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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX News  November 21, 2021 7:00am-8:00am PST

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[laughter] >> congratulations. >> happy thanksgiving everybody. [laughter] ♪. maria: good sunday morning, welcome to "sunday morning features" i am maria bartiromo. kevin mccarthy marathon speech, slamming joe biden's radical agenda. >> it is clear this bill is wrong on the merit and they have responded with a single word. enough. enough with washington ways, enough with fraud, washington abuse and washington corruption.
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enough with higher taxes, higher prices. simply enough. maria: gop leader kevin mccarthy is here in his first interview since the eight half-hour epic long speech. slamming nancy pelosi spending tax plan. how many states can the gop turnover in 2022. plus republicans denouncing cheney as primary challenger small blood. her bid to unseat cheney and donald trump's endorsement. plus this morning austria is back on full lockdown as the fda pushes booster shots for all in the united states. doctor scott atlas on dr. fauci and the politicians making medical decisions. then another high profile celebrity vanished by the chinese communist party. a potential hostage before joe
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biden's call when xi jinping. what is joe biden doing to stop the authoritarianism and why is he tiptoeing around xi jinping. >> we need people to understand that china is a geopolitical competitor in a potential adversary. they seek to overtake us. >> marsha blackburn is here on china, inflation in biden attorney general politics at the department of justice. all that right here, right now on "sunday morning feature". ♪. maria: first up this morning kevin mccarthy smacked down. the gop leader busted up the democrats plan to vote on biden's tax-and-spend agenda thursday night by speaking for a marathon, eight and a half hours forcing the vote to be delayed until friday morning. while fighting the biden agenda.
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>> this evening showed that no matter the time, the day, or the circumstances. house republicans will always fight for you, fight for your family and fight for our country. maria: joined me after the marathon speeches gop leader kevin mccarthy. it is great to see you this morning. thank you for being here. congratulations, how is your voice doing after eight half-hour speaking? >> my voice is so strong because it strong for the macon people. when i went to the floor i had no idea i would speak that long. it wasn't about breaking records it was breaking down the bill. more than 2000 pages and the democrats were only allowing managers ten minutes on each side to debate. the amount of heckling they would try to do to stop me from being able to talk. but what we really found was
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one-party rule in one year. the big government socialism isn't working. it is not working when we have the highest inflation in 31 years. these gas prices, the big government cripples american industry. but bags opec and russia to produce more. when our military is focused on woke is him instead of defeating and winning and keeping up with china. we watched our attorney general now in a big government socialism, turns and goes after parents. if you listen to the ways and means chairman, he praised and he said, we need to build up bigger bureaucracy. that's what this bill is about. and that's what drove me too keep talking. so the american people could understand. maria: congressman, you said the recycling, where they heckling you while you were speak a link question did that drive you to
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keep going? you said you got there and you weren't planning to be there all night. >> i was going down to make a statement, to talk to the bill. i had a speech that i had been working on for a while. it probably would've taken me 45 minutes to give that speech at the longest. but when i got onto the floor, what was so interesting of how bad they were fighting back with every word i would say. i know back home you can't really hear it or see it when you're on the floor you can. what's interesting. it was aoc and tim ryan those are the ones that would yell the loudest. tim ryan used to be the alternative to nancy pelosi who partnered to become this big government socialism. they would scream from the other side trying to shut me down. then you watch the speaker nancy pelosi common and tap every democrat to leave the chamber thinking i would stop and that's what i said to the american
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public. you can leave, that's okay, i'm not going to stop. i'm not there for the democrats i was there for the american public and i'm still there for the american public because this bill, if it passes it won't be the same. it's going to come back to the house. we can defeat it. maria: you think that it goes to the senate and it will be stopped and a half to be changed again. you think the house will have to have another vote once it fails in the senate? >> not if it fails, for fails and the senate, it dies. but if the senate changes it, any of those have to come back to the house. we have another bite at the apple. more people that learn about this, that was my point. i want people to know what is in the bill. i want people to know what they're doing with the big government socialism isn't working. they see it every day. thanks for one moment that in eight months.
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this border being open, more people 1.4 million have entered illegally, that's more than the last three years combined. when you taken attorney general that turns and lies to congress that they are actually looking up parents and calling them terrorists. when you watch what they have done as you sit down as a family. i don't know how long you're going to drive or how far for thanksgiving but your gasoline prices are the highest it's been since the last time joe biden was in office. or your thanksgiving dinner will be the most expensive in american history or when you sit down to pray and give thanks, i hope we'll talk about those 13 goldstar families that lost their lives because of the prisoner coming out about a because we left or the americans left behind. that is what big government socialism has given us. maria: we were waiting for the c.b.o. score on this bill.
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we know it was not the true cause. they thought some of the programs when we know that they are not going to go away after one or two years. the cdc says it will add the deficit 750 billion after five years, 367 billion after ten. did you see any pushback once we got the c.b.o. score from the democrats? >> i don't know why those democrats held it up to said they had to wait for the c.b.o. score. we know that the president and the democrats have been lying to us all along saying the bill was paid for. even if you listen to the chief of staff who would brag that this bill is bigger than the new deal, that they are spending more than america spent to win world war ii. but why, for bigger government. this is what happens when you have one-party rule.
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we watched it transform, history repeats itself. the same thing happened when nancy pelosi was speaker. after we won virginia and new jersey governorship. four days later they passed obamacare. we watched the penalties of what happened to america. that was the point that we were talking about but they are literally cheering this. what's worse today than what happened with obamacare. we didn't have gasoline prices this high, we did not have inflation at the height of more than three decades. what's gonna happen the pain that this will cause will only be greater. maria: what about these retirements. you mentioned tim ryan, tim ryan heckling you, he is actually leaving the house and he wants to make a run for the senate. you have lots of other retirements in the house. we know the majority is crumbling for nancy pelosi. democrat representative eddie bernice johnson announces her retirement. how many openings will there be and how many seats do you
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believe you can turn and the midterm elections in 2022. >> tim ryan is not acting like he's running for senate ohio he's acting like the senate of vermont to be next to bernie sanders. what's we watched in 2010, 70 democrats announced retirement. the 3016. the budget chair, the science chair, they said on appropriation have announced retirement. i wonder if speaker pelosi will even be here. she acts like a lame-duck speaker. she see she is on a farewell to her going to europe three times and three months. he watched democrat after democrat, because they know that they are going to lose the majority. they know what their policies have done to america and they know by voting what they just did that they are trying to lock in. this is what they said on the floor the big government. remember what aoc yelled at me from the back of the room when i quoted congresswoman's bamberger
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who said we did not elect joe biden to be fdr to give us a new deal. aoc screamed i did. it's a socialist wing of the democratic party that have taken over. never before in american history has a bill so big gone through. that's the worst part about it simply does not work when the government of the majority party wants to hire 87000 new irs agents to pay for this bill. you know what that means a new statistic came out, there be one point to million more audits and half of those audits will be focused on americans who make $75000 or less. if you think they're just going after millionaires, you are wrong. anyone who spends $28 a day. the irs is going to be spying on what you are doing. just like the attorney general lied to the american public.
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maria: a minute ago you said you were questioning whether nancy pelosi will be there. i saw your tweet, she's burning down the house before she leaves. are you suggesting she may step down before the midterms? we were reporting a couple of weeks ago that there was a rumor going around that she wants to get her spending program through. >> she's talked about a combination of her career. this legislation. when you think about the damage that she has done with this house. she has changed rules of the house with the minority does not have a say. this was only ability that i have what is called the magic minute. while i was speaking, she was doing everything in her power to get the chairman of the rules to try to intimidate the parliamentarian to take me down and stop me from speaking but i would not stop. she remove people from the
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chambers to try to get me too quit but i would not quit. and we are not going to quit. you know what we did last week we introduced the parents bill of rights. parents do have a say in their schools. they have a right to know what's being taught in the reading material. they have a right to know if there is some victim or cause of action inside their school. they were right to know what is being spent in their education for the children as well. but the democrats have fought that, they thought that in the bill itself. they incentivize people not to work. maria: what about the redistricting of congressman, you said you're expecting to win seats, how many and how many is the redistricting going on affecting the as well? >> every ten years you take a census and you proportionately change districts to make them equal throughout. some states lose, some states when. what's happening in this process, more congressional seats or less. california is losing for the first time in history while
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texas and florida are gaining. i think the policy matters. i don't think the end of the day, redistricting comes out between republicans and democrats the difference will be here the policy that the democrats reduce under one-party one role and if you look at the current polling they have done the same pole since 1980, 110 times asking the american public who they would vote for to direct congress. never in the history of that whole 110 times has it been so strong for republicans versus democrats. not even in 2010. if you look at virginia new jersey, that is a telltale sign of what the future holds. maria: we will be watching, thank you very much. we will keep watching what you do next. house minority leader kevin mccarthy. quick break the fda asks a
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in a paralyzed veteran's life like myself. - [narrator] call or donate online at today. our veterans need you. >> if you look right now states hold up and bite into ministries like new york have way higher per capita patients, hospitalized for covid. there is no basis in medical, there is no basis in economics. there is no basis in reality to do this, except to punish the state that is doing it better than what his experts have recommended. biden is a lockdown or, his advisers are locked down nurse. lockdowns do not work. maria: that was florida governor ron desantis making a case against the lockdown. according to data, he was right.
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the sunshine state stayed open and now has the lowest covid-19 case rate in the country. not everyone is convinced. tomorrow austria will be the first european country to fully lockdown the entire country again admit a new spike in cases. doctor scott atlas of former white house coronavirus advisor. he is doing to me right now, the author of a new book played upon our house. he joins me right now. got atlas, great to see you. thank you for being here. your reaction to what you heard from the governor of florida and one european country, austria locking down yet again. >> good morning thank you for having me. the data is the data in the data is being denied by the lockdown news. the data shows the following, 24 european countries it did not reduce the desk during the pandemic. that was spring of 2021 study.
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in january of 2021 from stanford lockdowns failed to stop the spread of the infection. in fact one of the authors said it was pro-contagion, increasing infection. the most support study was national bureau of economic research, in june this year. everybody should look at it, they showed analysis of 43 countries and all the states that lockdowns increased the access deaths during the pandemic. earlier lockdowns increased the desk during the pandemic and when lockdowns were instilled, that's coming down in his started increasing when the lockdowns were implemented. the dr. fauci lockdowns which was the advice of the task force entire year, failed to stop the spread of the infection, failed to stop the dying and failed many people especially low-income families. maria: i want to ask you about
7:21 am
the dr. fauci lockdown. today we have the fda authorizing booster shots for everybody. all adults, pfizer and motor no are going to make a combined $93 billion in sales on this in the coming years on vaccines. what is going on, is this about money? your thoughts on the fda asking a federal judge to give it 55 years to wait for all data. release final data on the pfizer vaccine? maria: 65 years. >> on the science side alone boosters indicated for people for example low-income groups like children, healthy children have extremely low risks from covid. that's been known for more than a year end half to get people boosters. even vaccines with an
7:22 am
experimental technology for diseases. they have almost no risk for a serious illness. it is simply contrary to the science. boosters there is no safety data on boosters. 0 we have thousands of people's single-digit with 30 days of safety data. a vaccine normally takes 5 - 10 years to be approved for safety. maria: five to ten years, that's why i'm questioning 55 years. we are going to take a short break. i'm going to get your take on whiteness administration doesn't see the benefits of natural immunity. dr. fauci pushing booster shots and vaccination for babies. scott atlas is here and we'll be right back. you're an owner with access to financial advice, tools and a personalized plan that helps you build a future for those you love. vanguard. become an owner.
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>> we need to recognize that your likelihood of getting it is very, very small if you have been vaccinated or if you have had the disease. our cdc in the present administration won't even acknowledge natural immunity. which is every bit as effective as getting the vaccination. maria: that was doctor ben carson on this program back in august discussing natural immunity. which divided the administration refuses to acknowledge we are speaking with doctor scott atlas that advised the trump administration on covid-19. your thoughts on that, many people say that infection from the virus brings more immunity than the vaccine. >> doctor carson is right. i would say even more so, the data shows -- this is not even
7:27 am
news. this is something that was known for decades. this is basic knowledge about viral infection, including coronavirus, by the way circulating separate from this one. we know in the data shows that natural immunity, people who have recovered from the disease, not only have protection, that better protection according to the data in the studies, particularly in israel, they have 27 less incidents of symptomatic covid then people that have been vaccinated that never had the disease. they have an eightfold incidents of hospitalization, people who recovered naturally then people have been vaccinated and never had the infection. and the protection wanes with the vaccine in a quicker time then the protection from natural infection. natural infection confirms protection, significant durable
7:28 am
protection. as far as i read, the only country that i know of in our nations refuses to accept this. if you are in europe, they count the infection as protection. when you have the green passes to go places intertribal. the united states is bizarrely denying the science. it is not just political, we're in an era where the united states is really simply not looking at facts. we are denying facts and this shows an indictment of the public health leadership in the country. what i saw during the past, it is all the same stuff. maria: tell me more doctor atlas. you have referred to all of this as a cabal of individuals who are all in on this together. making medical decisions, saying there following the science but in fact they are not following the science. what do you think is going on you spent time with dr. fauci
7:29 am
and deborah birx. you write in the book how deborah birx tried to stop trump from bleeding the nations best medical scientist read what did you see when you were there? >> sure, the difference between me and the doctors on the task force. doctor deborah birx and dr. fauci are bureaucrats they have been in their position for 40 years. i am a health policy scholar for 15 years and before that 25 years in a clinical medical science and research and teaching and some of the best medical centers in the country. i would bring into the task force scores of paper, dozens papers, 20 scientific publications and when asked about my opinion i would go to the data inside the data. all i heard from them was either nothing, silence or calling me an outlier and they would run to the media and do this attack. that is not critical there was no critical thinking. there was no citation of the
7:30 am
study. they never disagreed with each other. that is not scientific inquiry at all. what we see now is this idea -- there was a pack that dr. birx revealed earlier this year. i did not know this at the time, she dr. fauci and doctor redfield afforded them got fired, they were all going to quit. first of all i was there for one reason to stop people from dying. i didn't care about anything else. they were there to keep their positions, they wanted the pandemic to end but there were other motives. the question is why, where does this come from when i think of the cabal, the america people don't know this, this is an insider's game, there is a group of people, very powerful people in science who are at the nih like dr. fauci and others in academia and in the scientific journals. this is how all academic science
7:31 am
is produced. the way that you get promoted to the university, nih grants preview submit papers. the people who review the grants to get them accepted or not, to give you funding are the same people in the nih and in the journals. they control the money, they control the scientific money, they control the careers of everyone. you have to wonder why did the scientist write a letter to the editor of lancet in february of 2020 claiming it was known with certainty the origin of the virus was natural and anyone who said otherwise is a conspiracy theorist. that's a political statement. science has become politicized. but the internal politics and academia is so destructive, there is no transparency. this is an undermined of the validity of the research in their statement. maria: we have not seen any accountability for dr. fauci saying that they were not doing gain-of-function research under
7:32 am
oath. >> i did not hear that discussion when i was in the task force at all. but i think there needs to be an investigation, no question. maria: doctor atlas, it's great to see you. we will are going to take a break and we will talk with marsha blackburn. a house negotiation that took place hours before president biden did a call with chinese dictator xi jinping. where is chinese tennis star peng shuai who has been missing since she accused the official of sexual assault. that is all coming up. ♪
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>> man: what's my safelite story? my my livelihood. so when my windshield cracked...
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the experts at safelite autoglass came right to me... with service i could trust. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ maria: welcome back new questions this morning surrounding the disappearance of chinese tennis star peng shuai, she went missing after she posted on her twitter platform in china that former chinese vice premier, we have a picture of him, that show the picture, he sexually assaulted her. the post disappeared after 20 minutes and search for her name on popular chinese social media platforms have been blocked. he is not a just obligation public and she cannot be reached. the world wants answers from xi
7:37 am
jinping, the tennis association and steve simon has threatened to pull the tennis star out of china, the state back media too post footage that appears to show her with friends at a restaurant in beijing in the chinese state media is a talking box of the ccp. the 35-year-old has not been seen in public since november 2 when she made the accusation. here is a quote from steve simon he is calling the video insufficient. he said it remains unclear if she is free and able to make decisions and take actions on her own without coercion or external enough appearance. here is marsha blackburn and sits on the armed services committee, she along with her colleague tom cotton sent a letter to the paralympics committee encouraging them not to send american athletes to beijing in 2022 because it is not safe. it is good to see you. thank you very much. another disappearance in china from the ccp.
7:38 am
we know jack made a mistake of criticizing the ccp and the regulatory framework for financial services. he was disappeared for several months. what is going on here? >> i think this is standard operating procedure for the chinese communist party. what we have to realize the chinese communist party, they are much more aggressive than what the russians in the communist were when we go back to the cold war era. this is something that is continuing as secretary of state pompeo had said before he left office, they were committing this genocide against the uighurs, the chinese communist party has no value for life. if you are not going to tow the line then they will disappear you. this is why we think it is
7:39 am
unsafe for our athletes to go to the olympics in beijing. this is something that seems to be happening more regularly. why would the u.s. olympic committee send our athletes into this type of environment? maria: she says that the former vice chair of the ccp sexually assaulted her. do we have that picture of him christopher? of the vice chairman, the former vice premier, this is the gentleman that she says sexually assaulted her. when she said that, it was completely removed from her accounts and then she was not seen sense november 2. i also want to get your take on this report from reuters that says an american who had been blocked from leaving china for years was actually released just hours before joe biden spoke to
7:40 am
xi jinping. daniel whose return, also coincide with united states deportation of seven chinese nationals convicted of crimes. did they do a hostage swap before they got on the phone? >> it sounds that way, we are decided this out. it is been reported, here is the thing that we know, joe biden is weak on china, he was responding to chairman xi jinping because he asked for the videoconference. biden did not ask for this. of course, we have several american citizens that are being held in china against their will. we released seven. i think we are all going to want to hear about this. but what we do know, the chinese do not fear joe biden, they do not fear this administration.
7:41 am
they are more aggressive now than they have ever been. the u.s. tech firms in u.s. companies are beginning to exit china. we have recently had yahoo and fortnite who have come out and we have other companies that are looking for other places for critical supply chain manufacturing because of the intellectual property abuse from china because of their trade policies. what we know, whether it is covid or great power competition, whether it is some of these trade policies, whether it is a debt diplomacy. the communist chinese party is aggressive, they are not going to be truthful in their negotiations. they are not come editor, they are an adversary. this administration needs to realize this. they need to admit it in joe biden needs to stop kowtowing to the communist chinese.
7:42 am
maria: he tiptoes around xi jinping, we know he's taken a lot of the communist ideas to america with the vaccine mandates and bank surveillance. it feels like it's out of communist china. is it because of a conflict of interest that hunter biden was paid by the ccp? i don't know if he still been paid. is that what it is, what's behind incompetence around the ccp who has been very clear that they want to overtake the united states as a number one superpower? >> you are right about that. anybody who follows with the communist chinese are doing. their intent on global domination by the time we get to the midpoint of the century. this is their goal. if the u.s. is not going to stand up to the communist chinese, nobody else is going to stand up to them. people are depending on the united states to lead this way. maria, this is why whether it is
7:43 am
economic policy or whether it is military policy. if we are not standing up to them, then we are giving them political power. the weakness of this administration, the hesitancy to hold them to account. whether it is trade or covid or economic policy, what we need to do is say no. we are not going to talk to you until you do certain things. covid and the origins of covid is a big part of that. stopping the genocide on the uighurs. stopping the harassment of taiwan. sending that message, we will stand for taiwan. maria: let's move on to the domestic agenda, we heard from kevin mccarthy who told us once the bill back better plan gets to the senate. if it is blocked they will
7:44 am
change and then it will go back to the house. how confident are you that joe manchin and kyrsten sinema will hold the line. are there other democrats will vote no? on the bill back better plan that is headed to the senate? >> every day that passes, there are more democrats that have more questions. the c.b.o. score when they came out and said it is 367 billion in new debt, deficit spending over five years. joe biden is totally wrong on this bill. you're looking at nearly a trillion dollars worth of debt if they were to pass this but what they are intent on doing is taking one vote. with the one vote they would push forward their woke socialist agenda that would give the federal government control of your kids and education of healthcare, it would force the
7:45 am
green new deal and give them control of your bank account, your small business. this is where they are trying to go. maria: is there anything that you want to say about kamala harris, she was given the role of acting president when joe biden got his colonoscopy last week? >> when you look at what she has done, she has failed every task that she has been given. that's why there are many in the white house who are so frustrated. it's going to be interesting to see who they push forward to take her place. maria: is good to see you, thank you very much. senator marsha blackburn. we'll be right back with one contender of the house looking to unseat liz cheney. back in a moment. but not every tomato ends in the same kind of heinz ketchup. because a bit of magic unfolds
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when there's a ketchup for everyone. watch: serena williams... wonder woman.... because a bit of magic unfolds serena... wonder woman... serena... ace. ♪ ♪ get your tv together with the best of live and on demand. introducing directv stream.
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maria: are you going to run again? >> i'm thinking about it. i will make a decision until the
7:49 am
end of next year. if i see i really contribute something and i have a path to being able to win then i will think about doing it. maria: there's a report that you would run with liz cheney, is that something you would consider. >> i have no plans about running mates. liz cheney or anybody else. maria: that was former new jersey governor chris christie with me this week on "mornings with maria" on fox business on the report to run for president again. perhaps with liz cheney as his running mate. he made headlines for voting with the democrats to censor gop representative and for being oust from wyoming republican party. my next guest is looking to unseat cheney and the house primary coming up. harriet hageman is a former republican national committee woman in the cabinet where you can do. good morning to you harriet, thank you for being here.
7:50 am
>> in morning, thank you for having me. maria: president donald trump has endorsed you, cheney said the reelection bid in wyoming will be the most important house content and the country in 2022, do you agree. >> i tend to agree with that. i think there are many reasons why it is. what it comes down to, what side of the party are you going to be on. in wyoming we support the america first agenda in the wyoming first agenda. donald trump won wyoming by over 70% of the votes and is probably more popular today than he was last november. i think what is being laid out here is a race between liz cheney and i in which side of the party is going to prevail. i believe in america first, close borders in law and order. and states rights and those sorts of things. i tend to agree it's an important race coming up this next year. maria: we know that the house is
7:51 am
likely going for the gop. the senate is that question. i want to show you the senators up for a vulnerable senate seat. get your take on how important this upcoming build back better vote will be. these are for tossup's 2022 senate contest where democrats are up for reelection. they are vulnerable that's why we deserve a marsha blackburn who said there's more senators than just joe manchin and kyrsten sinema against the policy. give us your thoughts on the current policy and what your priorities will be in the house. >> the bill back better proposal is not anything of the sort, it's would be a terrible disaster for the united states of america. it's absolutely contrary to the constitutional foundation, separation of powers and federalism and everything else. what you see with the bill the democrats last gap at trying to transform america into a socialist country. we simply cannot have it.
7:52 am
i'm hoping there is one or two more democrats editors willing to step up and protect the united states from the catastrophe that is coming out of the house. the way i view this is a responsibility to do everything in our power to stop the radical democrats from destroying our country. maria: i when asking about energy wyoming is a leading energy. will come back with more, harriet hageman is with me right after the short break. bill, mary? hey... it's our former broker carl. carl, say hi to nina, our schwab financial consultant. hm... i know how difficult these calls can be. not with schwab. nina made it easier to set up our financial plan. we can check in on it anytime. it changes when our goals change. planning can't be that easy. actually, it can be, carl. look forward to planning with schwab. schwab! ♪♪
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maria: welcome back i am back with harriet hageman who is challenging liz cheney and wyoming's 2022 primary race. i want to get your take on wyoming in the obvious energy production. a leader in energy for the
7:56 am
country on day one of joe biden's presidency. he canceled the xl pipeline and now he is begging opec and blaming the oil company for the price of gasoline. we are headed into the most expensive thanksgiving we have seen in a long time with the national average gasoline price all the way up to $3.40 a gallon. your thoughts on energy policy in wyoming. >> maria joe biden has been an absolute disaster when it comes to energy poverty. i think what you're seeing. it is energy policy that has been a disaster for for wyoming and the country. he was excellent in putting energy into independence help the united states as a whole. our prosperity is on affordable energy. what this administration is doing, making everything more expensive by the policies that they bring in relation to coal, oil and gas any of those things. it's been a disaster so far. maria: you are a lawyer and you
7:57 am
been fighting vaccine mandate, correct, lawsuits against vaccine mandates? >> that's one of the issues i have been fighting, other things i've been fighting, i been working for the small business in wyoming, oil and gas companies. all of those things, one more thing i want to make a quick statement. maria: thank you so much, we will be watching the experts at safelite autoglass came right to me... with service i could trust. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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♪ howard: anyone who relied on the many months of loaded media coverage must have thought it was a foren gone conclusion that kyle rittenhouse would be convicted and may have been surprised that the kenosha jury acquitted him on all counts. turnses out there was substantial evidence that the 18-year-old acted in self-defense, but that was overshadowed by brazen accusations -- i call it a smear -- that he was a racist vigilante and a white supremacist and an out and out media until a trial -- murderer. we will get to all of


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