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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  November 20, 2021 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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eric: the end of the trial that divided the nation. kyle rittenhouse breaking down in tears as you saw in protest breaking out across the country after he was acquitted yesterday on all five charges after 26 hours of jury deliberation. the jury deciding the 17-year-old did act in self-defense when he shot three people killing two of them during the riots in kenosha, wisconsin last august invoices from all sides are speaking out on the saturday. welcome to fox news live i am
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eric shawn. arthel: hello everyone i am arthel neville. those who disagree with the verdict are protesting and calling rittenhouse nothing but a vigilante. some turning violent. what in portland, oregon declared a right but despite the outrage some legal experts say the verdict was no surprise. >> they spent a very long time deliberating in the ended up acquitting on all accounts. that was not a surprise in closing arguments i wrote a column saying this to be a hung jury or an acquittal because the case fell apart from the outset. the prosecution witnesses gave testimony for the defense. ultimately i think the prosecution has very little credibility with the jury. arthel: let's go to jeff paul standing by and kenosha with more of the reaction to the verdict. >> all quiet and kenosha a day after jury found kyle rittenhouse not guilty on all
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accounts. there were a few people out here who were protesting the verdict locally and visibly, still upset over the decision but when you talk to the folks on the side of kyle rittenhouse, people like his attorney they say there is a huge sense of relief. >> it's been a long day and a long three weeks. were very happy with the verdict. we are happy that the jury took the time and putting an incredible amount of effort. there were times that we doubted the casing times we are confident. to say that we were relieved would be a gross miss understatement. >> shortly after the verdict was read, rittenhouse got very choked up and collapsed hugging one of his attorneys as he learned he would walk a free man his lawyer said rittenhouse is ready to get on with his life and he wish none of this ever happened in double down on the fact that they believe saint
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rittenhouse did not start any of this before the families that the man rittenhouse shot and killed they feel the big introverted enter verdict is no accountability. they say not guilty shows that people can show up to town insight violence and use the danger that they have started to justify using a gun. >> the biggest thing that i need to say, one person's life or two persons lives don't matter than that of our lives matter. it's either all of our lives matter or not of the matter. i feel like in this case, it feels like the victims lives don't matter. i don't think that's acceptable. that's with all my heart today. >> amongst demonstrators, here in kenosha things have remained overwhelmingly peaceful. the only major interaction between protesters and police happened last night were told by multiple witnesses that a woman was arrested after she wrote a
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message on the steps of the courthouse using chalk, she was put in cuffs and taken away but that is about as bad as it got but portland, oregon things got out of hand a riot after rocks were thrown and windows were being broken, we also saw images and overall they remain very peaceful. arthel: thank you jeff paul and kenosha, wisconsin. we know jacob blake family have been calling for peace and kenosha. thank you. eric: president biden adding his voice asking the protesters to express their views peacefully after acknowledging the rittenhouse verdict, angry and concerned. his comments to equate whitten house with white supremacist. alexandria hoff has more on this from washington. >> the president's opinion on the outcome is not totally in
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line with another member of the administration. attorney for the white house for walter reed medical center said this. >> i stand by what the jury had to say, concluded. the jury system works. >> according to the vice president, it doesn't. today's verdict speaks for itself, i spent majority of my career to make our criminal justice system more equitable. there is a lot more work to do. following up on the president's earlier statement, the white house issued a lengthier one, it included frustration for president biden who admitted he did not watch the trial. >> the verdict and kenosha will leave many americans feeling angry and concerned, myself included. it's not the first time he weighed in on the case. yesterday rittenhouse attorney reflected on this, from candidate biden last year. >> i don't know whether to note the 17-year-old kid, exactly what he did. allegedly he is part of a militia coming out of the state
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of illinois. have you ever heard of this president saying one negative thing about white supremacist. >> president biden said some things that are soul incorrect and he's not a white said premise. i'm glad he respects the jury verdict. >> the president said he committed resources to keep the peace in wisconsin following the verdict. violence and obstruction of property has no place in our democracy. alexandria hoff, fox news. eric: we will have a lot more on this verdict in the key moments that led to his acquittal. defense attorney and former prosecutor robert slack will join us in a few moments to break it all down. arthel: another highly charged case that were watching the mod are brief trial set for monday. three white men are caused with killing ahmaud arbery, they chased down a pickup truck and he jogged through a neighborhood in brunswick georgia last year. that's go to charles watson, he
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is live outside of the courthouse in brunswick. >> the defense did wrap the case but prior to that we heard from travis mcmichael the first and only of the three defendants on trial to take the stand and speak publicly since a mod our brain was shot and killed during cross-examination, they pressed mcmichael about his claim of self-defense and why he perceived ahmaud arbery despite testifying that he hadn't shown a weapon or spoke a word to mcmichael's. >> i was thinking he's going to try to get in my truck and attack me or my dad. >> you're telling the jury that a man who spent five minutes running away from you, you now think somehow is going to want to continue to engage with you, someone with a shotgun and your father, a man who said stop or i'll blow your [bleep] head off, by trying to get in your truck? >> that's what it shows, yes,
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ma'am. >> mcmichael and the other defendants contend that. they pursued ahmaud arbery thinking he may have committed a crime and he was forced to shoot him after he grabbed his gun and attacked him. but the prosecution pointed out mcmichael told police two hours later he wasn't sure if he grabbed his gun. on friday defense attorney through a mistrial equating the events in and outside of the courtroom to public lynching of the defendant in a rally of black pastors in a prayer circle with al sharpton in the wake of the repeated comments about borrowing black pastors in the courtroom. we heard from reverend al sharpton that said we never question who the defendant had in the courtroom. the family of ahmaud arbery should be given the same respect. as far as a mistrial, the court denied the motion for mistrial. the next step is closing arguments after monday.
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arthel: charles watson live in brunswick georgia. eric: the southern border the humanitarian crisis is still getting worse. migrants keep coming to our country. not only from south america but also eastern europe and elsewhere. it is putting huge strain on the sector in texas. bill melugin is there at rio grande. >> good afternoon, the activity in the rio grande valley particularly in the whale has been surging over the last couple of weeks. we want to show you what that looks like, every morning hundreds of families are showing up take a look at the drone video. right here where we are standing between 150 and about 200 migrants show up right here. in the background you see the incomplete border wall. what happens is migrants cross the rio grande illegally and they walk around the incomplete border wall, construction
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stopped as soon as president biden took office. take a look at the second piece of video more of the family units, upwards of 200 showing up from all around the world, a lot of south americans mixed in with the northern triangle countries and these are family units, not people trying to run away. families turn themselves into border patrol in hopes that they will be released into the country under the biden administration catch and release which has been in play for families throughout this border crisis. we mentioned how these people are coming from all around the world. take a look at the third piece of video. this group of migrants are all romanian. they came in from eastern europe there are also albanians mixed into the group. when you hear, hear us solving the root causes, she's been focusing on the northern triangle and central america honduras, guatemala and el salvador. it has nothing to do with eastern europe. that strategy isn't going to work for these countries. former dhs secretary chad wolf says the administration is not
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getting the job done and they haven't changed their strategy. he said it is not working down here. take a listen. >> what needs to change is the enforcement posture. what we seen over the last 9 - 10 months is the biden administration tore down very effective policy put under the trump administration but they haven't replaced them with anything. they continue to have a crisis month after month. >> take a look at the photos, yesterday north of the mcallen dps pulling over a suspected human smuggler. take a look at the back of the vehicle, to mexican nationals being smuggled behind the stereo system, speaker system. the human smuggler told troopers he was being paid $1500 each had to smuggle those two guys and they were in the process of trying to get to the city of houston. he was arrested for human smuggling. back out here we talk about what a busy week not just for the
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family units but the common element try to come across the border. border patrol in the rio grande that they have apprehended 313 gang members into child offenders. eric: when will it stop. we have the middle east, africa and elsewhere. they are seeing the migrants come. thank you. arthel: here again, the # where is feng shui. after the chinese tennis star the former wimbledon doubles has not been seen since november 2 when she posted chinese platform that the former vice had forced her to have sex with him against her will. chinese state media released an e-mail from peng shuai disavowing the sex assault claim
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and said she was safe. the white house, united nation and women tennis stars in association are calling on china for verifiable proof of her whereabouts and safety. spew to the jury has spoken in the kyle rittenhouse case. not guilty on all charges. legal experts on all sides of the spectrum are weighing in on the verdict and evidence. a pivotal moment in what set him free. robert slack is with us to break it all down when fox news live continues right after this. ♪ i brought in ensure max protein, with thirty grams of protein. those who tried me felt more energy in just two weeks! (sighs wearily) here i'll take that! (excited yell) woo-hoo! ensure max protein. with thirty grams of protein, one gram of sugar, and nutrients to support immune health. what do we want for dinner? one gram of sugar, burger... i want a sugar cookie... wait... i want a bucket of chicken... i want... ♪♪ it's the easiest because it's the cheesiest.
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arthel: all adults in the u.s. are eligible for boosters sought for all three covid vaccines.
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for the pfizer in moderna yesterday which allows many americans to get their third shot before thanksgiving. the only requirement, you have to be six months past your last dose of the pfizer moderna no vaccine or two months past the single-dose johnson & johnson shot. eric: legal experts are weighing in on what you're seeing. kyle rittenhouse is been acquitted by the jury during the trial. clear of the shooting deaths of two men in the wounding of a third during the chaotic protest in wisconsin. the prosecution oversaw the case and failed to seek lesser charges. what is the meaning of the case, robert slack enjoins us. the former prosecutor. it is a key moment that challenge the narrative of what we were listening and reading about but you're not one of the
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jurors in the trial paying attention to all the evidence. >> one of the key moments was when the complaining witness the individual shot in the bicep testified. he was asked about his interaction and he was walk through very well by the defense attorney that you had a weapon and the weapon was loaded and you had a bullet in the chamber and you pointed it at mr. rittenhouse before anything happened to the two of you. when he said yes to all of those things. you can see the relief from enter mr. rittenhouse and his team but the prosecutor put his hand over his face like he was expecting those answers. these are there witnesses and that testimony was the most damning piece of testimony from a witness obviously combine that with the videotapes. it just fed the narrative of self-defense. i know some experts are saying the prosecution should have charged the second degree murder where they would've had to admit
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this was self-defense but self-defense was unreasonable. i agree, if they had thought that charge as opposed to be the murder charge done intentionally, they may have had a shot. eric: why do you say that when they have a video of him on the ground in a saying his own testimony said he was cornered at one point, why do you think a lesser charge he could've been convicted on. >> it lets them to argue the reasonableness. if you watch us in the closing arguments. one of the first things, this is a political prosecution, this is the pressure prosecution. we should not be here. that's a great argument to say to the jury. you're being asked to consider that kyle came here intentionally to do this. if they did the second degree murder they would've come across more reasonable as prosecutors say listen, we agree he was defended in some capacity but it was unreasonable for a 17 euros
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to have a gun in this environment and they may have come across better to the jury. i just think they didn't come across well at all. over prosecuted the case in that was met with the verdict that they got. eric: how about that argument, he was a vigilante, his mother drove them across state lines, she should he do that with a semi automatic weapon. he had no business in that position and therefore he's guilty of something. i guess you not guilty of something in the criminal defense system. >> everyone could say he's guilty of something, he may be guilty of bad decision-making but this is why we tried cases in the courtroom with a set of laws and we don't try cases on social media and facebook and twitter where everyone think they have a law degree. if you watch this case and evaluate the evidence and plug into the law as instructed. you don't have to like it but
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your anger is not at the criminal justice system. it's at the laws that are written. this is why elections matter in local elections matter. you cannot be mad at the verdict. it's a best system in the world for prosecuting the defending cases. this is what happened in the president of the united states omitted that. arthel: do you think this is possible that it sets a precedent in the critics are saying everyone can run around armed and do whatever they want or is each case taken case by case and we should only see this in the lens of justice case. >> you have to look at cases individually through the lens of the law as it's written in each state. each state has different gun laws. i am in new york and each one is different in wisconsin. this would've been prosecuted within the state of new york and he potentially would've been charged with felonies that would've resulted in jail time even if he could've beaten the murder. we cannot jump to conclusions and say this will lead to these
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type of actions every time this protest in the street there can never be a rush to judgment the facts and the law play out in the right setting. that's what happened. eric: robert schalk, breaking it all down specifically, good to see you. thank you. you can watch as he kyle rittenhouse, it'll be his first television interview. he will be on fox news. he will have an interview with kyle rittenhouse, that is monday p.m. eastern here on the fox news channel. arthel: we have breaking news from the nation's busiest airport. atlanta's hartfield jackson saying a accidental gun discharge earlier today following reports of a potential active shooter. the airport says there is no
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danger to passengers or employees and they are investigating exactly what happened. the faa reports results there are flight delays at the airport due to the increased security presence. they say passengers should be sure to check with your airline if their flight is affected. will bring you more news on that. meanwhile new york state lawmakers say in investigative report on former governor andrew cuomo shows he materially misrepresented the extent of coping deaths and nursing homes during the early days of the pandemic. state assembly members who reviewed the report said there is enough in there to start impeachment proceedings against cuomo if he had stayed in office previous good lauren live in new york city with more details. what more can you tell us. >> absolutely right, adding to that apparently so scathing that one lawmaker said it made her
11:25 am
job job although it hadn't released and lawmakers say there is a lot of new information there. the new york committee dove into the trifecta of the downfall. the sexual harassment during the height of the pandemic. in the multimillion dollar book deal that he secured in which he corralled staff to help complete. >> he knows if the situation went to trial, if we had an impeachment trial there would be a lot of facts that would have to come out. it would be potentially repairable damage to him and his reputation which is the why i believe he resigned. >> in a statement that cuomo's attorney blasted the report while defending the governor's staff saying the assembly judiciary committee has chosen not to review their findings with us which is their prerogative but it may once again result in a one-sided report. state employees volunteered to assist the governor with his
11:26 am
book american crisis and other assembly apparently wants to criticize them. the report expands on the investigation by attorney general letitia james andrew cuomo sexual harassment of several women working in the governor's office. cuomo's attorney said she has announced to run for governor she should recuse herself. other lawmakers will continue to read the 45 page report this weekend and is expected to be released to the public soon. arthel: laura green thank you. eric: they may have scored a massive spending bill victory in the house but now president biden faces a senate vote. not a lot of people know within the big bill and will it pass. we will tell you next.
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eric: the airport in atlanta
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hartsfield jackson, use either on this beautiful saturday. there was an accidental gun discharge at the airport earlier today. when the gun went off it scared a lot of people said there was reports of an active shooter. you would not think that these days. if you hear a gun going off in the terminal, thankfully the airport says there is no danger in passengers or employees, they are investigating what happened. as a result if you are flying or loved one flying today and if you're in the air right now, people do watch is in the air. some flights are being delayed. you know how busy atlanta's hartfield jackson, if you want to go there yet to change to atlanta, and in increased of security presence. this should say check with your airline. we don't know if the gun belonged to a police officer or an armed federal air marshal to
11:32 am
have armed federal air marshals they carry weapons but the tsa agents, great folks who want us down and make us go to the machines they don't have guns, they're not armed but maybe somebody was checking a gun in yet strict rules about carrying a gun on a plane. arthel: you make a good point this is the weekend before thanksgiving. i know people will wait until next week to travel, wednesday will be the biggest travel day. some people are getting a head start and people are on edge as they've seen the reports of the misbehavior, bad behavior in flights. with purity concern did not you have a hearing as a gun going off at the airport. it has to make you really, really nervous. we are going to can follow the breaking news in atlanta at hartsfield jackson airport. we will bring more as we get meanwhile no one is armed and no
11:33 am
one remains in danger. bride to expect to get married might need to move quickly in their search for the dream dress. wedding professionals warn fabric shortages and supply chain disruption from the ongoing coronavirus pandemic could delay some orders from reaching their destination in time for the ideas. joining me now neil brown, the ceo, a luxury wedding dress company. no need to tell you weakening married is one of the thrill for most of us but wedding planning can be a nightmare in the bridal gown is everything. how have you been working around the supply chain crisis to deliver as expected and on time to your brides. >> it's so great to be here. let me tell you the supply chain crisis has been an intense
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challenge for us. as you mentioned we are in a very time sensitive business. we have to deliver dresses made to order for weddings. weddings are such an important advantage for families we cannot disappoint them. the fact that we have now got to work extra hard and extra smart to make sure that we don't disappoint our customers is so important. arthel: it is so important a video the alterations, et cetera. at what point did you begin to notice the backlog in the supply chain and when did it become a problem at first and if it did what was your workaround, when did you realize we have a problem here and how did you fix it. >> let me tell you a little bit about us you can understand. we are awaiting fashion company and special events fashion
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company. we make dresses of many different variety of price points, luxury dresses, expensive dresses that we make in the united states. in new york city that we sell on madison avenue in minor stores around the country as well as more excessively bridesmaids dresses that we make internationally. these problems did not start yesterday. this is really an outgrowth of the pandemic. what is so fascinating. in some ways, surviving the pandemic, the 18 months of the pandemic was less challenging than recovering from the pandemic. arthel: how so? >> the demand to produce and satisfy your customer demand at a time when you've already slimmed down your staff to get through a difficult period was
11:36 am
really, really stressful. arthel: i imagined not only that but brides are making up for it, they want to get married but it seems from what you are telling me there were some issues, you seem to have a handle on the supply chain, nightmares to everyone. listen it'll persist into next year, you already know that. in terms of planning before we go what advice do you have for brides to be when they want to order. arthel: our advice is call and plan ahead, don't wait until the last minute. if you thought segments was enough, try to give a ten or 12 month advance planning for your wedding dress. if you do not have that much time don't panic were in industry of dedicated professionals and we work very hard to deliver your dresses on
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time but expect to do legwork to work with a reputable retailer and find the address that you really, really want. arthel: i must tell you the dresses and gowns are absolutely gorgeous. you have to wait if you want order from them. eric: let's go back to the weapon report the weapon was discharged this afternoon. mike forbes is with us, it happened just a little while ago it was near the main security checkpoint, what does that tell you could've been a passenger ticket out a weapon or a police officer or what do you think. >> we don't know. >> if it's a passenger should not be near big equipment if
11:38 am
they're stupid enough to bring a loaded gun to the airport. i guarantee it wasn't a terrorist. but how is that handled. i suspect the typical tsa response that everybody runs in all directions. that is the message. there will always be idiots that bring a gun to the airport don't know what difference et al. the tsa response. they are good people but the organization is not a security organization. eric: there were reports it could've been an active shooter. tsa agents who want us down and pull us aside and tell us to take her shoes off, they do not carry firearms. it is the police and the federal air marshals that do. can you walk through the steps if you have a gun and you want to travel there is a strict protocol. >> has to be unloaded you to put it through security has to be in a checked bag. but those people screaming are very nice people but they're not securing people they're not trained though looking for pointy objects and that's
11:39 am
unfortunate part they're not armed nor should they be because they try to identify things that might have a point to it that's why were coming out where we need to be in it shows today by the response of how people were handled when that went off. eric: what would you like to see happening to make a safer when it seems going to a restricted airplane terminal is so strict. >> first of all the issue is something called advanced mitigation. if something happens, if nothing happens what you do. we have no such plans. also anticipating things. what happens you jumped into action right away. today there is none of that here. these are good people at the tsa. i will tell you that but they're not trying to security people there only trained to look for stuff. eric: officials say there's no active shooter they wanted
11:40 am
people to know that, no danger to employees or passengers. we had delays in the system. obviously because of this. and obviously considering the error range. 5000 reports, more than 5000 this year so far since the fa for people to get into fights on the airplanes or unruly passengers are told to put your mask on on the flight and that's the rule and they refuse to do that. it is not always the friendly skies especially at this day and age. >> you might book amtrak next time. eric: how do you think this will be handled and what will that show. >> is probably back to normal now but this is a lesson that we learn in regard to the fact that we don't have anticipation of these things when they happen they're all a big surprise. it is still safe to fly.
11:41 am
don't be canceling any reservations for thanksgiving. it is still safe to fly, where your mask and be a good passenger and you'll get to omaha on time. eric: the video shows people scattering on the ground. it must've scared the hell out of people. they tried to take cover and they heard the firearm, clothing and other items in this video. they freaked out who wouldn't. >> that's because we don't have planning the tsa should have a plan as something goes often terminal a, let alone terminal b how do we manage a jump into action. there is none of that is trying to find whether you brought 4 ounces or 3 ounces of formula. arthel: it would take a lot to have the tsa are potentially. is there more that we can do to try to get a handle on this? >> overall we have to be aware. it's a one in a million chance.
11:42 am
the case of being anticipated of what that people like to, unfortunately the tsa is set up again to make sure that certain things are not broader than airplane and again, what we have at the tsa today would not have stopped 9/11. that came to the back doors and were not looking at backdoors. eric: when you say backdoors what you mean explain that little more in terms of the advances since 9/11. >> perimeter security there is construction going on in atlanta. always as to be with construction job cement trucks. what about the people working at the concession, how closely are they checked. how do we look at the freight facilities in the catering facilities. how do we look at maintenance facilities all of these things are doors that people could get through and keep them either very, very patient people they are going to plan for and how do
11:43 am
we anticipate that. that's what were missing. eric: i think mike may have dropped out. that happens sometimes. that tweaked said 130 in the initial reports are 215. it seems more like 130 and will get back to the story as we get more developing and you would expect a news conference on this incident from airport authorities and the police later on this afternoon. thankfully, bottom line, as you can see, no active shooter, gun accidentally discharged. we will find out if it was an officer or an idiot passenger with a gun. you're supposed to declare the gun, go to the counter, it should be in a hard case. ammunition has to be put in separately from the weapon you have all this paperwork and forms to fill out you can't walk in with your gun on your hip and
11:44 am
walk-through. they are investigating this and will bring you more as we get it. we have now. arthel: right now what i want to do is bring in former d.c. homicide detective and fox news contributor ted williams. as i mentioned earlier when people hear a gun going off at an airport. this could cause serious panic and what are your thoughts initially with very limited information that we do at, what are your thoughts and how this might've happened? >> there is so much that we don't know at this immediate time we don't know if it's officer involved discharged or some passenger. the eric was right about what he
11:45 am
represented. if you bring a gun to an airport there is protocol were you have to register the gun and the gun goes on the plane but it goes separate from you the individual. like i said it's very confusing but were living unfortunately it in a time in our public forum and thus to include airports. when we hear something that goes off or an airport does sound like a gun or individuals immediately rush for whatever cover they can find. airports have developed a protocol that are in place because they anticipate and expect these activities could
11:46 am
occur. arthel: these guns not only do they had to be checked they have to be unloaded. it makes me wonder. not only how this happened even for checked gun is supposed to be unloaded. also we are in the airport. we don't know where this happens or how they could've heard. people coming on the conveyor belt and maybe that's where the gun went off. i'm not sure, one thing i would ask. i would imagine there are some viewers who are asking why would someone be traveling with the gun in the first place. >> i got to tell you. it is all too common that happen all the time at airports where individuals are trying to get to
11:47 am
one city to another where they bring guns. there have been many instances in tsa have played the that were individuals have packed their guns in tsa has found that gun. unfortunately instances when people are traveling they forget that they have a firearm in their bag when it makes no sense to me. i guess because i'm not a gun owner. and i understand people carrying the gun and the rest. but i'm told this happened in the main security entrance area. does that give you any more information. >> not a lot but it happened in the security area and it could be the possibility that it's one of the officers whose weapon
11:48 am
discharged. it is rare that someone carrying a gun is going to try to get through security unless they have something deviant in mind. it is interesting it is a very scary scenario that is taking place in atlanta. i tell you there is and there will be video of that area and what actually took place with the discharge of the weapon. but this unfortunately happens in public forum these days where people in fact do carry guns. arthel: a couple of questions. first of all are the guys that tsa armed, they're not armed. you're saying it could've been a gun of an officer. what officers would you be speaking of? >> they have many of the airlines marshals.
11:49 am
we don't see them when were on the airline but we have the marshals that do carry firearms in there on the airlines to protect us. it could and i'm speculating, it could be an incident concerning someone who had the authority to actually have a gun in those areas of the airport and on planes. arthel: that makes sense. i'm glad to know that you mentioned the airplane marshals. there still up in the air on the not so friendly skies. i was interviewing someone a couple of weeks ago saying why are they there. i know that we aren't supposed to know that they're there but i'm glad i know that they are because people are acting stupid on these planes as if they have no home training and someone
11:50 am
tells you to wear a mask you flip out and start assaulting flight attendants. from the beginning people are on edge because everything that is happening. again, what would you say. as eric pointed out people do watch in the air. what would you say to someone who is fine right now, perhaps on the way to atlanta landing shortly, what would you say to them. >> i would say to them i think everything is under control. this is is single incident from what we've been told. i do agree with you the sad commentary and airports now is a great deal balance. we've had individuals in airline personnel. their teeth a bit knocked on the been knocked in conscience.
11:51 am
i am not aware of too many individuals being able to get a gun on what of these planes. we do have the air marshals and they are in place just for our safety to take action when it's necessary. but individuals flying in. i don't see the public at large is at risk at this immediate time. i think everything is under control but is a very frightening thing for anyone who was in the airport and have a gun go off. arthel: just to be clear before we wrap up. this is the twitter tweet from the atlanta airport saying there is not an active shooter. there was an accidental discharge at the airport. there is no danger to passengers or employees. an investigation is ongoing and more information on this channel. wrapping up again.
11:52 am
the passengers were heading to atlanta they are safe and passengers waiting to leave her in the airport, they are safe at this time. as far as we know according to the airport personnel. i think you would advise people to remain calm. yes or no? >> absolutely i advise individuals to remain calm. these unfortunate incidents happen but they're not something that happens all the time. i think the public at large is safe and i'm happy with what you have reported in the atlantic airport and i think everything is under control. arthel: only more flight delays. ted williams, thank you so much. happy thanksgiving if i don't speak to you before then. thank you ted. eric: the video from inside the terminal shows people ran.
11:53 am
the gun goes off and you bolt. the rolands over the place, people spilled coffee. landed on the floor and when you stand in line there is no tension. they tip right over because of people heard the gun go off they bolted and ran and also some directions. thankfully the authorities are saying it's not an active shooter. someone who is there is stephanie at the atlanta airport when it was evacuated. thank you for joining us, what did you hear and what did you see? >> i did not hear a shot. i just checked my bag and i saw two or three people running with raised voices. i assumed they missed their flight and they were rushing then i saw ten or 15 people running after them.
11:54 am
i made eye contact with my husband and i said we've got ago. we turned to calmly make our way to the exit and at that point a tsa agent screamed there is a shooter, everybody out, ron, get out. screaming, everybody is trying to scramble to the doors grabbing their bags. we ran into the drop off area. we kept running. we had no idea it was a single shooting and a coordinated attack, were they going to be explosions. we tried to run as far as possible. we ran to a barbed wire fence at the parking lot where we can go any further. we waited there with tsa agents but then another russia people said you had to keep going you have to keep going. there was nowhere to run but the highway. we ran to the highway and we
11:55 am
were able to flag a car of someone who is very skeptical and we said can we please get in and she can't deny and she didn't realize what was going i said there's been a shooting at the airport can we please get in. >> and she said on my god i was on my way to an airport. >> the first thought it was an active shooter. >> yes, it was. that's what was told to us by the agents. eric: are you believe to know that it was not and you think it could've been handled any better than it apparently was an accidental discharge, not an active shooter. we have video people running up the highway ramp to get out of there. your sense. could something that all been done in a better manner than to panic everybody. but of course is something like this happens no one ever knows.
11:56 am
>> to answer your first question, i am relieved it was an accidental discharge. my husband and i were in town for a wedding. it was a blast but the first time we left her daughter alone overnight. she's turning one in a week so the first thing that goes into my mind i want to see my daughter again. could they have handled it better? they are handling it shine to get everyone out as quickly as possible. they are human, they panicked and they didn't know what was going on. eric: the first few seconds no one ever really knows. where you going by the way? >> i'm going to miami. >> we were in front of the hotel to get a new burbach because our flight was on for four and my husband just told me our flight was canceled. so we will figure out next steps
11:57 am
from here. arthel: this is all happening and unfolding. you have any tweets from the airline you are traveling on. have they told you more information in terms of rebooking perhaps on assumer flight or switching you over to a different airline. have you gotten any information from them. >> i have not. arthel: what are your plans at this point. >> i just checked my bag, i don't have anything. i don't know it looks like will spend another night in atlanta. arthel: we want to circle back with you just before we wrap your but i wanted to know. if it were me and i was at the airport. i will run and run fast and not ask any questions. so what you did was natural. but there is a sense of panic that can cause problems.
11:58 am
did you notice if anyone fell down and hurt themselves in the process of trying to rush away from the gunshots? >> there was a lot of confusion to what to do with the bags there was big suitcases enrolling bags and a lot of people were trying to run with the bags which is causing them to stumble. i was yelling at my husband, dropped the bag, run. we had to hop over a concrete wall. it was drop everything ago, you can go back for things. arthel: things certainly don't matter. tell me again at what point of your trip were you when this happened. >> i was checking my bag and heading to the security area and
11:59 am
that was where the running happen. >> you ran because other people were running you didn't necessarily hear the gunshot yourself. >> i did not hear the gunshot. i saw a few people running and then i saw a few more people running and then after that that's when the screaming in stampede happened. arthel: where's your bag i think you told eric you checked your bag but did you not complete that process. >> i just checked it we were scrolling over the security. i hope it safe and sound. arthel: the good news is no one was hurt the gun was discharged accidentally. there is no major attack on the airport. as you rightly so thought that
12:00 pm
is the first thing was so many things going on you don't know what to think in your mind runs wild. get to miami safely, happily skipping to you and your family. thank you for joining us with your news in atlanta. i think that doesn't for us but we will be back in one hour with more news right here on the fox news channel. ♪ welcome to the journal editorial report, i am paul gigot. house passing the build back better plan following a record-breaking speech from kevin mccarthy, and nancy pelosi to vote. multitrillion dollar climate and entitlement blowout now headed to an evenly divided senate where future remains uncertain. what happens from here and how much does the house past the plan for the


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