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tv   Sunday Night in America With Trey Gowdy  FOX News  November 21, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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just showed, but there goes the suv speeding through. all right. we are reaching the end of the hour here. i apologize, jeff, for not being able to get back to you. i'm jon scott, live in new york. we will continue to follow the events happening right now in waukesha, wisconsin, and keep you updated as best we can. >> good evening we begin with fox news alert, we're following breaking news out of waukesha, wisconsin, there are witnesses reports a vehicle ran through the middle of a down town christmas parade as it was on going, possibly firing gunshots, there are reports as many as 30 people may are injured. fire and police are on the scene, calling it an active incidence. we'll keep you updated throughout the hour.
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on thursday we will gather in celebrate many things for which we are thankful. and on that list may well be parents and grandparents and teachers and others who instilled a love of learning in us. education can be the great of equalizer, the catalyst to per pehl to us heights we never imagined. tonight we're guioned by a diverse group of guests. -- we're joined by a diverse group of guest. they travel this magical road called education, and their lives were transformed and unique and ever lasting ways. served in highest echelons in government and philanthropy, the president of a prestigious university
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it began in a small town of wide receiver with parents who instilled a love of learning in here, sylvia burwell. thank you so much for joining us madame secretary. >> trey thank you for having me. >> i think i have this right, small town in west virginia to top of government, and philanthropy and now academia. who instilled a love of learning in you? >> i was so fortunate, it is a number of people. you mentioned first my parents, i am the granddaughter of greek immigrants, the issue of education was so important to my parents instilled that in me. it was everyone, my neighbor when i was little. my mom and dad worked, i stayed with my neighbor, she
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is a collect of the "national geographicses" from the 1960, and my first grade teacher. trey: madame secretary, you don't like talking about yourself, i did drag out of you, you mentioned a golden horse shoe award from junior high in west virginia, is that right? >> correct, west virginia. we do a year's worth of history of the state of west virginia in eighth grade. we all take a test. the group of people that make the test scores, take another test, and top scores in the county, top two scores from every two county go to the state capital and governor knights them, you
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become a lord or lady of royal order of the golden horse shoe. it is about learning it is about education and learning the history of the state of west virginia. trey: you are a lot more modest than i am, if. let -- your resume. would have enabled you to to whatever you wanted to to when you left government. you chose to be the president of a university, you picked education, why? >> as you say, to begin with, i believe it is what gives people wings, wings to fly anywhere you want. what do you with your like in terms of your work and profession, it is about where you can go, people you are be, things you learn,
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about so many things, it is that thing which propels you. i can be a part of that for thousands of students there. and to be a part of that transformation and that journey they are on, that is an incredible thing to be able to do. trey: you have a demanding job, you have a young family. how do you continue to challenge and educate yourself even though your formal schooling may be over? >> you know, you have to do both formally and inial -- informaly, i learn every day from our students. i walked campus every day. in terms of i walk to work i'll see our students. i learn from them, i learn
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from our faculty, that to incredible work, we have faculty members that just won a grant, they are working on food waste. i learn from them. i still love to read. whenever i get a chance and have the opportunity to read, we read to the children every night, they are 12 and 14, we still read to the family, actually our daughter reads to us, that reading is another part of the continued learning it about experiencing and reading and learning. trey: and small town of west virginia to heights of, academia madame secretary thank you so much for joining me. >> trey, thank you so much, i hope you and your family have a great thanksgiving. trey: you too, we're following breaking news out of waukesha, wisconsin, a car has reportedly crashed
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trey: we're following breaking news out of waukesha, wisconsin, there are witness reports that a vehicle ran through the middle of a downtown christmas parade, as it was on going. possibly firing gunshots there are reports that as many as 30 people may are injured. fire and police on the scene calling this active. we'll keep you updated, joining me on the phone, a eyewitness in wisconsin chandler, you can tells what you saw? >> hello. we were witnessing or enjoying the parade. and had just taken a picture
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in front of a float, we turned a purple ford escape turned the corner and was flying down the road. and he was running over people as he went. went. trey: did it appear to be intentional? accidental? someone under the influence? >> it looked very intensetional to me, my brother said he saw the man's face, he looked like he was under the influence, i cannot say for sure. trey: did you get a sense of how many people may have been struck by the vehicle? >> i don't know. i only saw a couple myself,
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before i grabbed my son and turned and ran away. as we were -- in the aftermath, i saw bodies flying all over the road. trey: can not imagine. i am sorry that you had to experience that with your child, and i am sorry for all of the victims and thank you for joining us to help us, have a little bit better sense until law enforcement updates us. >> thank you.. >> to get involved in some of the big ideas of our times, i chose literacy, i believe if more people could read, write and comprehend, we would be that much closer to solving so many problems that plague our nation and society. trey: welcome back to "sunday night in america," professor robert george, a
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legal scholar, a political philosopher, he lectures on civil liberties what. what i find most fascinating about professor george, he was almost none of that, doubting his abilities in his first year in college, something or someone gave him confidence to keep going, do i have that right? i man with three doctorates from oxford. at one point in your life you doubted whether or not you could do the college work? >> that is true, trey, it is a pleasure to be with you tonight, thank you for inviting me ofirst, hearts go out to the victims and families in waukesha. i pray that no one actually dies. it is terrible to see this violence continues in our country, we need to get back
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to respect for sank at -- human life across the board. we have a wonderful boyhood, hunting, fishing and playing blue grass music. when i arrived in college, as a freshman, i quickly learned that i wasn't nearly as well prepared as some of my fellow students, probably all, the kids from some of the really find public high schools. seem to know things i did not know. they had heard of figures. i was ignorant of these things, it was a bit of a rough start, i had some catching up to do. i could not have done that on my own, i was blessed, a couple of wonderful
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professors perceived i was struggling a little bit, and they reached out to me. they saw this kid from wide receiver, a banjo-picking hill billy from west virginia struggling a bit, but they thought i had it went me to succeed, they reached out to me and worked with me, and brought me to speed quickly, things went well for me academically and every other way from there. trey: professor george, there are many things that i admire about you, i will list two. one the value of talking with people with whom you may not agree. and two value of challenging your own assumptions. >> they are both very important, i would not know how to rank them, they are important to our lives in this country. if we're going to be devoted
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to truth seeking, as we are in universities, and maintain republic democracy we're blessed with a wonderful american experience. it is our job to enjoy it, and preserve it. if we do those we need to be willing to admit when we're wrong. we need to be willing to be challenged because he might be wrong, we need to be willing to understand year fallible. we could be wrong. only way we'll know whether we're wrong about this or that. on any subject, whether politics or anything else, is to allow ourselves to be challenged by others who see things a bit differently, then to challenge ourselves to become our own best critics. i as a teacher see my first obligation to my students to open their minds, to present
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them with a competing points of view on controversial subjects, i teach constitutional law among other things, we talk about hot button issues. i want to make sure they students can think for themselves and decide for themselves, i don't want to indoctrinate them or allow them to be indoctrinated. i don't shove my views down their throat, that is not education. i make sure they understand the best that has been thought and said by the best thinkers in these areas. and then when i know i really succeeded i am not only presents them with best arguments from the government perspectives -- best arguments from the different perspectives, we really know we're there when they are their own best critics, they themselves are running the debate in their own heads. and thinking about the best
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that could be said on the competing side of any question, thereby reincing reasoning their way to their conclusions, and therefore thinking for themselves. >> professor, perhaps only banjo-playing oxford educated phd in the world thank you. >> my pleasure. trey: we're continues to follow breaking news out of waukesha, wisconsin. we'll give you the latest after the break. cracked... the experts at safelite autoglass came right to me... with service i could trust. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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trey: we're continues to follow breaking news out of waukesha, wisconsin. there are witness reports a vehicle ran through the middle of a downtown christmas parade, possibly firing gunshots, tonight there are reports as many as 30 people may be injured. it called an active incident. we'll keep you updated as we learn more. >> joining us now to tell us what he may know my colleague jon scott. jon: sounds like a horrible scene in waukesha, they put out call from ambulances to come in from outside of the city, every
4:26 pm
ambulance they have in waukesha has been dispatched downtown to the 69 of the christmas parade. it appears to be a deliberate act. there are videos we've seen via twitter, a maroon colored ford escape plows up the street into the back of the christmas parade as it was underway, one report to twitter said several members of the dancing grannies were hit and lying motion less on the ground. there is video of the rampage, and then a video of the car, being fired on by a love, one of the windows was shattered, a maroon ford
4:27 pm
escape. and dozens of people hurt. we have not heard of any fatalities at this time. but the car did plow through a number of people, leaving them on the ground, there were also reports that shots were fired from the car as it made its way through the crowd, it sounds deliberate. we have not had an update from police officers yet. we're continuing to monitor the situation here from the fox newsroom, we will keep our viewers updated as best we can. back to trey. trey: i can tell from that video that car is traveling as a high rate of speed. we'll go to mike tobin, he just arrived in waukesha. he is joining us by phone, tell us what you are seeing. reporter: well, i got to
4:28 pm
main and barstow, identified as the scene. i got from a emergency personnel. it is not a specific scene but a long scene. consistent with what you saw in the vehicle -- in the video with the vehicle traveling, what is going on, is that emergency personnel are moving us from that location. to get everyone to a media center and get better control of the scene. you don't see a lot of activity in terms of the ambulances right here on the scene. i saw as we were getting into waukesha was a lot of ambulances leaving. i could deduct from that, you had the injured that were loaded up quickly on the ambulances, and removed from the scene. that said about maybe 300
4:29 pm
yards from the location at intersection of main and. from the location where the intersection was. there are a lot of lights off about 200 yards out. there is a concentrated area that i didn't give you a good read on what happened. but what we heard from eyewitnesses thus far it was a deliberate act. we have someone that drove up the street, with intention to cause harm. trey: is there any indication whether or not the suspect is in custody yet in. reporter: not getting anything right now, with emergency personnel, they are getting us out of the scene. they are not communicating right now, they are sending us on a media staging area.
4:30 pm
at that point i they will check their -- at this point i imagine they will check their facts and give a more solid answer. than on the scene. you know how it is with eyewitnesses and chaos on the scenes, often times information can get bad, with the breaking stories you end up amending the information that you initially report. we're waiting on the official count from the authorities, trying to get control of the scene. and it is not their top priority to get information to me. trey: no, i would think it would be to take care of the victims and get them medical assistance. when you learn something, please let us know. reporter: you bet, you bet. trey: our next guest is u.s. attorney, she was coming on the show to talk about
4:31 pm
education, this news trumps that, she is also a mom. sharia are you with us? >> hi trey, how are you. trey: i'm going great, i am so sorry this has happened for the victims and their loved ones and their families in waukesha. the challenge when someone just happens is that questions are better than the answers in terms of what we know, my guess is you know only what you have been seeing it looked like that car was traveling at a high rate of speed. >> you are right, i only saw a little bit of the video, i saw the car traveling. what struck me about that scene, as you mentioned i am a mom, i saw the parents with their small children. i think it is a sad day for us when you take your children out to a christmas parade. after the tough two years we had under the pandemic, then to be think ised to
4:32 pm
something like this happening. whether it is intentional or not. trey: yes. you know, that word means different things to us as prosecutors, it could very well, i started off by asking whether or not it could be a driver under the influence of drugs or alcohol. that is every bit as criminal as someone who does this intentionally, give then rate of speed, and amount of carnage, i think we can rule out accident. that leaves some type of impaired driver or intentionallality. >> i think a previous guest said a chaotic scene like this, it is hard to immediately determine what happened. but just watching the short clip of the video and parents clutching their children and moving away from the scene, this is a
4:33 pm
tragedy. and certainly praying for the families impacted by this. trey: yes, they just saw the video again, and that is a car where the driver either intends to hurt someone or is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you just don't drive-thru that many people at that speed. we will have you back on. to talk about education. but tonight, our thoughts and prayers as you said are with those that have been impacted. the people that were struck, their loved ones we want them to be okay, we heard from someone like you, a young mom who was out there with a child. and this is something that you will -- if you witness this you will see this image for your life. it is hard to get this carnage out of hurt mind.
4:34 pm
>> right. i feel for the parents and children and imagine the impact it will have on them as well, seeing this happen in real life. like you said, praying for those individuals, and there are those -- for those moms, and dads and the children. trey: well, i know the first priority right now is medical assistance. after this. holding the person responsible to our justice system, will be the very next priority. thank you for what you do. and thank you for staying with us on the terrible night. we had intentions on discusses something as beautiful as education. we're left to discuss something as terrible as man's inhumanity in his
4:35 pm
fellow man. >> i am a strong beliefer believer that education can help us with something like this. trey: thank you for that. we're following if you are just joining us, breaking news out of waukesha, wisconsin, there are witness reports and we've seen videos of a vehicle running through the middle of a downtown christmas parade, there is some evidence of possible gunshots. we do not know if they came from the car or someone trying to stop the car. there are reports that as many as 30 people may be injured. fire and police on the 69. on the scene, we'll keep you updated as we learn more. joining me now, again, jeh johnson former homeland security director, former
4:36 pm
assistance u.s. attorney, top lawyer for department of defense, was coming on to discuss education. mr. secretary. you are seeing what we're seeing, what is your reaction? >> trey, first, thank you for having me. the events of this evening are tragic and sad reminder of what i used to have on deal with when i was secretary of homeland security. something like this is just so sad. people get together, probably families, a lot of children. to come together to celebrate christmas. and have something like this happen is terrible. it does seem as though it was deliberate. first question, i would ask myself is this some form of terrorism of some type. can you rule this that in or out. it is too early to tell, but this is a great tragedy for
4:37 pm
the people of wisconsin. trey: mr. secretary, not only were you hhs secretary. but also former federal prosecutor, just like our previous guest, i'm sure you are the perfect person for me to ask, whether it was intentional or someone under the influence there is possible criminality. >> almost certainly. you are correct. i was a federal prosecutor 30 years ago. this is almost certainly a serious offense that has been commit by someone or more than one person possibly. we'll know i suspect in the next few hours a lot more about this crime. trey: mr. secretary, whenever there is breaking news the questions outpace the answers. we have more questions tonight than we can provide
4:38 pm
answers. but as someone who worked in highest echelons of government and law, what are questions you would have as you evaluate that tape. what we know now, about what are things you would want to know. >> first thing, about the well being of those on the streets, the victims. i want to know they are being properly cared for. i would like to know if this is isolated. do we know the full parameters of what happened, and then the assailant. their identity, and if we can at-this-point, i want to know the assailant's motives to understand the character of the crime. but first and foremost, i want to know about well being and safety of
4:39 pm
those on the streets tonight, that included a lot of families. trey: you are right. also whether or not a towns side of waukesha -- a town the size of waukesha, i don't know whether a small town could be prepared for something that may have casualties that go in the numbers they could go in. there is the issue of getting ambulances, and law enforcement and access to healthcare. >> that is a good point. in a town like this one in wisconsin, they may not have the most robust emergency response. in incidents like this in small towns across america, very often you have to call upon law enforcement and first responders from neighbors communities, and possibly statewide level. to address this. to get people to the nearest hospitals, local hospital
4:40 pm
may not be equipped for a casualty as extensive as this. this requires a coordinated effort with the first responders in the state. we do train for this. at federal level they often run training sessions, active shooter exercises to train local law enforcement in working together in very large casualty events like this. trey: thank you, mr. secretary for loaning us your background and your experience. this is a tragic night. we had plans to talk about something much happier. this act of criminality intervened. thank you for joining us though. >> thank you. >> let's circle back with jon scott, you spoke with an eyewitness this evening, what else did he tell you?
4:41 pm
jon: in waukesha. as you could well imagine, trey, the waukesha county executive has just released a statement saying please pray for our community tonight. after the horrific evens waukesha christmas parade. local cbs station has put auto twitter photos of red, ford escape. parked in a driveway. hood and the grille of the car badly damaged. it is odd it is backed into the driveway. one wonders why you would bother to take time to back in after some kind of a situation that unfolded. police in waukesha are saying that one person of interest has been identified in this case. but they did not say if it is a man or a woman or whether that person is in custody or not. we have seen footage that
4:42 pm
came at the end of this rampage. when the car is leaving the parade route and busts through a bunch of the plastic barricades put around a sidewalk manhole or something that was open. not very substantial barricade, the car plows through it, a police officer fires on it, shattering one window, we do not know how many people have been injured, reports say at least 20, we do not yet know if there are fatalities, this is a very horrific events that has marred what was supposed to be a happy event in waukesha, wisconsin. annual christmas parade, a parade that one witness was telling me last was cancelled because of covid. there are reports that bags of candy and the gifts that are given out to kids and 94 -- those watching
4:43 pm
strewn . >> have police told us anything about the suspect? no, nothing at all. one eyewitness did report that shots were coming from the car. as it plowed into the crowd. one other eyewitness said that he saw the face of the driver, and the driver appeared to be on something. but, you know that say very subjective judgment to make in a split second, we ran that video of car before it as it is beginning its rampage. you can see people just walking up the street, still part of the trade, and the car passes some of the other vehicles, and plows into people up ahead in the
4:44 pm
parade. we're told some of them -- some of the victims were part of a group called the dancing grannies. you can imagine that -- well they were reportedly left on the ground. that is going to be a traumatic events if these are older people who got mowed into by that ford escape. trey. trey: you know, even if that video we're seeing. you can contrast the speed of the car in the parade. with the speed of the car that is not. the one that caused the carnage, you contrast the appropiate speed for a parade with reckless driver of the ford. in terms of backing in, perhaps it was an ill fated attempt to conceal a license plate, if that was the objective, to avoid
4:45 pm
apprehension, my guess, that is not successful. jon: police are on the scene where the car has been located. you can imagine, police have their hands full, i mentioned before that every ambulance in the city of waukesha was dispatched. they have to bring in ambulances from outside of the city. that is how many injuries we're talking about. trey: mike tobin, you are with us? reporter: i am, i have updated. the chief said are multiple mull up fatalities, i have to confirm 245, no details as far as specific number. and multiple injuries that have been taken from the scene. as far as fire coming from the vehicle, what i am hearing from chief, there was no fire that came out of the offending vehicle.
4:46 pm
the witness report that there were gunfire at the scene, he could not really confirm that came from the police. but he said was, the police did attempt to stop the vehicle. so leaving to us fill in the blank with witness report the sound of gunfire. and that police officers at scene did what they could to stop the vehicle. he did say that there is a person of interest but did not provide specifics as to status of that person. was he pulled out of the vehicle, is he or she in custody. that trey is the latest information we have. trey: you know as we learn tonight. again, a car can be a deadly weapon, if there is a car used if hurt or kill people, law enforcement is indict entitled to use deadly
4:47 pm
force. reporter: that is the case, we don't have enough to fill in the blanks right now. all still potential, there is another -- tomorrow preliminary. there is another media staging area. we have a big scene, i was at the incident site. trey: thank you, we're joined by dr. ben carson, who was going to be a guest as we discussed his educational journey. but, we now have this horrific incident in waukesha, wisconsin, dr. carson, are you with us? >> yes, i am with you. trey: what is your reaction -- >> this is awful. trey: we don't know a lot,
4:48 pm
yes, sir. >> my heart goes out to those people who have been killed or injured. and the families. this is a horrific particularly at this time of year. and but, also. kudos to the first responders who were right there, there was one officer, i saw actually running down the street after the vehicle. these are brave individuals. and our paramedics and people on the scene saving lives. and we need these people more than ever. but, the thing that really weighs on my heart is you know, years ago it would be unthinkable that someone would take a vehicle and use it to injury and hurt people. but now, you know it is first thing we think about. because, you know we have had so much animosity in our society right now, somehow we have to get across to the american people that we're not each other's enemies.
4:49 pm
you know house divided against itself cannot stand. this is a harbinger of more incidents this would occur if we don't do something to tamp down the hatred in our society. trey: give us a since of what hospital or er may look like. you have a mass casualty event. reports that 20 people may have been transported. what would the scene in an emergency room look like. reporter: i had a chance to see the vehicle plowing through, but hospitalized mobilize quickly for this kind of incident. they have the triage, nurses and physicians ready. and intensive care unit is ready, operating room is
4:50 pm
ready, everyone is on high alert, people who are off-duty would be reporting to the hospital. so, we have a system a medical system that is second to none in the world. something that we can be proud of. trey: dr. carson thank you for your insight on this tragic night, our heartbreaks for those impacted, those who lost their lives, their families, those injured. this is the week of thanksgiving. beginning to holiday season. we're we are discussing mass casualty and carnage in a beautiful town of wisconsin. >> absolutely, maybe we could do everyone we can in our own series of influence to try to improve the situation. trey: amen. >> waukesha mayor shawn riley said more than 20
4:51 pm
individuals have been injured, they are being transported to local hospitals, mayor said that there is a person of interest. who is being looked into, sean duffy a wisconsin native in the house, and a former prosecutor, he is joining us by phone, shawn? >> i'm hearing similar things to you, this is a horrific events. location, this is about 50 miles north of kenosha, where we have seen so much news over the last week with the rittenhouse trial. really good people in wisconsin. i think our hearts break. as wisconsinites seeing so much violence. from such a nice group of people. think of this is you know this is thanksgiving. a christmas parade. some of your viewers might wonder why we do christmas parade in cold country.
4:52 pm
we're excited for the holidays, it is a time for families to gather. and celebrate thanksgiving and also christmas, you see in videos the kids on the streets and with their families and the excitement and energy. parade routes are packed. this is horrific someone would take this situation and use it as a place to do mass carnage to good people out to celebrate their community and their lives and families. and the holidays. trey: shane, give us a sense of what kind of town waukesha is. i have been to your home to see you and rachel. but, waukesha. what kind of town is it? >> it is a suburb of milwaukee, it has a small town feel. it is a conservative area in state of wisconsin. suburbs of milwaukee
4:53 pm
are conservative. waukesha is probably one of the most conservative areas in the state, people who are focused on families. they my drive into city to milwaukee, and work and come out to get more space from the hustle and bustle of the stay, a lot travel north, they like to go fishing and hunting and snowmobile, then they would drive to chicago on occasion and shop, they have the best all worlds. all things that wisconsin has to offer in outdoors they are close to. close to cities. if you go by churches to sunday in waukesha, you see the parking lots are full. this say faithful group of people that have these kind midwest everyone values. and you know, i probably don't remember we were in milwaukee together we drove through waukesha on our way back to wausau.
4:54 pm
you would not have noticed it is beautiful. trey: i am sitting here thinking of families like yours and rachel, with children out at a christmas parade. shawn thank you for joining us. joining us new wiptv reporter sam kramer live on the 69 in waukesha. reporter: yes. we have had some emotional heartbreaking conversations with people who were standing on main street for holiday parade that was really supposed to ring in season, what unfolded in front of them, you could not believe, we talked with a woman who was stand a -- standing a dance team of girls, 9 and 15 years old was coming by when the suv comes bearing through, she estimated with 20 of those girls hit and injured down to the ground, their first
4:55 pm
reaction was silencing, processing what happened. then followed by chaos, everyone you know running into help or running to make sure others were not in the way as best they could for this suv that was barreling down main street. we talked to others who said, there were further down, east on main, and they heard shot they took off. a very chaotic scene, we have been here for about an hour and a half. police have been expanding the roadblocks and this scene, it started on east side of main street and come west. where they are piecing it together, we have seen law enforce. agents from across waukesha county with help from milwaukee county. trey: sam, usually with parades, the roads are closed. only could haves on the roads are those that --
4:56 pm
vehicles on those that are part of the parade, too early to know how the car may have gotten around barricades on on the parade route. reporter: i think it is -- we heard from a few people who thought what they heard from others, there were plastic barricade roadblocks on each side. also blocking up toward main street, they believe that suv just drove through there. and blowing over as the wind has been gusting. >> sam, the little bit of video that we're able to see the contrast it stark between the speed of the parade vehicle, versus the speed of the car that caused so much carnage. it is 10 to 15 times faster. any word on any identifying characteristics of the driver? any idea who the suspect is?
4:57 pm
reporter: to this point to witnesses we spoke to, no, only thing they said it was a male, but nothing about age or characteristics or whether they were a sane person or dealing with something. people processing what happened here. trey: our hearts break. for the people of waukesha thank you for updating us. >> ted williams former homicide detective. you are looking at the same them i'm looking at, difference in speed of the vehicles is stark. what else are you looking for? as this is a homicide scene. >> it being processed, first thing we want to try to find out is the safety and
4:58 pm
security of individuals who may or may not have been injured in regards to this matter. but we also are trying to find out as much as we can about the person of interest. i can tell you in the last hour, the chief of police is come on and said that they have the vehicle they are looking at a person of interest. he did not say as to whether they have the person in custody. but they do have somebody at this stage in mind they are either talking to or they are looking for. but this is clearly a tragedy. you talk about innocent people in wisconsin and waukesha. going to a christmas festival parade and for this to happen in the middle of that parade, we don't know whether this was intentional
4:59 pm
or an accidental situation? but if it was accidental, you would think that the person of interest would still be on the scene. there is a lot that we don't know there are a lot of moving parts at this stage. trey: there is a lot we don't know. i think the question may be was it intentional or what we call felony dui or operating a motor vehicle under the influence. they are both crimes, right? >> absolutely. and it will be very interesting to see was it intentional or not. or if there, people who are seriously injured or unfortunately if there are -- casualties, i am hoping there are not. trey: thank you for joining
5:00 pm
us, if is such a heartbreaking tragic scene, imagine taking your grand kids or your kids to a christmas parade, celebrating the advent of the season, and watches this carnage. and the loss of life. and our thoughts and prayers with the people of waukesha. jon scott takes over live coverage. jon: thank you. >> good evening, i am jon scott, many of you expecting to see mark levin, and his interview with former president donald trump, we're following breaking news. out of waukesha, wisconsin, that interview will air 3 hours from now, that is 11 p.m. eastern time. you will be able to see mark levin and former president about three hours from now, mayor of waukesha wisconsin, shawn o'reilly said more than 20 people are hurt. and are transported via ambulance or family and friends to local hospitals


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