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tv   The Big Sunday Show  FOX News  November 21, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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arthel: what is wrong with people, candy yams are good add brown sugar and is delicious. as long as i had my mom oyster dressing i don't care. eric: new orleans gumbo. arthel: she makes gumbo for christmas. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> hello everybody i'm tammy bruce along with julie, david webb and charlie hurt, welcome to "the big sunday show". you are going to hear from kyle rittenhouse for the first time in moments. but here is what else is on tap tonight. julie: aoc is calling out biden for promises made, promises unkept and we discussed brand-new numbers that show a shocking number of americans are
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unhappy with the handling of inflation. charlie: speaking of biden, could he stay at 1600 pennsylvania avenue in 2024. you will not believe how democrats feel about that buzz. tammy: david, nothing to laugh about, crime running rampant across the country. dozens of leaders target popular department store. tammy: first, kyle rittenhouse opening up for the first time since wisconsin jury handed down a not guilty verdict. talking to tucker collar stood connecting his case to raise. >> this has nothing to do with race, never had anything to do with race, had to do with the right to self-defense. i am not a racist person. i support the blm movement and peacefully demonstrating. i believe there needs to be change, i believe there is a lot
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of prosecutorial misconduct not just in my case but other cases. it's just amazing to see how much a prosecutor can take advantage of somebody. tammy: i think the interview tonight with tucker is what the left did not want to happen. you can already tell the nature of the narrative about this young man but i also want you to hear in the aftermath of the verdict exactly that, listen to these comments about the non-guilty verdict. >> the fact that weiser premises have roamed the halls of congress and celebrate the murderous white supremacist. >> this child is learning shot for justice and the lot in this country or in particular communities. >> this is white america reckoning with which version of whiteness is it going to choose. there has always been white victims of white supremacy. tammy: obviously tomorrow night interview with tucker carlson. what we have i feel very
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strongly about, this has had to come from the left, this is a narrative that they have and they did not want the discussion about what happened, not just in kenosha but around the country. this was about not wanting people to actually think about why would the guy who said he supports the blm movement why was kyle there in the first place, why did he need to be there. that is not what the left wants to have a conversation about, and keeping this about him, this weird conversation about white supremacy when this was about him defending himself and he to defended himself in this case against three white men. even that they still don't want to discuss. in the face of all the what we know with this interview coming up i'm going to give everybody the floor, what is your take on this? julie: for 70 states white supremacy against white men i do not understand that.
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i know the white supremacy definition and i don't know what to have it in me but white people to think there about black people and last they checked kyle rittenhouse as a white man and the victims were white i'm not sure where racism came into play at all. but that narrative was not something that came in during the trial. the narrative was in their august the 2020 by her own president who went out and made it very clear that he dubbed kyle rittenhouse as a reese's and a white supremacist. tucker carlson did this interview that the world gets to hear his side of the story. i was compelled by the fact that he said in the interview that he supports black lives matter and he supports the right to protest, i hope people are listening to those words. tammy: david let's listen to his mom wendy she had a few comments regarding the impact of this trial. listen to this. >> it is over but there's another chapter in our lives
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that we will have to deal with. it is not about winning or losing there are two people that did pass away. and families have to grieve and my family has to also after talking to him, he would've never have went down there if this ever happened again. he would've never. >> again what you're hearing is coming from tomorrow night with tucker carlson, you don't want to miss. the impression that this family is giving, his mother away from the characters that the left is provided to america, every single thing seems to be blowing up in the last phase when it comes to what they thought this would turn out to be. >> we see a blowing up in their face but they really don't. when you look at it, by the way the kyle rittenhouse i hope so
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but he educates him a black lives matter and what it really is and what it may claim to be versus what actually is and its leaders. what they're doing their part should the narrative, they cannot defend their so-called victims. these were not victims, kyle rittenhouse shot his attackers, one a convicted pedophile of raping young boys, another a felon and a leftist with a metal record as well. they cannot defend those heroes of the last. they cannot defend any and lie about the racial dynamic or the color of skin dynamic because after all you cannot have kyle rittenhouse anything but the aggressor and the defendants, not the defendants but those who shot anything but martyrs. there lying for the base to carry this forward people like reese witherspoon and others. by the way this is really about white supremacy, let's bring in andrew the fourth, that case was
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just resolved in court, a black man acquitted of murder charges, he was under the charge of having a weapon is a felony upheld. you have a black man tried by a jury of his peers acquitted of the charges and if you expect them to ever be honest about it, i have to tell you you living in fantasy land. tammy: you not to hear about that, that's extraordinary but i am right in a way that they are lying because they know they have no other place to go. there is another, we have from kyle, let's listen to this. >> i tell everybody what happened and i said i had to do it, i was just attacked, i was dizzy and vomiting and could not breathe. tammy: this is -- it is clear, it's home vigilantism saying, those who were attacking kyle, they were the vigilantes attacking the city. this never would've happened if
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kyle wasn't fighting literally for his life. it would've been beyond and the l.a. riots, the trucker who was pulled out of his truck in the brick was thrown at his head, that's what american saw what can happen when you can't defend yourself, what is your take on what were seen today. >> is amazing to listen to these people accuse kyle rittenhouse of being vigilante justice, they need to go look at the dictionary this is not vigilante justice, vigilante justice is when you're mad about your life so you go and beat somebody up or you go and burn a story to the ground or you are mad because you doha money so you break in the store smashed the window and steal a bunch of stuff because that's what do you think you'd observe. that is vigilante justice, what kyle rittenhouse did was
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self-defense, all of these people on the left had been defending for the past two years. what joe biden has been defending, what kamala harris has been defending, all of these riots is vigilante justice. what kyle rittenhouse did, he exercised his second amendment rights to defend himself. end of story. julie: i want to say something about those in the public spotlight that are fanning the flames after the fact. bill de blasio, thank god he is leaving he screwed our city up royally, he's trying to get more incentives to those out there making amuck of the city, he tweeted this out your responsible that the mayor is listening, i have a message for you, anthony uber and joseph rosenbaum are victims, they should be alive today the only reason there not because of violent dangerous man took a gun across state lines and started shooting people to call this a miscarriage of justice is an understatement, to call you a
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miscarriage of a mayor is beyond. is apprehensible for him to be making a message like this, spreading false lies, first of all he did not cross the border, he did not go into the state of wisconsin, he was already in kenosha that evening, he does not know what the hell he's talking about. to put this on twitter. >> it makes my blood boil, this is why people like the stupid new yorkers going out protesting because they don't know what they're protesting because of our idiotic mayor, i cannot. they are democratic elected officials that are putting out the same bs and it's got to stop. >> i have to throw this in there, the people that make the choices for these officials, 24% of new yorkers of which 66% supported de blasio put them in office, you're getting the results that you voted in or not acted upon. tammy: we have to go but this is
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about giving permission to bad guys and we found aborted that the democrats care about, the border of wisconsin. you can catch the full interview with kyle rittenhouse and tucker carlson, i'm telling you that right now, tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. eastern. a shocking number of americans say biden can't handle inflation and even aoc is putting his feet to the fire. that is next. ♪ nicorette knows, quitting smoking is freaking hard. you get advice like: try hypnosis... or... quit cold turkey. kidding me?! instead, start small. with nicorette. which can lead to something big. start stopping with nicorette
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julie: i love the music on the show. welcome back to "the big sunday show" president biden supports as a crisis pile up, two thirds of americans do not approve of the president's handling of inflation, a shocker biden taking slack from aoc who says biden's lack of compromise equates to empty promises same frustration is there, listen were not going to take the empty promises anymore and despite evidence the white house is promising biden spending spree will cost nothing. >> inflation is at a 31 year high. how can you say that this build back better bill, as you saw past the house on friday is not going to hurt in that way. >> there's no question inflation is high. it's affecting american
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consumers but that is why we need to move on this build back better bill right now. it will not increase inflation because it is paid for. when you pay for. julie: claiming it'll increase the deficit by $160 billion over ten years, it's paid for, don't worry, $160 billion, we got that in our reserve, not that's why were in a deficit even bigger to biden. these numbers inside of the pandemic in the summer of 2020. if this administration does not see how inflation is expected every american and were not talking about the rich, were talkative at the middle class, the blue-collar workers you are having to pay extra for gas, milk and a turkey. we will get to that later but you can kiss the white house goodbye for the democratic party as far as i'm concerned. >> absolutely, if you're getting the lecture from me you know you're in deep trouble. the idea that spending another
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trillion dollars is not going to affect inflation. it means that these people have no idea how any of this works. obviously if you flood the market and basically what they're saying inflation is really bad what we have to do we have to make it worse you flood another trillion dollars into the market is going to lessen everyone's ability to buy not just gas but food, everything and anything that you spend money on you lose buying power the more these people spend and they seem to be hell-bent on not caring and torpedoes be damned they don't care about 2022 or 2024. let's see how high they can get inflation. julie: this reminds me the debt after college. that's when i decided to cut up all my credit cards and i only use debit cards because you shouldn't spend what you don't have. that was something my father taught me i would like to teach outward president. yesterday you were talking about an 80-dollar turkey that is the
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tip of the iceberg here is former president trump. >> when they drove up energy to the level that they did that alone causes tremendous inflation is a big component. you make the bread and you need the energy for heating and cooling in the oven and the trucks and airplanes, everything to deliver it, it is a disaster. >> about half of americans are somewhat concerned about their ability to afford gas. inflation is sitting lower and middle income americans hard or than ever. what is the white house going to do about it? david: they will keep forging forward with the socialist economy. they want to push us up on steroids, they look at tax policy. but they're not paying attention to what were saying what their intent on putting as much in place impossible, they do know that they risk losing the congress, they risk losing the white house. so they have to create an environment that puts more of the policies in place. that's what they're doing.
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it is not incompetence alone that exists, it is deliberate action to put us closer to a socialist economy with the big spending. budget trickery, it's not just what is going to cost over the next ten years, 160 billion or any number. these expiring are things that will expire ever do a new social program does continue to increase and cost and that's what comes down the road for the next generation. julie: maybe your advice about the president paying more attention to the border and wisconsin to transcend to mexico because he draws plenty of criticism from the right and handling of immigration, four and ten liberals and three intent democrats feel that president biden and democrats have done less than they promised on immigration in 2020 during their campaign. that is no surprise here. >> when afghanistan happened i
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made a point that was not a one off that was an attitude and not even competence, it was carelessness and fusing from going to infuse itself on every issue that americans care about. we have seen that now americans get it, the rating on all of the major issues the economy, immigration et cetera has collapsed. i can tell you what are the conversations that i have on the left. after president reagan's terms and moving to bill clinton in the '90s. the women i worked with complained that when the economy was good americans had enough money to create trouble. in other words you can be more active. there is a preference on the roughed for people to not have money or time to engage with their communities. all of this is met and rosina play out again that i think we can stop it. julie: hopefully will put the
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2:27 pm
>> the data is the data in the data is being denied by the lockdown. it did not reduce the deaths during the pin demo. the entire year failed to stop the spread of infection and they destroyed millions and millions of people particularly low-income families. >> it's amazing as always doctor atlas is not wrong. what i think is so interesting is the political nature. as a former liberal someone who can decipher on the crazy mind. liberals used to be opposed to the idea of government forcing people to take medicine that they may or may not need, what happened to liberals in america. >> classical liberals are still here there's so many more independents and they tend to decide elections, the classic liberalism i found is a conservative ideal. it's really about small
2:28 pm
government being left alone and expecting the government to do something but not everything is not to be in your bedroom and tell you that you gotta get injections it's the principle of the things that matter, i tell you about brandon florida their population has grown business and size. with desantis and what i said earlier, the money that you could do things, the reason you are seeing an outpouring in europe with that comes to demonstration is because they don't have an election. there is less money you're looking at a socialist society, less money that they have to send to their favorite candidate to put in to the ngo, the government does everything, that is the answer we have an answer we started in virginia and we are going to keep on going and politicians don't want to get fired they don't want to go back
2:29 pm
to doing something where they don't get all the perks that they get now. that is our pressure and that's what we gotta keep on, ron desantis is doing things for the right reason and i think florida is benefiting from that. >> it turns out liberals got a taste of power in the been drunk ever since. speaking of liberals, dr. fauci is redefining again what fully vaccinated or appears to be changing the definition of what fully vaccinated means, take a listen to this and tell me what do you think about this. >> people should not be put off by the fact that as time goes by and we learn more about the protection that we might modify the guidelines that's what we've been saying all along i follow the science. >> david do you trust dr. fauci now or do you trust a week ago or a year ago, which version do
2:30 pm
you trust. >> is a village troll. david: there is too many maybe we ought to send them to vienna where instead of 40000 people on the streets protesting they would rather be drinking bald wine and we would not have to listen to the moving goals. >> i suddenly would be and i know you would be too. i know we all would be. dr. fauci is a bureaucrat who has decided that's where his power lies, he has lied to congress and he should be brought up by congress again but they won't do it when the democrats are in charge. he has not heard the power that he has but he hasn't been able to get rid of it because he loves giving the control, he loves control rather and there's nothing else i can say this guy needs to be off the stage i can offer nothing else. charlie: he's addicted to power, julie what is the endgame. julie: i just got a touch on
2:31 pm
what tammy said of people in my bedroom i don't want anybody in my bedroom i don't even want my husband in my bedroom, i certainly don't want the president. i need to get back on topic. as far as florida is concerned i remember at the height of the pandemic i visited the state of florida and i thought they didn't excellent job to allow people to dine outside where everybody was shut down in the restaurants and small businesses shut down. i will never forget dr. fauci brilliant advice at the pandemic regarding masks, masks do not work save them for the healthcare workers because they will not protect you from getting covid let's remember i will never forget that advice which i did not believe him and i do believe masks work taken with a grain of salt when you hear from dr. fauci in them. charlie: as always, next up looting as vandalism, running rampant as crime rises, shocking survey of a new york police officer many regret being a cop.
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♪ ♪. david: welcome back to "the big sunday show", high-end retail stores in san francisco targeted by looters the thieves ransacked and nordstrom in louis vuitton. >> the message here today is if you come to our city to commit those level of crimes, you will be held accountable. you will be brought to justice. >> of course in new york city vandalism hitting more of new york city neighborhoods, vandals
2:37 pm
damaging property in the new york city neighborhood known for supporting police and protest of the rittenhouse verdict. when it comes to this first of all you hear from the new york city mayor or mayor elect eric adams who says there from outside the neighborhood. i'm not sure how he figures that out but as someone will certainly walk the streets of new york, when you see this happening or you hear from the police officers what do you think they are saying in these neighborhoods? >> when you come to new york as a tourist it's great to talk to the police, i wish there were more of them. but really in new york at the very, very big place, thereby burrows. once again borders are coming into this, it's amazing, are they sneaking in from queens and brooklyn coming up from that way. i don't even know when it comes
2:38 pm
to the nature of the argument, i have high hopes for air academy but at the same time if your democrat and a adult and in politics you missed the plot of what's going on here. i think the police officers, when you speak to them, when we talk about regret or the nature of what they're doing. they are out there all the time. this is their life wish you to become a cop because you have nothing better to do, you do it because it's from your family and your blood. a commitment that you want to make. it is heartbreaking but the good news is, this country is big and there's great big wonderful cities, every american city is worth saving and having great police officers. you can still be a great police officer, it's just a matter of what city and the politicians have your back. >> let's go to the survey that came out, more than half of nypd according to the survey wishes that they never joined the force. i tell you i have friends and told their children the nypd officers have told their children don't go on the force.
2:39 pm
56% of officers say they would not put a badge on if they had to do over again. 79% of officers said they don't think new york city will be safer in two years. 80% of them aggressively because criminal liability being sued were being unfairly disciplined, 73% say the public does not have a good relationship with nypd. even on the last one the relationship with nypd i know a lot of these cops and you look at the guys, they want to go out and do the job why did they sign up to protect their neighborhoods, to protect all of new york. >> i would speak on behalf of the nypd and give them a voice i have off the record remarks from the nypd, first he says that should scare every new yorker, its representative most
2:40 pm
officers, they feel they have been sold out in the society cannot rely on men and women to protect them when they're having the worst day in society is no more, secondly when did it become okay to commit a crime, there needs to be more discussion of the stores, in the story, the nypd needs to be backed by elected officials in order for them to do that. this is just the beginning, they do not fix the problem of law enforcement this country soon and may not be fixable, police work is ugly not because police wanted to be but that's what police are dealt they solve problems every day. i challenge anyone with a job to have what they did that day broken down into tens of seconds and monday morning quarterbacks we will all be a society about people. that is coming from top official at the nypd. >> this is disturbing. thank you, but when you lose the cop to have the experience and we don't have incoming classes,
2:41 pm
remember they cancel an academy class last year. there were not enough sign-ups or interest, what does this do to hollow out the police force. >> you cannot blame them this is all entirely the fault the politicians, the democrats built their platform around defunded the police, celebrating the riots, celebrating the rioters for two years, you cannot be surprised when you have spikes in crime and cops leaving the force and throwing up their hands. tammy: can we remind people that new york elected the most republicans only five for the city council, republican swept other seats they were expected to sweep and long island. even new yorkers were aware that they needed to be a change but it's got to go further in the last new that they were never going to defend the police what they wanted was to create this attitude in a way to fight back
2:42 pm
is to not let them win. david: their winning on a couple of the neighborhoods in the riots. let's move to d.c. for the bandits, could it be biden in 2024, think about this, rumors swirling around in democrat or worried ♪ ♪
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tammy: i think that music is dedicated to donald trump, welcome back to "the big sunday show" despite terrible approval ratings, president biden reportedly tells his inter-circle that he will run again in 2024. new reports detailed growing fears among democrats of a potential presidential bid, funny how things have changed democrats frustrated with her performance which i don't think is going to change our worried about their options. republicans just don't believe that biden will run again. >> i don't buy it in the least. i just look at his performance. i think what everybody in america has seen over the last ten months he's not up to the job. his administration is not up to the job i think you saying it because he knows republicans are gathering momentum but i don't know how joe biden running in 2024 will be the least of intimidating republicans. >> what is weird we don't even know if joe biden said that, we
2:48 pm
don't know if joe biden is having this conversation. if anybody is upset with what they're doing and feels like this is the democratic plan. you are in washington around the beltway, what are you think it will all of this. david: is not a newsflash that one alternative might be joe biden is delusional about his current standing and politics it highlights a real problem democrats have as bad as joe biden is in the prospects are. there are no better alternatives. kamala harris is not only widely unpopular among voters but she's deeply unpopular among democrats. he reminds me the bumper sticker that i saw the other day that sums it up very nicely, he said mean tweets, 2024.
2:49 pm
tammy: i think it was clear that kamala harris was deeply unpopular in california. she has never been a superstar. isn't this what we see now it's an arrangement of mascots and are still who they have been in people really don't like them? david: what were really seeing is what happens when you hire unqualified and incompetent people. kamala harris was not only not liked because of who she is on a public stage as a public figure but because of what she did she made herself and name as an attorney general by putting the poor in jail while ignoring those leading the pact when it came to criminality. she ran up her numbers to look good, this is the truth of kamala harris. in the white house her incompetence shows and we have to realize that. now you add that to joe biden how does joe biden to the
2:50 pm
afternoon special. coming out and speak, how is he going to step out on the stage and captured the american people's interest on a policy perspective given all of his failures. to charlie's point who's the next democrat that actually stops in and i have to tell you unless you're running for office i don't see a classical liberal that is going to be well worth listening to. tammy: they might be 2021 about people wondering how that happened. kamala harris was president for about 83 minutes. now technically this is what we've got when he had his colonoscopy and she had power. this for me as a feminist, this is not the image that you want. we know women can do the job, margaret thatcher told us that in this is what the democrats still send in. does that bother you at all?
2:51 pm
>> that was the longest colonoscopy on record. i don't call myself a doctor and i never had a colonoscopy but i hope it doesn't last as long as 83 minutes. as far as the women in the white house. i believe kamala harris has done herself so much harm there is no way in hell she could ever be considered serious for around a president. i will say this and i'm only saying this because the field is so thin, the democratic field for office of the president. among the field i action thought beto o'rourke, kamala harris and klobuchar were among the top perspectives candidates for the democratic party. i think she is completely screwed the pooch because she doesn't stand a chance she can't really be vice president now we know there's no way she could take the task of becoming president. tammy: there are going to be
2:52 pm
changing anything so everyday will have a new surprise. thank you, stick around the big four is next. ♪ hi, my name is sam davis and i'm
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charlie: welcome back to "the big sunday show", it is time for the big four our picks for the biggest stories everyone will be talking about next week for my pick a protester that gave his last name, brandon lasko, using his last name first it makes more sense like let's go brandon. in the internal question of whether the media is evil or stupid i think we have part of
2:57 pm
the answer, they are probably evil but definitely stupid they already and with it were an alarming number ran with it. tammy: a sound like a combo. my pick for the big four, this will be big news in my life the pie size reese's peanut butter cup is sold out for thanksgiving. what is that 9 inches and three and a half pounds. i'm sure it's delicious. they only made 3000. i don't understand that at all but it sounds like it would've been lovely and 3000 people are enjoying it may be there selling them for more money on ebay, i don't know this before i need a glass of milk on that one i did not know there was a pie size peanut butter cup. given all that's going on louis vuitton and nordstrom think about that without punishment is going on and it's only going to get worse.
2:58 pm
i was in california when i took the sign that you'll see on the screen this is a sign that says you can be prosecuted for stealing a shopping cart. if you steal things in the store you can be prosecuted but if you take the cart and loaded up you can be prosecuted, that makes sense. julie: that is now shoplifting is legal in this country apparently. you can steal everything that you want you just have nothing to stick it in. tammy: how much you can carry in your arms that's how they limit from shoplifting yet to be able to put it in your mouth, i don't know. julie: you do need big pockets or big purse which i carry around. this might be a big story that we all talk about. like them or not tiger woods has a rough past and more than one
2:59 pm
way. he is actually showing off his golf swing on the range. is he getting close to making a comeback after the horrific car crash he endured earlier this year i know a lot of people would like to see him back. his swing is incredible his leg was shattered and 70 parts. the fact that he's able to stand, let alone swing like that is incredible. good luck to you we would love to see you back. tammy: it shocking that he can do this this is not his only injury. he has been through so much it's a discipline that americans can look to to get behind. i thought he was out for the count and be in a wheelchair the rest of his life. there he is taken a swing. david: he shows what competitive he is. i'm not a golfer but i admire the fact that he can get out there and work on his game. it is a game not a sport i know that upsets golfers.
3:00 pm
tammy: i'm a golfer. charlie: i'm rooting for tiger. tammy: we all are i'm doing something fun i have twitter live on my phone right now. i will go online and do on twitter and i'll show you behind the scenes >> jon: good evening, i'm jon scott. this is "the fox report." kyle rittenhouse sitting down with fox news tucker carlson this afternoon describing how he felt on the night he says he was attacked and forced to defends himself and discussing what he calling quote prosecutorial misconduct during his case. that interview will air tomorrow night. meantime, kyle rittenhouse's motheren


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