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tv   Gutfeld  FOX News  November 20, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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drivers travel to pick up the cash. some of them were laughing as they hold this in. not but two people arrested, they could face criminal charges. highway patrol says dozens of people already have returned at least some of the money. that's how fox reports this saturday november 20, 2021. i am jon scott, thanks for watching. ♪♪ [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ >> greg: [laughs] i spit on myself! happy sometime in november, you freaks! what a show we've got for you. mike rowe is here in the house! is the first guest we had to hose down before the show. >> it was nice. >> greg: he's done some of the
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dirtiest jobs on the planet but he said being kat's housekeeper was by far the worst. kat, she base jewel pods to eat from eating tide pods. and then of course there's kellyanne conway! she is the reason jim acosta became a bed wetter. we will get to tyrus later. so last saturday i did a live show in birmingham, alabama. it was a great time had by all, especially me. whoever sent the three little people strippers to my trailer after the show, it was greatly appreciated. it's amazing what they can get up to when you stack them. like a sleeve of ritz crackers. [scattered laughter] >> greg: that's the thing about doing his live shows, people give me things, and not just cold sores. they give me stuff unicorns, home baked brownies, a sketch of me half naked lying on a bearskin rug. and that from pete hegseth.
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i remember posing for that sketch, he in the role of jack and me as rosen titanic. i should stop, but my point is i get a lot of stuff handed to me and it's impossible to look at everything. usually i leave some things behind him a except the ones i can smuggle onto the plane and then gently remove in the bathroom. but saturday, a gentleman handed me an envelope stuffed with paper. it is something i would normally have somebody else open, the last thing i need is another marriage proposal from some stranger. do you remember this guy? what happened to him? he came and went like a jets head coach. i know, i don't even know what that means. but guys, remember, if you're going to propose, you've got to put a ring on it and i don't mean my finger. i don't know what i mean. sorry, kellyanne but i decided to open the envelope and lo and behold it wasn't a death threat or some mysterious white powder. sorry about that, kat.
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it was a letter from jim burns, formerly in charge of solution architecture of microsoft. essentially his job was to come up with solutions for problems. it's a weird job because want to come up with a solution, you're out of a job. it's why democrats will work forever. but he sent me an idea that smacked me in the face harder than mohit and curly. it's called the mlk dream score, which would grade political candidates based on their adherence to martin luther king's "i have a dream" speech. how simple is this? it's a simple as eric swalwell. he is simple, and it would be easier to implement than my shoe list, but it tackled the gulf between people who claim to have your best interest at heart but then screw you like a [bleep] weatherman. of it describes every left-wing leader in the last two decades. as he points out, there's no quick and accurate way to assess a candidate's suitability for blacks, because they've been hoodwinked into voting for
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democrats, who spout principles that sound good but then enact policies completely contrary to mlk's vision. it's politics in a left-wing nutshell. people weigh the eloquent of speeches much more heavily than their actions. this is why obama was so popular. he nailed it on charisma but his policies did less for blacks than the casting director for "friends." can you think about one? you can't, get you. aisha taylor, tyler may be. you can say that from everyone, from jesse jackson to "the squad." compare that to trump, who, to be honest, his delivery wasn't always great at times but even when trump was that eloquent as rasputin without the sex appeal, his policies were more helpful to blacks then any modern era president. in one breath you might call the nfl -- but in the next creepy lois on employment for blacks in modern history. it goes back to words versus
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deeds. trump always nailed the deeds but gave fodder to his critics with the words. it was harder for him to resist media bait and brian stelter is with a twinkie casserole. the mlk dream score solved this problem by scoring candidates using the principles embodied in the mlk speech and it's easy, you create a website which has the actual speech and a scorecard with a selectable map of the country. you can visit your state, find your candidate and their dream score. it's like a fantasy football league for politicians. if it's high it would show happy mlk, if it's low, it would be angry. at all candidates would be treated the same, regardless of race. in other words, they would be judged on the content of their policies, not the color of their skin. sure, charisma might count for something, but not a lot. after all, this is about finding a great leader, not the next "american idol." so obama would get a low score because although he was cool, his policies left blacks cold. biden would get -- scored 0 for
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excusing physical violence at protests, creating parlors station by bringing people as racist, and having no interest in a "beautiful symphony of brotherhood." but winston -- her words are consistent with mlk's speech about principles and character. deeds are weighted versus words and it's a great way to gauge a leader. it would literally get rid of every liberal mayor in days if not seconds. i wonder what the angry black male things. ♪ ♪ >> it's, fellas, you guys are here to pitch me about racial divisions country. i'm all ears, what you got? >> thanks for having us, tyrus. [laughter] here at white and white associates week focus group anxious caucasians to help people of color like you. >> like me? >> i know that sounds like i was seeing you people.
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>> because you did. >> i think you'll still like some of the ideas that we have buried >> permanent daylight savings for black people because we are always in our late? this is nothing but stupid stereotypes, to clients of anything else to do except waste my time? >> what if someone had a dream? >> go on. >> where people weren't judged by stereotypes and race, instead on the content of their character. >> okay, all right. let me look at this list again. [laughs] you know what? i actually like this one. ♪ ♪ >> greg: so this is the first time i've ever done a monologue based on something a band gave me other than a fake phone number, but it shows who were great ideas come from, they come from you. when you sit down and you think hard, you would be surprised what comes out of you, especially if you do your best thinking on the toilet.
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[scattered applause] >> greg: i couldn't stop! i had to end on a poop joke! always end on a poop joke! what's welcome tonight's guests. she grew up working on a buried farm and tonight she's working with some nuts, warmer senior counselor to president trump, kellyanne conway! none of his dirty jobs prepared him for tonight. a host of how america works on fox nation, mike rowe! she's like glitter, bright, fun, and the possible to get widows, fox news contributor kat timpf! and the world revolves around him literally! nwa world television champion, tyrus! [scattered applause] kellyanne conway i apologize for ending that monologue on a poop
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joke. i hope i did not offend you. >> it's hard to offend me. i have really [indiscernible]. >> greg: what to make of this idea? it's very simple. >> i love it. i love it because that was the message of martin luther king and you're right about deeds versus words. i looked in and administration, the trump pensive administration where millions got off welfare, millions got food stamps, the lowest on appointment rate for african-americans, asian-americans, hispanic-americans, women were in the workforce, and as the kids were forced out of school the way their moms were forced out of the workforce we are still reckoning without to say nothing of all the woke is joe, woke is broke out there but i like it, and i think he would give biden-here is a big zero. i think what you describe is exactly why he's at 38% approval and she's at 28% approval because people said you didn't make good on any promise, you didn't unify the country, you don't care about bipartisan action, you don't care about
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people and your policies are wrongheaded. >> greg: but thank god they got rid of those mean tweets. you've got high inflation, but those tweets are gone, thank god, mike! those tweets were driving me crazy, keeping me up all night aside from thinking about you. if my delicious little blue king king. >> canadian tuxedo. [laughter] >> greg: that's not true, they don't have tuxedos. >> thank you for that joke. that means my entire career, season one of dirty jobs was literally feces from every species. that's how the network slugged it and that's all we did so it's nice to be home. >> greg: people, they got to get over it, they got to get over it, it's part of life. it is such a great restaurant, but i'll stop. what you make of this idea? you always have good ideas about how to fix things. >> no i don't, actually. [scattered laughter] the great idea is that you're listening to your fans, and everything -- well, we did 300
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dirty jobs and i would say 280 of them were fan suggestions, so all the ideas came in from them, so that's really great. i love the dream score. if we want to color-blind society, i don't really know what to say about policies that revolve entirely around color. how do you get away from it? at some point, you know, there's the whole leveling of the playing field thing, i get it, but the man talked about a color-blind future. if we're ever going to get there -- i've got this thing called a sweat pledge in my foundation and people have to sign it. it's kind of an old throwback to the boy scouts but it's 12 simple statements of belief, things like personal responsibility, delayed gratification and so forth, it has been deemed recently as all right. >> greg: of course! >> and the questions that come now every year -- we've given away may be 1400 these work ethic scholarships but every year now more and more, how many women, how may people of color?
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and because it's a foundation and not a company, i can say quite candidly, who cares? i don't know, we are trying to gauge for work ethic and from what i've seen, no gender or race has a corner on that. if and so hilarity ensues things get very sporty online and we have this conversation, but it always comes back to this exact thing. if you want a color-blind future, what in the world are you doing with a color obsessed president? >> greg: there you go, that's it. >> that wasn't bad. >> your theory, or his theory, is brilliant, but it's problematic. >> greg: good word! [tackles] >> it goes against the entire foundation of what the democrat party is about because anytime a brother becomes successful and a freethinker, they take our black cards away, they can't get mine. good luck trying, but they love as soon as you become successful, i make so much a
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year, i don't like this tax bracket, i'm going to look at this -- hey, i'm a republican. oh, you are a republican? your blackness is gone and your new nickname is uncle tom. because you can't succeed under their plan. you need us. we have to treat you like children, and bait you and tell you we are going to do this and this and then when you can't succeed it's not their fault, i mean, you are black, did you have a father? the answer -- you laugh, but that -- they say that with a straight face, but don't worry, we're going to get you one welfare we will get you some kind of other things you can -- a voucher so you can get on the bus. >> greg: kat have you ever used anything from a viewer or a fan? >> they're mostly prison letters and they don't even have pictures so i can even tell if they are hot prisoners or not. >> years ago, before you were married. >> right...
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also never before i was married. never. >> greg: they are in prison now. >> i got a little distracted during her monologue though because you mentioned the happy and sad mlk, i started thinking like what if we rated other things like that, like the yelp -- like those signs of the doctor, rate your pain, different mlk faces. but i'm just saying my brain went there, should i not be seymore my brain goes? has that been my problem for all these years? but for me, i just think that -- government in general, i want to ever is going less. the deeds, as long as the deeds are undoing other deeds, those are my favorite deeds. >> greg: yes, the deeds that subtract other deeds. >> there's too many rules. >> greg: dirty deeds done dirt cheap. >> ac/dc. >> greg: there you go. not black and black, what's it fun, which album? >> first one, wasn't it? >> greg: i think if the second. i don't know. >> i was trying to go with your
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theme. >> greg: you are back in black. >> can i say one thing, thing? they had about two dozen democrats running for president, they had a black man, black woman, hispanic-american, simone, that was tulsi gabbard, not elizabeth warren. [laughter] that had the first openly gay candidate, a male socialist, female associate, you know who they ended up with? >> i know! >> please. old white guy, thank you! that is the democratic party in a nutshell. >> greg: one openly gay man and mayor pete. up next, who should we blame for making sch
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with xfinity home, you can keep your home and everything in it more protected. i can wrangle all my deliveries. thanks, hoss! and i help walk the dog from wherever.
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*door unlocks* ♪ ♪ well, i can bust curfew-breakers in an instant. well, you all have xfinity home, with cameras to home security monitored by the pros. *laughs* learn more about home security or get our self-monitored solution starting at just $10 per month. ♪ ♪ >> greg: a creepy professor says we have a lot of nerve if
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we call pervs. time for a new segment i'm calling -- >> our education system. >> greg: welcome to our education system socks. i'm your host, angela lansbury. that reference off to hook our young viewers. and old dominion university professor argus be using the term "maps, or minor attractive person instead of the word pedophile. we don't need a new acronym for pedophiles, we need maps to lead them -- in a recent video, dr. alan walker said that having urges towards children isn't necessarily wrong as long as it's not acted upon. after the inevitable blowback, the school released a statement saying they don't endorse crimes against children and that's a hot take.
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meanwhile, a student his schooling his -- suing his school district after he was suspended from a football game after thing there were only two genders. that's an opinion that two years ago would have earned him an a in biology class. and why is the punishment for that missing a football game? shouldn't he be suspended from watching "rupaul's drag race"? he claimed it violated his rights to free speech because he expressed his religious beliefs. school board members branded a group of concerned parents alt-right after they opposed crt in schools. the thing is, the parents group has several black and jewish parents. among them, this guy. >> what they're doing is basic bullying. what they want you to do is stay home and not use your voice, they want you to hide and shiver in science. she's using her platform like she mentioned, starting off with flipping off the sitting president of the united states, so we are going to use our platform, whatever that looks
4:22 pm
like, to fight for our kids. >> greg: i hate these white bigots! mike, what you're feeling on our educational system as a whole? >> oh, i mean, it's not a great feeling, greg. it's -- >> greg: i hate it when you say that. >> so i mean, in my little lane, there's -- we've been promoting one path, one form of education for the last 40 years at the expense of all the others. i think, you know, it's fine to make a case for college, but we've done it at the expense of just about every other form from apprenticeships to fellowships and so forth and so on, so $1.7 trillion in student loans, 11-point whatever million jobs available i'm a it's a mess. in general. i don't even know what to say about that. i mean, it just goes back to the whole -- that's what pledge thing i mentioned, not to make it all about me, that i can bring it back to me briefly,
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it's -- that's becoming a curriculum now that's in 30 schools and they are using it as a pilot, and the pushback is incredible and it's not -- it's not -- what i'm seeing -- you said it earlier about the language, at some point we woke up in one side had become synonymous with work ethic, delayed gratification, a decent attitude and so forth and so on, and i don't understand where the other side would allow those words to be co-opted almost. and so everything almost feels like a super secret code for something else, so this harmless little pledge that was originally intended to be a challenge to the individual has really become a giant dog whistle for all sorts of other things. >> greg: exactly, the dog whistle. anytime you say something normal, that's somehow a dog whistle. cat, pedophiles misunderstood?
4:24 pm
[laughter] we are waiting! defend the pedophiles, kat! >> i mean, i don't understand pedophiles, but i don't think that's the worst thing about them. pedophiles are bad. >> greg: thank you. >> so there's another hot take. this is what i get paid for. >> you get paid to >> greg: i told him this was an internship! >> did the school get rid of that professor, by the way? >> greg: this is a good question. >> they had to put out a clarifying statement but i bet he's tenured. let me after my parental urges here. >> greg: here's the deal, when they find out -- if they find out he's a republican, then he's really gone. that's the thing. they would probably ban a republican before they would and a pedophile. >> what's happening is people are getting nervous because they label other people -- they don't want to know your name, they don't want you to have a name, that's what people want to call you a racist, sexist, xenophobe,
4:25 pm
they want to call people the alt-right. parents aren't a special interest group, we are parents. every single day, every single moment, everything we think about we consider we do is through the lens of our children. and with the education system is not provided over time is basic -- reading, writing, arithmetic. everybody has to choose how they spend the hours of the day and when the curriculum is so geared towards nonsense and telling you how awful you are and how awful the country is, we need to teach our children to love america, not to hate america, and we need to -- [applause] >> and the other thing is just get the politics out of -- they brought the politics, the left brought the politics into it, we can't get rid of bad teachers, they are tenured, the union protects them. education has to be child-centered. this is about parent choice and it's not going to go away anytime soon. critical race theory is real, it is taught in many places, it's
4:26 pm
been around for a long time. you know it's different? people -- because we are on a last name basis, right? >> greg: of course. >> the people felt they had a great in now with all the liberals in charge of everything in washington editor owes, they thought this is the time for us to get critical race theory, which has been around for a very long time, and bring it into our curriculum, bring it into our schools, no one will argue with us because we will call them names and they run into a buzz saw called parents. i think it's not going to change but let me make another point, you talk about a colorful in society, the best way to do this to make sure our child has a right to a quality education, in his country the mayors of all of our major cities are democrats. and you see the education system. years ago you had southern democrat governors standing in the schoolhouse door keeping minority kids from coming in. now you have many democrats keeping the kids from coming out of bed schools and that's why school choice, charter schools, including here in new york city, so popular, people stand in line just to get a chance of the lottery for the charter schools. >> it's not just about critical race theory, it's about a group
4:27 pm
of parents saying hey, i would like a say in my child's education. i have never given birth that i know of, right? but i feel like if i did, i'd probably want to be involved after that. no one says yes, i want to be a mom so i can create empty vessels to be filled with government propaganda. nobody -- nobody wants that. >> are that you give them up from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. every day. >> you have no say in what they're learning. >> greg: that's what schools are for. >> i've got a different take on this whole thing. we will call him a professor. apparently he fell asleep and left his login on the old computer and the wife found it and now he's trying to get ahead of it. like they are not really pedophiles, they are maps and as long as you don't act on it and just watch it, it's not really the same thing, so he's trying to get ahead of -- he can't find his phone, he thinks one of his students has it he's just trying to get ahead of it. they are not all bad, some of
4:28 pm
them are good teachers and, you know or just -- it's not me, it's a lie! but that's what it is. >> greg: maps? >> minor-attractive person. >> greg: i came up with arsonist would be a warmth enthusiast. serial killer would be a carbon footprint reducer. with got to move on. up next, do
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♪ ♪ >> greg: when it comes to dividing, count on joe biden. when it's hair he's not sniffing, it's people he's splitting. sleepy joe has americans feeling apart, which is what happens when all you do is... a new poll from monmouth the university shows 49% of all americans feel we are more divided since biden took office -- 38% said nothing has really changed buried remaining 1% too stupid to understand the
4:33 pm
question. anyway. meanwhile, biden's stale mate kamala harris is having rough time lately. we told you earlier she's not getting along with joe and others in the white house and the view's son in austin knows why. >> we are especially talk but kamala harris' for approval rating being ten points lower than his approval rating and i think that really speaks to where our country is. you know, let's come down on the woman. >> greg: yeah, let's come down on the woman. no, sonny, that's why you voted for her, because she's a woman. the same reason he voted for her is the same reason you claim some people don't like her. seems like your both from the same sexist club. i how does that help kamala? it doesn't. kamala is in more trouble than kat's liver. if we go to kat's liver for
4:34 pm
comments buried >> please stop, i can't take it anymore! i don't have much time left, please stop! >> greg: kat? >> i love that my liver is a man. my liver is a man. >> greg: he has to be after all that to kill you've been feeding him. is it all because she's a woman? >> no. >> greg: okay. >> i don't think so. i'm sure she's had some sexist criticism, because every woman has at some point. that doesn't automatically mean that all criticism of you is sexist. you know, i've had other criticism for other things that aren't -- just because i suck in different ways, it has nothing to do with the fact that i'm a woman. >> greg: i love the fact, kellyanne, that on the view, here are the names of people on the view. you've got sonny -- that's great. joy. [indiscernible] very doesn't that sound awesome? sonny, joy, it's so much fun! it's like a children's birthday
4:35 pm
party and then they're all miserable! sonny is miserable, joy is miserable, whoopi is sitting there like she is sitting in something. [scattered applause] >> greg: has no one pointed this out? >> that's very funny. i had a couple of great experiences on the view during the 2016 campaign after he won and wasn't supposed to that things took a dark turn. however, on this one, kamala harris has earned every, every bit, every decimal point of that 20% approval rating. it's not racism and sexism, it's eyesight and hearing. people are listening to her, watching her in action and inaction and wondering what the she actually do their? so they have a couple of answers. she does voting rights but only here and there and it's actually stacey abrams who's been able to register -- lost that job in art, governorship of georgia became more powerful, able to register 100,000 people there.
4:36 pm
they put her in charge of understating the root causes of border insecurity and immigration. she went down to the northern triangle for a hot second, came back, and doesn't seem to think we have a crisis at our border where people are pouring over with the secretary of homeland security lying to congress about it today. they watch her in action and all the stories on cnn, "abc news," politico, this is not right wing media, right-wing media polls, those polling numbers you are quoting are coming from nbc, abc, monmouth pole. people are very much against her. i think joe biden picked in his vice president 1 of 3 people in the entire country who cannot upstage in. and the people complaining it's misogyny and sexism that she is ten below joe biden as if his 30% is so great. they both earned it. let me just say this, i think her best bet would be to quit and primary him next time and said they never let me do anything, they never gave me any responsibility, let me tell you what's really going on there.
4:37 pm
they have the all-female press and comp shop, particular, but they have a white house chief of staff who tweets and retweets all day, he doesn't have enough confidence in the girls who work at the white house. >> greg: there you go, what you think you meant you have a theory on this, don't you? >> well, for one, as the story goes on, you can't criticize anyone who is the first. >> greg: right, that's true. >> she's the first sister, she is first woman vp, and their answer was nobody ever brought up what pentz was doing and not doing, because you couldn't leave president trump alone. pens literally could have been running around the house setting curtains on fire and no one would say anything! going somehow trump is responsible for that smoke. even pencils like me, i'm doing it. no one said anything. and then they say -- they give her jobs that are pointless. the border is pointless? the only thing that they do well together is walk toward
4:38 pm
something. they have great entrances and exits, but when they are apart, he falls and she starts doing that! >> giggling. >> so what they need to do is walk out together and just keep going. >> greg: keep going. [scattered cheers] >> greg: mike, what do you think? what's going on? >> i think politically obviously there is a divide. listening to all this go around and around, it's the rhetorical divide that is so interesting. if you mentioned, it's like nothing means what used to mean. >> greg: right. >> so when you ask of people to ignore their eyes over and over and over and over, right, the border is okay, but don't look at the 8,000 people coming in. you know, afghanistan is cool, yes, people are dropping from the plane, but -- there is some weird exponential thing that happens when you're asked to
4:39 pm
look at that over and over and over again. i don't know what to say about -- can you actually quit? could she do that? >> greg: there's a secret strategy here that they might try to get her out, appoint somebody who will then replace biden when biden stops being president in a year. >> can you quit as the vice president? >> i think what you do is say she ran for president on her own and got exactly zero delegates. i mean, the democrats all rejected her and we got stuck her but vice president as victim is a terrible, terrible look. >> sheep can't quit, she hasn't started yet! >> greg: we've got to go, we got to talk about another democrat. another democrat, under the loser. - grammarly business helps my company loser. it build higher performing sales teams.
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♪ ♪ >> greg: has texas had enough of the skateboarding dork pato o'rourke? rather than work he wants to be a powerful jerk. serial loser beto o'rourke announced he's running again for office, he must be getting all
4:44 pm
of his advice from an eight ball and i don't mean the magic one. this time for governor of texas in 2022 after his failed bids for president, senator -- he will run against the state's current governor greg abbott who has a sizable lead in the balls buried i don't want to say it's a long shot but kat has better odds of making it to 50. and that's just ten years from now. >> yeah, that's right, i'm super old. >> greg: let's not forget about the real dark horse in this race. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> greg: that is -- i would work for him in a second. go around the table -- i was going to say table -- >> there is a table right there. >> greg: but it's not a real table. >> it's a coffee table. >> greg: i'm burning up time when i should be talking to you.
4:45 pm
kellyanne, does he have a shot? >> no, there are career politicians and career candidates. he was on the cover of "vanity fair" saying i was born to do this in the addition of that magazine was still on the newsstands when he was dropping out of the race. from "vanity fair" to vanity project and people don't like serial losers, they don't like people who keep coming back, a political recidivist, repeating his crime again and again but folks, remember, they live off -- when you take your family on a vacation paying post-tax dollars for your hotel room for your fund, your food, for your leisure, they all live off their campaign funds. >> greg: that's all they do. >> i will never forgive him for -- root canal. awful, dirty jobs. >> i found myself getting a root canal ten years ago and posted it, but i was hosting a show called dirty jobs, i wasn't running for the senate. so, you know, yeah, take whatever pictures you want, good luck. >> greg: he's every worst -- he will not -- he believes a
4:46 pm
real job is beneath him, right? >> this guy is an evil brilliant genius. all he does is show up, run, get some money, get some attention, lose horribly and then do it again and then somebody will say you've got to love his moxie. this guy never gives up, he never has to go home, he just stays on the campaign trail, honey, i'm going to win this on, i'll be home in three or four weeks, how's every buddy? >> the band is going to make it. >> greg: i think he also bases everything he does if he is pointing on twitter, so stand on the table and see if it's trending on twitter. he's an attention seeking type of loser, someone you might have data before you got married. >> i dated every kind of person before i got married. to be clear. but it's more like he is the model, right? post a picture on your account and it would be a lot easier and it would be a lot cheaper. >> greg: every picture of him
4:47 pm
is a butt picture. because he's a ass. i could have set every picture is a [bleep] picture. a sexist would say that. >> with epi sexist or just crude and beneath you? >> certainly color-blind. >> greg: as you know at my height, nothing is beneath me. all right, we are done on people everywhere living with type 2 diabetes are waking up to what's possible... ...with rybelsus®. (♪ ♪) rybelsus® works differently than any other diabetes pill to lower blood sugar... in all 3 of these ways... increases insulin when you need it... decreases sugar... and slows food. the majority of people taking rybelsus® lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than 7. people taking rybelsus® lost up to 8 pounds. rybelsus® isn't for people with type 1 diabetes.
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♪ ♪ >> greg: they leave you moaning from their constant phoning. if got the scoops on american getting duped. americans are targets of nearly 30 scams a month. the most common ones happening over email, phone, and text, in that order. or is this the only tension never get? 46% said they actually lost money, 500 bucks on average. that's almost as much is one of my shoelaces. you try finding a men's size 2. most people said the reason they fell for a scam was that they didn't have time to stop and think about it first, which, coincidently, is the top reason kat's husband gives for why he married her. >> a jerk would say. >> greg: a jerk would say. tyrus, what are your thoughts on this? have you been scammed?
4:52 pm
>> no, i have car shield. i.t. called me up at i had an old buick in the back, like 1500 bucks, car shield, check it out. i don't answer my phone or emails, greg, you know that. >> greg: i learned that. >> don't call me at all, i'm not picking up. >> greg: kat, have you actually ever follow-through with all the phone message to find out? >> i've never followed through on a phone scam, i have fallen for scams that were people. [laughter] >> more of an in person -- >> more than in person like i live here now and i don't have a job or money, and i'm like okay, please love me, that kind of scam. >> greg: how did you not know these people were homeless you make >> because they had an apartment. like i didn't -- i didn't do a background check. >> that's a great idea for a business, renting apartments to people that don't have places so they can tell people they have an apartment and then they can move in with you. >> sure.
4:53 pm
>> is that a scam? >> greg: it is now. it's called the got scam. kellyanne -- >> we worked on this in the white house it administration department justice because it's of particular problem with elders, senior population live alone, starting to get comfortable with technology and are very susceptible to what we call, you know, elder fraud. speaking of elder fraud, being susceptible to fraud as an elder, i am much more concerned really that biden allows himself to be scammed by putin. he cuts down the pipelines here and goes ahead and approves their pipeline. scammed yesterday by president xi of china, his old friend. doesn't understand how or where the virus started, isn't holding them to account for the uighurs, and all the rest of it, so that concerns me, that elder scam concerns me as well. >> greg: that's a good analogy because biden is likely guy on the lawn yelling at the kids who are american, so he's only mad at the americans but he gets home and somebody calls them -- >> they are scamming him.
4:54 pm
it's flat here. i have a question. >> greg: awaits the premises, "the squad" told me that. there was something else he just fell for buried oh, there's no $450,000 going to immigrants coming across -- that's not happening. >> that money was used to rescue kidnapped people in nigeria. if that's where all of our tax money is going. >> greg: have you ever been taken by a nigerian prince? >> no. a couple years -- have you seen the ads for erectile dysfunction online with the smiling celebrity next to them usually in the form -- >> greg: you are one of them! >> they took me. they took mike -- they took my picture and they put it next to a fake interview with me and suddenly i'm getting hundreds of things, like emails of people over to his go with, first of all, dude, congratulations on the gig come up nice endorsement thing. too bad about the boudoir, right? and i'm like oh, it's all a
4:55 pm
scam. >> greg: they did this to me but they did this with drugs. remember the -- >> you're endorsed -- >> this is like the map story. >> greg: cbd oil. get this, 500 websites have me as the spokesperson for cbd oil, and every time the lawyers go after it, it disappears. it's gone. but then i get these -- these poor viewers from "the five," they will write to me and yell at me because they got taken for hundreds of dollars. >> same thing with me. quick tip because there's nothing -- i got involved with the better business bureau and we did a thing with that, but the calls you get at home now, okay? these things -- i don't know if the industry has changed but they use something called a predictive dialer so when you pick up the phone, it's somebody trying to sell you something and you hear two or three seconds before they get -- here's what used to be able to do. maybe you still can, you hit the pound key three times quick, crashes the predictive dialogue, knocks them off line and it takes like 20 minutes to reboot.
4:56 pm
it's a small thing but it makes me feel good. >> greg: that's nice, yes. and on that note, we must take a break. don't answer see blood when you brush or floss can be a sign of early gum damage. parodontax active gum repair kills plaque bacteria at the gum line to help keep the gum sealed tight. parodontax active gum repair toothpaste
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greg: hate to say this, we are out of time. i'm oprah and i love you. jesse: welcome to "watters' world." i'm centimetres. the jury reached a verdict. >> the first count of the information we the yuri find the -- the juryfind the defendant e rittenhouse not guilty. the third count of the information, unnorthern male, w


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