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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  November 19, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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there with her and some of our colleagues bret baier and many others and jay wallace the boss. it was a great, great, great harsh to see harris win this award. congratulations harris. >> jesse: if there is an award for international men's day i'm available to receive it. that's it for us. we will see you on monday. have great weekend, everybody. ♪ ♪ >> the first count of the information we the jury find the defendant kyle h. rittenhouse not guilty. as to the second count of the information, richard mcginnis, we the jury, find the defendant kyle h. rittenhouse not guilty. as to the third count of the information, unknown male, we, the jury, find the jury kyle h. rittenhouse not guilty. as to the fourth count of the information, anthony huber, we, the jury, find the defendant kyle h. rittenhouse not guilty. as to the fifth count of the
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information gauge crews crucify we the jury find the defendant kyle h. rittenhouse not guilty. >> shannon: breaking tonight an emotional reaction in the verdict of the trial of the illinois teenager charged with murdering two protesters and injuring a third during a protest in wisconsin during the summer of 2020. kyle rittenhouse goes free. we will have analysis of the decision shortly. welcome to washington. i'm shannon bream in for bret baier. the teenager's lawyer says rittenhouse is undergoing counseling for post-traumatic stress disorder and probably move away from the area because it's too dangerous for him to stay. the prosecution says it respects the jury's decision. we will hear what president biden thinks of the verdict in just a few minutes. first up tonight on the scene on the ground in kenosha, correspondent garrett tenney is there. good evening, garrett. >> shannon, good evening to you. emotions running high both inside and outside of the courtroom. kyle rittenhouse now 18 years old and facing life in prison was overcome with emotion as he heard the jury's decision to
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find him not guilty of all charges against him. judge bruce schroeder praising the jury for its work and deciding a case under intense national scrutiny from both the public and the media. >> all of you, i couldn't have asked for a better jury to work with. and it has truly been my pleasure just in terms of your -- the attentiveness and cooperation that you gave to us. justifies the confidence that the founders of our country placed. so, i dismiss you at this time. >> a spokesman for rittenhouse said the young man always planned to take the stand to tell his side of the story. >> everybody wanted to pretend like they knew, so that was his opportunity to tell everybody, to tell everybody what was in
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his head and what was in his heart. >> rittenhouse's attorneys said while they are pleased with this verdict, no one in this case walks away a winner, including their client. >> i think eventually some anonymity will come back to it. i don't think he will continue to live in this area. i think it's too dangerous. he has had 24-hour security since this happened. >> outside the courthouse, there was an outpouring of opposing emotions in the crowd that was gathered to hear the verdict. after that was announced had a chance to speak with justin blake the uncle of jacob blake who got emotional expressing his disappointment over the jury's decision. >> i'm hurt for this nation. it showed what it is really is between my nephew and this case they showed who america really is. >> justin blake told me despite
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his disappointment he doesn't want to see any violence as a result of this decision and is calling for peaceful protest and demonstration. the prosecutors in kenosha who tried this case also weighing in on the decision saying in part while we are disappointed with the verdict, it must be respected. officials in other states are weighing in as well. calling for any demonstrations to be peaceful as kenosha and other cities across the country brace for any protests that could turn ugly, shannon? >> garrett tenney on the ground for us. thank you,gate. let's get the president's reaction from the rittenhouse verdict. peter doocy joins us. >> shannon good evening, president biden says he has spoken to the governor of wisconsin to pledge resources to help keep the peace there. but the president is also saying he shares the same frustrations the protesters have. the protesters who wanted a guilty verdict. >> i didn't watch the trial. >> but he has a strong opinion, quote: the verdict in kenosha
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will leave many americans feeling angry and concerned. myself included. the president accused the defendant, rittenhouse, of being a white supremacist in septembet trump, there is no other way to put it the president of the united states refused to disavow white supremacists on the debate stage last night. asked about that tweet today. >> i stand by what the jury has concluded. the jury system works. >> that wasn't the only time the president falsely represented the facts of the case. >> allegedly he is part of a militia coming out of the state of illinois. have you ever heard this president say one negative thing about white supremacists? >> written house lawyers saw it all. >> president biden said some things that i think are so incorrect and untrue. he is not a white supremacist. i'm glad that he, at least, respects the jury verdict. >> senator joe cotton says joe biden needs to publicly apologize to rittenhouse. earlier this week the white house weighed in. >> why did president biden
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suggest that kyle rittenhouse on trial in kenosha is a white supremacist? >> so, peter, what -- i'm not going to speak to right now is anything about an ongoing trial nor the president's past comments. we shouldn't have, broadly speaking, vigilantes patrol our communities with assault weapons. >> during a campaign stop in kenosha shortly after the riots. biden accused trump of stoking unrest with words that can just as easily be applied to him now that he is in office. >> the words of a president matter, no matter the good, bad, or indifferent. they matter. no matter how competent or incompetent a president is. >> kamala harris was the acting president today for about 85 minutes while biden had a 3-millimeter benign looking polyp removed during a colonoscopy the doctors said the president is fit for office but notes a few things. he still takes blood thinners foray fib. he clears his throat more often
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now because of gastro esophageal reflux and the president's gate has stiffened since last year because of wear and tear on his spine. shannon? >> shannon: peter doocy at the white house. peter. let's bring in george washington university law photographer jonathan turley along with former u.s. attorney and deputy assistant attorney general welcome to the show. gentlemen, good to see you both. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> shannon: i want to read something that comes from joyce beatty of ohio. she says it is unconscionable our justice swoom allow an armed vigilante go free. the ludicrous claim of self-defense is on par with the abhorrent behavior on display by the prosecution and the judge. it is time for accountability. professor, your reaction? >> you know, this is the type of overheated rhetoric that tends to fuel the rage in our society. i mean, we are a country addicted to rage. i mean, it doesn't matter that
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this jury spent over three days looking at the evidence. dispassionately and coming to a conclusion that i think is the correct one. you don't have to agree with what kyle rittenhouse did. most of you was do not. but there was reasonable doubt as to the elements under the wisconsin law. but that is completely immaterial. the evidence was immaterial to people who see this as a vehicle for some broader social meaning. what we weren't putting on trial racism or our societal problems. we were putting on trial a teenager accused of murder. >> shannon: i want to play something from mark richards. he was rittenhouse's defense attorney. here's what he said after the verdict today. >> i was a prosecutor. corey was a prosecutor. and i never went after somebody like they did. it's not a game. and you are playing with an
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18-year-old kid's life. >> shannon: how worried are you this turned into a political issue versus a strictly legal one? >> look, i am worried about it. it happens a lot in these kinds of trials. and it's often fraud. we weren't in the courtroom. i don't take issue with the conclusion of the jury the way they considered it. on the other hand, i think what john talking about hang on bort sides there is very unfortunate tendency to line nice rittenhouse now. what he did in coming into the fray and having a gun was social policy problem it could have been a legal problem but for the way the judge instructed this jury. but it is a separate point, importantly from whether or not there was a reasonable doubt at the time the nano second of shooting that he was acting in
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self-defense. there i don't take issue. but i don't think anybody ought to be praising him either. >> shannon: professor, where do we go from here? where does kyle rittenhouse go from here? will there be legal action either by the families of those killed at the end of his gun that they pursued civil lawsuits and that kind of thing and what about him pursuing action against the media, public figures, others who made comments about him that were demonstrably false? >> well, there is no question that what was said about kyle rittenhouse can be defamation. but it's going to be very difficult to prove that. because he was a limited public figure or a public figure in most of these comments were made. and the courts tend to give wise berth to people giving their opinions. even erroneous opinions. i think he will have a tough time on defamation. he can be sued civilly. but the evidence that came out
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at trial surprised many people because they -- the media coverage did not mention many of these counter valing facts about rittenhouse or what he did. even under the lower civil liability standard, he may be very difficult to sue for these families. >> shannon: i want to play a little bit of what president biden had to say and a little bit more from mark richards, rittenhouse's defense attorney as well. >> i didn't watch the trial so you know. >> do you stand by your past comments [inaudible] white supremacy? >> look, i stand by what the jury has concluded. the jury system works and we have to abide by it. >> president biden said some things that i think are so incorrect and he is not a white supremacist. i'm glad he at least respects the jury verdict. >> harry, what do i make of the president's comments there was another statement that he was angry and concerned as many
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people have been by this verdict. but he did say he respects the jury. how important is that for all of us as americans who want to believe in our judicial system. >> we all should yard matter and so in that sense, he's right. rittenhouse also was caricatured. there were things about him that i think were exaggerated or not true. he is not a white carrying white supremacist. on the other hand, as i say, whatever reason brought him there, we should be worried that he was brought there. so that concern, the broader debate about gun control, vigilantism is legitimate notwithstanding that rittenhouse himself is not exactly the figure he was painted to be. though i do note there was certain bad intent evidence about him that was kept out. and so -- and that's the sort of thing that might come up in the civil trial that jonathan is talking about. >> shannon: yeah. there are critics, both those of kyle rittenhouse but also of local authorities who say that
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they were not handling the crowds there and that potentially created this opening where citizens felt like they needed to get involved. >> oh, there is a failure there law enforcement shouldn't have been permitting that. >> shannon: there is that conversation as wear. thank you very much. >> you too. thanks, jonathan. >> shannon: president biden gets a wins a the white house approves build back better plan but the senate is going to be more difficult. here is what fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. forks 29 in philadelphia where the city expands its vaccine mandate to include all employees and contracts. the new rule requires individuals to be fully vaccinated against covid-19 two weeks after the new year. a $300 bonus is being offered to all city employees who show proof of vaccination by christmas. fox 32 in chicago where an investigation at marine leadership academy uncovers inappropriate relationship between staff and students. they are said to be substantiated findings against 12 employees and one volunteer.
3:14 pm
10 of the individuals have been terminated or are in the process of being dismissed. and this is a live look at san diego from kswb. one of the stories there tonight north of los angeles a varsity high school team is within reach division championship after undefeated steven. pairs and coaches at the california school for the deaf riverside use sign language to communicate on the field. with a win tonight, the group would play in the championship for the first time in the school's 68-year history. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report," we'll be right back ♪ ♪ and aye been taking care of business, every day ♪ taking care of business ♪ every way ♪ i've been taking care of business ♪ it's all right ♪ taking care of business
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♪ bran bran breaking tonight the government has opened covid booster shots to all adults. officials at the cdc and the food and drug administration recommended change. the director of the cdc recommended final approval this afternoon. urging people over 50 to get that shot breaking tonight, the drama over president biden's social spending and tax bill passed the house this morning after overnight session that featured a bit of history.
3:19 pm
now the legislation heads to the senate where things could really get complicated. congressional correspondent chad per yam on capitol hill tells us where things stand. >> shannon, passing the democrats tax and spend plan is only the first act in a four-act drama. >> democrats cheered, house speaker nancy pelosi rammed through yet another controversial bill by a narrow margin. moderate gerald golden of maine was the only democratic nay. democrats still contend they pay for the bill. congressional score keepers say otherwise. republicans drive that message home but it falls on deaf ears. >> let's just not pretend what the republicans say is any fact that you're pred indicating a question on. i mean, understand what's happening around here, okay? >> republicans sneered in unanimous opposition to the bill and offered a warning. >> mr. lawyered milk will vote hell no and good luck in the senate. >> the 50/50 senate is act 2.
3:20 pm
things grow exponentially more difficult there. >> i don't think they have an agreement among themselves. >> democratic senator joe manchin laments the bill doesn't address inflation. >> legislatively senator manchin is going knob a position to determine how this story ends. >> liberals dared manchin to mess with the bill. >> i think it would be very, very difficult for any democrat of any background to be the sole no vote to tank this for the entire country. >> but the house must eventually wrestle with the senate's changes and that is act 3. >> the house does not just write any bill that they think the senate will pass. >> house minority leader kevin mccarthy delayed passage of the bill by half a day. he sees the house floor all night with the longest speech in house history. he excoriated democrats about their legislation. >> every page of this new washington spending shows just
3:21 pm
how irresponsible and out of touch the democrats are. >> the g.o.p. wants to weaponize this vote against democrats tying them to excessive spending. that brings us to act 4, the midterms. shannon? >> shannon: it will be here before ghee it, chad, thank you. the biden administration is beginning the process of repealing a trump era rule that permitted road building and logging harvesting in enormous southeast alaska rain forest providing habitat for wolves, bears and salmon. conservationists and native communities opposed the rule wildlife economies that rely on it tourism and fishing. latest fox news poll indicates 55% of registered voters think president biden is not tough enough on illegal immigration. 11% believe the president's is too tough. 26% say about right. 49% oppose the suggested payments of up to $45,050,000 each to family members separated
3:22 pm
at the border under president trump's zero tolerance policy nearly a third favor it. another 12% lesser amount. the dow lost 269. the s&p 500 dropped 7 nasdaq 64. the for the week off 1 and a third. the s&p 500 up a third. nasdaq gained one and a quarter. up next, we will take you back to kenosha, wisconsin, following the not guilty verdict in the kyle rittenhouse trial. >> these jurors saw a different america than we see every day. >> i think they were-there was there was some early verdict and they were playing all of us for fools they're great actors and actresses. ♪ our very own energizer bunny! energizer ultimate lithium. [snowball splat and windshield wiper] the #1 longest-lasting aa battery. ♪ my songs know what you did in the dark ♪
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movement dysfunction and restlessness are also common. you are greater than your bipolar i. ask about vraylar. >> shannon: breaking tonight our top story on "special report" of the verdict in the kyle rittenhouse trial. jurors acquitted the illinois teenager on all counts relating to the shooting deaths of two people and the wounding of another. law enforcement is now bracing for reaction. correspondent jeff paul is in kenosha tonight. hello, jeff. >> yeah, shannon, it's been mostly peaceful and calm here outside the courthouse and has remained that way in the hours since the verdict was read. as you take a look behind me at one point outside the courthouse, there are as many as 300 people crowding the steps now. hardly anyone is here now. but, really haven't seen any major clashes between groups who are out here, a few shouting matches a signed ripped down and
3:27 pm
zero violence and hardly any interaction involving police. this town, knowing what has happened previously, it sort of bracing for what could happen as we get later into the evening. we talked to some folks who have come out here for different reasons. here's what they sort of predict could happen tonight. >> if there is going to be rioting, it's going to be like tonight when it's dark. because usually it starts when it's dark. but, i feel like the tensions are rising. but at the same time, there might not be rioting this time. i don't know. >> there is no need for the national guard. there is not going to be any violence. you might have some bickering back and forth, but that's going to be the extent of it. >> now, one thing that could be a major factor on whether or not things get out of control is the weather. it's going to be in the mid 30's tonight that could be keeping some people from coming to kenosha and doing whatever they plan on doing. there is also a national guard on stand by. there is a lot of police officers out here. but at this point, shannon, it is just too early to tell.
3:28 pm
>> shannon: all right, jeff, thank you very much for keeping track on it we will check back with you. let's continue our discussion of the rittenhouse trial and verdict. joining us now fox news media analyst and host of fox news media buzz howie kurtz emily compagno co-host of outnumbered here on fox. our buddy joe concha tweets this the kyle rittenhouse lawsuits against some media outlets and figures will make the nicholas sandmann lawsuits look like pennies on the dollar. >> that assumes he wants more lit as opposed to getting his life back. this is was a monumental case of will malpractice. they have smeared and vilified kyle rittenhouse as a white supreme stis village atlantay and out and out murderers. as the trial by jury than trial by media the testimony about self-defense was strong and produced an acquittal. even now after the verdict, i'm seeing some pundits on the left who are calling the verdict outrageous saying they are blaming the judge. they are blaming the prosecutors. they are blaming racism because,
3:29 pm
in the end, the facts didn't fit their narrative. >> shannon: that's where we are left tonight. emily, interesting that jorge ren temperature are a one of the guys out there on the night this thing happened and he was many nights kobe kenosha he tweets this the rittenhouse trial is a great example how important it is to have journalists frontline. the corporate press attempted to control the narrative but the video evidence was too much to overcome and emily, you know, we had it from numerous different angles and sources. how much do you think that impacted what ultimately impacted in this trial. >> in terms of the video evidence, great deal. and you know, taking it back to the x's and o's being charged, four counts of the five had the self-defense privilege available prooferg to the jury that the kyle rittenhouse had a fear of imminent bodily harm or death and he used reasonable force in response to it. that fifth and final count that didn't have the self-defense privilege the yard that kyle
3:30 pm
rittenhouse had engaged in reckless endangerment brandishing that weapon and shooting it with a bystander behind. in terms of the media shaping i agree wholeheartedly with that comment. the largest to me, the largest tragedy about the media shaping false narrative and amplifying it and refusing to account for it actually frustrates meaningful criminal justice reform it frustrates actual discussion about any racism or supremacy in this nation or in the society as it exists. they are painting this with a different brush than this particular situation deserved and all it does is muddy the waters. as you pointed out in the court of public opinion that's a different space than the court of justice which ruled in kyle rittenhouse's favor tonight. >> shannon: how you mentioned how some of the reaction is different coming from the left. >> i noticed this headline floating around on twitter. i had our research department look. it's headline on the receiptout blog and this is what
3:31 pm
it says kyle rittenhouse trial was designed white conservative who kill. rather inflammatory. >> talking about a sweeping hand inflammatory comment i brought my own tweets. i'm troubled by the way some people are saying the hell with the verdict. kyle congressman jerry nadler wants the doj to review the case. shows armed vigilantes can get away it actress rosanna arquette i don't want to rule in live in a country ruled by violent ignorant racists. this is sad and pathetic. this sends a message to all of us that some people just don't want to be bothered with the court system. kyle rittenhouse is no hero but in the eyes ever the court system he is not guilty. and one last point. you will appreciate this, shannon, i think this is a boost for cameras in the courtroom. if much of america had not gotten the see the testimony, the evidence, the cross-examination, there would be a lot more shocked today about this acquittal. >> shannon: emily, you and i haven't spent time in the courtroom a lot of the people think you can't handle the truth
3:32 pm
and everything is searing exciting moment, it's a very spotty methodical thing to put on a case and rebuttal. jurors have to sit there and listen to every bit of this. it is a chance for average americans, people around the world actually to see what happens and how this works. >> that's right. and to howie's point judge schroeder indeed called it frightening in terms of the live coverage in this trial in terms of the threats that he got and how it was absolutely twisted by the media but yes, it's balanced of against the benefit to the public tore the transparency and to see in and to howy's point for those of you was not surprised and shannon to your point about the deliberative and thoughtfulness the preparation that goes into this, that defense team was spectacular. they practiced two entirely different trials with their client kyle rittenhouse. one where he testified in front of a take jury around one where he didn't. they said there was marked increase in the approval for kyle in the weighing of that against false sort of rehearsal verdict beforehand.
3:33 pm
when he testified. they did their due diligence. the result of this, the verdict that was handed down was yes, the product of that exceptional video that showed exactly the events of that night and the events of more importantly and more specifically the three interactions with those three, the two -- the three shooting victims and also because of the preparation of the defense team. and they said from the beginning this wasn't about a cause. this is about our client. and there they met their burden. >> shannon: they did. okay. emily compagno, howie kurtz, great to see you both. thank you. >> thank you. >> thanks. >> shannon: how one program is helping our veterans with the fallout from afghanistan. >> there was like a lot 6 lives and blood and a lot of fathers and mothers have passed away and what do we have to show for it? ♪ ♪ . crunchy hazelnut. lovingly layered and wrapped in gold. ♪ ♪
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top commander in the u.s. army. their son kevin was rotc army cadet. studying it be an army doctor when depression caused him to take his life. his son jeffrey fort reilly to deploy to iraq. >> the army told you didn't have to go because of the tragedy we experienced with our son kevin. and jeb looked me in the eye and said dad i have to go. 8 years later he was cild by ied foot patrol fallujah. >> to cope with the loss general graham started a national call center at rutgers called vets
3:39 pm
for warriors which allowed service members to speak to a veteran within 30 seconds. >> so there was a gun in my hand, pills on my bed, bible on my nightstand, paranoia tiptoeing through the hallway. gun on my mouth finger on the tryinger. >> simmons was with explosive ordnance in afghanistan when he was blown up. >> my rings were ringing like a smoke detect tech tore. little did i know my life was going to be changed. >> writing for help. writing poetry saved him. watching the afghan war end. >> that withdrawal sucked. it was like a lot of lives, a lot of blood, a lot of fathers and mothers have passed away and what do we have to show for it? >> it took 10 years for will a member of the west virginia national guard to ask for help. >> i battled post-traumatic stress. i had trouble admitting that to myself. >> calls to the v.a. suicide hotline were up 30% during the
3:40 pm
afghan withdrawal according to the department of veterans affairs. if you or any service member you know feels they need help, please dial 1-800-273-8255 and press 1. shannon? >> shannon: thank you, jennifer. by the way the wounded warrior experience hosted bide our own jennifer griffin is going to air tomorrow on fox business at 4:00 p.m. eastern. this one-hour special you do not want to miss include veterans stories of resilience. up next, the panel on the rittenhouse trial. the house passage of the build back better plan plus winners and losers. first, beyond our borders tonight. authorities are accusing belarus migrants to its border and pushing them to attempt to cross illegally. in recent weeks thousands of migrants have sought to cross into the european union in the area between belarus and poland. for now migrants remain in a heated warehouse that belarus recently made available near the border. a lawyer for for the imprisoned georgian president has agreed to
3:41 pm
end seven week hunger strike caused him neurological damage. the lawyer says he has agreed to be transferred from a prison clinic to a military hospital. former president fell and lost consciousness during the end of a visit with his lawyer. prime minister foreign ministry says it is not aware of the controversy surrounding a professional tennis player disappeared after accusing a former top official more than two weeks ago of sexually assaulting her. she is a three time olympian, has won double titles at wimbledon and the french open. a u.n. spokeswoman is calling for an investigation into her allegations. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ [upbeat acoustic music throughout] [upbeat acoustic music throughout]
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>> we, the jury, find the defendant kyle h. rittenhouse not guilty. >> i couldn't have asked for a better jury to work with. the attentiveness and cooperation that you gave to us, justifies the confidence that the founders of our country placed in people. >> i stand by what the jury has concluded. the jury system works and we have to abide by it. >> shannon: let's bring in our panel to discuss. juan williams a fox news
3:46 pm
analyst. kimberley strassel a member of the editorial board at the "wall street journal" and josh crawsh hour politics editor for "wall street journal." kim, i will start with you, your reaction to the verdict and also the reaction to the verdict. >> yeah, well, i think if you were watching this trial on tv shannon, that you wouldn't necessarily be surprised by this verdict. it was very much at odds with the narrative that the media and many democrats had pushed from the beginning of this. but, when you actually looked at the evidence, it would seem that the jury, a unanimous jury was able to come to that decision without a lot of trouble. so far have been pretty happy to see, for instance, the governor, tony evers calling for people to remain peaceful. the president's call for people to remain peaceful. that he was the kind of response we need in this situation so we don't have kenoshas in the first place. >> shannon: juan, what do you make -- howie kurtz was here and we talked about the reaction and
3:47 pm
inflammatory in wake -- the jury, the judge the entire judicial system. where do we go from here? >> well, i think one of the realities is that the jury made a decision. and i think a considered decision after lengthy three days, obviously, shannon. looking at the facts of the case and looking at the law. and i think that's where we have to go. i think there are lots of people who are concerned that someone crossing into another state with a weapon, you know, really a vicious weapon, is now under the law allowed to engage in what looked like vigilantism. and you think about conceal, right to carry laws. you think about stand your ground laws, the whole notion of self-defense when you are dealing with someone who is armed is now-we have gone away from the idea of you are responsible when possible to step back if you are armed. now, with these new laws, you know, if you shoot, i mean, then you can say that you felt
3:48 pm
threatened. i think it's -- you know, one other thought is if this had been a black teenager who had done this wow, i think the laws might have treated him a little differently. >> shannon: josh, do you think juan is accurate about crossing state lines about the use of gun and the self-defense based on the videos that we had what is your take of the result today. >> look, shannon, i think if democratic office holders were saying that the laws should be changed, they would have a point. but what juan is having may have some merit politically speaking. what i'm struck by is even though biden said the right thing today i agree with kim in saying that he urged jury trial decision to be respected. you have the senator of wisconsin, tammy baldwin saying justice was not served. you had the house democratic campaign arm saying that the verdict was disgusting and disturbing. you had jerry nadler prominent house democrat wanted a doj investigation into the verdict. you know, i think what juan was saying makes a lot of sense but
3:49 pm
let's talk about the gun laws, talk about the vigilante laws. that's not what we are hearing from a lot of prominent democrats and they are being backed into this corner on the left politically speaking that i don't think will serve them very well and they are continually questioning the verdict of juries that they disagree with. >> shannon: howie made a good point as we talked about if you watched this and saw the evidence about when that gun was acquired, what the situation was, watched the video, i think it was very helpful to understanding how the jury came to that decision and it's a benefit that in this country we can do that and watch our judicial system in action. something else we are watching here in action is the house today passing this build back better act. it is going to be done in the house. but now it goes to the senate. i want to play a little bit of the back and forth about how senator joe manchin and possibly senator kyrsten sinema will figure in the next step. >> i would hope that it's not just joe manchin that wants to see some changes to this bill. i think senator sanders wants to see some changes on this bill.
3:50 pm
i think changes on the senate side could be positive. >> final bill comes out. cbo score comes out go from there. still looking at everything. absolutely. >> we have been in close touch as you know with senator manchin for several months now. that will continue. that can include answering questions he may have. hearing concerns he may have. we believe he has been operating and negotiating in good faith. that has been our experience to date. >> shannon: joshua, we also heard from senator sinema essentially some of what is in that bill is not what she had had conversations about and expected that the white house would do. she is a big part of this, too. what happens in the senate? >> look, this is the first step. it's a big win for house democrats. had trouble getting the squad together with the more moderate members like josh gottheimer not only is joe manchin still a very big question mark and whether he is going to support some type of legislation in the senate, but what ends up coming out of the senate may not be acceptable to progressives or even to the
3:51 pm
moderates. the salt deduction is probably going to be taken out that may be trouble for moderates in the house. this is the beginning of a process. i thinks it was a big victory they got progressives and moderates on the same page in the house. we have a long way to go joe manchin i think his decision is far from made. >> shannon: juan, do you think is he persuadable? what do you think he will be willing to go along with? >> well, i think the key here is that senator schumer, the majority leader in the senate and the white house have been working with pelosi and manchin all along. so it's not going to be an abrupt introduction to senator manchin. i think he has objections. you just heard josh talk about the state and local tax provisions. i think that you know, he may have some problem there. but, you know, overall, when you look at the cost of the bill, which had been his primary concern, given the cbo scoring. given the contrast to the bill that was passed by president trump back in '17 that had a, i
3:52 pm
think 10 times larger impact on the deficit. i think they are in position now and what i heard today is to try to get something done before the christmas break. >> shannon: okay. equipment, quick comment to you on this before we get to winners and losers. >> yeah. so i'm not entirely sure this is as big a victory this was a messaging bill. joe manchin said he is not even working off of it so whatever comes up in the senate, the house is going to have to vote on it again. and if you would hold joe manchin to his word, in particular about not wanting any budget gimmicks in it. this whole bill was one big budget gimmick in terms of phase outs and how long the programs loosst last this bill may have no future in the senate. we'll just have to see if he stands by his ground. >> shannon: okay, juan, kick us off on winners and losers tonight. >> well, i think the big winner of the week is nancy pelosi. she started the week monday white house signing ceremony on the infrastructure bill and then she gets a vote, a successful vote on the build back better in the house.
3:53 pm
i would say anybody who had to stay up all night, shannon, i hope you weren't one, to listen to the republican, you know, stalling, i think it was 8 hours. 8 hour speech by kevin mccarthy, the longest in congressional history, to delay the final vote. >> shannon: we do the late show so i heard quite a bit of it kim your winners and losers? >> okay, my winner is louisiana voters who this week voted for a tax reform including income tax cuts. >> this is the right way to be dealing with the economy in contrast to that bill we have been talking about. and my loser is the federal trade commission for trying to suggest that rising gas prices are the fault of oil and gas producers. it's nonsense and they know it. >> shannon: super quick, josh. >> winner joe manchin. he is the real power broker in the country right now as the deciding vote in the senate. loser vice president kamala harris had a really rough week. 28% job approval rating in a new poll, really, really bad news for her. >> shannon: nicely done, panel, when we come back, notable
3:54 pm
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because every business deserves better. shan it's friday and that means "notable quotables." >> you lose the right to self-defense when you are the one that brought the gun. >> no one from msnbc news will be permitted in this building. >> we, the jury find the defendant kyle h. rittenhouse not guilty. >> the jury polled? >> no. >> the build back better bill is passed. >> i'm dreaming of a green christmas. >> having responded to a single word the american public have said enough. >> i don't know whether you call you professor or comrade. >> i'm not a communist. >> he had my gun. he struck me. it's a life or death situation. >> he said that's right, hope you all catch the vermin, correct. >> i did. >> this is going to be the misdemeanor from hell nor merrick garland, nancy pelosi and joe biden. >> how would you grade yourself. >> i give myself an a for
3:59 pm
effort. >> the reality is we have to take some time to get off of oil and gas. >> what the heck does that mean. >> gas prices today ridiculous. >> want to jump in the back? >> so you don't feel misused or under used? >> no, i don't. [laughter] >> please welcome heather kurtenback. >> in a moment. [laughter] >> i pardon you this thanksgiving. go ahead, say something. [gobbling] >> there you go. hope you have a happy, happy, happy thanksgiving. >> shannon: monday on "special report," we will take a look at some of the big races in next year's midterm elections, also monday on his show, tucker carlson has an exclusive interview with kyle rittenhouse this weekend on "fox news sunday" bret baier will be the ghost. his guest will include former new jersey governor chris christie and national economic council director brian geese. thank you so much for watching "special report" i'm shannon bream in washington. please join me fox news at
4:00 pm
night. pastor robert jeffress our guest. tonight join us to discuss how we move forward as a country after the rittenhouse trial. more of the day's news in a few hours. mean anytime freedom hosted by jesse watters starts in just seconds. jesse. >> jesse: good evening and welcome to freedom. after 25 hours of deliberations the jury finally delivered a verdict in the case of kyle rittenhouse. >> for the fifth count of the information gross could you have we find the defendant kyle h. rittenhouse not guilty. >> members of the jury these unanimous verdicts? is there anyone who does not agree with the verdicts as read? >> jesse: not guilty on all charges. inside the courtroom happy tears from kyle rittenhouse and his family. t


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