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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  November 19, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PST

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this. todd: lara trump, have a great weekend. we appreciate you getting up with us and talking to our viewers as you often do on fridays. i'm happy to have you back. carley: thank you, that's so sweet. ask the crew around here it was very tough. carley: leave the show on a high note. happy friday everybody and "fox & friends" right now. >> this is the single, most reckless spending bill in our nation's history. >> kevin mccarthy delaying the vote on biden's social spending bill with the longest speech in house history. >> i preach what the leaders do. is he exposing what's in this bill. >> the president getting his lowest marks yet. >> biden's approval rating at just 36%. >> only person polling worse is kamala harris. like having the titanic sink and finding out that your life boats are all filled with holes. >> no one from msnbc will be
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permitted. >> fro lance producer working for msnbc who they believe was following the jury's bus. >> influence ago policy you can't get on one of your cruise ships unless you are fully vaccinated. >> terrified one step moving in that general direction credit score system. that's is where passport visas -- >> touchdown. new england. >> i want stay up all night ♪ until we see the sun ♪ i want to stay up all night ♪ing find a girl and tell her she's the one. pete: good friday morning. welcome to "fox & friends." that's a live shot of capitol hill where if you went to bed last night at about 9:00, kevin mccarthy was talking and if you woke up as early as we did this morning he was still talking. he just finished. he just broke the house record for the longest speech in the
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house of representatives. 8 hours and 32 minutes. trying to block this monstrosity of the bill. ainsley: not in favor of the social spending bill. lawrence: he had fire in his belly which is new for the republican party. they normally take it from the democrats. but the minority leader said not on our watch. i think they feel empowered by what happened in virginia and they are going on the offense. pete: sure. good morning, thanks for being here it's lawrence and i in for steve and brian. we were all down in florida. ainsley: we had so much fun. did you such a wonderful job. you really did. pete: it was an amazing evening down there at the patriot awards. awesome to have both of you. lawrence lawrence i didn't know pete was funny. he had one liners at that event. pete: i don't know. ainsley: ready for some of those. pete: you had to be ready. ainsley: they were chanting some phrases. '. pete: there were surprises. but it was -- try to have a little fun like "fox & friends." one moment you are serious and
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laughing the next but we had. ainsley: nascar fans down there. they were yelling. pete: in the crowd, chanting. it was americana. pete: that one i knew was coming for sure. it was fun to have the heroes we honored. and then sean and tucker and laura, kind of like a giant family reunion. ainsley: everyone was there. after covid it was nice to be back out on the road as a group, as a family. it was wonderful. there is pete in his tuxedo and you open it up red, white and blue. pete: there is you three giving the modern warrior. you surprised the builder of homes for heroes. ainsley: andy puju lumplet interviewing joey jones who lost both of his legs fighting for our country. andy pujul started an organization called homes for heroes. back in the day we interviewed him on sean hannity show.
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now his organization has grown thanks to all of our "fox & friends" viewers. you all are building homes for all of our warriors that have lost arms, lost legs. and then they build these houses. and they outfit them so that they can makes their lives easier. pete: by the way you can see right here the patriot awards will be airing live on the fox news channel this sunday at 10:00. pete: the problem is the whole presentation went over. this will have to fit into an hour. commercials are 40 minutes there will will be a lot of things you have to edit out when you watch it on the channel. this is why it still lives at fox nation. still get a subscription and write the whole thing. ainsley: your wife used to be the executive producer of our show and moved on to do so many wonderful things at fox. she is in charge of fox nation she and a few others. she put this all on. is she sleeping right now. lawrence she should be. pete: she is. when you see what the production crew there does scott wilder and his team, lighting, audio.
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just the whole hair and makeup. it all descended there. and what the channel is capable of, it was an amazing group of people. ainsley: i will tell you in local news-y'all have done local news. y'all have like three lights. so you don't look as good. and now when to national news it's like oh my goodness each light so many lights and that event whoever did our lighting did an incredible job. lawrence: fireworks. pete hits the stable and it goes zoom. ainsley: pyrotechniques. pete: lighting chris. 188 lights that we brought to the theater that already had that many lights to your point. it was quite a show. lawrence: i had a great time hugging the people. d'corey johnson who was a star i enjoyed. americanna. we got hug all the people who pay our bills every single day that love the country. so many first responders, there were veterans there.
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it was amazing event. ainsley: do you know what i love about him, too. he really looks up to you and you have his phone number and keep in touch. lawrence: i'm going to try. ainsley: you were giving him a lecture what were you telling him. lawrence: like sean hannity on the radio. lawrence: keep it on the limit. pete: did lawrence jones have a good time? of course lawrence jones had a good time. six minutes after the hour. get to the news as well. fox news alert. within the last hour, minority leader kevin mccarthy wrapping day the vote on the president's massive social spending bill. lawrence: he had fire in his belly. lauren blanchard joins us live from washington with more on this. lauren? >> good morning, lawrence, ainsley pete. kevin mccarthy starting magic minute on the floor then speak for 8 hours 32 minutes delaying the democrats vote and beating
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nancy pelosi's floor record. >> madam speaker, this one minute feels almost like 8 hours now. [laughter] no secret, that this bill is too extreme, too costly and too liberal. just a few weeks ago congresswoman abigail spam berger said nobody elected joe biden to be fdr. >> i did. >> last ditch delay was to stall passage of the build back better bill. estimates the bill willed a $367 billion to the deficit over the next decade. however, they did find that it will bring in about $207 billion in revenue. meaning the deficits would be closer to 160 billion. still, that is not zero like the president has promised. >> doesn't cost a cent. we all talked the program
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$1.7 billion, guess what? it's paid for. >> the president's approval ratings also taking a beating as his party has struggled to move the forward. only 36% approve of his handling of the job, 53% disapprove: the house is scheduled back n about two hours. short turn around for some of them, where they will once again move forward with a vote on the build back better bill while leader mccarthy was able to delay passage, it's unlikely his speech will change the outcome because democrats are believed in have the votes they need. lawrence, ainsley, pete? pete: lauren, thank you so much. that's right, moderates in the house, so-called moderate democrats in the house have fall financial line at this point. they got what they wanted with the so-called infrastructure bill which really doesn't have the infrastructure in it exchange for their vote for this monstrosity which the cbo just scored. big shocker, it's going to cost more than zero dollars. ainsley: going to cost $376 billion over the next 10
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years. now the democrats are really in a pickle right now. because they have to decide do they want to go along with this? and then what are their constituents going to think about this? we are already in a deficit. we have a massive deficit. inflation is through the roof. your gas prices, your electric bills. we can't get our items for christmas. we can't even get, you know, lysol or whatever you need for your house to clean. paper towels. toilet paper. so, they have to decide do we want to go along with this and then possibly lose votes in the midterm? lawrence: interesting. we got this new polling coming out from the quinnipiac poll do you approve or disapprove of the way joe biden is handling his job as president? 36% approve. i don't know who those people aring. ainsley: right. lawrence: 5% disapprove and 10% don't know. you know, you would think when you see this polling, of course, you know the administration is saying, congress is saying that there will be some pivot. that they would say look after virginia, after new jersey,
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after these local elections we may be progressive. we may be democrats, but we think this is a failure of this administration. you think they would change their strategy. they are not. part of the reason they are not, pete and ainsley, the progressive caucus is saying the reason why we are dropping in the polls is because we are not progressive enough. that we are not giving our voters a reserve to be excited. didn't go out there and go big or go home. and so now we're caught in the middle. pete: yeah. they are driving the agenda. you heard comrade cortez yell out at the end of the clip lawrence just played when kevin mccarthy was quoting another member saying we didn't elect joe biden to be fdr she yelled i did. that's because they have tried to use what was not a mandate with the votes that they have to push the most radical agenda ever. and look at that number. 36%? that's staggeringly low. ainsley: i think donald trump had problems with women. suburban women. they all voted for joe biden thinking he was going to be a
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centrist. was going to be moderate. seems like a nice guy. everyone secretary of state is he a nice guy. he has a lot of experience. them when he gets in office he starts voting with all these progressives. and that's scaring so many individuals because the party is just divided. you have that progressive group but then you have so many that are moderate. lawrence: he promised both groups, ainsley. he said he was going to be a moderate on the campaign trail. gets elected and says is he going to be the most progressive president. to our point earlier talking about the progressives saying he hasn't been strong enough. in that fox news polling that just came out, 46% of the country saying that he is too liberal. and then you have got 13% among the democrats are saying that he is too liberal. and then you have got 12%. here are the crazies right here saying he is too conservative. he hasn't been conservative at all. then you have the other -- did. pete: that's the socialist baseline right there. lawrence: people totally not listening to the tone of the
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country. and this president they think he was elected on a mandate. the american public are saying something different. pete: to your point, they didn't pivot, they plowed. lawrence: that's a good point. pete: they plowed. we know we are unpopular, we know our policies are unpopular and we will get crushed in the 2022 midterms. pass everything we can while we have the votes. they will try to dare republicans to run against these bills that they now passed and never go away. ainsley: scare you though think about when bernie sanders came into who was and he started talking about socialism. and we were all saying, what? do you know socialist country? there is no way we will go for that everyone walls appalled. then slowly but surely a lot of them started going in that direction. and what fearful for a lot of americans is that policy going to resonate years from now, when our children are grown.
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will. pete: almost won the nomination twice. they rigged it against him twice. but what joe biden did was make a deal with the devil, with the socialist. he said i'm going to join with bernie because i need bernie and the democrats are bernie now. they are -- i want to say there is a big part of the base which is moderate? i don't think so. lawrence: look how they are reacting right now. stephen miller, the former trump adviser says that this is going to be about the midterms. take a look. >> the only person in the country that is polling worse. the only politician polling worse than joe biden is kamala harris. that's a political crisis for this administration. it's like having the titanic sink and then finding out that your life boats are all filled with holes. it is truly a political catastrophe because they have nowhere to go. and i will also add that as they are looking to pass this build back better monstrosity and twist arms in the house and especially the senate, democrats have to know that with the unpopularity of biden and
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harris, they are looking at a midterm wipeout if they vote for this bill. lawrence: you know, we got a long show today but i can't wait to talk about the cbo. the democrats have respected the cbo for years. all of a sudden the cbo doesn't know how to score a bill in the hypocrisy. joe biden called it the gold standard and now they are dismissing it they are saying the cbo doesn't understand what this bill is supposed to do over 10 years. i think they know. and i think there is a lot of moderates progressives. if the cbo is going against the democratic party's bill should tell you something. ainsley: nonpartisan group $376 billion. we are paying so much already for just household items. for gas, your electric bill has gone up. can we afford this? pete: no, as is often said. if democrats wouldn't have standards if they didn't have double standards. and in this case you are scwarktly right. they were for it before they were against it. ainsley: they wouldn't have standards if they didn't have -- i love that. that's good.
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carley: good morning, we are back with your headlines. oklahoma governor stith granting clemens to jones hours before he was set to be.
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he was convicted of murdering paul howl in 1999. howell's family releasing a statement after the clemens saying we know governor sit had a difficult decision to make we take comfort confirms he shall not be eligible for pardon or parole for the remainder of his life. take a look at this thieves stormed a store when an armed guard went on a short break. no arrests have been made. police say they have some descriptions of the suspect's get away car. kanter takes his shot against lebron james for staying silent against china's human rights abuse, in a tweet captainer writes money over morals for the king. sad and disgusting how these athletes pretend they care about social justice. they really do shut up and
3:21 am
dribble when big boss says. so kanter has been outspoken against uyghur muslims. pointed the finger at the nba and nike for not speaking out. called on the white house to take action. wow, how about that tweet, guys? carley: shut up and dribble. ing. pete: big boss is he talk about chairman xi in china. lawrence: they didn't want to be involved in politics but. fair for kanter to be involved to. say what he wants to, too. sorry. pete: see him if they allow him. ainsley: carley, we will get a lesson about basketball players. they were telling me about the euro while you were talking. pete: what ask it. ainsley: you can't carry. accept to be carry for just two steps now, carley. it started in europe and that's
3:22 am
why they allow it in america. just two steps. the problem is what if you take that third step how do you know when to stop? that's the hard part. pete: this conversation i said a steph curry took a step and then another step and somehow that's legal now too? it was beautiful. lawrence: they always are beautiful. ainsley: are you teaching your boys to euro. pete: i played college basketball and i couldn't euro. my 11-year-old steps through the lane and i'm like that's a travel. ainsley: if you never played basketball, i was like holy cow i thought this sport looked a lot easier than it is. i was out of breath. i was out of breath. it is back and forth and back and forth. pete: it's true. lawrence and i have been meaning to play. lawrence: we talk a lot of trash. time to see. pete: one of these days out on the plaza. ainsley: we can do it out on the plaza. lawrence: beat will cain in a
3:23 am
wheelchair. pete: well,. ainsley: disney crews, have you taken your boys and your daughter. pete: only been on one. ainsley: disney cruise? pete: just one cruise overall in my life. never a disney cruise sounds like my nightmare. ainsley: i heard they were a lot of fun. if you go with all your friends it's fun because all the parents go by the pool and the bar and the kids just go. pete: that's probably right. well, if you want to take a disney cruise now, disney is requiring vaccines for passengers. not adults. ages 5 and up. ainsley: anyone who is eligible has to have a vaccine. pete: has to have a vaccine. joe rogan who has been at the forefront of a lot of things as they pertain to vaccine passports and mandates had this to say where we are headed. >> terrifies me is that we have to become like china in order to deal with what they're doing. i just -- i feel like one step
3:24 am
moving in that general direction is a social credit score system. i'm terrified of that and i think that is where vaccine passports lead. to say i really do. once the government has that kind of power and control they will be able to exercise it whenever they want with all sorts of reasons to institute it. lawrence: i think you can apply this to anything when this comes to government. you give he them an inch, they're going to take awhile. and i mean it was only a matter of time before they required this for the kids after they did it to the parents as well. i think this is going to be the line where parents say okay. we gave in on making it a mandate for some of us did. and then but there is not enough testing. we don't know where this is going to go for our kids. we can't comply with this. ainsley: i do know someone that's booked a cruise for january taking all the grandkids. i think there were like 13 grandkids and then they got the notice saying your kids have to be vaccinated. and they weren't sure if they were going to do it. they decided to vaccinate the
3:25 am
kids but this is a conversation that i know our age group is having. you're going to go on your carnival cruise before did you go on your disney cruise. you got to meet the girl before did you go on the disney cruise. what are your friends saying in new jersey? pete: a lot of people totally nonpolitical are saying mess with me, that's one thing. mess with my kids, ain't happening. ainsley: i know. pete: you thought we saw an exodus right now of blue states free states. wait until entire states attempt to mandate a vaccine for kids down to 9 -- down to 5? see ya. you are not going to force a parent -- especially when the threat to children age 5 is like zero. ainsley: and you hear so many -- sorry, go ahead. you hear some different stories. i have one friend who goes to school here in new york they are say your daughter 5 years old, 6 now has to be vaccinated when she comes back from christmas. she is now saying, ainsley, i think i'm going to put her in a different school or a public school. i said it's coming to public
3:26 am
schools next this is new york city unless our new governor or mayor says no. but or if does the governor or mayor make that decision? either one. pete: mayor is so big here. ainsley: another friend peed christian her daughter is in my daughter's school. my concern is what happens 20 years from now if my daughter's to be a mom? is it going to affect reproduction. hasn't studied it enough. she did say this to me that made me think twice. she said if we have to take booster shots because it's getting out of your system. then it's not going to be in her system in 20 years. but i am not doing it for my daughter unless we absolutely have to. our schools thankfully have said it's optional. lawrence: can we just talk about briefly that there's the mandate and then there is the it attempt to put pressure on the parents through the kids. kids like disney. kids like their favorite celebrities. i mean, they go along with the
3:27 am
flow. there is an attempt to market to the kids to get to the parents. pete: right. lawrence: i don't like that. ainsley: i know, true. lawrence: i think it's very problematic. again, they believe it you shouldn't be involved in your kids education there is a slippery slope right here. we are almost as a country conceding to it now maybe through louden in virginia some parents are fighting back. some message getting through the cull temperature that is problematic. ainsley: what are you going to do? pete: nothing. going to move. to me, that -- we don't know enough, the threat level is so low. ainsley: i know. pete: i should be able to live in a country where i can make that choice as a parent. a parent of my kid. but we are getting to the point where finance f. it's the schools and restaurants and flights. lawrence: everywhere. pete: pretty soon well i wanted -- oh, because i don't want to vaccinate my 8-year-old. lawrence: that's the goal.
3:28 am
to put that pressure where the kids say mom and dad why haven't i gotten the vaccine? i want to go with my friends. ainsley: going to hit tourism industry. seeing a lot of people not come to new york because they know your kids have to be vaccinated to go into a restaurant. they have to be vaccinated to see certain shows. a lot of our friends from where we grew up are saying we are not coming to new york until all of this slows down. same thing with disney. if you can't get on the cruise unless you are vaccinated, they are going to lose money. pete: what if until this all slows down never comes? ainsley: i know. pete: that's the scary part. lawrence: we will be talking about that all morning. now this msnbc convicting kyle rittenhouse before the jury has its say. >> this feels like those cases in the 1950s, you know somebody white, male killed someone and they were in and out fast and acquitted. pete: what the network has since done that now has them banned from that courtroom. joe concha is next.
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pete: tensions running high inside and outside the courthouse at the trial of kyle rittenhouse as the judge bans one major news network from the trial. alexis mcadams is live in kenosha as the jury prepares to start another day of deliberations, good morning. >> pete, good morning. that's right, before deliberations near kenosha, wisconsin for the kyle rittenhouse case police calling this a major safety concern as they try to figure out exactly why someone who identified herself as a photographer with msnbc was following the jury in the first place. >> a person that claimed that he was a producer with nbc and for msnbc stated he had been instructed to follow the jury bus. >> and that was the judge talking about this issue.
3:34 am
nbc news though denying that a freelancer was ever attempting to contact jurors from this trial saying in part the freelancer never photographed or intended to photograph any of those jurors. back out here in kenosha one of the things we are watching closely as they enter day four of deliberations some of the confusion that can be surrounding these instructions, 36 pages of jury instructions that were handed over to those jurors. one juror even asking that if they could take these home to take a closer look. >> the instructions are very confusing. but you. >> i don't think it would be appropriate for them to bring their notes home. >> no, you are right about that. no notes to go home. >> over 36 pages of these instructions. no won determine they have questions at this point. also at least five schools in the area now on high alert, going back to remote learning. just to make sure all of the students are safe. we haven't seen any major safety concerns but a higher police presence out here yesterday than in days past. pete?
3:35 am
pete: alexis, thank you so much. let's bring in fox news contributor joe concha to reacted. joe, you heard that report. msnbc now banned from the courthouse. they say they didn't do it. but the judge points out there was a recover from covering the bus -- or following the bus with jurors in it. you want to believe that, you know, this left up to 12 people that's what justice in america looks like. if you are photographing or potentially photographing jurors, that can change the outcome, too. >> pete, you are a logical person, i'm a logical person. let's apply logic here. basic logic. nbc, msnbc has declared rittenhouse not only guilty but a racist even before this trial began and the evidence started to come in. they actually expected people to believe its producer was not following the jury van. he happened to be right behind it pure coincidence and then he decides to run a red light. why? what's the sense of urgency unless you, as a producer, was doing exactly what you say you were instructed to do photograph the jury.
3:36 am
oh, and speaking of the person who the producer claims instructed him to follow the jury, she has deleted her social media accounts. had which if there is no wrongdoing here this person wouldn't be doing that any logical person can see that this is partisan activism in broad daylight, pete. pete: when you break down those details, that's exactly what it was. that's exactly what happened. and that's exactly why the judge banned an entire network from the courtroom. you mentioned the coverage of the trial from msnbc. let's remind our viewers a little bit about what they have been saying. >> you have a president who is defending hills vigilantism and lawlessness. that is really where we are as a country. well prepared by his defense attorneys to disrupt trigger happy vigilante who went on a shooting rampage. >> this feels like those cases in the 1950s, you know, somebody white, male killed someone. and they were in and out fast and acquitted. pete: they declared themselves
3:37 am
judge and jury from the beginning. >> yeah. and let's bring it back now to what happened yesterday as far as msnbc being banned. you can make the argument, pete, and it's a good one, that msnbc is attempting to obstruct justice here. right? because if the jury is aware that they're being followed, that's intimidation. that's harassment. and this isn't antifa. it's allegedly a national news organization which, for weeks, has been saying that sort of stuff that we just played. and these actions can sway the way they vote in this trial as far as following the jury. and, look, these orders usually don't happen on a low level by the way. i will leave it here. i can waste everyone's time and list the reasons for internal investigation carried out by third party? why bother? msnbc is going to wait this out. they know most media reporters and those covering the industry. tacitly disagree with the. whole bowl of wrong, pete. pete: a bowl of wrong.
3:38 am
i couldn't have said it better myself. >> good to see you. pete: 90 minutes the house of representatives reconvenes. expected to vote on biden's monster socialist spending bill as the cbo reveals the plan is, well, what we all knew, not paid for, despite what the house attempts to say. stuart varney is here on enthe spending show down. there he is.
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pneumonia, and osteoporosis. call your doctor if worsened breathing, chest pain, mouth or tongue swelling, problems urinating, vision changes, or eye pain occur. take a stand and start a new day with trelegy. ask your doctor about once-daily trelegy. and save at ♪ >> this evening showed that no matter the time, the day, or the circumstances, house republicans will always fight for you, fight for your family, and fight for our country. with that, madam speaker, i yield back. [cheers and applause]
3:43 am
ainsley: a fox news alert. house minority leader kevin mccarthy capping off a record-breaking speech. it was about 8 hours. single-handedly delaying the vote on biden's massive trillion dollars spending bill, this social spending bill. the house will reconvene in just a few hours from now to try it again. and it comes as a congressional budget office reports that the plan will rack up billions in deficit spending. here to react is host of varney and company and american built on fox business stuart varney. good morning, stuart. >> good morning, ainsley. ainsley: you were the expert on this. how much is this going to cost our country? >> okay. they say it's going to add $367 billion to the deficit. nonsense. this is financial slight of hand. there is a great deal of trickery involved in build back better. let me try to explain to you. take for example, the child care allowance, cost $130 billion a year that is scheduled to expire after one year. so it's costed at 130 billion.
3:44 am
that's not the cost of it. it will never be repealed. when politician is going is a-to-say no, no, no, you parents can't have that money any longer. you can't repeal it it's going to be there forever. the true cost that that one program is not 130 billion. it's 1.3 trillion costed out 30 years. the earned income tax credit. they are all going to phase out after one year. not true. they will go on for 10 years and longer which will cost eventually the total cost of build back better is more like $5 trillion not $2 trillion. that is outrageous. the "wall street journal" says this is the most dishonest spending bill in american history. ainsley: i read that. once you give someone an entitlesment you can't take it away. >> you can't. ainsley: moderate democrats want to run again next year. constituents are moderate. they know it's going to cost a lot of money what are they going to do. >> moderates are concentrated in new jersey and new york state.
3:45 am
what they got. what they won was this increase in the salt thing. without putting too fine a point on it, that is a gave away to rich democrats in new jersey and new york and california. now, that may be taken out of build back better by bernie sanders when it gets to the senate. if he takes it out, he is taking the moderates away. he pulled the rug out from under the moderates because they are standing on salt being increased for the benefit of their constituents. they could go down to defeat. ainsley: you keep hearing joe biden saying it's not going to cost anything. we are not raising taxes on anyone that makes less than $400,000. is that true? what about the mom and dad, the average -- what's the average income for a family? >> inflation is a tax. right? we have inflation. this build back better will make inflation worse in my opinion. that hurts everybody. everybody is taxed on that poor people suffer more. middle income people, what they are looking forward to is higher taxes down the road on them, at
3:46 am
the state level and at the federal level. and possibly a debt crisis. because we're going to have to borrow by the trillion for this. and sooner or later. there is going to be a crisis over the debt that we up there that means a debt crisis, higher interest rates, recession. everybody -- everybody gets hurt by that. ainsley: what happens today? does this thing pass? >> i don't think speaker pelosi would have scheduled a vote unless she is pretty sure that she has the votes to get it passed. if she does, if it passes, then it goes to the senate. where they are going to take it apart. ainsley: right. >> sinema, they have their opinions on what to take out. and bernie sanders has his opinion on what to take out. and when they have taken it all out, it goes back to the house, they have a conference committee to sort it all out. it's nowhere near over. ainsley: thank you so much for coming on here with us. >> my pleasure. ainsley: we love having you on. happy friday.
3:47 am
check in with senior meteorologist janice dean for fox weather forecast. hi, janice. janice: a little chilly in the northeast it does feel like thanksgiving is on its way. take a look at the maps. pretty quiet, aside from the cold air, right? we have got 28 in chicago. 30 in louisville. 35 in nashville. and we have a storm system that's on its way this weekend that dives in from canada across the great lakes. we are going to see heavy rain along that front. and then some interior northeast snow along the great lakes. so this is the storm we are going to kind of be watching for thanksgiving travel. i don't think it's going to be a big blockbuster storm but it certainly could bring some travel delays and then behind it it's going to feel very cold. okay. so here is one of the models we are looking at. not a lot of heavy rain. most of it will be offshore. but we will see that lake-effect snow moving. in there is one of the other reliable forecast models. although it's not going to be a huge nor'easter. it's going to cause traveling delays. if you are traveling today not too bad a storm system moving into the northeast.
3:48 am
there is your thanksgiving forecast. look at that ainsley, thankful at 63. and pilgrim 46. pumpkin center is 29. isn't that cool. our fox weather center does a great job with thanksgiving and seasonal forecast. back to you. ainsley: thank you so much, janice. janice: you got it. ainsley: a border democrat is jumping ship. i know you heard about this. shipping to the -- switching to g.o.p. and leaving behind what he calls disastrous policies. is he going to join us live. plus, black friday is next week. can you believe it? thanksgiving is here. but this morning we have even better bargains. mega morning deals. that's coming up next. it's good to see meghan back in the house with lawrence. ♪
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carley: vice president kamala harris' communications director leaving the administration over reports of a rift. the white house officials says ashley ateen will be pursuing other opportunities when her resignation takes effect next month. her departure comes amid reports the vice president feels under used and under valuinged by the biden administration.
3:53 am
the "new york times" getting bashed or mashed online for pasting what they call the two ingood yent mashed potato recipe. the problem their concoction calls for four ingredients to the horror of many no butter. people on social media calling it an abomination. some taste tester give the recipe some thumbs up no. butter, lawrence. paula deen would not approve. lawrence: she would not approve she loves the butter. christmas gift buying season is quickly approaching. instead of standing out in the cold gift box store after thanksgiving. we have some deals even better than black friday mega morning deals spokesperson megan meany joins us now. >> hello. lawrence: you got some stuff for us today? >> i do. and i don't think you need butter for the pizza oven. lawrence: you don't. >> this is our stone pizza oven just mimics brick oven pizza i can't. that thick crust you love can you do it at home. stone built right in. heats from the top and the
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3:55 am
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attach it to your alexa or your google assistant and you are yesterday to go. lawrence: in the morning it shines bright like be a diamond for these deals go to "fox & and click on the link. americans have r. shilling out more to feed their families and some on the left wing media say they are just whining. >> the economy isn't bad. it's just that people are mad because everything is late and things cost a little bit more. lawrence: the great congressman from florida byron donalds sounds off next. ♪ ♪
3:57 am
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>> never in american history will so many taxes raised to pay for so much reckless spending. pete: kevin mccarthy over 8 hour speech in the house. >> the "wall street journal" says this is the most dishonest spending bill in american history. >> president biden getting lowest marks yet. >> president biden's approval rating 38%. the only person polling worse is kamala harris. >> joy reid lecture the american people concerned about inflation. >> economy isn't bad, it's just that people is mad because severing late and costs a little juror in florida governor ron desantis signing four bills to covid vaccine mandates in the state. >> it's important to sign
4:01 am
regulation to protect floridians. >> picked off this one is picked off. high and picked off. picked. and in for the touchdown. what a night for this patriots defense. ♪ all night long ♪ all night ♪ all night long ♪ all night ♪ all night ♪ all night long ♪ all night ♪ all night ainsley: i mean, is he not the greatest singer ever? i love him. lawrence: he's up there. ainsley: i have seen him in concert. look at that beautiful shot. lawrence: that's the best thing you are going to get out of washington. [laughter] ainsley: thanksgiving is next week y'all. i was talking to a friend this is such a fun time in our lives the patriot awards were this week. we are august home safely by the grace of god and then we have thanksgiving next week. lawrence: we get to eat a lot.
4:02 am
ainsley: we get to eat so much. the best meal. christmas right around the corner. christmas trees are going to go up next week. lawrence: are you strict by your diet? ainsley: i have to be because i have to get in a bathing suit at the end of december so i try to be strict. or i am just going to wear a lot of cover ups. [laughter] ainsley: which probably do what i do. i keep saying every day today is the start of the diet. today is the day i'm going to go back to the gym really hard. pete: do like the rest of us and start on friday. ainsley: i know. we are doing the best we can right? pete: doing the best we can thanksgiving is the absolute best though. my favorite. do you stress me out when you mention christmas right away. thanksgiving is everything you want. it's food. ainsley: don't have over two about gifts. pete: family. football. don't have to worry about gifts. show up. everybody eats. lawrence: will you be watching the cowboys game. ainsley: y'all help in the kitchen or you those guys that plop down, watch football.
4:03 am
and the women are in the kitchen helping with the clean-up in be honesty. pete: janice is laughing. don't answer that question. ainsley: i will tell you something though. lawrence: i actually cook. ainsley: do you. lawrence: i had to my mom had lupus it wasn't by choice i had to. ainsley: what do you cook? lawrence: i cook the whole meal. ainsley: does that stress you out? lawrence: no i actually cooking. i don't have to do it this year because i'm working on thanksgiving. ainsley: who is going to do cooking for mom. lawrence: mom got to do it. she has to step up to the plate. pete: i always do the turkey the turkey is my baby jen does the rest. ainsley: are a fried turkey person? [gobbling] pete: last year i wanted to do it and i didn't find one. how you prep it, pull the stuff out, whatever, you know. lawrence: fry it? pete: no put it in the oven. lawrence: got to fry it got to taste that. pete: i have tried it on the
4:04 am
show and it's phenomenal. ainsley: can i send you a good fryer. now made the fry sorry great. you put it in there and it takes an hour. that's it. pete: i want to do that. ainsley: let's talk about the news. pete: now to a fox news alert and our top story. hours ago the longest speech in the house of representatives history wrapped up. ainsley: lasted through the night. minority leader kevin mccarthy his marathon 8 and a half hour speech aimed at delaying this vote on president biden's massive that social spending bill. lawrence: he was fired up. alexandria hoff joins us from the white house with more. alexandria thanks for being with us. what's you got? >> congressman mccarthy seth achieved what he set out to do. house democrats planned on voting for the house spending bill yesterday that was delayed. they do plan on voting on that again today. the house minority leader beat the prior record set by nancy pelosi in the longest speech. that was in 2018. she spoke for 8 hours and seven
4:05 am
minutes. mccarthy wrapped up marathon floor speech 5:10 this morning after speaking for 8 hours and 32 minutes. history and personal stories and of course pushed back on president biden's spending agenda which the congressional budget office predicts willed a $367 billion to the deficit. >> madam speaker, this one minute feels almost like 8 hours now. [laughter] no secret, that this bill is too extreme, too costly and two liberal. just a few weeks ago congresswoman abigail spanberger said nobody elected joe biden to be fdr. >> i did. >> you heard that i did there. that was the voice of congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez saying she did vote for president biden to be the next fdr. now president biden wants to possess the reputation of past president franklin delano roosevelt he has at least one
4:06 am
hurdle. for one fdr enjoyed a consistently high approval rating. the quinnipiac university found 36% of those surveyed approve of how biden has handled his job as president so far. as for build back better agenda the latest fox news poll shows only one quarter of americans think it will help their family. so, right now the house is set to reconvene at 8:00 this morning. and they plan to vote on this social spending bill later in the day. ainsley, lawrence, pete? ainsley: all right. well, thank you so much. good to see you. have a great weekend. pete: let's bring in representative byron donalds republican from florida house budget committee and house budget. house oversight keeps going. house select committee on economic disparity and fairness and growth. congressman, you are a busy man. thanks so much for being with us this morning. were you there for the speech? tell us about, you know, what this speech meant to your conference. >> oh, well, first of all, i wasn't on the floor for the leader's speech.
4:07 am
what it demonstrated for the american people is that we are going to try to do everything we can to stop one of the most reckless pieces of legislation that's ever moved through the nation's capitol. afternoon so kevin mccarthy last night stood up and did everything he could. you know, at this time. to stop this bill from moving forward. it's because it's a joke. it's a give away to rich people in blue states. it's a give away to companies like solyndra with green bank that they want to create. it's a give away of the worst kind. frankly in expanding the social safety net which is going to cause more people to make a decision to either stay home or work less. which is going to hurt small businesses all over our country. lawrence: congressman, you know, it seems like the american people were clear in the past election with virginia, new jersey, some of these local races. you look at the polling. it's telling you that the american people are rejecting the biden administration's agenda. buff it seems like they doubled down with this bill.
4:08 am
>> listen, they are always going to double down. it's important for the american people to understand this. no matter what the crisis is, no matter what the democrats frankly broke. no matter how incompetent joe biden is. the cure for what ails you is always going to be there agenda. that's why no matter what's going on with inflation, the border, gas prices, the fact that our supply chain is broken, what do they continue to do? they continue to go after electric vehicles and continue going after giving tax cuts to the rich. something that the democrats have always said they never support. that's what they are doing in this bill. if you are a billionaire in a blue state. you are getting a tax cut. and so that's the things that they're after no matter what's going on in the country. they do not care about what's going on with working families and fixed income seniors. they only care about the agenda first, second, and third. and then they will lie to you and tell you that it's going to be the best thing for you. ainsley: what about the timing of this? the cbo is predicting that this is going to cost -- it's going to add $376 billion to the
4:09 am
deficit over the next 10 years. there is a fox news poll that says this holiday season most people are concerned about gifts being unaffordable. look at this. 64% gifts unaffordable from inflation. 62% late gifts due to the supply chain. 43% covid affected gatherings. is this the right time to start adding all of this money to our deficit? >> no, it's the absolute wrong time. it's going to make our inflation pressures worse. it's going to destroy the purchasing power of americans even more than anything that joe biden has already done. afternoon let's be very clear about 367 billion that the cbo has scored. cbo always undercuts how much these things are actually going to cost. secondarily, what the democrats are doing here is that they're short cutting some of these programs. child tax credit and earned income tax credit only lasts one year in the bill. does anybody in washington or in the country, frankly, really
4:10 am
think that the democrats only want to do it for one year? no, they want to make it permanent. so the 367 billion, that's a down payment of what it is going to cost for the bernie sanders joe biden agenda which frankly no american really wanted. then the last elections or in election now or any election going forward. pete: congressman, joy reid would disagree. she says people are just mad because things might be a little late and cost a little more. take a listen to what she said. >> the republicans want you to believe the economy is doing well. that's terrible. in reality, unemployment is at its lowest point since before the pandemic began. prices are higher, which is never good. but americans are also spending a record amount of money that was pent up during the pandemic which economic 101 will tell you drives prices up aka inflation. the conflict between how much we want to spend and what key with get into our hands quickly is contributing to how pessimistic many feel about the economy. the economy isn't bad, it's just that people are mad because everything is late and things
4:11 am
cost a little bit more. pete: we're just not grateful enough, congressman. everything is fine. >> first of all joy reid is economic illiterate the person who naught in teleprompter feed is also economic illiterate. the reality is when you give people too much money without exchange of value, and they don't have to go work, which means you don't have people in the productive sector of the economy, it is going to cause inflation. that is why we should have never done federal ui back -- federal unemployment insurance sorry people back home back in early february. that's why child direct credit direct money going to people with children is a bad idea. you set up a decision of am i going to take the additional five hours at work or am i going to stay home? and this is what happens if you do that for an entire economy, prices are going to go up because people have more money to spend. there is no exchange in labor in order for what they want to go acquire. which means the cost of goods are going to be more and more expensive. somebody tell joy reid what i
4:12 am
said so she can get help. lawrence: that's exactly right. congressman, joy reid is just taking the talking points from the democratic party. they continue to blame the american people for what they have caused. so i guess what is the case for republicans going into the midterms? what are you guys going to say? >> listen, the number one thing we are going to do is pull all of this stuff out. all of this stuff has to go. we have to stop it dead in its tracks. because we cannot spend the country into oblivion on these types of projects. secondarily we have to go back to some of the bread and butter issues. number one, making sure that our economy is up and running. we have the right incentives for small business. we actually go and fix our southern border because what most people won't tell you is we are diverting more and more federal workers to the southern border. where do those workers come from? the white house is pulling them out of the productive sector of the economy. we have a nursing short tang in our country. yet, on the border, there are nurses who are contracted by the federal government at higher
4:13 am
price -- at higher rates per hour for them to be on the southern border than to be in hospitals around the country. what does that do? it raises the cost of healthcare in our country. so we got do these things. we have to fix our border. we have to clean up our supply chain. we have to make sure we get rid of the mandates and the bureaucracy from small businesses and last, but not least, we got to get joe biden's idiotic energy policies out of our economy so the price of energy can actually start coming down, which means that the cost of transportation, the cost of goods, and frankly, the cost of heating your home go down and they do not exacerbate you. that's your agenda. that's what we need to be focused on. ainsley: all right, congressman donalds from the great state of florida. pete: appreciate it. ainsley: hand it over to carley she has headlines for us. carley: happy friday. sure do. it is friday. it's also day four of jury deliberations in the trial of kyle rittenhouse. the wait for the verdict stirring tensions between clashing protesters outside the courthouse as the national guard
4:14 am
remains on stands by. and the judge banning msnbc from the courthouse as someone working for them is suspected by police of following members of the jury. nbc denying that report saying quote the freelancer never contacted or intended to contact the jurors and never photographed them or intended to photograph them. the jury will reconvene this morning at 9:00 a.m. central time. the white house saying president biden will head to walter reed medical center today for a routine physical. is he reportedly departing from the white house soon. that facility nearby in maryland. the white house sells more details about the president's medical checkup will be made available after he arrived at walter reed. stormy weather could put a real wrench in thanksgiving travel for millions of americans. national weather service forecasters say a large winter pattern could hit the northeast and midwest, yet, fox weather predicts that for now the storm will not have a major impact on
4:15 am
holiday travel. more than 53 million people are expected to travel next week. and the new england patriots beat the atlanta falcons on fox thursday night football. watch. >> got a date at seattle coming up. and this is a pick by kyle van know. threw it right to him and have a know is in for the touchdown. >> that pick one of four interpretations in the pats defense 25-0 victory. new england has now won five in a row and more football guys to come. of course because it is thanksgiving next week like you were saying. lawrence: looking forward to it love football. pete: we were going to do a third topic with congressman byron donalds we didn't get a chance to get to it because is he talking about repealing the agenda which is good. the problem is joe biden is still in the white house even if they did repeal it you would have to get over a veto. really comes down to where you live. the governor of connecticut on wednesday believed -- they are now saying that you have to have a booster shot to be fully
4:16 am
vaccinated. ainsley: the definition of fully vaccinated keeps moving. pete: on the east coast. governor desantis in florida signed a bunch of anti-vaccination mandate bills at a dealership in brandon, florida. [laughter] ainsley: that's intentional. brian. pete: i wonder why he chose brandon. ainsley: should do everything. the patriot awards. he was great. and there was no script. did you see in the teleprompter it just said desantis talks. and he just got out there and he did. pete: he was our host for the evening. ainsley: people loved him. pete: for sure and shout out to branden, florida. shifting focus, now preparing for potential war against china and russia. general jack keane assesses the threat from our strongest adversaries coming up. ainsley: the texas democrat is just fed up. is he so fed up with his party and all those crazy policies. guess what he is doing?
4:17 am
he is switching. he is now g.o.p. republican. the main issue driving him. we will talk to him to find out why he did this. ♪ ♪ a mountain of toys to fulfill many wishes must be carried across all roads and all bridges. it's not magic that makes more holiday deliveries to homes in the us than anyone else, it's the hardworking people - grammarly businesses helps my companyce. build higher performing sales teams. since simon's team started using grammarly business to sharpen their writing, we've closed more deals.
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4:21 am
pete: for 20 years u.s. special 40ss have played a significant roll in the fight against radical islam. now the pentagon is shifting its focus to prepare for a potential war with america's more capable adversaries china or russia. here to react is fox news senior strategic analyst and retired four star general jack keane,
4:22 am
general, thanks so much for beinger who. organizations and substitutions have to do their best to look to the future and plan and train accordingly. is it the right mo for special operators to be reorienting toward china? >> oh, yeah. absolutely. china represents the most serious national security threat the united states has faced. noe since the soviet union. it was during the cold war. we also had special operation forces in our services not at the number that we have now but certainly they complimented the conventional forces that's what they are going to do here. plenty of missions. reconnaissance. they can identify and target key activities that the enemy has that cause us problems. like offensive missile batteries, their air power. seals can sabotage and conduct espionage against submarine bases. and, of course, they can enable conventional forces operations
4:23 am
themselves. and our green berets or special forces are very good at recruiting and training local forces as well. so, those missions, we have had in the kit bag before. we are taking them back out. we will be working a lot closer with conventional forces as a result of it. pete: old kit bag. i love it are we doing enough? we know the communist chinese are preparing and building a military designed to defeat the united states of america. are we reorienting fast enough to keep up with them? >> in my judgment, no. i mean, the real issue is here is our deterrence against china has eroded. china has more airplanes, more ships, and more submarines in the area and more missiles than the united states has. that's the reality of what we are facing. we are out manned and outgunned and the balance of power military power has shifted in favor of china. why is that?
4:24 am
our audience has a right to ask. we are the number one military in the world, aren't we? what happened was the 9/11 wars which you just mentioned 20 years our conventional capability eroded during that time and we had 8 years of budget reduction under obama and sequestration. the trump defense budget build up was a good start but it's not enough. we need to continue those defense budgets and, guess what? this administration in its defense budget it is not going to cover the cost for inflation. we have a defense budget that's coming that is indeed a reduction. and we are facing the greatest threat we have had since the soviet union. that makes no sense. the other thing is we have got to move more capability into the region. forward deployment. so our adversaries see that capability and realize that it's going to impose costs. when you ask the question are we doing enough? no we are not. pete: well, scary coming from you.
4:25 am
and effectively a defense cut as you pointed out as they are ramping up. i got to get to a second topic real quick. i'm genuinely curious about this. joe biden's administration is reportedly floating what they are calling an interim iran deal in order to buy more time for nuclear negotiations. here we go again, general. what is an interim nuclear deal mean? >> i think what it means -- this is an initiative by the national security adviser and director sullivan. and what they are thinking of doing is asking iran to freeze their nuclear enhancement, which is now close to 60% of enriched uranium. the freeze in place and then we'll provide some sanction relief to that. and then continue negotiations to get them back to the original deal. that's the thought of this. they shopped this with the israelis and the israelis thumbs down. bad idea. and i think it's a very bad idea
4:26 am
as well. listen, what is happening here, pete, this administration has ignored everything that's taken place since they left when they were in power ounder obama and biden then. and by that i mean they constructed the 2015 nuclear deal. and iran took the money and fueled all the problems maligned and aggressive behavior in the middle east. here we are going to do another deal with them. give them another pot of money like we did in 2015, and what are they going to do with it? they are going to increase their activity in the middle east region, syria, iraq, yemen, and what's the purpose of that? dominating and control the middle east. they are going to encroach on israel for sure. and certainly they are going to undermine u.s. activities in iraq. we surrendered afghanistan to the taliban. certainly the iranians feel good about that. they want us out of iraq as well. that's what a nuclear deal will get us. it makes no sense, pete. what we should be doing is double downing on these guys.
4:27 am
pete: yep. >> putting more sanctions on them. getting tougher with. they the israelis and the arabs are with that strategy. get tougher with iran. don't appease them. the only people that are with us are the europeans. particularly the french, the germans, and the brits. pete: those european defense experts, yes, i'm glad they are on our side and will soon be giving more money back to the iranians. general jack keane thanks for breaking it down for us. appreciate it? >> great talking to you, pete have. a wonderful weekend. pete: you too. between the border crisis and the push to defund police, even some democrats are getting tired much their own party that includes our next guest who is ditching the democrat party to rise the red wave. >> something is happening in south texas, and many of us are waking up to the fact that the values of those in washington, d.c. are not our values. ♪ being the economy.
4:28 am
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of our operations. it's tempting to see how far we've come. but it's only human... to know how far we have to go.
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4:32 am
victims in the courtroom were heard crying when the sentence was delivered. cannot appeal the judge's decision. not denying that president biden failed to ask president xi for cooperation in tracking down the origins of the covid pandemic during virtual summit. >> the president's push for the chinese to be participate more and provide more information. we have never held back on that front. psaki biden's cooperation in a covid origin probe but not saying whether he brought it up on monday. naxd for over three hours. did you see this the largest partial lunar eclipse visible in clear skies. the eclipse lasting more than three hours starting 4:00 a.m. this morning east coast time. the once in a lifetime event caused by the moon crossing into the earth's shadow and blocking the light of the sun.
4:33 am
those your headlines. lawrence, i know you were watching "fox & friends first" at 4:00 a.m. not the lunar eclipse. lawrence: of course because that's what we we do. another caravan mexico headed for the u.s. border is one of many issues facing a long time democrat to lead leave the party. he made the announcement this week alongside greg abbott. >> many of us are waking up to the fact that the values of those in washington, d.c. are not our values. the ideology of defund funding the police. of destroying the oil and gas industry and the chaos at our border is disastrous for those of us who live here in south texas. lawrence: newly republicans say representative ryan gene geen joins us now. you are known to be the most conservative democrat in the house. the youngest ever to be elected in the house.
4:34 am
did the democratic party leave you? >> yeah. you know, my values and the values of the majority of the folks that live in our district just align better with the republican party and that's -- you know, it's not a decision i made lightly and it took a lot of time and thought and prayer with my family. you don't just switch party overnight and a couple of disagreements. you switch after a series of disagreements over time and i think that this week that's what it came to. lawrence: you know, representative, many in your party have blasted you. some say it was because of redistricting. the texas democratic party had this to say we are disappointed in seeing him sell his soul and selling out south texans,
4:35 am
excited to clear the field for a real democrat to run. representative, what is your response to that? >> well, obviously they are not very happy. but, i think that we're doing the right thing. i have had a very good response from folks in the district. and i think people know that this was the right thing to do. and i feel like it was the right thing to do. and at the right time. lawrence: representative. i got to get your quick reaction to the border crisis that is impacting the people of texas. did that contribute to your move to the republican party? >> oh, certainly. you know, this ideology of hurting the oil field industry of defunding the police. this ideology of sitting idlely
4:36 am
by as we have seen the could is on the border in recent months that's not helping the democratic party. lawrence: it's been reflective in all of those border towns as well. ryan gillan the new republican state representative that is representing the rio grande area we talk to one soil ceo. msnbc is convicting k rittenhouse before the jury has its say. >> this feels like those cases in the 1950s, you know, somebody white, male, killed someone and they were in and out fast and acquitted. lawrence: what the network has done now to cause the judge to ban them from court. rachel campos-duffy and will cain react next. ♪ ♪
4:37 am
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>> i have instructed that no one from msnbc news will be permitted in this building for the duration of this trial. this is a very serious matter. as someone who is following the jury bus, that is a very -- that's extremely serious matter. ainsley: the media taking center stage in the kyle rittenhouse trial as the judge in the case, as you just heard, kicks out msnbc out of the courtroom. lawrence: that's right. the ban comes after a person who identified himself as an msnbc employee allegedly trailed a bus carrying the rittenhouse george bush. pete: let's bring in my "fox & friends weekend" co-host rachel campos-duffy and will cain. good morning to you both. ainsley: good morning. lawrence: hey, guys. pete: rachel, msnbc following the jury bus, does that surprise you? rachel: no, doesn't surprise me.
4:42 am
and the excuses made by this freelancer and by msnbc make no sense. and it's very clear they were trying to dox these jurors. there is absolutely no reason why they should have been following them at all. i want to share something with you really quick because i know we don't have a lot of time. i know someone in kenosha i spoke with them. they told me something very interesting. in kenosha county at large, if you ask people about this trial, it breaks up along party lines. red and blue, like you might imagine. but they said inside the city of kenosha, the people who experienced that night itself, they are not red and blue are all -- and independent are all on the side of self-defense, are all on the side of kyle rittenhouse. because these are people who went to bed sleeping with their guns. who were so afraid. who had their businesses blown up. and so i think it's very interesting in this trial, kyle rittenhouse is on trial but i believe, also, the right to self-defense is. that's why you see mark mccloskey, the senate
4:43 am
candidate all the way from missouri coming over to show his support because i think people understand what's on the line. rachel: will, here is a statement from nbc. they said while the traffic violation took place near the jury van, the freelancer never contacted or intended to contact the jurors during deliberations. and never photographed or intended to photograph them. the question is then, why was that person following the van? lawrence: and blew a light, will. will: doesn't matter quite honesty it doesn't matter. of course it's common sense we can read in that he was following that van so he could ultimately identify the jurors. that is clear. that is common sense. even if it weren't, ainsley. even if that were not the case, simply following the bus served as jury intimidation. jury tampering. if you are on that jury and you turn around and see a car blowing a red light to lawrence's point and chasing you, you begin to process something you already know, which is there extreme external pressure in the way that you
4:44 am
vote. it served the purpose whether or not they got the picture. and one last note, pete, you and i were on brian's radio show yesterday. and you brought up how the media has moved from bias to propaganda. this is yet another step. this is from bias to propaganda to activism. this is the media playing a role in the outcome of a trial. they are an active participant now in the news cycle. lawrence: we heard in the last election how they respect institutions and all that it seems like they don't respect the courts. and they are willing to intimidate. ainsley: if they kick out msnbc is nbc allowed to be there? lawrence: all the same people. good question. guys, what do you have coming up this weekend? will: well, lawrence, dan bongino, clay travis, lara logan and congressman steve scalise. difficult that all from memory so i would like a round of applause. [cheers and applause] pete: that comes as lawrence
4:45 am
should know i'm sorry i'm going to be watching my son's basketball tournament this weekend you are in this weekend lawrence jones. lawrence: texas takeover. ainsley: rachel, look what we are holding up your new amazing christmas book. tell us all about it all-american christmas. rachel: well, it just hit number one. if anyone. ainsley: it did? rachel: it did. ainsley: yesterday it was number 3 and we were all saying buy it now it's 1. rachel: i will tell you it's competing with the 1619 project, which really bothers me. i think our fox news crew needs to really make sure christmas and not 161 stays at number one. i have will say lawrence, who knew unless you read this book, that you are really good with a glue gun and that you made your own ornaments?
4:46 am
rachel: i think we should turn that into a segment on "fox & friends" this weekend. making ornaments with lawrence jones. i think it's a good idea ainsley can i say i read your chapter and made me wanted to eat at your house. homemade biscuits. ainsley: my aunt lynn makes the best homemade biscuits. she lives in rock hill they just built a new house and not seen it i'm going to go there for thanksgiving next week. i'm going to see their brand new house and i will ask her, aunt lynn, can you make an extra batch and i will bring it back to all of y'all. better yet, why don't we have aunt lynn come and do a cooking segment on homemade biscuits. lawrence: great idea, rachel. ainsley: that is a great idea. she has all my grandmother's recipes and i don't know how to cook very well so we should do that. lawrence: that's what i'm talking about. rachel, you grew up. where did you grow up, up north?
4:47 am
rachel: i grew up all over the world because i was a military brat. and i talk a lot about my -- in my family, our biggest tradition when i was growing up was we built the whole town of bethlehem, my mother would put it together. you know, rivers and mountains, the caves with the castle all of it she put it together every single year. she just did it started it up in my house right now for my kids. cuff learn all about that. and everybody else's tradition which is so fun. ainsley: interesting. one of my friends lives in bethlehem, pennsylvania and she says their post office is so full at christmas time because people drive from all over so that they can put -- they put the little stamp on there and says bethlehem on their christmas card. rachel: that's awesome. my daughter is lieu see a belem light of bethlehem. pete: if we cook biscuits, will,
4:48 am
you can invite paula deen. rachel: bakeoff between paula deen and your aunt. ainsley: that would be my aunt's dream. love that. lawrence: see you you a u. all this weekend. pete: thank you, guys. ainsley: congratulations on the book. check in with senior meteorologist janice dean for fox weather forecast. janice, you have a lot of friends out here. janice: i want to say hi to everybody what's your name. >> sheila. >> where are you from. >> doylestown, pennsylvania. >> steven tailor from houston, texas. >> don hershiser alveda dough florida. >> randal hook em brad from dallas, texas. janice: nice. look at this awesome crowd do you love "fox & friends." [cheers] janice: take a look at the maps. big week happening next week. thanksgiving we have cold air moving into the northeast. this is not florida, my friend. look at that 43 in new york. 27 in chicago. we are watching the potential for a storm system to move in over the weekend. perhaps give some travel delays for the northeast. but, otherwise, you know, not
4:49 am
too bad if you are traveling today. some scattered showers for florida. there is your rain forecast over the next couple of days. watch that front move through and bring the potential for heavy rain for parts of texas through oklahoma and arkansas. say hi to lawrence and pete and ainsley, everybody. pete: hey, guys. good morning. lawrence: texas family right there. ainsley: ains a lot of texans out there. what's coming up, pete? pete: coming up next, disney crews will require vaccines for passengers as young as 5 years old. more on the new covid mandates come up next hour. and we are back with more mega morning deals with the best bargain to beat black friday shopping. ♪ ♪ do what you want ♪ you are never going to break me ♪ sticks and stones never going to take me ♪ no, no ♪' take me away how about a throwback? ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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bed. plus, 0% interest for 24 months and free premium delivery when you add a base. ends monday. >> this is the single most wreckless spending bill in our nation's history. >> kevin mccarthy capping off a record breaking speech, forcing democrats to postpone their votes. >> you have to stop it dead into its track. >> disney cruises will require vaccines for passengers as young as five years old. >> one step moving in that general direction is a social credit score system and that's where vaccine passports are. >> day four of jury deliberations. >> the judge banned msnbc from the courthouse. >> it's extremely serious matter. >> a long time texas state lawmaker switched from democrat to the republican party. >> it's not a decision i made lightly. it's my values and the values of folks that live in our district to align belter with the
5:01 am
republican party. >> back wide open, touchdown! ainsley: we just got these live images, and they are back on the hill today, kevin mccarthy spoke last night, he beat nancy pelosi's record remember when she stood in her high heels for more than eight hours like eight hours and 11 minutes? he was longer than that last night. they are talking about that social spending plan and they're back at the hill right now, you say on the hill, at the hill? lawrence: at the hill. he's aimed at delaying a vote on president biden's spending bill which is expected to happen this morning. pete: our own chad pergram joins us live from capitol hill with more if anybody knows the details, chad good morning. reporter: good morning, you're right the house of representatives just came back into session, this was a delaying tactic last night by house minority leader kevin mccarthy, top leaders are often given time to talk on the floor in what's called the magic minute. it's a house courtesy, members sometimes take advantage of that
5:02 am
, chatting for maybe 10 or 15 minutes but this was a record, eight hours and 32 minutes by mccarthy that tops the old record set by house speaker nancy pelosi in 2018, of eight hours and seven minutes, mccarthy made his case against the social spending bill. listen. >> this is the single-most reckless and irresponsible spending bill in our nation's history. never in american history will so many taxes be raised and so much borrowing to be needed to pay for all this reckless spending. reporter: former house speaker john boehner created this occasional house filibuster in 2009 and he spoke out for an hour and a half against a climate change bill in what then became known as the filiboehner. the gop says the mandates don't have like president roosevelt had in the 1930s. >> it's no secret that this bill is too extreme, too costly, and too liberal for the united states. just a few weeks ago,
5:03 am
congresswoman abigail spanburger said nobody elected joe biden to be fdr. reporter: the house will pass this bill later today, perhaps in the next hour or two. the bill adds $367 billion to the deficit and independent estimates believe it costs more than $4 trillion. at least one democrat will vote no, jarod golden of maine, back to you. lawrence: chad i have a quick question, you know the cbo, i've never been a fan but the white house is pushing back saying it's going to decrease the deficit by 112 billion over the next 10 years. they say the cbo can't really track this because they never had a bill like this. what do you know? reporter: that's partly true, because the cbo is in fact bound by some fiscal handcuffs the way they have to evaluate these bills, you know, but these are numbers. anybody can read anything into these numbers and sometimes,
5:04 am
members use the cbo as a fig leaf to hide behind to say this is why we're going to support this bill or they use the cbo as a heat shield or say, you know, look those numbers were pretty bad there, we're not going to vote for this bill, they can justify pretty much anything. the one thing i should note though that when you look at the cbo numbers we talk about that $367 billion deficit figure , the cbo even says that it might be a little bit lower, maybe $200 billion lower, simply because there is some extra irs enforcement in there which they cannot completely account for , sometimes they are into what they call static scoring where they have to look at what the bill says right now, for a certain number of years that it's supposed to run and that's why it's hard to get a concrete figure out of this. ainsley: chad what are your predictions because you said there's one democrat that will vote no. do they have the votes for this? reporter: well nancy pelosi does not put bills on the floor that are going to fail. she always says i do not lose on the floor, so if they are going ahead this morning they are
5:05 am
probably going to pass this bill again they have a three vote turning radius as we always say on capitol hill, it's about three things. the math, the math, the math, and we know jarod golden is going to vote no, she can maybe lose one more but her calling card is always passing these big bill, look back at obamacare in 2009-2010 by the most narrow of margins. you don't get style points for passing these bills, you know, with a lot of votes if you get just one or two it's all it takes to pass the bill. pfeifer pete: chad we saw kevin mccarthy give a speech, that was a delay on a vote that looks like it will pass, the moderates have fallen in line with the progressives in the house, but the two names are sinema and manchin in the senate. this bill, when it likely moves out of the house, what is it face in the senate because it needs both, obviously. reporter: right believe it or not, this vote, this morning, this is the easy part of getting this bill done. they have to kick it over to the senate, the majority leader
5:06 am
chuck schumer says they will try to pass it by christmas, again, december is usually a bad time on capitol hill, we expect a very hectic know, joe manchin has been pretty skeptical of this bill so far. if they do get it out of the senate, that bill changes. the cost probably goes down, they take out paid family leave, there might be some changes in the tax provisions. there might be a change in the immigration provisions that are in this bill right now, it's kind of a placeholder what they have and then they have to kick it back to the house. the question is, if they have moderated this bill, to match up with the likes of sinema and mansion, can a more liberal house accept what they kickback across the rotunda, a more moderate bill might not work in the house of representatives and that may not come until january. pete: interesting so they still aren't out of the woods in the house with the progressives who have shown a lot of power there. have they signaled that if it's watered down just real quick and we'll let you go, if it is, they would vote against it if it
5:07 am
doesn't meet their needs? reporter: we just don't know yet because that bill has not come out. there's this general agreement about this framework right now, but the longer this bill sits out there, there's always problems. i pose that question yesterday, to house speaker nancy pelosi saying are you worried about the longer this is taking and she said no, absolutely not. but we saw that in 2009 and 201. they really had some problems, you know, they passed the first version of obamacare in november of 2009. they did not approve the final versions until march of 2010 that took months to get that back across the finish line because they could not get the house and senate to align, and again, if you have that narrow margin in the house, a very active vocal group of liberal democrats, the progressives here, they may not be able to stomach a more moderate bill from the senate. pete: very interesting. ainsley: that was that time she said we'll read it after we pass it, right? reporter: yeah, and that came, as people have point out and kevin mccarthy pointed this outlast night just a couple
5:08 am
of days after there were losses in off-year elections for democrats in 2009 maybe por tending the house flipping to republican control in 2010 is pretty much what he said last night in the middle of his speech. lawrence: the man that knows the most about how they operate in washington. ainsley: he does. chad you need to run for office, we would hate to lose you at fox reporter: dog catcher maybe. ainsley: we just text chad if we have a question. lawrence: you know how to get a bill passed that's for sure. pete: you're looking at live images on the house floor as the debate continues and likely a vote comes we'll peak in for just a second to listen to nancy pelosi. >> and associating myself with the inspiring and informative comments of the distinguished chairman, with our distinguished democratic leader, mr. hoyer, the democratic whip last evening , and with respect for those who work in this capitol, and as a courtesy to my colleagues, i will be
5:09 am
brief. >> [laughter] >> [applause] >> in his remarks our democratic leader, mr. hoyer talked about the pride we take in telling our children and grandchildren that we were here, present, to pass the build back better legislation and what it means for future generations. talking about the three legs of the biden platform, the rescue package, the infrastructure and jobs bill, and now, the build back better, the infrastructure for our future, and chairman neil quoted then webster and spoke of our responsibilities to the people. ainsley: look what it says on the right. lawrence: a complete lie, saying good paying jobs, we can't get people to come back to work. it cuts taxes, we know that what they're doing right now is going to cause it to be passed to the consumer so that's a lie, if we can zoom in back. pete: lowering costs. lawrence: i mean, this is just
5:10 am
lie after lie. people that said they were going to return to the new standard, the old standard of back to normalcy, this is not going to probably be able to pass, because they have to plea both parts the progressives as well as the moderates and as chad point to, once it gets the senate, they will cut it up a little bit just to please manchin and sinema and then they have to go back to the house and i don't see the progressive caucus or the squad letting this go by, but lying to american people's face after she makes this petty jab at the minority leader for passing her records of talking on the house floor. pete: that's exactly right. and it makes me think of the obamacare thing, which chad just mentioned. same process, yet again, pass the bill so you can find out what's in it. everyone on capitol hill has acknowledged nancy pelosi has blown up regular order. we were supposed to return to normalcy to your point, she's doing it all behind closed doors nobody knows, it'll be the regulators who write most of
5:11 am
the bill but she's taking the bet she made before with obamacare that republicans would not be able to repeal it. remember the thumbs down on the senate floor? will republicans be able to repeal this in future congresses there's not a lot of history that shows that they will, that's the dangerous bet that she's making. ainsley: you're talking about giving so much money in entitle ment saying they are only for a year, you can't give a mom this entitlement, a check for a tax credit for her child and then take it away in a year. that would not, it's not going to happen. pete: politically, really difficult. ainsley: it's a very each expensive bill at a time when we're all facing inflation, high gas prices, high electric bills, we can't get items just the timing of this. lawrence: i just don't, i'm sorry, pete. pete: no, please. lawrence: don't buy the white house narrative after they said that the cbo, joe biden, said is the gold standard that this is somehow going to decrease the deficit by $112 billion over 10 years? i just don't buy it.
5:12 am
the democrats have never been concerned about the deficit and you mean to tell me, with the highest spending ever,een indus, you talk about good paying jobs there's tons of caveats that say you can only hire union, unions give exclusively to democrats, that's a payback, you have to know what's in this bill, and that's why i keep going back to those republicans that voted -- lawrence: i'm so glad you mentioned that. pete: this day is on them. this day doesn't come because they were willing to vote with democrats, vote with nancy pelosi to create this opportunity. lawrence: she voted for the good , don't come on and tell our audience we don't understand what's in the bill that we haven't necessarily read the bill. we know why you voted for the
5:13 am
bill. you chose the goodies over the american people, and i'm thankful that the minority leader is up there giving the speech, but will the caucus stand in line and you come on here every single day and you say you're going to fight for the american people and hold the line. well this is judgment day. what are you going to do? ainsley: it's not going to cost anything to the president. lawrence: right. ainsley: well we had a congressman on earlier in the show, byron donalds from the great state of florida a republican, house budget committee so he knows a lot about this , listen to what he said. >> we're going to try to do everything we can to stop one of the most reckless pieces of legislation that's ever moved through the nation's capitol, and so kevin mccarthy last night stood up and did everything he could, you know, at this time, to stop this bill from moving forward and it's because it's a joke. it's a give-away to rich people in blue states, it's a give-away to companies with this green bank that they want to create, it's a give-away of the worst
5:14 am
kind, frankly, expanding the social safety net which is going to actually cause more people to make a decision to either stay home or work less which is going to hurt small businesses all over our country. pete: the majority of the previous covid bill money that has been passed hasn't even been spent, yet, they say another 2 trillion is necessary, and it's a cynical gamble. lawrence: blank check. pete: slush fund really in washington d.c. that's what that represents. ainsley: aren't you glad you work so hard your tax dollars are going to pay for this. pete: can't wait. lawrence: the agents are waiting by. ainsley: let's hand it over to carlie with headlines. reporter: real quick i heard nancy mace yesterday say that tax the rich back because of the salt tax deduction that's in this bill, which is, i mean, just google the salt tax deduction when president biden lowered it from what it was to $10,000 was one of the best things that he did because president trump, i'm sorry
5:15 am
because it sticks it to the rich democrats and high tax areas like california, and new york and guess what's happening in this bill? it's going back up. which means it saves money for those rich democrats. lawrence: exactly right. ainsley: points to be made there pete: great point, article it. reporter: you win the top of the hour. lawrence: double duty, analysis and headlines. reporter: today is day four of jury deliberations in the trial of kyle rittenhouse. the wait for a verdict stirring tensions between clashing protesters outside the courthouse, as the national guard remains on standby, and the judge banning msnbc from the courthouse as someone working for them is suspected by police of following members of the jury. nbc news denying that report saying the freelancer never contacted or intended to contact the jurors or photo graphed or intended to. the jury will reconvene at 9:00 a.m. central time. >> congressional democrats
5:16 am
blocking republican senator steve danes effort to prevent president biden from giving massive payouts to illegal immigrants. lamenting after the blockage saying, "border security is national security." president biden needs to do something to fix the southern border crisis he created not incentivize thousands of more people from crossing over illegally. this , as the caravan of over 2,000 makes its way through mexico to the u.s. southern border. >> well, today, two turkeys will be pardoned by president biden ahead of thanksgiving at the white house. the poultry pair named peanut butter and jelly can breathe a sigh of relief as they will be spared this turkey day. the white house selecting their names from a list of options curated by students in indiana, and fox & friends weekend will be pardoning a turkey on fox square on sunday, so be sure to tune in. how about that? lawrence: my favorite segment. reporter: yeah. pete: what power is vested in us
5:17 am
reporter: lawrence: has the power. ainsley: brian said because turkeys are so expensive they shouldn't pardon the turkeys they should give those to someone -- lawrence: already had this argument and the producers say just roll with the flow lj. pete: thank you, carlie. ainsley: peanut butter and jelly pete: i think you should not pardon them. lawrence: i shouldn't. pete: lower the cost for everybody's turkey. lawrence: since i'm in for pete , i have to carry out his legacy and do what the man said. he made an interesting point. ainsley: don't let pete get in charge because he would take them home and fry them. lawrence: i made that argument already. ainsley: it's 8:17 on the east coast coming up biden's laying big oil for skyrocketing prices at the pump what one oil ceo has to say about that coming up next pete: you can catch all of the action of the fox news patriot awards but you won't catch it all because it's shortened a little bit but you'll catch the highlights air ing sunday on the fox news channel 10 p.m. eastern time,
5:18 am
you will love it and if you want to watch the whole program, of course always, on fox news. >> ♪ the ergo smart base from tempur-pedic responds to snoring- automatically. so no hiding under your pillow, or opting for the couch. your best sleep. all night. every night. save up to $500 on select adjustable mattress sets during the black friday event.
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pete: we're back with a fox news alert we're monitoring the house floor as lawmakers discuss and are soon expected to vote on joe biden's $1.75 trillion socialist spending bill. this morning house minority leader kevin mccarthy broke the record for the longest speech in house history, speaking for longer than eight and a half hours in a last ditch attempt to delay the house vote. we'll continue to monitor the house floor as i believe they are in a procedural vote right now leading up to the real vote. ainsley? ainsley: thank you, 8:22 here on the east coast and nationwide gas prices are still driving
5:23 am
higher. we don't even have to tell you that, you know that. the cost of the average gallon has soared 61% since last year, but the biden administration is certain that they are not the ones to blame. the president shifting blame now on to the oil & gas companies, pushing the ftc to examine big oil's responsibility for the higher gas prices. here now is the chairman and ceo of united refining company, john katsmatese. good morning to you, john. >> good morning, ainsley. how are you? ainsley: i'm doing great. what is your reaction when you hear him blaming the oil industry for these high prices? >> i think the american people are getting very very smart and it's an attack that started day one or week one when the biden administration became president and they shutdown the pipeline from canada all the way down to the gulf coast, and when they did that, it started forcing the prices up on fuel and the
5:24 am
attack on the american oil industry, it's actually an attack of the american people, because oil went from $40 a barrel to 80-$85 a barrel and it may go even higher and what happens? the price of food goes up 10% and it's going up maybe 10-15%, and the price of clothing, the price of gasoline, the price of everything is going up, so who does it punish? it punishes the american people. they're trying to punish the american oil industry, they turn off the pipeline, they turn off their ability to supply americans. don't forget, north america, canada, alaska, we got 100 years worth of oil. we turn that down and now, we're begging, we're begging russia, we're begging opec, oh, we need more crude oil. i mean, the american people are
5:25 am
starting to get a little bit smarter than that, and what are they saying? there's also, by the way, ainsley, the government is urging the banks not to lend to the fossil fuel institute, the oil industry, so who gets punished? it's the poor people of our country, it's the middle class of our country, when the price of gasoline doubles, and the price of food is up 15-20% it's going to go even higher, and because of the cost of transportation, and why are they doing it? there's a secretary designee for the biden administration that says we want to put the fossil fuel industry, we want to put the oil industry out of business. well what kind of stuff is that? i mean, don't forget, they want electric cars but who makes, ainsley, you know who makes the batteries for the electric
5:26 am
cars? china. ainsley: right. >> so what happens? america loses, china wins. ainsley: it blows our minds because we don't understand with gas prices going up and up and up and now, he's talking about possibly getting rid of line five, which means our prices will go up, will be more dependent on russia, china, more dependent on opec, just no one understands his train of thinking when it comes to this but he feels like he knows better than we do, we need to rely on electric cars, therefore he will just continue to raise the prices. it's just unheard of. thank you so much, john, for weighing in. >> and they're urging the american banks not to lend to the oil industry, which is horrible. ainsley: i know. thank you so much for coming on with us, you have a great weekend. >> thank you. ainsley: thank you. the house readying a vote on biden's trillion dollar spending bill after minority leader mccarthy's marathon speech forced the house to hold off until today, charles payne is
5:27 am
going to join us live in our house, right now, to react. >> ♪ show me what you do know, we don't have to go out ♪
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>> build back better is fully paid for. >> [applause] >> it reduces the deficit and grows the economy, and build back better will not increase inflation according to the experts including an array of nobel prize winning economists and moody's. pete: according to the experts. no inflation in front of us a fox news alert that's house speaker nancy pelosi moments ago on capitol hill as the house is now in session to vote on that $1.75 trillion socialist spending bill. ainsley: the speaker doubling down on the democrats claim that their bill will cost nothing. you just heard her say that again, despite a congressional budget office report showing that the plan will rack up billions in deficit spending. lawrence: here to weigh in host of "making money" on fox business network, charles payne. charles can we get your quick reaction to what just plan out on the floor overnight? charles: i think the applause might have said it all right? that was the worst applaud since jeb bush asked everyone to clap,
5:32 am
even democrats are like oh, yeah , okay, [laughter] but no, um, whoa, yeah, obviously, listen, it really is, they keep lying to the american public. i'm just going to be straight to you, they aren't being honest. now the cbo, which by the way, is a bipartisan effort to try to score these things, can be gamed but even by gaming the cbo they said this is over $300 billion but other sources, other really sources that look at this in a realistic fashion say first of all, it's not a $1.75 trillion bill. anywhere between 4.5 to $5 trillion depending on, you know, the source, so it's going to be extraordinarily expensive but here's the real thing. we always talk about this as an economic thing this is more about control, this is more about big-big government and this is an effort to take the wealthiest society and move it up into middle class lawrence: it's a good point. charles: it really is and so many things are absolutely
5:33 am
amazing. if you are a college educated person living in new york, new jersey, d.c. or california this is your bill. you'll get tons of money for ev , child tax credit going up to 300,000, even if you make $300,000 a year, you'll get salt if you live in new jersey i've gotta be honest with you, 80,000 i'm getting that 80,000, i don't need it, i want it, i'll take it , i don't need it, i would never vote for it, but here's the point. if you live in these elite states, this is your bill. this is nothing about poor people. let me give you guys a cautionary story. overnight, japan did another stimulus program, 490 billion, why is that important? we can look at japan and decide if that's what we want to be, in 1995 everyone thought japan would overtake america. their gdp was just 2 trillion less than hours but there's is growing fast. this year their gdp will be less than in 1995 and ours will be 19 trillion more than there's. it's cautionary their national
5:34 am
debt is 250% of gdp. do we want to keep piling on this debt and we have japan as a prime example is it kills the economy. it kills upward mobility. it kills dreams. japan has never discussed as a world economic power. we talk about china mostly, and here's the thing. yesterday, late yesterday, the chief economist at the labor department, and this is the biggest news that no one talked about, she went on the record and made a call and said listen, we want the federal reserve to keep pumping. you know there's a battle over whose the next fed chairman, she said the biden department do not pump the brakes, and she went on to say, jobs right now were more important than inflation. of course, the irony of that is the more money they pump into this , the fewer people who will go to work and the higher inflation will go. that's the sad irony of it. lawrence: i thought the administration said that they didn't believe that the administration back in the trump adminitration should be involved with the fed to leave the fed alone. charles: yeah, they did, but you
5:35 am
know, this federal reserve thing has become so huge, in part because brainard lobbied for the job, she's a democrat powell is a republican but something happened with powell after 2018, he was kind of going by the traditional federal reserve playbook, they hiked rates four times, the market fell apart and then something happened to him in early january he gave this speech a lot of people, you know, talk about. i heard it i listened to it, and he had some sort of epiphany. anyway, he completely changed, obviously, you know, he made money virtually cheap as it could be, the stock market has gone up, real estate has gone up , people with assets have done extraordinarily well, and now, the thing is, brainard would take it a step further and they want to include climate change into this , into their job, which is not obviously part of their job, as some other mandates. you combine her with omarova who they are pushing for the comptroller of the currency, the soviet-trained economist and we again aren't talking economics. we're talking about a large
5:36 am
government, a big state that overseas all of us that they know better than all of us, well get rid of the banks because they are bad people and all of the middlemen. president obama did that with college, got rid of the middle man and look at what happened to college tuition. the american public doesn't have to listen to me. go do your own work, go look at what japan did because now, it is universal basic income. now, they are paying people all of this money, they are no longer growing, you should see structurally, ainsley, i know you really are really passionate about society. over there, they have what they call grass eaters. young men who don't want to work , they play video games all night, sleep all day, have no interest in sex, their population goes from 120 million to 80 million people, and it's a basket case. a lot comes with this , when you start to change society where people do not want to work, they don't have to work, things change. we became the greatest country
5:37 am
in the world by pulling ourselves up by the bootstraps if we take that away, we're never the same country. ainsley: i know all of your stories we know all of them. it's hard work. pete: widening the welfare state to the middle class is summing it up incredibly well. charles payne you're the man. charles: thanks a lot. ainsley: have a good weekend, charles. pete: just ahead boosting the blue, portland reversing course, now refunding the police , replacing some of the $15 million it cut last year ainsley: how did that go for them? pete: it's turning in portland we'll ask geraldo rivera live after the break. >> ♪ bogeys on your six, limu. they need customized car insurance from liberty mutual so they only pay for what they need. woooooooooooooo... we are not getting you a helicopter. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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5:42 am
this as portland becomes the latest city to refund the police , replacing a portion of the 15 million cut last year, so has public safety taken the top issue? let's ask fox news correspondent at-large, geraldo rivera. >> hi, everybody. lawrence: we've been talking about crime a lot it seems like the whole defund the police thing just isn't working. geraldo: i think lawrence it will go down in history as the most ill-considered concept, ever. the prime directive for any government is to keep its citizens safe, the city government, whatever it is, that's your job is to make sure your citizens feel that they can go to work, they can bring their children to school, think ecan come home and be safe. when this whole cancer of defund the police started, this reckless concept, it was counterintuitive. let's defund the police, let's cut the police, and expect, somehow, crime to go down. the exact opposite happened, the
5:43 am
logical thing happened, portland and many of these other cities. lawrence: seattle. geraldo: seattle, minneapolis, defunding the police, what happened? crime increases. homicide is now the number one cause of death among young black men under the age of 44. that's something that people have to understand, and this is the civil rights issue of our time. fighting urban crime right now, and to defund the police was ridiculous, it was exactly the expected effect. defunded the cops as portland did, crime increased, portland is now suffering from an epidemic of murder that they have not seen since the early 1980s. lawrence: geraldo is the fed stepping in the solution because it's a local matter, local communities have to choose law and order. geraldo: they do, but this is a grand gesture. i have to credit the biden administration and justice
5:44 am
garland. a thousand new cops are needed, they need more than a thousand cops, you have all of these retiring because of the foul atmosphere, you know, it used to be the cop was loved and now the cop is embattled because of that, because of the suburban districts pay more than the big cities, cops are fleeing to the suburbs, so forces like portland and portland pd recognizing that they made a terrible mistake, now they are begging retired officers to come back, get re activated. they are showing cops some love, the blue is coming back, people are understanding that a healthy vibrant effective police force is what every community needs. lawrence: you know, geraldo i've got a few seconds, is this the solution? is this going to, is this going to be the tide change? geraldo: you have to have safety before you have anything else, additional cops will boost safety. speaking of cops, see my show, cops all access on fox nation, the cops are back, the blue is back, this is the only show on
5:45 am
television where cops, the virtue of cops are extolled. lawrence: watch the show and get the analysis afterwards i've been a guest. thanks so much. geraldo: thank you. lawrence: carlie you have headlines? reporter: that's right we'll start here lawrence with a fox news alert, the fda authorizes pfizer and moderna's covid boost ers for all adults making boosters available to everyone ages 18 and up. the fda did not seek the advice of its independent advisory panel, a everybody committee is scheduled to take up the matter this afternoon. >> the trial of three men charged in the death of 25-year-old amad arborie last year entering its 11th day today the man that fired the fatal shot, travis mcmichael, admitting thursday, arborie didn't speak to or threaten him before he was shot twice. mcmichael saying arborie tried to wrestle his shot gun away from him and he made a life and death decision by pulling the
5:46 am
trigger. >> disney cruise line will be the first cruise company to introduce a vaccine mandate for passengers five years old and up. the company says all vaccine- eligible passengers will be fully vaccinated against covid before they set sail. the new requirement will take effect in january. this after federal regulators approve pfizer's pediatric vaccine for children as young as five. >> the capitol christmas tree is in washington d.c. the tree arriving in the nation 's capitol overnight ahead of the holidays of course. this years tree, nicknamed " sugar barrett is a white fir that measures at 84 feet tall. it was cut from the six river national forest in california. it'll be decorated with thousands of ornaments ahead of the capitol tree lighting ceremony next month. it's beginning to feel a lot like christmas, lawrence, back to you. lawrence: my favorite holiday. thanks carlie. let's check in with our senior
5:47 am
meteorologist janice dean for our fox weather forecast. hey, j. d. >> it's beginning to feel a lot like christmas as well, hi you guys what's your name? >> dirk, marissa. >> you have people to say hi to , right? >> hi, mom, dad. >> and your daughter right? >> yup, hi. >> you are from? >> d.c. >> you're here for a wedding? >> yes. >> very nice, well bundle up hopefully it's not outside. >> it's not outside. >> your parents live in michigan? >> we love you michigan, much colder, and they had snow yesterday let's take a look at the maps real quick and i'll show you what's happening, yes it got cold, 28 in chicago, it's into the 20s in michigan as well , 41 here in new york city this is our next storm system we'll track because we have a lot of travel plans next week. so this area of low pressure will dive across the great lakes , and the cold front associated with that will bring some heavy rain in some areas and some snow for the interior northeast, so we'll have to watch this , obviously, we'll keep you up-to-date, but check ahead with your carrier, because there are going to be some delay s people will be traveling
5:48 am
home for thanksgiving. temperatures today, 49 here in new york city, and say hi to lawrence, my friends. >> hi, lawrence, we love you. lawrence: hey, you all, love you all back. thanks, jd. fox sports has a jam packed slate of games sunday we're taking a look at the must-see action next but first let's check with bill hemmer for what's coming up. bill: good morning have a good weekend, lawrence, good morning to you we'll pick-up the coverage on the house vote you've been watching here, dems can lose no more than three, so will they have the votes, watch it carefully. also, what does america want, we'll show you what our polling found just last night on that. the rittenhouse trial resumes next hour, will we get a friday verdict and a big day of coverage starts in just a few moments we'll see you there on a friday, 12 minutes away, top of the hour.
5:49 am
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pete: week 11 of the nfl season continues this weekend and fox has you covered with seven must- see games on sunday. here now to break down the action is fox nfl sideline reporter jen hale. jen, so great to see you and looking at these games it is a phenomenonal lineup of games on fox this weekend starting with a matchup i care a great deal about green bay packers at
5:53 am
minnesota. this is, i mean if minnesota can win this , we're back in the hunt. >> how did i know you'd start with that one, pete you're exactly right. the battle for bragging rights in the nfc north, and a desperate game for the vikings because they really need this divisional game if they want to keep the co-season hopes alive. it is intense from kickoff until the final seconds, can't miss tv i've gotta tell you i really like the vikings personnel. cook, my lsu guy, jefferson but i like aaron rogers more. i think his chip on his shoulder about the packers wanting to move on from them, i think it's going to be super close, but i think the packers take this one. pete: you're breaking my heart the vikings should be 6 and 3 maybe 7 and 2 right now, maybe we get back to even. >> you should. pete: jen, the niners and jaguars who do you like there? >> yup indeed. all right, san francisco are they for real? have they found the answer to the equation? man, they looked good last week,
5:54 am
pummeling the rams, and they did two things that worked really well with a smash mouth identity running the football and hey, ga rafalo, he's better in the shot gun than under center, so much better they have to go cross-country on a short week to face a number one pick from this years draft, trevor lawrence, but i'm taking the niners, pete. pete: big one in the 4:00 game, the chiefs, who do you like there? it's a great match up. >> spicy spicy, you could go either way, so easily on this one, right? zach prescott and the cowboys do their best to keep the kc offense off-the-field trying to run the ball as much as possible, they do not want patrick majority homes getting into a groove and doing damage. i expect a crazy playoff atmosphere, arrowhead stadium is one of my favorite places to go for a game because the crowd is like a college crowd but it's america's game of the week and guess what, pete? i think i'm going to take the cowboys in an upset win here pete: will cain will be happy we'll see.
5:55 am
we'll see i've gotta ask you real quick before we get to fox bet super 6 i know you're a saints fan who do you like in that one? >> i gotta go with the saints. you know, i'm praying alvin cama ra gets back, i'll loyal to the soil, always going to lsu tigers and new orleans saints. pete: we got fox bet super 6 giving you a chance to win $100,000 this sunday, right? >> yup, we've already given away $5.5 million free to play all you gotta do is pick the right teams to win on sunday so go ahead download that app, the fox sports bet app, type in your picks and you could be $100,000 richer come sunday night. pete: i think the vikings do it and trevor lawrence shows up, your saints do it and then i think mahomes, this is the beginning of the comeback for the chiefs. >> all right so we agree on one pete: only one, maybe next week. >> we'll see who wins. pete: all right, deal. deal and we'll be watching you on fox. appreciate it, jen. >> thanks, pete. pete: all right more "fox &
5:56 am
friends" just moments away. >> ♪ take advantage of lowe's black friday deals early. full of savings to make the season twice as nice, and twice as merry. buy online and pick up in store today.
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a proven protector. an ever-evolving enabler of bold decisions. an asset more relevant than ever before. gold. your strategic advantage. >> we're monitoring the house floor as lawmakers vote on a motion before the full house vote on president biden's 1.75 trillion dollar social spending bill. stay with fox news channel as we track today's big vote. >> that's right.
6:00 am
and also if you missed the fox nation patriot awards, shame on you. you can catch the whole thing as fox but we'll play the highlights this sunday as well at 10:00 p.m. eastern time on the fox news channel. >> lawrence is in the dog house. >> happy birthday, mom, i forgot to say it yesterday. love you very much. enjoy the cruz. >> bill: fox news alert on this busy friday morning. marathon night for kevin mccarthy. for more than eight hours he railed against another multi-trillion dollar spending package. question of the day today, does it have the votes to pass? good morning, everybody. could be a day of history. we'll see if it does. i'm bill hemmer. dana has the day off today, friday. how are you feeling smitty? >> happy to spend friday with you. a busy news day indeed and kicks off here. this is "america's newsroom." the republican house leader last night grabbed the microphone


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