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tv   The Next Revolution With Steve Hilton  FOX News  November 22, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PST

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your grocery store. that is it for today i will see you tomorrow for special reports, 6:00 p.m. eastern time on fox news channel. will keep an eye on the closing arguments in the ahmaud arbery trial and a possible venture announcement, you heard it here have a great think skipping in t past him. and everything written in there is written by him. steve: good evening. welcome to the next revolution. this is steve hilton.
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government got bigger and bigger and gets bigger each passing day. the total of 6 trillion spent just on this. that's 60% more than the entire federal budget. it's not just the size of the spending. hundreds of millions of americans almost overnight became dependents on the government on its giant sprawling democracy. but that argument only works in the event of some unavoidable disaster.
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this was a deliberate man made disaster, at government-made disaster. those multi trillion bailout were compensation for the lockdown. the curfews, the stay at home orders that were totally avoidable. there was no need to shut down the economy the way we did. science-based response was what targeted focus on thoat those at risk. instead we had blanket shutdowns written by this person, sarah cody, public health director of santa clara county. she imposed the nation's first lockdowns. then gavin newsom shut down california. before you know it, they shut down america. the shutdown manual was written
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after 9/11 based on a potential bio terrorism attack. this virus as we now know most likely engineered in the lab as the result of reckless experiments commissioned by fauci. city was different to a bio terrorism attack or another virus that would hit the population equally. we knew most people had mild or zero symptoms. young people were barely at risk. the elderly, the overweight, those with existing medical conditions. we said it from the start. let's come together to protect the vulnerable. stop the total shutdown for everyone and start the protection for the he will letter difficult and those most likely to need hospitalization.
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don't turn a public health crisis into one of america's worst today as tow if is. that was march 2020. the whole thing was mad, completely mad. now as we look back we have to ask, did the politicians and the brew krats do this off of -- and the bureaucrats do this deliberately? the goal of every bureaucracy is to increase its power. that's what they have done in a way that was inconceivable. where we can go, who we can see, wash your hands, wash your hands, show your papers, sit down, stands up. it was sadistic and reveals the
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sickness of our ruling elite. the bigger governments are the more i come ternlt it was revealed -- the more income spent it is revealed to be. louisiana paid out millions in unemployment. unemployment checks in california sent to people in jail, people in other countries, gangs and criminals. 76 billion wasted by the federal government that seemed to be handing out money to any applicant with a pulse. it was the small ones, too, wasting food amendments for those who couldn't afford it. assembling a contract tracing army that turned out to be useless. shuffling homeless people into
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hotels and they turned one of them into a meth lab in the san francisco. biden's' federal mandate thrown out by the court. are they dropping it? no, they are pressing ahead. look at the emergency declarations grabbing power in contravention of everything america stands for. governor newsom just renewed his emergency declaration for a third time. permanent pandemic so they can boss us around forever. guess who has gotten worse. big business. jeff bezos sweeping in to feed off the carcass of many small businesses killed by the shutdown. bay zoaps' wealth up by $100
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billion as entrepreneur's dreams were crushed as the cruel politicians shut down your local stores, they let their donors stay open. target, bars restaurants, gyms, barber shops, nail salons destroyed by big government while their big business competitors were allowed to stay open. and guess who is making money. in the form of health questionnaires and testing. business, of course. it's a crime against society. all of it. and we must not stands for it. we must fight back and take our power back. it's in the declaration of independence. when a long train of abuses
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pursuing the same object reduces them to despotickism. despoticism. that's what we have had to put up with. yet it's time to throw off such a government. that's "the next revolution" we need. tell us what you think. let's bring in our next guest, author of "applying upon the house." dr. scott cat has. i'm so excited to see you, scott. heat's let's start with the madness of it all. this public health bureaucrats
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running all this. dr. burke, fauci, robert redfield. what they were pushing was basically unscientific. >> the difference between those three doctors and myself. burke, fauci, these are people in government briewsh krat -- bt positions for 30 years. i came out of health policy where i had been for 10 years. their policies were approached on i don't know. my policies were an approach based upon coming in with dozens of world scientific literature in my hands and going through the data in a critical thinking way. this is how a scientist or
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anyone on policy should be doing things. you have to consider the design of the studies before you make it conclusion. but the difference between me and them, i am talking about all health. these people were focused on stopping covid-19 at all costs. that's i am moral frankly and not appropriate way to design policy. what they recommended was a lockdown, closures of school, curfews, restrictions of personal freedom, and absent medical care for anything non-covid. i said like what you were saying in march which was increasing the protection of the people we know have a risk to die and stopping the massive enormous harms of the lockdowns that sacrifice our own children and destroyed lower income people. blockdowns are alux -- lockdowns
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are a luxury of the rich and the elite. and their children were destroyed. we can cite statistic after statistic. the lockdowns failed. they were implemented all over the country, almost every single state the whole year, before, during and after i was there. they failed to stop the dying and the infections and they destroyed millions of people, including our own children. steve: let's focus upon one example of this. they didn't adjust at all their thinking. the whole endless mantra about 6 feet social distancing. that was based on the notion it was spread through droplets and they are heavy and it's roughly 6 feet.
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pretty early on it was established that a big part of the transmission is aerosol, 30 to 40 feet. but they can't change that policy at all. and wiping down surfaces. >> consistent pattern of ignoring the facts. many countries in the world use 3 feet, including and to this day, 6 feet the studies have come out saying there was no difference between 3 feet and 6 feet because much of the infection is through breathing aerosolized gas. and we never changed the policy stopping the fanatic wiping of surfaces. we sit here and double down on the lowest risk environment.
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schools are very low risk. healthy children have an extremely low risk of the disease and they only rarely parade the disease. yet we doubled down on cools. airlines, there -- on schools. airlines, everyone is vaccinated yet we double down on air lines. up hear every five minutes about putting masks on between chewing bites of food. this is a complete denial of science. unique to the united states, of ignoring the natural immunity after recovering from the infection. steve: very quickly, i have been dying ask you this. who is worse of the terrible troika. dr. fauci, burke or redfield.
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>> i will answer it this way. dr. burkes was the official task force coordinator. she -- s she was the head of all the medical advice. she was the official federal policy. if you don't like what happened wi federal policy implemented you must wonder about the people who advised the policy that was implemented. it means dr. burkes and fauci. there is an orwellian attempt by them top rewrite history and criticize those who criticized what was implemented. steve: everyone should get this book. scott atlas.
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great to see you. small business expert carol roth. i was fascinated with one particular aspect you brought up, the economic position, the big business takeover. unconstitutionality of what was done, and how that might help us in the fight back against it. >> i think a lot of people when they hear about what happened during covid they talk about a bailout of small business. and that's absolutely not what happened. if you go back to the great recession financial crisis you had big businesses that took on too much risk and they got financial dollars from the taxpayers because they were quote-unquote too big to fail, and that was the response here. people are trying to make that same analogy with small business. but that not what happened at all. they did not take on too much risk. they were shut down by
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government mandates. and this is not based on data and science. it was based on political thought and connections as you mentioned in your. opening monologue. there is a concept in the constitution called eminent domain which says if you are going to subjugate somebody's property rights and the government is going to take property for the public good then you are owed due compensation. even though they got some crumbs through ppp and some of these other loans, small businesses were never properly compensated for what was taken away from them. and in many cases the complete murders of their business.
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steve: actually this what else the basis of trying to get restitution and we'll keep following that. if you want to see the full conversation with carol. be sure to check out the podcast. it's time for this week's let's speak biden. this was the week biden spoke to chain atmosphere authoritarian dictator. they say how do you know him and how much time have you spent together. that doesn't sound so good now. so instead say this. >> we know each other well, we are not old friends. it's just pure business. steve: that's strange. >> good to see you, mr. president and your colleagues. i'm very happy to see my old friend. steve: when you have the perfect opportunity to and up for
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america and demand accountability from china and their role in starting the and --the pandemic. you know how biden will handle that one. >> and umm, what am i doing here? steve: we'll be right back. i am totally blind. and non-24 can make me show up too early... or too late. or make me feel like i'm not really "there." talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424.
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steve: we are all familiar with democrats' pathological hypocrisy behavior. do as i say, not as i do. french laundry. pelosi at the hair some on. flying on private jets to talk about climate. the lavish wedding of a billionaire oil heiress indoors and maskless. they are out there yucking it up with the hustling political donations and trading phase. they seem to hate fossil fuels
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less when they are with oil titans. there is a deeper version of the same phenomenon. it's not just laughable and ludicrous in terms of high-profile democrats on a personal level. it's about policy that affects millions of americans.
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>> liberals tends to be very good at showing up to the mars and talk about how they love equality. they are good at putting signs in their lawns saying all are welcome. but by their actions they are saying we believe in these ideals, just not in my backyard. >> they run around virtue signals and justice and equity. self-beaftd and self-ryousness. the real world outcomes are the complete opposite of what they say they and for. everywhere and every time the democrats take power, they make poverty worse, inequality worse.
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they create humanitarian crises. they are the ones who are inhumane, they are the ones who are cruel and heartless. now we have it from the "new york times" itself. bluff states are the problem. joining me now with reaction. california rebel based podcast. christian garcia. blew states -- blue states are the problem. you didn't think you would see you that in the "new york times." we talk about hypocrisy. but it verges on hatred. the contempt is palpable. it's so tragic what has happened to such a rich, robust and beautiful city.
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it used to be the heart of innovation. a cultural heartbeat for our country. and you literally step over homeless people everywhere you walk. we have open air drug markets. and the progressive policies have done nothing but fuel crime, homelessness. people aiding and abetting their deaths by giving them the weapons of destruction so we can aid their disease and drug abuse. we do it in the name we are so kinds and we are so humane. the results are in our face that we failed. steve: it's so shameless, despite the record. all the blue 80s where they have total control. they run the executive branch, the government, the mayors, the state legislature. despite their results they think
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of themselves as compassionate. the utter shamelessness of it. >> living a complete and total lie. it's literally just a minimal amount of effort. if i put up a sign. i put up a black square on my instagram page, i get to go to my dinner parties and tell everybody i am so woke and fabulous. everything that they stand for is destroying the things i said i was protesting. what are you doing for minorities in those blue states. you are devastating their communities with out of control crime and homelessness. the policies are a failure. to have the "new york times" call a spade a spade, i'm stunned. but we need to say, now we need
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to change. we admitted we have a problem. it's not working. we need to change the policies because they are hurting the people we purport to help. steve: what we need to do is change the leadership and the political control of these places. we had a fantastic conversation on the podcast with someone who has been broadcasting to the -- as a conservative latino, the only show on univision that was a conservative commentary show taken off the air explaining how the latino community in california and across the country moving in droves to republican. that's the reality. that's where we should be optimistic. great to see you as always. if you want to see more of the if you want to see more of the possible if you want to see more of the possible i am totally blind. and non-24 can throw my days and nights out of sync,
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steve: if you thought the rape of a student in a bathroom and cover up in loudoun county was shock, listen to this. police in arizona have launched
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an even nation into the scottsdale superintendent, a dossier which was kept on google drive was allegedly kept by his father that contained photos, divorce defreeze and financial information of nearly 50 parents. it had labels like whackos and it looks like the fbi is doing the same thing. creating a threat trap for parents nationwide. the ag testified that the fbi is not targeting parents. but we learned that isn't true. after the uproar the biden
12:37 am
regime said it doesn't consider parents to be domestic terrorists. but that's not how he's behaving. this is getting worse. this fbi, the arizona story is outrageous. but the fact that it's happening nationwide. whatever they say, they seem to think of parents standing up for good education for their kids as enemies of the state. >> i didn't think would see this in my lifetime where america is turning into a communist regime. but indianapolis what's happening. we don't have to agree. we can disagree with the curriculum. parents are stakeholders. those representing their children. but they are stakeholders, tax paying individuals who pay the paychecks of these people. at the end of the day we have to
12:38 am
understand this is far worse than what we think it is. this is a crisis. we have parents not just fighting against people telling their children are the oh pressed other oppressors depends on the color of their skin. but they are having uncomfortable conversations about sexuality. and at the end of the day, some of these schools are failing school districts. why do we feel so justice is more important than education. that's where the problem lies. parents want what's best for their children and i commends them for it. let's keep pushing forward. steve: it's interesting you use the word the communists. i remember when i first heard that language in connection with some of these, i thought it was over the top. but i know what that's like. my family is from hungary.
12:39 am
my parents are refugees from communists. this minds seth, it's -- the minds set. -- the mindset. calling parents who disagreed with them psychos and whackos. >> what's hard to hear is the fact we are being so disrespectsful to parents. we are not talking about random people. these are the people responsible for the children you are teaching, not the government. i didn't think we would get to this point. but as i saw the writing on the wall and i talked to people like yourself who are immigrants who have fled and saw these signs in other countries. they are telling us what we are seeing is really serious.
12:40 am
i know critical race theory is at the top of the list. our country has had a difficult path when it comes to race relations. but we moved on. there is no government regime that is going to legislate racism or hate out of the heart of anyone. when it comes to parents, we have to understand it's the responsibility of the parents to make sure their parents are protected, that they are being brought up in the way they want their children to be brought up. if that means your curriculum doesn't fit in, then it doesn't fit. you have to allow these parents to be heard. i haven't heard one case where parents are being nasty or abusive. they are simply fighting for the rights of their children. and that's what they are supposed to be doing. >> well set, janelle, you are always a strong voice on this. always a strong voice on this. we'll be back aftft
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always a strong voice on this. we'll be back aftft i am totally blind. and non-24 can make me show up too early... or too late. or make me feel like i'm not really "there." talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424.
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steve: last august, biden faced the disgust of the world as we saw the botched withdrawal in afghanistan. desperate afghans cling to aircraft, falling to their deaths. innocent families standing waste deep in bloody super water pleading to be rescued. who could forget the scene over the dover air force base of 13 flag draped coffins as biden
12:47 am
impatiently checked his watch every few minutes. by october you could barely finds a mention of afghanistan or the thousands of our allies and americans dropped behind enemy lines. so the news turned to domestic concerns. the inflation crisis he created. the border crisis he created. that doesn't mean the afghan crisis went away. the real recur cushions of the biden regimes incompetence were just beginning. if there is one story that captures this. it's this. an utterly horrifying reports. here are the shocking details. the situation inside afghanistan
12:48 am
has gone the so dire some families have been forced to sell their own children just to buy food. >> since the taliban takeover 2 1/2 months ago, any money or assistance has dried up. with 8 mouths to feed, this father is doing the unthinkable. >> my father sold me because we don't have bread, rice and flour, he sold me to an old man. digging her heels into the dirt she resists. but it's futile. steve require many hard to watch -- steve: it's hard to watch. parents selling their daughters. it's happening all over the country. a 3-year-old sold. $550. this is what biden has done.
12:49 am
this appalling man masquerading as a leader. just because he wanted to make a sick speech. when he didn't end the war he restarted it as the very people who attacked us. the country becomes a safe haven for terrorists. in the process of pushing through his scheme. he created in afghanistan a humanitarian crisis of vast proportions. over the course of the next year virtually the entire country will be engulfed in abject poverty. there are still u.s. citizens trapped in afghanistan. green cardholders, their families. the state department still refuses to rescue.
12:50 am
the taliban they horse around on carnival rides and parade the billions of dollars in military equipment biden left behind while parents are forced to sell their children for food. parents selling their children. that's what biden has done. the most unimaginable cruelty and suffering caused by biden. is that what he meant by the soul of the nation causing child slavery. it truly despicable. he will never ever live this down. stay with us. stay with us. much surprise! it's a new buick. you got me new buick? oh! and there are more gifts inside. wow! i don't even know what to open first. how about this? you got me the head up display. heated steering wheel. it's a massaging seat. do you love it? okay okay, what next?
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i am totally blind. and non-24 can throw my days and nights out of sync, keeping me from the things i love to do.
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talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424. steve: the countdown to the mid-terms has started and the gop is set to make massive gains. they are holding their largest lead over the democrats in years, 51 to 41. is it real? is it too good to be true? none other than author of "never let a crisis go to waste," jason chaffetz. i saw an analysis in the "new york times" this week that explained their desperate rush to jam all this centralizing of government through congress.
12:56 am
it make its hard for any party to retain a hold on both the white house and congress for long. political parties have waited 14 years to regain power after losing it. >> i hope america is wake up to the idea that democratic policies are destructive to the nation. but never understood estimate republicans' ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. they can blow it. they talk about a proactive agenda and not just say we are the other party and the other guise are doing so bad. here is what we would do to make things better. steve: i think that exactly right. you can see the first part of
12:57 am
that. the real world evidence of how bad things are, that's hitting their support in the polls. you saw it in virginia and new jersey and so on. so you can emphasize it, but why should they vote for you. why should they choose you. do you see a sign of that proactive agenda emerging from the gop at any level? >> because they have taken such a radical position, the democrats, the green new deal and everything they are doing from foreign policy to immigration to their attack object law enforcement and the devastation on the economy. it forced members in the house and senate to take a proactive position and say this is what i would do. i have never seen a party like the democrats take such an aggressive position against law enforcement, border patrol. the first responders. they are even going after fire departments. it's given a great opportunity
12:58 am
to not only the incumbents, but the newbies, the people who served in the military who have been police officers who can talk about it first hands. they will going to be the most successful for the gop in november 2022. steve: that important. i heard people say, the opposite of the peaking too soon. hitting the bottom too soon. things are he bad when you look at the disaster of afghanistan, inflation crisis, supply chain, all of it coming together. that actually it's just going to get better from here for the democrats. it can't debt any worse and it might get better. >> the fundamental flaw in that analysis is you have got joe biden who is declining in his capacity to communicate and just execute. kamala harris shows every time
12:59 am
she goes before the cameras, it's a moment the democrats have got to hesitate because thee she doesn't understand policy, she is not well liked. her policies are abysmal, and she has that awful cackle. they don't have anybody to lean on, and joe biden coming to town isn't going to help. steve: please come to town is what we would want to see. a lot of people are assuming the house is like is dish don't want to say in the bag -- but you have got the usual swing with the redistricting. what do you think the chances are for the gop. >> i don't think anybody is saying chuck schumer, give us more. i don't think that would even play in new york let alone out in the heartland. i don't think the democrats have
1:00 am
any national leadership to lean on and i think the senate is well within the reach for the republicans. steve: we'll follow it. it's always great to break it down. thanks for watching. see you next sunday when "the next revolution" will be next revolution" will be >> everyone's in shock and then everyone started screaming. >> the car plowed through. the people were laying in the road, over four or five blocks. >> i've never seen anything this bad before. carley: it is monday, november 22nd. this is a fox news alert. at least five people are dead and over 40 injured after a driver plowed through barricades and into a packed parade. you're watching "fox & friends first." i'm carley shimkus. todd: i'm todd piro of.


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