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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  November 22, 2021 6:00am-8:00am PST

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what happened >> updates throughout the day here on the fox news channel. to hemmer and dana perino we go. >> bill: thank you, guys. good morning. as you know by now the celebration turning into horror. five are dead. 40 injured. a lot we don't know. what we do know is this. an s.u.v. plowing through a christmas parade in southeastern wisconsin. a warning about all of our coverage today. some of you may find the video we'll show you throughout the day rather disturbing. let's begin. [screaming] >> bill: this was chaos as the car speeds down the parade route. multiple angles and video shots here. people running to get out of the way.
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police officer firing his weapon at the s.u.v. to no avail. the white house saying president biden is monitoring the situation. tough bit of news and way to start the week. good to have you with us today and we'll go through this together. i'm bill hemmer live in new york. >> dana: this is "america's newsroom." talked to a friend yesterday on the scene when there was the terrible terror attack, we don't know it's a terror attack. when a car is used as a weapon if it's an accident or on purpose what the police officers and witnesses see is some of the most traumatic images they will ever experience in that your lives and nobody should have to go through that. police have taken a person of interest into custody. no word on a motive. the annual parade was canceled last year due the covid and it's a big event in waukesha. here are some witnesses to the horror. >> it was the worst thing i saw in my life. >> hit a whole crowd of kids. there were kids involved.
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>> okay. >> my mom was trying to help one of them. one was turning purple and blood everywhere. >> everyone is in shock. everyone started screaming. >> people were stretched over four or five blocks in the road. i thought maybe a drunk driver didn't stop but someone said they did it deliberately. i feel like i'm watching a movie and it is not real life. i've never seen anything this bad before. >> bill: police held a press conference late last night. a few hours on that. meantime here is the mayor on a horrible and senseless act in his town. >> i walked in the parade at the beginning. i saw the happy children sitting on the curb. i saw the happy parents behind their children. today our community faced horror and tragedy in which should have been a community celebration. >> bill: mike tobin has been up all night. what's the latest in wisconsin? mike, good morning.
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>> good morning, bill. the latest is that the associated press is now reporting investigators are examining the possibility that the driver of the s.u.v. was fleeing another crime possibly a knife fight. the source used in this particular report emphasizes the investigation is in the very early stages. a single person of interest is being held according to the police chief. still not calling this individual a suspect. not providing any further details. we expect to get an update from police later this afternoon. we know five people died. another 40 injured when people gathered for the christmas parade at 4:30 p.m. people went body to body, victim to victim trying to help in the aftermath. >> i'm not kidding you. that car came driving down the
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street during the parade. >> are you okay? >> [bleep] >> sad news on top of sad news. we've talked about this adorable dancing group called the dancing grannies. at least one of the fatalities were their ranks. their eyes gleamed with the joy of being a granny. they were the glue that held us together. we know some of the victims on the scene included children. this very, very sad and long crime scene. some of what remains at the crime scene are all the type of things that people would have brought to a christmas parade to keep themselves warm and comfortable. blankets, folding chairs, scarves still left on the scene out here. wisconsin governor tony evers
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has ordered all flags in the state to be flown at half staff. >> dana: kyle rittenhouse is now a free man after the jury found him not guilty on all five charges on friday. acquittal sparking protests in kenosha, wisconsin, 55 miles from waukesha. several major cities saw protests as well. outrage from many in the media. >> what we know now is that the jury bought the narrative of kyle rittenhouse being a victim. >> the fact that white supremacists celebrate this little murderous white supremacists lets you know these people have access to instituting laws. >> welcome to the modern republican party. this is what these people want and this is what a majority of white people vote for. a warning to everywhite suburbanite with a black lives matter poster in their window. they too could be shot by a white 17-year-old with an
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a.r.15 if he feels threatened by their desire. >> dana: president biden saying he is angry and concerned over the verdict but also respects the jury's decision. senior national correspondent rich edson is live at the white house. >> president biden and candidate biden have both said and commented fairly frequently about this. not so much, but during the campaign it happened. before and after the verdict. after the verdict president biden said while the verdict in kenosha will leave many americans concerned myself included the jury has spoken. i remain steadfast in my commitment to do everything in my power to insure that every american is treated equally with fairness and dignity under the law. vice president kamala harris today's verdict speaks for itself. a majority of my career working to make our criminal justice system more equitable. clear there is still a lot more
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work to do. the social media post you referenced from last year is a tweet about a month before the 2020 election. then candidate biden said then president donald trump refused to disavow white supremacists in their debate the previous night. it had a video montage that included a photo of kyle rittenhouse. the other democrats have offered similar takes as president and vice president. now some republicans are commenting. >> justice was done in that, bret. the jury system works. you know, i was a prosecutor for seven years. those charges should never have been brought. i who ep that everyone will leave this young man alone now and let him go to living his life. he should not become a political symbol for anybody. >> perhaps you hear more from the white house today. president biden travels to fort bragg, north carolina where he meets the service members military families.
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>> bill: marc thiessen joins us. good morning to you. we booked you to talk about a lot of different topics but let's take them one at a time and go back to rittenhouse here. tucker sat down with him over the weekend post verdict. i just want to play a clip of that. runs 30 seconds. blm and race in america. watch. >> this case has nothing to do with race. it never had anything to do with race. it had to do with the right to self-defense. i'm not a racist person. i support the blm movement. i support peacefully demonstrating and i believe there needs to be change. i believe there is a lot of prosecutorial misconduct not in just my case but other cases. it is amazing to see how much a prosecutor can take advantage of somebody. >> bill: in some ways and many ways the story is not over just yet. what are your thoughts on this monday?
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>> this is just shows how dysfunctional the media and our politics have become. keep in mind the kenosha riot was the riot where the cnn correspondent was standing in front of a bunch of burning cars while the chyron said mostly peaceful protests. they've been lying since the day it happened. to call this guy a white supremacists as so many did is shameful. the only known racist in this entire scenario was one of the guys he shot in self-defense who was a convicted child molest tore shouting the n word before he was shot. every one of the people who he shot in self-defense were white. the media is so invested in the narrative of race and take nothing that had anything to do with race and jam it to their narrative to spin the outrage machine and get people upset when there is -- this has nothing to do with race. it is a kid who went out. he shouldn't have been on the
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streets of kenosha but neither should those guys who were running around setting dumpsters on fire and joining in the riots. they were criminals. if they stayed home they would be alive today. >> dana: the left decrys the lack of trust in our institutions. one of the first things they have done is sew distrust but getting mad at people rather than looking at the facts of the case and realizing the jury deliberated and the prosecutor did not prove his case beyond a reasonable doubt. >> no doubt. then you have the president of the united states who at first issued a perfectly reasonable statement. he said look, i stand by what the jury concluded. the jury system works and we have to abide by it. left wing handlers got to him and he said he was angered and concerned. what are you angered and concerned about? the prosecution failed to make its case, nothing to do with race. no victim class involved. second of all if you walk back a statement maybe you should be walking back the statement you
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made calling kyle rittenhouse a white supremacist. 17-year-old kid has the most powerful man in the world referring to him as a white supremacist. maybe joe biden ought to apologize for that instead of standing by a jury verdict. >> bill: we encourage viewers to make up your own mind and watch tonight at 8:00. we won't get a news conference in wisconsin for several hours. mike tobin said 1:00 local. a.p. was reporting the person who drove that car may have been fleeing another crime at the time which might explain some of the video you see like -- she looks to be 3 or 4 years old wearing a pink coat, just misses her. almost as if you could see he was trying to trail his way along this band of human beings literally and try to get away before he was cornered and the worst outcome has happened there. >> dana: maybe when they have
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the press conference at 2:00 p.m. eastern they will have more answers. right now not enough. there is this. closing arguments set to begin today in the trial of three white men accused of killing an unarmed black jogger in georgia last year. defense claims the suspect arbery burglarized a home in an area and trying to conduct a citizens arrest. prosecutor say there is no evidence arbery committed any crimes in the neighborhood. we'll monitor that trial and bring any news as it happens. >> bill: 12 minutes past the hour. businesses on high alert after looters ransacked high-end stores in s. you won't believe this latest heist. the city's response to the brazen smash and grab and what the criminals used to get away. we'll be on that in a moment. >> dana: new ethics concerns about hunter biden after a report reveals his investment firm helped broken a deal for a chinese company to purchase one of the world's most lucrative
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cobalt minds. >> bill: beijing under pressure to answer for the disappearance and perhaps a reappearance of a tennis star as a u.s. officials warns china has the jump on us when it comes to missile technology. general jack keane has analysis when we continue. it's the season of smiling. and at aspen dental, we make it easy to gift yourself the smile you deserve. new patients, start today with a full exam and x-rays, with no obligation. if you don't have insurance, it's free. plus everyone saves 20% on their treatment plan with flexible payment solutions for every budget. we're here making smiles shine bright so you can start the new year feelin' alright. call 1-800-aspendental or book today at as someone who resembles someone else, i appreciate that liberty mutual knows everyone's unique. that's why they customize your car insurance,
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>> dana: top space force general warning the u.s. is lagging behind china and russia in developing hypersonic defense technology as u.s. officials reportedly confirm china's missile test in july was more advanced than initially thought. let's bring in general jack keane. i noted that david thompson, the vice chief of space operations for the united states we aren't as advance had as the chinese or russians in
6:19 am
terms of hypersonic programs. is that a problem, general? >> it absolutely is. the united states is used to having an advantage over our adversaries for decades. this has begun to change not just with this system but with some others. the chinese and russians have technology that we don't have in terms of its deployability yet. the army will deploy, will produce a system in 24. the navy in 25 on surface ships. and also on submarines in 27. but that will still leave us with a major problem, dana. we don't have any way to defend against this system. and what we're involved in developing as quickly as we can is advanced satellites with sensors on it to be able to track the system as it orbits the earth's atmosphere and secondly, to be able to intercept it. so both of those developments have to take place and they are a top priority certainly for
6:20 am
the pentagon. listen, we have said before china has a advantage. they have more ships and missiles than we have deployed in the area. that's another thing that we have to overcome and begin to forward deploy our capability there to establish deterrents. after all, what we have learned from 40 years of dealing with the soviet union, we have to have a strategic deterrent that the enemy accepts as real and we'd use it and they don't want to enter into conflict with the united states. we have to fix this with a sense of urgency, dana. >> dana: i feel the same on that one. i wanted to ask you about this. you followed this story for years. the question of whether russia is amassing troops on the border with ukraine for a possible invasion. some are saying maybe by late january that could happen. the spokesperson for the
6:21 am
kremlin says this hysteria is whipped up artificially. he said it in russia. those who brought their armed forces from overseas are accusing us from unusual military activity on our own territory, that is the united states. how do you see it, sir? >> first of all, we have to see it as being real. there is over 90,000 troops that are in the vicinity of the ukraine border. so that's obviously a serious situation. we don't know what's inside of putin's head whether he will conduct an invasion as the defense official in ukraine thinks maybe by late january or is he doing this just to make certain that the united states and the west stop providing assistance to ukraine and number two, ukraine stops its desire to move towards the european union and also become a member of nato. i think those latter two things russia has succeeded at quite
6:22 am
frankly rather successfully. in incurring ukraine's ambitions and stopping them and pushing back on the west. but this is a serious issue. it deserves monitoring and certainly the united states should be sending messages with nato and our european friends as to what the cost will be for russia if they take this on. >> dana: it doesn't seem clear. one last question. president biden goes to fort bragg today. ef,iteing when the commander-in-chief comes to vits as we get reports there is a navy sailors that have had to take out loans after being shorted on pay and then last week we reported several times that 29% of troops face food insecurity during the past year meaning they had a hard time paying bills in order to get food on the table. what should the commander-in-chief be thinking about that? >> i used to command fort bragg. i'm delighted to see him
6:23 am
heading that way. great troops there like we have in other places. listen, nobody in the military is making a lot of money. they pretty much live from paycheck to paycheck with modest savings. any event that comes that wasn't planned for will exhaust their savings or they have to go get loans. and that is one of the things i saw on a regular basis as i spent my 37 years in the military. some of the people that they may try to get loans for or financial deals aren't the best people to be making them. they are involved in charging them with high interest rates. what is going on? cost of living raises have been going on in the military. is there a process problem here which seems to be in the navy as to what's happening to it? they have to resolve this. in my judgment, i used to when i was close to the battalion command, i made it -- i wanted
6:24 am
to know every single soldier, every single month who had a pay complaint and get my chain of command involved. why? it's serious. people live paycheck to paycheck and unless you have been in that experience you don't realize how traumatic it is when you don't have that paycheck. and you can't pay your bills and your credit rating is beginning to be affected by it as well. this is something the leadership has got to get involved and get after it. there is nothing more that impacts soldier morale than not getting paid. >> dana: happy thanksgiving. >> bill: in the meantime from beijing to missing chinese tennis star peng shuai apparently held a video call with olympic officials saying she is alive and welcoming hours after beijing released videos and pictures of her at a tennis match in a restaurant. we think they were recently.
6:25 am
but we cannot confirm. she has not been seen publicly since november 2 when she accused a vice premier of sexual abuse. still a lot of questions out there. the video itself lasted 30 minutes and has not been released. i think you just have one still image. >> dana: a lot of skepty sis ms and questions about it. any reporting being done the chinese are censoring from being shown to anybody in china. that gives you another clue. >> bill: the world has to pay attention to this and wake up to the chinese communist government and what xi is doing. you think about the democratic crackdown in hong kong and covid in wuhan and on and on. good for the united states tennis association. steve simon is demanding an investigation. if he doesn't it get the united states may pull its own tournaments and players out of china for upcoming events. they would take a stand even
6:26 am
though it would cost a lot of money. >> dana: vaccine mandates for all federal employees including t.s.a. agents who will screen millions of holiday travelers. we're live with an early look at the crowds. analysts say it could be the most expensive thanksgiving ever but christmas may turn out to be a bigger drain on your budget. maria bartiromo is next to crunch the grinchy numbers next. on the edge of a forest in norway, there were three things my family encouraged: kindness, honesty and hard work. over time, i've come to add a fourth: be curious. be curious about the world around us, and then go. go with an open heart, and you will find inspiration anew.
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>> dana: fox news alert. deadline day today for all federal employees to get their coughed vaccination including tens of thousands of tsa workers who risk losing their jobs if they don't comply. that of course could mean longer lines at airports with holiday travel expected to be much, much busier than last year during covid.
6:32 am
madison is live for us at an airport in newark, new jersey. >> good morning. we're looking at one of the busiest travel weeks of the year and the deadline for tsa workers to be vaccinated is today. that has been making travelers worried that an imperfect system could have more problems when it goes into effect. the deadline is today but here is the thing. that was the original plan. now learning tsa is looking at the deadline as less of a cliff and more of a learning opportunity. tsa telling fox business last night that the period of progressive discipline which starts today is a period ever counseling and education intended to reach 100% vaccination status. those workers will still be employed and working. so at last check as many as 40% of u.s. airport security screeners haven't been vaccinated. as i just mentioned they will be on the job as of today. the manpower is needed because it is estimated that travel will be close to pre-pandemic
6:33 am
levels. tsa is anticipating screening 20 million travelers this holiday travel week. because of that they're recommending people arrive at least 2 hours before domestic flights. >> i have seen no indication that vaccine requirements are going to impact travel in any way, certainly in terms of our ability as a federal administration to provide the services that are needed. >> the big news today it seems the deadline is not having an impact on the workers. those unvaccinated agents are still able to work as they go through education but to make matters worse on top of all this we're seeing bad weather across the u.s. if the storms roll through it could add more pressure onto a strained travel system. dana. >> dana: pack your patience, everyone. it doesn't add weight to your suitcase but might give you more peace of mind. >> bill: those americans plan
6:34 am
to hit the road for the holiday will face gas prices soaring to new highs. gallon of gas is up 1.30 from 12 months ago. stunning. maria bartiromo anchors of mornings with maria, how are you doing and good morning. i was watching your show a few hours ago. you were keen on the cbs poll that found 33% approval for joe biden how he is handling inflation. people know it. they see it and they get it. >> that's right, yeah. these are some of the kitchen table issues that hit us all. it doesn't matter your income scale. it doesn't matter what you like or don't like. you buy food, you buy gasoline, and so this issue is resonating more than most with the american people. and while it is likely going to be one of the most expensive thanksgivings on record because of the spikes in all foods, the
6:35 am
gasoline price is probably going to hurt the most. because of the covid situation that we're still in people are driving to their family and friends for thanksgiving more so than they are flying and as a result, they are going to of to eat a 50% increase in the price of oil and gasoline over the last year, even when people are talking about their wages having gone up over the last year and a half, it is still being zapped by the price of gasoline. so get ready for inflation nation. this is not going away anytime soon even though this administration and federal reserve has been telling us it's temporary for so long. it certainly don't feel it as you go to visit parents and friends this thanksgiving and have to pay up for everything involved. >> bill: a lot of times you talk how economics and politics intersect. "new york times" on sunday reflecting on virginia. here we go. glenn youngkin won the virginia governorship after emphasizing
6:36 am
the rights of parents to control how schools operate and what they teach. mr. youngkin's chief strategist jeff rowe said how the rising cost of living had significantly motivated voters. an issue that was little covered by the news media. he predicted it would drive senate and house races around the country next year many of which he and his firm have a hand in. the intersection is pretty clear based on the virginia results that we find there. maria. >> you are absolutely right, bill and why as the price of oil and food goes higher, president biden's poll ratings are going lower and lower. this is the one issue that affects all of us. it is not too complex to understand. you are paying up more of your paycheck and disposable income are going for things that didn't cost this much just a year ago. >> bill: maria, thank you. something we'll be dealing with today and going forward for some time.
6:37 am
have a great thanksgiving, okay? >> you, too, happy thanksgiving to you and dana. >> from the nba last night looked like the wwe. ist was a boxing match. lakers took on the pistons in detroit. here is how it began with lebron james in a free-throw. >> oh oh, oh oh. lebron doing it hot. everybody is coming out now. >> isaiah stewart plays for detroit. he was hot on fire. lebron james caught stewart to the face. both were ejected. at a point when lebron was going for a rebound. this happened before the video you are watching now. stewart is bleeding from the head. refs label the elbow a flagrant foul. it went on for some time. we'll see the result. >> dana: was that just an
6:38 am
accident when lebron hit him in the eye? >> bill: you can see the replay. it happened in a quick second. then they went face-to-face looking at each other and nothing happens. all of this ensued after that face-to-face and stewart was hot on fire and was -- this is a man that was very difficult to control last night. >> dana: he didn't pack his patience. >> bill: we'll see what the nba does. you can look at the replays. >> dana: i'm surprised the producers had you lead that and not me. i'm getting better at my sports coverage. so i would like a shot at that next time. >> bill: we'll give you a shot. >> dana: i'm kidding. dana's sports corner is quite a thing on the five if you haven't seen it. at least 80 people ransacking a nordstrom store in san francisco over the weekend. brazen smash and brags. details next. supreme court could rule on texas abortion law as early as today.
6:39 am
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>> dana: on new york man's death on a subway in an unprovoked attack. the suspect stabbed a 32-year-old man on the train as it pulled into penn station. the victim was asleep on the train when he was stabbed in the neck. transit crime is up 45% over the past month from this time last year. >> bill: also police making at least three arrests after 80 people ransacked a nordstrom store outside san francisco. the latest in high-end smash and grabs in the bay area recently. this one did some damage. we have the latest this morning. what more have you found out? >> good morning, bill. ahead of black friday professional shoplifters are stepping up their game swarming high-end stores in packs making off with the most expensive merchandise they can carry and almost always getting away. more than 80 people ransacked this nordstrom's store in walnut creek saturday night
6:45 am
wearing masks, wielding crowbars and assaulting at least two employees here. only three people were caught including a suspect who had a gun. the video is grainy might you might be able to see some suspects getting into a line of getaway cars clearly indicating this smash and grab was carefully organized and highly planned. nordstrom attack came after the day after another large group hit a dozen stores in san francisco smashing windows at blooming dales and others, massive police response captured eight suspects. >> the plan was to overwhelm us and hoping we wouldn't be here but we were. some of them think they got a way with it. i am confident -- i am confident there will be more arrests to follow. >> san francisco has been called the epicenter of organized retail crime. a problem that has only gotten worse despite the viral videos and closures of cvs and walgreens stores because of the
6:46 am
rampant theft. city recently partnered with local retailers to crack down on organized crime signed cats that fuel the black-market for stolen goods but critics say nothing will change without more prosecutions and the repeal of a state law that classifies thefts of under $950 as a miss demeanor. in fact, thieves carry calculators to make sure they stay under that dollar amount. in the past 24 hours police are reporting two more large-scale smash and grabs incidents here in the bay area. no arrests made. >> unbelievable. not even 7:00 in the morning. >> dana: let's bring in ben dugan president of the law enforcement in retail. i know this has been happening in some places, we cover it and see that. it seems like it is more brazen. i want to show on the screen for everybody larceny theft is up 13% this year.
6:47 am
>> his picture just dropped out. maybe we get him back here. san francisco chronicle this morning reports stunning things about this. they call it a flash mob. you heard about it doing other things. this time they break into stores. they had people in and out of that store within three minutes. they had cars, two dozen cars parked on the road outside and many of the cars had their license plates covered so they can get away. apparently there were two cops in the area that responded immediately. three minutes doesn't give you very much time. we revisited the whole idea of defunding police in major american cities. questions for the mayor and attorney general. >> dana: we saw there is a new law and claudia touched on this as well. if you steal an amount lower than $900 then you aren't going to get prosecuted.
6:48 am
so if you have 80 people doing that all at once you can get a lot of merchandise out. you have to imagine for these businesses trying to come back after covid, want -- dealing with the supply chain crisis, dealing with the fact that people want to get back out there, and to have to deal with this. >> bill: on and on and on it goes. london breed is the mayor in san francisco. sheer what was said after the attack on friday now. a whole different attack. here she is. listen. >> the message here today is if you come to our city to commit those level of crimes or to come and to vandalize or harm individuals, you will be held accountable. you will be brought to justice. >> bill: okay. what claudia is saying there has been two more hits before sunrise today in san francisco. >> dana: the same is happening in chicago and elsewhere. >> bill: retailers will tell you, you can't run an
6:49 am
enterprise if in is happening especially around the holidays. >> dana: part of the squad. >> bill: here she is about the defund movement in america. >> policing in our country is broken. we have to reimagine what it means to be safe in our country. >> does that mean a reduction in police? >> our police structure now isn't working the way we police our communities. it is just not working. >> bill: what happened in san francisco? >> dana: and also if you wanted police to be tougher on crime you could make the same argument. the way we're policing in america today is not working. >> bill: another clip. she was asked about the filibuster and whether or not democrats should go forward with it. gung-ho under a democratic congress. when jonathan swan turned the question and said what if trump had done it i think the answer was it would have been a bad idea more or less. there is that.
6:50 am
our apologies to ben dugan. we'll try to reestablish a contact with him coming up shortly. fox news now confirming the name of the person of interest now in custody after this s.u.v. barreled through a christmas parade in wisconsin. darrell brooks has an extensive criminal history. we will tell you more about that coming up. there are reports also that he was in jail as recently as this past weekend. we haven't confirmed that yet but we're working on all this coming up. you have this now. a new report renewing questions and ethics concerns about hunter biden's business ties with the chinese communist government. it is rich. we'll get into it coming up. >> we all know hunter biden is a walking, talking conflict of interest. i've been saying he is a national security threat. this is further proof. time lows now's the time to do more with your home equity. veterans are calling newday at a
6:51 am
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6:55 am
>> dana: 2024 is just around the corner and meghan markle has given no indication she may
6:56 am
want to run for president someday. if she does it may be a no good. roughly 211 year old constitutional amendment says anyone who receives the title of nobility cannot run for federal office. if you were on the list of possible candidates. >> bill: she won't be on the stage during the primary. >> dana: it appears not so. >> bill: so that's settled. >> dana: don't have to worry about that one. >> bill: now we have this investment firm closely linked to hunter biden said to be helping a chinese company buy one of the world's richest cobalt mines. it was in africa. the president's son founded the firm in 2013 with two other americans and chinese partners. complicated story but runs rich with a lot of money. william la jeunesse is on it with details. go ahead. >> good morning. joe biden was vice president at the time this deal went down five years ago. hunter biden's investment firm
6:57 am
helped the chinese company buy a cobalt mine in africa. cobalt is a scarce metal essential to electric car batteries. as president joe biden he is spending billions of tax dollars to convert the u.s. car market to go entirely electric dependent on the cobalt mines his son helped sell to chinese. critics want an investigation because they believe huntser may stand to gain from his father's policies. >> we all no hunter biden is a walking, talking conflict of interest but also a national security threat. this is further proof. the fact that he continues to pedal influence to foreign nationals is concerning. >> according to the "new york times" hunter founded an investment company in 2013 and other u.s. partners controlled 30% of the shanghai-based company. in 2016 it helped a chinese company acquire a cobalt mine
6:58 am
in the congo from a u.s. company. biden at the time held a 10% share of the company and would have profited from this deal. as of april this year, records show he still held a stake in the chinese investment firm. the white house claims he is trying to divest. so aside from helping chinese state-owned company the communist government acquire a lock on cobalt, biden's firm also helped a chinese defense company buy a michigan auto parts maker. critics say it appears he is working against u.s. national security interests and worry he has used his father's name and influence, bill, to enrich himself. >> bill: back to you. there is a lot more to this. extensive reporting over the record for "the new york times" and others and we'll back on it today. we're live in los angeles and what is happening there. the "new york post" was reporting a month before the election and twitter canceled the "new york post" for a
6:59 am
period of a month for reporting on hunter biden. >> dana: every time the white house press secretary there is another thing about hunter biden. >> bill: this is a lot of money. we talk about billion dollar potential deals. conglomerates from all over the world. beijing, australia, african countries. a lot of people were involved in these deals. how you can acquire a cobalt mine and extract the cobalt sell it and over the world. a valuable piece of real estate. >> dana: it is used in all the electric vehicles. >> bill: we're on wisconsin getting brand-new information. we want to get back to that story now as we begin a new hour here. >> dana: 39-year-old darrell e. brooks is the man police are calling a person of interest in the deadly s.u.v. attack at a christmas parade in waukesha, wisconsin. some images and details may be disturbing so this is a warning.
7:00 am
a driver raced down a street crowded with marching bands, dance themes and hundreds of spectators leaving at least five people dead. 40 people injured including 12 children. this is "america's newsroom." good morning. i'm dana perino. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. brooks is in custody of he plowed that vehicle into the crowd prompting chaos and screams of terror. >> bill: first responders many taking part in the pair add itself rushing to provide medical aid. parents running through the streets looking for children. horrified witnesses describing they say was a surreal and fatal scene. >> people were laying over four or five blocks. i thought a drunk driver didn't stop but someone said they did it deliberately.
7:01 am
>> i saw a red truck crash into the band members. after they hit them they went to the right side of the street and went all the way down the block to the end of the street. >> lots of kids. there was moms running looking for their children afterwards. screaming and running in stores. it was bizarre to see and hear. >> kaleigh we're so sorry everyone is going through this and grateful you are here today. describe for us what you saw. >> well, the christmas waukesha parade. it was a lot of families. there were a lot of people there. a lot of families with young children. people had brought their blankets and kids had their baskets for candy and it was supposed to be an event to celebrate the holidays. people were excited. so the parade started at 4:00 and then around 4:30 we hear a
7:02 am
bunch of screaming and i said this before but when you first heard it your first thought is maybe it's santa claus at the end of the parade but it becomes clear it is not. the car comes barreling down the street going very fast. you hear lots of screaming and people are up and running and crying and it keeps going down the street. it doesn't stop. and you can see that people are on the ground hurt. >> bill: how long is this parade? looks like it is several blocks, perhaps longer than that. given that, where were you in relation to the parade and were you sidewalk, street side, where were you? >> i was on the main street of downtown waukesha and there were a significant amount of people in the downtown area. i would say i was probably in the first third of the parade route. so there were a significant amount of people in front when the driver went through as well.
7:03 am
>> dana: did you get any sense afterwards in terms of just the scene in terms of everybody pitching in? interesting to think the police are there on parade duty and it is supposed to be a wonderful event. i know this is an important event for your community and one that people look forward to after being canceled last year due to covid. anything you saw in terms of the immediate first responder response? >> there is a lot of families with young kids and i think the main goal for them was to get off the streets, into the stores. you also saw a lot of people who ran out into the street to help the people that were on the ground. it was pure chaos and pure fear. and you could tell that everyone was just trying to process what happened and get out of their safely. >> bill: we have a name russell brooks. don't know where he is from. a long criminal record.
7:04 am
some reporting suggests he was in jail as early as this past weekend. that hasn't been confirmed by us. darrell brooks, i apologize. he is age 39 in custody. could you or did you see how his car was ultimately stopped at the end of that parade? >> i really can't tell you much about the person they have in custody or where they found the car. like i said, a couple minutes there were officers saying there were about 30 people down and shots were fired. i can't confirm if that's true or not but at that point everyone's goal was to get out of there. i don't think other people saw the conclusion to what happened. but yeah. >> dana: did you know anyone who was affected by this, injured or maybe lost their life? >> i don't personally.
7:05 am
i actually just moved to waukesha over the summer so this was kind of supposed to be a way for my family and i to get the know the city a little more. i can't say i personally know anyone. my heart goes out because i -- you know, it is a big community and you can tell this affected a lot of people and a lot of people are hurt whether it's mentally or physically. to see something like this especially as a kid is devastating. my heart goes out to everyone there. >> bill: especially with the children. where did you move from? >> a northern suburb of chicago. >> bill: can you explain to us what this parade means to the town? we have heard from a lot of people there was a lot of disappointment when it was canceled a year ago as dana mentioned. to have it back lifted spirits. >> i can't tell you a ton because i just moved there but just being there you could tell
7:06 am
it was something people were excited about. i think wisconsin is known for parades. i grew up in wisconsin for a large part of my life and so it is getting the community together and finally being able to do it after the pandemic was supposed to be something exciting. i can't imagine what this does to people and to children, their perceptions of attending simple events like parades in the future. >> dana: after witnessing something like that you take care of yourself. any thoughts and plans on today in terms of the community and getting together tonight perhaps? >> there will be lots of vigils and prayer services across the milwaukee area. so just keeping up with what's happening with the victims and checking in with the people that were affected is the plan. >> bill: how far do you live from the parade route now?
7:07 am
>> 10 to 15 minutes away. >> bill: it will be a tough one going forward. the parade means so much and you put a fine point on it, especially the children seeing that. thank you for spending some time with us today. thanks. >> dana: appreciate your input. take care. devastating situation for -- the police will have a press conference at 2:00 eastern. one of the things i think you will probably end up seeing by this point is you will have so identities. we know five people have lost their lives. 40 injured, 12 children. and when those family members are notified, that's when you will start to see the names and their photographs and loved ones will be so devastated and we have to be there for them. >> bill: the human side of it will being playing out in a very real way. multiple senior law enforcement sources telling fox news
7:08 am
39-year-old russell -- darrell e. brooks from wisconsin is being questioned. sources say this is not being investigated at terrorism at this time. brooks has an extensive criminal history per the sources dating back to more than a decade. we have seen what appears to be a rap sheet for him and it is long. >> dana: if this turns out to be that he was the associated press said that he was possibly fleeing another crime scene and on his way there, the police might be able to tell us a little bit more at that point. >> bill: the idea that comes to mind is that first clip of video that was released last evening when you see him driving over those white bear cades. -- barricades. we don't know if he knew about the parade. the loss of life is extensive and injuries are too many to
7:09 am
count. dozens are trying to recover. >> dana: there are reports as our guest now mentioned a lot of people came out of their stores where they were having the christmas celebration. came out in order to help people that were injured. we'll hear a lot more about the police there. they were there on parade duty and it turns into a very gruesome, violent tragic scene. there is no doubt in a small community like this that a lot of those police officers knew the people who were there and injured. >> bill: you have a lot of different groups that come together and socialize. the milwaukee dancing grannies are there. such a local thing. they post on their facebook page that members of their group were impacted and awaiting more word on their condition. they describe themselves a group of grannies that meet once of week to practice routines for summer and winter parades. they live for this. >> dana: the suspect they have in custody, darrell e. brooks
7:10 am
has two open criminal cases against him currently. posted bond for two felonies and three misdemeanors a couple days ago. we'll find out more from the poils and posted bond for three felonies last march. >> bill: this parade is held every year on the sunday before thanksgiving as it was yesterday november 21 sponsored by the city's chamber of commerce. this year was the 59th year. the theme was comfort and joy. really hits home there. mike tobin will get back to us and live in waukesha with more information. we've been talking about the man in custody. what more do you have on your end there? >> really the incident in hand what we're getting through multiple law enforcement agencies police had been responding to a call of something akin to a fight and when they got there they didn't see the fight itself materialize. what they saw was the s.u.v. speeding away. that would have been sometime before 4:30 in the afternoon
7:11 am
when the s.u.v. came into the crowd here. this information is somewhat consistent with the reporting by the associated press that they reported an individual fleeing an altercation, something akin to a knife fight and drove up into this location. but the source speaking to the associated press stressed it was the early stages of the investigation. a lot of this information needed to be sifted out. we have the identity according to multiple sources darrell brooks. he seems to have an extensive criminal background that goes back at least a decade. guys, back to you. >> bill: is there any information that you have that you might have recently just been in custody as in days ago? >> you know, there is a pile of information and i have seen that on social media that he had just been released. one social media account said he had just been released hours before the incident but that
7:12 am
stuff seems to -- back to you, bill, i have a lot of audio interference. >> bill: we haven't confirmed any of that and when we do on the ground there in waukesha we will pass that to our virus if and when. thank you. >> dana: supreme court ruling expected any minute possibly involving the high profile texas abortion law plus a battle in seattle. voters sending a message loud and clear rejecting moves to defund the police. left wing lawmakers are moving to ignore the will of the people. >> we have no law and order in seattle, none. you know, we need to build our police department back up. vetea smart move when you bought your home. now make another one and turn your equity into cash with your va home loan benefit. the newday 100 va loan lets you borrow 100% of your home's value.
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7:18 am
>> there is no question inflation is high and it's affecting american consumers and it is affecting their outlook but that's why we need to move on this build back better bill right now. experts across the board have looked at it and concluded it won't increase inflation because it's paid for. when you pay for investments you don't add demand to the economy. >> brian dees yesterday on "fox news sunday" come as democrats are patting themselves on the back for the bbb better bill passed to the senate. conversations at thanksgiving dinner might not be what they expect. tom cotton has more on that now. good morning. let's begin there. do they have a handle on this? >> no, bill, they don't have a handle on it. i think this conversations at thanksgiving dinner will focus on how expensive and grocery
7:19 am
stores limiting purchases and the fixings or how much gas cost for drive to grandma's place. the inflation is large and growing larger. this bill by spending trillions of dollars encouraging people not to work will only make it worse. >> bill: we have a few other topics. >> dana: we have to maximize our time. there is also this. the rift among the democrats is super interesting. congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez has thoughts that she gave to the "new york times" about what she thinks the president should do. she said there is an enormous amount of executive action they're sitting on that's under utilized. why are we taking this as a legislative compromise when the opportunity is so much greater or when biden could do it with a stroke of a pen and is just reminding us he is choosing not to? they didn't like it when president trump considered executive action but basically she wants to bypass the legislative agenda. it is difficult. she wants executive action
7:20 am
which probably wouldn't work. >> i think she and the bernie sanders wing of the party are disappointed the bill will only cost $5 trillion and they wanted to spend 10 or 12 trillion. i will point out the single biggest item in the bill is a tax break for rich homeowners in places like california, new jersey and new york whose taxes are too high. taxes of the rest of the country shouldn't be subsidizing. maybe they are unhappy they just voted for tax cuts for the wealthy which they always accuse republicans of doing. >> dana: we've been following the story of the tennis star peng shuai in china who accused a communist leader of sexual assault. the ioc spoke with her yesterday on video. she thanked them for their concerned about the well-being and safe and well living at her home in beijing but wants her privacy respected at this time and prefers to spend her time with family and friends right now.
7:21 am
do you buy that? >> no. the ioc is acting but nothing as a front man for the chinese communist party. i called for a complete and total boycott of these games partly because the biden administration cannot assure the safety of our athletes, coaches and staff from electric chronic surveillance and dna harvesting or hostage taking. if the chinese communist party will take its own athletes and disappear them and march them out in hostage videos like this what will they do to our athletes? this is a regime committing genocide against its own people. we should not be doing anything to celebrate or honor china with these olympic games. we can rebid them. half a dozen european nations that could host them in february if we move now. >> bill: tennis association wants answered. have you followed the story about hunter biden and cobalt
7:22 am
mines in africa dealing the chinese government? >> i have, bill. it seems complicated and shady and something that you would ex frekt hunter biden. somehow getting into business with a chinese company to sell a cobalt mine in africa while his father was vice president is one more controversy we need to dig into to see what hunter biden was up to and whether or not he was trading on his power and office. >> bill: we'll see if twitter cancels that story, sarcasm aside. >> dana: happy thanksgiving. >> thank you. happy thanksgiving. >> dana: it didn't happen today. supreme court may soon rule on the controversial ban of abortions after six weeks in texas. it is on a fast track. shannon bream is the fox of fox news @ night and chief legal correspondent. everybody was ready that it might be coming. we know it will.
7:23 am
it wasn't what was decided today but having shock waves through the country as they wait for this texas decision. >> yeah, you are exactly right. this case has been fast tracked that very few cases are. when we found out we would get opinions today we chattered among the supreme court core will we get this case out of texas? this law is now in effect. it has been since september and it essentially bans most a boirtions after a heartbeat or roughly six weeks into a pregnancy. this happened in a matter of weeks. they told everybody get your briefs in and hear arguments november 1. they did. we're on stand by waiting to see what they decide. what was at stake in those arguments november 1 was more procedural than getting to the actual guts or substance of the law itself but it gets down to whether a group of abortion providers or the justice department, the biden administration, can actually
7:24 am
bring suit to try to stop the law. the court did have an opportunity to put it on hold. that has been requested numerous times. supreme court has opted not to do that. the law is still in effect in texas right now and what we're waiting to find out any minute or day from the court is whether or not they will allow the biden administration to step in or the group of abortion clinics to challenge the law. it is the not the state enforcing it but allows private citizens to enforce the law. it is complicated, a different way of doing this and specifically crafted to get around judicial review making it very tricky. it waits for the nation's highest court for a decision. >> dana: the court is different now with the makeup it has. is that really leading people to have all this speculation whether you want to be struck down or to survive, a lot is riding on the fact there are different justices on the court this time around. >> yeah, there are. you have to think about how
7:25 am
much the court changed during the trump administration. the fact that long time abortion rights pioneer and fighter justice ruth bader ginsburg passed away and replaced by justice amy comey barrett. that definitely changes the makeup of the court and now we wait in a week or so, december 1st the major case out of mississippi, the dobbs case. that bans most abortions after 15 weeks. that will be heard on the substance. it is here on the merits now and that's the one where supporters of mississippi law are asking for roe versus wade to be overturned and this to be the vehicle to do it. expects a very busy and heated day from the court december 1 if we don't hear on the texas law before that i expect it will be that day. >> dana: next wednesday, december 1 we'll get you see you sooner rather than later.
7:26 am
>> bill: a brazen robbery caught on camera in chicago. they stormed into a store. one official slams the mayor over how the city is handling crime. we have a chicago alderman joining us live after the break. wait until you hear the mayor has to say about it. people with moderate to severe psoriasis, are rethinking the choices they make like the splash they create the entrance they make, the surprises they initiate. otezla. it's a choice you can make. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. otezla is associated with an increased risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight
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with your home equity. veterans are calling newday at a record pace to take advantage of the newday 100 va loan. you can borrow up to 100% of your home's value to upgrade the kitchen, add a pool for the grandkids, or have the security of cash in the bank. with an average cash out amount of $60,000, you can do more. >> bill: back to crime in america. take a look at this. 10:31 in new york. in chicago a dozen people robbed as much as they could carry within minutes. the mayor lori lightfoot under fire with seven such robberies reported over the past month. want to bring in chicago alderman raymond lopez. a colleague of yours told the sun times this. he said they need to step it
7:32 am
up, meaning city leaders and police in a big way and stop this crime pandemic themselves. they need to find a way to recruit more people on them. the mayor can only do so much. you have to make changes when things are not working out. what do you think about that, those changes? >> i'm glad my colleague is speaking out because i think it has been clear to many of us that for the past 15 months nothing has been working from the light foot administration in terms of addressing crime and violence in the city of chicago. what is clear to you and me, bill and to a vast majority of the city of chicago's residents is lori lightfoot has lost control of the city. though she likes to talk tough and say she knows who the enemy is she does absolutely nothing to put gang members and criminals in check, turning a blind eye to the damage we've seen on video and turn n turn telling us it's the retailer's fault the crime is being committed. nonsense when it comes to
7:33 am
taking accountability and responsibility for the state of the city right now. >> bill: her response was this on screen. the statements attributed to the alderman are ill informed and lack of appreciation for the complexity in this time of covid. if the solutions were eefsy we would have solved the challenge long ago but they are not. the root causes of community violence are deep, complex and generations in the making. root causes. are they? >> you know, we know that there are generational issues when it comes to crime and violence in the city of chicago. that's a no-brainer. for the mayor to say that those comments talking about accountability and holding the superintendent and her accountable for what has been going on just shows how tone deaf the mayor is in realizing that everyday people in chicago feel like they are under the gun when they walk out of their homes. we can address root causes but it is a long-term solution. we need to focus on the here and now.
7:34 am
putting criminals away when they break into our stores and loot the magnificent mile and carjacking seniors. we need to hold them accountable and recognize that the victims and good people of the city of chicago are living in fear every day because of her failed policies. >> bill: your numbers are awful. the chicago crime stats from 2021. the number of robberies 6,668. that's through november 14th. great day, i might add. and also you've got a murder rate here. you are up -- you're at 715 murders in the year 2021. it doesn't stop there, either. i'm reading that chicago has seen nearly 4,000 people shot in this year alone. it is not over yet. >> yes. we still have about five weeks left of the year. on track to have over 850 homicides in the city of chicago. no end in sight. no policy to keep people safe.
7:35 am
a mayor who refuses, absolutely refuses to acknowledge any fault from her own administration. she likes to say she is taking on crime as though it is a public health matter. i tell you if any doctor treated their patients the way she is treating chicago in terms of public health they would be sued for malpractice. >> bill: thank you for your time. good luck. nothing is changing. all i can say is good luck and thank you for your time today. thank you, sir. >> dana: also this. a new survey revealing more than half of new york city police wish they had never joined the nypd. this unfortunate feeling according to the "new york post" that obtained an internal department survey of nearly 6,000 officers taken back in march. the survey also reportedly finds 46% of officers feel the public disrespects police and 79% do not believe the city will be safer in two years. that's straight from the nypd unfortunately.
7:36 am
i don't want anyone to feel that way. you want people to be excited about their career choice and work and people who go into being police officers are ones that have a calling. >> bill: quite an indictment. when we saw the rise in new york we saw people standing on sidewalks and people screaming at cops two inches from their face. >> dana: hopefully the new mayor will make people feel better about the city. >> bill: a lot of pressure on that man and let's hope he makes the right decisions. hundreds of americans stuck in after a. humanitarian crisis deepens under taliban rule. a rescue group trying to help the people and the challenges they're facing. they are americans and still there. they are coming up next.
7:37 am
7:38 am
7:39 am
7:40 am
7:41 am
>> bill: this now from the university of california davis saying it plans to defund the campus police department. that school will eliminate three vacant officer roles and three other positions have been repurposed.
7:42 am
a response to multiple campus safety reviews to 2011 when campus police officers peppered demonstrating students. >> dana: a little experiment. we'll see how it goes. there is also this. is >> we remain focused on making sure we can get out those american citizens and legal permanent residents that want to come out of afghanistan. and so we'll continue to work to do that. >> dana: defense secretary lloyd austin insisting the biden administration is doing all it can to bring home the hundreds of americans still stuck in afghanistan. four rescue groups say several of those who reached out to the state department, they are still waiting to hear back. joining us now is the co-founder of the rescue group project dynamo.
7:43 am
what has been your experience in terms of trying to get the people out that you have been tireless in doing? >> thanks for having me. our experience has been hard and marred with frustration at every step in every way because this is difficult. this is not an easy task for anybody be it private groups like ours or even the government. >> dana: i've heard from some folks that the paperwork issue, getting all the documents in order, getting that process, that process is not better than it was even a couple of months ago. is that your experience? >> the paperwork has never been easy so yes, it is difficult. it remains difficult. visas are hard, landing clearances are hard. passports are hard. it is hard to get a passport in america quickly in today's world so it is not exactly surprising that the
7:44 am
documentation issue remains a major problem or thing to work through. there is a solution to the problem. we deal with them every single day. whatever the issues are. but at the end of the day paperwork is paperwork and nobody likes it. >> dana: conditions on the ground in afghanistan are deteriorating and heading to winter. there could be a humanitarian crisis on top of the political crisis. americans still there, green card holders but also some of those we left behind that had helped us like the interpreters for example. what kind of months are they facing if they don't get out in the next little while? >> first i would say we're not -- it's incorrect to say we may have a humanitarian crisis. i would argue we have one presently at the moment. it will only get worse. >> dana: could i interrupt you, brian, give me a little more on that.
7:45 am
is it hunger, is that one of the big issues? >> it is everything. it's food, it's hunger, it's getting cash, it's getting things like documents. all kinds of things. afghanistan is a complicated country, always has been and always will be but in transitional government for better or for worse things are very hard and difficult. it is still a very poor country. so no reason to believe it will change any time soon. so when you add that onto the winter, when you add on starvation, when you add on all these other issues it is a major -- afghans -- anyone in afghanistan are facing dire situations right now just because. >> dana: what about those in refugee camps in different places -- several even here at military bases. are they able to get their documents ready and out on the
7:46 am
road so they can start their new life? >> yeah, we're very careful to provide advice and counsel to people we evacuate. one of the big things we always say there is no embassy in afghanistan and there are embassies in other places. the closer you can get to a u.s. embassy to plead your case the better you probably are. it's one of our big main talking points when talking to people considering to leave or not. so in the camps some of them we hear reporting and stories of good stories and bad stories. it is probably a little bit of both is the reality but at the end of the day being out of afghanistan and close to services, close to state department and close to the u.s. government and close to visa processing is a better answer than being in downtown kabul trying to do it over text messages or signal over the internet.
7:47 am
it just works better. >> dana: you are the co-founder of project dynamo. you told us you wouldn't give up making sure people who wanted to get out can get out. that has continued. happy thanksgiving to you and stay in touch with us. >> bill: good man. keep it up. nice job, brian. seattle voters making it clear they want to refund the police. city council might have its own ideas. ufos over florida. the pentagon declassified the video and we've got it so don't move. veteran homeowners, newday's rates have dropped again. it's time to refinance. newday's low rate refi offers their lowest rate in history. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. save thousands every year and there are no upfront costs. not one dollar. the newday low rate refi.
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>> bill: we've been watching the case in georgia in the ahmaud arbery case. they are doing closing arguments and we could by the end of the day see the jury get this case. we're watching that out of southeastern georgia. >> dana: also this, seattle voters send a clear message
7:53 am
november 2 they don't want to defund the police and do not want to remove -- they want to remove the homeless tents from city sidewalks. progressives say not so fast. city council considering cutting $10 million from police budget. how is this so? dan springer is live in seattle to tell us. >> it is indicative and tone deaf many of the members of the city council are. the two main issues in seattle were the spike in violent crime and explosion of homeless encampments throughout the ste. every one of the races the voters went with the candidate for more police officers and far fewer tents in city parks and sidewalks. the losers were calling for either defunding the seattle police department or in the case of the democrat in the city attorney's race abolishing the need for all judges and prisons.
7:54 am
>> our rules of law need to matter. again so businesses can and we don't have workers who feel unsafe. that's happening today. >> even though it appears voters gave the new leaders a mandate there are big obstacles ahead. the current mayor and-out going mayor pledge to have 1,000 tiny houses but accomplished 74. the new mayor and city counseling is cutting another $10 million from the police budget. >> we have no law and order in seattle, none. you know, we need to build our police department back up. we need to make it where people want to be police officers in seattle. >> that vote on cutting the seattle police budget is later on today. another big test is december 7th when voters can recall a current council member who is one of the two socialists on
7:55 am
the council. that vote plus what happened on november 2 really could be a blow to progressives in the city of seattle. dana. >> dana: people may have just had enough. thanks, dan. >> going against the wind. the wind is 120 miles to the west. >> look at that thing. >> it's fascinating. >> bill: we got your attention. director of national intelligence not ruling out the possibility that aliens and uvos are real. the senate is weighing the idea of giving the pentagon on office to investigate ufos on multiple navy pilot sightings going back several years on unidentified aerial phenomena.
7:56 am
jeremy corbell, area 51 is your wheel house. here is haines on the 10th of november. >> the main issues that congress and others have been concerned about are basically safety of flight concerns, counter intelligence issues. there is always the question of is there something else that we simply do not understand that might come? >> bill: she said it, what did you think about that? >> yeah. this statement by the sitting director of national intelligence admiral haines is the latest sign of this shift of how the government is officially looking at the ufo phenomenon. this summer i released multiple videos confirmed by the pentagon and shot by the u.s. militaries that they were buzzing warship. it is happening more. now we're seeing the intelligence community and representative government doing the opposite of what has been done for almost a century.
7:57 am
for almost a century our intelligence community has been studying the ufo phenomenon quietly and publicly they've belittled the topic. it is a 180 turnaround on how our intelligence community is communicating with the public. >> bill: i know you are believer and we've spoken many times about your personal experience and all that. >> i have not had a personal experience with a ufo and not a believer. ufos have nothing to do with belief. it is either true or it is not true. your government has told you ufos are real and they fly within our -- i take umbrage with that. >> bill: i just want to get to a point here. the number of ufo sightings are up 1,000 from 2019 to 2020, all right?
7:58 am
why is that? it could be like people like you are getting the word out there and people become more suspicious. do you think that's it or something else underlying that? >> it is a really great question. thanks for bringing it up. yes, ufos are being tracked on multiple sensors systems and better sensor systems. not only that within the military sensor system we have better reporting. that's what this new big amendment to the national defense authorization act is about which we should talk about. but it is about better reporting of ufos. now they are acknowledged that they are machines possibly from other worlds. >> bill: thank you for coming back. i need a quick answer. do you think the government can figure this out or one of the mysteries that goes forever? >> that's what senator gillibrand is doing now with a bipartisan field.
7:59 am
the anomaly surveillance tracking and resolution office to attempt to figure out intent. >> bill: thank you. nice to see you again, all right? jeremy corbell, onward with march. i have a few things before we go. bwg. >> dana: bwg. i got it. you saw tiger woods. this is amazing. i thought it was pretty impressive. he had that horrific car accident last year and been rehabilitating and he had all the broken bones and pins in his ankles and there he is swinging a club. >> bill: watch the right leg. the pins and place. he was walking not quickly and well but it all takes time. as someone who cracked by fibula during covid i would know. >> dana: you were by yourself. >> bill: it is okay. we recover. that's a great sight from tiger
8:00 am
woods. this guy likes to play basketball and likes to play football and really likes to kick football. when you put the two together. >> dana: with a moving target. pretty good. >> bill: i like it. >> dana: wow. i wonder how many times -- how many takes did that take? maybe just one. >> bill: good question. >> dana: we'll ponder that and get back to you tomorrow. harris faulkner is up next. >> a brutal attack in wisconsin. five people are dead and more than 40 are injured after an s.u.v. drove through a christmas parade in waukesha just outside milwaukee. a lot of the images and details coming from the story are disturbing. you are in "the faulkner focus". i'm sandra smith in for harris today. a day that started with christmas music and children dancing and turned deadly in an instant. 15 children were in the hospital as of last night. the search is on for a motive. fox is


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