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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  November 21, 2021 3:00am-7:00am PST

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[♪♪♪] will: begin with a fox news alert. protests across american cities following into a second day followed by the acquittal of kyle rittenhouse in of all charges. tampa, minneapolis, los angeles saw marchs on saturday. lawrence: one person was arrested in portland after friday's protest was considered a riot. new york mayor eric adams extremists who vandalize ad nabe known for supporting police
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following friday's verdict. >> it gives the appearance black and white new yorkers are after each other's throats. they were not. that is out from our city and state. rachel: five people were arrested and charged with rioting there. we to to kenosha where alexis mcadams is live on the ground. you spoke with kyle's mother wendy yesterday. good morning. reporter: her only interview since that verdict. we talked with wendy rittenhouse, before the family had to get out of the area with safety concerns. there are protests popping up across the nation. the family is by no means celebrating, but trying to move forward. going back through what it was like in the courtroom as you sat there watching kyle, the judge and watching the jury there waiting to learn her son's fate. this is the only interview before she left wisconsin. take a listen. >> it was not about winning or
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losing. there was two people that did pass away and pamlys have to grief. reporter: rittenhouse family were as grieving. rittenhouse grabbing his knees, barely breathing before listening to his fate. rittenhouse shot three men, killing two, during the unrest following police shooting of jacob blake in kenosha last summer. his mother claimses this was self-defense, take you back inside the courtroom. >> he does have remorse. you know. and like his people say, if he can do it again, i said he would do it again, but talking to him now, he would never walk down there if this ever happened again. he would never. reporter: right now loved ones of the two men killed by kyle
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rittenhouse heartbroken over the acquittal. they believe the teen was slandered and looking for legal action. that he was found guilty in public opinion before he found his day in court. >> he want to go to school. play with his dog, be a normal kid. it will be different for him. there will be people out there who want to hurt him. and people need to, he needs to heal and the other people that involved in that, they need to heal too. it is going to be difficult. reporter: wendy rittenhouse telling me she is not sure if her son will ever have a normal life following the verdict. major safety concerns for the rittenhouse family had to get out of wisconsin after the verdict came down in kenosha. there will be a march down at the courthouse, people calling for justice. not everybody was happy how this
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went down for kyle rittenhouse. he is free, looking to move forward, talking about college, to have a normal life if he can do that. rachel: that is difficult. you can tell she is worried about that. alexis we had her on the show as well, doing that time. it was during the trial and we asked her if her family or kyle planned to file defamation charges an she wisely evaded the answer. did she give you any indication in this interview that is something they want to pursue? >> yes. they have been you know, dancing around that question, but yesterday when we talked with the family, very apparent that they are going to pursue legal action, give us exactly the name of which lawyer they will being at this point. they have everything in order to make sure kyle gets the justice he deserves. he was slandered on social media all over the place and high officials. we'll have to see what happens next.
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lawrence: we look at these cases we forget the human aspect. we saw what it looks like kyle had a panic attack in the courtroom. the mother talk about anything about his health, how he is doing from that aspect? reporter: she said this is the first time she watched kyle seem a little more relieved an happy. first time she has seen him smile in months. 15 months has not been the same kid or has the look in his eye. he is being treated for ptsd, so many triggers with the protests things popping up with the things. he was getting emotional. got him out of ken nobodysa out of this area. this courthouse is few blocks away from her. this entire area for kenosha is not a memorable place to be. they want to get out of this area to try to move forward. will: alexis thanks so much for that report this morning. lawrence that is an important question you wray up. not just as news presenters,
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maybe as news consumers. it has gotten all too easy to dehumanize one another. it is happening not in just this case, but across the news cycle but in this society. we turned each other into symbols. it is easy to attack a symbol. easy to go after a symbol. this is a young man. his mom said he would not go down there again. he knows the human cost he is going through. it is always good to remember these are human beings with complicated lives. we do our best as people, forget news, as people to remember that. rachel: we talked a little bit about this yesterday when we saw the video of the young man, nicholas sandmann, who had been caught up in the turmoil of the covington high schoolkid. while his interview was very articulate, he seemed very smart, to me as a mom, humanizing this, looking at him, you can tell he has matured way past his age.
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he has been through a lot. that is probably why he reached out to kyle rittenhouse directly. reach out to me. i know what you've been through. let me help you learn from what i've gone through. these boys had to grow up real fast because of the trauma of this, and i agree, with alexis' description, this is like ptsd. lawrence: will you touched on a point about the humanization as well but i also think that was the problem with this case. i've been having a lot of conversations with friends disagree with me where i stand on this case and part of what i continue to hear is the larger narrative or the big picture. you know that is not the way the criminal justice system works. you cannot connect this to another case or say this larger movement. i have not heard from any of the critics of our commentary to say there was something in the evidence that suggested that he was guilty. and that is where we're going as
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a country right now. thank god the jury looked at the evidence. will: i had lunch with a buddy, he just learned in last 48 hours that the two men shot by kyle rittenhouse were not black? he is not paying only attention to bravo. i can't believe until the last 48 hours i thought the people he killed were black. move to race. you bring up a larger narrative. if you listen to people, quite honestly less reputable cable channels whatever they may, the real only indictment of kyle result 10 house is that he is white. that he is white. lawrence: exactly. will: leo terrell was on "justice with jeanine." thank god lady justice has a blindfold on. thank god justice is color-blind. >> the left plays the racist card because they're racist. for their agenda they had to play the race card. there was a color-blind verdict.
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there was nothing about race from beginning to the end. it doesn't make a difference from cnn or msnbc. it tries me as a civil rights attorney crazy. they want to put racism in every aspect of our life. if you support kyle rittenhouse, you're racist. i'm a lawyer. i supported the verdict. therefore we have people of all colors representing the judicial system. lawrence: the same day, guys, andrew coffey, got off for self-defense. you just wonder, i brought this conversation up with my friends yesterday, why didn't we hear about it? there was no national coverage of that. will: people listening to you don't know who andrew coffey is. he is a black man who got off for self-defense. that is reguttal. that is life. reality, for those who if kyle rittenhouse was black he would have never gotten off. rachel: you want to humanize it, got make i had a broader issue.
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self-defense was on trial for america. there has been a lot of commentary. jason whitlock was giving his take on it. he basically said, listen what do you do when, i know wendy rittenhouse said if kyle could do it again he wouldn't go down there. this ended up being very traumatic for him. if communists, anarchists, racial agitators descend on your town, start burning it, there are no police officers what do you do? the people in kenosha were not unlike kyle rittenhouse. many of them, mine daughter was an eyewitness. had bats, guns, they were protecting their homes, protecting their properties. i don't think because the agitators had a racial beef you know, whether it was over the situation with jacob blake, that we should just sit back and well you know, it's a racial issue, should we let them burn our town? that is another take we ought to think about as well. will: i agree.
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rachel: maybe a 16-year-old shouldn't have been there. we can debate that. the idea of protecting your hometown, i'm sorry. lawrence: that is such a good point. i have that point of view. there is a difference between personal opinion in the eyes of the law. rachel: 100%. lawrence: i don't think he should been there. i wouldn't have sent my child there. that is your prerogative. what does the court of law say? it was self-defense. it was clear there was overzealous prosecution. it is clear they were politically motivated. it is clear they didn't do the research. tried to change the legal strategy in the middle of the trial. they didn't care about the constitution as they tried to take people's constitutional rights. they were on a witch-hunt in this case to please the mob. i was looking at an old naacp card and at the back of the card it says that they are anti-mob justice. recently they have changed that at the back of the card. but there used to be a consensus
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that we wanted true justice. that had never be about mob justice. rittenhouse was a sacrificial lamb. everybody knows it. everybody knows it was in the middle of the race. he was the trump supporter. the little white kid that went into a gun to protect his neighborhood. you know what? it didn't matter if the facts didn't go along with their narrative. they needed someone as a fall guy. he was that guy. rachel: later in the show, lawrence you will interview a norfolk police lieutenant. he was fired by the way for donating $25 to rittenhouse's fund-raiser. that interview is up at 8:20 a.m. i remember when that happened. will: i think it is important to note. gofundme shut down all donations to kyle rittenhouse's defense. now you can donate to kyle
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rittenhouse. that is not exactly how the criminal justice system works. disgraceful from gofundme. alarming scene at international airport as a convicted felon accidentally fired a handgun during a busy holiday travel period. lawrence: unbelievable. no one was shot. police are searching for the suspect who ran out of the airport. >> how did that happen? ashley strohmier joins us live with the chaos at atlanta's airport yesterday. reporter: holiday travelers at hartsfield international airport when a convicted felon discha gun. passengers were running away from the airport in a frenzy after the gun shot, some running on to the tarmac, causing temporary delays as the busy holiday travel period gets started. airport officials had to ex-is italy had to tell them there was not a active shooter. many left their belongings as
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the incident unfolded. they declared all clear at 3:00 p.m. thankfully the stray bullet didn't hit anyone. three travelers were hurt. 42-year-old kenny wells who accidentally discharged weapon. it was flagged, while reaching into his bag while a safety officer was searching, he accidentally discharged the weapon before fleeing the scene t was pretty chaotic. rachel: i can't get away with pennys in my pocket at tsa. that is unbelievable that he shot it but managed to get out of the airport without being stopped. will: lawrence, you're kind of young. this is big day as the dallas cowboys take on the kansas city chiefs. do you remember barry switzer of the dallas cowboys went to the airport with a handgun in his carry on. today, you can't do this. whoa. lawrence: gotten in my travel
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bag, especially living in texas, ammo left in there, not the gun. but ammo. sometimes i had, bullets just by accident. every bag has, dude what are you doing. y'all can have it. it is just an accident. who knows what happens there. but, it is a common thing. will: all right. i was trying to talk long enough and stretch out this segment to that kill headlines i wouldn't have to read the news. i know what they do to me every sunday morning. that was coming. hang in there. we turn now to your headlines. tragedy in philadelphia as a soon to be mother and her unborn child were gunned down as she left her baby shower. a 32-year-old woman was shot multiple times in the head and belly after 8:30 p.m. yesterday. she was unloading gifts from the shower to bring home at the time of the shooting. no arrests have been made. they believe the victim was the planned target. awful. new details on hunter
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biden's alleged by ties with china. "the new york times" reports that biden's investment firm helped chinese companies secure an african mine as part of a 2016 deal worth $3.8 billion. president biden was sitting vice president at the time the deal was reportedly struck but the white house says biden had no knowledge of his son's involvement. rachel: yeah, sure. will: here we go, utah dashes oregon's college football playoff hopes in the shocking route. holding the number three ducks to a season low in scoring 38-7 was the upset. meanwhile numb number four ohioe tored much michigan state, 56-7. it was in the enough as they put the spartans away before halftime scoring on all first seven drives. number two alabama hung on, for the sec title game won 42-35
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over feisty arkansas team. bryce young passed for 599 yards ad five touchdowns. over at acc number 10 wake forest gets upended by clemson, 48-27. here we go. texas, longhorns dropped their 6th game in a row losing to west virginia, 31-23. happy sunday morning to you. those are the headlines. will: becoming very embarrassing just like all the other six prior to this. lawrence: hopefully coy boys take care of business. will: go get 'em, cowboys. rachel: texas in the house. lawrence: protests in europe erupt as one country will require its citizens to get the vaccine. rachel: a nine-year-old hailed a hero. she took off a suspect trying to steal her mommy's purse.
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will: you saw this video yesterday here on "fox & friends" and it is absolutely stunning. we touched on it for a moment. massive protests in the netherlands yesterday in response to i believe a three-week lockdown that country is beginning to impose. as part of these protests and riots, law enforcement began to smooth live rounds. i think some people were injured. i don't think they were hit by the rounds t was a chaotic scene in the netherlands. lawrence: two people were hurt. i think this abuse of the state going on here. forcing the people to get vaccines. lockdowns, no freedom. i'm so glad i live in the usa. we saw this here mothers arrested on the playground. seems like in other countries they have gone to extra miles. rachel: they are coming back. we thought it with would be over.
3:23 am
austria has a national lockdown. that starts tomorrow. they have a vaccine mandate issued for the entire adult population in the netherlands. they have a three-week partial lockdown in italy. work place green pass. work place green last is required. croatia, vaccine mandate for public sectors. i tell you, i agree with you, lawrence. this is an absolutely travestry with liberties and freedoms here. something we're not talking about. the independent pack on poverty. since the lockdowns in the united states, since covid and the lockdowns, 8 million americans slipped into poverty. globally, this number is so shocking and shows how derelict our media is, global poverty has exploded. 150 million more people have fallen into extreme poverty because of this lockdown. we need to be talking about this. these lockdowns are about
3:24 am
freedom but they're also about humans and impact on their daily lives to just survive. will: rachel, add to that the enormous spike we've seen in drug overdoses over the same time period. rachel: yeah. will: add to that the enormous spike we've seen in suicides over the same time period. i want to revisit, one country there, that you mentioned, this is, we're crossing a rubicon here. we're crossing a river, that is austria. austria is instituting a national vaccine mandate. no one, to my knowledge no one has yet instituted something like this. you mentioned croatia, public sectors workers, here in the united states, government coercion through private business, in order to be austrian citizen, to live in this country you have to have this injection this is the type of totalitarianism we haven't seen in europe since the 1930s and '40s. rachel: it is happening here too, will. look at military. anyone who does not have the
3:25 am
vaccine, they're going to try to not promote them and retire them out of the military. so yeah, i guess it is not exactly like austria but it is happening. will: it is happening, rachel. we traded places various times who is leading the way on this type of insanity. i think united states leads the way in insanity when it comes to how we treat our children with covid. many scandinavian countries pushed moderna and other vaccines off the table. you can't get it if you're under the age of 30 because they understand the risk. we see a country saying you have to have the vaccine if you live here. that is something different we haven't seen. lawrence: crossed the line. just to give a little bit of light. i don't know if you saw this, rachel and will, memphis grizzlies are getting rid of covid tests or vaccine. you don't need a covid test or vaccine to enter into the stadium. so there is a little bit of light in the tunnel.
3:26 am
i hope other teams take the lead, other cities. will: oh, in an environment, lawrence where the nba has been first league to say you have to keep up with boosters to be considered fully vaccinated. players will have to keep getting boosters. rachel: where does it end? the lockdowns keep going. you get the vaccine. they want you to get boosters. it is just crazy. will: there will be a mandate coming. there will be absolutely a booster mandate coming. lawrence: unbelievable. up next, vice president kamala harris slamming the kyle rittenhouse verdict touting her own past as prosecutor. >> the verdict speaks for itself. you know i spent majority of my career making the criminal justice system more equitable. clearly a lot more work to do jones jones not so -- lawrence: not so fast. harris' record is not as progressive as she thinks. we'll break it down.
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including seizures. use with caution in dogs with a history of these disorders. protect him with all your heart. simparica trio. ♪. >> the verdict really speaks for itself. as many of you know i have spent a majority of my career working to make the criminal justice system more equitiable of and clearly there is a lot more work to do. will: vice president kamala mayors slamming the verdict of kyle rittenhouse touting her own record as criminal prosecutor in the justice system. as san francisco d.a., she failed to embrace criminal justice reforms. here is break it down former federal prosecutor brett tolman. great to see you this morning. i want to be clear about the conversation you and i are about to have. not whether or not there should be criminal justice reform but
3:32 am
whether or not kamala harris has been the person she describes herself as, somebody fighting for equity in the criminal justice system. is that what her track record, her history suggests? >> well, the nerve of somebody like the vice president coming forward and suggesting that she has been you know, someone that worked on equity within the criminal just tis system. this is akin to tonya harding telling us she worked her entire career to help ice skating be fair. the reality is the violations she committed as a prosecutor are some of the most important and the, i think the individual decisions that she made prosecutors cringe to see her touting her record in criminal justice reform. will: let's take a look at a few of those. here are some of the positions she took while a prosecutor in california. she opposed legalization of
3:33 am
marijuana. opposed sex decriminalization. fought to uphold wrongful convictions. took a firm stance reducing minor felonies. brett, here is why i talked about the conversation. i'm not saying she shouldn't be on the other side of policies. you can't turn around you're some equity fighter, some social justice prosecutor. brett, correct me if i'm wrong responsible for hiding evidence that could have exonerated many people convicted of crimes? >> yeah. will, think about this. the number of times that she was ordered to hand over exculpatory evidence, evidence that would have shown that the individual accused of a crime did not commit the crime is multiple times the court had to force her to actually hand over what she knew was exculpatory crime. not only that she is individually responsible for thousands of people spending
3:34 am
more time than they should have spent for very low level drug offenses, some simple possession of marijuana. so to now come forward and everybody should be weighing in on criminal justice reform but the one thing this vice president and this administration has failed to do is address criminal justice reform. will: right. >> even though they promised in the campaign, promised again now. will: the issue was not whether or not she was right or wrong on one particular issue. it is whether or not she is a fraud. that she is simply lying who she has been inside of the system. brett, i want to ask you while we're at it, there is level of honesty in response to the kite rittenhouse acquittal. you hear from so many, the conclusion, the goal up root the system. i believe that is the exact words used by the attorney general in new york. we need to uproot the system. what is going on here? we're seeing honesty, there are people that just want to do away
3:35 am
with our criminal justice system? >> yeah. this is a scary sort of frightening time for us to see what leaders in this country are trying to do to the criminal justice system. no question there are things that need to be fixed with it but if you spent anytime watching what happened in the rittenhouse courtroom, watching what the prosecutor tried to do, the abusive decision making that went on in both charging and trying to try an individual who has now been deemed to have not committed a crime, if you see now what we're trying to historically suggest, that should have happened is a conviction despite the fact that an innocent man was in the courtroom being accused of crimes he didn't commit. for us to be taking that position as a country means we're on very troubling times and i hope that they take a different stance on this going forward. will: i think they, i think the stance they want to take let's have trial by social media because an innocent kid as clearly evidenced by the facts,
3:36 am
wasn't sacrificed because of his race. so therefore let's move to trial by twitter. trial by twitter. >> facts don't matter anymore, brett, be great to talk to you, thank you for your time. >> thanks, will. will: a brave nine-year-old girl takes on a brazen robber to protect her mom. they both join us live with this amazing story you won't believe. ♪. >> are you ready to start a great career? >> safelite is now hiring. >> you will love your job. >> there's room to grow... >> ...and lots of opportunities. >> so, what are you waiting for? >> apply now... >> ...and make a difference. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ >> man, i love that song!
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attend all treatment appointments. with once-a-month cabenuva, i'm good to go. ask your doctor about once-monthly cabenuva. lawrence: back with your headlines, two children younger than 10, two adults killed in a wrong way crash on a california highway. a witness called police reported seeing driver going the wrong way minutes before the collision. the crash involved three vehicles. a baby held in one of the adults arms was the sole survivor of the vehicle but all four deceased victims. victim was airlifted to the hospital. two others, including wrong-way drivers were injured. another house democrat will not be seeking re-election as republicans look to flip congress in 2022. long time texas congresswoman johnson says this current term will be her last. johnson one much a dozen
3:41 am
democrats not looking for re-election. democrats hold a 8 vote razor thin advantage in the house. grizzly fans will no longer be required to show vaccination or a negative covid test to attend games. the university of memphis tigers also used arena, now they dropped their requirement as well. it ends for the grizzlyies wednesday and university of memphis december 10th. those are your headlines. some good news there. will: turn now to chief meteorologist rick reichmuth with the fox weather forecast. thank you, rick. rick: this is the week everybody cares about weather. rachel: yeah. travel weekend. rick: hurricanes, thanks giving week are my big weeks. i don't have much to say. will: that's good news. rick: we have a little bit of rain today, moisture you're
3:42 am
dealing with, not that big of a problem. 38 in fargo, 38 in chicago to be a lot colder this time of year. one storm we're watching across central parts of the country. illinois, indiana, the ohio valley, take a look at that, that is heavier moisture. that said it will not last that long. it will look quickly. look at future track, the storm pulls along the east. the storm is pulled across southeast. that is for the day tomorrow. stretches throughout the ohio valley, and upstate new york we see a little bit of know across higher elevations and interior areas where testimonies are colder. look at thanksgiving, if you're planning on thanksgiving a few showers across the mississippi valley, aside from that, we're looking really good for thursday. we had been looking for the potential after storm, you might have heard people talking about it on social media. it is not going to happen. there will not be a major storm this week which is good tore
3:43 am
travel. rachel over to you. >> stick around for the story, rick, this is good one. a brave nine-year-old girl is being honored by police after she jumped in to protect her mother during a brazen rally. the child was fighting the crook attacking her mom trying to snatch her purse while the two were grocery shopping. that brave girl journey, joins us with her mother danielle. journey, i saw the video. i have to tell you, she is the cutest thing i ever saw. the second thing i thought, you are the bravest girl i ever met. tell me what happened. >> so we walked out of the store and then i took little at him. i looked back at the car. then i opened my door. then next thing i know i saw him running toward the my mom.
3:44 am
and. rachel: then you went around the other side, right? >> yes. rachel: and you punched him? >> yeah. rachel: where did you punch him? >> on his head. rachel: did you kick him too? >> no. rachel: you just punched him? then were you afraid at that time, journey? >> yes. rachel: you were? i bet you were afraid too, danielle. what were you thinking? >> well at first, i can't let him get this purse. but once journey got involve and he pushed her down i let the purse go. rachel: and he took it. >> journey wasn't done. she chased after him. how far did you chase him, journey? >> four blocks -- >> four houses --
3:45 am
>> four houses down. >> unbriefable. now he got away, but then the police got him, correct? then the police gave you an award and a medal. tell us about that, journey did that mean a lot to you? >> i was surprised. rachel: you were surprised. do you think you're a hero? >> yes. rachel: danielle, do you think she is a hero. >> yes. we definitely don't want her, going after people in the future. we told her to run and get help next time because she is a brave little girl but you know on the back side of it, we still have to deal with you know, the physical aspect which somewhat healing from now. but taken a mental toll on the both of us. so you know, that will be a long slow process of healing
3:46 am
mentally. rachel: i'm sure that had to have been very scary. i'm sure it is still scary for you, journee when you grow up? you have an instinct for to protect or just tis. >> i want to be a teacher. rachel: that sounds pretty good to me. you might end up a police officer. listen we hive in a country just dying for heroes. a lot of people look to sports stars or hollywood stars. i think we're looking at a hero right now in journee. i know your mom is proud of you. i want you to know that america is proud of you for defending your mommy. even though mom is right, you shouldn't do that in the future. your instinct to protect your mom is a beautiful thing. thank you, for joining us today, thank you, danielle for telling the story. >> thank you. >> you guys have a great one. >> you too. rachel: all right. up next a new op-ed reveals young people of color are losing hope in kamala harris.
3:47 am
17-year-old, first generation american joins us next to explain why he thinks the vice president is letting him down. the fox news exclusive interview with the mother of kyle rittenhouse. she is opening up about the moment the jury peace decision was read. >> it is not about winning or losing. there was two people that did pass away and, families have to grieve. ♪ light 'em up, up, up ♪ ♪ i'm on fire ♪ ♪ so light 'em up, up, up light 'em... ♪ ray loves vacations. but his diabetes never seemed to take one. everything felt like a 'no'. everything. but then ray went from no to know. with freestyle libre 2, now he knows his glucose levels when he needs to.
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3:51 am
♪. lawrence: welcome back. we're yearly one year into the biden-harris administration and many voters are feeling buyer's remorse. in a "new york post" op-ed hearing is titled why young black people like me are being let down by kamala harrisries, a 26-year-old is frustrated with the vice president's performance and feels she is not following through on her campaign promises a first year student, 17-year-old senior, daniel la france. you say the president, vice president, they're out of touch. >> they're definitely out of touch. one of the things that black americans really wanted to see in their community is safety,
3:52 am
police officers. they want to see better education but democrats aren't delivering on that. instead they're giving us a build back better plan with priorities that are definitely not in tune with black americans or any american. lawrence: what do you think black folks need in their community today to lift us up? >> one thing is role models and when black americans vote for kamala harris they expect a role model but all role models are supposed to be competent and kamala harris and the biden administration has been anything but competent. lawrence: when you look at the vice president, you say she is incompetent what do you think are some of the failures she had in this administration? >> we can point to the border crisis. she failed to take charge of that. we can talk about what the the administration has done over you will. one of them being inflation. when you're a black american or any american who does not make a lot of money every single penny
3:53 am
counts and they're really hurting the pocketbooks of all americans, not only black americans. lawrence: i w: i want to read yn excerpt from the op-ed. harris is supposed to be an ally but let us down. after the past year i would love ith democrats stop trying to make everyone looks like me feel they have to be a democrat. who would want to support that party when the administration has failed? what is your reaction to that? >> i wholeheartedly agree. it fascinates me, first i have no problem with people voting for somebody who looks like them, especially black americans, again we don't have enough role models or fathers in the home and look towards people who may not be, may not show what success is but those leaders have to be competent and we have to say, we have to look i agree with what you're doing, or at least what you're doing will help us become a better nation overall. that is not what is happening right now. lawrence: when you look at kamala harris right now.
3:54 am
the approval rating is 28% of americans approve. then there is 51% disapprove amongst all americans. does that surprise you when you look at the performance she had so far? >> it doesn't really, we as americans we hope for the best even though i may not support biden's policies or kamala harris' policies we all want to run the country properly but if you can't run the country on a baseline, work on your priorities, not surprising this disapproval rating that high. lawrence: a lot of people watching this interview saying what is it next for daniel? what do you see yourself doing after school? >> i'm definitely into politics. you will see me around here more. politics, i lock philosophy a bit. that is what i'm pursuing personally. lawrence: do you see yourself going into college, public service or starting a business?
3:55 am
>> that is a very interesting question honestly. i tried to completely dodge the college route. ultimately i believe especially when it comes to politics, political philosophy how to understand how our world works i think it is important for me to go to college. which college i will be going to we'll have to wait and see. lawrence: if you decide you want to give up philosophy, running a business, you can take my job, brother. all yours. thanks for joining the problem. >> no problem. thanks for having me. lawrence: big tech faces new backlash for censoring posts about the rittenhouse verdict. lara logan joins us next. the chilling rendition of the national anthem sung by thousands of fans. ♪. ♪ the bombs bursting in air gave through proof through the
3:56 am
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4:00 am
rachel: we begin with a fox news alert. cities across the country see their second day of protests following the acquittal of kyle rittenhouse on all charges. in chicago protesters marched through the streets calling for a quote, communist revolution. tampa, minneapolis, los angeles also saw similar marchs and demonstrations on saturday. meanwhile one person was arrested in portland after friday's protests was declared a riot. in new york, new york city, mayor elect eric adams slams divisive extremists who vandalized a neighborhood known for supporting police following friday's verdict. >> gives the appearance black and white new yorkers are at each other's throats. that is not. they were from out of our city and state. rachel: go ahead. lawrence: five people were arrested and charged with rioting there. we go to kenosha where alexis
4:01 am
mcadams is live on the ground. you spoke with kyle's mother wendy yesterday. what did she tell you? reporter: good morning, she says she want finally breathe a sigh of relieve, lawrence. kyle rittenhouse was also there. he look exhausted yesterday after we spoke with his mother. we asked her what it was like waiting in the courtroom as she waited for her son to go home with her or waiting in prison. >> waiting for that verdict felt like forever. just look at a mother's point. you don't want to see your child in that situation. that was the first picture i ever saw of him smiling like that since this happened. it made me feel like i had a part of my son back. reporter: that smile after kyle was able to walk out of the
4:02 am
county courthouse. the family they feel much more normal at this point. kyle rittenhouse free after acquitted of all five charges. he was charged with killing three men and shooting two. that not guilty verdict delivered after 23 hours of deliberations. >> do you think your son as life looking going forward now? >> the truth came out about that night and, a lot of people destroyed my son's reputation, his image and it's, it is going to be hard for him to come back to have a normal life. reporter: one of the main points of that two week long trial kyle rittenhouse taking to the stand, during tearful testimony, rittenhouse said he fired in self-defense. the defense team said that played a pivotal role in the
4:03 am
acquittal. a of the verdict, the family left the courthouse due to major safety concerns. >> cried, overwhelmed with emotions and i know it is going to be a difficult battle because a lot of people wanted him guilty. the truth was told and he told his story. and he always wanted to go on the stand and tell his story. reporter: now the rittenhouse family said they're no means celebrating. they know two lives were lost that night. happy the teen is back home. he has plans to go to college. he wants to spend time with his family. he wantings to spend time with his dog after he got out of the detention facility in illinois when he was still facing all the charges. but the question is, that is what the family has to find out can he have a normal life after everybody knows so much about him, he has been in the spotlight for so long. the family tells us they will
4:04 am
pursue legal action. they believe he was slander did from the start. he was proven guilty by people in the court of public opinion before he ever got inside of this courthouse here in kenosha, wisconsin. will: thank you, alexis. those who speak the most about misinformation about the purveyors of miss information. soon will be people writing checks i imagine kyle rittenhouse. those people are in the mainstream media. thank you for independent media and drew hernandez who videoed, testified in that trial. who are say ventura, independent member. he is member of "daily caller." he talked about the on the ground reporting. >> corporate press, like 2020 riots, rittenhouse shooting, they tried to control the narrative, calling him a white supremacist. they tried to frame it kyle was active shooter, with all the
4:05 am
video evidence was too much for the corporate press to overcome. i thought it highlight ad huge moment in history in media where you have this new style of front line, on the ground journalism that is telling the people the truth and americans are hungry for this type of information. rachel: yeah. kyle rittenhouse no question would behind bars if were not for independent journalists on the ground reporting. the whole time it was happening i was in wisconsin where was you know, the bigger press? why weren't they there on the ground? it is an interesting question. i want to go back to wendy rittenhouse. she really humanized her son there. he will have a lot of healing to do. what is he going to do into the future. doesn't seem like she knows. she was offered by three republican congressman an opportunity to intern on capitol hill. the response from the democrats was, we don't feel safe as if kyle rittenhouse again
4:06 am
perpetuating that narrative that kyle rittenhouse is a some sort of a shooter, domestic terrorist, white supremacist. cori bush who said, representative cori bush said this is another example why we don't feel safe here hon -- will: lawrence: they feel safe in their district, with crime every day, people raped and shot on every single streit. this is so ridiculous. tough go back to how we opened up the show with people stealing from louis vuitton. get a job, okay? i'm trying to figure out how that will help the situation. number two, i continue to see black lives matter out there on the street. what are you protesting? no one black was even involved? no one black was involved, no one. if you want to protest injustice. you've been talking about overzealous prosecutions. go after the prosecutions. talk about how they hid evidence. talk about how they brought
4:07 am
these charges knowing good and well it was never going to go through in a court of law. this was your moment to unite with the country? you know what? we told you there was some indiscrepancies in the legal system. this was a moment right there with the prosecution but it didn't fit the narrative. now they -- rachel: didn't fit the color narrative. lawrence: right. rachel: you're right, it was a missed opportunity. will: there was a time in this country when we pushed for racial equality. we didn't pretend we were a color-blind society. we strove to be a color-blind society. racial equity means racial retribution. they were denied in this case. they were denied racial retribution because he was white because if he were black it would have turned out differently. justice is narrowly tailored, justice individualized and justice was served. question whether kyle rittenhouse would to there again would be a matter of personal
4:08 am
opinion. this was totally odd. give it through the actor mark ruffalo who tweeted this out. he called joseph rosenbaum jo-jo on twitter, they had little nicknames for each other and anthony huber. what is with the lie onization of these two. joseph rosenbaum was a child rapist. lawrence: multiple kids. rachel: nine to 11. without a doubt wasn't even on the line at 17 other 18. nine to 11. this guy was a reprehensible man who shouldn't have been on the street in my opinion. will: justice narrowly tailored. matter of opinion what was wrong or wrong to do that night but the next step of lionizing these two. joseph rosenbaum was throwing around the "n-word" last night as ally of black lives matter. i don't understand exactly how that works. rachel: i guess you can do that you're part of that, a communist, racialage that's tore. you raise such a great point. both of them were white.
4:09 am
black lives matter, cory bush, all the other actors in this play that we're seeing put out here in america, trying to racialize something that had nothing to do with race. lawrence: i cited this earlier. i want to get it right. this used to be on the back of the naacp. end mob violence and police brutality. that is no longer on the site of the naacp. it is no longer on the card because something changed. all the legal civil rights organizations decided they want mob justice, they want an example in this case. this is why we're in utter chaos in this country. will: the move from racial equality to racial equity. that is about racial retribution. if you are a principled person you understand mob justice is never justice no matter the race of those involved. that is what is happening in the united states of america today. lawrence: end with this, we talked about that case that happened the same day with a black individual was self-defense. what happens when it is us, right? rachel: that's right.
4:10 am
lawrence: this was bigger than just kyle. if we say that wasn't self-defense, especially with crime on the rise, when we have to defend ourselves, they are so short-minded, shortsighted the way they see this, they don't realize they're helping the prosecution with the defense against them when they're faced with that option themselves. so it is just sad. rachel: there is another thing about this as well, which is, when communists, when an arc universities an when racial agitators come to your to in, they burn, they loot your businesses, they ruin your dreams, are you supposed to because there's a racial angle supposedly in this case because of jacob blake are you supposed to hide in your house? i personally think, i, my husband, we would defend our town. a lot of people in kenosha did. kyle rittenhouse was not the only person carrying a weapon. there were people with bats, rifles, guns. on people sleeping with them. other people outside the businesses because there were
4:11 am
not enough police officers to keep the town safe. that is what happens when ghost fails. will: later on in the norfolk a former police lieutenant who was fired for donating $25 rittenhouse's defense. lawrence: so stupid. i'm glad we're having him on though. new revelations on hunter biden's ties to china. rachel: a new report suggests that his firm played a role in helping a chinese company secure one of africa's largest mines. alexandria hoff is live in washington with the latest on this and why it matters. reporter: this was a cobalt mine which is a big deal because america is trying to claw its way closer to china's lead when it comes to electrical vehicle production. all the batteries president biden wants to see under the hoods of cars they need cobalt. according to an article in "the new york times," the investment firm hunter biden found with american and chinese partners in 2013 helped to
4:12 am
facilitate the 2016 sale of a largest cobalt mine in the world from american company to a chinese company in the democratic republic of congo. the deal was $8.3 billion t did no favors to the u.s. demand for cobalt will only continue to grow. president biden wants to establish half a million new charging stations to push zero emission vehicles. a race to secure the resources globally. the world bank reports estimates by 2050 the demand for cobalt worldwide will increase by 585%. but of course that prolifically large cobalt mine in the congo belongs to the chinese. a spokesperson told "new york times" vice president biden had no knowledge of his son's involvement in the sale. back to you. rachel: that is interesting. thank you, so much. reporter: all right. rachel: they shared an office, if you remember, there was
4:13 am
hunter biden, joe biden and jill biden and a chinese affiliate of the communist chinese government all had an office in washington, d.c., they all shared a key to it but somehow joe biden knows nothing about it. a lot of people said very early on when joe biden won, china won. we keep seeing more and more of hunter biden's sections to china both from his laptop, you know, this report, it is troubling and it doesn't look good for the president, will. lawrence: i don't think a lot of reporting done on it. rachel: not enough. lawrence: only a few people to put their necks on the line to do real journalism. they were trying to find something out of trump family that were in business before got into political life, they were going all around these narrowed clues that they thought that they had out of nothing but there is nothing here. it is -- no curiosity. will: everything they said about the trump administration happens
4:14 am
to be embodied in the biden administration. lawrence: there is real evidence they decide not to cover. rachel: this should be embarassing to the biden family. joe biden should be asked about it. she can't say he didn't know what hunter was doing. lawrence: want to talk about ice cream. turning to your headlines, eight people were arrested in san francisco after a louis vuitton store was looted. mayor london breed speaking out after the recent crime surge. >> the message here today if you come to our city to commit those level of crimes you will be held accountable. you will be brought to justice. lawrence: we'll wait and see. have dozens loot ad nordstrom's department store just outside of the city last night. the supreme court could rule on texas' new abortion law tomorrow. justices plan on releasing at least one opinion on the matter monday though there is no guarranty that the two supreme court cases will be resolved
4:15 am
tomorrow. justices may feel pressure to rule on the case before thanksgiving. texas' new law banned all abortions once cardiac act fifth is defected in the fetus. new york islanders fans celebrated the grand opening of ubs arena with a chilling rendition of the national anthem. watch. ♪ what so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming ♪ lawrence: givers you chills every time. the islanders opened their new $1.1 billion home more than a month into the nhl season. those are the headlines. will: that happened a couple times at islanders games. particularly patriotic crowd leans into the national anthem. rachel: hockey fans love america. will: apparently islander fans in particular. up next protests erupt in europe as countries return to strict covid lockdowns. one is even requiring the
4:16 am
vaccine for all adults. douglas murray joins us live in studio with the outrage. douglas. ♪. ♪day to night to morning,♪ ♪keep with me in the moment♪ ♪i'd let you had i known it, why don't you say so?♪ ♪didn't even notice,♪ ♪no punches left to roll with♪ ♪you got to keep me focused♪ you're a one-man stitchwork master. but your staffing plan needs to go up a size. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit your mission: stand up to moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. matching your job description.
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4:20 am
♪. will: so look at this. protests erupting in vienna this weekend ahead of austria's planned covid-19 lockdown but the country is also announcing it will close 10 days starting monday, and, and, vaccines will be made mandatory by next year chaos broke out in the netherlands where riots turned violent. five police officers were hurt, seven people were arrested. here to react, douglas murray, the madness of crowds, gender, racer identity around the strange death of europe. good to see douglas in studio. we were talking about. you just moved to new york, when it comes to wokism the united states exports this to europe. >> for sure. will: nascent in england. it is not as big as it is here
4:21 am
for example in new york. but i can't figure out where we are in covid? who follows whom when it comes to covid? is europe on the front edge or we on the front edge of being authoritarian? >> europe has something at least in the u.s. you can decide this state by state. if you don't like one particular state, you can if you're flexible enough, lucky enough you can move to a state where it is better for you. last year when i was covering the election at one point i flew from seattle and portland, oregon straight to pensacola, florida, it was like living in two different continents, never mind the same country. in europe, if you're in a particular country you're stuck. that is one of the reasons why we see this incredible pent-up anger in countries like austria. austria was talking earlier this week of having a lockdown only for the unvaccinated. will: right. >> if you're not vaccinated you can't leave your house.
4:22 am
so they were trying to make this as difficult as possible. now they decided to make it a nationwide vaccine. germany is talking about following suit. if you're in in the czech republic, or slovakia, the government treats you if you're not vaccinated being a different category of every other person in the country. i'm vaccinated. i have four vaccinations. i'm not for these mandates. will: that is why i ask you who is on the cutting-edge while you're saying europe kind of follows the u.s. when it comes to the woke movement. i'm worried when i watch austria invoke a nationwide vaccine mandate is that soon coming to the united states? >> i don't think it will because issue of state by state difference. i don't think the american people will put up with it. i just don't think the american people will put up with it. what various countries in europe are told to put up are insane.
4:23 am
that is why we saw the outbreak of violence in rotterdam in the netherlands. people don't know what to do. they're treated as second class citizens if they don't have the vaccine. here is the other thing. i'm not skeptical about the vaccine, ordinary member of the public, look what you've been told, you see people triple boosted, still getting virus and much more, they're wondering what they are being told. we have a virus primarily targets for instance the obese. which country in the world, which country in the world has had any kind of campaign against obesity? none. but they lock up the entire public, they make everybody go into their houses. they say if you aren't vaccinated you're a second-class citizen. of course people are suspicious. and of course they're worried. will: you know in europe's history with authoritarianism almost a cautionary tale here. >> right. not like the austrians and the germans don't have good reason to worry when the government
4:24 am
tells them it will overreach. will: right. >> you know? will: this is type of stuff not to be hyperbolic, i don't think it is, since the mid 19th century, mid 20th century. >> we haven't seen before people are told they are put into two categories of citizen, the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. responsible and irresponsible. as i said in the piece in telegraph, this would be understandable if covid was ebola, you know? it could be understandable if covid was ebola but it isn't. it is a deadly virus for many people who haven't been addressed but it isn't, it isn't the virus that they're presenting, you trample on every single human right of every member of your citizentry. will: douglas murray. glad to have you in the united states of america. >> good to be here. will: we'll ehim in the studio hopefully in the future. they denied kyle rittenhouse the
4:25 am
presumption of innocence before the facts were hurd. lara logan says why big tech should be sued. made in the usa we have amazing christmas present ideas if you can get. the supply chain is not broken and you can get them before the holiday season. ♪. ? my my livelihood. so when my windshield cracked... the experts at safelite autoglass came right to me... with service i could trust. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ ray loves vacations. but his diabetes never seemed to take one.
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antidepressants can increase these in children, teens, and young adults. elderly dementia patients on latuda have an increased risk of death or stroke. call your doctor about fever, stiff muscles, and confusion, as these may be life threatening... ...or uncontrollable muscle movements, as these may be permanent. these are not all the serious side effects. now i'm back where i belong. ask your doctor about latuda and pay as little as $0 for your first prescription. ♪. rachel: welcome back to "fox & friends." the house trial may be every but. josh hawley is slamming companies for choosing sides in the trial. they say big tech think they're above the law. they decided to deny kyle rittenhouse the presumption of innocence and sensor censored
4:30 am
those who disagree. gofundme stopped fund-raising campaigns for rittenhouse after permitterring them more than a year. lara logan, welcome to the show. we heard so muc about the media and their dishonesty in the kyle rittenhouse case but not about big tech which is arguably more powerful. >> yeah. if you're a politician in this country or anywhere else in the world can you get elected without facebook or doing gel? google does manipulate search results every single day. rachel, this highlighted something i've been learning about while investigating other stories. would you believe that banks are actually dictating to their investors when they can invest in a cause or not? if it's a conservative christian cause the bank can sometimes say no, you're not allowed. i've been hearing this from
4:31 am
major philanthropists and it is staggering. that is what we saw with the gofundme account. where you will not be able to send money to support this child so he can get a fair defense which is the right of every american guaranteed by law and you know but we're seeing here is actually encouraging because they're not winning anymore. they failed, right? in spite of all of the lies, in spite of all the censorship, in spite of all the nonsense doing everything they could to paint kyle rittenhouse as white supremacist, when there was no evidence of the kind and his victims were white and he acted in self-defense, despite all of that, they didn't manage to get a false verdict, did they? they didn't manage to pressure the jurors and judge to do it. how often before did they get away with the tactics?
4:32 am
i saw announcement, jpmorgan chase that we pal is event organizer. they were refusing to do a event for conservative or christian group and trump, jr. was speaking there. they had to reverse that decision because of criticism. the american teachers association, they had to reverse their decision, right, calling on the doj and merrick garland to label parents domestic terrorists. what is happening all around us more and more people are standing up every day. in the case of jpmorgan chase you know what? senior leader in that state said, well, we're not, the treasury won't use your bank anymore. jpmorgan buckled. and that really shows you, people everywhere are saying what can we do, right? how do we stand up? they feel like they're not important. they don't have any power, they don't have any money what can they do? i think the woman, the black mother that went to the school boards and spoke out to the antifa teacher in her classroom with her daughter behind her,
4:33 am
why my daughter is behind me? because i'm her mother. it is my job to protect her, right. that woman is such an inspiration to me, to everyone across this country, every person that stands up encourages one more. you know what we want to do now? they want to go after kyle rittenhouse now. get civil rights charges brought against him. they want to continue to torture, terrorize and persecute someone because of the color of his skin and because they think they can. we have to show them that they can't. those days are over. you know what? you don't get to do it anymore? we're not living in a tyrannical society. we are living in a free society. so every american should stand up and show kyle rittenhouse, offer him a job, send him something, write him a letter, whatever it is, make a meme, show kyle rittenhouse that millions of americans on every side, every race, every color, every creed, everyone sees the
4:34 am
truth and we're not going to let them torture you. rachel: we have more power than we actually think. one of the ways that you show your power as journalist is by your incredittable show on "fox nation," called "lara logan has no agenda". this episode speaks out against extremist. priests are fighting kidnapping by isis. >> yes you know we wanted to show the true face of terror inside the isis caliphate, through the eyewitness many its of those who survived. so many of them are yazidis. some are women. there are even children there and we learned two fascinating things very much left out out oe narrative about islamic terrorism and isis. the first one, that the secret of isis is not the beheadings and all the isis. it is the children. they have a messianic vision, they know, they teach these
4:35 am
children that they're not going to see the end goal, right? it is up to the children to carry this on for the next generation for so on and so on. the other part, guess what? they raise children. they rape children. often sell them as prostitutes. they never want to show you that face because they want to be the morally virtuous, we are the holy people, right? we're doing this in the name of religion. no, they're absolutely decimating their religion of islam. they're doing it in the name of power. that is all they want and they're evil. rachel: you're exposing it on your show, lara. it is an excellent episode. recommend everyone watch it. 21st century revealed. part three. watch all the episodes. lara logan you're amazing? >> thank you. don't miss nigerian christians, episode two, that was amazing. rachel: absolutely. thank you, la lara. up next a brand new poll reveal
4:36 am
more than half's of new york finest wish they never joined the force. our next guest says some police appreciation would go a long way. the "countdown" is on. thanksgiving is just days away. we're sharing our favorite sides. ♪. bogeys on your six, limu. they need customized car insurance from liberty mutual so they only pay for what they need. woooooooooooooo... we are not getting you a helicopter. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ before nexium 24hr, anna could only imagine a comfortable night's sleep without frequent heartburn waking her up. now, that dream... . her reality. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts, for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? lactaid is 100% real milk, just without the lactose. so you can enjoy it even if you're sensitive to dairy.
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♪. jones jones we have bad news. internal poll from the nypd obtained by the "new york post" painted a alarming picture of police morale in new york city. according to the paper not only 56% of cops would not put on the badge if they had to do it all over again but the majority feels the public disrespects or distrusts them. our next guest says the greater appreciation for police would go a long way. founder of blue lives matter of nyc joins us. joseph, good to see you again. the cops i talk to, they say the same thing. >> lawrence, it is very simple. you appreciate your cops let them feel like they're worth something especially doing with the public. for too long we saw antipolice bills. politicians trying to tell officers to do their job. it is simple, let officers do the job they want to do. it is cliche. they want to help people.
4:41 am
when politics get involved, there is no place for it. there is no place for politics in the judicial system or officers daily lives. lawrence: joseph, no one hates a bad cop more than good cops. there is generalization of everyone that wears the bad. when you take them off the streets crime is surging everywhere. >> it has been bad i say since 2014 with the eric garner situation in new york city, things have been moralewise going down. not every police officer is bad. not every situation is bad as it looks or wrong by the officer and you have to give them benefit of the doubt. for too long the our president involved, antipolice bashing. officers were demonized. that is not right. officers want to feel appreciated. they want to do their jobs. we don't want bills raise the age with the bail reform act and diaphragm bill. favoring the criminals. officers just want to go out there, let them do the job. there is penal law.
4:42 am
officers follow a penal law. they go out there, get phone calls, put bad discuss in handcuffs. they want the bad guys off the streets, their communities are safe. it is not hard to logic. lawrence: pay as well. 56% of officers said they wouldn't put on the badge if they had to do it all over again. 79% of officers they don't think new york city would be safer in two years. that is big trouble. 80% of officers fear fighting crime aggressively because of threat of criminal liability or being sued or unfairly disciplined. then 70%, 73% of officers say the public does not have a good relationship with with the nypd. joseph what is your reaction to this? >> well, lawrence, you know what it is majority of people officers serve are great people. they want good policing, proper and respectful professional policing but the issue is the media. the media goes out there, puts a spin on it and it makes the
4:43 am
public do a certain thing that is not always true. puts officers in a bad light. behind the scenes officers have amazing relationship with the community they serve. anarchists and peaceful protesters are giving them a hard time. lawrence: putting gasoline on the fire, not bringing the country together and now our cities burn. joseph, thanks so much for your service, sir. >> thank you for having me. lawrence: rachel, looks like you have some headlines for us. >> i do. we've been eating throughout your segment. [laughter] we couldn't wait for ourselves. take a tough turn here, turning to the headlines. the family of cinematographer helena hudgins will have a small ceremony honoring her life. her ashes will be buried at gathering. a month after she was accidentally shot and kill by alec baldwin on the set of "rust" in new mexico. he fired a gun believed to be
4:44 am
loaded with blanks killing hutchins and injuring another crew member. the man who blew up his av last christmas is seeking to. anthony warner died in the blast outside a nashville at&t facility. his e "x-files" a lawsuit seeking 284,000-dollar reward after the explosion. identified warner by the rv. the private groups behind the reward money say it was for an arrest an conviction. president biden pardoning the thanksgiving turkeys ahead of the big holidays later this week. the early tradition took place last friday. president biden put his own twist and named the pardoned turkeys named peanut butter and jelly. at the end of the show we'll pardon our own turkey which you name along with fox news contributor joe concha. those are the headlines. will: i didn't know we had power to pardon. rachel: we have power to name
4:45 am
and pardon. lawrence: also didn't know you guys were so rude. you couldn't wait. rachel: i'm sorry. your yams are good. your yams are very good. will: your yams are good. funny thing to say. that is the argument, what is the best thanksgiving side dish. according to a study of google trend the these are the most popular thanksgiving sides in our home state. lawrence and i are of course texas, what's up and creamed corn reins in texas. rachel: rick, arizona likes potato. wisconsin likes baked. lawrence: we made our own favorite side dishes. you at home can vote. will: we each sent our own recipes our families are into. how do you want to do it, rick? you want to take it away. rick: lawrence has yams. a stylist came in to make the beautiful plates. before we got started.
4:46 am
we all ate them and destroyed some of work. will: you're voting. rick: lawrence, candied yams. rachel: i used to roast, i grew up with candied yams. i started roasting them. lawrence you made me go, i need to go back to candied yams. i am taking the recipe. really delicious. will: really good. dessert style. rachel: dessert stylecandied yams. rick: what makes your yams or different? lawrence: don't add water, when you add water takes candy away. will: tell us why your yams are special. rick: my family, everything since i was a little kid, blockly rice cheese casserole. very easy to make. cheese whiz, cream of mushroom soup and rice. rachel: dried cherries italian sausage stuffing. this is my mom, the way my mom used to make it except i added
4:47 am
dry cherries. i also do half bread and half cornbread. lawrence: that is good. will: speaking of that, candace cornbread stuffing this is my brother-in-law's mother, we're married to sisters. her recipe. rachel and i both used cornbread in my stuffing. i am ready to vote. i loved all four. no gratuitous compliments. all four were good. we come fight on "fox & friendses." number one is rachel. rick: supposed to let the viewers decide. go to will: they don't get to taste. i don't understand how the viewers vote. lawrence: presentation contest. rachel: sausage is great. will: i love mine. i love using cornbread. that sausage gave it a little something extra. rachel: the cherries give it a little tartness. rick: yours is all butter. that is really good.
4:48 am
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♪. will: so this christmas don't let the global shipping delays ruin your giving spirit. instead check out some of these american-made products guaranteed to make it under the tree in time. up first, let's bring in andy, the ceo and founder of for low. he is a, it is a technical outdoor company. christie and logan as well. andy, tell me about four low. >> four low is premium outdoor technical apparel brand focusing on hunting fishing, outdoor gear. will: what makes this technical, sets it apart from other hunting gear? >> only latest technologies in the products. will: like an athletic material, right? >> athletic material. best outdoor, breathable, best cooling technologies, you name it we do it. will: you make knives? >> we make knives. will: where are you based out
4:53 am
of? >> whitefish, montana. will: great state of montana. logan doesn't have a microphone you can nod. is this good hunting logan? nodding along. for, performance hunting gear, not just out of america, but montana. lawrence, over to you. lawrence: thanks, will. we have bruce here, father and son tell us about what we got. this is just cool. >> my dad and i started this business about six years. we make everything in appleton, wisconsin. lawrence: tell us about the business model. is this proprietary? tell me. >> i can tell you. we have 100 glass kilns in appleton. lawrence: what inspired you to make this company? >> we wanted a project our dad and i could work on. lawrence: how is the business doing?
4:54 am
>> business good 40 full-time employees in appleton. lawrence: go to this been i will definitely be a customer. send it over to you, rachel. rachel: this is hf coors, a dinnerware company bays out of tucson, arizona. they are disabled veterans, small business owned. tell us about the project. >> we manufacture restaurant weir and dinnerware in tucson. we use a native-american pattern, our favorite pattern this is hand-painted. we have 12 hand-painted lines. this up front is more craft and more mat glazes more popular with restaurants. we make the veterans mug for starbucks. rachel: amazing. all right. all american-made. >> made in tucson. rachel: in my home state of
4:55 am
arizona. hf for more information. will: awesome american-made gifts from dinnerware to hunting equipment when you need a drink. rachel: this is a way to spend your christmas money on american-made products that won't get held up anywhere on a shipping container. will: thank you, guys. been shot, for low. thank you very much. rachel: i hope your websites crash from all the business. will: absolutely. absolutely. still ahead "fox & friends" weekday host ainsley earhardt and brian kilmeade joins us live so don't go anywhere. ♪ >> man: what's my safelite story? my my livelihood. so when my windshield cracked... the experts at safelite autoglass came right to me... with service i could trust.
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♪ will: a beautiful shot of dallas, texas. just saw a carful of kids headed to a soccer tournament. will cain, rachel campos duff fixer lawrence jones in for pete hegseth. rachel: good dad. proud of you. lawrence: that was a shot. normally we get the dark shots, but that was a beautiful -- will: the union tower. there you go. rachel: i love hearing will in between the breaks getting the updates -- lawrence: dad first. will: not afraid to take a shot is, play defense like it's a fight. let's go, boys. lawrence: that was a pep talk. rachel: meanwhile, we just had our contest the for favorite
5:01 am
thanksgiving pies. lawrence: you won.ray -- the. rachel: i did. i have is a great stuffing recipe. will: it was good. slight bit of cheating. she put sausage in it, which was a clear winner especially during breakfast. rachel: it hit the spot. will: before i tasted yours, i was, like, i lost. [laughter] lawrence: we'll post those so you guys can try them. will: we begin with a fox news alert. protests across america following the acquittal of kyle rittenhouse on all charges. in chicago protesters marched in the street calling for a, quote, communist revolution. tampa, minneapolis and los angeles also saw similar marches and demonstrations saturday. lawrence: one person was arrested in portland after friday's protest was declared a riot, and new york city mayor-elect eric adams slammed
5:02 am
extremists. >> it gives the i appearance that black and white new yorkers are are at each other's throat, and it's not. they were from out of our city and state. rachel: five people were arrested and charged with rioting there. we go now to kenosha where alexis is mcadams is live on the ground. you spoke with kyle rittenhouse's mother wendy yesterday. what did she have to tell you? >> reporter: she says this has been an emotional roller can coaster for her family. they were packing up, getting ready to leave wisconsin due to major safety concerns following the acquittal of the illinois teenager. kyle rittenhouse himself was also there, they both just looked completely exhausted, ready to move forward, and this is what she had to say. take a listen. >> and the truth came out, you know, about that night.
5:03 am
and a lot of people destroyed my son's reputation, his image. and it's going to be the hard for him to come back, to have a normal life. >> reporter: and that's the question for the family, can he have a normal life are. for the first time in a year and a half, the family is breathing a big sigh of relief. kyle rittenhouse now free, acquitted on all charges. >> it's not about winning or losing. there was two people that did pass away, and families have to grieve. >> reporter: rittenhouse on trial for shooting three men, killing two during unrest in kenosha, wisconsin, last summer. that not guilty verdict deliver after more than 23 hours of deliberation. wendy, walk me through what it was like in that courtroom as you waited for the verdict. >> i did not know anything. i was just praying to god when i
5:04 am
was walking down, and i was scared. i could tell kyle was scared. my girls were scared. and waiting for that verdict felt like forever. >> reporter: now during this tearful testimony, rittenhouse claimed he fired in self-defense. his defense team believes this testimony played a pivotal role in the teen's acquittal, and once the verdict came down, the family having to leave right away due to major security curves. >> when they read -- concerns. >> when they read the verdict, one of the officers was, like, let's go. and we just, me and the girls bolted right out the door, and the officer said come with me. >> reporter: and more protests are planned here in wisconsin today, but it has been so quiet since that verdict came down, a lot more quiet than people in this area expected as many businesses were bracing for possible unrest. but the security team that's
5:05 am
been with kyle rittenhouse for the past several months taking the family out of wisconsin and trying to move on with his life. that's the question, can he have a normal life after this. the family telling us that they're going to pursue legal action because they believe the teenager has been slandered by so many people, and they want to make sure that justice is served in that aspect too. back to you. will: thank you for, that alexis. which is of note, if not breaking news, of note that there is some intention on behalf of the rittenhouses to pursue defamation charges -- lawrence: as they should. will: the manipulation's been out of hand. i had lunch with friends yesterday who as of two days ago thought that rittenhouse had shot two black men. the public has been so is incredibly manipulated on basic truths when it comes to this trial, and the manipulation is, for example, gofundme shut down fundraising for kyle rittenhouse
5:06 am
during his defense. rachel: yeah, it was outrageous. and allowed other people who were in the same situation, had shot somebody, had killed somebody, in one case a 17-year-old girl, and she was allowed to have a defense fund. but his case, he said he was being pursued by white supremacists, and so somehow he was logged out. i think there's a really interesting thing that you bring up because we talk a lot about the racial angle, and there clearly on the left side they want to racialize it. it seems kind of weird because everybody in this case is white. but it goes with to the hint of what this really is about at its heart was what the protesters were saying yesterday. they said they want a communist revolution. this is about ideology, ultimately. race is just a tool. and all of this is about serving that purpose, that the you can shut down people's ability to defend themselves, that you can twist justice in order to meet, you know, the ideological
5:07 am
narrative that you want, that you can in the case of the governor of wisconsin, you can decide to not protect your citizens because you think it will help you politically and your ideological allies. that's what a lot of this is about. i did interview lara logan. she says despite all of that, that we should be happy right now because in the end those brave jurors did the right thing and that america is still on the right track because of that. here's what she had to say. >> no, you're not going to be able to, you know, send any money to support this child so he can get a fair defense, which is right of every american. guaranteed by law. and, you know, but what we've seen here is actually encouraging, because they're not winning anymore. they failed, right? in spite of all of the lies, in spite of all of the censorship, in spite of all of this nonsense, you know, doing everything they could to paint kyle rittenhouse as a white
5:08 am
supremacist when there was no evidence that he was anything of the kind and when his victims were white. you know, when he acted in self-defense. in spite of all of that, they didn't manage to get a full verdict is, did they? they didn't manage to pressure those jurors and pressure that judge into doing it. and how often before have they gotten away with those tactics? lawrence: you know, i partially agree with her. i think we celebrate that the system works, but i think this trial expotioned a lot. -- exposed a lot. you can't have a conversation with dishonest people, you know? these people are is locked in in their ideology, and i think it's demented to prove that they were willing to put someone on trial for of life in prison -- rachel: a kid. lawrence: -- even though the facts didn't support it. and they can't to lie. there's basic information they should have known. they didn't take a measuring tape and get the correct size. that was stolen out of court by
5:09 am
the judge. they hid information. they decided to hide witnesses. they tried to invade people's constitutional rights to be silent and have counsel. if you're a real, just advocate, so many things you should be protesting for kyle. you just exposed the color matter again now that their motives are not honest. it also proves that they really don't care about the constitution. they really want to rip it up. will: yeah. another basic fact, he didn't carry a rifle across state lines, but you're going to continue hearing that today. you're right. another lie is that we just want to have a conversation. no, you don't want to have a conversation. i was talking with another friend in the business, buck sexton, who hosts the clay and buck show noon to three, and i saw him say we're not in the battle of lofty ideas. that would be great, honestly. we're in a battle for basic truths right now, basic truths. and that's just something you
5:10 am
can't compromise, with what is and is not the truth. rachel: it seems like hyperbole when i say, you know, communism. they're saying they want a communist revolution. and if you go to communist countries, trials are done based, you know, you're not presuming innocent. whatever the authoritarian in power wants to have happen is what your outcome is going to be. you don't have any if hope, you don't have a constitution, you don't have a bill of rights. i do think ultimately race is a tool that they use to push this ideology, and that's why you can't have that conversation that you talked about, because the ends always justifies the means for them. lawrence: participant of the reason why gofundme is reversing it is because he's vindicated in court. they have this blip. you're innocent until proven guilty, but it seems like society now -- not the jurors -- want it to be flipped. rachel: yeah. like admitting the russia hoax is a hoax -- will: one last note.
5:11 am
i agree with you on the communist ideology being the end goal, and this is a great debate, i believe, between the ones manipulating and the manipulated. there's a great swath of americans who are pushing for communist -- rachel: very true. will: they're caught up in this racial divide. they don't know they're being manipulated by those -- [inaudible conversations] rachel: great point. lawrence: you're so right, will. will: bill kelly, former norfolk police lieutenant, the he donated $25 to kyle rittenhouse's fundraiser, and he lost his job for it. rachel: unbelievable story, and lawrence is going to interview him. lawrence: i can't wait. will: so i'll set it up, if you guys want, or you can take the ball, take the baton, take the symbolic conversational mic. we saw protested in the "in depth"erlands -- netherlands yesterday where people were taking the streets many protest of a three-week lockdown.
5:12 am
this echoes what's happening in crow way shah -- croatia, italy. but get this, a austria, nationwide vaccine mandate. you live in austria, get the shot. we talked to douglas murray about that a little bit earlier. >> europe has the disadvantage which is at least in the u.s. you can decide this state by state, you know? if you don't like one particular state, if you're lucky enough, you can move to a state where it's better for you. in europe, you know, if you're in a particular country, you're stuck. and that's one of the reasons why we see incredible just pent-up anger, people being told that they're basically going to be put into two categories of citizen, the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. the responsible and the irresponsible. it could be understandable if covid was ebola, but it isn't. rachel: yeah, that's such a
5:13 am
great point. all of this is over a virus for which we have 99% survivability and for which i think the people in charge have not been entirely honest about a lot of this data that's out there. they they haven't been transparent about many of the side effects. and they've been pushing the vaccine, most troubling, on churn who we know -- children who we know it's not meldically necessary. and so -- medically necessary. i think that this is something we should watch because if this could happen in austria, it could happen in other countries, and we see a trickle effect. it also makes me think, wow, as americans we really need to keep fighting for liberty so that doesn't come here. lawrence: we've been having awesome conversation about the american way and that our system works. part of the argument is that this is constitution, what's happening. there's a reason why other people are literally going through the water, you know,
5:14 am
dehydrated trying to get to the country, because the american way does work. and part of the thing that troubled me during the lockdown -- rachel: yeah. lawrence: if we didn't draw a line in the sand, this could be us. we could be facing these type of mandates and these type of protests. and who's going to defend us in this moment in because right now you've got cops that are going to be thrown off the job right here in new york city. rachel: it's happening, it's happening in smaller doses, but you're right, we have to keep fight, we have to keep push. and, again, there are more than constitutional effects of this. 150 million more people have fallen into extreme poverty because of these lockdowns. just here in america 9 million -- or 8 million more americans have fallen into poverty since the covid pandemic and lockdown. so this is having real life consequences on people. people have lost their businesses, lost their dreams because of lockdowns. and,ed oddly, the very rich have seemed to survive this very
5:15 am
well. isn't that interesting? is. will: thrived, in fact. did you see the shot of all those different countries? different measures, but if we can put up on the screen those protests in amsterdam, vienna, in croatia, in rome. we had a live shot there, and look at that. that is, that is -- i'm not sure that's actually live, but that is four shots of what's going on across europe in response to those measures. lawrence, before we go, you said something really good this morning when it comes to america and our racial divide, we dehumanize one another. that's not limited to racial politics. lawrence: that's right. will: this is limiting people or dehumanizing people in terms of vaccinated versus unvaccinated. rachel: exactly. it's the new egg redivision, and it's -- segregation, and it's a new form of social control. we've seen that in china. we better be very alert and fight for our way of life.
5:16 am
all right. well, we're going to turn now to your headlines. the u.s. air force identifying the test pilot killed in a training accident at loughlin air force base in texas. 23-year-old second lieutenant anthony wentz died, officials are investigating what led to the incident. two others were also hurt, one was hospitalized and released, the other remains in critical condition at last check. disney world is pausing its vaccine mandate for employees and cast members. a disney spokesperson saying, quote: more than 90% of active florida-based cast members have already verified that they are fully vaccinated. we will address all legal developments as appropriate. those who are not verify will reportedly have to wear masks. the pause comes after florida governor ron desantis signed new legislation protecting
5:17 am
workers from vaccine mandates. a high school -- in california is making history. [background sounds] the riverside football team is only one win away from championships. none of the players or coaches are able to hear. they communicate through sign language. they compete against teams who are able to hear calls as well as cheers from fans in the stands. the undefeated cubs playing for the division title this coming saturday. will: awesome. rachel: that is an awesome story. wow, what hope -- will: telling me about this story before it made the news this morning. hey, there's a movie -- rachel: oh, yeah. will: fox nation, right there, there's a movie. lawrence: there's an independent film right there. coming up, chinese state-run
5:18 am
media releasing a video of the tennis star who has been missing. will: but first, a survey finds a growing number of americans are unlikely to have kids. ainsley earhart reacts to that. ♪ ♪ as someone who resembles someone else, i appreciate that liberty mutual knows everyone's unique. that's why they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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♪ lawrence: a virginia police lieutenant fired from his job after anonymously, sorry, donating $25 to the rittenhouse defense fund. his identity was revealed in a data breach and is currently challenging his dismissal in court. the former police lieutenant, bill kelly, joins us now. thank you so much, sir, for your service. in this country you're entitled to a defense, a legal defense. you helped contribute to a legal defense. what is the police department saying that you did wrong here? >> well, lawrence, they're saying that i acted in a way
5:23 am
that was contrary to the city's values. they're alleging that i spoke as a spokesperson for the city and for the police department when i made my anonymous donation, and they're also saying that i engaged in conduct unbecoming an officer in such that my actions and donations caused the department to fall into disrepute. lawrence: and just to be clear, lieutenant, did that money come from your personal funds or from the city's funds? >> no, it was a personal donation that i made from my personal funds while off duty. lawrence: so what are you doing to fight this? because i just think this is ridiculous. >> so the city has a grievance policy. i'm afforded the right to appeal my decision. so sometime probably in late january we'll have a grievance panel convene, and my lawyers will make a case for me, and the city will try to convince them that my termination was warranted, and the panel will ultimately decide whether or not
5:24 am
i get my job back. lawrence: lieutenant the, how are you surviving right now in how are you able to take care of your family? >> so i was fortunate to have saved a decent amount of money, but having to pay for insurance out of pocket, that savings has gone down pretty fast. my wife works, and i was fortunate enough to find an employer who was willing to take a risk with me, so i'm working in a custom clothing shop making t-shirts and sweatshirts and such. lawrence: so you were robbed of your job for contributing $25 of your personal fund. mean while, criminals are on the street. what do you hear from your fellow law enforcement brothers and sisters? >> i've gotten an outpouring of support. it's been so comforting to get phone calls and invitations to go out from my coworkers. everybody's encouraging me to fight the good fight because when i got fired, everybody or else in the department felt concerned that a somebody might go through their social media, maybe hack into their personal
5:25 am
information and find a comment that is innocuous in itself but might be twisted. and if the media gets ahold of it and people complain, the average police officer's afraid they could lose their job just like i did. lawrence: lieutenant, you're surviving off savings, you're doing a job that you don't necessarily want to do to provide for your family. what can this audience coto help you? -- do to help you? >> there's a give send go account that is a fundraiser online. all the money goes towards my attorneys so we can help fight this fight. there's another separate account set up by candace owens to help me out, and i'm just so grateful whenever i see a nice comment or anonymous donation, because i know that i'm not alone in this, and other people feel the same way i do about this. lawrence: unbelievable. everyone should give to this because you could be next. just to be clear, you gave $25 of your personal money for a
5:26 am
constitutionally-protected thing which is legal defense, and you were fired from your job over that. lieutenant, thank you so much to your service. i'll be giving to that fund when i get off the air. >> thank you. lawrence: up next, the fbi is reportedly zeroing in on the remains of jimmy hoffa. >> do you think jimmy hoffa is still where your father buried him? >> 99.99.99% sure. lawrence: fox news senior correspondent eric shawn is on the case. he's next. ♪ ♪ >> man: what's my safelite story? my my livelihood. so when my windshield cracked... the experts at safelite autoglass came right to me... with service i could trust. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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5:29 am
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to honour this holiday. i'm partnering with the international fellowship of christians and jews. this trusted ministry has given christians like me a way to tangibly bless jewish people who are in need around the world. a life-saving $25 gift helps send a volunteer with one urgently needed survival food box. for less than one dollar a day you can say, "i will bless and comfort the jewish people". "i will save a life today". please call or go online now and say, "i will bless his people israel". ♪ will: a mystery spanning 46 years could soon come to an end because the fbi is searching near a new jersey landfill for the remains of teamsters union
5:31 am
leader jimmy hoffa who, of course, went miss anything 1975. in riddled: the search for james r. hoffa, eric shawn sits down with a man who says his dad buried hoffa all those years ago. >> reporter: do you think jimmy hoffa is still where your father buried him? >> 99.99.99% sure. will: so eric shawn joins us now. eric, i'm super into this. i mean, my sheer coincidence i was. watching the irishman again this week which is about the disappearance of jimmy hoffa. there have been multiple digs throughout the last 40 years trying to find jimmy hoffa. why do we think -- >> reporter: the irishman is not true. that's a whole oh r other story. jimmy hoffa disappears in 1975 in detroit, the mob kills him. if they can find him, i think we can solve the case.
5:32 am
anthony was a mobster, capo, he was a power leader in the teamster crime family in new jersey, i believe he was 2k3weu67b the contract, and this was carried out by tony pro and the mobsters. frank, his father was a businessman, paul coppola, bear with me, brother moss cat toe was a loansharking in the genovese crime family full of chemicals, toxic waste. it's where the mob would bury bodies. so frank said when the body came in, the father, did not want the body found on his property. so he moved it over by, a few feet just off the property line under what you see now, that is the to las sky sky in new jersey. fox nation went there, we hired a ground-penetrating radar company to scan the area, and we found big metal, round barrels
5:33 am
because frank says his father buried of pa in a barrel -- hoffa in a barrel. take a listen to what frank told me. so you're saying your father buried jimmy hoffa. >> yes. my dad, later in years he said that. he couldn't fit in the drum, feet first. they had to turn him and put him in head first. >> reporter: your father said hoffa couldn't fit in the drum. >> he couldn't get the legs to bend right, so he had to take him out and put him in head first. will: so, eric, let's bring this full circle. the irishman was false, one thing that movie seemed to portray is that hoffa was probably killed in the detroit area. why would the mob are flown his body back to the east coast to dispose of him. >> reporter: as a trophy. tony pro wanted to make sure that he was dead. he took care of the whole
5:34 am
operation, so he ordered the body brought back on a truck. not in the back of a car that would get stopped, and one fbi agent said they popped the hid because he wanted to make sure he was dead. they hated each other. others though say the body was brought back and chopped up and fed to chickens in south jersey, but the body was brought back to new jersey. we'll see is by the springful there'll be a dig by if fbi -- will: this spring. okay. and they've already torn down giants stadium. >> reporter: no, not under -- will: eric shawn, appreciate it. it's called riddled: the search for james r. hoffa, and it's available on fox nation. all right, if you missed it live, catch highlights from fox nation's patriot awards airing tonight at 10 p.m. right here on on the fox news channel. you can watch the full two-hour show right now on
5:35 am
up next, our friend ainsley earhart is talking mother old, faith and christmas memories. and still ahead, chip wade is on fox square with some of his best gifts for the holiday season. ♪ all right now, baby, it's all right now ♪♪ a mountain of toys to fulfill many wishes must be carried across all roads and all bridges. it's not magic that makes more holiday deliveries to homes in the us than anyone else, it's the hardworking people of the united states postal service.
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5:39 am
gun in the atlanta airport. wells fled the scene after the accidental discharge. luckily, no one was injured by the gun, but flights were temporarily delayed as the situation caused panic among holiday travelers. three people suffered mild injuries amid that panic. the biden administration make moves to remain -- from federal land. interior secretary deb holland announces a process to review and replace names such as squaw from usage. wasn't that a legitimative american -- of. [laughter] word? rachel: isn't a squaw a woman? will: holland adding, quote, racist terms have no place in our vernacular, on our federal lands and waters, and they should be replaced to celebrate the outdoors and our shared cultural heritage. a task force has been established to help with those name changes. always, always. thanksgiving is just days
5:40 am
away, and the jury has spoken. candied yams, the most disliked thanksgiving dish. i think that was personal to you. i think this is a nationwide thing. rachel: i was going to say, they didn't try yours, because that would be at the top of the list. will: that's the most hated dish. green bean casserole followed by cranberry sauce, i'm with you on that. rachel: i love it. will: not me. sweet potato cat to role, that's good stuff. stuffing -- lawrence: these people don't know how to cook good food. [laughter] will: all right. let's turn to chief meteorologist rick reichmuth who made rice and broccoli with a ton of cheese. rachel: it was very good. rick: by the way, i don't normally like stuffing except for rachel's tough thing. rachel, that was amazing. finish your stuffing was good.
5:41 am
[laughter] you should be happy with good. you get a trophy for participating -- [laughter] [inaudible conversations] it was very satisfactory. rachel: thank you, ricky. rick: he can't get out here by the time i'm done and do any harm. everybody's wanting to know can you get home for the holidays. i think you're going to be okay. take a look at the maps, show you what's going on right now. no airport delays of any significance anywhere across the country, and i think we'll remain that way for the most part throughout the day. there is one storm could cause a couple of problems. here you go, here's your temple as you're waking up. 25 degrees in fargo. i'm getting attacked by will -- will: i couldn't get out near time. rick: satisfactory stuffing. do we have a storm front to the east? [laughter] rick: after that sprint.
5:42 am
will: i ranch. rick: for you at home, probably 75 yards. will: i don't even know what's happening next. look at this, that's amazing. we're about to pardon those guys. rick: your satisfactory stuffing was good. rachel, lawrence, back to you inside. rachel: wow. he can't handle the participation trophy. that really bugs him. rick: he also couldn't handle the 75 yards of the sprint. women will i'm recovered -- will: i'm recovered. rachel: thank you, boys. rick: i'm impressed. rachel: all right. well, a growing number of americans never plan on having kids, and that's according to a new pew research survey that reveals about 44% of childless adults say it's the unlikely they'll ever be parents up from 37% just in 2018. "fox & friends" cohost ainsley earhart joins us now. ainsley are, first of all, good
5:43 am
morning. ainsley: good morning, rachel, how are you? rachel: it's always so good to see you. so what do you make of this? i mean, you have your gorgeous mini-me, hayden. she's, what, 6, 7 years old? you know that he is the most character-building, fulfilling thing that you've ever done. why do you think young people don't want to have kids? ainsley: if you read the statistics and the reasons behind the reasons they give, number one was medical, right behind that was financial. number three was they don't have a partner or their partner's age or the state of the world or climate change. look at -- [laughter] rachel, you have nine children, they are so fulfilling, you're right, and it makes me sad. i used to cry out to god to be a mom, please give me that desire because i was so focused on my career. and then when i was finally able to get to a point where i really wanted baby, then i was scared it was going to be too late. and so i think a lot of people
5:44 am
go down that route, and they focus so much on that because when we were growing up, think about you. your catholic background, and our parents just allowed god to let them make the decision instead of us making the decision. my mom had three kids right out of the gate, immediately got pregnant with three kids, and she was busy working and trying to take care of my dad, dinner on the table every single night. i don't know how she did it. you know, if the garage door broke or something happened, you know, the reprivilege rater or air conditioner broke, that was very expensive for our family. so i think people are taking a step back and saying, wait a minute, can i afford all these kids and have is an enjoyable, happy home in and that makes me so sad because my best years were when we had no money, and we had a ranch-style house, and i shared a room with my brother and sister. we didn't have much, but we had each other, and i have the best
5:45 am
memories. there wasn't as much stress or pressure, and no one knew how much money you had. everyone drove the same type of car. no one was buying, you know, the range rover or $200,000 car. everyone just drove a buick, and it was simple, you know in life was more simple. rachel: yeah. in spanish we have a saying that babies are born with a loaf of bread under their arms that the horde will provide when you have -- lord will provide when you have a baby. i think one of the things that makes me the most sad is the irrational fear of climate change. we saw this with aoc where she talked the about, you yeah, you know, the world's going to be terrible for kids and there's a legit reason not to have them. i think that's a really pessimistic way -- again, i don't think it's scientifically rational. ainsley: i agree with you, and it's not scripture-based. we were created, i believe, to procreate if you're able to, and i know not all people are are able to. my sister never got married, and
5:46 am
she didn't have children, but her nieces and nephews are her kids. there's so many people like my sister that would love to have a baby, and so -- but, you know, for me i knew i wanted one, i was grateful to be able to have one and, unfortunately, my marriage didn't work out, so i didn't have any more. but i talk to my daughter about it all the time, how many grandchildren are you going to give me -- [laughter] rachel: i'm already thinking about it too, ainsley. your daughter's just a doll. she's -- i love her. she's like a mini-me! go ahead. ainsley: -- stole my heart. ten girls and ten boys, so i'm going to be very busy as a grandmother. rachel: i want to talk about your bible study show on fox nation because it's amazing. you interviewed kayleigh mcenany who talked about how her faith helped her as a press secretary for the united states of america. ainsley: yes. she is such a bold kris china,
5:47 am
and -- christian, and to have that job, i always say that has to be hardest job. rachel: i agree. ainsley: that and being the president of the united states, the two most challenging professions in the country, and she just took the it. she prayed and prayed and every time she had a press conference, she would pray. god has his hands on her heart and her life from the get go. and i encourage everyone to watch bible study on fox nation because you'll hear how her faith just got her through all the trials. she has a beautiful husband who is a baseball player, she has a beautiful little girl who is the love of her life, and she was press secretary. her mother came and helped her in washington while she was, you know, at the podium working in the briefing room and handling that stressful job. but she just managed to do it. cute little story, i did not realize that he worked at fox, she worked her way up, she worked the huckabee show, she was an intern, then she becomes the press secretary, now she's back at fox, and and we just
5:48 am
adore her. i didn't realize how brilliant she was. i knew she was smart -- rachel: oh, she's amazing. ainsley: she said her professor at law school in miami said to her i want you to graduate from our school, but you are so bright, you need to apply to harvard. she applied to harvard, and she was number one in her law school class the first year in miami and applied to hard regard and finished out her -- harvard and finished out her degree there. rachel: she's brilliant and she's a researcher. she always came prepared for the job with. ainsley, you happen to also be in my latest christmas book, all american christmas, your stories with your family are amazing. this week on my podcast i'm featuring john roberts who shares his very heart-warming, somewhat tragic but beautiful christmas story as well. i want to thank you, ainsley, for being here today, for also being in my book. ainsley: -- on amazon.
5:49 am
congratulations. i'm so proud of you and sean, and i'm sure it's not easy having nine kids, but god bless you. i'm so happy for you, christmas is fun. rachel: thank you, ainsley. more "fox & friends" coming up. bye. ♪ ♪ 'tis the season to break tradition in a cadillac. don't just put on a light show—be the light show. make your nights anything but silent. and ride in a sleigh that really slays. because in a cadillac, tradition is yours to define. so visit a cadillac showroom, and start celebrating today. ♪ ♪
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♪christmas is almost a month away, and the shopping days are dwindling. will: here with some unique ideas is diy expert chip wade. chip, what's up, man? >> i've got some gifts which are going to arrive in time for christmas, so let's talk about outdoor kitchens. not a stereotypical thing for a gift because typically you need a contractor, you need tons of time. well, with rta outdoor living, this ships directly to your house -- rachel: like this? >> it goes together with no tools for the cabinet, and all you need is a screwdriver to install the accessories. right now the black friday sales are already up, 10% off, which is great. outdoor this is the modular outdoor kitchen system. super easy, a gift for yourself, somebody else, but for the whole family. next up we have got, have y'all herald of an insta pot?
5:54 am
this is the precision dutch oven. there's five in one cooking. it's an enamel cast iron pot that looks good on the table, but it also is oven safe, stovetop safe and dishwasher safe. no problem with the built-in settings. next up, shower heads that define luxury. we've all been in a nice hotel where we're, like, what is the difference with this shower? it's amazing. what's great about this one, this is the any stream with replacement filter, and it brings the contaminants, it's better for your hair, your skin. again, find this at lowe's. rhoderachel: pressure? >> good pressure. rachel: buy it right now before the green new deal -- [laughter] >> and i forgot to tell you the instant down oven, you can get
5:55 am
that at macy's or instant you're going to love these, these are the bose alto frames, wireless bluetooth speakers -- will: it's what you hear, not what you see. >> aren't they so good? rachel: it sounds good? wii yeah, yeah. -- will:. yeah, definitely good. >> you can put your prescription lenses in there too, which is really nice. again, the holidays aut the children. we're all looking for gifts that are not anything to do with screen time, right? also bring that elation to our children on christmas morning. we're all looking for that. let's go back to bumper cars. i found these. these are from fly bar. again, get off. come on. i'm not sure if lawrence's legs are going to fit. [inaudible conversations] [laughter] let's go! will: i don't think i have
5:56 am
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janssen can help you explore cost support options. ♪ ♪ rachel: good morning. it's 9:00 here in the east coast, and there's the shot of the morning. those are two turkeys that we are going to name and pardon. welcome, will, good morning. good morning to you, lawrence. i have to tell you something. i have a phobia that i don't think you guys know about, and it is chickens -- [laughter] so while i would like to do this
6:01 am
segment, it's very exciting, i will probably be not as close as you guys. will: oh, how fascinating. [laughter] welcome to "fox & friends." you're afraid of birds in general? rachel: birds in general. chickens, yes. lawrence: they annoy me. they do annoy me concern rah. rachel: they freak me out. i get this weird sensation at the bottom of my feet, and it just crawls all the way up. will: i would have to imagine turkeys are at the so much the list of most terrifying birds. rachel: yeah, it is. will: that head they have. lawrence: so she's distanced from us, it's not because we smell -- rachel: yeah. it's not you guys, it's the turkeys. even when i clean turkeys at thanksgiving, i have to, like, of course, it's the feathers that's not on there, but i have to brace myself. [laughter] will: ready to get to that. lawrence: i mean, that would be
6:02 am
classic. will: we did a thanksgiving sides competition. we each put in recipes, and we asked you at home what you thought. of course, you don't get to taste it. and we're pretty objective. i thought rachel won. we both made stuffing, and it was really good. you folks at home i guess based on sight and visual presentation have voted like this -- rachel: or maybe they just like lawrence better. i mean, everything lawrence does is a little better. lawrence: no. you know, i think they saw the presentation, they said, look -- rachel: it looked good. lawrence: i mean, to be fair, rachel did ask for the recipe, and i'm going to give hers a try. rachel: i did. will: lawrence has won 45% of the vote for candied yams. lawrence: where's the trophy? rachel: does the trophy go to the viewers who never even tasted us or to our own poll of those of us who tasted it? lawrence: that's a good point.
6:03 am
we always side with the audience. will: i think they just voted for lawrence's candied yams. heroins lawrence all right, a hard turn -- lawrence: a hard turn the. cities across the country see their second day of protest following the acquittal of kyle rittenhouse of all charges. protesters marched through the streets of chicago calling for a, quote, communist e revolution. rachel: tampa, minneapolis, los angeles saw similar demonstrations on saturday. meanwhile, one person was arrested in portland after friday's protest was declared a riot. and in new york city mayor-elect eric adams plans to visit extremists who vandalized a neighborhood known for supporting police following friday's verdict. >> it gives the appearance that black and white new yorkers are at each other's throats, and that's not. they were from out of our city and state. will: people were arrested and charged with rioting there.
6:04 am
meanwhile, wendy rittenhouse, mother of kyle rittenhouse, has spoken out in the wake of her son's acquittal, and she's talking about his need to cope, that kyle may or may not have made same choices if he had it to do again. he is a human who is paying the toll, the cost as we speak for the backlash or three the pfsd -- ptsd for what went out that night, and she said essentially in the end there are no winners. watch. >> it's over. but there's another chapter in our lives that we're going to have to deal with. t not about winning or losing. there was two people that did pass away, and families have to grieve. and my family has to also go on
6:05 am
too. talking to him now, he would have never went down there if this ever happened again. he wants to go to school, he wants to play with his dog milo and be a normal kid, but it's going to be the different for him because there's going to be people out there wanting to hurt him. he needs to heal, and the other people that are involved in this, they need to heal too. rachel: she looks exhausted. she looks like she needs to heal too. the whole family went through a lot. lawrence: you know, she's right. there are no winners. his life is destroy for the rest of his life are probably, and he's going to have to go through mental health issues as well. you never want lives to be lost even though they brought it on themselves, but there was a victory for justice. rachel: i agree. lawrence: and people weren't intimidated. there was a victory for the second amendment and self-defense, and that can't be overstated because there was a lot of pressure from the media, from those in power including the president of the united
6:06 am
states. they pressured this jury to do something that the evidence didn't suggest -- they took their time, 26 hours, went through every single charge. asked the judge to take those documents home to review them to make hire they got it right. and at the end of the day, they did the right thing. will: again, a ton of external pressure, manipulation, propaganda and lies. here's just one example. gofundme shut down any fundraising for kyle rittenhouse's defense for the past year as he attempted to mount his legal right to defend himself in court. and meanwhile, those who would look to contribute to kyle rittenhouse's redefense like former norfolk police lieutenant bill kelly who lawrence spoke to earlier was fired for donating $25 to rittenhouse's defense. watch. >> it was a personal donation that i made from my personal funds while off duty. everybody's encouraging me to fight good fight because when i
6:07 am
got fired, everybody else in the department felt concerned that somebody might go through their social media, maybe hack into their personal information and find a comment that is innocuous in itself but might be twisted. and if the media gets hold of it and people complain, the average police officer's afraid they could lose their job just like i did. lawrence: can we just talk about how dangerous this is? rachel: yeah. lawrence: it is a constitutional right to have legal counsel. actually, we've seen many trials be reopened because people didn't have effective legal counsel. he took the his private money and contributed to this. we also know that the prosecution used part of their prosecution to highlight that kyle got legal representation, and the judge rightfully admonished him because it's a constitutionally-protected right. i am happy to report that i checked the i lieutenant's gofundme site, he has reached over his goal, and it just shows
6:08 am
you this audience is stepping up. the world sees that this is a big problem. rachel: yeah. this is a huge problem. will, i just have a legal question because we've seen cases where they've allowed people who are, you know, setting up defense funds because they were in a very similar situation to kyle rittenhouse, and yet they could set it up. i mean, can the private company just make that decision? it just seems so discriminatory because it's so obviously based on ideology. will: unfortunately, and we've had this conversation with, for example, ideology and political affiliation aren't protected classes. it's not protected right now. rachel: can that change? could that be something that changes just like we now have categories that are protected? will: that would be statutory and a legal question in terms of the supreme court. should it be. you know, crimination is a very, very -- discrimination is a very, very, walk carefully when
6:09 am
we separate people out. i believe it's better and more important for us as consumers to realize that a private company can make their own -- rachel: i won't go to gofundme ever again -- will: there you go. lawrence: he's using another platform. i think the more important conversation is the fact that that the police department -- rachel: i agree. lawrence: -- publicly funded, publicly run, and there are elected officials that manage this let him go for contributing his private money to this -- rachel: and the way he was shamed by the media. i still remember the footage of him going into his house as if he were some criminal. i mean, way he was vilified, it was shameful, absolutely shameful. and you're right, if you don't defend this police officer, they're coming for you next. will: so a bit of drama in bidenland reportedly, president
6:10 am
biden telling his inner circle he will run for re-election in 2024. why is that of note? because there's a ton of drama and problems when it comes to vice kamala harris. what are the problems? she's very unpopular. we've talked about biden's approval rating, it's historically low at 36%, only outdone by kamala harris' approval rating at 28%. and take a look at only of these headlines. this is l.a. times on friday. as kamala harris takes criticism, democrats in a bind as they look to 2024 and 2028. politico, biden's successor isn't scaring off anyone. this is talking about potential presidential runs should biden not run. cnn also talking about the dysfunction with harris' frustrating start to her vice presidency. but here's the thing, i think the presidency, 2024, is only one element to this drama. let's say joe biden does run
6:11 am
again. is kamala harris his running mate again? rachel: i think the more likely case is i don't think joe biden makes it through his term, so she will become that person. and with 28% approval rating, i -- this is really kind of unheard of. i mean, even trump with every attack that you can imagine never had poll numbers even chose to. so my question to you is why? i mean, is it lack of performance or is it just that her personality is very grating? harris lawrence i don't think the country likes any of it. they didn't like kamala harris -- rachel: yeah, that's true. lawrence: -- in the primary. she was the first one out, even one author, i forgot her name, was able to stay in the race longer hand her. but i also think this game of thrones tactic that we're seeing in the white house right now, you know, why are they competing over their low approval ratings? [laughter] no one likes any of them. one is saying, well, i'm better. you got buttigieg that's been
6:12 am
inserted in the conversation now for vp. first of all, they shouldn't be worried about re-election right now. through this term. try to fix the border, try to fix the supply chain crisis. it just shows you that their focus is in the wrong place. they're worried about being reelected right now, and the american people are wondering how they're going to keep food on the table for thanksgiving or get the toys for christmas. finish it just shows you their priorities right now. rachel: we introduced daniel, my friend, he's a 17-year-old senior at brooklyn tech, and here's what he has to say about kamala harris and her impact or, basically, having let could be the black community. >> when black americans voted for kamala harris, they expect a role model. but overall, role models are supposed to be competent, and kamala harris and the biden administration has been anything but competent.
6:13 am
the border crisis, she's failed to take charge, and we can talk about what the administration is supposed to do on inflation. when you're a black american or any american who does not make a lot of money, everyone single penny counts, and they're really hurting the pocketbooks of all americans, not only black americans. rachel: he brings up such a great point. what's the point of having the first vice president who happened to be a minority if she's totally incompetent at everything that she's done? i think it's an example, will, of the problem of electing people or nominating them because they fit a box. as lawrence says, she was not liked by the democrat party -- lawrence: even black democrats -- rachel: in the end because they chose a white, old guy as their candidate, they felt like they needed to balance that with this historic figure, and they didn't look at competence the, they didn't look at likability or popularity, all the things that are important in a vice president. it was just that she fit that box. and in the end, it disappoints
6:14 am
the very people they're trying to attract to their party, young black americans who are saying, yeah, so she's black, but she's not very good. will: so what did he poll in the democratic primary, like 1 is %? rachel: yes. lawrence: you know, i remember, because we kind of predicted this was how it was going to go, joe biden was going to be the president and kamala harris was going to be the vice president her people were saying you guys are so damn predictable. like, you got identity politics, and this is what we get. rachel: can i just say one last thing? i was interviewed this past week over my book and everything else, and this one reporter said to me, you know, rachel, it's so great that you are the first hispanic woman to lead a morning cable news show. how do you feel about that in and i said, gosh, that's such an interesting question. it's true, i am the first, but i said i'm so happy to be part of a network where that's kind of
6:15 am
irrelevant. a commonality that i have with my colleagues on that couch really has nothing to do with it. i said we relate to each other as proud americans, as parents, as christians. i just -- thank you, fox. i've never had anybody at fox, like,off about that. it doesn't matter to me. will: and our common love of mexican food? [laughter] rachel: now, that's something we can really, or really bond over. thank you. [laughter] [inaudible conversations] will: i'm already there. you want to go to -- andy's? lawrence: the producers are yelling at us. fox news witnesses more than 150 illegal immigrants make their way into the u.s. the immigrants coming from places as far as eastern europe as some of them hail from romania and albania. this as biden's border crisis
6:16 am
continues to rage on in texas with arrests at the border reaching the highest level ever recorded in 2021. a courageous 9-year-old rushes to defend her mother from an attacker. a man attempting to rob her mom outside a florida supermarket she joined us earlier along with her mom to tell us what it was like. >> i saw him -- rachel: and you punched him? [laughter] >> we told her to run and get help next time because she's a brave little girl. lawrence: laila ali. police arrested the suspect and presented her with a token of appreciation. those are your headlines. what a hero. rachel: i absolutely loved interviewing that a little girl. i mean, she was amazing. and she didn't just punch this guy -- lawrence: she chased him. rachel: she chased him almost
6:17 am
five blocks! she wanted to get her mom's purse. it's so sweet. her mom says i don't want you to do that again. [laughter] and the police said we're giving her a medal, but don't try this at home. [laughter] lawrence: if i had a daughter, i'd want her to be like her. rachel: she is a real hero. forget about all those nba people, the sports stars, that's an american hero. all right, coming up, a new york school is separating unvaccinated parents from the vaccinated. we've been talking about this all morning, will. brian kilmeade reacts, and we are pardoning turkeys live on fox square this morning. will: and you can vote on their names. they already have names, taste key and juice sis -- [laughter] but we're going to rename them because they're running free. go do it on facebook and instagram. ♪ ♪ a mountain of toys to fulfill many wishes must be carried across all roads and all bridges.
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join for free on the xfinity app. our thanks. your rewards. ♪ rachel: a long island school district spark outrage over its plans to separate parents by vaccination status. will: according to the superintendent, quote, some parents were uneasy sitting at close quarters with those not vaccinated. we want to get as many people in
6:22 am
without feeling uncomfortable. the measure will enable administrators to contact trace parents in the event of an outbreak. lawrence: brian kilmeade is here to react. i'm sure you've got problems with this, right in this is the new segregation. brian: the least surprising story that we will hear about today. this is exactly what's going on. the nassau county democrat bruce blakeman just beat her in the election, one of the big surprises no one's talking about, i think the richest tax bracket in the country or the most expensive, and rockville center is an i'd dillic county, i mean, the town. it's unbelievable. everybody wants to live there. the train goes right to manhattan right from there, and it's one of the stops that everybody wants to go to, but hay want to separate the parents. one thing you could do is tell your kids stop acting, getting in arts or in band, number two, you've got to deal with it.
6:23 am
this is happening all over because the vaccinated can't mix with the unvaccinated unless if, of course, you're living your life and we go to home depot or costco where we're doing that anyway. this is just another person making a stand, and this is the battle we're having around the world not just in rockville and long island. rachel: you're right. what i find, you can't let -- this happens when people let it happen, frankly. i think that's just the reality. i also find that the richer the area, the more they want it or submit to it. do you find that's true? brian: yeah. i mean, this is whole risk thing. i want to live my life. i'm happiest wearing two masks, i'm happiest not going out. that's the way you live your life. if you, at this point we know the facts. i don't want to hear or see one more anthony fauci moment, i don't want to hear any kind of pitching for any booster shots. i'm looking it up on my own.
6:24 am
we talk to smartest people around on it. we don't need any more coaching on mandates. sooner or later, the right political operative will find that out. will: i went to lunch yesterday, vaccination card and id. put your mask on while you walk to your table. we are living in the age of lunacy. it's good we have brian kilmeade with us, speaking of lunacy -- [laughter] who's on a book tour. of i made it work. let me see where he is today. orlando, florida. that's where he is. he's going to clearwater on december 4th, mcclain, virginia, because he's talking about the guy who's tattooed on lawrence jones' arms, frederick douglass and abraham lincoln. lawrence: you got to pay the invoices -- brian: i've got something for you. the plaza live tonight, i'm able
6:25 am
to go on stage, and i really wish you guys had the opportunity to do this to be able to interabout with the audience and talk about all the books. it's like the war against american history. i'm going to push back with all these books and, rachel, i know we've talked about this before. unvaccinated, no mask, i don't care -- [laughter] tonight there's tickets available at brian and the plaza live. but here's the thing, check this out. i'm meeting the best people out and about, and then i meet this man who has a autographed copy of frederick douglass' biography of frederick douglass -- lawrence: no way. rachel: wow. brian: it was signed by his father was friends with him, and he said look at this, and there it is. i don't know if you see it on the screen right now. we'll call it up. frederick douglass signed his book in 180, and that is -- 1880. that was in fairhope, alabama, one of the best stops any fox
6:26 am
person will ever make and one of the best talk about things. so -- towns. i thought, lawrence, you in particular would enjoy that. lawrence: you got to get that for me, dude can. rachel: i wonder how much it's worth. that's got to be worth quite a bit of money. brian: it was pretty impressive. rachel: by the way, you're a one-man show. the 1619 program, i have so much respect for you, brian. brian: it's in the show tonight the. rachel: you're doing more than anybody i know to fight back against that narrative about america. you also were kind enough to be a part of my book, all-american christmas, and i found this toy. [laughter] there's a story behind this. tell us about it and tell me, is this colossus rex? i didn't know. brian: very good. so one of the stories that rachel and sean asked me ability which was my biggest letdown at christmas which launched my war on santa the. it's screwing up my book tour,
6:27 am
they chemowalking up to me -- keep walking up to me with your book concern. [laughter] what is better than a guy with a barrel chest, big arm that can kick butt with the dangerous metal wires through the arms? that's all i wanted for christmas. net worth about $9. so when i opened up, i wanted this gift only. i open up and i get a skinny guy with pencil arms and a brain outside his head. is so i sit down there, i'm crushed, and i said santa made a huge mistake, and my dad sits me down and says in life santa's message is brains matter more than muscle, and he's serving you a message to keep -- sending you a message to keep studying hard. rachel: wow. brian: and i'm saying this is the worst christmas ever, but i think jest the story. my brother got the same thing. next year he goes the colossus colossus -- will: what is this, brian in i was into action figures, g.i.
6:28 am
joes -- rachel: it's a generation gap here. brian: wow. will: what is this, brian? lawrence: ninja turtles. [inaudible conversations] brian: that is us growing up, some of my picturings. [laughter] but that is coolest guy ever. he would beat up all the other guys including the g.i. joes. he's built like a body builder. he's intimidating. and after i told this story on television, someone mailed me toy, so i owned it for the first time k and i asked you to take it out of my office because it's in my office every day. rachel: so, brian, you're bringing back american history, and you're bringing back retro toys for christmas. i know every kid will want that now. will: even me in. rachel: even will. by the way, you can get this on fox news, amazon, anywhere. keep us at number one. keep 1619 project off that list.
6:29 am
you can buy brian kilmeade's book as well. lawrence: number three on "the new york times." rachel: that's right. lawrence: see ya. rachel: up next, florida congressman michael waltz, he'll join us next. at vanguard, you're more than just an investor, you're an owner with access to financial advice, tools and a personalized plan that helps you build a future for those you love. vanguard. become an owner.
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because in a cadillac, tradition is yours to define. so visit a cadillac showroom, and start celebrating today. ♪ ♪ ♪ rachel: welcome back to "fox & friends." we've been telling you chinese state-run media releasing -- telling you the chinese have released video of tennis star peng shuai who vanished after lodging sexual assault accusations against a member of the communist party. will: but critics, including our next guest, aren't buying it if demanding proof she is safe and free. lawrence: florida gop congressman michael waltz sent a letter to the chinese ambassador, and he joins us now with more. congressman, thanks so much. it was a pleasure to see you at the patriot awards. should we still -- and this is going to be how it's going to,
6:34 am
you know, how they're going to do this, should we be the still having the winter olympics there? shouldn't we be protesting this right now? >> i mean, imagine if the number one tennis star, a major sports celebrity in the united states, leveled a sexual assault allegation, a very credible one, saying that a major political figure like the vice president had abused them for years, and then that athlete just disappeared off the face of the everett. that's what's -- earth. that's what's happened in china with their former number one doubles player in the world, peng shuai. she put forward this allegation, everything's been censored, and now gone. and so the letter we sent to the ambassador said stop with the censorship, give us verifiable proof of her health and safety, and this needs to be fully investigated.
6:35 am
apparently, their vice premier sexually salted her -- assaulted her over a period of years. will: yeah. i think details are important. she made a sexual assault claim. she disappears. and as we were setting it up, so they put this video out. but i want to be clear, you don't buy this video. they're saying oh, look, here she is, she's not disappeared. you're not buying this video. >> yeah, no. they're saying that he is freely at her home -- will: right. >> -- and not necessarily detained. yet no one in the world including other tennis stars, the world tennis association, anyone else has been able to contact her. will: right. >> so the chinese government has a long history of doing this. they just hanged an nba player, cut him off from the entire world and tortured him in many ways for a period of eight months. and, you know, i just want to say good on the world tennis association for stepping up and taking a forceful stand, unlike
6:36 am
the nba which has just been completely silent on a number of issues and has actually forced an american general manager and others to take down any criticism of china because they're worried about their bottom line. the ioc, back to your point on the olympics, has been completely silent on this issue. and all of these reasons, the safety of our athletes, the oppression of freedom in china, the gross human rights violations are reasons that a year ago i introduced the measure in the house calling for a full boycott of of the olympi. we cannot have the american flag flying in beijing turning a blind eye to all of those abuses plus covid that they still won't, you know, work with us on in terms of investigating. dictators love the olympics, right? putin invaded crimea and the ukraine just months after sochi
6:37 am
olympics. we all know what hitler did in the years after the 1936 olympics. and i worry about taiwan and future aggression from china after the entire world turns a blind eye to their abuses in just a few months. this is right around the corner, in february. rachel: congressman, i want to get to another topic that's important as well. there are reports that hunter biden's firm reportedly helped a chinese company purchase a very rich cobalt mine in a deal worth $3.8 billion. finish what is the impact of that on the american economy, on our national security, and what about the biden administration? does this road lead from hunter over to joe biden as well? >> well, so you have the chinese communist party is seeking to dominate the global minerals trade. i mean, these are list are yum, cobalt -- lithium, cobalt,
6:38 am
graphite, these are the raw materials for computer chips and importantly, cobalting is for electric batteries. so here you have the left in the united states demanding that we move to an all-electric, all-battery economy through legislation, forcing that on all americans, yet all it's doing is forcing our dependency on the chinese communist party who's trying to dominate those mines. by the way, that legislation that just passed, build back better, will shut down a number of american mines. and now you have the son of the president of the united states helping the chinese. meanwhile, he also owns space in firms that are blacklisted from the united states, one of which for trying to steal american nuclear technology. so i gotta tell you, when we get in charge, we're going to get to the bottom of what's going on with hunter biden and the biden family's investments.
6:39 am
and when he's talking about in his e-mails that came off his laptop the having to pay his father's bills and how much the big guy owns, i think it stinks. i think the white house is compromised. and, you know, look, this is our greatest adversary that is seeking to.coming nate us economically so they can dominate us militarily. lawrence: so shady. rachel: so shade did. thank you so much for that, congressman. you're right. you're absolutely right. patriots don't do that. thank you. >> okay, thank you. lawrence: coming up, following his historic speech on the house floor, kevin mccarthy sits could be with maria bartiromo on what's next. she joins us with a preview next. >> every page of this new washington spending shows just how irresponsible and out of touch the democrats are.
6:40 am
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♪ rachel: the house passing joe biden's massive $1.75 trillion spending bill friday morning but not before a record 8-plus hour speech from minority leader kevin mccarthy. >> this is the single most reckless and irresponsible spending bill in our nation's history. never in american history will so many taxes be raised and so much borrowing be needed to pay for all this reckless spending.
6:44 am
rachel: the minority leader will have more to say in this morning's interview with "sunday morning futures" anchor maria bartiromo, and she joins us now. good morning. maria: hey, rachel, good morning to you. yeah, kevin mccarthy is going to join me in his first interview since that marathon speech. you've got to say the republicans are getting tough, pushing back against this radical agenda, rachel. rachel: yeah. except that the i don't know if it's going to have an impact. we really just have to wait until the next election, right? maria: well, we'll see. i do think that communicating the specifics of this bill was important to do to the american people. that's what kevin mccarthy was doing. he went through it line by line what is so terrible about this bill and why it is going to result in much higher taxes for all of us. so he was trying to speak to the american people. he was urn no disel pollution -- under no disillusion that he was going to stop the house from
6:45 am
voting on it. they voted it the next morning, but he certainly delayed it. now it's up to the senate. and i can tell you right now, rachel, i will have breaking news on "sunday morning futures" about how many senators on the democrat side are actually against this. there are a number of house democrats as well. it's not just joe manchin and kyrsten sinema, there are a whole host of democrats who realize their re-election is on the line and not even to mention the retirements we're talking about. there's another issue with the gop leader, how many seats he believes he can yo turn up in -- overturn. up until this last couple of weeks, i was hearing there wasn't an expectation that the nat would go, but now there is an increasing feeling gnat senate has a -- that the senate has a shot as well to turn. we'll get into all half that with gop leader kevin mccarthy as well as senator marsha black burn. she has a thing or two to say about what kamala harris has been up to as well. i know you talked about that
6:46 am
earlier on the show. rachel: you also have dr. scott at las and heir mayber month as well, right? maria: she is a hopeful. she wants to be part of that overturn for the gop next year. he is running for liz cheney's seat in wyoming, so we are going the meet her today and find out why she thinks she will resonate many wyoming, and we know that the republicans have denounced liz cheney as a republican. harriet hageman hopes to be that come the midterms in wyoming. rachel: yeah, she was kicked out of the republican party in wyoming, fascinating stuff. maria, we look forward to your show as always. it's always a news-breaker. maria: see you in ten minutes. rachel: all right, thanks. let's turn to rick reichmuth for our weather forecast. rick: on sunday ises i like to look ahead at the precipitation this week. let me show you what's going on.
6:47 am
overall, i tell you what, not that bad. nobody getting any kind of massive rain, certainly no massive snow. significant rain across participants of far south texas midweek, but that's it. airports are looking good. we have one system that we are watching right now across parts of the ohio valley. it's going to bring some rain showers throughout the day today, and it does pull off towards the east, even towards the southeast. cooler air comes in behind it very quickly, but overall this is not a massive weathermaker x it's not going to have massive impacts across any roads or even across the airports. of that that dose for today, tomorrow, tuesday and wednesday for this big travel week ahead. we have a lot to be thankful for. will, send it to you inside. will: rick, thank you. it's week 11 of the nfl season, and fox has 7 matchups you don't want to miss. here to break could be the game is fox nfl kickoff host, carissa thompson. >> hi, will. it is a big day.
6:48 am
especially for you. we'll talk about your cowboys, but i want to start with the packers and the vikings. such a great rivalry in that nfc north. i gotta go green bay. will, i know you'll probably agree, packers winning 8 of their last 9 games but not doing it decisively on the offensive side of the ball. this defense has been a coming up big for green bay, and this vikings' team is coming off a nice win against the chargers where where they found their mojo a little bit. they finally got justin jefferson the ball. there's a recipe for success, getting that guy the ball and then into the end zone. so even though i like what minnesota's doing, they're putting it together a little bit too late for me, so i like the green bay packers by 3. will: okay. another big game before we get to the big game, new orleans saints and philadelphia eagles. i got in on this came, california carissa, and i went with the saints. they shut down the run, that's what they do. >> they do. and i'm with you. even though the eagles are putting together good football
6:49 am
right now, they're 0-4 at home. so they're looking for their first win at hole. in fact, the rest of their schedule, guys, is at home. they never travel again. but i still like this saints team. they can't find their offensive identity, still struggling there, but this detention if is -- defense is huge. the eagles have done a great job of running the ball, but the saints have the number one rush defense. saints by 7. will: okay. the big game, 4:25 -- [laughter] that's eastern time. it is the cowboys against the chiefs. all right, carissa, i can't wait to hear what you have to say. >> i want to know where you're watching this game. will: well, i'm in new york. i'm not home in dallas. i do have friends, believe it or not -- >> you do? of course. you're very popular. will: we have a mutual friend who's in new york, brian, a friend of mine from back in the espn days. i hope he'll forgive me for
6:50 am
mentioning his name. i hope i'm watching a cowboys victory. >> i love it. i live 10 minutes away from ryan, but, yeah, i like the cowboys in this one because i like what they're doing on both sides of the ball. they are amari cooper, but i still think they get it done, putting up big numbers. 40-plus points for the third time this season. the chiefs, yes, ooh nice win last week, but they're is still struggling on both sides of the ball. patrick mahomes played the right way last week, but cowboys defense, i think, gives him fits today. so i'm taking your coy boys by 10. will: by 10? wow! >> i'm all in on them. and you know this, will, our sunday nfl challenge jackpot which is over $300,000. and our thursday night football jackpot which was won this past thursday has now been hit 5 of the last 6 weeks, so we're
6:51 am
giving away more than $5.5 million since the app launched two weeks ago. you want terry bradshaw's money, download the app and play for free. will: here's hoping you're right today, california race a saw. have fun -- carissa. will: up next, we'll reveal the names of the two turkeys taking part in the first ever "fox & friends" weekend turkey pardon with joe concha. that's not joe. that's tasty and juicy. you can rename them. you can name them concha, if you want. ♪ ♪ take advantage of lowe's black friday deals early. full of savings to make the season twice as nice, and twice as merry. buy online and pick up in store today.
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and non-stick removable and reversible dishwasher safe plates for easy cleanup. the cuisinart griddler, [ joe ] my teeth were a mess. it's a real crowd pleaser.
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i had a lot of pain. as far as my physical health, my body was telling me you got to do something. and so i came to clearchoice. your mouth is the gateway to your body. joe's treatment plan was replacing the teeth with dental implants from clearchoice. [ joe ] clearchoice has changed my life for the better. it's given me my health back. there's an amazing life out there if you do something for your health now. >> i hear by grant you a full pardon. >> there's days that reminded why iran for this office. >> a special day for turkey, for the most part.
6:56 am
>> his name is marshmallow. >> look at that beautiful beautiful bird. >> i was planning to eat this sucker. >> i pardon you. >> i was planning on eating it too. it's not thanksgiving at the white house without a turkey party. >> the president is only one part need turkey. >> i am here to help grant the first ever turkey party. >> turkey farmer and fox news contributor joe concha. all right joe you the mc of the festivities. >> let's start with trivia
6:57 am
first. who was the first president to start the annual tradition of the turkey party? >> i saw a clip. what the lbj? >> harrie truman? >> off by 50 years. >> george h. w. bush. the year rachel was born. >> officially. >> question number two, how many turkeys are eaten on thanksgiving? >> per person? >> per population. >> millions is correct but i need a number. >> there's 200 million people the united states, divide that by three, i'm going to go just over a million. one point to million. >> 1.5 million. >> everybody is totally off. 45 - 46000000 turkey on
6:58 am
thanksgiving. this is what is going to throw off. what percent of americans eat turkey on thanksgiving? >> 100%? >> 80%. >> 40%. >> i'm going with 73%. >> everybody is wrong again, rick is correct, it is 88%. >> rachel said 80%, rachel wins that. these turkeys, if i pardon them just like when the president hardens them they go to a turkey farm in virginia, a thousand acres. they live out their days, they get eaten eventually, it's guaranteed. here's the interesting thing, they also get $450,000 each because are separated from their parents according to biden. >> that's our show.
6:59 am
>> how long is a turkeys life. >> 5 - 7 years. >> that's what this is. >> how much do they weigh? >> alive wait around 30 - 32. >> they were sold. >> the presidents turkey for peanut butter and jelly and it's inflation and it's all we can afford. i would say venezuela what is the name our viewers came up with. >> what are the names of years came up with this interesting. >> 42.5%. >> 30% went biscuits and gravy, kind of like that. >> 17.5% "fox & friends" and 10% like pumpkin and spice. >> the official pardon. >> i hereby pardon.
7:00 am
[laughter] >> congratulations. >> happy thanksgiving everybody. [laughter] ♪. maria: good sunday morning, welcome to "sunday morning features" i am maria bartiromo. kevin mccarthy marathon speech, slamming joe biden's radical agenda. >> it is clear this bill is wrong on the merit and they have responded with a single word. enough. enough with washington ways, enough with fraud, washington abuse and washing


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