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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  November 19, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PST

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>> fox news alert, we are awaiting a white house press briefing after the house passed president biden's mammoth spending bill, which now goes to the senate. but first the biden administration calls on businesses to do five federal court and break the law. this is "outnumbered," i am kayleigh mcenany joined by my cohost emily compagno along with julie banderas, former state department spokeswoman morgan ortagus, and in the center of our virtual seat and
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"outnumbered" first timer todd piro, welcomed, todd. >> great to be here. >> kayleigh: stopping president biden's covid vaccine mandate, the white house called on businesses to defy the court and move forward with the workplace mandate anyway. >> a message to businesses right now is to move forward with measures that will make their workplace safer and protect them, their workforces from covid-19. that was her message after the first day issued by the seventh circuit, that remains our message and nothing has changed. >> kayleigh: unbelievable, this is florida governor ron desantis pushes back citing anti-vaccine mandate bills into law thursday and brandon, florida, of all places, the crowd breaking out into chance during the event. [chanting] >> kayleigh: in the latest
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tiff between the president and ron desantis, the governor went on to threat the government overreach. >> first of all this idea that somehow conservatism is about to like local school work, it is the united states of america, not the united school boards or or county commission of america, so the states are the primary vehicle to protect people's freedoms, their health, their safety, their welfare and our constitutional system, what biden is doing is not constitutional. there has never been -- there has never been a federal vaccine mandate imposed on the general public. >> kayleigh: so well put, emily, unconstitutional, never been done before. >> emily: that's right, because of powers are reserved a state and local governments, that's why governor's issue the public proclamations of emergency health emergencies and also mayors. and to his point about biden exploiting the executive branch
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as well as osha, keep in mind that osha's authority can issue temporary emergency standards when their employees are facing grave danger and must be feasible for the employers to implement, which we obviously are not seeing here. so that on the biden administration not only stretching out the authority, but also stretching out the emergency nature of this pandemic. no one denied the emergency in the beginning, but they certainly have brought into it, overbroad and it for their purposes now as rules by the court that it is unconstitutional to do so. >> kayleigh: that's right, ron desantis pointing out to the hypocrisy of biden and jen psaki on this issue. >> she admitted he does not have the authority to do it, jen psaki admitted that they may not have the authority to do it and in fact even six months ago they were all saying, of course you never mandate. of course you never mandate. and so the question is do we actually have a constitution that constrains to people like joe biden or is it just when he loses patience he can do whatever the hell he wants to?
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>> kayleigh: how was the press secretary saying defy the courts. i feel like they would be outraged if i did that with president trump? >> julie: this is so appalling to me, it's such a dereliction of the authorities of all three branches, and we saw this ignoring of the judicial branch is authority, remember when they ruled on brown versus the board of education, and there were a lot of people who said we are not going to listen to the ruling, we may ignore it, and what happened, four years later the supreme court reinforced that yes, everyone has to obey with the supreme court rules and that's why they fell in line, so the last time this happened there was a pretty big smack down of the executive branch and of the state, and i am really surprised that jen psaki would have the audacity to try to encroach upon that line yet again. >> kayleigh: it is surprising, it so much bigger than a vaccine mandate, i want to play one more sound bite from ron desantis, you have the florida model on
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covid and then you have all of these sleuth days though it meant states, let's listen to the governor. to speak of these local governments wanted to force mandates, keep the kids locked out of school. your damn right i overruled them on that, because they were wrong. [cheers and applause] and the fact of the matter is, the fact of the matter is, you don't have rights -- you don't have the right to do wrong, and if i had not stepped in last year and made sure that these local governments could not lock you down, could not mandate, we would not let them find, we had kids in school last year because of me, not because of them. >> kayleigh: i watch the whole speech from the governor, and you can hear audible "thank you, thank you." people in the state of florida are so happy. >> morgan: me in the future president desantis, he is stating himself. and i think the people of
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florida love him for that because he stands up for them, they should be a state-by-state issue, this should not be mandated by washington, they cannot even pass the infrastructure bill, and they need to worry about washington and let the states worry about themselves, and for that to give a directive for states to not abide by what courts have ruled is absolutely ludicrous. so where do you draw the line? ignore the fact that the court has now ruled that that you do not have to issue mask mandates for private businesses, what's next? you do not have to listen to the police in your neighborhood? you can do whatever the heck you want, there has to be a law, a line drawn in the sand here. >> kayleigh: no doubt about it, morgan, i am a proud floridian. i know that you -- >> morgan: i'm from florida too. >> kayleigh: arvin dale is not too far from brennan, but i found it so amusing that the reporters were like, brandon, florida, where is this place?
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i grew up around there, you grew up around there, interesting. >> morgan: we grew up around 30 minutes from each other, and brandon, that's where the fancy mall was when i was growing up, so i went there all the time. it's a great city, been around for a lot longer than may be a particular gratuitous chance, but you guys have covered so much especially emily on the legal side, what i am really curious as to see how all of this plays out politically, so i am by the grace of god mostly in nashville these days where i am happy to be, but i have noticed in d.c. where i am frequently as well that the mayor has recently lifted the mask mandates. and i think it starts on monday, just in time for her thanksgiving plans, i'm sure. so what i am wondering is if we have seen this play out in virginia as it relates to school closings. we have seen it i think in oregon where they had to close down the schools because kids had been out for so long that they were having behavioral issues in the classroom from not
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being used to being in an in-person setting. so the bottom line is i think next year in '22, we will have to have some really fascinating political stories to watch about how the vaccine mandate and the mask mandates plays out for the democratic party. >> kayleigh: so true, todd, welcome to "outnumbered." i told you in the hall so we did a pregame strategizing, not really, but we save the best for last. i want to pull up some polling on president biden that i think says it all. this is from fox news as you can see, approved at just 44% and there is that devastating quinnipiac poll that just came out. the approval rating at 36%. that is extraordinarily low, todd. >> todd: quinnipiac is certainly no conservative polling outfit, and it's the lowest joe biden has been in the poll since they have done it during his administration. and it does underscore how and troubled us a is coming at two nevertheless, they are continuing whether it is this issue or basically every single
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issue, they are continuing to not give the american people what they want. and i read some commentators say that this is the kamikaze administration. and you have to think that that is right. they are doing everything they can seemingly to lose in 2022, setting up a loss in 2024, and you have to ask yourself why? is this part of their grand vision for america? are they trying to force something upon the country that we can't come back from in order to create this socialist utopia? it just does not make sense. but it is very frightening for the nation on a hole. >> kayleigh: so true. >> emily: a quick final point, todd mentioned the common because the approach that the federal government is taking, but the states have such an array of dealing with the pandemic, obviously we have governor ron desantis on one end, recently to be fully vaccinated includes a booster shot, including the state of connecticut, and there are lawsuits swirling around each state to that that is the level
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of diversity we should see, that's what the states rights are for. >> kayleigh: as a floridian i am quite proud of the florida or model, well done, governor desantis, wisconsin on day 4 of jury deliberation in the kyle rittenhouse trial. the stunning test the lament twists and turns this case has taken televised life before a national audience and how it may impact the journey. now make another one and turn your equity into cash. with the newday 100 va loan you can take out up to $60,000 or more. veteran homeowners- with home values at all-time highs and rates at near all-time lows now's the time to do more with your home equity. veterans are calling newday at a record pace to take advantage of the newday 100 va loan. you can borrow up to 100% of your home's value to upgrade the kitchen, add a pool for the grandkids, or have the security of cash in the bank.
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♪ ♪ >> emily: fox news alert on the kyle rittenhouse trial, a teen state for a fourth day, a trial that has held national attention and has had several unexpected and riveting moments. the 18-year-old, when we saw kyle rittenhouse's testimony on
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the stand that through major criticize him, the televised trial run ends between bruce schroeder and prosecutor like this one, watch. >> don't get brazen with me! you know very well, you know very well that an attorney can't go into these types of areas when the judge has already ruled without asking outside the presence of the jury to do so. don't give me that. >> emily: also catching backlash after pointing the weapon that rittenhouse used during his closing moments. and the judge had rittenhouse reach into a metal container and lottery style randomly pick which jurors could decide whether he spends the rest of his life in prison. all of this as rittenhouse's lawyers have asked for a mistrial saying they were given key drone video evidence of inferior quality. and to the judge kicking msnbc out of court after freelancer was accused of following and
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trying to photograph the jury. >> no one from msnbc, no one else will be permitted in this building during the duration of the trial. this is a very serious matter. >> emily: todd piro, sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. >> todd: there was a commercial a few years ago, and it was for an insurance company, and the line was this is not how that works. that's not how any of this works. and throughout the trial that's what i've been thinking. the last thing, the msnbc situation is to me the most egregious of all. if the jury deliberation process is sacrosanct in their ability to do their job without any extra judicial interference is paramount to our judicial system. we cannot have what we saw, even if it's just a legend at this point. and even the fact that they just were around the jury then cannot happen. because just the act of being
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there is intimidation in it of itself. we cannot have that. and the fact that there are not more voices in the media and from the democratic party speaking out about this is shocking. this is horrible. we cannot have a court system like this. >> emily: morgan. >> morgan: just to back up what todd was sitting there, i think about this, my job is to represent a trump administration to the world. and i always look at the international aspect of things. and i think about how many times at the state department we would criticize the country at the judicial system not up to par, was not up to snuff, or if people were not prosecuted fairly, whatever the issue was, and i have to wonder what people around the world think about when looking at this trial when they see news outlets intimidating juries. i can only imagine the death threats led to the judge in these jury members and the crazy harassment they will get. that's not how it is supposed to work in the united states. you can only have a fair trial
9:18 am
by your peers if your peers don't feel intimidated to be able to grant to the verdict that they think is acceptable. so i think it's a very troubling not just in the united states, but how we look to the world based on this trial. >> emily: that such a great point, morgan. andy mccarthy writes with each passing hour it's more likely the case is headed to a mistrial because of a hung jury. if that happens, it will very likely be because jurors were intimidated believing that an acquittal even if compelled by the evidence would ignite more of the same violent rioting that led to rittenhouse's fateful confrontation on august 25th 2020. julie, your thoughts. >> first of all the question is did the defendant act in justifiable self-defense? the state has completely botched at the chance of a jury actually coming forward with a ruling, i believe a hung jury is very possible. first of all the judge did not sequester the jurors, that was
9:19 am
probably a mistake. i'm not a lawyer, but i would think that you should do that in such a high-profile case. but i think first of all, they're so much evidence on video. the star witness brought by the state was an anti-cop radical who he himself admits that he approached the defendant and was shot pointblank after he aimed a gun that he was illegally carrying. so it's just like -- it should've been in cut and dry open shot case, but instead we are now looking at more deliberations, why? because the jurors are intimidated. they are afraid for their lives. you have msnbc journalist if you want to call them that, attempting to take pictures, saying, no, they had no intention on taking pictures, what the heck were you doing? it's just a shame. because this case could have gone much smoother and is just messed up. >> emily: and kayleigh, even the judge has said this is frightening holding a live trial
9:20 am
before cameras, i don't know if i'm going to do this again. >> kayleigh: he has received threats. we have detailed the threats, no good actors, exactly right, the msnbc producer, what were you doing following a bus full of jurors to get talking points were joy reid who has been the most egregious violator of misinformation about all of this, but it's not just the media. we have talked a lot about all of this. what about social media? twitter decided it wants to be a fact-checker. how is that going, twitter? brit hume tweeting this, tweeting to the congresswoman saying this, rittenhouse is white and 17, everything else in the tweet from a member of congress is false. yet that tweet remains up. hey, twitter, i thought you were policing false claims. the tweet from ayanna pressley said this. a 17-year-old white supremacist is how she describes kyle rittenhouse, domestic terrorist drove across state lines armed with an error 15, shot and killed two people who had assembled her firm to black
9:21 am
lives, fix your headlines. so many false things about that tweet as brit hume mentions, but it is not fact checks, because the kentucky libertarian party claims that they have been censored, there tweet taken down simply for saying watch trial ever more obvious, rittenhouse did nothing wrong. while, the fact-checker, not so hot. >> emily: and unfortunately it's so unsurprising that the media amplifies dishonesty, untrue facts and never accountable, especially going on. coming up, guys, why president biden has transferred power to president harris today.
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with home values at all time highs, now's the time to call. >> kayleigh: the white house moments ago confirmed president joe biden has resumed his duties following a routine colonoscopy where he was put under anastasio. during the procedure frightening, he temporarily transferred power to vice president harris which has been done before by other presidents. but for some folks including myself this time it was a little bit more nerve-racking. coming after brutal headlines about the tension between the white house and the vice president's office from cnn, exasperation and dysfunction inside kamala harris' frustrating start as a vice president. and politico, biden chatter grows, and harris is not scaring anyone. in "the new york post,"
9:27 am
kamala harris sidelined amid growing tensions with biden, insiders say. just yesterday harris is come back director of communications suddenly called it quits and cnn reports other staffers are right behind her, the approval rating continues to free fall in the latest fox news poll, you think she would sound more worried about being so unpopular. >> holes, they go up, they go down, but i think what is most important is that we remain consistent with what we need to do to deal with the issues that were presented with at this moment. >> kayleigh: julie, wow, we have some here. i'm glad the colonoscopy -- >> julie: so many layers, if i was the president of the united states i would've gone under that colonoscopy with local nst is yet. it been like leave me awake and go for it. did and it's katie couric do that? was she asleep? i'm not sure. but first of all i think it's
9:28 am
interesting that the president and also jen psaki and kamala harris is camp trying to defend that she is treated differently by being a woman with her race, but then they are also proud of the fact that she is the very first woman who has control of our country for the very first time, which is very scary, but they also defend the fact that her office is full of let's see, chaos and lack of focus, and all of that which i completely relate to as my own personal is the same, i say, kamala you need to accept that, just accept that you are not very good at what you do. i mean, that's my take. >> kayleigh: good advice, the american people agree, they have kamala harris at 28%, quinnipiac has joe biden at 36%, so what's better, the devil you know where the devil you don't know?
9:29 am
>> emily: it's the most scary would you rather of all time, this is why they held their breath during the power transferred to then president kamala harris i guess for that brief moment in time come into your point she was also the first woman in history to have control over our nuclear arsenal. that's a big deal, but i know it 11:35:00 a.m. i breathed a little easier and it reminds me of during the apollo mission when the capsules were on the dark side of the moon as it is called for over 40 minutes and everybody lost com's and everyone on earth will be holding their breath, because it was just like waiting for them to come back into comms. and as he said coming only speak for yourself, i only speak for myself, but i think i was joined by a few more that definitely breathed a little easier at 11:35. >> kayleigh: loving the analogy, emily. todd, the communications director is outcome of the offense says she is leaving office to pursue other opportunities.
9:30 am
are they leaving or jumping off of a sinking ship? >> todd: they are jumping off, if you need any other sign that this is not going well, this is a big assigning could cm raises the question in my mind, what has kamala harris really ever done? we are talking that she is not getting things done, what has she ever gotten done? i feel like she is the influencer of vice president. she got the job for her popularity vis-a-vis being in influencer, a black and a woman, a black woman, and because of that she was able to be useful for the administration and now not so useful now that she is not doing anything, and that is a sad thing, because i know we are joking about the fact that there was a female president in charge today, but as i was thinking about it, i have to go home to my little daughter and i was kind of looking forward to saying, hey, you know, we had a female president for a time today, and you can do that too, but if this individual is not going to do anything to earn the right to be president which i think the democratic party is seeing with the sort of push of
9:31 am
pete buttigieg as the heir apparent to joe biden, that's a sad state where we are right now. >> kayleigh: that's why her staff is swapping chairs on the titanic. morgan, you and i have been in the swamp and when you have 36 insiders, more than that, three dozen spoke to cnn leaking to cnn, a left-wing organization and all of these trickle leak campaigns, it seems to be that there must be discontent with kamala harris, you don't just get leaks of that magnitude. >> morgan: did you say it was 36? >> kayleigh: more than three dozen sources. >> morgan: wow, that's impressive that she got that many people to speak out against her at cnn. here's why the whole thing does not make sense to me. she has held very prestigious jobs, the attorney general of california, u.s. senator from california, these are not small
9:32 am
jobs, these are important jobs, the resume is impeccable, law school, everything that she has done in her life, so for me what does not make sense is how she was able to accomplish all of this, but from a policy perspective she stalled on the two major things that president biden put her in charge of, which is the border that we have talked about that quite a bit. also remember that she is in charge of voting rights. i think that that is also continuing to use the word stalled in the senate and the house as well. i like to look at things from a policy perspective what are you getting done? i'm remember we are looking at less than a year from now she might have to embark on a presidential campaign with staff array and a 28% approval rating is a tough sell. >> kayleigh: and a dumpster fire, my prediction. coming up, the backlash after an opinion rider for nbc news says parents are not qualified to make decisions on what their children are taught. ♪ ♪
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healthcare. >> emily: an op-ed on the nbc news website trending now, calling up parents for "interfering with the lesson plan set by their kids schools." especially when it comes to critical race theory. a recent report "appearance think they have a right to control teaching and learning because their children are the ones being educated, but it actually doesn't work that way." it's like entering a surgical unit thinking you can interfere with a operation simply because the patient is your child." well, todd, i'm not sure about that analogy. >> todd: the only way the surgical analogy works is if you are talking about the base subject like math and history. i'm not an expert in those subjects, i want the teacher who is an expert to teach my child the nuts and bolts of those subjects, but when you inject
9:38 am
things like critical race theory and other stuff like that, that is not the nuts and bolts. and so for that, yes, i am going to speak up. and she goes on in the article to say you are not preparing your children for the world, i don't think not giving my child who is may be a 5-year-old, let's say a 5-year-old or a kindergartner, not giving a transgender elmo is going to it will prepare them for the world at large when they go forward, do you know what i mean? >> kayleigh: well said, this author goes on to say that teaching a science unless they are licensed and certified come parents are not qualified to make decisions about curriculum, in fact parental interference can adhere their investment, and to think parents who put curricula with their ideologies and biases hinder that goal. so we gave birth, both of us, morgan, but we are not licensed to have any input on what our children are being taught. it >> morgan: we should just keep letting them write the
9:39 am
op-eds, when i read this, i thought wow, they are going to double down on this, okay, you should keep doing it all the way through 2022 and be even more vocal about it, please, let all the parents around the country know that they are too stupid to help raise their own children. what we actually need is the government raising our children. that's really ultimately what the teachers are calling for here, right? it's so ludicrous that i have to laugh even though it is kind of not funny, but i seriously think, you know, if this is where the democratic party wants to go, be my guest, i will enjoy taking the house in the senate back next year. >> kayleigh: to morgan's point, be my guest, the numbers don't lie, nbc news, "washington post," 81% of parents, feel that they should have a say and what their kids learn in school, julie, and republicans, they are behind democrats just three points on education in that poll, typically democrats have a 20-point lead and we saw what happened in virginia. >> julie: this report by nbc
9:40 am
is not only idiotic, it makes no sense, compare myself as a parent to read interfering with a surgical procedure in telling a doctor how to do his job, are you freaking kidding me? of course i'm going to have a say in what my kids learn and how they learn. and i have to tell you, as a mom who sucks at math, common core math under the obama administration i will never forgive that man for common core math, because honestly i've no idea what they are doing, so when they come home and they are like no, mommy, we have to take a division problem and draw a bunch of squares, and then lines in between them and make columns and roads, and like no, we will do it the way that i learned it, because as a way that most people know how to do division. i absolutely always step up and teach my kids the way that they should be taught. i'm not a teacher and not even a really good influence, actually. but that's besides the point. i will teach them how to use a calculator, because that's how i had. >> kayleigh: you are a great influence in a great mom. but one who is not is this
9:41 am
manhattan jr. high school that segregate students based on race when they talk about social justice issues, emily, we have seen this before. >> emily: you are an amazing mom. and we have seen it in the public school system, so they are a mother and father who happen to be a 17 year tenured teacher and school psychologists, and the public school system were appalled when they learned that their second-grade daughter would be placed in "a black class." they have filed a civil rights complaint with the board of education saying that there are six classes for a second graders and apparently only two in which african-american children are allowed in. she reported multiple phone calls that she had with the atlanta public school administrators confirming essentially that that was their practice and releasing a statement saying absolutely not we do not do that, but she has approved, a company that complaint she has filed, and it is abhorrent and atrocious through the schools, as a parent i would be horrified to learn not only what my children are learning or being taught
9:42 am
throughout the schools, but also apparently the manner in the segregation in which they are being taught. >> kayleigh: it reckons back to america's darkest days, and good for that mother, kyla posey for standing up firmly against that. just ahead, the doj facing meijer's currency after the fed rated project veritas founder james o keith department for reasons that are still unclear. even the liberal aclu is speaking out. that's next. ♪ ♪ i don't just play someone brainy on tv - i'm an actual neuroscientist. and i love the science behind neuriva plus. unlike ordinary memory supplements, neuriva plus fuels six key indicators of brain performance. more brain performance? yes, please! neuriva. think bigger.
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after passing the massive senate though it spending package coming here top of the hour to sound off on what she is calling a bell written by socialists bernie sanders, we will have david as men and larry kudlow to dig into the fallout from all of us, juried deliberations continue for the fourth day today is the city of kenosha prepares for a passable verdict that could come down at any moment, andy mccarthy, jonathan turley standing by on that, plus friday, thank goodness it's friday, come join john and me at "america reports" top of the hour. >> emily: the justice department getting called out for a massive abuse of power, the fbi rating project veritas founder james o'keefe's apartment over a diary said to belong to president biden's daughter. given the diary last year but cannot verify the authenticity. a website later he published a contents online. but what is not clear is what the law if any james o'keefe
9:48 am
broke. politico, "the washington post" and "the wall street journal" all asking questions about government overreach, even the aclu has raised concern. all right, so kayleigh the analogy here is imagine if the term for administration during his time as president raided the home of "new york times" editors after they had published or even investigated into his tax records. >> kayleigh: i remember the hit piece "new york times," they would come and eat every week leading up to the election coming here is a bombshell from the personal tax returns, imagine if president trump said, okay, let's read "the new york times." he did not do that, certainly in back to what we begin the show with, imagine if i said "defy the federal court" as jen psaki did. he never did that, but he is supposed to be the authoritative rigid game attacking the press. i don't think so. this is so out-of-bounds, and merrick garland even published guidelines in july that "the wall street journal" reporting that that narrowed the
9:49 am
department of justice's ability to seize information from reporter saying "we will no longer use compulsory legal process unless there is an exception like an imminent terrorist attack, what was james o'keefe doing? not an imminent terrorist attack it, he was in the process of working with them, he did not steal ashley biden's diary, it was given to them, but the doj goes after him, imagine if that she was on the other foot and where are the reporters calling this out and standing up on behalf of another investigative journalist james o'keefe? i don't hear them, they are very silent. >> emily: the group is growing, there is been a complaint filed with the free press, and to kayleigh's point, he was handcuffed in the hallway while complying with his subpoena with no charges filed against him in his two cell phones were taken, among the data in a cell phones is a lot of other attorney-client private information and information that falls under the first amendment as well as private donor information and he and his team begged the fbi,
9:50 am
pause your search while we call out the information that is protected from the government's eyes to which the fbi said no and took it anyway. >> julie: the fact remains this, it is not against the law for journalist to obtain information unlawfully, if it were, every media organization will be behind bars. let's face it, is it ethical? no. it is unethical for anyone to illegally or unlawfully, whatever you want to call it obtain information, we don't do that here. have the newspapers done it? absolutely, so come on, let's call it for what it is. it's only convenient to say that it's not okay when it obviously has to do with something like project veritas. but when a liberal leaning newspaper like "the new york times" does that, nobody is complaining or talking about that. so obviously a double-edged sword here. >> emily: to clarify come on monday that committee freedom of press filed a motion for the
9:51 am
court to unseal the documents that were the basis of the search warrant. now todd, to kayleigh's point about ag merrick garland issuing parameters that were supposed to tighten up the loopholes that the government can go and search reporters and the like, really what this shows us is that it expands, it expands the government overreach and narrowd privileges and protections over their investigative material. >> todd: and that really does get to the bigger picture here which is absolutely frightening. and kudos to the aclu. obviously not an ideological partner of project veritas, but sticking up for this. because a closer and closer we get to government overreach like this, the closer and closer we get to communism. this is the stuff we see in communist countries. and this is absolutely frightening for anybody who cares about journalism, anybody who cares about freedom, anybody who cares about america. this is not the foundation on which our country is based.
9:52 am
stuff like this absolutely cannot have them. >> emily: morgan. >> morgan: yeah, just remember back in the obama administration cheryl atkinson had her computer center phones illegally spied on by the obama administration doj. the same people in charge during the biden years. >> emily: so true, it's as if it is halloween. a new report says more people this christmas are claiming to give secondhand gifts this year. what secondhand gift with the panel give to someone they love, and someone they don't have so much. a kamala harris bobblehead is on our list. that gives you a hand. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ newday's low rate refi offers their lowest rate in history. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. save thousands every year and there are no upfront costs.
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>> emily: admitted of inflation and the supply chain crisis, 56% of people are open to receiving a secondhand gift for christmas. what secondhand gift would we give to someone we love or someone we don't love? >> kayleigh: a momento from my time at the white house, president trump handed out these golden keys. i don't think i would ever give it away but maybe if i really loved you and you are a family member. the one i would give to someone i was not too fond of would be this beautiful bobblehead of the vice president. >> emily: julie, i can't believe you've not seen "love actually." >> i'll watch it tonight. for the person who i love, since i can't walk in heels anymore since having three children, i would give you my shoes. i am such a beautiful shoe collection. the high arches do not come with them but nonetheless he would get my shoes. i don't walk off the couch with
9:58 am
these. for somebody who i don't like, i would give you my mornings so you can get these kids ready for school. i would give you the wig as well. it was a disco themed birthday party. i don't usually dress like that. >> emily: for someone i love, i would let you drive my 1972 doc one under supervision and obeying the speed limit. if i don't like you, you can use my nyc metro subway card. where crime and filth are rampant. >> i am guilty of regifting a picture frame. if it's nice and it's easy, i have done that before, i will be honest. if i don't like you, i'm not giving you anything. i'm not a fake friend. if i don't like you, i'm not giving you anything. >> emily: honesty. todd, what about you? >> my wife and i haven't been able to go out to a restaurant in years so i would give you
9:59 am
restaurant gift cards to partake in the fun that i can't. if i didn't like you, i would give you one of the many things i have to build for the kids, for the house and i would make sure it had a lot of styrofoam in it so that when the kid sees the styrofoam, he or she breaks it and makes your house a mess. >> i feel you. i have a kitchen set we have to build. scott 1,000 little pieces. >> my husband wants to murder me every christmas eve because i buy doll houses. takes a good 14 hours for someone who knows what they are doing so for my husband it's three days. >> i need this by monday. you have a weekend pass. styrofoam. little kids, they love to put it all over the house. >> i don't know about you but i would love to have your shoe collection. coming from a family with sisters, secondhand gifts were amazing. seeing what's in my sister's abreast of various closets, i would be like, i hope i get
10:00 am
this. do you secondhand gift? >> i don't but my mom gave me a purse i've had for years. it is a chanel purse. >> every time i kids have birthday parties, i put the stuff they forget they own and i give it to the next kids birthday parties. >> brilliance on a friday. thank you to everyone for watching and here is "america reports." >> sandra: fox news alert. on this friday afternoon we are watching for a possible verdict to come down in kenosha, wisconsin, was the jury there deliberates for what is a fourth day in the kyle rittenhouse child. we'll see. hello, everyone. i am sandra smith in new york. good to be spending friday afternoon with you. i am john roberts in washington. the jury exhibited several questions for review and judge schroeder is allowing jurors to bring home the 36 pages of instructions they received. the defense team opposed saying that the jurors might


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