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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  November 19, 2021 6:00am-8:00am PST

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nation patriot awards, shame on you. you can catch the whole thing as fox but we'll play the highlights this sunday as well at 10:00 p.m. eastern time on the fox news channel. >> lawrence is in the dog house. >> happy birthday, mom, i forgot to say it yesterday. love you very much. enjoy the cruz. >> bill: fox news alert on this busy friday morning. marathon night for kevin mccarthy. for more than eight hours he railed against another multi-trillion dollar spending package. question of the day today, does it have the votes to pass? good morning, everybody. could be a day of history. we'll see if it does. i'm bill hemmer. dana has the day off today, friday. how are you feeling smitty? >> happy to spend friday with you. a busy news day indeed and kicks off here. this is "america's newsroom." the republican house leader last night grabbed the microphone and did not let go
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for hours. warning that the massive spending bill will hurt the economy even more. >> i tell you, america, help is on the way. history repeats itself and it will repeat itself big next november. while the democrats' action on our economy such as anti-work welfare programs and massive unneeded stimulus has left americans worse off. >> chad pergram is live on capitol hill. good morning. another big day. we're expecting a lot can be happening in the next couple of hours or even minutes. what is happening right now and what will we see? >> the house should start this vote pretty soon here to actually pass the social spending bill. kevin mccarthy was intent on delaying the very vote which should start in a few minutes on the house floor. he spoke for a record eight hours 32 minutes on the floor using his time to rail against a key component of president's biden domestic agenda.
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>> because this is a day he will tell his children's children where he spent all that money. every page of all this new washington spending will be paid for or borrowed from you, the american hard working taxpayer. every page of this new washington spending supports more waste, more fraud, more abuse, and more corruption. >> house speaker nancy pelosi chided mccarthy on the floor saying she will be brief and says the bill will help the economy. >> and build back better will not increase inflation according to the experts including an array of nobel prize winning economists and moody's. >> the bill is likely to pass soon but not without bipartisan opposition. at least one democrat will vote no. golden says he is a no now. the bill is not the final word.
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it goes to the senate. the senate will likely temper the bill to satisfy manchin and sinema. >> bill: what is your anticipation based on the clock and what's the reaction to the fact the cbo came out and said over the next 10 years it doesn't pay for itself after what we've been told by democratic leading including the president. >> the mechanics here. a pre-vote here, procedural vote that will close in a couple of moments and they'll go to the actual vote on the social spending bill. you will see a clock there. kind of like soccer. they keep the time on the field so the clock in the stadium scoreboard doesn't count. there will be a point where she should pass the 218 vote threshold to pass the bill. that's the magic number in the house of representatives. there are 434 members of the house right now, one vacancy. you need 218 out of 434,
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217-217 would be a tie. democrats with only lose three votes. golden will vote no. they lose one there. they might lose one there. nancy pelosi usually passes the big bills with tight margins here. as to the cbo score question that you raised, that didn't seem to have any negative impact on some of the moderate democrats who said they would vote no. if you had a coalition of 5 or 10 who wouldn't vote they wouldn't have put the bill on the floor. it adds 367 billion dollars to the deficit according to the cbo. there is a provision that they could not evaluate. it has what it sometimes terms as handcuffs. a way it has to go about evaluating the bill. sometimes it is called static scoring, static evaluation and says democrats want to beef up i.r.s. enforcement and could
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bring in $200 billion and it would bring it down to $160 billion in the hole. still, that is not consistent with what democrats have said that this bill would be paid for. it is not even if you're running that massive deficit of over $100 billion, bill. >> chad, you are going to stand by with us. a lot to change in the next couple hours. thank you very much. >> bill: republican senator john kennedy out of louisiana. good morning and welcome to our coverage. looks like they'll do it. what do you think? >> yeah, they're going to probably pass it in the house. some of the democrats are -- they always talk tough but then they moo and follow speaker pelosi into the chute like cattle. it's a really bad bill. i don't know who at the white house came up with it but if zombies eat brains, they're safe.
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this thing is like -- when you get rid of the gimmicks it is like $4.6 trillion. i went broke reading it. we don't have 5% of that. 2 1/2 trillion new taxes, 2 1/2 trillion new debt, federal takeover of daycare, childcare, early childhood education, healthcare, welfare for illegal immigrants. i mean, it's just a festival of bad ideas. >> bill: it will kick its way to the senate. what will happen among the moderate democratic senators? you talk to sinema and manchin, you talk to senators from new hampshire that are considered moderates. they running for cover or go for it? >> i don't know. i don't know. i think it's clear that the bill will ultimately be written in the senate, bill. if they had a deal they would
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have announced it. and i don't think they have an agreement among themselves and i don't think they are anywhere close to it. >> bill: the play then today is pass it in the house, let the senate do its work for the next month or two or more and vote on a bill smaller than what we're seeing today. it seems to be the playbook. >> hopefully smaller and better. but i don't think the senate is going to finish -- well, back up. i don't think the democrats are going to get their ducks in a row for another four weeks and maybe 12 weeks. right now they don't even know where their ducks are. they're having a fight among themselves as they should. i mean, this is one of the worst bills i've ever seen. >> bill: we did fox polling and put it out last night trying to figure out the priorities of the american people. a lot of things in this bill are not on that list of the polling we found. "wall street journal" writes this way. the budget model estimates this
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house bill will cost nearly $4.6 trillion over 10 years if the temporary provisions that are put into the legislation are made permanent. >> here is what i think most americans are thinking. president biden calls this build -- i called it build back bonkers. i think most americans are saying build back better? look man, put it back the way you found it, okay? we're not interested in all this spending and borrowing, which is making us have to get a bank loan to go to the grocery store. that's what's causing all this inflation and it is going to get much worse after they pass this bill. >> bill: it seems what they are doing to rely on the revenue they will empower the i.r.s. at levels we've never seen before. >> they'll turn the i.r.s.
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loose on everybody in america with a beating heart. it is going to be breathtaking, not in a good way. and i think that's morally wrong, number one. and number two, i think they are going to regret it pot itically. i can -- the american people are looking at all of this and saying look, the republicans aren't perfect but the other side is crazy. they're crazy. this is not the democratic party that i used to know. >> bill: just reading from this now the nonpartisan agency, cbo scoring we get, found increased i.r.s. tax enforcement would generate revenue of $127 billion but yet the white house and jobe are saying it's $400 billion. the white house last night pushed back against that number. month are -- more to your point empowering the i.r.s..
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they assume a lot of people are cheating now, republicans, democrats, independents. how do you get the money back? we'll claw it back on behalf of the federal government. >> you do what we've always done. our income tax system in america state and federal depends on voluntary compliance. i think most people comply. some don't. but our tax collecting agencies always do audits. they don't do them politically. not supposed to. they pick subjects strategically and publicize the audits. those who want to cheat say i better not cheat, if i get caught i'll go to jail. that's the way we've always done it. it works. but that's not what the biden administration wants to do. they want to turn the i.r.s. into the gestapo and i think it's a mistake. it is morally wrong and politically stupid. >> bill: thank you for your time. you had quite an interaction
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yesterday on the nominee to be the comptroller. how did that go over? >> well, i just think -- it's clear to me based on her current records that the current record that the president has nominated a neosocialist. and i asked her a question yesterday and during my time to ask her a question given she went to moscow state university and studied scientific communism. i asked her if she had ever been a member of the communist party and it took me a couple of questions but she finally said yeah. and then sherrod brown went crack brained on me and tried to stop me from asking questions and i told him to shut up. i just think the american people are entitled to know that the president has nominated somebody to regulate our banks who believes, as she said in getting rid of banks, and she has been a member of the communist party.
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>> bill: we'll see if she survives. thank you for your time today. we're watching the floor of the house there. while you were talking sandra looks like we're moving to the closer to the possibility of a vote here. >> what is happening now? a vote starting now? >> that's right. kathryn clark. democrat of massachusetts is presiding here. this is passage of the social spending bill here again we know of one democratic no. these votes usually would take if you had one vote in the house the next vote would probably take five minutes in a conventional environment. it takes longer now because you have what we call remote voting in the house of representatives where members on both sides of the aisle democrats and republicans phone in their votes and you have proxies. you see congressman, a democrat of rhode island serving as a proxy for several members announcing how they would cast their ballotss here. it takes longer to do the vote.
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it will pass by a narrow margin. nancy pelosi does not lose votes on the floor. she would not put this bill on the floor if she didn't think it would pass. look for other democratic nos besides gerad golden from northern maine. he was on the record saying he did not like the bill in its current form. he noted it is not the end of the process. this goes to the senate. you heard what senator kennedy alluded to. they don't have a deal in the senate. they've pre-baked some provisions of this but it is not complete. you don't know where sinema will come down or manchin will come down. the other term of art you will probably hear so much about over the next week is a term the byrd named after robert byrd. who joe manchin has his seat now. this is where the senate has to go through and kind of filet the bill to see it complies
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with their strict budget rules and where you have democrats go to the parliamentarian to try to get provisions in. the hot potato will be immigration. there is essentially place holder language that deals with immigration in the bill now. that could change in the senate. we should have a final vote, final result on this vote in 15 or 20 minutes or less. >> stand by with us. >> bill: a lot of billions, smitty. you come off 1.2 trillion on the infrastructure. back to you momentarily, chad. this bill includes more than $500 billion in spending on climate action. $400 billion toward childcare and universal pre-k and earned income tax credits and in just one sentence off one article. >> the criticism of this bill by multiple obama-era economists questioning the -- summers has been questioning it for a long time.
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more have emerged since then. the "wall street journal" this morning the question of the moment. will joe manchin stand ground on inflation? digging through the cbo score he writes this morning the white house claimed the bill is fully paid for is the most fraudulent scoring claim by a major policy proposal in the modern era and bipartisan bar is high. what happens if it passes in the house and over to the senate? >> bill: watch the vote tally. the margin is 3. 3.5. you could lose 3.5 votes right now in the house, it's that close. meanwhile to kenosha day four jury deliberations begin later this hour. why msnbc was told not to come back and why the judge took the action. >> they have opened the borders and why you have drugs like fentanyl pouring into our country.
6:16 am
joe biden, kamala and the democrats are responsible for that huge surge in drugs coming across our southern border. >> u.s. reaching a grim milestone. drug overdoses hitting a record high as cartels take advantage of president biden's border crisis. >> bill: awful reality now. three months after the botched withdrawal from kabul the plight of women gets worse by the day. lara logan joins us coming up shortly with a look at that. veteran homeowners- have you been spending more time at home? imagining the possibilities? like a bigger kitchen, a swimming pool for the grandkids, or a backyard deck. your va home loan benefit and the newday 100 va loan make it possible. by borrowing up to 100% of your home's value you can take out up to $60,000 or more. with home values at all time highs, now's the time to call.
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>> sandra: house is now voting on the massive social spending package. magic number for the democrats is 218.
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golden from maine is a demo posing the bill. the vote is still open and watching it on the house floor and bring you the news and that threshold being met. the democrats are confident they have the votes. we'll watch it. >> bill: we have this from kenosha. day four jury deliberations begin later this hour. yesterday the judge banned msnbc from the courtroom after a freelancer was accused of following a bus that carries the jurors. it could be a big day. we shall see. hello. >> good morning. we'll see what happens in this courtroom in the next few minutes as the jurors get back into the courthouse. it is important in this high profile case those jurors remain anonymous. police out here the kenosha
6:23 am
tell me it's a major safety concern. what we know so far about the incident that happened in the past few days. the 12 jurors transported from the courthouse in a bus with covered windows to protect their identity here. the judge announced he is banning msnbc from the courtroom for the rest of the trial and calling the allegation a very serious matter. nbc news denied the claims by the judge here and says they are cooperating releasing the statement and saying the freelancer never contacted or intended to contact the jurors and never photographed or intended to photograph them. now as that investigation continues the sheriff telling me he and his team are preparing for the trial to wrap up. local and state law enforcement also on stand by as five schools in the area go back to remote learning. no major safety issues now aquoerding to officials. kenosha sheriff bringing cookies and coffee for the protestors. >> we have added security around the courthouse and we're prepared for just about anything that would roll.
6:24 am
we do have people standing by. lots of people on stand by. >> day four of deliberations in kenosha county. jurors having major questions about the instructions they were given because bill and sandra they are more than 30 pages long. one asking if they could take a copy of the instructions home to review them. >> i don't think it would be appropriate for them to bring their notes home. >> you're right about that. no notes can go home. >> more than 20 hours of deliberations here in the high profile case of kyle rittenhouse, teen who remains on trial in wisconsin. jury heading back into the courthouse momentarily and we'll keep you updated as things progress throughout the day. >> bill: thank you. we'll be back with you when the headlines permit. thanks. nice to see you. >> sandra: three months into taliban rule world leaders say
6:25 am
many people are desperate in need of food and water with the taliban too busy policing women to manage basic needs for the people there. fox nation host lara logan joins us now. this is a desperate situation and you look at the latest words from the taliban foreign minister saying this, american sanctions have not only played havoc with trade and business but also with humanitarian assistance. the blame is being placed on america for this situation unfolding there. >> you know, it's just so incredibly ironic and also disgusting that what you are having happen here is a bunch of terrorists whose only form of governing is terror, right? that's what they use, fear. they don't know how to run a legitimate government and they don't care to. they never have. that's because everything that we were sold as american people and to the world was a lie. the taliban today are no
6:26 am
different to now they were yesterday. you know who is different? afghan women. afghan people. afghan society. these are people who didn't embrace freedom because it was some american experiment shoved down their throats. you have afghan women and business, female business owners, afghan civil right activitys all women. poets, singers, makeup artists and fashion designers. all these people were removed from the afghan economy. you cannot have an effective, functioning society when you obliterate civil society and obliterate the women who are an important part of your workforce. when you go back on the deal you made behind closed doors with corrupt american leaders who lied to their own people, betrayed the afghans and allies and this nation, right? a deal was made, don't worry, taliban, terrorists, we'll give you all the money we were giving the democratically elected government.
6:27 am
the u.s. federal reserve was sending $150 million a week that was keeping the afghan economy afloat. we can no longer do that. those payments stopped when kabul fell because the taliban are a terrorist organization and it is illegal. thanks to veterans in congress, thanks to brave members of congress who stooupd and thanks to the afghan resistant and the democratically elected president, thanks to these people we weren't able to push through and legitimize terrorism as a form of governing because that was the promise that was made behind closed doors according to many afghan sources and u.s. sources. and that is the deal the taliban was counting on. notify what the afghan people know? in spite of all the suffering, if you give that aid and that money direct to the taliban and the terrorists in that organization, many of whom are sanctioned by the u.n. and have been for 20 years, sanctioned
6:28 am
by the u.s. treasury, you no he what will happen to it? it will go straight to the taliban to continue their rampage of torturing and murering and taking revenge. it won't go to the people. they aren't going to go and feed the people. they aren't going to worry about maternal mortality rates and healthcare or anything. you know what i'm investigating now? slaughterhouses on the outskirts in north and kabul where soldiers and women and activists. >> sandra: you look at the political price this administration is paying for their mishandling of it. the fox news poll it's 27%. as we know there are still hundreds of u.s. citizens still in afghanistan that want out. lara, thank you so much for being here. you and i had this conversation for quite some time and it continues. catch a new episode of lara's show, by the way. lara logan has no agenda
6:29 am
focusing on islamic terrorism entitled global terrorism and streaming on fox nation. you had a busy week. thank you for your time this morning. >> bill: 9:28. word at day break joe biden was heading for walter reed medical center. he will be under anesthesia for a period of time doing a colonoscopy. will transfer pour to kamala harris and she will work from her office during this time. this has happened before. similar to george bush. president biden has a birthday this weekend. he turns 79 years old tomorrow. so that news coming from the west wing a moment ago. in the meantime we're watching the hill and a lot more. >> sandra: the big backlog clogging up several key u.s. ports as the supply chain crisis continues threatening to
6:30 am
disrupt one of the biggest shopping days of the year black friday coming up. plus as democrats push to pass president biden's massive build back better plan, experts are warning all that spending will only worsen the inflation that is already causing a squeeze for the american family. our economic panel is here to weigh in and they'll debate it next. >> they do not care what's going on with working families and fixed income seniors, only care about the agenda first, second and third and then they will lie and tell you that it will be the best thing for you. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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(kate) at verizon, we want to put the power of 5g in the hands of every business. deals for days. so come in for verizon small business days. every butcher, baker and artisanal cheese maker. schedule an appointment with our business experts, and get up to $1000 off a 5g phone. because every business deserves better. >> sandra: one week out from one of the biggest shopping days of the year. some retailers are struggling to keep their shelves stocked you may have noticed thanks to the cargo backlog that continues at key ports off the coast of california. jonathan hunt is live in long beach. a very real problem. a lot of americans are experiencing it. >> it really is, sandra. the latest figures we have by
6:36 am
the way are that there are currently 75 of those huge container ships floating offshore here at the ports of l.a. and long beach unable to get in waiting days, sometimes weeks to get here. now given the amount of containers those huge shipping containers those carry, that's probably in the region of one million, equivalent of one million of those 20 foot containers, a lot of products not getting to american stores and to american consumers depiet president biden touting this week his own personal intervention to try to unblock the supply chain. listen to the president. >> president biden: i just had to convince the ports of long beach and los angeles where 40% of all products come into the western united states to stay open seven days a week, 24 hours a day. they were backing up ships and container vessels for miles and miles, hundreds of them.
6:37 am
that's the reason why you don't have things on the shelves. >> as anyone looking in stores and seeing bare shelves or anyone trying to find the right size shopping online will tell you it's not fixing everything. the reason is that there is so much more to the supply chain than simply telling the ports to open their gates 24/7. as the port director at the port of l.a. said this week, as diplomatically as he could. listen here. >> we implemented flex hours opening the gates earlier. staggering lunches, working later between the day and night side shifts while offering the 24/7 capability at the port, it is an effort to try to get this entire orks tray of supply chain players to get on the same calendar. we've had very few takers to date. >> very few takers to date which means they're having
6:38 am
trouble getting enough truckers, having trouble getting enough workers to offload these containers from the huge ships when they come in. it all means for you and me, sandra and every other american consumer, we're still going to see those empty shelves and still go on to am son and not find the sizes we want as we head toward black friday. it's a problem. whatever the president said hasn't been fixed. >> sandra: bring into question the use of the word transitory which the fed has not backed off of yet when it comes to inflation. thank you, jonathan hunt. >> bill: back to the florida house we go. house is voting on president biden's enormous social spending bill. paper it is listed at 175 trillion. the cbo estimates it will add 367 billion to the deficit over the next 10 years. want to bring in our panel steve moore and austan goolsbee.
6:39 am
you guys picked the right day. friday money team. on wednesday i believe this was in new hampshire president biden said this about the bill. >> president biden: it's fully paid for. fully, fully paid for. it does not increase the deficit one single cent. >> bill: that was wednesday. then we got the score thursday night and different deal. ben sasse says this bill is a mess. it will grow the deficit and lead to a million more annual i.r.s. audits. steve, you first. >> look, this is the worst. i've been in washington for 35 years and by a long shot the worst bill i've ever seen in terms of its economic impact. you just did that review of what's happening at the ports. it will make the supply problem even worse. this is a $4 trillion social
6:40 am
welfare expansion bill that is going to pay people more and more money not to work. that will make the supply problems worse. it's $500 billion, bill for climate change. that means they want to restrict the amount of oil and gas and coal we have in the country when we get 80% of our energy from those sources. i think it will be a catastrophe. i am surprised the democrats are walking the plank and voting for a fwhail is highly unpopular with the american people. a shameful day for congress. by the way, the five-year cost of this is $500 billion that's not paid for. then they say the next five years lowers the cost. it doesn't make sense. these government programs are going to grow and grow, not shrink in size. is >> bill: the democratic answer seems to be spent more. we did polling last night.
6:41 am
look at virginia and new jersey. doesn't seem like the american people are buying what this administration is selling. austan. >> i disagree, steve was inaccurate in almost everything he said except hello. and the unpopularity of the political leadership in a moment when the virus is growing back again. we had a slowdown over the summer in the economy and we have a global supply chain problem with inflation up in all the economies of the world is not unusual. that is usually what happens as you come into a mid-term. >> bill: as you were -- sorry to interrupt. folks to know at home you see 220 on the board. they crossed the threshold. it will become official when we hear from the gavel. continue austan coming up in a moment. >> the issue of does this increase the deficit, it's a question of there is a disagreement about one
6:42 am
provision of revenue raising. one side says it is 93% paid for. the other said says it's 102% paid for. even in the worst case scenario, 1/10 the negative impact on the deficit as the trump tax cut was. the very people who are saying that they don't want to do this modest increase in the deficit voted for a $2 trillion increase to the deficit before the pandemic. the trump deficit was the biggest of all time and then in the pandemic, in the new record -- >> bill: waiting for austan. >> let's review what went on. joe biden in his first months of office we passed a $2 trillion debt bill not paid for at all. there was no payment for that $2 trillion. last week they passed a trillion infrastructure bill which is green energy.
6:43 am
now 4 trillion on top of that. do the math, bill. 6 to 7 trillion of additional spending. more money that we spent in the revolutionary war, civil war, world war i and ii. this is insane amount of spending. a lot of the private forecasts are finding that the deficit will be a lot larger. you reported on this, bill. they are using phony accounting creating all the new programs saying these will only last for four or five years when you know this, bill. once you create a government program it is almost impo bl to get rid of. the debt impact of this is going to be much larger. one last quick point. if you explain to me, austan, how it is we'll grow this american economy and create jobs by creating the highest tax rate in the world. that's what the "wall street journal" reported two days ago. higher tax rates in the united states than china, russia, germany, mexico. how does that expand the competitive --
6:44 am
>> bill: fox polling. 54% of americans say they are focusing on the wrong issues. speaker pelosi may speak in a moment. return fire with steve. >> as i say the virus went up in the summer, we slowed down. we lost jobs. if we get multiple months like last month where we're putting more than half a million jobs up in a single month, economic growth gets back going and we can get back to normal where people are spending money on services rather than physical goods so that the supply chain pressures that are being faced in all the economies of the world ease i think you will see the numbers. >> bill: you wonder how tone deaf this might be in the short term. call for number 4, fnc poll. when asked if the supply chain crisis has affected you as an american 73% say yes. we also asked whether or not higher prices have caused you
6:45 am
hardship, groceries 73, gas prices 72, housing costs 53%. steve, it could get worse than this. some suggesting we are just on the leading edge of the inflationary pressures did. >> let's take gas prices. we have an american president who declared war an american energy. doesn't want to produce american oil, gas, coal. shutting down pipelines around the country. it makes no sense and they want to sue the oil companies for charging more money. if you reduce the supply of something this is just junior high education. if you reduce the supply of something the price goes up. i think the democrats want high gas prices because they don't want people driving their cars because they're concerned with climate change. >> oil is a world commodity. the price of oil is high in every country of the world. >> it is. because we're producing less. >> nothing to do with the u.s. policy is doing. >> that's wrong, steve. we're down. >> that is disputed.
6:46 am
>> we're down. >> it does not affect the world price of oil. >> bill: you can just bang on opec because they aren't producing enough or call putin and say pump more oil. >> we became energy independent as 10 months ago. the last month donald trump was in office we didn't import any oil from opec countries and saudi arabia. we were actually exporting it. now we're down 2 million barrels a day and $80 a barrel that's $170 million a day, a billion dollars a week. $50 billion a year we're losing because we aren't producing american oil. it doesn't make any sense. >> bring up the sound. the applause on the left side of your screen. nancy pelosi announcing that vote just a second ago. [cheering and applause] >> bill: we're a long way from final passage.
6:47 am
you'll have a knockdown drag-out in the senate. this goes back to march of 2020. this is what your government has done now. not this one. guys, call for number three. spending totals, government spending that we have here. march of 2020 you had families first covid response act $192 billion reading left to ride. the cares act 2.2 trillion. april paycheck protection program, 483 billion. we went on to the appropriations act march, american rescue plan at 1.9 trialian less than a year ago. infrastructure at 1.2 and bbb at 1.85 as advertised. see if the senate comes close to that or even push it through. austan, can we sustain that? >> no, and we shouldn't have to sustain that. that was an absolute crisis, the biggest economic crisis and collapse in the history of the
6:48 am
united states. not unlike a war. world war ii, world war i or others. so you should use whatever means necessary to prevent a catastrophe like that from pyre algorithm out of control. >> bill: and you should, you have to know when to stop one could argue. >> i agree with that. i think the problem with the argument austan is making if you go throughout american history when we have a crisis like the civil war, financial crisis you spend and borrow money. austan, once the crisis is over we don't massively spend money, we start paying down the debt. this is the first president who raised taxes where we're borrowing. >> you raise taxes to pay for the debt. >> bill: stand by, you picked the right day to debate, men. thank you, back to sandra for more. >> sandra: the enthusiasm on the house floor was when the 218th vote was being recorded. house has approved the social
6:49 am
spending bill. 220 to 213. one democrat no golden the democrat from maine publicly opposed to this. all republicans did vote no. chad pergram with an update from the hill as this has all just happened on a friday morning. >> good morning, sandra. just to show you how tight this is 220 to 213 you switch four votes and the vote goes the other way and goes down to defeat and why nancy pelosi put this on the floor and knew exactly how many votes she could lose and it was golden. a moderate democrat flipped a district about 2 1/2 years ago from red to blue in northern maine. he is somebody who spoke out against the salt reduction. the deals with state and local tax reduction that was restored in this bill. he said it was a giveaway. he also was one of two democrats back in march who voted against the 1.9 trillion dollar partisan covid bill that the house and senate democrats passed in the late winter.
6:50 am
and he split his votes on both articles of impeachment during the first impeachment trial of president trump. he voted to impeach on one article and voted against impeachment on the other. he is somebody who faces a competitive reelection running against a republican who he won that district from a couple of years ago and kevin mccarthy yesterday minced no words not so much in his overnight remarks but at his press conference yesterday saying how can some of these other moderate democrats who represent these battleground districts in virginia and others, how can they survive these votes? another moderate democrat for michigan. the real donny brook on this bill will be in the senate. there will be a week where they have to get this bill into senate form to make sure it complies with senate budget rules. chuck schumer says he hopes to pass it by christmas. we've been here a lot of
6:51 am
christmas eaves and new year's eaves and new year's day. we'll probably be here through the holidays. to reiterate, this was the easy part. they have to get it through the senate. only a 50/50 senate. watch to see what they do on immigration. that's something they have to appeal to the parliamentarian. liberal democrats want to approve something in there. it's hard to do in a fiscal bill that does not comply with those special senate budget rules and whatever they change and again joe manchin and kyrsten sinema, it goes back to the house of representatives and go the progressives alexandria ocasio-cortez and jayapal, talib and bush, can they stomach a more moderated bill coming back from the senate if it ever comes back. it may take months. just because they talk about christmastime passing it, it could bleed to january and you saw how long it took the house
6:52 am
to pass the infrastructure bill. we thought the house would vote on infrastructure and this bill when president biden came to the capitol one day in late september. they just passed this bill and the infrastructure bill two weeks ago today. >> sandra: kevin mccarthy in his own words what we have before us is a pathway to socialism. you go back to the leader's remarks last night, eight hours of them. u.s. senator bill cassidy saying it will further ignite inflation and torch american savings. interesting to point out these lawmakers are about to head off and take their thanksgiving break at a time when we're reporting that all of this government spending has been leading to massive amounts of inflation and very expensive thanksgiving holiday. chad, you are talking about christmas. you are likely to have lawmakers staying over christmas. we'll all be working over christmas. >> we're always here. >> sandra: this will take us all the way to end of year as
6:53 am
you talk about them packaging it and sengd it to the senate. >> something that is a trend on capitol hill they the end to have these votes between christmas and new year's. i note they passed the first version of obamacare christmas eve morning, pre-dawn vote in 2009. last year we were here between christmas and new year's as they were dealing with a defense bill. senate was in on new year's eve and new year's day. the famous fiscal cliff between 2012 and 2013. i remember then vice president biden came to the capitol new year's eve 8:30 at night for negotiations and the senate started voting at 2:30 in the morning on new year's eve 2012. the christmastime yuletide visits to the capitol is probably what we're in for that
6:54 am
it's dragged on all fall. >> sandra: chad pergram live on the hill. we'll check back with you shortly. >> bill: we'll get lawmakers and get immediate action. >> sandra: senator manchin looking at the scoring with no gimmicks sunset programs or phony savings. many are wondering if he will follow through as promised. we have heard from him throughout the process wanting to know the exact cbo score. he has that. "wall street journal" saying he will either decide to end this dangerous debate or delay it until spring to get a clearer picture of the inflation problem. that's a big question. >> bill: this vote from maine, the democrat chad was describing against the salt deal. the deduction in tax return. when the trump tax cut was passed in 2017 the salt deduction went away. moderate democrats are saying if you don't give us salt, you
6:55 am
do not get a deal. well they gave them salt in this deal not fully recompensated but up to i believe $80,000 and golden is saying it's a giveaway to rich people. >> sandra: fox business network is circulating the business round table just put out a statement. it is powerful says we're disappointed that the house of representatives voted in favor of one of the largest tax increases in history on american job creators. the tax increases in the house bill will erode america's competitive standing and favor foreign competitors over american businesses and workers. that is a major, major concern, the competitiveness angle to all this, bill and what it does long term to the competitive nature of this country and what it looks like. >> bill: nancy pelosi gave them that provision to get their vote clearly. back to steve moore and austan goolsbee. steve, continue your thought where we left off a moment ago.
6:56 am
>> well i just feel sick right now about what these members of congress have done to our country. this is a day of -- this is a bill that will have lasting consequences for many years. it is a big government socialism bill. you just mentioned the state and local tax deduction. as you know i had a hand in helping write the trump tax cut. we got rid of the state and local tax deduction. you know why? it's a deduction that benefits the millionaires and billionaires. democrats have been talking for nine months how they make the rich pay their fair share. turns out if you are a millionaire or billionaire living in california, new york, new jersey, connecticut, illinois you will pay less taxes under this bill. austan, how can that possibly be justified? >> first, i think that when it gets to the senate and comes back they'll shrink that. it has the problems that steve is describing. it is pretty cheeky for steve to say that they purposely
6:57 am
changed that in the trump tax bill because they didn't want to benefit billionaires when the tax cut was specific tax cut for billionaires. the only reason they did this is because these billionaires were in blue states. that's why. >> bill: steef, -- i took note of the first appearance of joe biden this week to go out and sell infrastructure. just so our audience knows, he went to a town called woodstock, new hampshire which i think is 50 miles north of manchester as the bird flies. the bridge might have some problems. i was reading about it. needs new steel and a couple hundred bridges in the state that need attention. but what he said when he was there, steve, as he leaned into the microphone he said this is proof yet again the trickle down economics do not work. you see these forces at play at work. as you describe the trump tax
6:58 am
cuts of 2017 and now democrats with an opportunity and they have taken that, steve, to try to roll a lot of that back. >> so democrats love to talk about following the science and we had a scientific experiment in 2017. we did cut tax rates because we said it would create jobs in america. we would bring investment here. by the way we got rid of loopholes. lower the rates, get rid of the loopholes in the system. this bill does the opposite. it raises tax rates to the highest in the world and there are tax breaks in that bill for trial lawyers, for the union bosses, for people in the media, for green energy companies, any group that gave money to the democrats gets a big tax write-off. >> bill: you will have a lot to write to dig into it. what happened with the trump tax cuts in a large way once it got to corporations in america which increased their market cap which enabled them to do more in research and development, to do more in
6:59 am
terms of expanding their product development, to expand their companies and eventually what you saw were record unemployment levels that we had not seen in more than 50 years because companies hired more people because they could afford it. >> that was exactly my point, bill. we had the experiment. people like austan said it wouldn't work and then we had as you said record job creation, record low unemployment the thing we were proud of we brought the poverty rate in the united states to its lowest level in history. why do you want to reverse those policies? >> bill: austan, i will give you the last word. >> you guys are on some other planet. the reason that they got the unemployment rate down as low as it was is it started at one of the lowest levels of a new president coming in in the last century. the highest growth rate ever under the trump administration before there was a pandemic was only 2.9%. that's the lowest of any president ever.
7:00 am
there never was a boom. the consensus is that the trump tax cut did not pay for itself. did not increase the investment rate on any permanent basis, did not increase the economic growth rate and did not deliver on the promises. >> bill: you two have framed the debate very well. thanks to both of you. the vote is in. austan goolsbee, steven moore. the debate continues for another day. 10:00 on the east coast now as we begin a new hour. >> sandra: jury working to reach a verdict in the kyle rittenhouse case everything a fourth day of deliberating the fate of the teenager charged with killing two men and wounding another on a night of violent protests last summer in kenosha, wisconsin. dana perino is off today. sandra smith. great to be here. >> bill: good morning. jury is set to get back to work
7:01 am
any moment now after 24 hours of liberation spending three days. the judge late yesterday banning msnbc from even entering the building. this after a freelance producer was accused of trailing the juror transport bus the night before. >> a person who identified himself as james morrison and who claimed that he was a producer with nbc news stated that he had been instructed by someone in new york to follow the jury bus. i have instructed that no one from msnbc news will be permitted in this building for the duration of this trial. this is very serious matter. >> sandra: our next guest asking is rittenhouse headed for a hung jury? former assistant u.s. attorney andy mccarthy will be joining us in a bit on that. >> bill: he wrote a great piece questioning if a hung jury is inevitable what he is reading between the lines among the jurors.
7:02 am
the juror form is up to 36 pages in length. i don't know about you. watching the judge the other day he kept -- it was hard for me to follow and i wasn't a juror taking notes. it was a complicated matter and turned out that way. the longer it goes the more this theory starts to hold up. >> sandra: a lot more to get to this morning including five kenosha schools have shifted to remote learning this week ahead of the rittenhouse verdict. district officials say they made the move out of an abundance of caution because schools are in close to the courthouse where violence has he represent ed in the last few days. there is no imminent danger out of an abundance of caution. >> bill: to the boder. -- border. fox news going on a gun boat as local law enforcement fight to combat the growing problem of human and drug smuggling. bill is back at his post today.
7:03 am
bill, good morning. >> bill, good morning to you. that's right. we're embedded with texas dps on one of the gun boats on the rio grande in mission, texas, one of the hot spots. what they're looking for is any kind of illegal activity they can find whether it's humans coming across the river, drugs coming across the river. this is one of the biggest hot spots they can find. a lot of the activity happening in between the ports of entry. everything has to come across this river. a lot of it happening on rafts. you can see from our drone and all the multiple cameras they have they're heavily armed looking for whatever they can find out here when it comes to drug and human trafficking. one of the biggest things they look for is fentanyl and drugs. look at this graphic here. just in 2021, the state of texas has seized 413 pounds of tent nall. -- fentanyl.
7:04 am
enough lethal doses to kill 93.7 million. one kilo of fentanyl is enough to kill 500,000 people. fentanyl continues to pour in and texas dps is trying to find as much as they can and busy looking for human smugglers. look at the video out of texas in the rio grande valley a couple days ago. they were pursuing this vehicle. suspected human smuggler who was seen leaving a suspected stash house. they pulled the guy over and take a look at these photos here. the human smuggler was disguised as a construction worker. he had a construction vest and hard hat on. inside the vehicle he had five illegal immigrants who he was smuggling at the time. that smuggler being charged with human smuggling. they aren't just busy in the rio grande valley. look at the del rio area northwest of where we are where texas dps special ops teamwork
7:05 am
the private ranchs. runners are constantly coming across the border and moving through the ranchs during the night. this was a couple nights ago apprehended more than 20 runners moving through that area. these are the ones who do not want to be caught. they wear black or camo in an effort to get away. many with criminal records. back out live we talk about criminals trying to come across the board. a good thing the guys are out here patrolling. border patrolling overwhelmed. texas dps through operation lone star supplementing the federal partners patrolling the river. four ms-13 gang members were caught in a 14 hour span last week. >> bill: on it goes. back on the border in texas. >> sandra: former assistant u.s. attorney andy mccarthy joins us now. in your piece this morning you were asking the question is rittenhouse headed for a hung jury? what's the answer?
7:06 am
>> i think he may be, martha. right now it looks like the deliberations have gone on, on what should be a fairly simple, straight forward case for three days. it is the kind of thing we want to see juries do a thorough, diligent job but there is only so long that you can go on looking at a simple question of was there self-defense or not. we're now in i guess the fourth day of deliberations and in the meantime what we otherwise know is that there are a great deal of outside pressures being exerted on this jury and there is a lot of reason to be concerned that what they are worried about at least some of the jurors are worried about if they return a verdict of acquit all which is what the demonstrators, who became violent on the courthouse steps are saying.
7:07 am
if there is an acquittal it will go back to what caused the violence here in the first place. >> bill: with each passing hour it is more likely the case is headed for a mistrial because of a hung jury. if that happens, you write, it will very likely be because jurors were intimidated believing an acquittal of rittenhouse even if compelled by the evidence would ignite more of the same violent rioting that led to rittenhouse's fateful confrontations in august of 2020. that leads to the question why don't you sequester the jurors and keep people off the front steps of the courthouse for a period of space where you cannot hear the chants on the inside of the courtroom itself, andy? >> there is no reason that they have to allow that to happen on the courthouse steps. we all believe in the first amendment. we believe that people have a right to express themselves even if their opinions are ones
7:08 am
we disagree with it. they can't do it violently but they can express themselves. they wouldn't allow it to be done in the courtroom or outside the courtroom door. to have it on the steps of the courthouse is ridiculous. in a case like this, to have the jury not sequestered under these circumstances where there is all of this outside pressure. violent demonstrations going on outside the courthouse and now we're hearing that they are being so hounded by the press that one of the networks has been banned from the courtroom for allegedly according to the police at least, perhaps chasing down a jury and trying to get information about them. they are supposed to be kept anonymous. to my mind this is a case that obviously the jury should have been sequestered from the start. the longer it goes on given it's a simple, straight forward case with one question that
7:09 am
needs to be answered and they can't answer it, you have to start worrying what's going on is there are factors that are independent of the facts and the evidence and the law that applies to the case. that are causing jurors not to decide it. >> bill: do you think the judge screwed this up? >> i do. i think the jury should have been sequestered before deliberations started. the intensity of the media attention to this case started in the middle of the second week of the trial in particular when the judge started to light into the prosecutors over some of the misconduct that occurred. then you had the defendant testifying which also raises up the intensity of the media attention. and you got to deliberations. this is a small town where the jurors are facing a lot of
7:10 am
pressure in their neighborhoods. it is intense media like they have never had before. and they can't get in and out of the courthouse without seeing the kinds of demonstrations that are going on which are in some ways very explicit, very vile, and in some ways violent. so to have the jurors not only exposed to that but this judge has been dismissing them at 4:00 in the afternoon. to go home and come back hours and hours later. >> sandra: there has been a lot of head scratching. going back to the nbc incident they say it was freelancer who received a traffic citation. ongoing investigation with kenosha police. hope to get an update on that. to that and final point you wonder if more judges will question those who have supported having cameras in their courtrooms whether or not they will continue doing this. the judge even himself questioned this yesterday after having this incident happen. >> you know, sandra, i'm a
7:11 am
little bit of a neanderthal about this because i come from the federal system where we don't have cameras in the courtroom for trial. and when i was having my terrorism prosecution in the 90s which went on for 10 months, nobody knew much our case. there was another little one going on at the exact same time in california. some guy called o.j. simpson or something. so that trial was on television and that was like america's idea of what goes on in a trial. and i'm afraid a lot of it was more like a clown show than a trial. i think there is a big danger when you put these cases on television that the people who are involved in them play to the cameras rather than doing the kind of work they do when the cameras aren't there. on the other hand people sitting on the other siefd it this is how we get real accountability. you have to knowledge here as a
7:12 am
critic i have to acknowledge a lot of the media filter in this case has been inaccurate. so the fact that people were table watch it on television arguably allows them to see what's actually going on rather than try to penetrate the ideological baggage brought to the coverage. >> sandra: people have been watching. high interest in it. thank you. >> bill: we'll see if we get a friday verdict. fridays are known for verdicts. back to the capitol hill we go. house speaker nancy pelosi at the microphone. >> have it funded of the. . for these and other reasons as mr. hoyer said at the beginning of his remarks will be telling our children and grandchildren we are here this day. you are reminding me of a speech when you were saying that. mr. clyburn talked about the three legs of the stool. the rescue package, this and now this bill the
7:13 am
infrastructure of our future and our distinguished chair of the ways and means committee who held down the fort for such a long time including last night, mr. neil webster and our responsibility for act. for us it's not just about legislation but values and the values that this legislation represents for the people. with that i'm pleased to yield to the distinguished majority leader mr. hoyer. >> thank you very much. first of all congratulations madam speaker. this is an historic piece of legislation. you were its leader with as you say the vision of the president of the united states. this bill will speak for itself to millions and millions and millions and millions of americans whose lives will be made more secure, more richer in the terms of quality of life.
7:14 am
educational opportunities will be greater. >> bill: we know kevin mccarthy spoke for eight hours and 30 minutes overnight. we may see him at a microphone very soon. when that happens we'll bring it to you. that's what is happening on the hill. >> sandra: a victory lap happening at the moment. all right. we'll see the republicans' response shortly. u.s. drug overdoses hitting a new record. the powerful opioid fentanyl responsible for nearly 75% of them. what is behind this deadly epidemic and what you can do to help? latest polling numbers show president biden losing support yet again. why and whether he can turn the numbers around. former -- >> he was in congress for 40 years. he that's approval closer to congressional representative than the president of the united states. ners- looking to improve your home? borrow up to 100% of your home's value
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back better now they have to sell it to the american people. that's how you fix these poll numbers. >> sandra: as far as biden on the issues when it comes to his administration, fox news poll reveals just 40% of respondents believe he and his administrations are right on the issues, 54% say he is doing the wrong things. biden himself has said give me a year to get things done as far as campaign promises are concerned but yet they just were able to pass this massive social spending bill in the house this morning. will this be a win for the biden administration, jim? >> i think it has to be, right? they have to go out and sell this thing. talk about some of these things in this bill are incredibly popular like the child tax credit, like other things. if they can't sell this, they
7:22 am
have a real messaging problem. but again we've had six months of just all swing voters see are democrats fighting with democrats and what i know about the american electorate voters hate process. they just want to get things done. finally we're getting some big things done and now it's up to the administration to sell these things. >> sandra: not like they can tout the job performance of kamala harris. among those who disapprove now a popping 53% in the latest fox news rating her approval rating dropping to 40%, down five points from october. down 10 points from june and this as we know this morning that the president is at walter reed with a colon os skeep. -- cologneoscopy. there are big questions what
7:23 am
she is doing and able to do and what her relationship is with the president and her future. >> let's be careful about the language. this is a routine yearly physical. nothing more than that. her numbers present a different challenge for her which is usually the vice president of the united states is seen as the heir apparent whenever the president doesn't want to run again. it's not the case right now. you have a bunch of people who wake up every morning and look in the mirror and see the future president of the united states. they will continue to take steps to run whenever president biden decides he is done here. and the vice president's current numbers make her not as scary as other vice presidents have been in the past. when al gore was running there was no primary. there will be now. a whole bunch of people including a couple members of the cabinet are likely to run if that position were to own. >> sandra: jen psaki responding about questions over biden's lack of availability to the press. listen.
7:24 am
>> i think that's more an issue related to the white house press corps as its their job to be and d.c. press rather than a concern to the american public. it is not accurate to suggest he doesn't answer questions or isn't accessible. >> sandra: we wonder also when we're hear from him next. i don't noe, does he talk to the press enough and take enough questions? does her answer sufficientis, jim? -- suffice, jim? >> i think it does. the press was going crazy how little they got to talk to trump. true with obama and true with bush. never enough access. we have a first amendment. he is out there as much. in fact, i think white houses are better sticking to their messages and not putting presidents in these positions where they can say a bunch of crazy stuff. i thought president trump's team did a disservice to let him get out and ramble and get off message.
7:25 am
you have a white house who understands they have to put their president on message and let him sell the package. >> sandra: when you have the number of crises this white house is facing, whether it's immigration, inflation, supply chain issues and beyond you would think he would come up in the white house press briefing room with a team of people to take those questions considering how much is going on right now. there will be a lot of questions about the social spending bill as it goes forth and we appreciate you joining us. thank you. >> bill: 25 past here. the power of fentanyl in a moment fueling a record number of overdose deaths in america. >> we are seeing fentanyl in cocaine and seeing fentanyl in methamphetamine as well. and the question we must ask yourself is why? >> bill: why? and how? how the government has allowed a deadly poison to fail the american people. joe biden says it is all paid for, others say not a chance.
7:26 am
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7:31 am
of the only medicare advantage plans with the aarp name. take advantage now. >> sandra: breaking news from the capitol a short time ago. house democrats passing president biden's massive social spending plans and the bill will now head to the senate. that bill contains a massive rich list of progressive items totaling 8.6 trillion. aishah hosni is live with the latest. aishah, a big morning so far. what happens now? >> a long night, sandra. good morning. 220 to 2013 vote. pelosi is known for pushing big bills with tight margins. met with loud cheers and applause on the left as the bill moves to the senate. a long night. a very long couple of months for democrats as they finally pass the president's massive tax and spending plan. the wheels started turning
7:32 am
yesterday when the house finally got that congressional budget office score, something moderates were waiting for. found is build back better legislation would add $160 billion to the national debt. that controversial expansion of the i.r.s. would only collect $207 billion in new revenue through 2031. republicans delayed the vote last night. leader mccarthy took the floor at 8:30 last night to debate against the bill. his speech lasting a total 8 1/2 hours breaking speaker pelosi's record for the longest speech in house history. >> many of you said you would say no, you couldn't vote for it until you go got the cbo score and you wanted to hold them accountable. you got the cbo score it costs $800 billion in the first five years. >> speaker pelosi taking the floor to make her case and take a jab as mccarthy. >> with respect to those who
7:33 am
work in this capitol and as a courtesy to my colleagues, i will be brief. [laughter] today we have the opportunity to build back better for the american people, for the children. >> congressman golden is the only democrat to vote no. he is facing a tough reelection. he was not for the salt reductions in the bill. they needed three democrats to sink this legislation. this isn't over yet, sandra, it moves to the senate. a 50/50 senate. it has to go through the senate parliamentarian, a byrd bath which will likely get rid of the immigration provision. leader schumer knows there is more to come which is why he asked senators to be flexible with their schedules and then it surely faces the wrath of senators manchin and sinema. sinema is not for the corporate
7:34 am
tax rate hike which is a large source of revenue for this bill. more to come. this isn't over yet, sandra. >> sandra: nancy pelosi was just asked by one of our reporters at the capitol to respond to republicans pointing out the cbo score that shows the bill is not fully paid for. she was asked about it and visibly irked the reporter says and then said whatever republicans say is not fact. we will get a lot more reaction as the day goes on i'm sure. thank you. >> it is a frame of reference. 2 milligrams is considered a lethal dose of fentanyl. >> that's all you need to kill you? >> yes. >> bill: newly published cdc data finds more than 100,000 people died of drug overdoses from may of 2020 until april of this past year. a record high. with overdose deaths jumping
7:35 am
28% since a year ago. synthetic opioids known as fentanyl caused nearly 2/3 of all drug overdoses in that period. many people say it's poison and they are right. dr. marc siegel here and amy neville lost her son from fentanyl in june of 2020. i'm sorry for your loss. alec sounds like a terrific young man with a wonderful future ahead of him. how have you been able to explain or help others understand about how bad this problem is? >> well, the first thing we've been doing is we hold presentations, we talk about this problem with anyone who will listen. we met with the southern california sheriffs to get them to think about how to approach this differently. look at these as homicides. they aren't dying a traditional overdose. they take one pill they believe
7:36 am
is a legitimate prescription and they are dying and the core message what we've been trying to get out to parents, politicians, law enforcement. anyone that will listen we will tell this message to. >> bill: remarkable message and so powerful. doctor, you study this stuff. it just gets worse. it doesn't get better. how can we fix it? >> i've been studying it for a few years now and before the pandemic especially up at brown university we have an opioid task force looking at this. all doctors are graduated with a degree to give out the antidote, treatment. study pain and how it happens. amy, my heart goes out to you, terrible situation we have. the u.s. international trade commission studied this extensively in september of 2019 and concluded this. it has to do with what happened, the terrible tragedy with amy's son. we know the custom and border
7:37 am
patrol agents, that they stop about 2,000 incoming fentanyl from mexico ever year. most of which is made in china. what we aren't focusing on enough is the e-commerce part of this. legitimate online sources on webs are selling pills that are laced with fentanyl that we don't know about. and social media sites are stalking this and proponents of this and extending it. enormous problem with social media. we need to combat this on social media. rhode island has a site prevent overdose. we need more information to combat this. these are regular pain pills you might order oxycodone and might be laced with killer fentanyl. 50 to 100 times more powerful than morphine. >> bill: there is a push in california to prosecute drug dealers. would you support that? >> absolutely do support it. i don't support someone being
7:38 am
brought up on charges for sharing a prescription with their friends but in the case of my son this drug dealer had somebody die in front of him. then he continued to sell and my son was killed. then he continued to sell and a third young man was killed. so does that warrant an arrest and charge of murder? absolutely. this person knew what they were doing, was dangerous and resulting in death. >> bill: what do you think the medical responsibility is here? >> she pointed out the key part. depravity and disregard for human life which is where it starts. we need to respond to that in the medical community for more regard for human life and we need the antidote for this available everywhere. during the pandemic it has been hard to get that out there. there has been a tremendous shortage. we need answers, antidotes, doctors and every health professional ready with this. >> bill: you have been studying for a couple of years and brought to our attention four
7:39 am
or five years ago. just worse on the screen. 2016 we look at 19,000 overdoses in 2020, 57,000. she was trying to address the legal responsibility and you had mentioned the border. when you think about how much of this garbage is produced in china and brought across the southern border, what would be the responsibility on behalf of government and how could they work with people in the medical community to put a stamp on this and say enough? >> one of the things we can do, bill, in addition to dealing with it at the border as you just said and online as i said, is also to understand that a lot of trade coming from china is related to this. there has to be a way internationally to shut down the production of this stuff in china where it's coming from. we're so dependent on china for all drugs and medications that are being produced there. one final point. i want education in the medical
7:40 am
schools throughout this country. we don't have it. we have it in brown and a few other places. it has to be in every medical school in the country so we can dispense the antidotes and be on the front lines of fighting this. >> bill: thank you. dr. marc siegel and amy neville in arizona today. our best to you, amy. thank you for sharing your story with us today. >> thank you. >> sandra: tough story. it is not only gas prices that are on the rise. you may be seeing other things like dairy products. the nation's dairy farms are feeling the squeeze of runaway inflation in the supply chain crisis leading to a surge in milk prices. we're going to head to a farm and talk to one of the owners in south carolina whose profits are taking a hit as a result next. >> at the end of writing all the checks and paying what i had to pay i had $3 left for the week.
7:41 am
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>> bill: so it is 9:45 in kenosha, wisconsin, the jury back deliberating on this friday. we'll see whether today is the day we'll get a decision. want to share it from moments ago inside the courtroom. the jury is back in session. sandra. >> sandra: all right now gas prices are up, grocery prices are up.
7:47 am
everything in between and people are feeling it. our next guest is the owner of a dairy farm in south carolina and she says things are so tight right now her weekly profits are he have ab rating. evaporating. welcome and we appreciate you telling your story carolyn adkins. at a minimum your spirits are up throughout all of this. but i know that you have said that most recently when you were going through your weekly numbers as all business owners have to do that at the end of the week your profits almost completely evaporated and you came up with $3? >> yes, i came up with $3. i'm thankful of that that $3 to start the next week. i could have been in the red but i was in the black so that's -- we think that is a positive. >> sandra: good for you, what is happening here and why are you feeling such a squeeze as a small business owner and farmer? >> well, everything has gone up.
7:48 am
beef prices have gone up. shipping prices have gone up. it is just difficult to be able to know when our next feed shipment will be in. we've been left a couple of times without feed. not for non-payment but because the trucks just didn't come. this whole situation -- >> sandra: we hear the rooster in the background. that's your everyday, though. you talk right through it. our ears perk up. >> yeah. we just -- it just a combination of everything. everything i deal with has increased in prices. we are just trying to provide a quality milk for people to come pick up and buy to provide for their families. and we just enjoy what we do but it does get difficult. >> sandra: that's such an important aspect of this story. knowing so many family farms
7:49 am
myself, you love what you do. you love waking up in the morning to the sound of the roosters, but there are major -- there is major complications in all aspects of your business right now and i know one farmer is quoted in the "new york times" talking about the crunch at the ports talking about the global nature and the dependence on exporters in the world market that this particular farmer is quoted saying it will be devastating for our family farms. do you expect this to last? do you see light at the end of the tunnel? what are you preparing for as a dairy farmer? >> we just buckle down and we try to do what we need to do to provide -- my cows are my first family, then i have my human family because my cows provide for my shelter and my home and so we take care of them first. we are just the future is
7:50 am
unknown. i do see that the prices of things that are increasing. we have not hit the worst of it yet. there won't be planting next year. nobody will be able to afford to plant. that means grain prices will go up. even more because they will hit the stockpiles and everything else. it is just going to get worse and worse. i feel like that mr. biden needs to back up and save face and cut back some of his mandates, his regulations, and all his executive orders need to be repealed. >> sandra: that's a big deal. as far as milk prices, what happens to those. they are already up. what will happen to milk prices? something american families lean on and buy everyday. >> my prices, because i do provide straight to the public, are going to have to probably increase. i don't want to but i will if somebody cannot afford it, i'll give them a gallon of milk to
7:51 am
take care of their family. prices overall in the grocery stores are going to go up and the shortages are going to come across and we are not going to see food in the stores. >> sandra: our hearts go out to you. you are amazing. we wish the best. i know there is a lot of uncertainty out there and you deal with that as a business owner. it is hard. >> yes. >> sandra: these are unprecedented times. we wish you, your company and your family farm the best. >> thank you very much. i just -- may i say we have a very important is zoning board meeting coming up on december 9th that the york county residents of south carolina need to come out and support the residents in opposition of a rock querry that's coming through. it will change a lot of our way of life. we do not want it coming through because it will affect my dairy.
7:52 am
>> sandra: he wish you the best. i love the sound of the farm going on behind you. we'll follow up with you. remarkable story. if you put up the cost of cattle feed year-over-year talking about grain prices. fertilizers prices are up. major problems for american farmers. the cost of cattle feed is up 24% year-over-year in september to $209 a ton. that's a major problem for dairy farms. >> bill: sweet woman in an ominous message going into the next year. your county is in charlotte, north carolina, the northern part of south carolina with a lot of roosters or chickens. >> sandra: i wish we could have turned the camera around and saw the sun rising and roosters growing. >> bill: one of the greatest american mysteries of 24 years could be closer to a resolution. the major step the f.b.i. is taking in the search for union boss jimmie hoffa next.
7:53 am
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>> sandra: major developments in the decades-long mystery of jimmie hoffa, eric shawn joins us live from jersey city, new jersey with the latest on that. eric. >> hi, sandra. frank told me his father buried jimmie hoffa in a metal drum. higher ground penetrating radar to examine the ground.
7:59 am
that detects metal and guess what we found? now the f.b.i. is on the case and is investigating. it was 46 years ago when jimmie hoffa disappeared. the f.b.i. was told his body was transported to jersey city likely buried at the old dump. the son of one of the co-owners told me it was his father, paul. who dug the 12 foot hole and buried hoffa in a drum right next to the dump but didn't want hoffa to be found on his property. he told me he was found on the property but right next to the property. fox nation took groubd penetrating radar and we found half moon barrels and metal that seemed exactly like what frank described. the f.b.i. has told us, by the
8:00 am
way, they were here a couple of weeks ago. they did their own survey of this area. it will likely lead to a dig at some point in the spring. it is illegal for us to dig here. hopefully he will be found or this could be another false lead. we'll see, sandra. >> sandra: thank you. >> bill: eric shawn will never give up. have a great weekend. nice to have you. >> sandra: i'll see you at 1:00. >> the house passing president biden's massive social spending bill but contrary to what the president has been claiming the bill is not fully paid for and we still don't know if it will make it in its current form through the senate. this is "the faulkner focus". i'm martha maccallum in for harris today. the house passed this bill, the vote was 220-213. a seven-vote spread. not a single republican who signed on for this bill.


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