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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  November 22, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PST

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basketball and likes to play football and really likes to kick football. when you put the two together. >> dana: with a moving target. pretty good. >> bill: i like it. >> dana: wow. i wonder how many times -- how many takes did that take? maybe just one. >> bill: good question. >> dana: we'll ponder that and get back to you tomorrow. harris faulkner is up next. >> a brutal attack in wisconsin. five people are dead and more than 40 are injured after an s.u.v. drove through a christmas parade in waukesha just outside milwaukee. a lot of the images and details coming from the story are disturbing. you are in "the faulkner focus". i'm sandra smith in for harris today. a day that started with christmas music and children dancing and turned deadly in an instant. 15 children were in the hospital as of last night. the search is on for a motive. fox is told police are
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questioning 39-year-old darrell brooks who has a decades long criminal history. authorities recovered the s.u.v. that rammed through the crowd. witnesses describe the scene as devastating and traumatic. >> somebody drove by in front of us and hit a whole crowd of kids. there were kids involved. my mom was trying to help one of them. one of the kids was turning purple and there was blood everywhere. >> the worst thing i've ever seen in my life. >> people were laying in the road. i feel like i'm watching a movie. i've never seen anything this bad before. >> ben carson said the country just can't go on like this. >> years ago it would be unthinkable that somebody would take a vehicle and use it to injure and hurt people. but now it's the first thing we
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think about because, you know, we have so much animosity in our society right now. house divided itself cannot established. this is a harbinger of more incidents that will occur if we don't do something to tamp down the hatred in our society. >> mike tobin is live in waukesha with the latest as we await a 2:00 news conference and confirm new details including this suspect was just released on bail the 19th of november. >> right. a quick background check of darrell e. brooks reveals an extensive history in relationship with law enforcement going back into 1999. charges include a concealed weapon, resisting arrest, domestic abus, strangling and suffocation. receiving stolen property. reckless endangerment of safety. drug offenses that include
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cocaine, meth and tch. sentencing included anger management and medication. law enforcement sources tell fox news they responded to a call for a fight at a location very near here. they responded to the location. they didn't see the fight. what they saw was the s.u.v. speengd away right about 4:30 p.m. that's the s.u.v. that slammed into the crowd on main street that was participating in or attending the parade. waukesha -- people were out, witnesses describe what they saw. >> nothing to make sense of this at all. the car just went completely down to the end of the block. at the end of the block he turned to the left and that's when i saw him go. i could see the whole street from my view and he went completely to the end without stopping. >> the city of waukesha confirms five people have died. 40 will injured. some of the victims are old.
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a dance troop of grandmothers in the middle of parade and some are young. children's hospital has upped the number people admitted to that hospital. young people admitted to the hospital to 18 and expected to hold a press conference here in the noon hour. wisconsin governor tony evers has ordered all of the flags in the state to be lowered to half mast. >> live from waukesha with the latest. we'll check back in shortly. republican lawmakers sending condolences and thanking law enforcement for their response to this deadly attack. jason rantz talk show host joins us now. jason, happy to see you this morning. as this nation mourns and you go back to ben carson's words we just can't go on like this as a nation. it is absolutely horrible to see what happened there. >> it is. but i will say one thing. everyone is coming together. there is a small group of people in our country that seem
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to always dismiss what it is we stand for. that they are always trying to dismantle system of oppression and create a new version of this country. a tragedy like this people come together because we deeply care about each other. we are all waukesha. we are all tonight and this morning and yesterday we're all experiencing the same kind of trauma. not as serious as being on scene. when something happens to a fellow american we come together and mourn loss together and we celebrate life together and we move on seeking answers together. this is not a divided country the way some folks want to claim it is. i agree with dr. ben carson. his sentiment is correct. it sometimes takes tragedy to realize that people have more in common than not and, you know, as people try to struggle with how we are supposed to respond to a tragedy like this i look at things in that way and say there is hope.
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people are coming together. >> on the other hand it seems there are some other there who want to further divide us including an illinois democrat that appeared to mock sunday's christmas parade attack after friday's acquittal of kyle rittenhouse in kenosha. she writes on twitter it was probably just self-defense, along with the hashtag kyle rittenhouse. how does that help this situation? >> it doesn't. she is not interested in helping the. she is a ghoul. i went through other tweets and now she is a victim because fox news picked up on the story and she is getting criticized on twitter. one of the tweets she put out there wisconsin you reap what you sew. with all due respect to this woman you reap what you sew. you use a tragedy to further a political push of what you feel is truly at stake here and what is wrong with this country, now you are reaping what you sew and getting some tweets.
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understand the tweet criticizing you is nothing compared to what people are feeling right now in wisconsin and across the country. >> democrats meanwhile lashing out after kyle rittenhouse, his friday acquittal. president biden initially reacting by saying the jury system works. but vice president harris has a different take on it. she tweeted this. today's verdict speaks for itself. i spent a majority of my career making our criminal justice system for equitable. it is clear there is still a lot more work to do. shortly after that president biden issued a statement while the verdict in kenosha will leave many americans feeling angry and concerned, myself included, we must acknowledge that the jury has spoken. and on it goes, jason. transportation secretary pete buttigieg said this just yesterday. >> there is a lot of pain in this country and that pain and
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that frustration was aroused by the entire case including the verdict and for a lot of us is there is a lot to be upset and concerned about. >> there is that, there is liberal squad member cory bisch tweeting the judge, jury and defendant it is white supremacy in action. the system isn't built to hold white supremacists accountable and why black and brown folks are brutalized and put in cages while white supremacist murderers walk free. >> this case has nothing to do with race. it never had anything to do with race. it had to do with the right to self-defense. >> right. >> i'm not a racist person. i support the blm movement. i support peacefully demonstrating and i believe there needs to be change. i believe there is a lot of prosecutorial misconduct not just in my case but in other cases and it is amazing to see
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how much a prosecutor can take advantage of somebody. >> i go back to my earlier question about the divisions. does it help to have a vice president questioning the outcome of that trial, the outcome the jury came to, for the president of the united states to issue a statement shortly after that he is angry and concerned? >> i don't know why he is angry or concerned. you should be angry and concerned at someone who was clearly acting in self-defense ends up getting found guilty of crimes he didn't commit. that's something to be upset about. what we have are a bunch of politicians who believe it is helping their cause. they believe that constantly going down this path of claiming everything is white supremacy in action, a term that no longer means what it once did. when you now label everything and everyone -- regardless of their skin color as white
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supremacists you ceded this argument and you are not worthy of having a seat at the table. unfortunately a lot of these folks with fringe positions have the power right now. what we've seen over the course of the last month the voters are rejecting it. they don't want this. i'm not seeing the kind of outrage after the kyle rittenhouse case that folks like cori bush or others want us toz. i see lots of people who realize they were lied to by a lot of elements in the mainstream media what they claimed happen did not happen. activists taking positions on things were said were part of the timeline clearly were not. people are waking up to the reality they are being played for political gain and turns out people don't like that and i'm glad they are pushing back in such a way. again, i said this at the top. people in this country don't hate it. people want us to succeed. they want our neighbors to succeed. we want to be a part of something where we're all part
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of a shared value system. and when you have voices out there claiming that this country is so evil it has to be dismantled there will be pushback and we are starting to see it. we saw it in virginia and we'll continue to sight into the mid-terms. >> dana: media coverage has been such a big part including the rittenhouse trial. police over the weekend declaring a riot in portland, antifa supporters protesting the rittenhouse not guilty verdict. a group of 200 people vandalized businesses there, threw water bottles and batteries at the police and protestors in kenosha, on sunday, retraced the route rittenhouse took the night of the shooting. all of this as some in the media continue to blame the verdict on white supremacy. >> look, these folks are going to use anything they can to do as much damage as they can. i'm not going to pretend -- >> it lets you know these people have access to instituting laws. >> welcome to the modern republican party.
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this is what these people want and this is what a majority of white people vote for. when i say a majority of white people are in favor of this kind of violence because they consistently vote republican. >> this is what white people vote for. this is the modern republican party. how the heck does that bring people together? >> it doesn't. their intent is not to bring people together. what we have to focus on. there are people who offer criticism with good intentions, right? i think reasonable people can disagree on even a trial including the kyle rittenhouse case. reasonable people can do that. when we hear this kind of language over and over again regardless of the circumstances it is clear they have nefarious intent. it is to drive people apart. they believe that's how they can stay in power and enact some kind of institutional change.
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but i think again americans reject that notion. when you have antifa lunatics. do you think any of the people were that upset about what happened who claim to be that upset actually watched the trial and paid close attention or are they still using the same talking points getting a gun and taking it across state lines as if that's illegal. they're holding that still because they don't care about the facts, they care about exploiting a tragedy. >> appreciate you covering all that for us. as i mentioned you can see much more of the tucker carlson exclusive interview with kyle rittenhouse. tune in tonight at 8:00 eastern time on the fox news channel for that. more from the vice president kamala harris still front and center as the white house fights off a rumored rivalry brewing between her and a top cabinet member. we have another white house
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>> another west wing ship jumper, the white house communications chief of staff is the latest to head for the door after less than a year. last week harris's communication's chief announced her exit. approval ratings for both the president and vice president plummet. administration officials are repeatedly facing questions like this.
8:20 am
>> has it at all impacted your relationship with the vice president it seems as if there is this narrative of a rivalry developing between the two of you? >> no, because she and i are part of a team that is disciplined and doesn't focus on what is obsessing the commentators. we're too busy with the job. there is no room to get caught up in parlor games and proud to be part of the biden/harris team. >> kevin walling former bidden campaign surrogate. in focus now. good to have you both here today. mercedes, what are we if anything expected to make of these exits from the white house as both biden and harris continue to sink in the polls? >> well, sandra, i would like to start when it came to the trump white house that first year there was a lot of change happening, okay? especially following the six
8:21 am
months. but it does happen. with that being said i think there is an enormous amount of stress being placed on the biden administration right now because of the fact that you are seeing biden and harris's approval numbers so low. and also you are seeing the fact they are facing very big problems. inflation that's not going away. we've seen the fact they haven't been able to control the situation at the border. and it really gets to a point, which is you are seeing too weak leaders right now, that being biden and that being harris. it is a big challenge for this administration so early on. it's the first year in office where you have the most political capital and they've lost so much political capital as we have seen because their policies are simply not working. and they are being rejected by the american people. >> i think mercedes is being fair enough. many president sees in their
8:22 am
first year see changes as you strategize and adjust. both president and vice president are sinking in the polls. when recently asked about this apparent feud kamala harris was asked about it in an abc news interview about the frustration and dysfunction in her office. she laughed in response to a question. that laughing isn't really an answering a question with any sort of certainty. >> i don't think you want to see the vice president deledge -- pit rivals against one another, republicans or democrats to get more reads on articles or more views on the screen. i'm glad mercedes pointed out the level of turnover in both administrations. she served in the white house at this point in the trump administration. you had a new chief of staff, a
8:23 am
new press secretary, new national security advisor. >> keep it to the biden administration what we're seeing there. at the same time this isn't exactly an administration that can tout a lot of accomplishments at this point. >> why i'm on here to talk about the administration achievements because there are a great number we need to tout and get the word out. it was one of the things you are seeing in terms of frustration with this president is that he is doing great things like the american rescue plan. infrastructure bipartisan bill and we aren't getting the word out about it and what we need to do. >> word is out about inflation and high gas prices. getting crt out of schools, some of the media continue to deny that crt in r in school curriculums. watch winsome sears going toe-to-toe with dana bash. >> you oppose critical race
8:24 am
theory being taught in schools, not part of virginia's curriculum. you said the good and bad of american history should be taught. >> let me back up. i beg to differ that crt is not taught. >> i didn't say that, i said it is not in the curriculum just to be clear. >> no, no, no, no it is part of the curriculum. mccauliffe's state -- it's semantics but it is in. >> it makes you wonder if there are any lessons learned from that election in virginia. >> i have to tell you, i've never seen a liberal media so doubling down and these democrats doubling down on saying -- being supportive of critical race theory and it is interesting because then they back pedal and say it is not in the curriculum. the mere fact is, it's been the liberal media and democrats stood on the side of critical race theory saying it is a good thing to teach in the schools,
8:25 am
keeping parents out of the education proper se, which has hurt them tremendously and they still continue to focus on these issues whether it be the gender, creating gender chaos and confusion in schools, critical race theory, mask mandates. all of this which i think the democrats obviously have not learned their lesson. they are really suffering going into the mid-term elections. >> kevin. >> this democrat has learned a lesson. i want parents to be part of this conversation. they absolutely should be involved in conversations about curriculum in this country. we need to have an honest conversation when it comes to curriculum and what is actually being taught. i think crt has become a catch all in the country with any kind of conversation about slavery and rails relations. there is a lot of misunderstanding what crt actually is. i have think it's the greatest country in the world and we can agree with that and have an accurate age appropriate curriculum that tells our history. not whitewash it or gloss over
8:26 am
slavery and the plight of enslaved americans in this country. but again i think crt has become the catch all much to the frustration of democrats including myself. >> crt the bad, kevin. it teaches oppressor verses oppression and creates the fact white people are evil and pay the price for slavery of ancestors a long time ago and not taught in our schools. i have five kids and i sit with them to learn history with them through their history books. they are teaching about slavery. they are teaching about the wrongs of slavery. >> that's important. >> critical race theory is a problem. >> we appreciate both of you. the conversation will continue for sure. thanks. throngs of looters ransacking high-end stores across the country over the weekend. many asking why these brazen and dangerous crimes are becoming the norm in this country. plus this. >> we're seeing not just the highest inflation in 30 years, since the president took office, it is affecting every
8:27 am
american in significant ways in both the president, the speaker, and the fed has gotten this wrong for most of this year. >> well, americans are seeing prices skyrocket at gas stations and stores. the white house says it knows what will make it better. more spending. is that the case? art laffer has his thoughts on that next. hi, art. ur six, limu. they need customized car insurance from liberty mutual so they only pay for what they need. woooooooooooooo... we are not getting you a helicopter. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ frequent heartburn? not anymore. the prilosec otc two-week challenge is helping people love what they love again. just one pill a day. 24 hours. zero heartburn. because life starts when heartburn stops. take the challenge at prilosecotc dot com.
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>> sandra: president biden's woes are plain as day in the latest polling showing voters give him the worst marks since i took office on his handling of the economy. only 36% approve. a whopping 58% disapprove. the top white house economic advisor says he is optimistic passage of the bbb program will help turn those numbers around.
8:33 am
>> i think the american people understand that we have made progress but there is a lot of work to do and i think that they understand that they are less interested in what frankly we're saying here on this program or saying might happen and more focused on seeing concrete action and delivery in their lives. and so that is something that we now are focused on with everything that we do. >> sandra: the president has decided to reappoint federal reserve chairman jerome powell overseeing the largest spike in inflation this country has witnessed in more than 30 years. white house correspondent peter doocy is live with more on this. what are we hearing, peter? >> by renominating powell for the second term the president is signaling he does not want big changes at the fed but pretty much everything else they do says they want to totally reshape the economy with that build back better plan now being edited by the senate. >> if it fails in the senate it dies. if the senate changes it, any
8:34 am
changes have to come back to the house. so we have another bite at the apple here. more people who learn about this, that was my point. i want people to know what's in the bill. >> progressives are getting nervous the senate will change build back better too much and things they were promised will fall out. alexandria ocasio-cortez has a new idea telling "the new york times" why are we taking it as a legislative compromise when the opportunity is so much greater or when biden could do this stuff with a stroke of a pen and is just reminding us he is choosing not to? for now that's not the plan as biden a man of the senate himself leaves it to his former colleagues hoping to appease the longstanding vote joe manchin. >> senator manchin is approving every aspect of the build back better proposal about how to pay for it. he is in the driver's seat on how to pay for these proposals. so i'm just hopeful that he can
8:35 am
remain open minded to include some provisions for paid leave because this is the only moment to get paid leave done. >> less than two hours from now we'll hear the president talking on camera about his pick to stay at the fed jerome powell. very notable. back in 2018 when she was in the senate and powell was up for fed chairmanship the first time kamala harris voted no. >> sandra: peter doocy live at the white house on this thanksgiving week. art laffer joining us. i'm happy to catch up with you on this holiday week. great to sigh. you go back to the clip of aoc and think here we go again. moderate democrats are showing willingness to compromise as joe manchin and others and sinema and others try to do right for this country but those on the far left like aoc and others from the squad pushing, pushing, pushing
8:36 am
saying even though you are talking about massive historic amounts of spending it is still not enough. >> it's just crazy what they are dofmgt it reminds me of the old country phrase sandra, no lesson learned from the second kick of a mule. these people keep doubling down and making mistake after mistake and they don't learn anything from them. the one thing i thought for sure he would do would be not reappoint powell and let the inflation problem hang on him. now biden owns the inflation problem 100%. this is his fed chairman not someone else's. so he has that now. now they have this bill passed through the house which was just terrible through there and now they are putting it up to the senate. it's bad upon bad upon bad. i don't know where it will end. i'm surprised the polls aren't worse. >> sandra: it bog wills my mind.
8:37 am
they strip out food and energy when they look at inflation. what good does that do? voters say rising gas prices, grocery costs and housing costs are all causing financial hardship for american families. you look at this and wonder when will they wake up and realize there is going to be real world consequences, if that's not enough, real political consequences to the american families paying up? >> yeah, i don't know if they will until november of 2022. that's when they are going to wake up and find out what has happened. it reminds me of herb stein. i don't know if you remember him. the famous political economist said if you eliminate all those items that rose this month the index actually fell. they are playing with these numbers and they are making silly statements. you should look at ally thames and look at that. consumer price index with ally thames. -- all items.
8:38 am
those numbers are terrifying. they were owned by powell. now owned by biden. his problem. >> sandra: i like my economics like sports. leave politics out of it. the numbers don't lie. art, the latest numbers show how much more all of us could be paying for thanksgiving this year. the prices keep on going up. now they're at a record high. turkey prices up. i'll get your response. up on the screen now. turkey prices as many people run to the grocery stores today are almost 10% higher than they were last year, potatoes, eggs, brus el spouts, all of this will cost more and those are a couple examples. on the whole because we report this every year. your thanksgiving is now expected to cost 14% more than last year, an all-time high. the most expensive thanksgiving ever. art, your response. >> i was going to tell you i really like food and i love thanksgiving dinner.
8:39 am
it makes me want to cry. if you look at this, you know the spending is doing it and keeping people out of the labor force, the participation rate is falling in the labor force. therefore we have less goods supplied. you are giving all these people money so they are buying more stuff than they otherwise would have bought when you have much more demand and less supply prices go up. that's exactly what happens. now these people want to double down on it. i feel very sorry for the president to be honest with you. i'm two years older than he is. i resemble his position. i recognize what he is going through. it is just awful. i feel very sorry for him because he doesn't know how to deal with it and cope with his job and he is making a mess of it. >> sandra: he can surround himself for people who do. previous presidents who tliefd on the economy and have smart people around them that accurately advise them on the health of the economy.
8:40 am
what's needed in the economy. over 10 million job openings in the country going unfulfilled now. i will end with this when it comes to rising prices and the political implications, even "the new york times" is saying the rises prices could come back to bite democrats and saying the fear of inflation may end -- upend their electoral prospects in 2022. you love thanksgiving dinner. does this surprise you? while prices are different across the country, grocery store prices are different in new york than in the middle of the country. the average cost for a turkey day thanksgiving feast for 10 people is $53.31. how do they tally that? >> i don't know how they did that. is that for all 10 people? >> maybe it's once you eat the actual meal and not all the leftovers and ingredients you can put back on your shelf. a nugget there. >> it is a little nugget.
8:41 am
i'm looking forward to a great thanksgiving. all the family coming over and wonderful. it is a time for joy and happiness. you shouldn't be worried about prices on this stuff and now we are. it is a real shame. it doesn't have to be this way, sandra, it really don't. >> sandra: we hope it gets better. i'll talk to you soon. >> happy thanksgiving. >> sandra: another massive migrant caravan is heading our way from mexico as a survey shows americans are more and more unhappy with the biden administration's immigration policy. arizona attorney general where this administration has gotten it all wrong and thieves wreaking havoc on luxury shops over the weekend. looters getting more brazen by the minute and organized. >> it is absolute madness. police aren't allowed to do their jobs and opens up for crime in california.
8:42 am
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>> sandra: crime an chaos. in snick a highly organized mob of thieves stormed a store taking off in three separate cars with stolen goods. it happened just days after a similar ransacking at a nearby
8:47 am
high-end store. they made off with $100,000 worth of merchandise and in san francisco, multiple suspects under arrest for hitting a high-end store there and they also robbed two other luxury stores walking away with nearly $1 million in designer goods. 80 looters with ski masks hit a nordstrom in another town in the bay area. witness describes that scene. >> i probably saw 50 to 80 people in ski masks, crowbars, a bunch of weapons looting the nordstrom right here and there is all these -- usually its busy and cars parked. i thought they would start beating cars. there was a mob of people. police were flying in. it was insane. >> sandra: claudia cohen is live in walnut creek where the nordstrom is located. difficult to watch that video even. >> it is difficult, that's right. what a weekend here around the bay area. as a result police are stepping up patrols around broadway
8:48 am
plaza and other shopping areas following a string of looting incidents this weekend. video shows a flood of people, dozens and dozens flooding into the street carrying as much merchandise as they could and heading to a line of cars waiting at the curb. happened just before closing time and the store was still pretty busy. witnesses said as many as 80 people swarmed in wearing masks, some caring crowbars. three people were arrested including a suspect with a gun. two employees were assaulted. one was pepper sprayed and the looting here coming a day after shoplifters hit a dozen stores in san francisco including many high-end stealing a million worth of clothing, jewelry, handbags and other goods. thieves know they will sell fast online. police were on site in minutes and managed to stop at least one of the getaway cars and arrest eight people. they also seized several
8:49 am
firearms. investigators are combing through surveillance video and say they're confident more arrests will be coming. organized retail crime in san francisco has only gotten worse despite the viral videos and recent closures of cvs and walgreens stores where brazen shoplifting is a daily occurrence. critics say nothing will change without vigorous prosecutions and the repeal of a state law that classifies theft of under $950 as a miss demeanor. in just the last 24 hours police are reporting two more large-scale looting incidents in the bay area. the spike in these weekend attacks very deliberate, very coordinated so that all of these stolen goods can be resold online on black friday way below retail price. >> sandra: it is not like it is happening after hours or just before the store opens or closes. you have the risk to the shoppers who are in the store at the time these shopliftings are occurring.
8:50 am
claudia for us. another massive migrant caravan heads our way from southern mexico a warning from republican officials in border states. they say the ongoing migrant surge and the biden administration's lax immigration policies are putting the entire nation at risk. >> the biden administration is not doing what they need to do to stop. as a matter of fact they invite it. it will affect the entire nation. these people are moved around secretly overnight on planes and buses. some have covid. some are drug runners, they are potentially criminals. they could be terrorists. we don't know. we know they are being moved all over the country and we also know we aren't able to keep track of them. >> sandra: arizona attorney general is in "focus" now. thank you for being here. if you can first, please, make the connection for our viewers. how does what is happening at our southern border and those migrants coming over at the border, how does that put the
8:51 am
entire nation at risk? >> sandra, thank you for having me on. quite frankly, the cartels have seized operational control of our southern border. make no mistake about it. as a result of the biden administration's policies we see a record amount of people illegally cross the southern border. when we talk about the 2 million people that will cross just this year you are talking about impact, on our hospitals, social net but more importantly the cartels have used this opportunity to dramatically increase the amount of drugs coming into the united states. so we -- i as a prosecutor, former gang prosecutor have seen the price of fentanyl fall. the amount of counterfeit pills is dramatically increasing. as a result of that you see more violence in our cities and we're seeing the price of drug falling which means you'll see more people addicted. we'll see more people die of overdose deaths and shame on the biden administration and
8:52 am
the enablers like cartel keller here in arizona that are allowing our kids and sons, nieces and nephews to die as a result of their political correctness wanting to open the borders. >> sandra: more americans than not oppose president joe biden's bid to grant amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants in the house-backed build back better bill. 47% oppose amnesty. 36% support it. 59% of democrats favor amnesty while 72% of republicans oppose it. considering what we just saw in most recent elections, do you believe that democrats will look at this and think twice before they head into 2022, their policies on immigration? >> sandra, this should not be about politics. it is not a republican versus democrat or a right versus left issue. it is a fundamental issue of right versus wrong.
8:53 am
i'm a first generation american. there is a reason why people want to come to the united states because the rule of law. we have a system in place that doesn't reward chaos. that don't reward people breaking the law and not following the rules. the biden administration and its left allies in the u.s. congress have incentivized, decriminalized and monetizing. the rewards and benefits they give people that have entered the country illegally. that's why me and some of my colleagues have been involved in suing the biden administration trying to get them to follow the law because there are all sorts of consequences. put the politics aside. it is doubley bad politics but people are dying. our cities are more dangerous, kids and niece, nephews, sons and daughters dying because of the biden administration's experiments. not fair to hard working american taxpayers on a safety level or whether it's on a cost level and the costs we're
8:54 am
paying for this. >> sandra: most recently on the overdose deaths. it is horrible problem in this country that we have to get ahold of. real quickly final thoughts. as we head into the thanksgiving week this problem continues and you look at the message that you are getting from the other party. do you believe they'll change course at all? do you have hope? >> it's thanksgiving and i pray they will. i pray they recognize that this should not be a partisan issue. when you look at what the cost to consumer goods, attempt by the left to nationalize our elections and the impact it is having on hard working middle class people like myself it is unconscionable and we can't afford the failed biden administration's policies. so hopefully for whatever reason whether it's through self-interest or political interest they recognize that they are destroying this country. >> sandra: quite clearly you have heard republicans in this particular case warning this isn't just a border issue, it
8:55 am
is a problem for the entire country. you say it is not about politics. we see a lot of democrats at the border in the small town mayors dealing with the problems saying we need to wake up and the rest of the country needs to see what is happening. happy thanksgiving. i'm sandra smith. i'll see you back here for america reports at 1:00 eastern time. "outnumbered" after the break. veteran homeowners- have you been spending more time at home? imagining the possibilities? like a bigger kitchen, a swimming pool for the grandkids, or a backyard deck. your va home loan benefit and the newday 100 va loan make it possible. by borrowing up to 100% of your home's value you can take out up to $60,000 or more. with home values at all time highs,
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