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tv   The Journal Editorial Report  FOX News  November 20, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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what to think in your mind runs wild. get to miami safely, happily skipping to you and your family. thank you for joining us with your news in atlanta. i think that doesn't for us but we will be back in one hour with more news right here on the fox news channel. ♪ welcome to the journal editorial report, i am paul gigot. house passing the build back better plan following a record-breaking speech from kevin mccarthy, and nancy pelosi to vote. multitrillion dollar climate and entitlement blowout now headed to an evenly divided senate where future remains uncertain. what happens from here and how much does the house past the plan for the cost?
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let's ask bill mcgurn and kim strassel and kyle peterson to give kim, explain something to me politically, president biden's approval rating down 41%. virginia give a rebuke to democratic party blowout spending in the last year, why did democrats go ahead and vote to spend another 2 trillion? it's really a lot bigger, wife? >> 4 trillion, let's put there at least. they see it as a once in a generation opportunity to create entitlement programs cradle-to-grave system in the united states and nothing apparently, not even politics dissuade from that. even coming out of horrible virginia loss, you can see what's happening from the economy and inflation, they told themselves the answer is to get
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the agenda done. nothing in the polling suggest that is the case, it's a fiction they told themselves cementing a program to last for generations. paul: kyle, break this down, the difference between the 2 trillion and what outside private analysts say is 4.6, 4.9, something like that, what is the difference? >> essentially it's a budget connect from that's why the congressional budget office this week with a little misleading, what's in the bill are creations of entitlement programs childcare entitlement program and because they only have, they are trying to get under a certain dollar amount, they said this will last for one year, this will be six years but their intent is to make it permanent
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and they but when the expiration date comes up whether it's one or six years, congress will find it too painful to let it last so that's the difference in some of these numbers, the numbers like 4 trillion are assuming the programs are. paul: to give an illustration, the child tax great credit will only be one year, that's very costly, in one year it's about 120 billion, something like that but if you expand over ten years which would be honest accounting, that's 1.2 or 3 trillion. >> right but if you even if -- it's hard to put numbers on some of these things because of how complicated they are part of the childcare program, they are saying raising wages for childcare providers pay them like elementary school teachers and subsidize costs for american families and for a lot of people kat that 7% of income so we are going to restrict supply,
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subsidize demand, what could possibly go wrong? it's hard to even make a guess how much that will drive up prices. paul: bill, one of the arguments people make for the bill and the social spending, we been under investing in children and families and therefore this will help search the social fabric together pouring money in to these folks. why don't you address that? is the biggest moral defense of this spending. >> i find, i've never known inflation has had positive effects bring together but look at what you are saying, they talk about investment in this is the government doing this. it seems the new logic is the more the government spends, the bigger the bill in terms of spending, the fewer hard questions we ask. it's all high in the sky
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promises and i don't think it's going to from some of the spending doesn't take place for a while, this is a classic washington achievement, they heralded as a victory in washington. i don't think unless americans see improvement in their daily lives, it's going to do anything to boost joe biden approval ratings and it may be lower, people realize it's all about spending and giving washington a lot more over our economy. joe manchin's original complaint was the entitlement, he doesn't want to move to entitlement and this does that. with other provisions that are basically for green companies, as you said at the beginning, is a progressive wish list and i think they are right, we looked ahead think they would prevail in next year's congressional election, they have a two-year
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window to get this progressive thing through if they didn't get done, they can never get it and they were probably right. paul: who will talk about the politics but coming up, president biden continuing to insist more spending is the key to fighting rising inflation in the build back better plan will actually lower cost for working families. our voters buying that argument? ♪♪
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congress will not add inflationary pressures in the economy. the policies are proposed help live long-term economic growth by stronger labor force growth and taking the edge off inflation spewing president continuing to insist more spending is the answer for the crisis. the build back better bill now headed to the senate will ease inflation in the long run but i
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knew poll finds 27% of voters believe the plan will help their family, 59% believe it will be paid for by people like me. we are back with our panel, big bill mcgurn, kim strassel and kyle peterson. people don't seem to five inflation argument for economic reasons but let's talk about the politics here, speaker pelosi promised democrats in the house she would make them vote on something that didn't have a chance of passing the senate, we don't know what will happen, we do know it will be changed so has she basically signed a lot of her house democrat to the end of their careers in another year? >> it looks that way. she has a good record of doing that, walk the plank for progressive democratic priorities. i still think there are hurdles for the bill, joe manchin has been strong saying he thinks we
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should delay this. the last inflation number october was it's .2% year-over-year and there are forecasters who say it's going to go even higher in the coming months so i think it will go for a lot and it will push into the 2022 midterms. paul: kim, elaborate on that, what you think is going to happen in the senate? my sense is that this will end the careers of maybe 20, 30 or more house democrat. >> we are already looking for them. that's why you saw the drama the last couple of months, house democrat wanted to look as though they were putting up a fight and making it up at her bill but the reality is she made them vote for a bill that had ugly provisions in and they will be hammered, they are already getting hammered by ads in their home district and they voted for in they own it. they also ended up having to vote for messaging bill because joe manchin made clear the
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version they passed is not what he's working off of, because provisions in their at minimum that will probably go away, paid family leave is one, potentially the methane fee they've got, you've got a compromised state and local compromised bernie sanders doesn't like and they will have to take another vote in the house if it passes through the senate so she asked members to walk the plank as she has before and not with good outcome. paul: bill, immigration expansion is up to 6.5 million people getting a tenure reprieve who have been here since 2011, tax increases on small business, methane taxes my tax on natural gases, energy prices are increasing, a link between spending and inflation, these are add rights itself for
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challenger in 2022. >> they wouldn't say spending the investment for this, it shows you moderates in the house the moderates are people in swing districts telling the only democrat voting republican against us was jared in maine, i believe he went for trump both in 2016 and 2020. most of the progressives pushing this, they are in a safe seat promote they don't have to worry too much. it was the moderates from a they've just been rolled. paul: kyle, another provision i want to talk about is irs boost of $80 billion for literally thousands, hundreds of thousands of more audits.
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the white house said it would get them the hundred trillion over ten years, the budget office said a lot less. what you think the democrats are going to blow through that and say will take the white house number? >> i'm skeptical of that because there's a lot of controversy over the provisions to enforce that, treasury has talked about inflow and outflow, it makes people uncomfortable so it's not clear they will do that. paul: kim, what's your best judgment whether this passes the senate and when? >> joe manchin is in no hurry. if we take him at his word, he wants to get a full assessment of what the inflationary system is, that's not something you work out in a matter of weeks so senate democrats are trying to get it done in the next couple
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weeks, it gets pushed beyond that at minimum. paul: maybe midnight, when we come back, democratic spending bill set to push the u.s. first place in taxes. how the build back better plan will give us the dubious for having the highest personal income tax rates in the developed world. next. ♪♪
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democratic spending push leading the way for the u.s. to be number o, taxes. a new analysis by the tax foundation finding the hospital in the u.s., the top of the taxi by 2026. highs combined federal and state personal income tax rate in the developed world and of the democratic plan from time to
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57.4%, higher than italy, sweden and even france. scott, president of the tax foundation, welcome take us through your math to get us to that calculation we have the great distinction was the highest combined rate in the world. >> it's a step-by-step process and by 2026 marginal tax rate will hit 39.6% you add onto that certain taxes in the bill, the first one being a surtax on incomes above 10 million and that a 3% surtax on incomes $1,225,000,000 and then you have the average of state rates and that kicks the rate from about 1% for the overall federal rate up to that 57%, so that is average because your home state, home city of new york city, top
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rate will hit about 66% of new jersey in the high 60s in places like california as well, we are going back to the 1970s we haven't seen income tax rates above 60% since the 1960s so this is a throwback bill. paul: people would say the democrats would say just applies to a bunch of rich people, most people that pay that. republican's reply he's violated his pledge not to tax anybody makes less than $400,000, who is right. >> ultimately economics of this means low income people will pay or bear a higher economic burden from this because when we model this plan, we find for every 1 dollar raising new tax rates over revenues, it will lower gdp by more than a dollar so it's
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shifting at least in equal amount of gdp from the private sector to growing government. ultimately it lowers wages and reduces capitol investment and folks who earn less than 400,000 a year will pay a part price. paul: the economic literature says clearly that corporate tax, it's increased and overseas process in other ways, the corporate tax paid by a combination of shareholders, employees and lower wages and by consumers at higher prices so the corporate taxes will affect people who have 401ks, pensions and so on. >> the recent economic study found workers at least 51% of the economic burden of corporate income tax, the heaviest burden falling on marginal workers like
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low skilled workers and younger workers, ironically they are the people most harmed by the covid crisis so when we look at things like corporate minimum taxes, 50% on income, we find no other country has tried something like this so it's very untested. number two, it will impact more important industries in america like the auto industry, manufacturing, companies heavily engaged in r&d and there's are the companies you want to make more competitive, not hurt them in the marketplace. paul: but talk about the changes of state and local tax deduction, the tax reform eliminating the deduction except for $10000, the house bill would increase that to $80000 for five years and what and so who is going to benefit from that
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increase from 10000 to $80000 a year? according to the distribution? >> it's going to be a big win for high income and rich people especially those in the northeast and california and so forth. by our major, these folks will get a net tax cut that will overwhelm any tax increase they might get so it undermines democrats credibility claiming the rich aren't paying their fair share of taxes and when you turn around and give a fall to the rich, you just can't make that claim anymore. paul: i want people to understand it's a tax cut for relatively affluent learners mainly in high tax states. a lot of the states are run by democratic governors and
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legislatures so if you are -- it's a next tax cut as opposed to texas and florida and other states who do not have state income tax, it's a boost for democratic states. >> it is and i think it recognizes those high income states are using their taxpayers out and it's a way of protecting them from that and making sure the federal government and people from other states are subsidizing the high taxes in those states. paul: we will see if that revises the senate. thanks for coming in. still ahead, new questions for attorney general merrick garland after internal e-mail reveals details of the fbi tracking alleged threats against school officials. ♪♪
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fbi whistleblower claiming the agency uses a tool normally employed to attract threats against school board members. an internal e-mail showing fbi created a threat tag track allegedly menacing statement made against the officials. republicans claiming the e-mail confirms suspicion the justice department is targeting parents protesting local education policies.
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the tear resources are being used, something merrick garland has denied. we are back with bill mcgurn, kim strassel "wall street journal" editorial page writer, julia. tell us about the whistleblower and why it matters. >> it something that is concerning to parents, a lot of issues with school district, covid policies with critical fury being taught and no concern if they show up to school board meetings speaking out about it and they might be tagged and investigated as a domestic terrorists, something the national school board association has written a letter about striving for concern his parents will be savaged where they may be investigated. paul: bill, what jeopardy does it put merrick garland and in terms of credibility and honesty? >> i think it is a big problem
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for him. he can't admit the source of the problem were just he broke the memo without any evidence there are real threats against school board officials that rise to the level of a federal offense much less domestic terrorism. the school boards association writing a letter cooperating with the white house and calling them terrorists, merrick garland in his testimony couldn't give any evidence for this and now the fbi suspends it became a book category whenever the fbi writes a memo, it has a heading and they came up with having against school official board members but they said it's the same thing against drug traffickers, human traffickers, it is ridiculous and goes back to merrick garland foolishly writing this memo that took with the school board association wanted, gave the federal investigation into can't admit
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he politicized the justice department and he had no real evidence except with the school board association itself claimed. paul: kim, let's put this in the loader context and what we are seeing around the country with parent who let school boards alone may are trying to influence these boards on their decisions and curriculums and so on" closing but the school boards pushing back and saying don't touch us, this is hours. how big is this revolt? >> it's huge in part because of covid. a lot of parents of revealing looks about what their children are being taught or not, during the zoo meetings and you add to it other things jillian pointed out, they are showing off, it's something we should be
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celebrating because it's accountability and what you see is elected officials who don't want to be held accountable for deal with these or change or so they called in higher authorities writing to the white house and getting the department of justice to what looks to be incredibly politicized asked to show the speech of the parents to get them off the hook. paul: jillian, it seems to be reaching courts and there is a case in pennsylvania for a school board this week tried to essentially shut up april who were critical, a federal judge issued an injunction or, tell us about that. >> it's really interesting, members of the public showed up to the school board meeting and you had school board members and school officials shutting them up, shouting you are done, you
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are done, it's offensive speech, the speech is irrelevant from his abusive but that's a subjective policy so the injunction was issued against that policy but i think parents concerns now, you have policies so subjective if you get the federal government involved because school board members don't like your opinion and therefore labels them as abusive or offensive, it's a real problem. paul: where was this? >> in pennsylvania. paul: okay, outside lid off you, north of philadelphia. bill, is this going to be with us for quite some time to 2022? >> yes, is a debate whether public schools are accountable to the public. that's what terry mcauliffe denied when he said parents shouldn't have a role. so many officials are elected, they are the least representative part of our system, very unaccountable, generally designed to be
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unaccountable so people are demanding answers now and waking up to school board elections and they will try to make a difference. i will close by saying it's one reason mike bloomberg campaigned on ending the school boards and giving him control and holding him accountable to the public schools. paul: when we come back, antisatellite missile test, arms racing in space. general jack keane on his military competition threat posed to the united states next.
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dangerous and irresponsible behavior for long-term sustainability and clearly demonstrates russia opposing weaponization are disingenuous and critical. paul: dollars med price condemning russia's test this week of antisatellite missile that destroyed our soviet satellite created space that forced astronauts of the international space station to seek shelter. what should we make of the latest provocation and what does it say about the arms race in space? let's bring in general jack keane, foxman chairman of the institute for the study of general. vladimir putin and russia didn't give us a heads up, one of a
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sending with that? >> there just testing their own capability, a ground-based launch missile designed to destroy a satellite, obsolete satellite for the purpose was the proof of principle, for test and they are sending a message that weaponization of space is around the corner if not already here. china has done the same years ago but they both have anti- satellite, ground-based and space-based weaponization to destroy satellites so we are going to see weaponization of satellites, space stations and space vehicles, we predict that this would be coming and sadly it is. the irony is russia and china both proposed a treaty to the un to prevent weaponization of
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space and in that proposal, there's no enforcement whatsoever, no verification whatsoever and it's up ploy, hypocritical to be short but to get people to agree to something like that to the united states shut down weaponization programs and other as well, they would continue to violate it. russia violated the treaty, intermediate air force in 1987 by developing missiles that were clearly intermediate weapons. space weaponization is here and it's coming if it's going to be a very competitive domain. a future conflict cyber warfare would be another competitive domain that will be part of the challenges the united states is facing. paul: i want to elaborate on
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that because in the u.s. vulnerability, you know the u.s. relies on satellites for a great deal of military purposes and civilian. gps everywhere, so important. how vulnerable are the macros america's satellites, will they be taken out in short order? >> they could be. they are affordable, there are a number of things we have to do not just improve defensive posture but also offense of posture. first of all, we should still go to the un ourselves with other countries and put together rules -based order that governs space operations and keep them out of space. that may be idealistic with russia and china and veto powers they have but that's pretty much where it is at large russia china, north korea, syria and cuba, the second thing is we
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clearly have to protect our satellites, we will have to improve noncosmetic means to protect them and frenetic means to protect them. the third thing is we need to develop improved sensor platforms, we've got to be able to detect advancement programs like hypersonic missiles and cannot detect them now, it's -- we can take an image satellite image of anything on the ground no matter how small but we can'y to get there and track movement on the ground. we need early warning, what's going to happen china is going to put a space station on the moon which means it will be a threat so we need sensors, not just earth's orbit but as far as the moon's orbit so we have early warning of any threat in
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that area and as you mentioned, we have to overall improve all of our military capabilities, command-and-control and the location system, gps. communications system, all of our weapons go through space to get these precision initiatives to their target. all of that has to be refreshed. it's a competitive area, we have to get involved in an project strength here, is the way we deter our adversaries by having advanced capability ourselves. paul: it strikes me -- very briefly here, we have a new era of vulnerability in the u.s. that we haven't really admitted to the public, is that fair to say? >> absolutely. we have vulnerability right now today, if we were in a conflict,
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we be challenged by this part of it because they can take us off the screen and their weapon systems would be impacted as well and command-and-control but also the commercial and private sector would be ineffective as well because they are not just going to go to military satellites, scalable after commercial and private sector satellites. paul: thank you. when we come back, kamala harris facing found scrutiny and polling numbers following. tension inside the white house so the criticism of the vice president there? ♪♪
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vice president kamala harris facing increasing scrutiny assert job approval ratings drop in criticism of handling
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immigration and voting rights. vice president communications director resigned this week amid reports of dysfunction within her circle tensions between her office. white house press secretary jen psaki suggested this week criticism of the vice president is motivated by racism sexism. >> i think there's no question the attacks on her, certainly think the first, she has many times over as part of my she is the first african-american woman from a hormone of color, indian american woman from so many first, it's a lot on her shoulders. paul: we are back with bill mcglone, kim strassel and jillian. the racism and sexism's accusations, the last refuge of scandals but are the criticisms
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of the vice president fair? >> and some ways they are. she has one job a month the border and she's not doing it. on the other hand, she has a very weak hand. the kamala harris crisis is really the joe biden crisis, people look at joe biden and wonder if he has to go, who is plan b? they see kamala harris and she's not resonating with the public my she hasn't really distinguished herself and we should have been aware of this, this is a woman who dropped out of the democratic primary before she even got one vote, she just didn't catch on. paul: the defense of harris will be the white house is giving her the hardest portfolio, voting rights can't be passed the filibuster, the senate. the whole democratic party doesn't know what to do on the border and doesn't want to do
12:51 pm
anything so how will she solve it if she can't get the rest of her party or even the president to do anything? >> i think americans elected biden to get things done and they are not getting done. he saw 1.7 million apprehensions at the border, that is a record, highest since 1960 when we started and like it or not, that's her branch, it is for short difficult but she's getting between this open border progressive wing of the party and there are democrats in texas concerned about this situation and her absence on this has not been helpful. paul: kim, do you agree with bill when it comes to the belief that criticism of harris is in many ways about joe biden? democrats are beginning to figure out if they didn't already know, joe biden probably isn't running for a second term and therefore they are looking around saying, who else do we
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have? kamala harris may not be up to the task, is that really what it's all about? >> absolutely. but it began, you're witnessing succession from a, we are already there, it's pretty clear joe biden probably isn't going to be able to run for a second term so people say heroes the anointed one and she doesn't look to be up to the job so you will see a lot more stories like this and other people in the party try to become the air instead whether it pete buttigieg were senator amy club char or cory booker or governor mission michigan governor, harris will need to figure out how to get back on top of this or she won't. paul: how is she doing? she rolled out on a morning morning tv show and said i am, i guess it's a bad time to
12:53 pm
politician says i am relevant. >> there's no surprise here during the democratic primary, she related, she was accused of being racist, very strong, a strong woman of color from a big state in california but the next debate joe biden fought back and she didn't have any answers. i don't people see their when they look at kamala harris and i don't think biden get her any favors. when he said he would pick a vice president, he promised to pick a woman, he appealed to the identity politics, he didn't say i'm going to pick the best candidate, he said he's going to pick a woman in that carried to kamala harris. paul: well, okay. thank you. happy birthday to president biden, by the way.
12:54 pm
he turns 79 years old. we have to take one more break. when we come back, hits and misses of the week. ♪♪
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time now for hits and misses of the week. >> amidst the department of justice for project veritas leader mothers as part of an investigation into how the project has a diary they have
12:58 pm
given to it by two individuals last year but project veritas is a media outlet, no crime for journalists published material even if unlawfully obtained unless the department of justice has strong evidence it committed a crime, it looks like an outrageous civil liberties an attack on the first amendment. paul: all right, bill. >> big hit to the woman tennis association in china, the start tennis player accused a high-ranking political figure forcing, her name is punctuate. her accusation must be investigated thoroughly and fairly and it received an e-mail from her the initial charge they can't be sure she wrote it. it's a brave decision by the wta, the women's tennis association processing i'm getting to the truth about
12:59 pm
happened 200 star players. paul: jillian. >> good off yet this week, a couple of corruption trial and powerful union, city councilman were found guilty. this is a hit because for a long time democrats in public labor unions imposing relationships here cross over to corruption and restores faith in the system. paul: all right. kyle. >> missed to the male voting in florida's congressional district, primary november 2, safe democratic seat to the winner of that democratic primary, sheila probably be the next congresswoman but her victory was by five votes and there were 1400 mail ballots rejected, most were thrown out because they came in late. 300 were postmarked before election day, another 700 didn't have postmarks so the lesson here is if you want your vote to
1:00 pm
count, think twice before giving it to the mailman. paul: a good argument for cleaning up ballot rules if you have your own hit or miss, tweeted to us at jdr at fnc. that's it for this week's show. thanks to my panel and thanks to you, especially for watching. we hope to see you here next week. >> breaking news, accidental gunfire causing panic in america's busiest airport, accidental discharge but to panic at the international airport. they say there's no active shooter and flights are resuming normal. the scare is just days before one of the busiest travel. of the year with millions of americans expected to fly over the thanksgiving holiday. welcome to a brand-new fox news live, i am arthel neville. eric: thank you for joining us, i am eric shawn.


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