dead. ranging in age from 52 to 81 years old. in all, 18 children, ages 3 to 16 were taken to the hospital, six are in critical condition.
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just days before thanksgiving, the milwaukee suburb that was welcoming the season of light with a parade is now in dark mourning. >> last night our wonderful waukesha parade became the scene of a horrific tragedy. last night that parade became a nightmare. >> and today police announced they will seek five charges of first degree murder against darrell brooks who we also have just learned has an active warrant in nevada for failing to obey sex offender laws. >> matt ninel waukesha, thank you. the prosecutor in the case of three white men accused of murdering a black man in south georgia say they had no cause to chase ahmad arbery when he was running through their neighborhood. the defense meantime claims arbery violently resisted a legal effort to detain him. steve harrigan is live in brunswick, georgia with the latest. good evening, steve. >> good evening, bret.
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we had closing arguments all day today. expected to wrap up tomorrow and then go to the jury. defense attorneys tried to make the case that their clients were trying to perform a citizen arrests that the three white men were trying to stop and detain 25-year-old ahmad arbery. they claimed he entered a house under construction on a noiive occasion without permission. even though nothing was stolen arbery was not a jogger but a burglar. >> you a ahmad arbery was not a victim plundering through house on may 23rd. just as he wasn't an innocent victim all the other nights. >> the attorney for the admitted shooter travis mcmichael said mcmichael acted in self-defense. that he used his 12-gauge shotgun against a charging arbery who was charing with his fist. the prosecutor said it was the three white men who were, in
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fact, the aggressors that they used two weapons and two pickup trucks to pen arbery in, quote, like a rat. >> you know what's going on here. mr. arbery under attack. they committed four felonies against him. those are the four felonies in the indictment. then they shot and killed him not because he is a threat to them but because he wouldn't stop and talk to them and they were going to make him, actually make him stop. >> all three men now face felony murder charges as well as murder with malice. the crowd has changed somewhat this week. today a number of people in black uniforms and concealed faces carrying rifles last week it was a crowd of in front of the courthouse several hundred black pastors. bret, back to you.
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>> steve in brunswick federal reserve for the next four years and it is another blow to progressives in his party. current chairman jerome powell is being asked to return. in comes as the biden economy sees inflation on the rise. and the president's approval rankings on the decline. white house correspondent peter doocy has the story live from the north lawn, good evening, peter. >> good evening, bret. elizabeth warren is already promising to vote know on j. powell for fed chair the one time trump appointee can count on some republican help in the senate as president biden looks for help from the federal reserve not just on the bloonking but. >> we need stability and independence at the federal reserve. >> and the president argues the economy since he took over is doing great. >> our economy is creating jobs, lots of jobs. >> as the first family prepares
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for thanksgiving in nantucket. >> happy holidays. have great thanksgiving. >> 64% of voters concerned about gifts unaffordable from inflation. and 62% worry about late gifts due to the supply chain. i think this conversation thanksgiving dinner going to focus in part on how expensive the dinner was this year. >> biden officials are aware. >> there is no question inflation is high and it's affecting american consumers and it's affecting their outlook. >> biden officials argue the solution is more government spending in the build back better plan. progressives are stressing it won't be big enough with alexandria ocasio-cortez telling the "new york times" why are we taking this as a legislative compromise when the opportunity is so much greater or when biden could do this stuff with the stroke of a pen and just reminding us that he is choosing not to? president biden holds jay powell can help keep inflation under control. >> in 2018 he was confirmed with 84 votes in the united states senator. >> then senator kamala harris wasn't one of them and she didn't attend today's ceremony.
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only appearing either. >> why is jay powell the right pick. >> a trump appointee focus more on climate. >> we have to make sure our financial system can withstand climate change and prepared to transition to clean energy. >> clean energy is a ways away though. thinking of tapping the strategic petroleum reserve after admitting it won't do much. >> probably reduce the price of gas maybe 18 cents or so. a gallon. >> the president celebrated his 79th birthday this weekend. this afew moments ago landed at fort bragg. during the trip down jen psaki was asked about recent palace intrigue involving the vice president and she said that as of right now president biden does intend to run for re-election in 2024. bret? >> bret: peter, what are white house officials saying about the
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russian troops massing at the border with ukraine. >> this is brand new. they are concerned about troops massing on the border with ukraine. they are calling tonight for moscow to deescalate. so far no details available about a potential biden-putin virtual meeting and no details about possibly sending u.s. military equipment to the ukrainian side of the border. at least not yet. bret? >> peter doocy live on the north lawn, thank you. the committee investigating the including former trump ally roger stone and media personality alex jones. the subpoenas include demands for documents and testimony from stone and jones as well as three other people accused of organizing and promoting the events of january 6th. let's talk about the economy and other topics with california democratic congressman roe canna, congressman, thanks for being here. >> thank you, bret.
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we heard in the story from peter doocy about inflation. graphics, food 5.3%. energy 30%. and then you look at the thanksgiving items which everybody is focused on this week and the costs that are up for all of in this week. at the same time, you have senator joe manchin saying that this bill that is headed their way for the senate is concerning to him. take a listen. >> come out with an estimate that said the cost of the bill will be twice as much if they are extended. >> we is known that for quite some time. >> what is your position on that. >> it's concerning, sure, it's concerning. >> bret: concerning. he said that these policies in the bill that you all passed the house, are kind of sun setted early and would last a long time. therefore, costs a lot more. your response? >> bret, the president's biggest focus, democrats in congress biggest foe success is
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inflation. there is no doubted that prices are up. prices of gas are up. prices of food are un. people are hurting. here is what we need to do. we need to release the strategic petroleum reserve, we need to have a tempered ban on the export of oil and bring gas prices down. build back better will help with the supply chain issue it will help bring people into the workforce and ease some of the inflationary pressures. i believe the bill will actually help solve the problem. >> bret: you know, one of the first things president biden did was cut off the keystone xl pipeline. now get a release from the strategic reserve. seems kind of a different move. bret. >> bret, production was down because the price of oil was down. increase production it would be a year or two years out. most immediate things do strategic reserve call on allies
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and make sure we are not exporting oil. i'm not sure why we are sending oil overseas instead of having americans have that oil to reduce gas prices. look, i'm not going to deny that gas prices are up and we need to take action. >> bret: congressman, i want to get just a little bit into the weeds here. this is from larry lindsey, used to be the director of the 2345rb8 economic economic counsel sphril george bush letter sends out to hundreds of different people. the bill's biggest impact on growth will be through changes in the effective tax on business, cap tylenol tall investment. under existing law many are expensed the cost of new capitol investment is deducted against income in the year of the purchase. many firms use straight line depreciation deducting the same amount each year. one reason to do so is because book profits are reported to shareholders and do not have the tax consequence. so using straight line depreciation boosts current publicly reported profits for firms that are rapidly expanding their capitol stock. getting to it here. the effects can be far from
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trivial. the penn wharton computer budget model found this policy change will reduce long run capital stock by 7.9%. assuming the bill's temporary provisions are extended that would imply that long run potential g.d.p. would be 2.5 points lower under build back better. for a lot of businesses, that's scary, congressman. i respectfully disagree with the analysis. the problem in this country was not been investment and capital. the markets has been huge. appreciate. the problem has been the working class. i guess my interest is henning the working class. that's what this is going to do. reduce costs for them. reduce costs on child care reduce cost for kid's preschool. provide them with a tax cut. the philosophical difference is do you want to help the capital owners or help the workers build back better working class? >> bret: from a progressive caucus point of view, do you
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trust mat moderates in the senate are not going to change this bill enough when it comes back to you you are going to say this isn't what we bought in for? >> fair question. i believe some changes will be made. that's democracy. is it the exact bill i will right? probably not. is it a bill i will almost certainly vote for yes we have to compromise. progressive also compromise to help deliver for the working class. >> bret: are you concerned about the president's approval right now? he has announced that he is going to run again in 2024 as you look at approval polls across the country, do you worry about that. >> there is no question that he is going to have to be at a higher number hopefully before the midterms and certainly before his re-election. as you know, these things go in cycles, president reagan who left very high approval ratings was not doing well well before the first midterm president
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clinton had the same thing. i believe he will rebound once people see the impact of the legislation helping the working class. >> bret: congressman ro khanna, we appreciate your time, thanks a lot. >> appreciate it, bret. >> bret: stocks are mixed today, the dow gained 17, the s&p 500 lost 15, the nasdaq plunged 203 today. up next, we will talk about the reaction to the rocky mountainse verdict. >> there is no heros in this case. i defenderred myself. i was attacked. >> bret: but, first, today is the 58th anniversary of the assassination of president john kennedy. it happened on november 22nd, 1963, the president was riding in a motorcade through daily plaza in dallas, texas, when he was shot and killed. vice president linden johnson became president aboard air force one bound for washington.
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>> for me, it is a deep personal tragedy. i know that the world shares the sorrow that mrs. kennedy and her family bear. >> bret: the man arrested for the shooting lee harveyy oswald killed by a local nightclub owner as he was being transported from police headquarters to county jail. president biden in recent days once again delayed the public release of thousands of pages of government documents, tied to this assassination. ♪♪it's a most unusual day♪♪ ♪♪feel like throwing my worries away♪♪ ♪♪as an old native-born californian would say♪♪ ♪♪it's a most unusual day♪♪ ♪♪it's a most unusual sky♪♪ ♪♪not a sign of a cloud passing by♪♪
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>> bret: jeff bezos is donating $100 billion foundation john lewis. bezos asked center named the john lewis plaza. officials at new york university langone health say they had received a $166 million gift from bezos and his wife we will hear directly from kyle rittenhouse tonight as he speaks to our own tucker carlson 8:00 p.m. eastern time. the reaction to his acquittal on charges of killing two men and
3:21 pm
injuring another continues to polarize the nation. kevin corke has details tonight. good evening, kevin. >> good evening, bret. kyle rittenhouse emphatically denies that race had anything to do with the shootings in kenosha, furthermore, as you will see n preview clip in sit down interview with tucker carlson in thinks mind, which of course followed the shootings was about much more than rittenhouse himself. >> they are saying that can you go out and riot and attack anybody and you will have the support from the media and the politicians to do whatever you want and kill innocent people and if they defend yourself you are named a hero. that's the message that i believe is being spread. >> bret, rittenhouse's days of being involved in court cases may not be over. you may recall that then candidate joe biden's key pickings of rittenhouse was part of a video montage in which former president trump refused to call out white supremacists in a debate that video included a image of rittenhouse which may
3:22 pm
be grounds for a lawsuit that according to todd mchurty, the lawyer who represented nicholas sandmann in the covington, kentucky case. quote, what you take from that tweet is kyle rittenhouse was using his rifle and engaging in white supremacist misconduct so it's actionable. more recently as in the wake of the acquittal, mr. biden said he respected the jury's decision but felt angry and concerned over the verdict. his vice president kamala harris meanwhile said this. >> the verdict really speaks for itself. as many of you know, i have spent the majority of my career working to make the criminal justice system more equitable and clearly there is a lot more work to do. >> meantime media critics point out that numerous organizations around the globe, including major outfits in brazil, holland and the u.k. have repeatedly reported that people killed in kenosha were black, which, of course, isn't true. it's a falsehood say critics that has been shaped by members of the american media, many of whom fomented the very narrative
3:23 pm
despite the fact that rittenhouse and all those involved in the shootings were, in fact, white. bret? >> bret: kevin, thank you. you can see tucker carlson's interview with kyle rittenhouse tonight 8:00 p.m. eastern time right here on fox. up next, what could be a missing piece of the puzzle about the origins of the coronavirus. first, here is what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox 5 in new york 7 people injured during a fire at midtown high rise under construction. the fire department has released the cause of that incident. fox 2 in san francisco as burglars strike a jewelry store at a mall in hayward broke through several glass cases stealing unknown amount of merchandise. the third large smash and grab robbery in just three days. police say they're looking for nine suspects. and this is a live look at minneapolis from our affiliate there fox 9. the big story there tonight, target will no longer open its
3:24 pm
doors on thanksgiving day. this distribution and call centers will have some staff but stores will remain closed. the chain's ceo says the move recognizes target's ability to deliver on holiday wishes both within and beyond store hours. that is tonight's live live look outside the beltway from "special report," we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪day to night to morning,♪ ♪keep with me in the moment♪ ♪i'd let you had i known it, why don't you say so?♪ ♪didn't even notice,♪ ♪no punches left to roll with♪ ♪you got to keep me focused♪ [ sneeze ] ♪no punches left to roll with♪ are you ok? oh, it's just a cold. if you have high blood pressure, a cold is not just a cold. unlike other cold medicines, coricidin provides powerful cold relief
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♪ >> bret: we are learning new information tonight that might be a missing piece of the puzzle about the origins of the coronavirus. the trail goes through loos and that could be a key development state department correspondent ben extra minute hall tells us about it tonight in. >> a cave thousand of miles from wuhan bats bats 90% genetically for the virus killing millions of people. nothing connected these bats to the wuhan instituted of virology until now. based on u.s. government documents released under freedom of information act, viral samples from those bats were being collected and sent to the wuhan lab to study right up until a few months before the pandemic began a direct link
3:29 pm
between the two. >> if we can find a very close relative of sars cov 2 being taken to wuhan, and/or manipulated in the lab when it got there, then we will be closer to understanding what happened. >> the chinese government has refused access to caves from which other coronavirus samples were collected. but if the source actually leads to neighboring loos. it opens the door for western investigators to finally gain access which could be a break through. the state department won't mention the lab leak theory but says they are still looking at the origin. >> this is about preparing the world, ensuring that the world is most prepared for, most resilient against a potential future pandemic. >> these new reports come on the heels of president biden's meeting with his chinese court part xi jinping yield nod discussion about cooperate and share data. >> china is a massive public health crisis and we can't
3:30 pm
afford another covid. we need get to the about the of what happened with this pandemic so that it never happens again. >> and, bret, another report that's just come out in the journal of science suggests that the renal original w.h.o. investigation of the ohr jibs of covid was fundamentally flawed chronologically many of those cases had nothing to do with the wuhan wet market a narrative china was suggesting so long that suggests patient zero is a long way from being found and lab leak theory remains a very real possibility. bret? >> bret: we'll stay on this story. benjamin hall thank you. a scandal dating back to last year's presidential campaign. it concerns hunter biden investment deal with the chinese state-backed company and be what newly uncovered records indicate. here is news correspondent william longness. >> hunter biden flew with his father, then vice president, to china in 2013. at the time the media thoughts it was no big deal. six years later neither did joe. >> how many times have you ever
3:31 pm
spoken to your son about his overseas business dealings? >> i have never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings. >> now, however, that trip and hunter's ties to china are coming under renewed scrutiny. >> it seems complicated and shady and something that you would expect from hunter biden. >> 10 days after that trip, hunter formed bo harvest investments a private equity fund that according to the "new york times" later helped a chinese company acquire cobalt mine in the congo in central africa. why does it matter? cobalt is a scarce metal, essential for electric car batteries. >> i told you guys i recommend him. >> in 2016 at the time of the purchase, the obama-biden white house provided $4.5 billion to help power electric cars and today president biden wants to go entirely electric making manufacturers dependent on the very cobalt mines his son helped sell to the chinese. >> we all knew hunter biden is a
3:32 pm
walking talking conflict of interest. i have been been saying for months hunter biden is a national security threat this is further proof. >> president biden claims no knowledge of his son's connection to the sale but 10% owner of bohi hunter was entitled to significant profits. those involved told the times they're uncertain why hunter biden was part of the deal. however, should the gop retake congress in 2022, republicans vow to find out. bret? >> bret: william, thank you. >> we have bad development for former new york governor andrew cuomo and the investigation into sexual harassment a allegations. >> i want you to know directly from me that i never touched anyone inappropriately or made inappropriate sexual advances. ♪ ♪ eciate that liberty mutual knows everyone's unique. that's why they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. [ ferry horn honks ]
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♪ ♪ >> bret: pennsylvania republican senate candidate sean parnell is
3:37 pm
suspending his campaign after losing a court fight over custody of his three children. parnell says is he devastated by the ruling and will ask the judge to reconsider. parnell was endorsed by former president donald trump. the senate seat is opening up with the retirement in 2023 of two term republican pat toomey. serious new trouble for former new york governor andrew cuomo. a legislative investigation has found what it calls overwhelming evidence that cuomo engaged in sexual harassment and ordered state employees to help produce his book during work hours. details now from correspondent david lee miller in new york city. >> an impeachment investigation into former new york governor andrew cuomo found overwhelming evidence of wrongdoing while he was in office. although cuomo has long since resigned the findings of investigators released in 36-page report concluded among other things that the former governor engaged in multiple
3:38 pm
cases of sexual assault. the quote focused on his assistant who in a separate criminal action accused cuomo of groping her breast. the investigation was conducted by a private law firm commissioned by the state assembly. >> it created a hostile work environment in which it was almost the executive office was a frat house and that contributed to an environment in which andrew cuomo assaulted, an employee. >> investigators also found cuomo improperly used state workers and equipment to write a memoir that made him at least $5 million. the report said cuomo, quote: utilized state resources and property, including work by executive chamber staff to write, publish and promote his book regarding the handling of the cuomo crisis. while the book was a victory lap for leadership during the pandemic. the report disputed some of its claims it said cuomo, quote, was not fully transparent regarding
3:39 pm
the number of nursing home residents who died as a result of covid-19. a spokesman for cuomo issued a detailed statement attacking all the reports' findings and concluding, quote, the truth will come out. despite cuomo's legal problems, there is speculation he still has political ambition even a fellow democrat says his days in government should be over. for office. >> some republican lawmakers say cuomo must be impeached to be held accountable for his actions, the report says that's not an option because he is no longer in office. bret? >> bret: david lee miller in new york city. thanks. the up next the new fed chairman the same as the old fed chairman? probably. progressives demand build back better stay close to the same. we will get reaction from the panel. first, beyond our borders tonight. rioting over a vaccine mandate for healthcare workers and other coronavirus rules sparks violent
3:40 pm
protests across the french caribbean island of gwatney loop. police tried to several injuries were originally arrested in connection with one of the cases, but signed a deal to provide investigators with recordings and conversations of netanyahu and his family. a trial is expected to take years. just couple stories beyond our borders tonight, we'll be right back. we've been waiting all year to come together. happy holidays from lexus. get $1,500 lease cash toward a 2022 rx 350. (kate) at verizon, we want to put the power of 5g
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♪ >> look at my presidency so far, it's a jobs presidency. and it's a small business presidency. while other countries are stumbling out of this pandemic, we are racing ahead. we are in a position to attack inflation from the position of strength, not weakness. i believe jay is the right person to see us through and finish that effort. >> we are seeing not just the highest inflation in 30 years since the president took office, it's actually on par to be the
3:45 pm
highest inflation in 40 years in both the president, the speaker and the fed has gotten this wrong for most of this year. >> well, president biden nominating the current fed chair jay powell to another four year term. still has to go up to capitol hill. that is not making progressives very happy. that and a number of other developments. let's bring in our panel fox news senior political analyst brit hume, publisher of the federalist. juan williams fox news analyst and trey gowdy former congressman from south carolina. brit, some people were surprised jay powell was nominated again. that there might have been this effort to kind of say that that is a trump era appointment and move on. but, the markets, obviously, thought it was okay. >> well, i think a lot of people were surprised and perhaps but probably relieved as well because with biden, you don't know what kind of a lulu he might nominate to an important
3:46 pm
job like that. a lot of people thought jay powell did well. he responded promptly and forcefully when the economy started to crater and the covid shutdowns and the pandemic. flooding the economy with cash. now, of course, now we have a problem inflation possibly a predict being result of all of that and other policies as well. so he faces a challenge of trying to get inflation under control. no matter what wind says we are going a tack inflation. when you attack inflation, there is no way to do it when it is a pleasant experience for the economy tore the people in it. it never has been. so, this is -- it's often described as taking the punch bowl away which is a rather gentle way of saying that you are going to make money tighter and it's going to be tough for people. that he was the challenge he faces. i suspect he will be confirmed. elizabeth warren notwithstanding. >> bret: trey, putting the lulus
3:47 pm
aside, jay powell obviously has an uphill battle here and he is, you know, some people argued that he didn't act because he wanted to keep this job. >> well, you know, bret, elizabeth warren said he was dangerous and a failed leader so i am struck by how little influence he has within the democrat party. i mean, she openly campaigned for him not to get this reappointment and he is. but there are progressives like sherrod brown and others who have spoken highly of him. so given how badly the comptroller of the currency nominee is and she is not going to make it through, jay powell will make it through and elizabeth warren's influence continues to be about the same as the members of your panel tonight. >> bret: will, what about juan, what aboutprogressives. handed this build back better from the house to the senate. most, including ro khanna
3:48 pm
expected to come back in a different version. and some are worried that it's not going to be good enough for them to pass. >> well, i think the news here is a matter of, you know, progression, what we know is that speaker pelosi, president biden, the majority leader in the senate, the democrat chuck schumer have all been in touch as the bill made its way through the house and now comes to the senate where joe manchin, kyrsten sinema, those two senators who have had some concerns are waiting. it's not going to come to them cold it will come to them as a part of this larger ongoing discussion. but, you know, i think it's a very important point to say here that president biden clearly is no socialist. is he no bernie sanders he is not even elizabeth warren calling for more regulation of banks to help consumers because jay powell has been opposed
3:49 pm
that. that of nominee, the markets went up as a result. and i think what you are going to see from joe biden going forward with jay powell's help is talk about the fact that this administration and this control of the fed has led to 5 million new jobs record in calendar year. you have seen the stock market grow 25% in this year, which is amazing. and we have seen g.d.p. now forecasted it's going to be five percent which would be the most since 84. >> bret: also we saw inflation 31 year high and a lot of people, juan, looking at joe biden as a candidate and what he legislatively is pushing saying that he is far more left than he was on the campaign trail. speaking of left. here is alexandria ocasio-cortez, congresswoman from new york saying to the "new york times" there is a enormous
3:50 pm
amount of executive action that they're sitting on that i think is underutilized on student loans. beingsive action on the table with respect to climate there are certainly things we can do with immigration. frustration is there. and it's part of why the progressive caucus was holding out on passing both of these two pieces of legislation together. because, like, listen, we're not going to take these empty promises anymore. you know, ben, neither is joe margen as far as what that bill contains. >> when you look at the situation that democrats face right now. they are in this ticking clock scenario where you are not going to be able to get anything out of any future congresses, so you are trying to get as much as you can out of the existing one. it's one of the reasons why the congressional leadership under nancy pelosi really didn't care about all these fights.
3:51 pm
they don't really care what's happening because they are all headed toward the exit. when it comes to, you know, what is happening under their watch, currently, they are really just disconnected from any of the kind of ramifications politically that they could be facing when it comes to the midterms because they don't really care about it anymore. and this is the downside of the lessons that were learned under the obamacare experience. where you basically shove something through that was unpopular without any kind of expectation that you were going to be able to run on it in the future this scenario this sort of thing is cropping up under the build back better plan and everything that's going to come under it. there is no expectation that you are going to run on this in a way that's going to support your ability to come back to the congress. >> bret: well, speaking of running on it, brit, the white house confirming that president
3:52 pm
biden is planning on running again in 2024. telling allies that this as approval ratings are dropping not only for him but for vice president harris, what do you make of that public declaration now about 2024. >> i don't think it's at all clear that he intends to run again, but i do think as a political matter, you have to say that. because if you suggest or hint or outright say that you are not going to run again, that makes you instantly a lame duck. and lame duck presidents don't do well. people -- their influence wanes overnight. this was boilerplate, boilerplate in that it had to be uttered. far cry he will run again or be in a condition. to say the fact that we will have to watch is whether or not he serves out his first term. is he clear clearly deteriorating and senile and despite doctor's claims to the contrary when you are nag downstairs and so on as he did
3:53 pm
climbing the stairs to air force one. that's worrisome. >> bret: looking live at fort bragg, north carolina. a military event for families there ahead of thanksgiving. air force one pulled up to hanger there. and there you see president biden meeting the military members at fort bragg. trey? the -- just follow up on what brit said there about this announcement and the state of the democratic party that it feels, i guess, needs to put out that now. >> i have no idea about the president's cognitive abilities. that's not my background. i mean, he has always had an affected manner of speech for 25 years. so, whether he runs, he may not be alone. i mean, there are a lot of ambitious young democrats that didn't think he was going to be the nominee this time including his vice president as near as i
3:54 pm
can recall she ran although she got the same number of delegates that all of us got. she did run. so, whether he runs and whether he is the nominee are two different things. >> bret: all right, panel, stand by, when we come back, tomorrow's headlines with you all. ♪ ♪ ♪♪it's a most unusual day♪♪ ♪♪it's a most unusual sky♪♪ ♪♪not a sign of a cloud passing by♪♪ ♪♪if my heart won't behave in the usual way♪♪ experience the power of sanctuary at the lincoln wish list event.
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>> bret: finally tonight, a look at tomorrow's headlines with the panel. trey, first to you. >> bail reform advocates are silent as criminal criminal out on bail wreaks havoc including killing children in wisconsin. >> bret: tragic story. juan? >> juan: the ahmad arbery jury begins considering the case tomorrow in georgia. and also in virginia, in
3:59 pm
charlottesville that civil case seems to be potentially deadlocked. a lot of flash points coming up in tomorrow's headlines all >> bret: all right,. >> brit: brit the biden says it had to renominate jerome powell to head the fed after the nomination the president made for controller of the currency had to be somebody who still supports the u.s. financial system. >> bret: all right, ben? >> ben: hungry nation google tofurky recipes, the shortages that we have seen across the country when it comes to thanksgiving stand byes have had a lot of people trying to find new recipes to satisfy things. my sister secretary of defense she will disown me if any i. i make anything less than a normal turkey for thanksgiving this week. so we'll see how that plays out.
4:00 pm
>> bret: i usually cover things fairly but tofurky is heinous. thank you, panel. i appreciate it happy thanksgiving if i don't see you. tomorrow on "special report" employees are using monitoring systems to make sure people have working from home are working. republican senator pat toomey, is he yacht going. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight that's it for "special report" fair balance and unafraid. "fox news primetime" hosted by lawrence jones right now. hey, lawrence. >> lawrence: welcome to "fox news primetime" i'm lawrence jones in new york. tonight we start with the kyle rittenhouse verdict. the media spent the last few weeks insisting none of the facts in the case mattered. to them only important thing was the color of rittenhouse's skin. >> let's just do the thought experiment. just imagine rittenhouse is a young black teenager. >> if he were black, would he be free now. >> no. he wouldn't be alive now. >> imagine if kyle rittenhouse was an


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