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tv   Fox Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  November 20, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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fine, come after me, show me. i put this up november 1, let's cut to my home and i do not mess around when it comes to christmas lights and i swear if i have a homeowners association that wanted to buy humbug me, i would go around. that's it. thank you for joining us. ♪♪ >> nation's busiest airport, a gun accidentally goes often cite. good evening, i am jon scott and this is the fox report. ♪♪ officials in atlanta are calling the incident an accidental discharge this afternoon at hartsfield jackson international airport people are seen running from the terminal admit panic. airport says there's no danger, passengers or employees and an investigation is ongoing. lorne green has the latest on
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the. reporter: there are reports that say it was a firearm accidentally discharged by a passenger. why a passenger would even have a gun loaded or otherwise for the panic ensued has a possibility of a planned attack became a real potential danger. cell phone video shows frantic passengers agents money) was thought to be active shooter situation. an accidental discharge of the weapon but a social media frenzy. lights at america's international airport were briefly halted near the main security screening area at america's busiest airport, even busier a few days before the thanksgiving weekend. airport official tweeting approximately 1:30 p.m. today, a weapon accidentally discharged at america's security area there is not an active shooter at the airport. apd is on the scene, more about
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the situation will be made available on our social media channels. passengers were never really in any danger. fox's vice president of booking meghan clark hacking to be commanding as the confusion started. >> first thing i noticed was the train was shut down and then were told to stand in place and that's when people started getting panicky because there were rumors and people whispering about shooter and that there was an information. >> three people injured but we don't know the extent of the injuries at these time. atlantic pd continues to investigate why and how it happened and they've given the all clear and flights have resumed we want lauren, thank you. kyle rittenhouse is a freeman tonight, the jury acquitted him on all five counts including
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first-degree intentional homicide and first-degree reckless homicide. rittenhouse breaking down in the courtroom yesterday, not guilty verdicts were read. the acquittal protest outside the courthouse and across the u.s., last night police in portland, oregon declared the situation a riot that made at least one arrest. demonstrations remain largely peaceful in the other cities. wisconsin republican congressman brian kyle, congressional district includes kenosha is standing by with reaction. fox news computer no contract will have more on coverage of the rittenhouse and the trial, first jeff is live outside the courthouse in kenosha. reporter: here in kenosha 24 hours after a jury found kyle rittenhouse not guilty on all caps, we've seen smaller protest groups out here posing frustration with that decision from the jury but when it comes
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to people on the side of kyle rittenhouse, especially like people his attorney, they said they could not be more relieved. >> it's been a long day, very happy with the verdict. we are happy the jury took the time and put in an incredible amount of efforts. there were times we do out of the case and there were times we were confident. to say relieved would be a grossness understatement. reporter: shortly after the verdict was out, rittenhouse was choked up and nearly collapsed hugging an attorney morning he be walking out of the courtroom a free man. rittenhouse is ready to get on with his life. he wishes none of it happened, he doubled down think rittenhouse did not start any of us were for the families of the men rittenhouse shot and killed, they say the not guilty verdict
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sends the message people can show up to incite violence and use the danger they started to justify using a gun. >> one or two persons life than none of our lives matter so it's either all of our lives matter or none matter. i feel in this case it feels like the victims lives don't matter and i don't think that is acceptable. that is what's on my heart today. >> he's here have remained overwhelmingly peaceful, the only major interaction between protesters by late last night. we were told one woman was arrested for using talk in the courthouse. in portland, oregon, is a different story. things are getting out of hand. clearing a riot after rocks were
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thrown at them and windows broken and we saw pictures in chicago and new york, a large especially those marching in the streets but authorities are saying that remains peaceful. jon: paul, live in kenosha, wisconsin, thank you. protest outside the courthouse last night remained largely peaceful marking our stark contrast to the amount last year. next guest is last year's troubles including the event covid in the trial could have been avoided if law enforcement had done more to keep the city safe saying the trial may clear authorities failed to use appropriate resources to protect public safety, violence and destruction often follows. during republican congressman brian style, his congressional district includes kenosha. so what is different this year from last summer's? a lot of people thought there might be trouble, by the different types. >> we had sufficient resources
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in kenosha, 500 national guard troops and numerous members of local law enforcement and last night the streets were calm so thank you to the men and women in blue out last night and today protecting members of the community of kenosha. a far cry from last summer. standing in the streets as buildings worked smoldering and you could smell the smoke, people were scared because our democratic governor stood with those calling to defund police, those calling against the police and ultimately played out kenosha never needed to happen in the first place. our government simply provided the resources needed. jon: you got national guard troops on standby this year corporate executive difference. he ultimately rejected, president donald trump tuesday morning, the morning before the kyle rittenhouse incident, he rejected federal assistance. these individuals and democrat pandering to the far left woke base need to be held
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accountable. jon: you have heard during out there, congressman from new york who happens to be the chairman of the house judiciary committee thinks kyle rittenhouse got off too easy and the federal government, the department of justice should look into pressing federal charges against him, what you think about that possibility? >> the reaction by many democrats is dangerous and responsible. it's a good think the rest, we are a country of loss, individuals are not tried in the court of public opinion, they are tried in the court of law. in this case, 12 jurors unanimously reached the conclusion kyle rittenhouse was not guilty. time to respect the jury's decision and put this in the rearview mirror and allow kenosha rebuild and come back stronger than ever before. jon: the idea of federal charges the chairman nadler is calling for you think it's a waste of time? >> it's disappointing he's even bringing that up if the jury has
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already reviewed the facts and those who look at the facts the same conclusion. those coming away from this verdict shocked or surprised need to turn off msnbc and actually look at the facts of the case. twelve jurors unanimous conclusion, let's move forward. jon: you noted 500 national guard troops there this year, if the national guard had been deployed and more police had been on the streets of kenosha last summer mike you think maybe kyle rittenhouse trial would never have taken place because there wouldn't have been the violence he said compelled him to go to kenosha? >> reading comments from tony eva some of the first night before the facts were known that went to works by mother, 125 national guard troops. tuesday morning the president of united states offered assistance to our democratic governor, democratic governor refused the offer of assistance that only
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provided 250 national guard troops. woefully inadequate what was occurring in kenosha as people were pouring in from all over the place, chicago, portland, seattle, california from a time we should have set enough was enough kyle rittenhouse incident never even needed to occur if we provided the sufficient resources in the city of kenosha immediately. our government failed to do that and needs to be held accountable. jon: a lot of the businesses burned have not reopened. what's next? >> i walked down the streets during the fourth of july parade and it was reminding, i look at the buildings that still had boards up the said don't burn this building, people live here with an arrow pointing above. there are deep scars in the community but now that the case is behind us, i think it's a real opportunity for the community of kenosha, family
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centered hard-working town where people know their neighbors, they want to put this in the rearview mirror begin the work of rebuilding and coming back together better than ever before. it's a beautiful town, a great future ahead of it. jon: clear playing some of the video as you are speaking it it's appalling americans acting that way. it's good of you to be with us. thank you. >> gun owners with a certain ideology may feel incentivized now, even embolden. >> to take from this and use it as permission to attack black lives matter. >> are we safer after this verdict if we let someone like kyle rittenhouse kill people and claim self-defense? >> i hate in any way to vilify prosecutors, they did what they could with the facts of the case but the decks are stacked against him, not the least of which the judge in many ways had their hands tied behind their backs. >> i do believe age was a factor however, i think it was amplified by the fact he enjoyed
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rutledge -- >> this is about making sure white supremacy maintains cover to terrorize and intimidate the rest of us. jon: that's just some of media reaction to the kyle rittenhouse verdict. joining us with analysis of how the media coverage is. joe conger, fox news contributor and media and political columnist at the hill. unbelievable some of the remarks we heard there. i was struck by the woman saying the prosecution had decks stacked against them. prosecution is supposed to deal in facts, are they not? >> yeah maybe the story is that the prosecution was inept by if you listen to same sober eagle analysts on television, they were safe the prosecution really screwed up this case from the beginning in terms of the way in which about a inch charges
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pursued. some even say should have not been the case in the first place, it always looked like self-defense but serving all but not surprising unhinged coverage and analysis posttrial because pretrial since the shooting happened in throughout the entire trial, it's accommodation of one over the cuckoo's nest means dumb and dumber and bears repeating a white guy acting in self-defense, not a hero the acting in self-defense according to the jury and video evidence we can all see because there are cameras everywhere, he shoots three other white guys and some in the media on-q makes race and racism and white supremacy a triad focus, the judge called a 13 juror somehow called racist and that term used to carry such weight somebody accused somebody else of being racist or engaging in racism my was something you stop and say it's a weighty thing to say, that is really
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powerful. now it's used so much by the channels you played that it doesn't carry any weight anymore and that's why so few people are watching those networks. jon: and it has the potential of doing real damage to race relations in the country because everything is racist all of a sudden. reporter: that is the problem. when you use a term over and over again, it's like the boy who cried wolf, people will stop paying attention but there are some who will pay attention and it will lead to the violence we saw in portland last night when you framed things this way. now you have to believe defamation suits are coming. we sought the last time a teen was smeared by the press, he was called racist in his name is nicholas sandman and he sued cnn and washington post for something like $500 million combined and they both settled because given their coverage,
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out there to see and print and on the air, they realized going to trial court not end well for them and be a pr nightmare in the process. in this case, msnbc you played, they quickly come to mind because it was according to one of the producers where order was given to follow the jury bus, that same producer runs a red light, you could recently conclude to keep up and they got caught in the whole reason to follow was to photograph the jury. if that's the case, that's intimidation and this is a news organization, not angry protesters so we have to start there and you have to believe they will be at the top of the list, followed by many news organizations who painted kyle rittenhouse a racist and white supremacist declared guilty before been proven innocent this opposite of how the justice system works in this country. jon: one of them labeled him white supremacist is joseph biden who now occupies the white
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house but not at the time he put out a tweet essentially labeling rittenhouse a white supremacist. many say rittenhouse article after the president or maybe after he leaves office or some action like that. >> again, the president actually said that and when he was asked about yesterday before he was going to walter reed he said i stand by what the jury in the decision was in the case and that's a nice sentiment but never answered the question because he can't, he rushed judgment just like the media did in this particular case but you look at this, look back at the two biggest stories we've been covering glenn youngkin's victory in virginia and posttrial, duncan's victory according to more than a few political media fueled by white supremacy. the first black woman when state commonwealth, she was elected by white supremacist or she
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believes that somehow, it's unhinged, it's ridiculous now this, playing the race card from the bottom of the deck and that's why 84% of the american people believe the media is to blame for division in this country, it's a dangerous game as we saw in kenosha last year end unfortunately every time something like this happens, we will see in the future because apparently it's in the dna now, something that happens it has to be racist. jon: people who actually watch the trial saw something different from the headlines than from most of the media. joe, thanks. >> thank you. jon: rittenhouse will sit down with tucker carlson for his first interview 8:00 p.m. eastern monday night here on fox news channel. another highly charged trial wrapping up as both sides prepare for closing arguments in
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the amount our briefcase, more on that straightahead. plus bill melugin is tracking the situation at the southern border. ♪♪ >> another migrant caravan setting for the illegal crossings in the rio grande valley are surging. running up, a gunboat as a patrol one of the biggest hotspots along the border. ♪♪
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virtual visits, and preventive dental care. plus $0 copays and deductibles on tier 1 and mail order tier 2 prescriptions. and a free gym membership with locations nationwide. so call unitedhealthcare about the variety of plans we offer, including ppo plans that let you see any doctor who accepts medicare, without a referral. enrollment ends december 7th. take advantage now. call or go online today. closing arguments begin monday, racially charged trial accused of murdering amount our brief. our brief, 35 euros unarmed black man try killed last week here while out jogging. three white men charged in his death and in his own defense last this week. more outside the courthouse.
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charles. reporter: defense rested their case calling only seven witnesses to the stand, one of which being travis mcmichael, the first and only as the three defendants to speak publicly since amount our brief was shot and killed. he got to present his side of the story testifying he and his father spotted him running in their neighborhood and recognize him as the same individual seen on a neighbor's property days prior thinking he committed a crime and was possibly armed. mcmichael said he and his father grabbed their guns and pursued the 25-year-old in their pickup truck to talk to him. at the end of the pursuit, mcmichael said he ran around his truck and attacked him and that's why he had to use deadly force. >> he grabbed the shotgun and i believe i was struck. i shot him.
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it was obviously he was attacking me and if he had gotten the shotgun from me, it was a life or death situation. reporter: under cross-examination, the prosecution posed quitclaims getting to admit on the stand at arbor he never so much as spoke a word to him and never presented himself as a threat as he ran for five minutes away from the mcmichael's and brian later joined the chiefs in his own pickup truck. >> he's demonstrating the threat he pulled out a gun, he hasn't said one word. >> he hasn't. >> not frightened you in any way verbally or physically. >> correct. reporter: the next step in the case is closing arguments expected to take place monday sometime but we are hearing both sides and we heard back from travis mcmichael's attorney and
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he said he was pleased with the evidence they were able to present and amount arteries mother says she's confident they will walk away from a conviction. jon: thank you. the white house celebrating a win after the house passed president biden's build back better bill yesterday the president is losing ground in the polls as the crisis continues to pile up. can he turn things around? is an analysis next. ♪♪
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and i am john's, and this is the fox report. bottom the hour, here's a look at our top stories. the cdc and expanded covid vaccine booster eligibility to include less adult ages 18 and older who received a pfizer or
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montana vaccine at least six months ago. cdc director rochelle lewinsky said boosters will strengthen our defenses against the virus as we enter the winter holidays. the denver aurora colorado, $15 million to settle a lawsuit with the family of eliza, he died in august 2019 days after police placed him in the neck hold after stopping him on the street. text democratic congresswoman johnson says she's retiring after nearly 30 years in congress. opting not to run for reelection next year. she's the 16th sitting cost democrat to announce retirement ahead of next year's midterm. for more on these and other stories, download the fox news app and the qr code on your screen or go to fox president biden spending his 79th birthday in wilmington delaware after a legislative when in the house yesterday but it comes as his job approval
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rating continues to slide. latest fox news poll shows 44% of americans approve of his job performance with 54% disapproving. two months ago his approval rating was 50% with 49% disapproving. david live in wilmington with more on all of. reporter: good evening, the president spent his birthday today going to church with his sister and his daughter. he's back home with family right now for the evening. he's also celebrating social spending bill passing the house build back better of $1.75 trillion that could fluctuate depending on what happens in the senate. the final number in the house, 220 -- 213. the margin is razor thin, nancy pelosi was asked to develop a bill moving to a senate where there remains uncertain fate. >> it's called the legislative
3:33 pm
process and the house doesn't write just any belt i think the senate will pass. we find our common ground. reporter: kevin mccarthy delivered the longest speech in house history, eight hours and 32 minutes, railing against the back better. he blames democrats for what may come as a result of the bill. >> every page of this new washington spending shows how irresponsible and out of touch the democrats are. reporter: the bill heads to the senate in the next couple weeks after thanksgiving where there may be more that lies ahead. >> it will take a while to get through after thanksgiving. reporter: the president while celebrating go back better has a problem on the southern border that's not going away. a new poll out last night shows
3:34 pm
majority of voters oppose the government saying up to $450,000 to families separated at the southern border under former president donald trump zero-tolerance policy. according to the pole, 30% favor the payments, 49% opposed saying no money at all, 12% oppose the policy but agree some money should be given to the families, 9% are unsure speaking to those familiar with settlements, department of justice is in the process of looking at negotiating settlements. the department of justice is not officially commenting on the matter. jon: david, thank you. the big story of the week now that kyle rittenhouse has been acquitted on all charges, what, if any are the political ramifications of the not guilty verdict? for thoughts on this, let's bring in jamie weinstein,
3:35 pm
podcast and founding partner of jay mw strategies, we are a year from midterm elections, will there be any reverberations of the rittenhouse verdict come november? >> there's no question amount of the verdict, it's a horrible scenario, an awful trial even if kyle rittenhouse is innocent but i think there will be no political ramifications, very few people outside of the most diehard political activists from both sides will likely remember kyle rittenhouse is name six months from now much less by midterm election next year so this dominated news coverage when the verdict was announced. i don't think it will have lasting ramifications. jon: as i was mentioning earlier, even candidate joe biden brought up the case and
3:36 pm
sent out a tweet suggesting rittenhouse was the poster boy for white supremacy in this country, you don't think there would be blowback on the president and his party because of back? >> i don't see how it would be brought up in the conversation about the things americans will care about going into the midterms, the economy, software issues we saw which might be potentially rated in terms of youngkin in virginia, education issues, crime issues, but in terms of kyle rittenhouse despite what i think was probably a candidate, irresponsible rhetoric on kyle rittenhouse, after the verdict was much more responsible and backtracks slightly with his statement, i just don't see it as an issue of debate in many people asking and bringing it back up to the news, i think very few people will remember his name six months from now.
3:37 pm
jon: who was see if that proves to be true and whether he does sue media outlets and others for defamation and the clip keep very much alive in the public's memory. let's talk about the other big story, president managed to get a victory in congress with the build back better bill passing the house. it's not law yet, a long way from that because it goes to the senate but numbers continue to slide. a lot of people at the white house going to embrace the built in the president's popularity ratings would take up, that hasn't happened. might it? >> it could, i don't tickets much to do with bill back better because as you said, it's a long way from passing the house to actually become law, it has to go through that very tough senate process joe manchin standing in the way back to the house even if they get so i
3:38 pm
think it's a long way off. joe biden's fortune in the next year depends on two things going into the midterm election next year. one is the economy, doesn't turn around, because inflation finally proved to be transitory after this? covid go to the back burner with these over-the-counter pills that might be coming out from pfizer and other companies, that's the number one question. i don't know if anybody knows the answer. how does joe biden deal with these software issues we discussed briefly in the last statement that propelled glenn youngkin to victory? issues of education parents are upset with what the democratic party is denying students are being taught in school, defined police rhetoric that was popular last year that's no longer popular this year, how does joe biden deal with that going into the midterm election? i think it depends on whether he
3:39 pm
ignores what's done during the primaries, the progressive twitter world that propelled conversation one way and focused on what the base of the party to win the primary, left progressive it's unclear to me what he will embrace. so far he seems to be governing differently than when he granted ran for governor. jon: i wonder if you could shed light on this, emma riley is not a name most americans would know but she's the white house communications director, chief of staff. she announced she is resigning, the white house job to go to the labor department, that's a sideways move or maybe even downward move in the world of washington. this is a day after kamala harris' munication director also resigned. what should we take from this?
3:40 pm
>> has most people noted, it's not usual for white house staff, or senior white house staff for vice presidential senior staff to leave within the first year taking office so it is unusual. dry read anything major into that? i don't know, the communications department was the person messaging for the white house here so i would be reluctant to read anything more into that until we learn more why she decided to go to the labor department or was pushed to go but it is unusual so i'm sure we will get more reporting on what exactly happened. jon: the president can take heart about the fact that his ratings are not particularly strong, they are stronger than the vice president. >> that's for sure. jon: the host of the jamie weinstein show, podcast thank
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you. president joe biden's meeting with president of mexico at the white house failing to keep immigrants from having to the border. associated press confirmed another massive migrant caravan set off from southern mexico and is headed north. if it makes it here, migrants will face off against an already overwhelmed border patrol. bill melugin is an texas rio grande valley for us right now. reporter: a brand-new migrant caravan 2000 people strong are left southeastern mexico is on its way to the u.s. mexico border. where they will end up means unclear but law enforcement here already have our hands full trying to deal with the constant stream of people and drugs across the border on a daily basis. a dreary november day on the rio grande fox news troopers, they patrol the river looking for
3:42 pm
illegal activity as part of operation lone star. one popular smuggling area on the shoreline in la jolla there are thousands of discarded cartel bands used as tickets to be smelled by the migrants. ids are littered all over the area, drop as soon as they come over. along the banks of the rio grande on both sides are discarded, bringing migrants and sometimes drugs across the river. the general continues to pour in. through november 11, state of texas, for 13 pounds fentanyl ceased in 2021, that's enough to deliver 3.7 million deadly doses. one of texas biggest fentanyl bus was recently here when a trooper found nearly 30 pounds of it that the opioid during a traffic stop of a drug smuggler. [sirens] on wednesday in the rio grande valley, texas dps pursuit suspected a human after he was seen leaving stackhouse.
3:43 pm
this margaret was a disguised as a construction worker complete with the best and a hard hat. five illegal immigrants in the car with him. >> we are seeing a surge of large mass migration. families and unaccompanied children, foster probably, drug smugglers. the first and last line defense taking this initiative to secure the border. reporter: it's been eight months since texas launched operation lone star in response to the border crisis. texas still had to use its own resources in an effort to secure the border here greg abbott pointing fingers at the biden administration and mexico saying it's there in action causing texas to face this crisis virtually alone. jon: straight ahead, lebron james fires back after being called out over nike and nikes
3:44 pm
ties to china. ♪♪
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jon: one of basketball stars lebron james outspoken critics is not as again. cantor ripping into the start over his relationship nike and
3:49 pm
human rights issues in china. the latest with the laker, christina coleman is live with more. reporter: he claims the laker superstar only pretends to care about social justice here is what braun had to say after last night game. >> definitely not somebody i would give my energy to. definitely want, too much about in my direction. he really, to him, he had the opportunity and i've seen him in the hallways. >> he's very outspoken against human rights abuses and chinese government has been wearing custom-made sneakers like these, they have different messages on them like stop organ harvesting
3:50 pm
and free china. last night he wore speakers of the prompting crowned by titus president and thursday posted a picture of the shoes on twitter and wrote money over morals, set and discussing how the athletes can pretend they care about social justice, they really shut up and dribble when big box china says so. did you educate yourself about slave labor that made your shoes or is that not part of your research? all boston celtics games were banned in china after he called titus president heartless dictator and criticized the country's government it in a video posted to social media last month. jon: christina, thanks. another unprintable sports story for china, beijing over growing international pressure over the disappearance of tennis star plus protest against covid restrictions turn to write in the netherlands.
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we will look at the stories from around the globe next. ♪♪
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including ppo plans that let you see any doctor who accepts medicare, without a referral. enrollment ends december 7th. take advantage now. call or go online today. here are some other headlines from around the globe, a fire broke out in a building close to the opera. officials say firefighters on the scene, no word on the cause
3:55 pm
of the fire. in china, media trying to dispel rumors regarding her disappearance by posting a photo of her online. she's been missing over several weeks after accusing a top leader of the chinese government a sexual assault. secretary of defense lloyd austin, still fully committed to the middle east. his comments, sources to threats posed by china and russia. in the netherlands police opening fire on a group of people protesting covid mandates. no reported deaths, several people hospitalized 51 arrested. that's a look at stories from around the globe. we'll be right back. ♪♪ knows everyone's unique. that's why they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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traffic screeched to a stop as drivers travel to pick up the cash. some of them were laughing as they hold this in. not but two people arrested, they could face criminal charges. highway patrol says dozens of people already have returned at least some of the money. that's how fox reports this saturday november 20, 2021. i am jon scott, thanks for watching. ♪♪ [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ >> greg: [laughs] i spit on myself! happy sometime in november, you freaks! what a show we've got for you. mike rowe is here in the house! is the first guest we had to hose down before the show. >> it was nice. >> greg: he's done some of the


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