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tv   Life Liberty Levin  FOX News  November 21, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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heartbreaking tragic scene, imagine taking your grand kids or your kids to a christmas parade, celebrating the advent of the season, and watches this carnage. and the loss of life. and our thoughts and prayers with the people of waukesha. jon scott takes over live coverage. jon: thank you. >> good evening, i am jon scott, many of you expecting to see mark levin, and his interview with former president donald trump, we're following breaking news. out of waukesha, wisconsin, that interview will air 3 hours from now, that is 11 p.m. eastern time. you will be able to see mark levin and former president about three hours from now, mayor of waukesha wisconsin, shawn o'reilly said more than 20 people are hurt. and are transported via ambulance or family and friends to local hospitals. the mayor said that there is
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a person of interest who is being looked into. at this awful tragedy in waukesha. the redford -- maroon ford escape. that at the end of a run of carnage. where the driver there is the beginning, the driver plows into a christmas parade. held on the streets of downtown waukesha this evening. the police officer there running after the driver of that car, police say, they have a person of interest but not yet said if that person is in custody, we believe they have the car low kateed. -- located. we have seen pictures of the car backed into a driveway. it could have been parked in a random driveway or a
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stolen car, we do not know. but we're continuing to try to get to the bottom of this situation. and find out more about this suspect. you see some of the footage of people who were hurt after the car, this red -- ford suv plowed into the parade on streets of waukesha. 20 people reportedly hurt, every single ambulance available in waukesha was dispatched to the scene, they have to bring in more from outside of waukesha tomorrow has been -- it has been a horrific night on what was supposed to be a night of festivity and joy. the christmas parade, we have seen footage of you know parade participants handing out cand to some kids there lining the
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streets. then the vehicle goes flying flew and caused so much damage. trey: you put your finger on it. my background is in law enforcement. first thing i want to know is who is it, the right thing is, take care of the people injured, get them to the hospital. get them to care. and then, you put your finger on it. can you imagine taking a child to see santa claus and excitement and everything that is in the air with advent of the holiday season, this is what you see. you see de-- inhumanity and carnage. jon: and you know it is easy
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to jump to conclusions in situations like this, we have to be careful to not do that. you as a prosecutor know that. former prosecutor. it appears that the person of interest has been identified. whether that person is under arrest we do not know. we're expecting a news conference in police it is slated for two 25 minutes from now, 7:30 central time. but very often in these situations because there so much information that has to be gathered. very often it slides, i would not be surprised if that gets pushed back half an hour or an hour or more. it has been my experience that these news conferences are rarely come off on time. there are reports that the suspect the driver was actually firing shots from inside of his vehicle. but again, those reports are
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out there on twitter from eyewitnesses who say he was firing shots, we do believe it was a he, firing shots out. but also is possible that in the chaos of the moment, they may have been hearing shots that were coming from the police officers because the police very quickly grasped what was happening they tried their best to put a stop to it, we don't have audio up on that footage on the lower right of the screen. but that is the video exiting the parade route, crashing through several barricades, you hear shots fired from a police officer who is standing there in a green vest, he fires shots at the vehicle. and managed to -- there we do have audio. [ sound of gunfire ] you can hear 3 shots fired. blows out a rear window of the escape. but driver was not hit and continues on down to make hissies scape. it was not long after that,
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that the car was found in a local driveway. backed in. which is strange. but i have seen the front of the car, it has a lot of damage on it when you know that the damage was caused by human beings, who were run over, who were smashed into by that car that is appalling, trey. >> mike tobin is in waukesha. on streets, he has been gathering information there. and mike, you told us that there is at least one fatality. reporter: what i got from police chief there are multiple fatalities and multiple injuries.
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also we got, a statement that with offending vehicle, you heard went accounts there were shots fired. from police chief we heard there were no shots fired from the vehicle. as far as the sound of the gunfire, he did say that police officers attempted to stop that vehicle without providing details of how they attempted to stop it. that could lead us to conclude that believe -- police officers were firing at that vehicle bbut not yet confirmed. they have a person of interest, but no details as far as what that meant. if someone was pulled from the vehicle. one thing, i can say, that just happened, when you come into an area with your cell phone, you get to cell towers, we got an emergency
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alert over phone for shelter in place order from people here in waukesha. jon: there are -- again reports are all over the map. there were reports that there might have been several people in the vehicle. sam kramer a local reporter there. he is on the ground in waukesha. sam, what is the latest from your point of view. reporter: i can echo what was said we got an alert on our cell phone, shelter in place within 5 blocks of downtown, there appears to be a safety issue. we issue able to walk on main street, just you know seeing along the sides of road, there were bag chairs tipped over, candy, this was supposed to be a joyous start to the holiday season.
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we saw families running away from main street with their wagons and children tow. we talked with several witnesses who saw the suv barreling through, some heard shots fireed and then ran. we saw a woman we talked with her, she was right in front -- she saw this dance team of girls between 9 and 15 years old, passing her. that suv barreled into she estimated 20 of home. she said immediately there were about a moment of silence to grasp what just happened before everyone jumped into action. they were screaming, running away or running toward the girls, and keep others out of harm's way. chaotic, we can tell you since police have been here, they have been expanding the scene, main street is about two blocks to the south, we see more wisconsin state patrol, you know deputies on scene here.
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a very fluid situation, but one that you know this town and people that were here along this parade route are not going to forget for a long time. jon: all right, sam. i know that you know sometimes you are locked down in a particularlycasion, it is hard to -- particularlycasion, it hard to gather information coming in. there were reports, it may have to do with shelter in place, report that car had perhaps 3 or 4 people in it. we have been told that authorities think they have the driver as a person of interest, but we have not heard any arrests, have you? reporter: i have not heard of that. law enforcement have been in and out of the command post, but any details as far as number of people they are looking for or who they are looking for, has not been shared with us. jon: sam cramer, doing a great job from fox 6. >> thank you.
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>> mike tobin is also on the ground in waukesha. mike told us about that shelter in place order that has been issued for people around the downtown area. i want to read this quote from a witness. as quoted by an ap reporter. >> we just heard deafening cries and screams from the crowd from the people at parade, and people started rushing, run away with tears in their eyes, crying. it is -- you go from joy of a christmas pride parade to the horrific carnage lowest on the streets. -- left on the streets in aftermath of the burgundy suv. reporter: you can see now is just sad. very obviously a mass casualty scene. in addition to tipped over barricades. and the police tape, you see
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debris, clothing, things left behind. you see some signs of carnage on the street, and you get a mass was -- casualty scene, you have police lights blinking on every corner. right now you have a situation that is so fluid, that everyone is trying to figure out what happened. what are the facts in the case. you talked about the reports, information that there were multiple individuals in that vehicle. just starting to get that now, but the sources on that, is other reporters here on the scene. don't really take that one to the bank. i don't have information to disprove it. but, i don't have it concrete enough that i could say that is the situation. all we have pro-- from police chief, they have a person of interest. would not confirm if there
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an arrest or an individual pulled out of the vehicle. we have the video that you have seen of video streaking up through the parade. that is our situation here in waukesha. jon: just 4 people who might just be joining us. this was the scene in waukesha, wisconsin, not long ago, drive miles west of milwaukee. the christmas parade underway, people were excited. the parade did not take place last year with the covid restrictions. this is video you seeing now on the screen. we cut away, but that is video as the redford escape -- ford escaped that plowed through the parade, throwing bodies every where, runs over the plastic barricades that are ment to mark the
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parade route, and keep cars out of there. runs over the barricades and is fired upon by the officer who is -- had been doing you know guard duty if you will, making sure no one got in there, officer quickly pulls out his revolver or service weapon and fires 3 shots. hit the car. but whether the driver was hit over not we don't yet know. multiple casualties, and deaths in waukesha, wisconsin, after this burgundy ford escape plowed through the christmas parade, former washington d.c. homicide detective ted williams is here sharing his perspective. you have seen some of the video. this sure looks intentional. but whether it was someone who was impaired and you know on fentanyl or something else, angel dust, had no idea what they were
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doing, you don't know. but it sure looked deliberate. >> it does. when look at that red vehicle and the manner in which it is moving. but, there, two things i heard chief of police earlier say, that public at this stage is is not in danger. he spoke to the folk to fact -- spoke to the fact there is a person of interest. what he did not say and concerning to me, do they actual have that person of interest in custody. that is significant and public would want to know that. i believe that we'll have a press conference here from the police department very soon to try to inform the public of what is going on, under these scenario and circumstances. i have to tell you, this is
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a tragedy. this is what we find in the american life as a christmas holiday, a parade, with mothers, fathers, and kids, for this to happen is a tragedy. we don't know, as you reported, as to whether it was intentional. jon: reading statement from governor of wisconsin, kathy and i are praying for waukesha, all kids, family and community members, i am grateful for first responders and folks who acted quickly to help, we're in contact with local partners as we awaiter in information. -- awaited more information. >> they have a person of interest, you have to wonder if that person is in custody, because they just
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issued that shelter in place order for anyone who in a half mile of downtown. >> and the question is the shelter in place has been put in. this was after the chief of police came on and said that the public itself is not in danger. it is a great deal of confusion, there always when you have these kind of unfortunate mass casualty incidents there is always a great deal of confusion. that it is importance to calm the city down. and city leaders, hold a press conference as soon as possible, and let the public know as much as they possibly can about what is going on in their city under
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this scenario and circumstance. >> you know there is a lot of heartache and sadness in waukesha. people i am reading reports on twitter of people who were there trying to tend to people who had been struck by the vehicle. and had those people die right there in their arms on the street. it is just an awful situation we're still awaiting to learn more about who is responsible for this. and what the motive was. trey gowdy is back with us, he is a former member of congress. fox news host but also a former prosecutor. trey, what does the prosecutor in you ask tonight? the first questions that if you were on the scene there what would you be asking from police. trey: do we have a suspect? are we going to draw blood
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or otherwise to determine whether or not that suspect was under the influence. if they did not consent to a di test, what is wisconsin law in terms of drawing blood without his permission. those are crime committed -- there was a crime committed tonight. it is murder. it was not an accident. it was either reckless, felony dui or intentional. the prosecutor in me wants to know that. the father and husband in he, this is the side that should win for now, take care of the people who are grieving. the people who lost their lives, and families. people that are injured. that is priority. they will find this person,
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and justice will be meet out meeted out, tonight is for people victimized. jon: listening to or learning about some of the parade acts that were affected. one was a dance troop, the dancing grannies. you can imagine they were having quite a high stepping time marching up the streets of downtown. then we also understand that a high school or junior high school dance team. also was hit by this car. and respects of shoes and spilled hot chocolate everywhere, one person went from one crumpled body to the other to find her daughter. it is just so heartbreaking. and it raises so many questions about you know what the cause was.
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again. we will find those things out tonight or tomorrow. but tonight. the grieving in waukesha is going to be palpable. people are still looking for loved ones, because so many folks had to get carted away in an ambulance and taken to hospitals who knows where. trey: the contrast between you know, christmas parade in my hometown something that everyone looks forward to. you know the children, with santa claus and to replace images of santa claus with images of body bags. tonight, my heart breaks for the people who lost their lives. and whether it was intentional or reckless or impaired, they are still dead, their family left over the holiday season to grief. that is where my focus is. law enforcement and prosecutors will get to the right charge for the right
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person or people, but tonight, i want to focus on those victimized. jon: i sit in middle of manhattan, we have a number of parades, those because this is new york city, and because you know new york city has had experience terrorist actions and other tragedies, in these public ceremonies, you could not get a unicycle in to the most of the parades in new york city. they will block the side streets with dump trucks, barricades of every kind. to make sure that this kind of thing does not happen. this is not a knock on the city of waukesha. they would not expect this thing would happen in a town like, that everyone was overjoyed that christmas parade got to come back this year. after it was canceled last
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year by covid. but these crimes have a way of changing the way we live. and i'm guessing that next year, at christmas parade there will be a whole lot more security. and a lot more beefing up of the pathways that lead to the christmas parade route. you know nobody wants to see a horrific tragedy like this take place again. trey: waukesha is a lot more like my hometown of spartanburg, we have plastic barricades and volunteers directing the cars, there is no defense in my hometown for someone who. we're learning against tonight's car is a deadly weapon, if the officers fired to stop the car, that is why. it say deadly weapon, they fired their weapons to tray try to save others.
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jon: we hear that in video. police officer standing guard duty. making sure cars don't go through the barricade. jon: trey, stand by we'll continue with tim clemente. would you guess that fbi is already on the scene, is there a federal role to play here? >> there can be. this is weapons of mass destruction in this is,. you use a vehicle as a
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weapon, something that fbi either has jurisdiction or can be asked to assist the locals. jon: i will tell our viewers, you can see in top right of the screen, they are setting up for a news conference. which is scheduled to begin 5 minutes from now. 7:30 waukesha time. as i might have said before, i would not expect it to be on time, with so much information flooding in. police chief, we believe will be one of those holding the news conference, is gathering information. worse thing you want to do is release bad information or information ha that is -- that is incomplete. tim, from your experience at the fbi, what are they
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looking for first? what are first questions that police chief and other investigators are trying to answer tonight? >> first thing is intent of the operator of that vehicle. was this an intentional, an act of terror, someone under the influence or a seizure at the wheel, if it was intentional. was this only act they were planning or were others assisting them or other attack thanks be followed on attacks. we saw in nice, france, it was a terrorist attack and lower manhattan, these things happen with a use of vehicles. >> it's for viewers who might just be joining us, christmas parade was under way about 5:00 p.m. in
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waukesha, wisconsin, the sun of just setting. a cold night but people were in high spirits. parade resumed after it was cancelled last year because of covid. it is annual event. and then all of a sudden out of nowhere a ford escape suv starting following the parade route, and blasts up main street at a very high rate of speed, i'm going to guess, that he was doing 30 to 40 miles per hour. maybe 40 to 50. and over took some of the parade goers, parade acts if you will, participants, from behind. and left dozens of bodies in the street. then the footage we were showing over and over again, there is the in lower right hand of the screen, the start of the carnage.
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the suv plows into the parade participants, then we see the car exited the parade route, running over barricades, fired upon by a police officer. many people are hurt, we're told there is more than one death, we do not have the numbers, we're expecting to hear those numbers in a couple minutes when the news conference with the police and authorities gets underway. ted williams, has been with us throughout as this goes ohe is a former dc homicide detective, a fox news contributor. ted, i just it is so
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horrific. that an event like this, supposed to bring community together. it is parents and children. and all of a sudden out of nowhere most mundane kind of thing. an suv. turns it into a night of carnage and death and horror. >> yes. jon, this is unfortunately the world that we now live in. i heard trey talk about his community he grew up in and that how these parades were just the normal annual event. i grew up in louisiana, this was also an -- also annual event, family get together, they go to the parades to enjoy the season. to have this kind of a situation, to take place, i think what is happening
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tonight, is throughout the country, our law enforcement officer on alert. they are being prepared. we don't know that much. hopefully we'll learn a lot more in the press con -- conference. but we need to know a lot more because we need to know if this was intended. and could this also be something that is happening in other parts of the country. i think as a result of this, you will find that law enforcement will go and move to a high state of alert. out of caution. in light of this is taken place here in waukesha. wisconsin. >> we are told that the news conference has been pushed back at least a half hour. not surprising again. given all of the information
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that is flooding into police headquarters. also we're told caroll university and waukesha has been placed on lockdown. about a mile and a half from downtown waukesha. and the parade scene. where the carnage took place, mike tobin is live from waukesha. he is there, where it took place, mike. reporter: let me give you a idea of what the scope of this crime scene. if we go looking down that direct that is barstow, close to the intersection of barstow and main. up here to next street 200 yards back. you look just past the police lights that is main street. and keep washing this way -- walking this way with me, the next intersection, we still have crime scene. as we look at 100 yards up main street, that gives you an idea how big this crime scene is.
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as the suv tore up the street. something else you might notice looking unthe street, no street lights, no lights in any windows, for whatever reason, they are blackouts here in washington. -- in waukesha. we got from the chief so far, daniel thompson, multiple injuries, he said multiple fatalities without providing any details as far as how many. pardon me as we recover information, chief said, as this red suv tore you of the up the street, from eyewitnesses people said they heard gunfire. the chief said that there were no gunfire from the suv itself. but he did say that the police officers attempted to stop the vehicle. you are left to conclude that officers did fire at the vehicle, i should note
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we do not have that from a confirmed source. we're waiting to get the official press conference from the authorities, that is delayed because it is all happening so fast here and chaotic right now. very sad scene. you look two blocks back, this is a sad scene of carnage. the scenes. visuals of crime tape, bly in personal belongings in the street. that is consistent with sadly what we heard. could have tore up the street there, and -- the vehicle tore up the streets and were left to find their injured loved ones in the streets. they picked people up and took them to the hospital for treatment. leaving belongings behind. >> city of waukesha, has set up a family reunification and at city's transit
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center, 212 east st. paul avenue. in a situation like this, so many injuries, people scattered. and there are going to be families who don't know what happened to their loved ones. so many people were left lying in the streets, and carted away by ambulances. think 'this, the parade everyone's attention is focused forward the suv came from behind them. they didn't have a chance to see what was coming at them, and dodge out of the way. if it had come from the other direction there might have been fewer casualties, but this thing, whether deliberate or not, came from the rear. that lead to so many more
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people being hit. reporter: it is sad, you have to feel for the people there. whoen to -- don't know. you find you have cell phones with repeat calls, you think my friend was down there at that parade, or my son or daughter there, and you make that first call,y and they don't answer then panic sets in. you feel for those families out there scene right now. looking here, it looks quiet. one thing to point out there is a blackout here. whether could have took out a power pole -- the v took out a power pole. or because of an impact that happened. i can tell you, you can see, only lights you can see here in downtown waukesha are
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police lights. jon: tell us what you heard from police chief, there are multiple fatalities? reporter: multiple fatalities is what we heard from chief thompson without any specifics. there are multiple injuries. no specifics from the chief, he said it was all preliminary, we heard from him at that point, he did mention they have a person of interest. they did not say they have a person of interest in custody, no information if the vehicle was stopped and an individual was pulled out. there information there were multiple individuals in that vehicle, that has not been confirmed. the sources i have on that is a bunch of other reported -- reporters talks about
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that. >> very crumpled front hood back dwod a driveway. it -- -- that is the car they were looking for, have they anything specific about the car. reporter: it could be just because they are working so fast, there is a so much
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chaos. that there is a break down in their own communication, but the threat is over, we heard that at pressure. but or -- police chief gathered in front of -- microphone. >> we have to let of information settle. i can tell you it is quiet. what you see are the emergency vehicles. on the scene, agencies, other towns nearby their police cruisers are on the scene. other towns tt are close
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by they are pitching in their personnel. all hands on deck here. any who can help is doing best they can to try to make it better if possible. jon: thank you very much mike tobin. we'll get back to you as we get closer to the rescheduled news conference from police. that is to take place about 20 minutes from now. i would not be surprised if that also getting pushed back. trey gowdy, host of "sunday night in america," former congressman also a former prosecutor. this terrible event is . i know that your prosecutor's eyes and ears are for much attune to what is going in waukesha. i am curious what you think
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about the shelter in place order issued for people living near downtown. that suggests to me, they may not have the person of interest in custody? trey: either they don't have suspect in custody or there were other people in the car. and they don't have other suspects/witnesses. the questions outpace the canon ser -- the answers right now. if law enforcement perhaps turned out of power, perhap they have night vision capabilities. it reminds me of the boston bomber, they asked everyone to stay indoors, and they went house-to-house looking for the suspect. if the car is abandoned and you are on foot, law
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enforcement will find the suspect at some point. jon: stay with us. we have on the phone caylee, who was an eyewitness to some of the terrible events, kaley. what brought to you the parade. and what did see? reporter: intern -- jon: this is jon scott. can you hear me. >> i can hear you. jon: you were at parade, just to taking in an enjoyable evening? >> yes, we just moved to waukesha over the summer. i'm home from thanksgiving from college, my family and i went to see the parade. >> then what happened. just about 5:00 p.m. as i understand it. when this red suv crashed
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into the parade goers, what did sue you see? >> i whole street was lined with a lot of families. and a dance group just passed by us. you hear a lot of people scream. at first i thought it was santa. but the suv came down the main street at least 30 miles per hour. i saw multiple people get hit by that car. jon: and witnesses have said that the car was weaving back and forth. trying to actually hit as many people as possible, did it seem that way to you? >> yes. you know the car started out on one side ethen you saw is cross the street go to other side. i can't tell you for sure. the motive or if it was intentional, they did not
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stop. jon: it must have been terrifying for you? >> yes. it was a lot of shock, a lot of people screaming and crying. there and there are a lot of little children there, i am sure that parents wanted to get out, it was terrifying for everyone. jon: kind of parade where they hand out candy, we saw some footage of that. parade organizers handing out candy to the little kids lining the streets, then something like this happens? >> yes. right. it is holiday parade, i believe on a -- people were back from last year. jon: the dance troop you talked about we read one account from a school board member said his daughter's
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dance troop of the in the parade, and suv plowed through the middle. >> i will tell you there -- marching bans and a lot of dance troops, you know from teenagers to two little children. and i don't know. nothing is confirmed. it is possible. jon: and police we understand will hold a news conference, rescheduled for 8 p.m. central time, about 15 minutes from now. all of waukesha will want to know what the police know. and whether they have the suspect in custody. >> you are right. all eyes will be on local news and police enforcement. i encourage anyone that is keeping up with the story to
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keep up-to-date with the press conference and local coverage to get most accurate information possible. possible. jon: as we neat you are an intern at milwaukee journal journal sentinel, you want be to a reporter in future. >> yes to be a reporter in future. you know, i was there as a civilian today, -- enjoying the parade, i hope i was able to provide some information. jon: yes, and you know, are helping us get a handle on the tragedy here. i have to think about this is going to one of the bigger stories of your career. i wonder, it is hard sometimes when you are participating in an even like this, then you have to put on your reporters hat. i was in a riot in miami, where a car ran over several people, and ended up
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killing one woman that car nearly clipped my, i wanted to know how you feel about it tonight, as you take in reflect on what you saw? >> i think that i probably still need to process what happened. it is scary event, i saw the people get hit in front of my eyes. it is sad. i think also that -- it has been a good opportunity to see how things unfold and as a journalist to help people get information they need. jon: scaly, intern with milwaukee journal sentinel, who witnessed what happened in beautiful waukesha, wisconsin, a small town, 25 miles west of milwaukee. kaley, thank you for your insights. >> thank you. jon: ted williams, former dc
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homicide investigator is still with us. and ted, there are some question marks here that we're not getting the answers to until we hear from police chief, it could happen in about 15 minutes, but would not surprise me in that news conference is pushed back. mike tobin of noting there seems to be a blackout on the streets right around the area where it happened, a simple reason for that? maybe could have or you know someone trying to get a friend to the hospital or something hit a power pole who knows. but would to be police po poe seedure if -- procedure if they were involved in a search? >> that can happen.
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where you are still looking for persons of interest. the reason it is viable for the city officials to come out and let the public know what they are doing. one thing you showed before was a red suv that was parked in a driveway. we don't know whether the suv that the chief has reported has been recovered, was recovered there on the scene or recovered at a resident. all those things are significant and important in this investigation. as i said before, i would think that all over the country right now we'll have to be on heighten the state alert, particularly during the holidays. there are people here who want to harm americans, no doubt about that. and they made very about
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seeing what is question toking on here in wisconsin tonight, and as a means of actually carrying out terror in the country. we do clearly have domestic terrorism in this country. we have seen it. and so, nothing -- we should be skeptical, always be cognizant and aware of our surroundings, here in waukesha, here, the question is are what kind of barriers did they have in place. that will be also significant. tonight. we have a lot of grieving parents, families. that is the focus. also to bring a person to justice. the person or persons who caused that.
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jon: city of waukesha had been actually streaming the video live on the facebook page. and that is where we obtained some of the footage. that shows first -- the car before it actually had just making its way on to the parade route. it blasts by a blue jeep. we'll get to that. the footage on the screen right now is the end of the carnage where the suv on running over the barricades, a officer was there, he was there to direct traffic, the officer has the present of mind to open fire on the driver who just mowed down so many of the parse participants in the parade, this on large screen is the
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from the city of waukesha's facebook page, they were streaming the parade. people walking up the street, waving their banners and boom, here comes a suv. flying at a very fast clip. and behind him, i made that point earlier, if they had the chance to see what was coming at them, so many would have had a chance to get out of the way, this was coming from behind them. most cowardly direction. was flying up from behind them, and mowed down young students, grandmothers, all people. just mowed them down. in the street as they are participating in the parade. that is what is happening right now in waukesha, wisconsin. we're waiting for a news conference from police. which is to take place
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perhaps 10 minutes from now. but, again, these are fluid, would not surprise me if it gets pushed back, mike tobin on the streets of waukesha. reporter: it is quiet right now. sad. you have seen the video of the car tearing up main street here. inflicting so much damage. we talked about this a little bit earlier. one thing that is peculiar now. you look back. the only lights you see are the lights of the emergency vehicles. you can see crime tape up. and sad signs of distraction . the things that are left behind in the streets, you heard from some witnesses, there were loved ones going
5:53 pm
through the carnage looking for sons or daughters. you heard there was the dancing granny's group. we're looking up another block at main street. you had a parade and a vehicle tearing up the parade, this is a long scream scene. stretches at ballpark about a quarter mile. up the street, you see the same thing, police lights, police tape, little bits of wreckage if you will. what we have from the chief of police here, the best record we have, we wait to get official press conference. is that there are multiple fatalities, more than one. we have from so many different accounts upwards
5:54 pm
of 20 people injured. we also have from the police chief, despite eyewitness accounts there there was sound of gunfire, police chief said no come fire came from the offending vehicle itself. police officers did try to stop the vehicle. without confirming the idea that police officers fired at that vehicle. we can make that jump. but we don't have it from finishable source at-this-point. -- an official source at-this-point. police chief said at an ad hoc news conference, as we arrived on scene, that scene of secure. it was safe, no further threat here. but that does not consistent with an alert that went out on everyone's
5:55 pm
cell phone for a shelter in place in this area. there is speculation you could have people at large here, waiting for official word with that. we're quiet and sad scene here in waukesha. more questions than answers. a lot of chaos. standing to reason that there would be a lot of miscommunication. you have multiple agents responding. neighbors towns here. doing what they can to help. in this sad situation that developed. jon: mike thank you. >> waukesha county executive issued a statement on twitter. please pray for the community tonight after the horrific events at waukesha
5:56 pm
christmas parade. we speak new with an eyewitness, tony deleon said it took place right in front of him. tony, joining us by phone. you live in waukesha? >> i am here with my girlfriend and her family, her family lives here. we are visiting. jon: you were at parade. on the sidelines, what did you see? >> yeah. i was there with my, my girlfriend, and her family, her little brother was in the parade, we were supporting him. and we were watching a group of pom-pom kids. it was a dance group. and then out of nowhere a redford suv, just, plowed through the people in the parade. you could hear people screening. and bodies thumping.
5:57 pm
and it was traumatic. jon: there were a number of young kids in the pom-pom group we understand. who were -- >> yeah. reporter: badly hurt, you have must have seen some of that. the aftermath as their bodies were left in the street. >> yeah, he was going really fast, you could hear him throttle through the crowd. there were kids and people scattered all over it was terrible. >> was your girlfriend's brother okay? >> yeah. he was a little bit ahead. of what happened. he is okay. he got home safe. jon: and how many people would you say were hurt, based on you know just the image you had in front of
5:58 pm
you at the time? >> i would say probably like 5 or 6 in the street, and probably at least 15 or 10 people that got hit and plowed through. jon: there are reports and you know again, it can be so confusing. but there were reports that the driver was actually firing shots, did you hear anything like. >> when he came through i didn't see anything. but after the fact, as he kept going we heard banging and snaps. i'm not sure if they were gunshots, but it did sound like it. >> yeah. our mike tobin tells us police said he did not have a gun. or was not firing shots, maybe i should say that.
5:59 pm
that any shots fired actually came from police officers. tony, we thank you for sharing your insight with us. >> thank you. jon: we're glad that your girlfriend a brother is okay. >> with us again former fbi special agent, tim clemente. some mysteries we're teal there is a person of interest. we don't know if that person is in custody. and the authorities issued a shelter in place order, they don't want people on the streets in the area of downtown waukesha. where this horrific tragedy took place. does that suggest to you they may still be looking for a suspect or they were? >> i think there are two possibilities with that, i would think that it might be may want to keep people from
6:00 pm
the crime scene to keep from contaminating evidence and clogging the streets. so if crowds come to the scene to gawk and see what is happening, it could glom up the street making it more difficult for first responders. and also the possible fi possibility that suspects may have been on foot, if they are, you don't want to mix them with unnecessary crowds of people in the area. ... >> thank you. today we experienced a horrible senseless


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