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tv   The Big Saturday Show  FOX News  November 20, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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>> hello everyone. i'm here with david webb, tammy bruce and charlie hurt. welcome to the big saturday show. bracing for a second either protest after the acquittal of kyle rittenhouse. from new york city to chicago to portland where police declared a riot after some in the crowd damaged buildings
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and through things that police officers the demonstration happening after a jury found rittenhouse not guilty of all charges connected to a shooting in kenosha back in 2020. david yesterday one of the head of nypd texted me shortly after the verdict the entire personnel were ordered to stay on shift for fear of backlash. >> . >> that is what is dangerous to the left unleashed fully on display because not only at the nypd for you and i probably know some of the same people, but around the country as i spoke to my sources and others on the back channels, they were talking about this those talk about the increasing level and if you look at the daily caller , they were instrumental in this case. even more so than the legacy and left-wing media saying every city every town so
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police departments knew what was coming. >> i love you agree that my thought the reason for the backlash has to do with all of the misinformation reported by several media outlets there were so many facts that were missing they questioned if rittenhouse was there in kenosha and it turns out he was in the gun was in kenosha also that god was not illegal which is why the minor carrying a weapon charge was dropped. this is what has enraged america. >> i would disagree with some sense that any excuse. when you talk about portland burning things down. what is new?
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it is just like any excuse. they don't care about the facts. they never have. even with the police have been effectively de facto in so many cities. things have gotten worse. that is fine with these individuals. made this a bigger problem and you might agree with us, are the comments by officeholders here in new york de blasio and even"opened up his pie hole to make a comment about how bad this was in to condemn the verdict. and the implication by members of congress and leftists and democratic politicians have fueled the fire almost like they want to write and they don't want to be wrong. that's the big issue like you don't want to be wrong about these things. >> they double down and they triple down.
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they are pushing now my has gone international it is a very dangerous thing. julie: but is not just members of congress it's also the president of the united states because during his election and campaign the white on —- the white house, white supremacist he can be found guilty for defamation. it is an actionable comment that he made. charlie: why you see the media backtrack is they are trying to clean up the things that they said. because things just got real. you have guys who was suddenly not only a white supremacist and never has there been any evidence but also has been found not guilty. but i can guarantee you kyle
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rittenhouse has an opportunity to soothe a living dale out out of of a lot of people for defamation. he will win by the time this is over with he will be a very wealthy man. tammy: one of the funniest comments on twitter is that kyle madhouse agreed to share custody cnn like they didn't learn anything from the four. that this is troubling because even comments that people thought were a little more moderate even from aoc but the implication the system worked as it was designed to and of course they say to protect the guilty white people that are racist. that does not help the sensibility in this country. and we are already seeing the
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backlash of all americans regardless of race or economic background and especially in urban areas that are tired of being used like this. because they could have their lives be ruined. >> their businesses are being ruined. t16 that people lose. the american businesses, their livelihoods. when you talk about a civil suit they will look at history someone's history. biden has a history of being a race period where it suited him politically. he did it again. he launches campaign against donald trump with ally of charlottesville look at that entire history you will see someone who is proven in front of a civil court. julie: let's watch the moment when the jury finds kyle rittenhouse not guilty. >> we the jury find the defendant, kyle rittenhouse, not guilty. for the second count, we the
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jury find the defendant, kyle madhouse, not guilty. for the third count unknown male, we the jury find the defendant kyle madhouse, not guilty. as for the fourth count, we the jury find the defendant, not guilty. is for the fifth count we find the defendant kyle madhouse not guilty. julie: this was justifiable self-defense. the media portrayed this guy who crossed state lines a federal offense to shoot at black people. that is irresponsible and could potentially cost more lives. julie: .
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tammy: there is still some effort now they want federal charges because they don't like the result of this jury. this is what the totalitarian regime does you just keep doing it until you get the result that you want. but that is the only thing they have is otherwise the federal government, thank goodness cannot step in. but what you saw, wait until the fifth verdict because sometimes you see the baby is cut in half. there is a compromise. so we needed to hear the last result to know that this jury aerobically sure they were afraid. but they stood up to it. they did not let go and they did the right thing that is where you saw the collapse that finally when he knew that. but this is where the mob is still trying to maneuver. this is backfiring. i am telling you. this is what americans are not liking it is not american it is not the american way. it is not what our system is supposed to be. we will see that as a result
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not just with elections but the tone in the country now i believe period the federal government from attempting to have a do over. david: think of how the president has politicized this the idea federal charges could be brought is not just a fantasy. i honestly believe this department of justice, this administration is 100 percent capable of doing something like this in order to push the crazy political agenda. >> they are criminalizing parents. and the response to the american people. julie: we will take a break. that coming up you have to watch this. tucker carlson with an
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exclusive sitting down for the very first interview since the verdict. monday night 8:00 o'clock p.m. eastern must watch tv. joe biden is angry and kamala harris is upset over equity and over though rittenhouse acquittal.
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avoiding accountability over comments he made last year about kyle rittenhouse when he labeled him a white supremacist right after the shooting. >> i stand by what the jury has concluded the jury system works and you have to abide by it. tammy: hours later he had a completely different town but this was in a written statement. when he described himself as angry and concerned by the verdict now his vice president makes it more about equity. >> the verdict really speaks for itself. i have spent the majority of my career in the criminal justice system clearly there's a lot more work to do. tammy: she was a career
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prosecutor that's one of the main reasons they don't like her. is not equity it's prosecution. but i am a big mouth we didn't get you in the last segment. so we look at the attitudes of some of these politicians and joe biden in particular his instinct first was the right thing to say which is i respect the jury's verdict. but then there is a written statement and now they don't know who is running the country it sounds like someone else. david: first of all joe biden made the comment that anyone could have made he has to stand by the jury because in spite of his instincts, he cannot do anything about it. the written statement is that narrative to keep driving this idea and you have to realize that joe biden has been using race his entire career. once you see him for his 50 years and eulogized what was
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once a local clan leader if you think assembly who recruited 150 people and made a dvd exalted cyclops. but two days left is destroying him based on earlier history. joe biden is incapable of inconsistency except whatever is needed. tammy: one man who is consistent with his policies and his approach is president trump. listen to his reaction to the rittenhouse verdict last night the mac i was surprised it had to go this far. somebody should have ended it earlier. frankly it was prosecutorial misconduct in my opinion and there is plenty of that going on in this country right now. it was disgraceful. tammy: what i want to remark
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on his last part about prosecutorial misconduct. another twitter fellow said the rittenhouse prosecutor who he would railroad it next that was not in the news. we have seen the prosecutor do wrong things that was in the news maybe that helped the defendant not to be railroaded. so what do you think of the nature of that and what the prosecution did and trumps comment about misconduct in this regard? julie: first i think the former president is correct the way the prosecution parts the case. the key star witness was a radical cop hater who basically testified and hurt the prosecution's case because he made it seem like it was self-defense. the assailant who was shot was actually charging rittenhouse. he was chasing him and then
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when rittenhouse held up the guide he had no choose just choice but to shoot because he is being apprehended. so what david said on president biden always using race. i think the whole reason kamala harris was chosen as the vp pick was because of her race and a woman so he gets the credit for putting the first female vice president in office but doesn't actually use her for anything. she doesn't do anything. but then she is accused to be highly scrutinized because she is a woman you are a woman in the white house. my god that meant is not as much as a so it should be a benefit to her. she can't even handle the border. >> sorry i have got to jump in on this. kamala harris is one of the most unqualified even when she
2:20 pm
was attorney general of california. she could barely reach 2 percent in the primaries going up against biden. she eviscerated him on the campaign stage. she was picked solely so the democrats could have the legacy to run for president and hope that people would not look at her record or lack of it. the border increases over 2000. so much more she is pick because of the color of her skin and me personally that is an insult to america this is a country teesixteen i have to correct you on one thing. >> but to be very good at multitasking it's not just
2:21 pm
women. but the other thing of course to remember is the only reason joe biden is even in the white house today because the old white guys that have been around washington because at the point of the historic figure of barack obama in 2008 that have run a truly brilliant campaign but he realized there were some people who were wary about his background and the fact so he went and found the most experienced, harmless white guy that he could find as his vice president. he has never done anything other than racial politics his entire career. maybe it should not even be a surprise in the first instinct
2:22 pm
is to make it all about race ashraf ghani also the stenographer - - stenographers in the legacy media is an absolute shock. >> absolutely too easy to kill and it came too easily to kyle rittenhouse. >> whiteman field have the right to enforce the law themselves. tammy: we dig into the media bias as kyle rittenhouse learns that he is free.
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>> welcome back to the big saturday show the acquittal of kyle rittenhouse leading to a full-blown media meltdown as they make it all about race. take a careful look. >> of any of us have any background want to stand in the way of the white supremacy are at risk and we should be warned. that is the message i am getting. >> absolutely too easy to kill. yes it came too easily. >> white men feel they have the right to enforce the law themselves. >> people may use this as an excuse to go out of state for what this teenager did. david: is anybody really surprised? maybe that is the headline we are not shocked. but let's talk about the human cost. nicholas was 16 when he went through his entire debacle. maybe he will share custody of the media outlets.
2:28 pm
but they pay a price. kyle rittenhouse loses his childhood just like nicholas sandman talks about. >> to deal with an overload of stress where you have this feeling that half of the country, hundreds of millions of people hate you for something you are innocent of that how you are painted , it can do a lot to you mentally. i think he should see the media but that is a personal call. he has a lot on his plane whether or not he wants to entrench himself. david: can you imagine to have to take this on? if this was your child. what would be your concern? tammy: i would move out of kenosha may be out of the country no matter how
2:29 pm
protective of a mother you are to protect her son that has basically been content on —- convicted by the entire country including the president to be a murderer for going out of his way to shoot three black men, to dine because you are on a mission to shoot black people. how is this boy or teenager ever going to walk in public ever again without being ridiculed and insulted? it's not just the politicians that are responsible i have to go back the mainstream media is so guilty of convicting this guy in a public court of opinion. it is so irresponsible. i don't see any apologies. i do see a lot of reporting on the media outlets backtracking. not admitting fault that reporting the stories i was telling you earlier about the fact that he was in kenosha that night. he was legally carrying a gun. because under law in the state of wisconsin come if it is a short barreled done it is illegal but if it is a long barreled gun such as the ar
2:30 pm
rifle, that is the goal. that is why the charge was dropped. there are so many facts missing. and i feel the entire media is responsible. tammy: our reality is affected by what we see on tv. i would say this is even more dangerous and damaging because the majority of americans are not as divided as we have seen in recent polls on social issues and politics. we are not divided. right, charlie? looking at how media portrays reality but yet that is not true. you have ptsd this young man is dealing with in the meantime he will have a false view necessarily of what americans think of him because the media has become the mob teesixteen the healing component, these young men has
2:31 pm
also seen what has come on before him the mom looks like a strong woman we don't know much about his dad but if he has a strong background in so many people in america stand behind truth rather than the lies of the independent and he shot three black men "the new york times" who decided not to run the story before the election. charlie, is there a point of strength of americans stand up to say look. our system worked. the young man was assaulted wrongfully and given the support as a country, think we can do a lot there teesixteen. >> there is no greater example then i'd if you look at the 12 ordinary citizens who served on the jury and made that decision they did not by any of that crap. they don't listen to the lies they were not persuaded by the president of the united states they did not buy into any of this they ruled honestly and with integrity that the sad
2:32 pm
thing is that prosecutors in kenosha don't have 1 ounce of that integrity for themselves which is the whole reason we are here to begin with. when you look at that verdict being read and kyle rittenhouse sitting there as a parent it crushes your heart you don't have to be a parent to have a human reaction to this. is have to not be a monster. when you turn on the tv and see the things what people were saying. they are monsters. they are hideous monsters. and the fact that his tears were proof of white supremacy because he was crying because he had to kill somebody? because democrats and the media created this environment where the police were not enforcing the law? and he was left to do it himself? that is absolutely disgusting. these people are monsters.
2:33 pm
julie: not one person talked about the high resolution drone video. no media outlet. then they show the jurors high resolution drone video which actually shows rosenbaum chasing been house down the street and then we can house holding up a gun you think that would deter someone but now. it did not. that is when he shot he was shot three or four times because it shoots off rounds faster. charlie: i don't know how they don't phase prosecutorial misconduct for that. david: they won't in a state who has i governor that will go any further. that is for legal review. perhaps those look at the legal system and how they can file that. talk about a liberal wake-up call next. he is known for stepping into the truth once in a while.
2:34 pm
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almost there, hold on. wait for it. high thryv! manage my customer list? can do. will do. high thryv! post on social media? hash-tag high thryv my friend! get a free demo at >> welcome back. bill marr delivering a wake-up call to aoc in the squad and other democrats pushing stupid boldness. it is a term is exclusively used by older people these days. what? that's a term folks like you brought out very recently. >> what word would you like us to use for the excesses of the left?
2:39 pm
>> i love have a blind squirrel even gets and not even now and then. the obvious goes to bill marr yet again. but i do like the idea tammy that he is challenging aoc to come on the show for an interview do you think she will ever show up and why not quick. >> she likes attention but she gets attention. she does not do well when she is asked serious questions like when she was asked of her opinion of unemployment and she declared because people had two jobs instead of one. this is a person is an advocate not in touch with the issues. that's a problem with all democrats at this point. and then to what it is that you want so it is the obvious
2:40 pm
that there are so few people on the left who will say it. because you will be punished. >> one reason aoc will never show up on the show is because part of being woke is you don't have a sense of humor and your funnybone has been removed. since she cannot laugh she cannot go on there. but nobody has been a greater paul revere on the idiocy then you have been. do i remember that correctly quick. >> you are according to a cnn analyst we now have a panel to let me double down out of the software out there for aoc. i have an audience on the radio that is national
2:41 pm
multiple times over bigger than bill marr all give her a bigger platform if she wants to discuss this with me. we know that she won't. she will not go where she is in an uncomfortable spacer asked questions where she might have to use that socialist brain of hers. >> if anybody knows how to call people a better, it is duly. when does the insanity and? does it ever come back to politics? >> no. but i think bill marr is trying to audition for a job on fox which all of a sudden he is starting to make sense versus somebody on the left. but what i loved is when he was on the chris cuomo show. there was a whole hour he devoted talking to bill marr here he is. but he made comments about
2:42 pm
hunter biden and made a comparison between the two such as sleeping with hookers behind the wife's back are doing drugs or sex tapes or whatever but don junior was roasted by the media but instead to give them a free pass you can sell two million-dollar paintings and we will buy the crap. i just mean all the crap. not just the paintings. [laughter] >> at some point among normal regular americans who don't buy into this with this crazy ideology, efforts at credibility you don't ever get it back. >> no. you and i have done this
2:43 pm
together we want the radicals out on display somewhere people can see them and i'm still listening to in my ear charlie thinking monsters we will see the monsters for who they are. >> and with all the polls that americans are not divided american see this for what it is. we must remember that. you are not alone. everybody has everybody else's back. let's not let the media or bigmouth like aoc makes you thank you are the odd one out. you are not. >> the media doubles down on the claim that parents have no business deciding what their kids learn. seriously?
2:44 pm
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2:48 pm
♪♪ welcome back to the big saturday show and not that from nbc news is parking outrage for saying that parents are not qualified to make decisions about what to teach our kids in school. a portion reads that unless they are licensed and certified parents are not qualified to make decisions. in fact parental interference can hinder students advancement. christina come if you are watching come i highly doubt it, maybe you will hear about this, you are the brilliant op-ed writer who wrote this for nbc
2:49 pm
you also gone to say that we as parents are comparing ourselves to want to be doctors. let me address that. part of the problem is that parents think they have the right to control teaching and learning because their children are the ones being educated that actually it doesn't work that way. it is like entertaining a surgical unit thinking you can interfere with an operation simply because the patient is your child. >> me explain to you again christina. i am a parent he will very much be involved in my children's curriculum and what the teachers feeling my kids brains work with. certainly i will look at the curriculum i want to be in control of what they are learning this is shaping the future and will make then the adults that i will pay therapy bills for. so i obviously need to have a say. and for anybody to compare me to a doctor is scary. tammy: this is a great example
2:50 pm
of what the left has always thought. this is nothing new at all. i think maybe she should have talked to terry mcauliffe before making a declaration because you heard it from him. i think they should just keep on talking and keep on telling parents going back to hillary it takes a village that is everyone's own home that is the only village that parents realize the government wants to get a hold of their children we will not let that happen. >> how do you tell a parent they have no say in their children's education? i don't understand how somebody is that stupid to make a statement like that. charlie: it is astonishing that to touch on this, after terry mcauliffe was called out to say the scandal in washington when the politician
2:51 pm
actually says what he thinks and it is stupid which is what this woman is saying it goes to show that after that's what these people believe. it is all of them. this is a deeply ingrained belief that parents do not have control over their children. they do not have a right to control what their children are learning. tammy: coming from the left and being around these individuals, they truly believe that they are the only ones who know best. that the average american person the average american parent is the problem. that is why you have merit garland.
2:52 pm
good thing he did not get on the supreme court funny now parents are the target may be they are at the core of what makes this country great. david: parents begin by teaching their kids. i love what julie said about being a doctor. i will not play one. parents of the first teachers. they moved their children's lives. they are absolutely always going to be with that biggest responsibility a parent has. julie: i will be responsible for screwing my kids up myself i'm doing that myself i will take responsibility for that. [laughter] and during the homeschooling for the three months of the pandemic my eight-year old at the time at noon said i think it's time for wine and would bring me a bottle. i give full credit to these teachers because they teach without wine. serving god few teachers on —- for you teachers.
2:53 pm
no i will move on. think saturday spot is next.
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welcome back to the big saturday show for my time for the big saturday stop. not like we have anything to choose from. our picks for the biggest veils of the week. for me, san diego california, fbi commanding motorists return soleimani on an armored truck, it's true cash all across the steep relay after the doors flew open and if there's a few fails, truck drivers will probably be unemployed very soon, the truck doesn't matter don't do
2:58 pm
crime if you do, i don't know if you want to film yourself, probably a bad idea. fbi maybe they will make it so they would look to it. charlie. >> if we are going to start arresting people for stealing cash on the side of the road we are to arrest everybody in congress but anyway, this is my flop for the week, federal reserve chair refused to say he's a capitalist or a socialist. as astonishing as this may be, i'm sure the woman probably thought it was a trick question that's exactly it, the congresswoman asking whether she was a capitalistic or socialistic elected by citizens of this country by taxpayers. allow to ask a trick question if he wants to go down. he are not allowed to, david,
2:59 pm
what you got? >> first of all, she one 11% performance which went to university, i thought they were crazy, soviet union doesn't count. thanks to president biden, inflation prices, supply chain prices, cost of think skipping dinner is up 13% this year. little over $53 and $85 turkey i have. a kosher turkey, 14 pounds, $85. i will need more wine after that. >> a florida home owner, this is hilarious. a homeowner facing a $1000 fine as you see here, he put the lights up in november, november 6 which is apparently too early because the homeowners association will make him pay
3:00 pm
$100 a day, maximum of $1000 fine, come after me, show me. i put this up november 1, let's cut to my home and i do not mess around when it comes to christmas lights and i swear if i have a homeowners association that wanted to buy humbug me, i would go around. that's it. thank you for joining us. ♪♪ >> nation's busiest airport, a gun accidentally goes often cite. good evening, i am jon scott and this is the fox report. ♪♪ officials in atlanta are calling the incident an accidental discharge this afternoon at hartsfield jackson international airport people are seen running from the terminal admit panic. airport says there's no danger, passengers or employees and an investigation is ongoing. lorne green has the latest on


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