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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  November 22, 2021 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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allegedly using the vehicle to run over the mother of his child. >> sandra: as we begin this holiday week, sadly to start off the story. great to be with you today. things were drowning us. i am sandra smith. >> trace: i'm trace gallagher. for john roberts. "the story" with >> thank you very up. i'm martha maccallum. we have a lot of stories that we're adding developments and new information to this afternoon. one we're going to touch on right now the kyle rittenhouse. we're going to speak with his defense attorney. he will join us as he calls some of the reaction to this case disgusting. we'll talk to mark richards in a short time. that video is always stunning to see when kyle rittenhouse received the news. the president wrestling with a couple problems, inflation and
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age. two issues weighing on the public's view of his presidency. new poll numbers to add to the mix there and to add to the issue that they're concerned about no doubt at the white house. first to wisconsin where we have just learned more about the suspect in the christmas parade tragedy. police say that darrell brooks had been involved in a domestic disturbance minutes before the crash. take a look at his rap sheet. it's nearly 50 pages long. he was released on bail ten days before the parade last night. some of this is very hard to watch. police say brooks intentionally slammed his s.u.v. into the christmas parade in waukesha outside of milwaukee. the woman that shot this video, she was looking out her apartment over her balcony to
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send this video to her kids to show them the parade. she was said it was surreal. >> the car didn't stop. he went completely down to the end of the block. at the end of the block he turned to the left. i can see the whole street from my view. he went without stopping. >> this shows how close he came to this little girl that is dancing in the street in her pink jacket as he goes flying by. you can see everybody's reaction as he goes by. what is going on? why is this person driving at this rate of speed? i'm going to speak to a dad who had a similar close call with his little girl who was 14 years old and he literally pushed -- shoved her out of the way to save her life. matt finn joins us with the latest from waukesha. what are we learning about this, matt? >> police have now identified the five people that were mowed down and killed right here in
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waukesha, wisconsin. they age in range from 52 to 81 years old. 18 children were taken to the hospital yesterday. six are still in critical condition. so days before thanksgiving, six children are clinging for their loof right now. here's waukesha's mayor. >> waukesha has held what could be described as a norm man rockwell-type of christmas parade for six decades. last night our parade became the scene of a horrific tragedy. last night the parade became a nightmare. >> this count is very much norman rockwell. there's charming shops and cafes. manicured. main street usa. it was prepared for the holidays. hard to wrap your mind around what happened here. i walked up a sidewalk and one was still stained red. police have identified the
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suspect as 39-year-old darrell e. brooks jr. brooks is a milwaukee man with a criminal history dating back to 1999. he's a registered sex offender in nevada. the most recent court appearance was november 5 and bailed out on $1,000 last friday. the downtown right now has been cleared out. most of the businesses are closed and safe to say that this town will never be the same, martha. >> martha: just awful. thanks, matt. my next guest i just mentioned a moment ago, he shoved his 14-year-old daughter out of the way of the s.u.v. when it came within feet of his family. thomas joins me now. i cannot imagine what today has been like. how are you doing? >> it's rough. i'm going to be going home soon. just trying to be with family there. just going to try to go home and
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calm them down. hopefully get better. >> martha: tell me what happened with you and your daughter and your family watching this parade. >> so i seen a lot of commotion. moved to the right side. i noticed a car coming. when i noticed the car coming, i stood up and said oh, no. my daughter stood up, pushed her to the right. then i just basically yelled "get out of the way." so my wife got out of the way. like i said, i was ready to take a hit if i needed to. i wanted to make sure that they were out of the way. >> you say you sensed that something was wrong. obviously you don't expect anything like this in this situation. did you -- when you saw the s.u.v. come by, did it appear that it was being different intentionally or trying to stop or get out of the way of the people? >> no.
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fully intentional. he was going around the floats and everything. that's how he got so close to us. >> martha: what is your daughter's reaction? how is she doing? >> she's rough. like i said, she'll make it. she was shaken up at the time. she really was just -- didn't understand what was going on, you know. you always see stuff like this in the movies but nothing in real life. it's going to affect her for a while. >> martha: no doubt. you know, sir, when you learn more about this suspect and you hear about the list of things that he has been accused of, second degree recklessly endangering safety, which lines up with what we saw last night, felony bail jumping, battery, a sexual assault charge in his past, obstructing an officer. he got out of jail in the county that you live in just ten days ago. what goes through your mind when you hear that, sir? >> i don't see how we can let an
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individual, you know, with that kind of a rap just really be released to -- without being monitored or anything. it's just a selfless act, you know, that these people had to go through, especially what we did. we're lucky to be alive. i feel so bad for the people that didn't make it or really in critical condition because this selfless act. >> martha: i know. you know, it's so terrible listening to the names of those that were killed and we said they range in age from 82 -- 52 to 81 years old. some of them were grandmothers that were dancing in the parade, just having a lot of fun and a great time. the children that are in critical condition, three sets of siblings. as a member of this community, what would you say about those
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children and the people that you lost? >> i just pray this gets better, our whole world gets better. you know, we can come to some kind of settle thing where we can actually all get along and just -- you know, this is a time of happiness. we come every year. my daughter has been here for 14 years and never had an issue. you can clearly see, my brother was standing there with his daughter right there. he seen him coming. he knew right away something was wrong. >> martha: you guys did a great job protecting your family. our hearts are with all of those families mourning today and those anxiously awaiting updates on their children's condition at the hospital tonight. thomas, thanks for being with us. hope you have all some semblance of a happy thanksgiving together. >> you too. >> martha: thanks so much.
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i want to bring in mark eiglarsh. who stands out to you when you listen to the details? >> went, i went through his record. boy, is that troubling. 45, 50 pages. i read every single line. this guy has it all. we're talking ant crimes of violence, drugs, crimes involving morale interpitude. it's extensive and everything is in there. i'm not jumping on the bandwagon yet that any july or prosecutor failed to keep him in. looks like he did his time for each of the crimes. i'm not jumping on that bandwagon yet. >> martha: but the d.a. in the office of -- what you're looking at home right now is a list of his offenses. that is scrolling by. 50 pages as mark just said. let's pull up the -- what was
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said, the statement from the a.g. who pointed out that they felt this was a mistake. the state's bail recommendation was inappropriately low. this is john chisholm, the milwaukee county district attorney, in light of the nature of recent charges and the pending charges against mr. brooks. they're admitting it was inappropriately low. >> it all depends on the circumstances, the strength of the case. the things the public doesn't have access to. it possible one option is it might have been low. shame on you, prosecutor. i want it fair and balanced. there might have been reasons. might have been reasons why they came to an agreement. oftentimes the evidence isn't as strong or there are enough ties to community to justify it, et cetera, et cetera. let's look at the facts first. >> martha: when you hear about
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the sequence of events, the domestic disturbance that police were called to but when they got there, everybody was gone, so they didn't see the incident. what goes to intent here in terms of the charges that may be coming or the case that they might be trying to put together against this individual and whether or not he was intentionally trying to get an individual in that crowd? >> all right. let me make everybody feel comfortable. i goes to the worst realistic scenario. putting aside intent, let's say his intent wasn't to kill. i'm not saying that's what happened. at a minimum, he was driving recklessly, which everybody would agree he was doing, which is a willful and wanton disregard of life or property. while he did that, he killed someone. so whether it's intentional or reckless homicide, this guy will
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likely never see freedom again. >> jonathan turley pointed out moments ago at the very least he shouldn't have been able to drive. that his license should have been revoked when he was released. in each instance of him being released, they lowered the bail. we've heard so much about this across the country in terms of making it easy for people to get out. at one point, it was does 500. why is that necessary? >> let me go to the drivers license thing. maybe. i'd have to look at the facts and circumstances. you tell a guy like this, with a record dating back 20 years not to drive, you think that will have any impact on a guy like this? i'm saying that doesn't excuse them for them ordering not to drive assuming that was appropriate. but nothing was going to stop his actions that day. >> what about if lowering of bail? why make it so easy to get out? >> i don't disagree with you.
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if somehow they lowered it and it was inappropriate, someone should be held accountable. i'm not jumping on until i know the facts. sometimes we like to jump on the narrative so quickly. we learned that that is not appropriate, a lot of people did that in the kyle rittenhouse case. i'm not going to do it just yet. >> martha: it's perfectly fay to say there's a trend across the country in many districts of doing this, of lowering bail in order to let people get out and get on with their lives. we'll see whether or not it applies in this case, mark. thanks very much. good to see you. >> my pleasure. >> martha: so coming up, a fox exclusive interview with mark richards with his client's verdict. more when we come back. ortant me rate watch alert for veteran home owners. mortgage rates are starting to climb nationally, but newday is holding the line at just two and a quarter percent, 2.48 apr, still the lowest in their history.
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>> martha: president biden keeping jerome powell in place as his administration deals with a 6% inflation strike. an issue 45% of voters say is their number 1 economic concern. we've seen these polls about what you care about and inflation haas been at the top of them. gas, $3.41 a gallon average now, a huge jump, 60% from last year. the president is now figuring out whether he will tap into the strategic petroleum reserve to bring down costs. we may hear something about that tomorrow. the reporting on that has been circulating today. fox business anchor david asman joins me now. let's tick through these if we can. first of all, leaving jerome powell, who was president trump's pick in place. i want to play a quick sound
12:19 pm
bite from president biden on that from today. watch this. >> we need stability and independence at the federal reserve. jay has proven the independence that i value in the fed chair. in the last administration, he stood up to political interference and successfully maintained the credibility of this institution. it's one of the many reasons that jay has support. >> jay pull stays, david. that's part of the explanation from the president. what do you say? >> i say a couple things. the market liked the news. they were worried that brainard, the vice chair, if she's supported by the senate, is not getting the top job. people were worried as light as he is as powell has been in terms of cutting inflation and we know it hasn't been cut at all, it's up three times what they said it would be by this time, she's even more of what we
12:20 pm
call a dove. she's willing to print even more money than he's willing to print. as it is, his monetizing the debt. the treasury doesn't have enough money to pay its bills because of the covid bills and the president's infrastructure and god knows what is coming with build back better. but the way that they have been paying for that is with iou notes issued by the federal reserve. they beat them and i put them in quotes by printing more money essentially. that's what's causing inflation. there was a time for that when we were in the midst of the pandemic, the lock downs and everything. i think that yes, there was a time for him to do that. but yes, the pendulum has swung. as bad as these vaccine mandates and things that bother people about what is going on with government but the economy is
12:21 pm
starting to get back on its feet and we don't need that extraordinary measure anymore. so we're still going too far. the market is happy that brainard was not chosen for the top job. that's another four years of jerome powell. who knows who will be in the white house in four years. we'll see. good news on the -- one thing that worried me. you mentioned gas prices. last week the president was trying to deflect blame for all of the problems to the producers in terms of reason why we have inflation. he said there was price gouging on the part of oil and gas companies. that's what was causing inflation. well, in fact, as you and i know, it was closing down the pipelines, it's more regulations on fracking. it was more withholding of federal permits to explore and drill on federal lands. these -- it was biden policies that are causing the price hikes at the gas pump and in terms of
12:22 pm
home heating. so he's not taking responsibility. he's passing it on. the worry that a lot of people have is that he will institute price controls which lead to more shortages and that will be shortages on top of shortages. that could be a problem. >> martha: absolutely. just one last thought. i was listening to steve ratner that worked in the obama administration. he said there's a town that he goes to where they are trying to figure out how to spend $3 million that they got for covid. they can't figure out what to do with that money. think about that. >> it's happening everywhere. >> so now we're approaching $9 trillion of money that has been thrown at the covid problem. yes, there was need but let's get ahold of this. of course, it's causing inflation. you can take freshmen economics in high school and figure out that is happening. >> martha: and steve radner is a life-long democrat and so is larry summers saying the same thing. it not just republicans, but
12:23 pm
democrats. >> martha: they're cautioning the white house to put the brakes on and not being shy about it, which is very interesting. thanks, david. coming up, kyle rittenhouse acquitted on all charges be many in the media even after the verdict are still misstating the fundamentals of the evidence that the jury had to deal with. >> rittenhouse then 17 killed two men with his ar-15 assault rifle. he claimed self-defense. rittenhouse drove in from illinois armed for battle. >> martha: his defense attorney, mark richards joins me ahead on "the story." >> are you ready to start a great career? >> safelite is now hiring. >> you will love your job. >> there's room to grow... >> ...and lots of opportunities. >> so, what are you waiting for? >> apply now... >> ...and make a difference. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ >> man, i love that song! it's walmart's black friday deals for days. score a $69 air fryer and get other huge deals all week long.
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only pay for what you need ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ spider-man no way home in theaters december 17th >> martha: look at this. here's what's going on in the country right now. another brazen mop of thieves pull up in a bunch of cars and rob the place. police say it was 80 people broke in to and stormed nordstroms outside of san francisco. did you ever in your life think you would see stuff like this? they just pull up. there's the police pulling up after probably most of them have gone. it's one of the shocking lootings that we saw over the course of the weekend. many of them got away with it. claudia cowan reporting live from walnut creek, california. hi, claudia. >> hi, martha. ahead of black friday,
12:28 pm
shoplifters are swarming high end stores and making off with the most expensive merchandise that they can carry. one restaurant manager saw it all. >> i probably saw 50 to 80 people in ski masks, crowbars, weapons. they were looting the nordstrom here. there's use -- it's usually busy. i thought that they were going to beat cars. it was crazy. the guests were getting concerns. there was a mop of people. the police were flying in. it was a scene out of a movie. it was insane. >> three people were caught. the video is grainy but you can see the suspects getting into a line of get-away cars, all of this carefully planned and coordinated and coming less than 24 hours after flash mops hit a dozen stores in san francisco. stealing a million dollars worth of merchandise from louis vuitton, bloomingdale's and other high end stores.
12:29 pm
police were on scene fast and made quick work of one of the get-away cars and arrests eight suspects. san francisco is the epicenter of organized retail crime because of lacks laws. federal legislation has been introduced to change that. meantime, a number of stores have reduced hours or closed altogether baughing of the rampant thefts. here in downtown walnut creek, police are beefing up patrols as they caution more smash and grabs could happen. all of them, martha, tied to black friday and the online demand for good deals on luxury items. back to you. >> unbelievable what a mess. stores were also targeted in chicago. our local fox station getting video of damage to a gamestop on the south side. police say robbers raided neiman marcus on the magnificent mile.
12:30 pm
grabbed merchandise, took off in three cars. this all happened friday night after a jury next door in wisconsin found kyle rittenhouse not guilty on all charges. so far there's no reported connection with these incidents. wow. so kyle rittenhouse's defense attorney is now slamming some in the media for finding his client guilty well before the verdict proved otherwise. >> rittenhouse is basically what you would have had in a school shooter. he's a 17-year-old kid. he shouldn't have had a gun. crossed state lines to supposedly protect property. no, he was going to shoot people. >> attorney mark richards joins me in a fox exclusive today next. a powerful .05% retinol that's also gentle on skin. for wrinkles results in one week. neutrogena®. for people with skin. i can't let diabetes get in my way.
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>> martha: kyle rittenhouse speaking exclusively to fox after a jury found him not guilty on all counts. we're going to preview the interview with tucker carlson tonight.
12:35 pm
i'm going to seek with his defense attorney in just a moment. but first, some of the media reaction to rittenhouse's acquittal after he testified that he killed two men and wounded another in self-defense. >> rittenhouse then 17 killed two men with his ar-15 style assault rifle. he claimed self-defense. rittenhouse drove in from illinois, armed for battle. >> what we know now is the jury bought the narrative of kyle rittenhouse being a victim. >> the fact that white supremists roam the haul freely and the fact that he gets to walk the streets freely lets you know that they can institute laws. >> this kid illegally carrying a gun, he was 17 years old, he walks up to cops. >> martha: kyle rittenhouse's attorney, mark richards joins me now. thanks very much for being here. let's just start on that. obviously it's disturbing.
12:36 pm
i know you have spoken about it to hear the inaccuracies that were disus about this case prior to the trial. the fact that it's still happening, what is damaging about that at this point for the country on the whole? >> just continues a false narrative that these things happen when they didn't. kyle was a resident -- i shouldn't say he wasn't but his dad lived there. he worked in the community. his best friend lived there, he spent a lot of time in kenosha. the gun was never in illinois. there's no evidence that he had any ties or affinity to white racist, white supremists. they looked through his phone. did numerous nine search warrants to find some dirt. they came up with none. he wasn't. he was a police cadet, a fire
12:37 pm
cadet. he was more interesting in blue lives matter and raise money for law enforcement. >> martha: let's watch in there case has nothing to do with race. had nothing to do with right. had the right to do with self-defense. >> right. >> i'm not a racest person. i support peacefully demonstrating, i support the blm movement. i believe there needs to be change. there's a lot of prosecutorial misconduct. not just my case but other case. it's amazing ho see how much a prosecutor can take advantage of somebody. >> martha: do you believe there was prosecutorial misconduct here, mark, as he says? >> well, as a legal matter, prosecutorial misconduct has specific connotations as used by my client and the general
12:38 pm
public. i think it has a broader brush. did the prosecutors do some things that i really don't approve of? yes. did it rise to the level of prosecutorial misconduct from a legal standpoint? i don't think it necessarily did. them putting on evidence that they know was untrue totally inappropriate. but would that have been able to get kyle a new trial if he was found guilty? don't think so. the issue with drone footage had to be litigated to prove that they had done something wrong. i think we would have been able to do that. i can't say that without having had a hearing. >> martha: so you commented on this. i want your thoughts on it. the internship offers that have
12:39 pm
coming in by some members of congress, what is your thoughts about this and in terms of kyle? you know him better than any of these people do. >> a lot of people want to use kyle for their own means. i think the way that rittenhouse name right now has trended on twitter and that's what we live in is a twitter society, people want to use his name, get it out there so they can get some publicity. i think it's cheap. that's what i think. >> martha: what is your advice? i heard you say look, it's up to kyle and you and the other attorney who he obviously had good relationships with both of you and you talked about the struggles of dealing with this case but what is your advice to him about how he should live his life? he's got a lot of big decisions to make about whether or not he goes to college and keeps his head down and gets on with his life or becomes a symbol for certain things that people would like him to be a symbol for.
12:40 pm
>> martha: yeah, my advice would be to change his name and start his life over. he's very recognizable right now. a lot of people that i don't think have his best interests at heart. probably want to make him a symbol of something i don't think he wants to be necessarily associated with. once you give up your name and likeness and you join those causes, i think a lot of people will use you for their own purposes and you won't be able to control it. we've had that talk with kyle. it's a fine line where he decides to go. ultimately i hope he makes the right choices. i would think his life would be easier being anonymous and going on with his life as opposed to try to keep his supporters
12:41 pm
happy. >> martha: there's a lot of tragedy here across the board, which you have pointed out very clearly. two people are dead. one thing that strikes me, mark, before i let you go, there's not enough discussion what is around this, whether -- doesn't matter if you like the person that kyle rittenhouse is or you don't or what you think about the people that were killed that night in this situation. what matters is that we have a system of justice and that those jurors did the best they could to decide the issue before them. there's not a lot of respect and acknowledgement of that on both sides. >> well, i have. those jurors, you know, started with 20. ended up with 18 and down to 12. they're under a tremendous amount of pressure. many of them if not all of them knew that going into it once they knew the case that they had been summoned for. the answers that they gave back in chambers late in the vior
12:42 pm
dire process. one woman that made the final 12, you know, flat outside, no matter what we decide, half of the united states is going to be mad at us. so they had that in their minds. had to be i think at the forefront. i give them a huge amount of credit for being able to put that aside, not listen to the people who were outside screaming and yelling to hang kyle and do what i think the evidence warranted. >> martha: yeah. well, they did that. i think it's important to respect their decision and their finding and the hard work that they put into it. it's not an easy task. they did a better job of putting the blinders on than perhaps a lot of us on the outside. thanks, mark. very good to have you here today. mark richards. >> have a good day. >> happy thanksgiving to you. joining me now is katie pavlich and jessica tarlov, fox news contributors.
12:43 pm
jessica, let me start with you. to this point of people not being willing to say, you know, look, whether they approve or disapprove of him, it doesn't matter. what matters is what those jurors had in front of them. the fact that we have people in the media putting false information and twisting the actual evidence that was before the jury out there is -- i think it's inexcusable. i don't know what other word you have for it. >> dangerous is another word. people go and we've seen this happen on both sides, that they act out based on the information that they're getting from the people that they follow, whether it's on social media, the people that they watch on television and can unfortunately lead to dangerous results when people are given bad information. when you sit down and watch the video and we were lucky enough to have hd level video of this, you saw that kyle rittenhouse
12:44 pm
was operating in self-defense. that doesn't make him a hero as you said just in your past interview. this is still a tragedy on many levels. there's two men that are dead. yes, they weren't the greatest people on the planet obviously, but that doesn't mean that they should be dead and doesn't mean that kyle rittenhouse is to be a hero. this is a case that he was acting in self-defense and he's a what mr. richards was able to do. we need to respect the jury system. i was thankful that president biden made that the crux of the statement. >> martha: and he back-pedalled after that initial statement. he said something to the effect that they didn't make the right decision. in any event, this is another clip from the interview that everybody will see tonight that tucker dial with kyle rittenhouse. watch this. >> it wasn't kyle rittenhouse on trial in wisconsin. it was the right to self-defense
12:45 pm
on trial. >> right. >> if i was convicted, no one would be able -- no one would ever be privileged to defend their life against attackers. >> martha: katie, what do you think? >> he's right. you have to go back to the situation that led to kyle rittenhouse having to act in self-defense in kenosha. you remember that we had months and months during the summer of 2020 of violent riots where people were killed, people were left in buildings and burned alive in minnesota. in kenosha, based on a false narrative that jacob black was an unarmed black man shot by police in a way that he shouldn't have been led to kenosha coming under the same fire that we had seen from those other cities across the country. you have a media that pumped up that narrative and worked people up and then the governor of wisconsin refused to call in the
12:46 pm
national guard to protect kenosha, to protect the city from becoming another place like minneapolis. you had the sheriff that came out after the riots saying we're a small town, we don't see things like this. therefore it happened. people to say that kyle rittenhouse went there for battle, he was there as a last resort to protect his community. while they were setting fires and he was putting them out with no national guard as a result of politicians making bad decisions after having months of warnings to do so, he had to act in self-defense as a last resort. you have to look up to the lead of this and maybe politicians could learn some lessons about how to prevent this from happening in the future and put public safety above the narrative that the left wanted to push. >> martha: a lot of questions about whether he should have been out there. but the truth is that there wasn't -- there weren't enough protection, there wasn't love law enforcement and there wasn't enough protection in that town.
12:47 pm
we saw it in a lot of cities. thanks, katie and jessica. good to see you both. >> thanks, martha. >> martha: happy thanksgiving to you both. so president biden turned 79 this weekend. he had a big birthday. he was 78 when he took office. now a number of polls are showing that some voters have questions about his age and whether or not it's an impediment of handling the job. we'll go through that with real clear editor tom bevin. we'll see him after this. ners, newday's rates have dropped again. it's time to refinance. newday's low rate refi offers their lowest rate in history. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. save thousands every year and there are no upfront costs. not one dollar. the newday low rate refi. take advantage of these record low rates so you and your family can save.
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>> martha: 79 years old, 53% of voters say that president biden's age is getting in the
12:52 pm
way of running the country, that is 28% of democrats raising questions about whether or not he should run for a second term and what that means and of course becomes the next question for vice president kamala harris. let's bring in co-founder and president of real clear politics, tom bevin. you look at a lot of polls and come up with your averages. what would you say you're seeing on topics across the polls? >> as you just mentioned, it's the -- the number is growing and has reached a number of people that question his age and questioning his mental capacity. that is something that i think, you know, is not something -- once the numbers g -- go up, it's tough for him to turn around. number what the numbers will look like three years from now
12:53 pm
if he tries to rerun at 82 years old. >> martha: he insists he's going to run again, tom. >> this report came out -- i don't see -- i mean, on one hand, martha, he has to say that. he's trying to pass his agenda. we've had this story about infighting in the white house. people are jockeying and positioning themselves for the future. the biden team wants to put an end to that. that would be one run to do this. it's hard to see how he would stand for re-election at 82. he will be under a lot of pressure for democrats to pass the baton to someone new and younger, the younger generation. whether that is kamala harris or someone else. at this point, it's too early for him to say i'm not running that would obliterate his agenda. he might do that before the mid-terms or after the mid-terms. until then, he will stick with the line he's running to stave off the chaos that we started to
12:54 pm
see bubble up. >> martha: we're looking at a picture of the vice president and the president. we know obviously we've covered it a lot, her numbers are not strong. it would be better for the current administration if they had a very strong vice president at this point. who was doing well in the polls. it would give people a level of comfort. the president has to say he's going to run again at this point. it would be a lack of confidence to say he's not going to run. i saw peter welsh, a democrat from vermont is the 17th democrat to say he will not run again. so there's a real ripple effect going on across all of these names, tom. >> yeah. and some of those are like elise johnson over the weekend. she represents a deep blue district. it's not a threat for democrats. in a lot of other districts that are swing districts that are not as heavily democratic, you know,
12:55 pm
some of these democrats are seeing the writing on the wall based on what happened last -- earlier this month in virginia and new jersey and based on historical trends, the democrats -- if the numbers stay where they are, they're in for a rough ride next november. a lot of democrats are assessing options and assessing this is the end of the road for them. >> we'll see. a lot can happen between now and then. we're watching closely. good to see you. >> thanks, martha. >> martha: have a great thanksgiving. happening now, closing arguments from the defense of three men accused of killing ahmaud arbery. let's listen in. >> have never seen the shotgun until after it's been discharged the first time. that's not an opinion. that's fact. you're looking at it. you never looked at it from this perspective before. let's play the rest of it.
12:56 pm
again having looked at the video slowly from mr. ryan's perspective, when did roddy bryan know the mcmichaels brought guns? i'd suggest to you mr. ryan doesn't know there's a gun until it goes off. not because it wasn't there. but you see what mr. bryan is seeing. when did he know that travis
12:57 pm
would shoot mr. arbery? i would submit to you he can't know until mr. arbery is shot. and at that point, what could roddy bryan do to stop this tragic shooting? the state has thrown out all kinds of theories. he could have honked his horn. he could have gone to the left or right, should have backed up. obviously if mr. bryan saw a shotgun pointing down the street, he probably would have ducked. he doesn't do that. because roddy bryan can't see the gun. when the state tells you that he was hunting mr. arbery down, what they're trying to tell you is that he's going down the road towards them when he's going up the road away from them. when he says he turns around, he brings the video back up, he takes the best video that we
12:58 pm
have, the only video we have of this shooting. so when mr. bryant says on the side of the road on february 23 to officer minchew, i was trying to record what i had. he only got one. fortunately he got the one that you need to figure out what justice is in this case. again, it's not for roddy bryan. it's not for me to say what justice is here between the mcmichaels and mr. arbery and his family. that's not hour call. that's your call. but again, but for mr. brian, whether you call it luck, coincidence or the hand of god here, not once but twice had someone who keeps to themselves and that never gets involved in anybody else's businesses and almost a stranger in his own
12:59 pm
neighborhood has now gone out and gotten a video which is the best evidence for you to look at and try to figure out what happened here. now, it's going to come up in a difference context. the judge will instruct you on the principle of abandonment. it has more than one application here if someone abandoned a criminal enterprise, they cannot be held responsible for it. maybe you believe that mr. bryan was attempting to imprison, falsely imprison mr. arbery. that would depend on whether or not the mcmichaels were authorized to make a citizens arrest. we'll talk about that later. but this is a defense. it is the burden of the state to disprove that defense beyond a reasonable doubt under the facts
1:00 pm
of this case from this video as we have just gone through it, how could anyone say beyond a reasonable doubt -- >> martha: that's kevin gough, roddy bryan's attorney. that's the story for november 22. here's "your world" with neil cavuto. >> this is the video that i shot here. it's surreal to watch. i couldn't believe it was happening. with us hard to watch for sure. not something you want to see again. >> hard to watch indeed. we're live in waukesha, wisconsin where the suspect in that horrific parade crash is facing intentional homicide charges. we should warn you, some of the scenes are graphic. this was the scene sunday afternoon when the driver of a red s.u.v. plowed into a parade
1:01 pm
in wisconsin


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