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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  November 20, 2021 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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count, think twice before giving it to the mailman. paul: a good argument for cleaning up ballot rules if you have your own hit or miss, tweeted to us at jdr at fnc. that's it for this week's show. thanks to my panel and thanks to you, especially for watching. we hope to see you here next week. >> breaking news, accidental gunfire causing panic in america's busiest airport, accidental discharge but to panic at the international airport. they say there's no active shooter and flights are resuming normal. the scare is just days before one of the busiest travel. of the year with millions of americans expected to fly over the thanksgiving holiday. welcome to a brand-new fox news live, i am arthel neville. eric: thank you for joining us, i am eric shawn.
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police telling fox news the accident discharge may have been near the main security checkpoint at the airport. video as you can see posted on social media shows people running for safety they abandon bags all over the passenger areas. airport official use have given the all clear in the investigation is underway. here are the breaking developments. reporter: which repeat there was no loss of life, no real threat but the panic with the possibility became a real potential danger. cell phone video shows panic passengers and asians running away from the terminal during what was thought to be an active shooter situation and chaos afterwards. it turned out to be accidental discharge of a weapon. flights were briefly halted happened neared the main
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security area at america's busiest airport, made even more 50 a few days before the heavy thanksgiving weekend. airport officials tweeted, approximately 1:30 p.m. today a weapon accidentally discharged adeimantus security screening area. there is not an active shooter at the airport, apd is on the scene, more about the situation will be made available on our social media channel. passenger described what happened. >> i can hear a shot, i checked my bag and i saw two or three people running with raised voices, i assumed they missed their flight and they were rushing. after that i saw ten or 15 people running after them. i made eye contact with my husband and i said we've got to go. the author first thought goes through my mind, i want to see my daughter again. reporter: they continue to investigate what happened but
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they've given the all clear that there is no more danger. eric: you can understand people freaking out and being afraid when they hear gunshots. arthel: no doubt about that we are going to bring in daniel, a former superintendent and chief of the police department there in boston so chief, first of all, what you surmise happened here? details are limited but based on your expert angle, what you think? >> and accidental discharge report that happens when somebody is handling a weapon, it could have been a passenger turning it over to put in their luggage and didn't have it secured, it could happen a law enforcement official changing shifts, that will have to be investigated. someone fired a round on accident. oftentimes they forget there's a rain in the magazine, it will
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kill fire. good news, no one was injured as horrible a day it was for folks in atlanta, they did the right thing. they heard a gunshot and ran from gunfire and encouraged others to seek cover and run. it's an unfortunate circumstance, probably a lot of stress and anxiety but that's what we need to have people do if it was an actual shooter event. it appears officials quickly, once they identified was an accidental discharge, he reached out to the public to let them know which sometimes these events go on for an hour or two because people don't get the information to the public so a horrible day for folks but we need them to be prepared when an issue like this happens, look for cover and run away from the threat and keep themselves safe. we hope and pray as prepared as
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they are they never have to use that response in the event of a real emergency. arthel: kudos to the authorities there at the airport for doing the right thing and following protocol you deemed very helpful to the passengers. it's also a good reminder for all of us as we have not been traveling for a long time, remember to do exactly that, check out where the exits are in the event something happens, most likely nothing will but kind of have a plan. it's my understanding passengers are allowed to travel with a gun but the gun has to be checked in. so why would someone have to -- your thesis was that maybe someone was handing over there god for them to packet from a wouldn't it already be unpacked? i get it you could forget there's a bullet in the chamber are trying to understand how
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this happened possibly. >> when i travel out of state, i have my firearm walked in i give to the personnel brought give my ticket checking and i say i want to check in this bag, i have a loaded firearm in here are my papers, i want to report it to you and make will make a notation and sometimes they want to make sure the weapon is unloaded, it depends on the airline but i surmise somebody might have taken the weapon out and accidentally pulled the trigger or law enforcement official who might have been clearing a weapon and wanted to make sure it was unloaded, maybe going into an interview or something and pulled the firearm trigger, we don't know exactly yet but it caused a report of shots fired, people responded appropriately and took cover and got away from the threat.
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we have to figure out if that did happen, if there's a way to improve. we want to check it before you get into a terminal and make sure it's not loaded just like if you go to arrange a fire before they get into the facility, unload their weapons and check it at an outside area just in case there's is an accidental discharge in an area protected from a projectile going anywhere it shouldn't. arthel: as you said, this is a reminder to all passengers getting back to traveling, we should make sure we report exits when it happened, probably won't but just be prepared. it's also a reminder to people who can travel legally with guns and as you said, you present proper paperwork to the airline ticket counter person, you are letting them know it's a legal carrier but also for those of
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you who can't carry legally, make sure you clear the chamber, right? >> make sure people are trained and do it by the number. we saw a couple weeks ago, a hollywood set where a firearm was loaded and tragedy occurred. treat it as if it's lotus at all times and never pointed out an individual and make sure you deal with them properly. arthel: thank you for joining us last minute, former boston police superintendent and chief, thank you very much and happy thanksgiving to you and your family. >> thank you. stay safe. arthel: you, too. eric: one of the people at the airport when this happened, happens to be our fox news executive, meghan clark, senior vice president of fox news booking here, meghan, how are you and what was it like?
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>> i wish i could show you where i am right now, currently walking down 85, the airport as a standstill, i've been walking about 4 miles trying to get to a break in traffic and commotion. eric: you are on the highway? please be safe. where were you when this happened? did you see or hear it? >> landed around 1:30 p.m., held up at the apartment for about an hour and we were told because they finally let us off an hour or so and first thing i noticed was the train shut down. we were told to stand in place and people started getting panicky because of rumors and what was occurring, shooter so people ran into this hallway
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getting apprehensive not having anywhere to go and we started moving a little bit and that's when we noticed everything was cleared out. everybody was evacuated, i talked to a few people that abandoned their luggage and people were screaming to get down and run for the exit so they were in the midst of panic, everybody in the security line responded to that. eric: there is luggage all over the passenger area, people dropped it and left it and ran where you stand in line, spilt coffee in the aisles. judging what you are saying, there were not clear instructions what happened, you are just left on your own. >> we were just standing,
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thousands of people, kids and babies, everybody had no idea what was going on and word of mouth so that's when you felt panic, until somebody came over the loud eager and that there was an accidental discharge, no immediate threat. then leaving the airport, it's one of the busiest airports in the country so it was at a complete standstill. hours later i am still at a standstill so you understand everybody panicked, not getting an idea of what's happening. people are waiting, asking me what happened. it's crazy.
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eric: and thankfully no one was injured, not an active shooter situation, we heard a jet fly over, a live shot at the tower. operations are getting back to normal at the terminal. what you do now? >> have you rebooked, have you called your airline? >> i had landed in atlanta for the night so i'm literally walking along 85 to find a break in traffic to get somewhere to get a car the opposite direction. eric: we wish you the very best, stay safe. if you can, go to a hotel or a gas station, stay safe. an indication of what people can go through sometimes. meghan was at the airport and
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tried to run a birthday party, what an adventure. back to the story, reaction continues to pour in this weekend at the trial that divided the nation. acquitted as you know on all five charters breaking down in tears after the jury, not guilty. >> the fifth count of the information from a the jury find the defendant, kyle h rittenhouse not guilty. eric: jury deliberated 26 hours total before deciding rittenhouse did in fact acted in self-defense when he shot three people, killing two of them last august. the product set off protests in cities from across the country, one important declared a riot because of the reaction amid the fallout. some raise the jury for weighing the evidence in the court of law
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fairly. others are not. those saying the media should dictate the outcome. >> we got to the jury trial, trial by media, evidence of self-defense was enough to yield in total acquittal. the trial is about one thing, faxing the evidence and flaw in a particular case with a particular defendant not about social justice movement. eric: hi, jeff. reporter: what a difference a day makes 24 hours ago deep inside in and around the courthouse in kenosha but today it's fairly quiet, a few smaller groups out here voicing frustrations with the jury's decision not guilty on all accounts but no one is probably more frustrated with that decision by the jury in the family of the two men who were
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killed by kyle rittenhouse. >> i miss anthony every single day. every day i wish i could come home to him and unload the weight on my shoulders but i can't because he's dead. the system is telling me nobody needs to answer for that. reporter: after the verdict was read, kyle rittenhouse got choked up, nearly collapsed and hugged one of the attorneys he learned he'd be walking out of the courthouse a free man. the family who were killed say they feel the verdict means there's no accountability, it sends a message people can incite violence and use the danger they started to justify using a gun. the lawyers think he wishes none of this ever happened double down that they believe rittenhouse did not start any of us. his attorney's psaki rittenhouse is ready to get on with his
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life. >> right now the family is getting together and they will spend time together without the anxiety and the pressures of office. they will be a family and we will see what happens in the coming days corporate things in kenosha have remained overwhelmingly peaceful. the only interaction between protesters and police happened last night. we are told from multiple witnesses a woman was arrested after she started writing a message at the courthouse using talk pretty things got out of hand, authorities had to declare arrived after they say rocks were thrown at them in windows broken. we saw images out of cities like chicago and new york with large protests but remained overwhelmingly peaceful. eric: thank you. quiet in kenosha. thank you. i'll rittenhouse was sit down
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with tucker carlson for his first interview after the verdict, that will be aired sunday night 8:00 p.m. on the fox news channel. arthel: underreport shows record number of americans were killed by drug overdoses in one year end public health experts are pointing fingers of blame at business. how the narcotic is coming into the country and what can be done to stop it. ♪♪
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a lot less surge of migrants trying to cross the southern border the crush continues to put a strain on our already overwhelmed officials. migrants keep coming not only from south america and central american countries but even as far as eastern europe and
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beyond. rio grande valley especially hard-hit. bill melugin and standing by with the latest from their. reporter: good afternoon, what you said is correct. the migrants continue to come in from literally all around the world. look at this video here in texas this morning, what you are looking at are romanians who cross illegally here into la jolla from eastern europe next to bulgaria and the ukraine also mixed in with romanians or albanians. these are countries in eastern europe that have nothing to do with the northern triangle countries the shows how far some of these people are coming. a bigger group, look at this video we shot this morning, a group of about 150200 migrants who crossed over into la jolla illegally this morning. you see the incomplete border wall, these migrants will come across from across the rio
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grande and simply just walk around the incomplete border wall. construction was started but halted as soon as president joe biden took office in january so just a piece of meddle in the dirt right now and they just walk around it. take a look at this video from our drone troop showing the migrants who show up here during the early morning hours, typically it's families. these are not runners, and was actively seeking out border patrol looking to give themselves up because they believe under the biden administration they will have a chance of being released into the country with a future court date. former dhs secretary chad wolf believes reports the biden administration considers paying migrant families separated at the border during the trump administration, he believes potentially pulling migrants to the border now, listen to what he said. >> the biden demonstration should be fighting the frivolous lawsuit.
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u.s. government has brought a lot of these parents back to the united states, and rolled them into the u.s. and on top of that, to pay them for breaking the law is ludicrous. reporter: look at these photos here, this is in arizona and border patrol tucson sector, these are agents found 43 unaccompanied children, all guatemalan mixed in with the group that crossed illegally. unaccompanied minors, a huge thing happening during the border crisis, 144,000 during 2021, just one month into fiscal year 2022, since october, there have been nearly 13000 unaccompanied minors who have shown up here at the border. eric: not just romania but africa, middle eastern countries and all around the world still flocking here trying to get in.
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arthel: meanwhile as a migrant crisis shows no signs of slowing down, federal law enforcement officials are warning about the surge of internal smuggling along the southern border. agents seized more than 11000 pounds of the powerful opioid over a period of 12 months dea officials blamed the drug for a sharp increase in overdose deaths into the u.s. >> our streeter full fentanyl especially with counterfeit. some are identical. the only way you know is with a chemist. you have to have a chemist available, or you just don't know. arthel: arizona attorney general mark joins us now, you know this very well, drug overdose deaths in your state are at record levels. in what way can you tell us, how
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are the drug cartel smugly fentanyl in. >> thank you for having me on and i'm sorry we had keep having to talk about this, the biden administration failure to secure the border, as a result, we seen this record by conventional across the border, not just functional as heroin and other hard drugs. i'm a gang prosecutor for years and when you see prices falling like they are, supply dramatically increases so i was at the border last week in the early saw migrants coming across with mortgage and while they do that, agents have to process them and release them back to the communities in the cartel take advantage of that carloads of drugs across the border. last week one traffic stop here in arizona, 30,000 functional pills were found.
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2 milligrams can kill someone so act enough to kill the entire population in a city like philadelphia. arthel: has a dea step in? >> we are sons and daughters and nieces, nephews, spouses are dying as a result of the failure of the biden administration to secure our border so i'm a fourth generation american, i understand why people want to come to this country but what we have right now is chaos from literally millions of people illegally cross because the biden administration incentivized" decriminalized it and the cartel exploit that so what they are doing is avoiding humans and pushing a surge of drugs into our country which will lead to more crime and violent and more overdose.
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arthel: i want to look at statistics that are unfortunate, this will be arizona overdose deaths from april 20202 april 2021. so april 2020 last year, 2154, april 2020 won this year, 2768 is a 28.5% increase now we will look at arizona totals from synthetic drugs. january 2018th, 274. april of 2020 won this year, 1639. i know you say this is persisting because of lack of ability to control the border by the biden administration but as you know, drug smuggling, human trafficking, illegal border crossings, they are all problems what democratic and republican
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so however your position -- or is it your position that maybe a republic administration is better suited to handle the border and maybe democrats are not suited to equip the border? >> i believe strongly that catastrophe at the border is a result of failed policies in washington d.c. you're pointing out the numbers, the second largest county in arizona overdose deaths, the number one cause of death are car accidents, suicide, people under the age of 19 is impacting us in so many ways, record amount of drugs across the border much would a half increase year-over-year from last year, the prices of drugs are falling, there's a record amount of people coming across the country undermining rule of law and at the end of the day if you talk to law enforcement and border patrol in federal state officials, they will tell you they've never seen it this data
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source not problem of right versus left, it's a fundamental issue of right versus wrong. what we do as a country to address a catastrophic problem but sometimes we throw out numbers but these are someone's sons, nieces and nephews. arthel: you are rest so right about that, these are people were left. i like what you said, this is not a right versus left problem, it's a right -- repeat that. >> this is not right versus left problem, a fundamental issue right versus wrong and we have to do the right things ourselves. arthel: i hope you can get whatever help you need in arizona for the local communities but also the psaki of our country so hopefully we can get something together to make this problem go away if not fix it in the short run. attorney general from arizona,
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thank you very much for joining us, take care, sir. eric: jimmy hoffa, person reviewing new information on fox nation found fbi following clues we showed you in our series. what we found over former new jersey -- he could very well be buried, fbi following up on tips after 46 years. will it finally reveal what happened to jimmy hoffa? criminal defense attorney and prosecutor. youngkin is here to tell us straight ahead. ♪♪
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closing arguments set for monday the racially charged ahmaud armory murder trial. three white men stand accused of killing him, a 25-year-old unarmed black man killed blaster. the first time any of the three
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defendants spoken publicly about the murder. charles watson is live outside the courthouse in georgia with more. reporter: . we saw him jump over mcmichael, challenging everything from why he and the other defendants in the case down to the claims of for self-defense. under cross-examination, mcmichael admitted to the open court robbery never so much as spoke a word to him and never presented himself as a threat as he ran for five minutes away from mcmichael, his father and william brian who later joined with his pickup truck. >> he's demonstrated a threat to you, he pulled out a gun, hasn't had one for to you. >> he had not. >> not threatened you in any way
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verbally to burp verbally or physically. >> no, ma'am. reporter: mcmichael testified he and his father spotted him running in the neighborhood and recognize him as the same individual seen on a neighbor's property days prior thinking he committed a crime and was possibly armed, mcmichael said he and his father grabbed their guns and pursued the 25-year-old in their pickup truck just to talk to him. at the end of the pursuit, he said marbury ran around his truck and attacked him and said that's why he was forced to shoot and kill. >> he grabbed the shotgun and i believe i was struck. i saw, it was obvious he was attacking me, if he would have got the shotgun from me, it was a life or death situation
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corporate friday defense attorney kevin pushed for mistrial equating the event and outside the courtroom to a public lynching of the defendant following a rally of black pastors led by reverend al sharpton on the courthouse in the wake of the repeated comments about borrowing pastors from the courtroom. >> we are here today for the family to have strength. reporter: the court ultimately denied that motion for mistrial. the next steps in the case are closing arguments expected to be monday when the case could be in the jury's hands days before thanksgiving. arthel: thank you. eric. eric: fox nation investigation of what happened to jimmy hoffa has got results. potentially could be to jersey
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city new jersey for spring we were told the remains of the legendary labor leader are buried 12 feet down in a metal barrel drum after hoffa was murdered by the mob july 30, 1975. an infamous mob connected in jersey city, the son of one of the owners told me it was his father, businessman paul who married him in that barrel but he said his dad moved the body off the property line without telling the mobsters because his father didn't want that body to be found on his property. >> you are saying your father buried jimmy hoffa? >> yes, you guys later years said he couldn't fit in the drum, feet first. they had to turn him headfirst.
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>> your father said he couldn't fit in the drum? >> he couldn't get the legs to bend right so he took him out and put him in headfirst. eric: where they solved the case with bob bianchi, former prosecutor who knows the top and the case very well. you see the affidavit, this is the one person they have, why do you think he's credible when there have been other dates that have come up empty? >> one of the reasons i think it has a different shine if you don't mind me passing a compliment to you, it's your determination on this case. at this unbelievable interview from somebody in a position here and as i understand from the father told him on his deathbed. prosecutors take that seriously, there is evidence when people say things when they are dying, they are inherently reliable. in addition, other investigators but everyone to believe this was
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something created when they were in a fight, he was killed and brought back to jersey, they just didn't know where in jersey so the interview you did gave the fbi crucial information in regard to an individual who has credibility, he's heard directly from his father, the person who actually did it so that was another piece of information, all about doctor together plus what your crew did when you went to that location when they did the radar, proving there were barrows in the area, and had to be an area never remediated in the cleanup so it makes sense and that's why the fbi went out there, they did their own analysis on the ground, they got a search warrant and there is an affidavit so all of it falls into place for them to do another big and from what you
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have done, it's promising. eric: thank you for the compliment and the team effort here at fox nation, two points. he apparently in 1989, his father went to the site and showed it to him and there are three others who told me the same story, he took jimmy hoffa and put him in the barrel and put him there so everyone is clear, we took radar company and we scanned the area, we have video of the scanning, they came up with metal, half round pieces of metal at the site, there is right there. there is the technician and myself and you can see on the screen, that's what the fbi apparently did doing the same thing why don't they dig now? >> i can't answer as to why they
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wouldn't but if i was a prosecutor, i want to get there as soon as possible but i'm sure there are a lot of logistics. i think one of the reasons continuing and ongoing investigation, cooperating witnesses or may have other formation meeting them to do things in a certain order but if i were to know personally as prosecutor something me be there, i'd rather get there sooner than later so there can't be tampering but i presume they are watching it to make sure that doesn't occur. keeping in mind, it was not an organized crime figure, his put in a bad situation and the son indicated the father wanted jimmy hoffa body turned back to his family, he felt that to do what they told you to do with the mob or he be the person killed or injured or harmed so
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that is compelling in terms of motive. they are not dealing with that, they are dealing with somebody who did something because they were required. eric: he said his father, they would do what they did to half up to him. they would take likely in the spring, do you think it will be solved if he is there? >> i was assistant prosecutor for seven years, virtually every day, the thought i could drive over the burial site of jimmy hoffa's equating from a strange view. there's a lot to take their foot i think you're headed in the right direction. eric: right there, you can see the fbi clearing out an unrelated waste management next door. bob, thank you. all four episodes of our series,
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search for james hoffa exclusively on fox nation. if you don't have fox nation, get it. neil cavuto would say that. we are working on our next investigation right now. arthel: eric, you have done an outstanding job reporting on this mystery, you've been dogging your search for answers, have to --
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happy birthday, mr. president. president biden celebrating his 79th birthday. house democrats gave him an early gift yesterday finally passing massive build back better spending plan the news is not happy in the latest fox poll where 54% of voters say they disapprove of his job performance. david, why give full approval to is live with more.
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reporter: i give full approval to you as well. happy birthday to the president, he's been spending the day here in wilmington to his family and friends, passage yesterday in the house my 220 days from 213 nays on build back better, $1.820 social spending bill but no question, margins were incredibly been in the house now going to the senate where there is uncertain future. the president still has that problem on the southern border, it's not going away. new poll last night shows the majority of voters approve saying up to $450,000 to families separated at the southern border under former president terms zero-tolerance policy. 30% of the people pulled favorites from 39% oppose it saying no money at all, 12% oppose it but they agree some money is warranted to the families, 9% are unsure. i asked the president about this at the white house two weeks ago in his response was stern to say the least. >> because of the outrageous behavior of this administration,
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you coming across whether it's legal or illegal and you lost your child, you lost your child, gone, you deserve some kind of compensation no matter the circumstance. what it will be, i have no idea. >> that's the president. back to you. arthel: you write back, thanks, david.
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all adults in our country are eligible for the booster shot from all three covid vaccinations. cdc endorsement moved for the pfizer and maternal shot yesterday and now allows many americans to get there third shot before the thanksgiving holiday. the only requirement, you have to be at least six months patcher last dose of pfizer or maternal or two months past single dose johnson & johnson. if you are eligible, get your booster shot to be protected. fox nation honored everyday american heroes this weekend, annual patriot awards in hollywood, florida. if he can't pass the show wednesday night, we will re- air some of the biggest moments tomorrow night 10:00 p.m. eastern, fox nation's subscribers can stream the entire event online at fox or watch tomorrow night. arthel: absolutely. happy birthday to our producer
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james and also producer chris, we love them both, they are great workers, great team leaders, we love you all. happy birthday. eric: happy birthday, guys. see you tomorrow. ♪♪
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>> hello everyone. i'm here with david webb, tammy bruce and charlie hurt. welcome to the big saturday show. bracing for a second either protest after the acquittal of kyle rittenhouse. from new york city to chicago to portland where police declared a riot after some in the crowd damaged buildings


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