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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  November 19, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PST

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or make me feel like i'm not really "there." talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424. looking live at capitol hill, he has been at it for 8 straight hours breaking the record for the longest speech in-house history. >> a vote a massive bill this morning. you are watching "fox and
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friends first" on this busy friday. todd: democrats hoping to pass the tax and spending plan last night but the minority leader's marathon speech forcing pelosi to push to 8 am eastern today as the package will at a whopping $367 billion to the federal deficit. that is carley shimkus, far cry from the president's promise that it would be fully played for. carley: breaking news from washington. >> kevin mccarthy was able to delay a house that with more than a our speech. >> i don't know. i know america will know more about it. it is your money.
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what you do with your money is to decide, not washington bureaucrats. >> mccarthy's beating nancy pelosi, back in 2018. mccarthy's last-ditch delay was to stall passage of the bills back better bill, the nonpartisan congressional budget office estimates the bill will add $367 billion over the next decade. the deficits are closer to $160 billion, that is not 0 like the president has claimed. >> doesn't cost a cent. $1.75 billion, guess what, it is paid for. >> this is in some gigantic bill but it happens to ordinary people. it is fully paid for.
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>> talking about the bills back better and infrastructure bill people don't believe it will help, only a quarter of americans say the president's social spending bill will help their family. only a third say they believe will help the economy. more say they take it will hurt their economy and their families. leader mccarthy has been able to delay the vote but it is unlikely to change the outcome. the house will be back in three hours. democrats are believed to have all the votes needed to pass today before moving onto the senate. todd: let's pop onscreen the speaker, almost, mccarthy, to that point, he is trying to mark his territory to become speaker following the midterms. todd: physically speaking right now. carley: nancy pelosi and the title role but this is twofold, set the tone for the midterms and convince the american people
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this is not a good bill and he has had 8 plus hours to be able to do that and the goal is likely going to pass after 8:00 at this point but at some point the american people need to know this is not going to be good for the. this is mccarthy's less chance to convince them. carley: he doesn't have to do this because speaker pelosi already delay the vote to 8:00 this morning. fred, from pennsylvania last hour, why is the minority leader still speaking of the vote will take place in 3 hours and congressman dollars that he speaking directly for the american people. you can see him getting applause from his party who supports him and that is because the minority leader and republicans feel this bills back better bill will damage the country by increasing the size of the government. when you think of the irs
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looking into people's bank accounts and giving handouts to the american people with no work incentives attached, something that could fundamentally change this nation. todd: this is not what the american people want because the american people are smart, they recognize all this is going to do even if they get some free stuff is going to drive up costs via inflation. they know this is happening, they are seeing it happening currently and pumping this much money into the economy is only going to make this problem significantly and accidentally worse. that is why kevin mccarthy is making a smart power move here convincing the american people of this and hoping they remember. jillian: if this passes the house today, it goes over the senate, chuck schumer wants the senate version of the bills passed before christmas and have this wrapped up with the house and senate compromise by january.
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todd: this will get changed. jillian: tensions running high outside the courthouse as the trial of kyle rittenhouse, the judge bans one major news network from the trial. todd: brooke sigmund live, beginning another day of deliberations. >> reporter: it is day 4 of jury deliberations in the trial of kyle rittenhouse. the judge admits 36 pages of jury instructions are, quote, very confusing allowing jurors to take those instructions home with them on thursday. the wait for a verdict stirring tension among protesters outside the courthouse with clashes continuing for another day. kenosha police maintaining order but the national guard remains on standby a judge band m s nbc from the court house as an employee is suspected by police the following members of the jury intending to photograph them. >> that he was a producer with
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nbc news, plan for m s nbc, stated he was instructed to follow the jury bus. >> reporter: nbc news denying that report saying the freelancer never contacted the jurors to photograph or intended to photograph them. meanwhile the identity a man fills kicking rittenhouse on the ground just before one of the fatal shootings is revealed as maurice free the land. rittenhouse said he began firing after being jumped that hit by freeland thinking he would have, quote, stomped my face in if i didn't fire. the jury will reconvene this morning at 9 am central time. todd: sean hannity ripping media coverage of the trial. >> there coverage of the kyle rittenhouse trial has been unethical at best, not benefiting real news organizations. no presumption of innocence.
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no due process for kyle rittenhouse, no will of law, no equal justice under the law, no equal application under the law. facts, eyewitnesses, video evidence, none of that matters to nbc. it is always the same thing. the political narrative is more important, and rushing to judgment. todd: hannity says is the latest in a long line of stories nbc news has gone dead wrong. todd: the white house throughout north american summit. watch this. >> the flow of migrants. >> thanks. carley: president biden's approval rating continues to nosedive, vice president kamala harris denies being underused, as the border crisis persists. >> you don't feel misused or underused? >> now, i don't was the reality
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is we inherited a system that was deeply broken. carley: border apprehensions at an all-time high for fiscal year 2021 with 1.7 million encounters at the southern border. florida ron desantis signing four buildings a lot to derail covid vaccine mandates. the legislation requires private employers to allow health, religious and pregnancy exemptions restricting the ability to mandate vaccines and take steps from florida to exit osha and prevent schools from requiring vaccines for students. desantis find the bill alongside a second-grader who was suspended from her school for 40 days for refusing to wear a mask. it is 9 minutes after the hour. documents obtained by judicial watch show an inspector general oppose the biden administration's order to scrub information from one's public
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todd: the biden administration considering details of us funded aid to afghanistan before the taliban and take over. and records obtained by fox news a watchdog attempted to block that move. tom fitton joined me now. why did the administration wants to hide this public information? >> they say it was for safety concerns. afghanistan was collapsing because of biden's surrender and they wanted to take material down from the internet and had a multi-agencywide effort to start censoring material and a special inspector general for afghan reconstruction was tracking spending totaling $146 billion in afghanistan. he said what are you doing here?
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the documents have been appear as long as 10 years and the law requires they be up here. they have to be public, the inspector general's act. he says i someone more senior to tell me we need to take this material down. they have a senior state department official to send a letter saying temporarily we may have to take this down but if you look at the material is clear that strong objections including legal objections to this being violation of the law. these are documents we normally don't get so my guess is the special inspector general wanted this information to be public. it usually takes forever to get documents like this so i think they are smarting over this censorship. this is not publicly disclosed until people figured out stuff censored on the internet as americans are trying to figure out how much equipment and
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wasted money was spent in afghanistan and especially equipment that may have ended up in the hands of the taliban and. they had a parade the other day using a woman to parade in the middle of the country. todd: there are a lot of details in this. what is your one big take away statement about this incident? >> looks to me based on our experience, there was no reason to take this material down. when that happens you have to wonder, was the material taken down to protect president biden from further negative headlines over his humiliating surrender in afghanistan? todd: if your member the entire time it all seems to be about positive media coverage for the white house and what they got ultimately was the exact opposite in light of the horrific decision they made. a veteran impacts things as he sought help from the us embassy, officials would not give them assistance. let's listen to the unnamed that.
2:17 am
>> begged him to let me in. it is embarrassing. a us citizen is not permitted entry. todd: i don't understand this. why is the state department refusing to help not just the soldier but so many americans just trying to get home? old >> it is unfathomable to me. i don't understand it and again the failure of oversight by congress and the media to all the biden administration accountable for the disaster that they created that not only lost lives directly but continue to put lives at risk. todd: state department hiding behind privacy considerations saying they have no further comment, not really giving an answer. this is unfathomable to use your
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words. i don't get it and i don't think the american people understand it either. this is not how america works. appreciate your time this morning. carley: a bill honoring the 13 servicemembers killed in afghanistan now heads to the president's desk but after months of silence from the white house, is that enough? how do the goldstar families feel? the father of two marines killed in kabul that they want answers and accountability. they both join us live coming up next.
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infection, or past heart rhythm problems. new or worsening high blood pressure, new cancers, and tumor lysis that can result in kidney failure, irregular heartbeat, and seizure can occur. diarrhea commonly occurs. drink plenty of fluids. tell your doctor if you experience signs of bleeding, infection, heart problems, persistent diarrhea or any other side effects. (man 2 vo) i am living longer with imbruvica. (vo) ask your doctor if it's right for you. learn how we could help you save on imbruvica. carley: a bill honoring the 13 servicemembers killed during the botched afghanistan withdrawal heads to president biden's desk. what do goldstar parents think of this gesture? joining use the father of marine sergeant taylor hoover and mark schmitt, father fallen marine corps corporal gerrit schmidt. good morning to you both. >> good morning.
2:23 am
carley: your son died defend our country and helping people who desperately needed it. i'm reminded of the crush of people trying to leave afghanistan through kabul airport and a bill just passed, the congressional gold-medal. what does that gesture means you? >> it is a great honor for each one of these 13 to have that. they are in a pretty elite class from mother teresa, president truman, senator dole, senator kennedy. those are some high, powerful people in it it is an extreme honor to have that.
2:24 am
carley: what about you? what is your reaction to this award for your son for the congressional gold-medal? >> it is kind of awkward because there has been so many wonderful warriors that have come before our boys and girls that were recently taken from us. it puts us in an awkward position because so many people have contributed to where we are today. we struggled with our 13, anymore that were important puts us in an awkward position, truly honored. >> such a humble response. both of you were at the patriot
2:25 am
awards and many of the 13 families who were there, i saw them leaning on each other because it was an emotional experience. if you have any reflection what the last 3 months of been like i am sure many people would love to hear them. >> it has been a whirlwind of emotion. taylor was the rock of the family. his two sisters looked up to him and now that is gone, we are left with an empty hole. we can't ever get him back as much as we would like to. knowing taylor being put in that same position again. i can't speak to the other 13
2:26 am
families but knowing that, given the same circumstances, he would go back in and do the same thing. carley: if you could reflect on what the past few months of been like. >> what darren just said, pride. the more people i have seen that he has touched in this country along with other 12 has been amazing, the support has given us so much pride, couldn't possibly be more proud of your son or daughter but you get a big hug and they share a story with you, what they have done and how it has affected their lives and some of us are meeting
2:27 am
afghan translators for everything these guys did, they assisted in putting so many of them out, how many lives it has affected, how many generations were able to happen because they got them out. >> such an important point, i said to ask in the immediate aftermath we got congressional testimony from anthony blinken, has anyone reached out to you and taken accountability for what happened? >> no, absolutely not. that is the biggest question in my mind, and everybody else's mind, who will take responsibility and take accountability for this, somebody has to.
2:28 am
this effort was rushed, botched from the beginning, they are calling it the greatest evacuation ever. how is that the case if 13 are dead, another 18 wounded but left behind are those teammates and members of their squads next to them that had to witness this plus all the americans still left behind, countless americans still over there that we don't know about and as mark alluded to, the interpreters, with accountability to this, that is what we are looking for. i'm upset and hurt. we did this wrong and we are going to learn from.
2:29 am
>> your sons are heroes and hopefully getting the congressional gold-medal but it doesn't replace the loss you both feel. thank you for joining us this morning, god bless you. we will be right back. nicorette knows, quitting smoking is freaking hard. you get advice like: try hypnosis... or... quit cold turkey. kidding me?! instead, start small. with nicorette. which can lead to something big. start stopping with nicorette during walmart's black friday deals for days, there's all the best deals. score monday online or friday in-store. this season head to walmart's black friday deals for days. ♪ ♪
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>> we are back with the fox news alert, kevin mccarthy wrapped up the longest speech in house history, declaring a vote on president biden's massive spending bill. the >> the longest i have ever given. the longest one minute ever given in this body. there is a reason why. this is a tipping point. the american people have spoken the democrats did not listen. >> mccarthy's marathon speech unlikely to change the outcome. the house will reconvene at 8:00. democrats are believed to have the votes to pass it before it goes to the senate. always comes as the congressional budget office estimates the bill will at $367 billion to the deficit over the next decade which includes repeated claims the bill would
2:34 am
cost 0 and not raise the deficit. the biden administration saying the president is widely accessible to the press but the commander-in-chief keeps ignoring reporters. >> expect a press conference tonight or tomorrow? >> i would not expect but you don't need a formal threat i don't think. >> the reaction, joe concha, the president said to reporters i would be happy to meet with all of the leaders and that didn't happen. what happened? >> his handlers told him he can't answer questions and he obeyed. the guy who got 81 million votes can't answer questions from a mostly friendly press outside
2:35 am
peter doocy and jackie heinrich and a few others. what does it tell you that he can't make an argument on his own outside the teleprompter or at least that's the perception so quinnipiac had a poll out yesterday, the president is barely at the approval of a third of the american people, 36% because of this perception that he may not be the right man for the job, might be too old for the job. anybody who disagrees with me fine, get out do and what presidents do. when you are on the cusp of passing trillions of dollars in spending answer some questions on how it is paid for. as you mentioned it is not $0, it's not going to reduce the debt, and lowering inflation. away from reporters and not be accountable been -- his handlers are keeping him away from the american people because they
2:36 am
don't have the argument. >> this is the strongest piece of evidence yet that the vp's office is an unmitigated disaster. >> the vice president doesn't have the support of three in ten americans, 28%. that means her own party, independents don't like her and republicans are opposed to what she is doing or what she isn't doing. kamala harris has done interviews with george stephanopoulos, the go to guy for this white house, the communications director in the clinton white house. she was on the view a couple months ago and lester holt, if your communications director kamala harris, she's just like her boss, being come from the public and answering anything resuming tough questions and it
2:37 am
shows you the there is this array with the vice president. the person that took the baton from president biden in 2024 into the democrats home to another level where she represent a younger generation of democrats seems to be sidelined, peter buttigieg being green to be the next vice president for the next president. that is the first sign things are not going well. the communications director resigning for years in. >> after the failed botched afghanistan withdrawal, we heard from her yesterday. >> you don't feel misused or underused? >> i am very excited about the work we have accomplished but absolutely absolutely clear idea there's a lot more to do.
2:38 am
>> there's an authenticity problem. it is a communications problem. can't believe you are back. here you are, that shows your dedication to this job. >> i could squeeze todd. >> let's go to janice dean. >> i could do the thing. it is sad you are not in florida. really cold and 75 in miami but for the rest of the country very cold especially in southern plains including texas to
2:39 am
oklahoma where we have freeze alerts, temperatures will dip below freezing so watch this as we go through time. this cold front moves through, temperatures in the 30s, shreveport, we see anna, that is the scenario. we have more rain on the coast of the northwest and mountain snow and this front that moved across the east coast, that is going to stay offshore but we have colder temperatures in the wake of that front. the next 7 days we have thanksgiving to talk about. we are looking at the potential for heavy rain across the plane states. we were looking at a coastal storm for the northeast but it looks mainly to be offshore. a lot of traveling. so nice to see you. group threes. carley: stick around.
2:40 am
todd: it is the oddest thing, president biden's all bark and no bite when it comes to beijing failing to ask about or mention origins of covid 19 during his meeting with his old friend xi. >> biden claiming oil and gas companies free rising heating bills and the out-of-control prices at the pump but what about those pipeline killing policies ahead of the us oil and gas association joins us now. j. that's why doctors recommend tylenol®. it won't raise blood pressure the way that advil® aleve® or motrin® sometimes can. for trusted relief, trust tylenol®. when it comes to autism, finding the right words can be tough.otrin® sometimes can. finding understanding doesn't have to be. we can create a kinder, more inclusive world for the millions of people on the autism spectrum. go to
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>> good friday morning. coming up on "fox and friends," the vote on president biden spending bill single-handedly delayed by house majority leader kevin mccarthy's historic and record marathon speech. congressman byron donalds and stuart varney join us as the house picks the bill up again two hours from now and the cbo confirms what we knew, and the department of justice giving police department $100 million
2:45 am
to hire new officers plus rachel campos duffy and will cain sound off as ms nbc is banned from the rittenhouse courtroom after one of their freelancers followed the jury bus. all that and more at the top of the hour. now to the capable and of todd and carly. todd: we will take the compliment. mccarthy, the 8 hour address, there is video of it, lauren simonetti with what we can expect in a few hours. >> reporter: house minority leader kevin mccarthy spoke for 8 hours on the house floor last night. trying to sidetrack this one$.75 trillion spending bonanza that lawmakers are planning to vote on in 3 hours from now. >> every page of this washington spending will be paid for or borrowed from you, the american
2:46 am
hard-working taxpayer. every page of this washington spending supports more waste, more fraud, more abuse and more corruption. this is the single most reckless and irresponsible spending bill in our nation's history. >> reporter: the nonpartisan congressional budget office is it at $360 billion to the deficit over a decade. the white house insisting otherwise. >> it doesn't cost a cent. we talk about $1.75 billion. it is paid for. this is and some gigantic bill. it is up what happens to ordinary people. we could get it passed in a week. it is fully paid for. >> reporter: the cbo score does not include irs enforcement, $207 billion but the difference is not 0. >> we are glad leaders exposing what is in this bill, whoever
2:47 am
controls more of your money controls more of your actions. it should be you, not the government. >> if the spending provisions are made permanent and some of them are popular like childcare and childcare tax credits those are like we made permanent. the real cost is closer to $5 trillion and not just cbos saying that but the committee for responsible federal budget. everyone is an agreement on that. what happens next? the houseboats this morning and if it passes it goes to the senate, they make changes, kick it back to the house, looking at legislation that might not be done until the new year. carley: they have an editorial about the biden bill the leaves $4.6 trillion, encouraging everybody to read that this morning. thank you for joining us.
2:48 am
todd: president biden and the white house blaming gas companies for the soaring price at the pump. >> the gap between the refined field costs to pre-pandemic levels than americans would be paying $0.25 less per gallon. clearly that is not how it should be working. that is why the president sent the letter. >> passing the butt, tim stewart, president of the oil and gas association joins me now and you are calling out the president for tying your hands. how is he doing that? >> i have been married 30 years, taking blame for stuff, this is one case we are going to take the blame. it has been an interesting last year. inflation is on everybody's mind. what they are not talking about, 50% more to drive to grandma's house for thanksgiving dinner. what we see is a confluence of
2:49 am
world events at the same time these challenges are exacerbated by an administration that made poor decisions not just in the first few days but right until this week and if the administration is openly hostile to one particular industry and dismissive of hundreds of thousands of workers it is a frustrating time to be in industry because we can't do what we need to do it hands were tied. todd: what is president biden doing regard to preventing you from doing what you want to do? drilling is one of the focuses. elaborate on what the biden administration is doing to miss you guys up right now? >> the biggest shell is continuously mixed signals for the markets and investors as well as industry. my message to the administration's stop. stop trying to do what you think is going to do to help american consumers because you made a
2:50 am
huge mess and focus on doing what you have already done. stop sending mixed signals to the markets 5 times a day, shutting down pipelines or threatening to shut down pipelines and let us go back and consider what you have done so far and the consequences, restart policing program internet stand stop threatening wall street investors with liability for investing in oil and gas. >> the american people are feeling pain at the pump, the number that 51% in gas prices, but you season states, look at california, california is through the roof, $6, $7, 45 seconds remaining. will that trend change in this president biden does something or are we in for a world of hurt 2022 and beyond? >> still some pain felt. the reality is there's not as much as there used to be but oil
2:51 am
and gas is a long-term investment and the administration has got to stop sending mixed messages. the results, keeping people on the verge of poverty, they have to make rational financial decisions whether or not they can drive to see mom for that 400 mile round-trip. todd: tim stewart knows the rules of the oil and gas industry and the rules of being a husband, appreciate your time this morning. the wife is always right. >> vice president harris overseeing one of the biggest immigration disasters we've seen in the southern border in decades but that isn't her fault. >> can't just flip a switch and make it better. we inherited an immigration system that was deeply broken. carley: lara trump sounds off next.
2:52 am
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>> can't just flip a switch and make it better. the reality is we inherited a system, an immigration system that was deeply broken. carley: vice president kamala harris is the border czar she says the border crisis isn't her fault. todd: new caravan heading north as we speak all happening under her watch. fox news contributor lara trump joins us now. great to see you as always: how much longer can they blame your father-in-law when the american people know what's going on. they have see right through this. >> yeah. they absolutely do. it's almost laughable this response from vice president kamala harris that somehow donald trump is to blame? go back to january of this year, did you not see the number of people illegally crossing our southern border like you do now. actually under donald trump, we had a secure border, had the biden harris administration left everything alone that donald trump had put in place, we would
2:57 am
be in a much different position right now. but everyone knows that joe biden and kamala harris ran on an open borders policy. remember every single one of the democrats on stage during the primaries raising their hands for free healthcare for illegal immigrants? they all but invited people, from all around the world that wanted to come here illegally to come now under this administration. we are now paying reparations of up to $450,000 per person to illegal immigrants. it is absolutely preposterous that this has anything to do with donald trump. if they wanted to fix it, and kamala harris, i will give you some advice, the switch you need to flip is to go back to the trump era policies. those were actually working. so no one buys this. i don't know who gave her the advice to use this as her, you know, tactic to get out of this question, but probably the wrong person to blame when donald trump had one of the most secure
2:58 am
borders and we now have one of the most porous. carley: look at the polling in one of the areas where president biden polls the lowest is the immigration issue. it's a wonder why he hasn't changed his stance because it's hurting him politically. we want to get to -- president biden had this very long, three and a half hour conversation with chinese president xi jinping on monday. apparently the president didn't ask him about the origins of covid. here is jen psaki on that front. listen. >> did he ask president xi to cooperate specifically with this u.s. intel agency-led investigation into the origins of code? >> peter, it's clear that that's what we want. that's what we have been pressing. carley: yeah it's clear that's what they want. but it doesn't sound like they had in-depth conversation about it at all despite the fact that hundreds of thousands of americans have died. what's your reaction on that front? >> i mean, is it clear? i think you have to be very
2:59 am
specific when you want something from someone like the leader of china. and the fact that joe biden apparently did not even talk about the thing that has up pend ended everyone's lives just in america but all around the world, something that we are still continuing to feel the impact of, life is not yet totally back to normal for anyone anywhere. and it probably won't be for a very long time if it ever does get back there i mean, it's terrible but it's not surprising. we know that china has been very lucrative for the biden family. we knew back during the campaign and we warned everyone about this, that joe biden would be soft on china, that he would not hold president xi accountable for anything. you look at the difference by the way between how donald trump dealt with china and the i think that joe biden deals with china, they are light years apart. they do not fear joe biden at all. and so, you know, it's not surprising that he is not pressing them on anything. but it is terrible and very
3:00 am
upsetting as an american to see this. todd: lara trump, have a great weekend. we appreciate you getting up with us and talking to our viewers as you often do on fridays. i'm happy to have you back. carley: thank you, that's so sweet. ask the crew around here it was very tough. carley: leave the show on a high note. happy friday everybody and "fox & friends" right now. >> this is the single, most reckless spending bill in our nation's history. >> kevin mccarthy delaying the vote on biden's social spending bill with the longest speech in house history. >> i preach what the leaders do. is he exposing what's in this bill. >> the president getting his lowest marks yet. >> biden's approval rating at just 36%. >> only person polling worse is kamala harris. like having the titanic sink and finding out that your life boats are all filled with holes. >> no one from msnbc will be


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