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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  November 20, 2021 9:00am-11:00am PST

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hbacking for the holidays with chase freedom unlimited. i'm gonna cashback on a gingerbread house! oooh, it's got little people inside! and a snowglobe. oh, i wished i lived in there. you know i can't believe you lost another kevin. it's a holiday tradition! that it is! earn big time with chase freedom unlimited. how do you cashback? chase. make more of what's yours. >> fallout over the acquittal on all five charges for kyle rittenhouse for the shooting deaths of two kenosha protesters and the wounding of another. protests erupting on the streets from portland oregon to new york city overnight as the 18-year-old celebrates his freedom with his family. rittenhouse seen here smiling in the car driving away from the courthouse. welcome to fox news live, i'm griff jenkins. >> i'm anita vogel. and we have jeff on this and
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alexis mcadams on the ground in kenosha. let's start with alexis. set the scene there. >> it's a lot more quiet outside of the courthouse than the past few days the trial ticking on as people prepared for possible unrest. in kenosha things are calm in the area, but an emotional day in court. take a listen. >> as to the fifth count of the information, gabe grosskreutz. we find kyle rittenhouse not guilty. >> he was breaking down, grabbing his knees and sobbing like he was in front of the judge waiting to learn his fate. found not guilty on five charges. he shot three men, killing two of them following the unrest
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following jacob blake. >> he had as much right to be there as demonstrators and rioters, there will be people who never agree with that statement, but if we all would mind our own business a little bit i think we'd be better off. >> now, going back inside the courthouse, and seeing how emotional it was, you see kyle rittenhouse there grabbing his knees and his mom crying and two sisters next to her and inside the courtroom were the families members of the two men shot and killed by kyle rittenhouse. >> i am, like i said, not surprised at what happened here today, but i am heartbroken. >> the family feels that it's very important here to look at a few pivotal points. they're calling that tearful testimony of kyle rittenhouse on the stand himself pivotal in the outcome of the trial.
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>> the truth was on kyle's side. every bit of it. so, there was comfort in that when he got on the stands. >> and the district attorney issuing this statement to fox news, saying in part, we respect the jury's verdict three and a half days of careful deliberations here, and currently with self-defense, highly contentious in our current times and back out here in kenosha, a lot more calm than the past few days and more calm, they've been bracing for unrest, many other areas across the nation were, too. both sides were calling for peace and even the family of kyle rittenhouse getting out of the area due to safety concerns, to remain calm. and important to mention that the family of kyle rittenhouse say they're going to look at legal action because they thought he was completely
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slandered before he got to the courthouse. >> fantastic coverage all week long, griff. griff: anita, president biden is weighing in on the rittenhouse verdict and andeda huff with more reaction. >> yeah, the president's opinion on this isn't totally in line with another top member of his administration. important returning from walter reed yesterday he said this. >> i stand by what the jury has concluded, the jury system works. but according to the vice-president, it doesn't work, she tweeted this, today's verth speaks for itself. i spent a majority of my career working to make our criminal justice system more equitable and it's clear there's a lot more to do. following up on the earlier statement, the white house issued a lengthier one and included frustration from president biden who admitted yesterday he didn't watch the trial, quote, the verdict in kenosha will leave many americans feeling angry and
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concerned, myself in included. it's not the first time he weighed in on the case and rittenhouse's attorney weighed in on candidate biden's comments from last year. >> allegedly out of a militia out of illinois. have you ever heard this president say one thing negative about white supremacists. >> i think president biden said things that are untrue, he's not a white supremist. i'm glad he at least rejects the jury verdict. >> and there were resources to help keep the peace in wisconsin. and said that violence and destruction of property have no place in our democracy. >> alex, thank you. anita. >> well, protests and demonstrations popping up in multiple cities after kyle rittenhouse was found not guilty of all charges. let's go back now to kenosha, wisconsin where jeff paul is live with the latest, jeff, good morning.
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>> yeah, good morning, anita, despite different factions of protest groups arriving outside the courthouse in kenosha, it's been overwhelmingly peaceful here in the hours and day i guess since the not guilty verdict was read. the only major class between protesters and police, a woman who reportedly used some chalk to write a message about the judge on the steps of the courthouse. put in cuffs and taken away. other than a few shouting matches, that was as bad as it got in kenosha. depending who you spoke with, their reaction on the verdict could not be more different. >> this is like the wild west now. you can go out in the streets and just play shoot-em-up. >> i'm a self-defense guy. i believe in self-defense, it's a thousand-year-old right and i believe it was vindicated today. >> however nportland, oregon things got out of hand. authorities declared a riot
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after rocks were thrown at them and windows broken. in other major cities, new york groups held large protest marchers and hundreds of demonstrators walked across the brooklyn bridge blocking it for a moment in time for a moment of silence and moving on. in chicago, dozens gathered there, but no major issues to report in that city. back to you. >> all right, jeff paul, so good to see a sense of calm on the ground, especially for those business owners that were really worried about the reaction to the verdict. jeff paul live in wisconsin, thank you so much, griff. griff: alita, turning to the heated media reaction to the acquittal. a sample of what we're seeing. >> are we safer after this verdict? are we safe if we let someone like kyle rittenhouse kill people and then claim self-defense. >> trials are poor instrument for social change for transform mace, but verdicts mean
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something. this happened during a black lives matter protest over the police shooting of an african-american man. >> so many people, jonathan, in this country had convicted kyle rittenhouse before he got anywhere near a courtroom. nobody's to talk about the deep media divide than howard kurtz during media buzz and be sure to catch it. howie, what explains the deep media divide the way the verdict is covered? >> well, griff, we have to start with the months of media coverage where much of the media vilified kyle rittenhouse as a racial vigilante, as a white supremist and we had to look at the jury trial, it was enough for a total acquittal. many on the left wanted this for a people taking weapons into the zone. and kyle rittenhouse was to
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white conservativists to kill. no, it was one 18-year-old man. many pundits on the right wanted the message of a right to self-defense. a trial is about one thing, it's about the facts and the evidence and the law and a particular case with a particular defendant, not about some social justice movement. griff: howie, it was fascinating when i was there this week, there was more media than protesters outside of that courthouse. let me ask you though, as we're seeing it spilling over from the media to the political front. both sides of the aisle are getting heated over this, what do you make that have. well, i saw president biden shared his statement and the first one was the right one. when he talked about kenosha leaving many angry and concerned, myself and included. what does the president have to be angry about unless he thinks
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it's an unfair trial. and jerry nadler saying he wants the justice department to review the case. california governor gavin new some says it shows that armed vigilantes can get away it, they're not accepting the justice system as it's suppose today work. as for republicans firing off statement, there's no cause for celebration here, two people are dead and this kid's life basically has been ruined. griff: it's a great point. on that note, do you think we're at the beginning of the political fallout of this and we'll see much more? >> yeah, it seems like this has been so politicized and some want to weigh in and some are urging kyle rittenhouse to file lawsuits. and i think that he wants to get to a semblance of life and-- the point of this being televised and this leads to inevitable grand standing. it's a public service because americans could see themselves,
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as we're seeing on the screen, when he broke down, kyle rittenhouse. they could see him talking about the three different instances in which he said he acted in self-defense and the testimony from the guy he wounded saying, yeah, he didn't fire until i pointed my gun at him. so for those who are stunned by this, they would have been more shocked had we not gotten to see a lot of the key testimony ourselves. my final point, those denouncing the verdict, i've been struck by the channels, not talking self-defense claims, the evidence, maybe a few shots at the judge. they're outraged because they didn't get the outcome they wanted and that's not the purpose of the justice system. we all should not want that to be the purpose of the justice system. griff: great points, great coverage, howie, a quick note, i do remember this past week judge schroeder commenting he wasn't a big fan about the cameras in the courtroom, but i suppose that decision for his next trial hopefully not one
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perhaps as politically polarizing. howie kurtz, thanks for joining us and the insight there. and howie has an interview with allen dershowitz who will break down the points of the trial you'll mind find that on media buzz on fox news channel. >> the president biden's trillion dollar spending bill heads to the senate after naur owe narrowly passing along partisan lines in the house. we'll talk about that next.
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>> house democrats delivering on biden's build back better agenda, passing the 1.75 trillion in time for the
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president's 79th birthday. david spunt with more. >> hey, griff, happy birthday to president biden. we're not sure what he's doing today. we assume he's with family and friends here in his home in wilmington for decades. this comes after the passage of the build back better bill in the house. there are still some hurdles. this is a legislative victory for the president and his team. they were hoping this would happen and now it heads onto the senate. 220-213, that's the vote that happened in the house, but no question, the margins were razor thin. the president while celebrating build back better still has a problem though on the southern border that's not going away. we've been following it since the beginning. a new fox news poll out last night majority of voters oppose the governor paying up to $450,000 for families celebrated at the southern border under president trump's
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zero tolerance policy. to families separated at the border, 30% favor that. 49% oppose it saying no money at all. 12% oppose it, are saying, but some money is okay. 9% are saying they're unsure about the issue. two weeks ago from today i asked president biden at the white house about these payments and his response was stern. take a listen. >> because of the outrageous behavior of last administration, you coming across the border whether it's legal or illegally, and you lost your child, you lost your child, he's gone, you deserve kind of compensation no matter what the circumstance, what that will be i have no idea. >> speaking to officials familiar with the department of justice i'm told there are negotiations ongoing, but no settlements to actually paid out at this point, when asked about this, the department of
9:19 am
justice declined to comment. griff. griff: david spunt covering all things president biden from wilmington, delaware. david. thank you. aleet na. anita: someone who helped draft biden's build back better act. illinois congressman chneider in the ways and means and thank you for joining us. >> thank you. anita: good to have you. the social spending bill has passed the house, nearly $2 trillion. critics say no matter what is in the bill this is not the time for the country to spend the money when inflation is at a 30-year high. >> i think i'll use the economist, the nobel prize winning economist who says it's not. inflation is the supply chain and demand exceeding supply and
9:20 am
people are struggling because of inflation, the build back better act is going to help us reduce inflation, lower the cost of health care, it's going to lower the cost of child care, it's going to mean that people can stay in their home communities and provide for their families long-term it's investment for our future. anita: and some economists may thing that some things in the bill are a good, but think it will add to the deficit over time. and with zero republicans voting for it and delayed because house speaker kevin mccarthy spoke for eight hours the night before, let's listen to his speech. >> think about the greatest generation who sacrificed so much we spent less defeating hitler and mussolini and japan. you're celebrating it when inflation is at a 31% high.
9:21 am
anita: a passionate sweet aand, speech and this basic items that have gone up since august, grocery prices 73%. gas, 72%, housing costs, quite a bit there and the next poll, whether the social spending plan would help individual families and the economy, the numbers are pretty low there, in terms of helping, but the key number here is that 40% of those polled believe that it will actually hurt the economy. does your party have to do a better job explaining why the country needs more of these social programs? >> well, thank you. i think it is important. look, i know people are hurting because of the rising costs, we're seeing this across the country and the build back better is working to work out the supply chains and
9:22 am
bottlenecks in the ports and products that they need for the holidays are on the shelves and working with my colleagues like you mentioned, i'm in the problem solvers caucus, republicans and democrats. and that's distinct from the long-term. the build back better act are policies that will help keep costs down for the long-term. again looking at child care cost and the child care tax for kids under 17 years old. and working on the cost of health care, trying to reduce the costs of medicine and lower premiums for billions of americans. that's what we're looking at for the bill and we can do both at the same time, focus on the president, addressing inflation and looking at infrastructure, broadband, education to make sure that we continue to lead on global economy. anita: okay. well, lastly, the bill, of course, still has to pass the senate and you've got kyrsten sinema and joe manchin holding strong, they want it to be
9:23 am
fully paid for and yet, the congressional budget office says it's going to cost the taxpayers $367 billion over the next 10 years, how do you see this playing out in the senate? >> now i'll draw the distinction between the tax cut and jobs act which had a cost of $2 trillion. the cbo has an issue with the compliance. collecting taxes not new laws not new bills for taxes, but taxes due. and investing in the irs to make sure that we collect tax froms wealthy individuals and corporations and people paying the taxes that they owe, to donald trump's irs commissioner, donald reddix says it could be 4 or 500 billion. i think it needs to be paid for and i'm committed to that and see what happens in the senate and hopefully make this something that's paid for and done responsibly, but had an
9:24 am
impact that the nation needs. anita: okay, we'll certainly be watching the senate and see what happens there. congressman brad schneider, thank you for your time today. appreciate it. >> thank you, good to talk with you. griff: for more on the state of the biden spending bill in the senate. we're joined by the republican senator from tennessee, on the urban affairs committee and thank you for taking time on the saturday before thanksgiving. we are going to talk about the fact that people will pay a lot more for that turkey. but i want your immediate reaction to your colleague brad schneider and talking about the gap the cbo will add to the deficit. and the administration says pay no attention to that because the irs will go after people to make up that difference. what's your reaction? >> i think america has had enough of the government invading their lives. you know, the biden administration wants to have
9:25 am
access to every american's bank account. first was $600 and now it's up to 10,000, but access to every bank account and sic the irs on us and eight-fold and we will be under constant audit the democrats way to pay for this. you see thissen 0 the back of the infrastructure bill over a quarter of trillion dollar short. you had the shortfall yesterday on build back better plan, that's over $600 billion short. that's falling right on the shoulders of our children and grandchildren. this is not acceptable under any circumstance. griff: and senator, let's talk about the actual difference with the cbo. the administration simply says that in the long running, never mind the pain americans are feeling right now, in the long run this will reduce the deficit. >> no way. griff: be lower costs for americans and your reaction to that and how do you see it? >> my reaction is that's
9:26 am
complete bunk, this is to take away our liberty, the hand of the government cradle to grave. force more jobs oversees, it's going to shrink the economy, certainly we've seen the impact in inflation, here in tennessee a turkey cost 24% more than last year. and that's the pernicious tax for real meshes americans. the last thing we need to do, and there's a candidate, for comptroller, what does she want to do. griff: she wants the federal government to take over our checking accounts and savings accounts. this is going to be like going to the dmv when you try to get your local banking taken care of. everyone knows when the government takes over something, the costs go up and the efficiency goes down and that's not what we need when
9:27 am
inflation is through the roof. griff: and do your republican colleagues feel the same, this is math, math,math. is there any chance this any republican could support this and needing only one democrat to vote against it, how do you see things playing out? >> there's not a chance that a republican would step up and agree to something like this. america doesn't need socialism. we certainly don't need this big government socialism and i think what we hear when we go home to our states is a lot of pain in america. people are suffering with inflation, people are embarrassed what happened in afghanistan. there's a massive national security crisis at our southern border. american public does not want to hand over the economy to the government and i hope that some of my colleagues on the democratic side will hear the same message. griff: and what fr what you're hearing from senator manchin and senator sinema that they're leaning in that direction? >> i think that's a good chance that could happen. they're from states like mine
9:28 am
where people are hurting. i can't imagine in senator man chin's state that he likes the part of this bill that kills the fossil fuel. we've seen gas prices people commute in tennessee and do in arizona and west virginia as well. i hope one or more steps up. griff: and we'll see how it plays out. happy thanksgiving. >> thank you so much. griff: and bret baier is in for chris wallace on fox news sunday he will have an interview with white house director of the economic council. check your time listing for time and channel. anita: a caravan of migrants are coming to the border.
9:29 am
we'll talk with secretary chad wolf next.
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aspirin made amazing! >> welcome back, live images from our southern border as we follow the latest with the new migrant caravan which set out thursday from mexico. our bill ma melugin is tracking this. how far away is the caravan to the border? >> they have quite a ways. but we have people crossing here in la joya and as usual they have the cartel wristbands they cut off. they're used as tickets for the cartel for human studies. they say arrivals or deliveries. these people are human cargo to the cartels. we'll show you the video that our team shot in la joya this morning. what you can see in the
9:34 am
background is the incomplete border wall, once they cross the rio grande they walk right by that, it was built as soon as you see, but as soon as president biden took office in january construction halted and it's a useless piece of steel in the middle of anything because it's not convicted to anything and people walk around it. 150 to 200 migrants that crossed this morning many from south america, almost all of them those family units that we particularly see in la joya. they turn themselves, they do not run because they know under the biden administration's catch and release they will have a likelihood of being released into the country with a future court date and that's attractive for them. and i mentioned all over the world. take a look at this piece of video right here. take a look at this video right here. this is a group of romanians who are involved in that group, as well.
9:35 am
that's from eastern europe. there are also some albanians mixed into the group as well. so they're coming from all over the world. and vp harris addressing causes with the root causes and that's nothing to do with those areas. and mcallen, dps pull over a vehicle and find two mexican nationals hidden behind a stereo system. the driver was arrested for human smuggling, he said he was being paid $1500 a head and they were trying to get to houston. and back here live according to border patrol there were over 45,000 am apprehensions. and border patrol reports they've surpassed last
9:36 am
november's numbers and it's starting to heat up in the rio grande valley as massive groups are coming from la joya every day as you mentioned we have another caravan headed our way. back to you. anita: bill, amazing to get a look at the photo of the person hiding in the trunk. that's a firsthand view how people are smuggled into the country and coming from as far away as albania, just unreal. thank you for that report. griff: for more inside of the border crisis, let's turn to acting homeland security under president trump and chairman of homeland immigration at the american first policy institute chad wolf. thanks for taking time today. so much to get into. as you know i was in the caravan a few weeks ago and it's grown into multiple caravans and another one a few thousand strong just this past week and i'm told from one of
9:37 am
the leaders there that many of them got their work papers and intend to head just across from eagle pass. so clearly, we could be having yet another del rio situation that we saw last month if indeed the individuals come there. i want your reaction, really, to what it is that needs to be done right now because clearly, as you heard from that report from bill melugin it's exceeded last november's numbers and isn't showing signs of slowing down. >> thanks for having me. i think at the border what needs to change is the border posture. what we've seen the last nine to 10 months the biden administration tore down effective policies in the trump administration and they haven't released them. they have historic numbers month after month and continue not to do anything different. and they continue along the path of a failed strategy along
9:38 am
that border and allow the catch and release that we heard bill talk about in the segment and that's why the migrant caravans are coming to the border, overwhelming number of folks at the border because they want to remain in the united states while awaiting court proceedings. as long as the biden administration encourages that and has policies to accommodate that you're going to continue to see historic numbers across this border. griff: i want to talk about a specific pull factor as we're told from the border patrol folks and that is this possible payments nearly half a million dollars to migrant families separated at the border, as we showed in the polls, just 30% support payments while 49% say don't pay anybody at all and 12% oppose it and pay some money. do you see that as incentive a
9:39 am
driver for migrants? >> absolutely. it's the most ridiculous and ludicrous think you could possibly imagine. when you're in the midst of the worst border crisis to then talking about paying folks who crossed illegally back in 2018 up to $450,000 per individual, it's going to continue to draw migrants, illegal migrants to the borders in the hopes of getting paid. what the biden administration should be doing is going into court and fighting that frivolous lawsuit. you know, the united states government has already brought a lot of these parents back to the united states, have patrolled them in here to the united states and on top of that, to pay them for breaking the law is just, it's absolutely ludicrous and i would say, you know, the biden administration is out of touch not only with the american people, but with the men and women of the department of homeland security. not only on this issue, but on immigration rit large and they're captive to the activists of their party at the moment. griff: chad, before we run out of time. i want to raise the fact that
9:40 am
mayorkas and the response from the western sheriff's association was a declaration of no confidence. what did you make of his testimony? >> well, the testimony was pretty bad, pretty awful. he talked about giving himself an a-for effort. usually when you grade yourself in an effort, it means you've failed, but you're happy with the effort that you gave. and i think that's unfortunately what we're seeing here. we're seeing a failed border immigration strategy going on and for the western sheriffs to come out and do the no confidence vote it tells you everything you need to know. these are the sheriffs, the folks on the ground having to deal with the mass influx of both migrants and illegal mar narcotics all day every day from the self-inflicted crisis and for them to say that and asking for new leadership at the department tells you everything you need to know. griff: a very quick answer, but
9:41 am
is it time for mayorkas to resign? >> i think we need new leadership at the department. griff: chad wolf, former acting dhs secretary. thank you for your insight and have a happy thanksgiving. >> all right, thank you. griff: anita. anita: well, an alert for seniors, if you have an old cell phone that uses technology from the turn of the century, literally, you may soon find it impossible to make a call or send a text. details on this important story next. .is my livelihood. so when my windshield cracked... the experts at safelite autoglass came right to me... with service i could trust. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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>> well, if you have an old phone or other devices such as an alarm system or an ankle monitor, maybe. it could stop working next year, thanks to evolving technology. older electronics will no longer be compatible with new technology. >> just like your tv went from analog to digital you had to
9:46 am
buy new adapters and devices and spend money you didn't plan on while having to get rid of a perfectly good device. in 2022 almost all the phone companies are shutting down 3g on various, sprint, at&t, horizon and t-mobile will retire their 3g networks and some will shut down lte capabilities. for most folks this won't be a problem as many folks are already up-to-date with the latest devices on the market. but there are plenty of others who are not. and we're not just talking about phones. older mobile personal emergency response system devices used by the economically challenged and elderly across america will all be out of commission, that includes hundreds of thousands of vital medical tracking devices. so the question is, what can be done for the most vulnerable? >> on that point, of when that
9:47 am
happens when 3g ends, we're joined by two folks in the know about this and the alarm industry committee spokesperson john brady and executive director of older adults technology services which is an affiliate of the american association of retired persons, tom chamber. gentlemen, welcome to the program. thank you so much for coming today. >> thank you. >> thank you anita. anita: good to see you. john, let me start with you. we all agree it's great that we have the new powerful 5g technology, but a lot of people are using the 3g older technology, older people, people in lower income brackets. they're going to have trouble meeting deadlines set by the major service providers. so what is going to happen to them? >> yeah, anita, thank you for having us today. you know, we need to bring attention to this so we really appreciate the time and what we've done is, as we look alt
9:48 am
at&t, basically staying hard on their february 22, 2022 date. it's going to put a great deal of seniors and other people at risk. we've asked as an industry because i represent the alarm and the fire and the personal emergency response companies around the united states, we have all been working very, very hard to get through this transition because we understand the need to move to new technology, but the problem we all are dealing with is, as the economy is and as our nation is everyone got hit by covid in 2020. we lost most of 2020. lost a good part of 21 and we need to get out into the homes and businesses and especially with seniors to make this transition from 3 to 4g so what we've done with industry with aarp and other industries is to request the fcc to delay this at&t sunset until late '22 that
9:49 am
matches up with verizon. we talked to members of congress. there are going to be a number of elderly and people that are going to be at risk on the morning of february 23rd and we need to do something about this and recognize that we have had a perfect storm of covid, chip shortage, pandemic issues, supply chain issues that have really stood in the way of what might have been a very orderly transition. so, again, we've asked the fcc to step in and delay this so we can protect lives. it's not about the economy, it's about moving on and protecting lives. anita: okay. let me get tom in there. you represent the aarp. what are you hearing where the members are in the switch and john was talking about the senior who have the life saving medical devices? >> thanks, anita. we're hearing quite a lot of confusion and anxiety from people right now about this. a lot of people aren't sure what devices they have that may be 3g operating right now, and
9:50 am
they're still trying to understand, for example, they may have alarm systems that have personal emergency response buttons and pendants that they're using and some of those are actually 3g operating so they're concerned because they just don't know what the impact is going to be and they have to get in touch with their companies and providers and learn some of the language. many people didn't grow up with these technology and what we're doing in collaboration with aarp, we're training people to understand the differences between wi-fi and cellular and what the different networks do for you. but it's a pretty time consuming effort. with all the things going on right now people are very concerned about losing access to these emergency tools that they're using. >> quick, i want to put a statement up from at&t, if we can do that. at&t says less than 1% of our mobile data traffic currently travis over the network. this is critical to bring more
9:51 am
technology including 5g to customers nationwide they say it's less than 1%. what does that mean as a number? what is 1%? 15 seconds. >> anita, they have 180 million that's 1.8 million people, this is serious. a lot of customers are going to be involved. anita: got to go. thank you so much for coming and we'll look at this topic again.
9:52 am
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>> well, the trial of kyle rittenhouse and how that story was told raised difficult questions about evidence and gun ownership and race and griff was in the middle of it all in kenosha, wisconsin reporting from outside the courthouse. what did you-- what were your impressions about what was happening out there. griff: first, anita, it was cold. anita: yeah. griff: and i found there was, at times, only 30 or 40 protesters and 100 or so media. a lot more media than protesters outside there, but we spoke to justin blake, jacob blake's uncle and one thing he told me shocked me. it's his opinion of president biden. listen. >> he sold the people out that put him in that office. i have no equivocation. we with the help of black leaders of kenosha helped to
9:56 am
turn a red state blue. griff: and with the media divide and the political fallout it looks like the story is far from over even though the verdict is in. anita: lawsuits are coming. and we'll have much more from the rittenhouse verdict with team coverage coming up next. ok everyone, our mission is to provide complete, balanced nutrition for strength and energy. whoo hoo! ensure, with 27 vitamins and minerals, now introducing ensure complete! with 30 grams of protein.
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10:00 am
we are seeing demonstrations of anger following acquittal of the kyle rittenhouse, he was found not guilty on all five charges for the shooting death of two kenosha protesters and wounding of another. hundreds took to the streets to voice what is a miscarriage of justice at the same time 18-year-old defendant celebrated his freedom with his family. he seen here in the car driving away from the courthouse. welcome to fox news live in washington i am chris. >> box team coverage with jeff paul looking at overnight protests. alexandria is on the political
10:01 am
fallout and mick adams on the ground. let's start with alexis. >> i can tell you on the ground we've seen police and that's pretty much by design. they said they were going to be here, police presence in front of the courthouse are most needed and this morning remains an emotional day in court. look at this video when he was waiting after hours and hours of deliberation to find out his fate. rittenhouse breaking down, grabbing his knees and sobbing. he was barely breathing as he stood in front of a judge waiting. not guilty on all five charges, rittenhouse shot three men, killing two during the unrest following the shooting last summer. family of two of the men were killed in court heartbroken over the acquittal. >> we know the system is a failure. we know the system doesn't serve
10:02 am
people like us or really anybody not directly involved in the system. reporter: people across the nation waiting for the child to wrap up that went for more than two weeks. twenty-three hours, defense saying the jurors had a lot to discuss and that's why it took so long. they believe they had confidence in a few of the jurors but they ended up not being chosen which made the rittenhouse family nervous because they had a few, they want to be back there and they were not chosen during the testimony, a pivotal time in the trial. >> we were devastated when three of the six jurors were separated from the panel, who thought they were the strongest jurors. reporter: so many people were watching, live coverage of the court room, he went to the
10:03 am
courtroom for the names of the 12 jurors. he took so long and people thought it would wrap up quicker but the defense and prosecutors putting out statements and talking to fox news saying they're happy deliberations took so long because they took a close hard look at the evidence, so many videos and pictures out there to the moments leading up to the shooting, a lot to look at. the oblations wrapping up, he's on his way out of state and security concerns about what he would do next but he just ready to move on to regular life he can. anita: wide range of emotions in the courtroom yesterday. alexis mcadams, thank you so much. griff: meanwhile president biden, americans expressing their opinion on the trial. alexandria has more on the white
10:04 am
house and how politicians are responding to the news out of kenosha. >> president biden said yesterday he did not want the trial, he does have an opinion, here's what he told reporters yesterday. >> i stand by what the jury said in the conclusion. the jury system works. reporter: the jury system does not necessarily work. today's verdict weeks for itself. i've spent a majority of my career working to make the justice system more equitable. it's clear there's a lot more work to do. following up on the president's earlier statements about the white house issued a lengthier one this time including frustration for president biden, the verdict in kenosha leave many americans feeling angry and concerned, myself included. it's not the first time he's waiting on the case. yesterday rittenhouse's attorney reflected on this comment from then candidate biden last year. >> allegedly part of the militia
10:05 am
coming out of the state of illinois, have you ever heard this president say one negative thing about white supremacist? reporter: right there rittenhouse's attorney is saying his client was not a white supremacist he did not appreciate that comment but he respects at least the president's juries verdict. the president also said he committed resources to keep the peace in wisconsin following the verdict addict violence and destruction of property has no place in our democracy. griff: alexandria, thank you very much. anita: protesters marching in several cities pushing back against the verdict jeff paul is on the ground in wisconsin with the latest there. reporter: we had a small group of protesters outside the courthouse here a few minutes ago. they had their voices heard,
10:06 am
went on a march and got out of here. it might have to do with the weather here, it is fairly cold in the 30s so maybe that's part of why last night we didn't see too many issues here in kenosha. the only thing was a clash between one particular protester, she was out here with chalk writing a message on the courthouse steps and they put her in cuffs and took her away. the only other thing we really saw was bickering and yelling between protest groups but when you're around the crowd and talk to some of the folks and ask for their reaction, it couldn't be different in terms of how they are reacting to the not guilty verdict. >> if kyle rittenhouse had been african-american or hispanic, he has been shot when he was approaching law enforcement walking down the street. they shot him down. >> i'm glad about the verdict, i feel i'm proud to be american
10:07 am
today because we have a right to self-defense and bear arms. it is so political that it clouded the facts from everything to begin with corporate entities like portland, oregon, it did get a little out of hand. authorities declared a riot after things were thrown at them and windows were being broken. in other major cities like chicago about 50 miles away from kenosha, dozens of protesters gathered in downtown new york city, hundreds marched across the brooklyn bridge. they had a moment where they got down on their knee and took a moment of silence and then moved on but no reports of violence in new york city. anita: thank you for that. a variety of opinions from outside the courthouse. in q4 bringing back to us.
10:08 am
griff: for more on the narrative out of the rittenhouse case doesn't necessarily lineup but the act in court we are joined by julio, a senior writer for townhall, author of a brand-new book, mostly peaceful 2020 riots, gas lighting of america. congratulations, you and i spent time this past week and kenosha, you are reporting in a key piece of video you shot last summer was a key part of the case. explain your role in all of this and your thoughts now that the verdict is done. >> my role, i simply recorded the second half of the shooting when kyle rittenhouse was attacked by three people. his attacked by a skateboard and a protester with his handgun.
10:09 am
it is quite disturbing even after the trial which was broadcast live, wall-to-wall media coverage a lot of people have a distorted untrue view of what actually happened that night and i get it, it was a hectic night and there's a lot of things happening but even before the trial, we had the videos by me and shot by a handful of others, showing what actually happened and in every instance of the shooting that took base, rittenhouse only shot people who are actively attacking him which is why the jury found him not guilty on murder charges. this should never have gone to trial in the first place but because of the environment we are operating in, it was brought forth and we saw throughout the trial covering that part, prosecution never had a strong case in their own witnesses
10:10 am
disturbed his claim of self-defense. griff: how did the media get it so wrong? >> they have their agenda. they have their agenda during the riots last year and they had their agenda with this trial. even after a star witness for the prosecution, even after he admitted rittenhouse did not shoot him until he started holding his handgun to rittenhouse was had, they highlighted other aspects of the testimony instead of that bombshell admission so that's part of why i wrote the book. they are gas lighting in my opinion, lying to the american people and this is just one example and there are plenty of other examples throughout the riots that i covid personally faster. griff: let's go into that a little bit, why did you write this book? >> i wrote the book because i
10:11 am
was there for a lot of it, and many other places, as time went on, i saw the need to have a physical medium of my experiences and of others who were negatively affected by the riots simply because as i was saying before, the media had a very untrue reporting in some cases with the riots as they were happening in real time but now more than a year removed from that, you're almost acting like it didn't even happen or exaggerating what happened last year but i know what happened because i was there and saw the violence, i saw law and order collapse in american cities across the country and i think it's an important thing to document as an eyewitness.
10:12 am
griff: lastly, your reaction now that the trial is over and verdict is in, have you seen people reacting in the media, what are your thoughts about what you are seeing play out today? >> i shouldn't be shocked anymore but again, they start spreading false information, even people still today believe kyle rittenhouse crossed state lines with the rifle which proves even before the trial, it was disproven but they never brought it up. the only time they are 15 left was when he left wisconsin which by the way, it's not even far from the wisconsin border so it is shameful, a large part of the media refuses to actually get this right i don't think there will be consequences for them so they are not owing to change their ways unfortunately.
10:13 am
griff: if you want to know what really happened, fiery but mostly peaceful, congratulations. your reporting, good to be with you, thanks for coming on today. have a nice thanksgiving. >> you, too. ♪♪ anita: next week, black friday kicks off the holiday shopping season, small businesses across the country are worried about serving their customers due to supply chain issues and inflation. joining us today, business owners frank and holly, welcome to you both, thank you for coming today. >> thanks for having us. >> frank, you own a number of barton grills in texas and south padre island, rocky cigar bar and grill. i know you're paying more for food and supplies oil from $18 a jug $50 a jug. tell us more about that.
10:14 am
>> higher oil is one of the problems for chicken wings from luis to sell chicken wings for 50 cents at a time certain days a week i'm a we can't touch that. wings went from $90 a case to $170 a case and it's moving up and down a little bit but basically we are told our supply is the issue having these problems and of course that's going to move to inflation also. anita: chicken wings almost doubled, that's not good. holly, you are the owner of two boutiques, items that used to take three or four days are to arrive are taking four to six weeks, how can you draw customers in? >> that is a good question. i just had to make sure i am prepared ahead of time and get my orders and a lot sooner but
10:15 am
when you do put an order in, you better grab it quick because it will be taken from another retailer so i just have to make sure i keep ahead of myself and make sure i get my orders in a timely manner. anita: really have to be organized now. let's bring up a map of the areas most hard-hit by inflation around the country. twenty-three states are red, purple are the most hard-hit. texas and wyoming are right in there. i went to show our survey that asks people how they are tightening their belt. number one, eating out. number three, buying clothes. holly, you got a problem there, how much longer can you go on like this and how much have you had to adjust your business? like and then holly. >> we have to adjust businesses from other things cheaper we are
10:16 am
able to pass it on to the customer for savings, the nice thing about my business, when the economy is good, they drink liquor and when it's bad, they drink beer so they are drinking a lot of beer right now. anita: i guess that's not so bad for some folks. holly, what about you? >> i'm having to offer specials right now especially with the holidays coming up, just getting creative trying to keep things more affordable right now, give the items people are going to want to pick up for christmas but i have had to just have more specials than normal, discounts to help out right now. anita: are both of you finding customers our understanding? certainly everybody knows what's going on so you can't offer chicken wings so that's got to be a problem, are they understanding for the most part? >> there selling them for about $8 for six of them and i think we break even after all is said
10:17 am
and done but we have them available, we've removed them from the menus because it's embarrassing, it's an embarrassing price but that's basically what it comes down to. anita: and holly, have you seen the prices, our customers understanding? >> a little bit, i try not to too much but there are certain items i have to have them a little higher but i've been trying to keep things in better more affordable that people can afford with inflation right now. [laughter] anita: we wish you all the best and we hope santa brings you a lot of customers this holiday season. >> thank you, happy thanksgiving. griff: anita, customers are not okay with chicken shortage. stories of parents and students, administrators and biden administration, that's next.
10:18 am
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time now for political panel, reaction to the covid mandate, schools and school boards across the country as new york columnist and fox news jupiter miranda, civil rights attorney talkshow host robert and miranda, thank you for taking the time. we talked so much about what's happening in virginia over loud, here comes texas, there the school board in conjunction with federal law enforcement saw law enforcement the homes of two dads a retired army captain,
10:23 am
they are expressing being upset with their school board meetings and they were arrested. miranda, your post had a cover, what is going on? >> that's exactly what it is, more on parents. we saw merrick garland recognized sei national security division to go up to moms and dads and arrest parents throwing these parents in jail for simply exercising their first amendment rights at school board meetings. he designed to intimidate other parents around the country for rightfully working up to their children thing propagandized, dangerous destructive ideological propaganda down their throats.
10:24 am
parents realized during the pandemic the iraqi their kids taken from home and whether it's critical race theory for gender ideology, parents have decided they don't want it and they are finding school boards have been hijacked around the country, maligned forces and they don't want the parents to have anything to do with the education of their children and it's not going to work. democrats will line up the school boards and school unions are going to find themselves having the most almighty backlash, we sought in the last election in virginia and around the country and that mama bears and pop affairs standing up and they are not going to take it. >> miranda said that beautifully, glenn youngkin made himself the party of parents upset, now we see this in texas, is a time for democrats to
10:25 am
rethink what they are doing in terms of upsetting the parents going after them? >> i'd be remiss if i didn't mention my mom's birthday so happy birthday, celebrating her 22nd birthday for the 40th year in a row but misreading the message we got from virginia, duncan got 300,000 fewer votes than donald trump a year ago so it's not like there's a great emphasis of people leaving the democratic party and going to the republican side. terry mcauliffe was just a bad candidate. i wish they would concentrate on schools, the permit of
10:26 am
concentrating on these coastal war issues and these people are doing this because they went to the meetings to import themselves in a way not having the example needed for the beneficial force for better curriculum and education so we focus on the cases and i think everybody will be fine and getting on the same page. griff: let me take you to the hampshire because there is a case where the football coach off-campus in a text, he believes there's only two genders, fiscal administrator defendant the coach suspending the player under their nonconformity policy.
10:27 am
>> this is stalinist, the idea that somebody would lose their job and thrown in jail for saying reasonable things more than half of america agrees with, it's a group of complete lunatics who think they are not two genders. all of this i disagree the parent deserve to be thrown in jail for exercising their first amendment rights, this is not america. >> this is a student being able to play football, before i run out of time, i want to acknowledge not only your mother's birthday, happy birthday, mama but you've been down at that trial of the shooting of ahmaud arbery, your thoughts? >> this week in georgia after the defense attorney called out, we don't want anymore, hundreds
10:28 am
in the community for prayer vigil thursday in order to have prayer in the black church and supporting families, who will not tolerate vigilante in the justice must be balanced so everybody can have their due process and have a system that will prosecute people. griff: all right, thank you very much and have a wonderful thanksgiving. >> thank you. anita: you just mentioned it, closing arguments are set to begin monday in the trial of three jurors and men charged with shooting about our break. charles watson is live in georgia with the latest on that. >> the defense rested their case following seven witnesses to the stand, one is being travis mcmichael, the first on trial to speak publicly about our request
10:29 am
killed. if michael testified he and his father spotted him running in their neighborhood and recognize him as the same individual seen on a neighbor's property days prior thinking he committed a crime and possibly armed. he and his father grabbed the gun and pursued the 25-year-old in their pickup truck just to talk to him. at the end of the pursuit, he ran around his truck and attacked him and said that's why he was forced to shoot the 25-year-old. >> he grabbed the shotgun and i believe i was struck. i saw, it's obvious he is attacking me, if he would have got the shotgun from me, it was a life or death situation. >> under cross-examination, the prosecution has self-defense claims getting him to admit
10:30 am
albury never spoke a word to him. he presented himself as a threat five minutes from the mcmichael's and they later joined the chief and his pickup truck. >> he's demonstrated he pulled out the gun, he hasn't said one for to you, not threatened you in any way? >> no, ma'am corporate friday defense attorney called for a mistrial equating the event outside of the courtroom public lynching of the defendant following the rally reverend al sharpton in the wake of repeated comments about barring black pastors and speaking of the court, they deny the motion for mistrial, closing arguments are set to begin monday. anita: look for your coverage on that next week, thank you so
10:31 am
much. the fifth wave of covid cases in europe right now. a warning for america as millions prepare to travel for the holidays will ask the doctor right here on the set, that next. ♪♪em
10:32 am
10:33 am
10:34 am
10:35 am
>> i am concerned always at gatherings. anita: i was pfizer ceo albert warning americans about covid spikes over the holiday. joining us now to discuss how to protect you and your loved ones from covid, family in emergency medicine doctor in fox news medical contributor, doctor, it is a pleasure to have you and person on the set today. the cdc has given approval for booster shots for anyone over
10:36 am
the age of 16 from a good idea? should you get one? >> absolutely a good idea especially if you have underlying medical problems. we have clear cut compelling data, a trial of 10000 participants on the cdc website that showed those who had a third dose of booster shot significantly more improvement, more protection for antibodies for those who did not have a third dose so we know especially going into the winter holidays having the extra protection and minimize infection and spread so if you are over the age of 50, cdc recommends you should definitely get a booster but over the age of 18, you can get one as well especially if you have asthma, diabetes, open ziti over the age of 18, especially if you have a disease like copd, emphysema and those things. anita: good production
10:37 am
precaution. i want to put total cases, the u.s. is averaging less than 100,000 cases a day nationwide but there is concerned heading into the holiday gathering family gatherings, more opportunities to spread the virus, also only 55% of americans are vaccinated so are those combined reasons? >> you are right, almost 80% of americans have at least one shot. want them to get their second shot if they have had the mrna vaccine like pfizer or madera you are right when you combine crohn's cold-weather plus a delta variant is a lot more contagious than other variant and family gatherings and holidays, everybody getting together so you have more opportunity for the virus to spread, specifically you are more vulnerable if you're not
10:38 am
vaccinated and of course as you said earlier, the booster will give you more protection, who wouldn't want that? we've got testing, vaccine and treatment for all of this, things we didn't have a year end a half ago. anita: the picture is a lot better now but we all read about the efficacy of the boosters in the vaccine in general, efficacy goes down after a while but what about the booster? can you expect that will go down after a while you will need another? how do we know for sure? >> we know now after about six months, they go down and that's why it's recommended to get the booster shot. i've had patients in my practice who have tested positive, some were vaccinated but it's been nine or ten months and some were unvaccinated so getting the extra booster shot can increase your protection but how long will it last? time will tell. it's normal to get a third shot,
10:39 am
hepatitis you get three shots, tdap and diphtheria, measles and mumps and rubella, two or three shot series. how do we know how many shots we will need? time will tell, so far it is three, it's looking like that will be the best. it may become a yearly shot or maybe every ten or three and that's it and we will be finished. anita: good news is it's out there for those who need it. thank you, good to meet you in person today. comprehensive report by a committee of the new york state assembly in the decision made by former new york governor andrew cuomo has shocking details. lauren ring in new york has the latest. reporter: the report apparently was, one lawmaker said it made her jaw drop. another set if angela rommel hadn't resigned from would-be evidence against him. the judiciary committee reports
10:40 am
and the trifecta of the downfall of sexual harassment physicians. undercounting of nursing home that's in the pandemic and multimillion dollar secured which he corralled staff to help with. >> it shows the level of corruption brewing in the governor's office and falls in line with the type of corruption already has a reputation for. reporter: romo's attorney blasted the report while defending the former governors use say assembly committee has chosen not to review which is there prerogative but it may once again result in a report. state employees volunteer to assist the governor his book, american crisis and now assembly apparently wants to criticize him. the report expand on the
10:41 am
investigation by attorney general leticia james into cuomo's alleged sexual harassment of women looking in the governor's office the attorneys has now that is announced her run for the governor, potential bias. >> this wasn't done because it was the right thing, it was done because it was a political thing. to have maximum damage on the governor. reporter: others will reap the report this weekend. it's expected to be released to the public. anita: quite a few things in that report, that should be interesting. thank you so much for that. and off the court back down from a social media feud between lebron james, that's up next. ♪♪
10:42 am
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10:45 am
kids are writing letters to santa claus, parents of, it's
10:46 am
about christmas the book. >> it's number two on the amazon bestseller list. here to discuss the book, others are joining us live from new jersey. hello there duffey. >> we are so close to thanksgiving, we can talk seriously about christmas and not feel bad about it. [laughter] >> we were number one a couple of days ago from all of your viewers can help us. let's get back to number one. anita: i thought was already real number one. griff: status going to be article. on this program, we are going to talk about the book, it disinformation right away because jesse watters contribute on christmas. i know him well enough to know he's not a well behaved child, what did he write in your book,
10:47 am
is there anything we need to clear up? >> you can definitely tell from the book he was on the naughty list a lot one of my favorite stories from a my favorite was about jesse watters, one christmas he asked his mom what she wanted for christmas and she said respect. then he gave her a framed picture of respect for christmas which i thought was clever and very jesse like. >> tell the story of the book, we love christmas and want to share our story of christmas is growing up but how we had our traditions, bettina, hispanic, irish catholic, not hispanic, all of this together and wouldn't it be great to have stories of how people celebrated christmas when they were little having celebrate now, you don't see this other part of their personality and lives so pointing to jesse watters, tell
10:48 am
the story of when they went to cut down the christmas tree, they put on top of the station wagon and put it up, went to bed i don't know if this is national lampoon's christmas vacation but he says it's true, they woke up in the morning and that cat was chasing something around the living room and it was a squirrel they brought home in the tree and they finally got the squirrel out of the house. >> jesse said it was illegal. [laughter] anita: i'm sure there are funny ones but also touching and poignant ones, can you share someone else's story that tugged on your heartstrings a little bit? >> i loved martha's story, i didn't know how much we had in common until leading up to christmas, obviously martha is
10:49 am
catholic but i just loved her story, how intentional she has in leading up to remind herself and her family of the reason for the season and throughout the book, the way they celebrate and how deep our friends here, the other one was john roberts, his father passed away when he was a child, how his family overcame that and how they grew from that, it was a touching story about what his mother did to keep them together in their house and they learned so many lessons and he shares so much in his book, it was very moving. anita: we are going to have you on the other side of the break so hold that thought. i know our viewers are going to love this so will have more with the duffey's coming right up. don't move.
10:50 am
10:51 am
10:52 am
10:53 am
we are back now with the deputies talking about their book, all-american christmas. guess what, the producer in my ear at the break said your back up to number one on amazon. i knew it. [laughter] >> it's the power of anita and
10:54 am
griff. anita: this is interesting, you're talking about the story from john robert, so touching. what other fox news personality stories did you particularly like, did you learn something about them? >> they are like children, we love them all. [laughter] >> there's so much in this recipes and their favorite playlist for music and movies so emily tells a story when she was growing up her mom had breast cancer but think that she survived but they had a hard christmas couldn't get a treat and someone brought a fake christmas tree and they put the tree up everything christmas as a reminder about difficult christmas when their mom had breast cancer but also she survived it but it's what you get from stories of the fox family. >> and you have to listen to the to charles payne stories, he asked santa for a briefcase and
10:55 am
he got one with a calculator in it and i think santa made a good investment. [laughter] >> what was your favorite story you got after the whole thing was said and done? >> i left jesse's story telling our own stories of our own memories, we have a great video about how we cut down our christmas tree but my chainsaw wasn't correct, i had to halt the tree -- >> we did get the tree down though. >> you could buy this at fox news get on amazon and get it at every store when you go shopping for christmas, it's made in america, it's not on tanker in california, it was made right here. >> order it, you're going to get it, it's the easiest. they're going to love this on
10:56 am
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eric: the end of the trial that divided the nation. kyle rittenhouse breaking down in tears as you saw in protest breaking out across the country after he was acquitted yesterday on all five charges after 26 hours of jury deliberation. the jury deciding the 17-year-old did act in self-defense when he shot three people killing two of them during the riots in kenosha, wisconsin last august invoices from all sides are speaking out on the saturday. welcome to fox news live i am


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