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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  November 19, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PST

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will laura: house majority leader kevin mccarthy still speaking in the capitol tonight. he has been going for 2 hours and 20 minutes. the house is supposed to vote on the build back better bill any moment now. keep watching fox news. shannon bream will have updates at midnight. fox will give updates through the evening. that is all we have tonight. greg gutfeld is next. todd: fox news alert, looking live at capitol hill warehouse minority leader kevin mccarthy still speaking, going on 7 hours straight railing against president biden's social spending agenda, speaker pelosi forces forward with a vote on the massive bill this morning. he's probably going to end soon, no, he will not end. you are watching "fox and friends first" on a busy friday. >> democrats were hoping to pass the tax and spending plan last night but the minority leader's
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marathon speech forcing pelosi to push the boat 8:00 am eastern time today at the earliest. it comes as the congressional budget office estimates the package will add $367 billion to our federal deficit was a far cry from the president's promise that it would be fully paid for. >> norm blanchard has breaking news. >> reporter: minority leader kevin mccarthy was able to delay a house vote with a marathon speech, now almost eight hours later he is still going after democrats with the floor and called it a night. >> mister speaker, i don't know if they think they left i'm going to stop. i'm not. it is too important. because mister speaker, i am not
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talking to them. i'm talking to the american people. this is the single most reckless and irresponsible spending bill in our nation's history. promised the american public this would be paid for and it is not. i didn't believe him when he said it. >> mccarthy's is rivaling that of nancy pelosi system for 8 hours and 6 minutes in 2018, he's just shy of that record. at the heart of republicans concerns, the cost, the nonpartisan congressional budget office estimates the build back better bill will add $367 billion to the deficit over the next decade. they did note it will bring in $207 billion in revenue meaning deficit would be closer to $160 billion. that is not 0 like the president promised. >> it doesn't cost a cent. $1.75 billion is paid for.
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this is in some gigantic bill. it is but it is about what happens to ordinary people. i think we will get it passed within a week. it is fully paid for. >> reporter: despite the president's road trips to talk about the build back better and infrastructure bill people don't believe the bill will help, only a quarter of americans say the president's bill will help their family. only a third say it will help the economy. more say they thinkable or their families and the economy. leader mccarthy has been able to delay the vote but it is unlikely to change the outcome. the house will be back in four hours, democrats are believed to have all the votes they need to pass it today before sending it to the senate. >> for trump senior advisor stephen miller says this spending package will come back to bite the dems. listen. >> the only person in the country that is polling worse,
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the only politician pulling worse than president biden is kamala harris. that is a political crisis for this administration, like having the titanic sink and find out your lifeboats are filled with holes. it is a political catastrophe because they have nowhere to go and i will add as they are looking to pass this build back better monstrosity and twist arms in the house and especially the senate democrats have to know with the unpopularity of biden and harris they are looking at the midterm wipeout if they vote for this bill. >> there is so much talk about the midterm elections because if you look at the polling, recent quinnipiac poll the just came out shows the president biden's approval rating is at 36% and one of the areas he's pulling the worst is the economy. 34% approval. so president biden is saying my political life raft is this build back better bill, because when people start getting checks
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in the mail everything will be better. however, that increased inflation. look at this poll on your screen, only 27% of people say this social spending plan would help them. so the biden administration is hanging every hope for their political future on this bill but it is not translating with the american people. that is a really big problem for them. heather: president biden so you don't understand inflation. they do understand inflation and realize it is going to be a tax on them especially if they are in the middle class. this with the middle-class the hardest and continuing our coverage of kevin mccarthy continuing to speak on the house floor willing to 7 hours. this is a big power move by mccarthy. he's marking his territory to become speaker if and when the republicans get the votes in 2022. i heard a prognosticator talk
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about this. this is a, the presidency by president biden and the democrats, mostly despite the poll numbers and pushback from the american people they will continue down this path with this reckless agenda. kevin mccarthy standing wearing khakis. you got to stand in something casual saying i don't want this to happen. if you put us, the republicans in power we will not let this happen and this is a big campaign commercial as we kick off 2022. carley: the fact that he has been speaking through the entire night most people have been sleeping, not something -- it is a big deal and nancy pelosi has the record, she spoke for a little over eight hours on dreamers in 2018-19, he is probably going to break that record but the vote could be held at 8:00 this morning and
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this is after the congressional budget office said the bill would increase the deficit by $360 billion over ten years. wildly important because president biden and the administration promised this is fully paid for it even though that number doesn't account for possible irs revenue it is clear that this is not fully paid for but two moderate democrats said they were holding out said they would vote yes for the bill. congressman henry cuellar from texas is leaning toward a yes vote the democrats can only afford to lose 3 votes. of it does pass and gets kicked to the senate you are dealing with senator manchin and kirsten gillibrand. it is not going to look the same way once if it does pass the senate which chuck schumer wants to have happened before christmas. thanksgiving and christmas, controversial times. todd: we are paying attention all morning long because i don't think he is stopping anytime
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soon. >> if this bill does pass and you think about why we are in this inflationary period it is because the government has handed so much money, pumped the economy with so much free money in the system, things end up costing more and that is exactly what this bill will do so you think things cost a lot now, wait until this passes and see what happens. todd: florida governor ron desantis signing four bills to derail covid maxine mandate requiring private employers for health, religious and pregnancy exemptions a strip the surgeon general's ability to mandate vaccines in texas or florida to exit osha and prevent schools from acquiring vaccines for students. signing bills alongside a second-grader suspended from her school for 40 days for refusing to wear a mask.
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>> senator tom cotton slamming the biden administration for the record number of drugs coming over the southern border, he claims biden isn't doing donald trump did to keep the united states secure. >> president biden, kamala harris, responsible for that huge surge in drugs, good across the southern border where building a wall, shutdown all of the immigrants taking advantage of our legal immigration system. what they've that is open the border. >> agents confiscated 430,000 pounds of drugs at the southern border over the 2021 school year. todd: type lips at the white house could spell problems for president biden as his approval rating continues to nosedive. jillian: kamala harris denies being underused in her first one on one interview in months as the border crisis keeps going. doug luzader joins us with more
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on both fronts. >> reporter: these poll numbers are fascinating, not very good news for the president. let's start with fox news poll, the president's approval rating, we have him at 44%, 54% disapprove, those are worse numbers than we saw last month and that poll maybe the good news for the president because the quinnipiac poll is even worse. the approval numbers, 36%, 53% disapprove. these numbers come as the president attended a north american summit at the white house yesterday joined by leaders of canada and mexico but in a surprise move he skipped the usual post summit press conference and wouldn't answer shouted questions. >> is mexico doing enough to stop the flow of migrants?
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>> his decision wasn't to break with tradition and not only formal press conference after the trilateral summit? >> i don't think it is scandalous as that in terms of the back story but use i take questions just a few minutes ago. >> let's move on to the vice president, her numbers seemingly in a freefall dropping 5 points in the past month, that follows reports of tension between the vice president and the biden white house although harris is shrugging it off. >> you don't feel misuse or underused? >> know i don't. the reality is we inherited an immigration system that was deeply broken. >> the vp will soon be hiring her communications director is out. leaving her job next month. >> thanks. >> picking up where doug left off jesse waters left thoughts on the vice president's interview yesterday.
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>> cleanup on aisle kamala, the vp forced to do damage control, she feels she's being sidelined and settled with a no-win job, harris being the face of president biden's border disaster, kamala is proving she's out of her league when it comes to managing the problem and that should have been an easy interview, stephanopoulos is a hard-core democrat, that is where you go to clean things up and she couldn't do that. carley: jen psaki said praising harris as a vital partner of president biden. todd: day 4 of jury deliberations in the trial of kyle rittenhouse, 30 page the jury instructions are, quote, very confusing but the way to stoke tension between clashing protesters outside the courthouse as the national guard remains on standby, the judge banning msnbc is a working for them is suspected by police of following members of the jury. >> the person claimed he was a
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producer with nbc news and stated he had been expected to follow the jury box. todd: nbc news tonight that report saying, quote, the freelancer never contacted are intended to contact jurors, never photograph or intended to photograph them. the jury will reconvene this morning at 9 am central time. >> granting clemency to julius jones just hours before he was set to be executed. jones has been on death row for 20 years after being convicted of murder in the death of paul howell in 1999. the family releasing a statement saying, quote, we know the governor had a difficult decision to make. we take comfort that his decision affirmed the guilt of julius jones and he shall not be eligible for the remainder of his life. todd: the justice department stepping into refund the police, $139 million grant program, with
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130 agencies to hire 1000 cops. they face officer shortages, surging crime. in 22 american cities, a 4% spike in 2021 compared to last year. 17 after the hour, happening right now kevin mccarthy speaking on the house floor railing against president biden have social spending. >> the white house is the cbo is wrong that the far left package at $400 billion to the deficit. congressman fred keller stepped out of the house chamber and is waving at us, coming up with us next. big story ahead. or make me feel like i'm not really "there." talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424.
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>> house minority leader kevin mccarthy forcing democrats to postpone a vote on the massive spending bill as he continues his marathon speech on capitol hill. todd: the congressional budget office says the bill will lead $1 billion to the growing deficit. 367 in fact. congressman fred keller, works
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to join us live the thanks for stepping out for a moment. before we get to the nuts and bolts what is it like in their? >> reporter: among the republicans which many of us on the house floor, i stepped out for a few moments, we are glad the leader is speaking to the american people and exposing what is in this bill. carley: he has been speaking for 7 plus hours. todd thought he could talk. certainly wins. we heard some moderate democrats waiting for the cbo score to come down are considering a yes vote. do you think this bill is going to pass today? >> hard to predict on this. i am hopeful after what the leader has done to expose what the speaker is trying to do, keep in mind what is in this bill. there is an 80,004 limit on state and local tax deductions. americans that are working and
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earning 70,$000 a year, living and getting the job done in what we all call high-priority or essential work. the other thing i would say to get to the budget score, they only funded some of these for a couple years, extended child tax credit for one year. some of the tax credits for the aca premiums, the childcare they've been talking about and raving about, what are they going to do when these run out? if they plan on rehabbing them the score is wrong. the other thing is they are hiring 87,000 irs agents to snoop into your bank account if you burn 10,$000 a year. todd: they had to raise that but 10,000 is not an easy number.
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$367 billion will be added to the deficit, janet yellen chiming in that it is fully paid for. help us understand this disconnect. >> you have a case where america, the white house, is being lead, speaker pelosi and chuck schumer in washington dc for too long, they are the only ones in america the believe spending $5 trillion is going to cost 0. the only reason, they are digging deeply into americans pockets and the thing i keep in mind is whoever controls more of your money controls your actions. it should be you, not the government and buy them raising these taxes on everything, there's going to be a carbon tax that will increase the cost to heat their homes. carley: we are in a massive
1:22 am
inflationary period. every american is feeling it, whether it is the cost of groceries or gas. some republicans have made the point that if this build back better spending plan passes, inflation will go up. break that down for us. explain to the american people why that is so? >> we've seen it happen with the bills already. we have people that aren't working and these don't require work incentives for able-bodied individuals to get this. somebody with no dependents that is able-bodied and able to work and collect on government programs and don't have to go to work, the government, goods and services not being produced or provided and more dollars competing for limited things being produced and that is what we see with supply-chain shortages and so on. we need to incentivize reopening our economy, getting people back to work and that is what i have introduced with the congressional review act to say
1:23 am
let's stop penalizing america's workers and businesses and get people back to work and do what americans do best and that is produce things, provide for their families and make the community inscribed. >> thank you for stepping up the house floor for a few moments to explain what is going on and where we stand on this important front. we appreciate it. >> the leaders exposing what is in this bill and he's talking to the american people because the democrats went home hours ago, they haven't been coming to work with the ones who have already left. we are here to do a job for the american people. >> thank you so much. two children in california get the wrong dose of the covid 19 vaccine, the clinic is 45 minutes into san francisco, 14 kids to get that incorrect dose saturday and received the dose
1:24 am
twice the size intended for kids under 12. they want parents as soon as they realize the mistake and health officials say side effects should wear off in a day or two. gavin newsom mandated covid vaccines for schoolchildren in october. >> instagram is back in the hot seat. a bipartisan group of 10 state attorney general investigating how instagram arms kids and young adult, massachusetts attorney general claiming facebook, no matter, has failed to protect young on its platform and instead chooses to double down on known manipulation exploiting children in the interests of profit, the whistleblower revealing how faith is arming the body image of teenagers. todd: 24 after the hour, joy read the latest media pundit to lecture you the american people who were concerned about inflation. >> the economy isn't bad, just that people are led because everything cost a little bit more. >> one of those concerned americans is a small business
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owner and biden's hometown, biden announces run for president in his pizza shop. we talk about how inflation is hurting his business next. ♪♪ adillac. don't just put on a light show—be the light show. make your nights anything but silent. and ride in a sleigh that really slays. because in a cadillac, tradition is yours to define. so visit a cadillac showroom, and start celebrating today. ♪ ♪
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todd: biden's nominee for control of facing heat on capitol hill after apparently advocating for the bankruptcy of the oil and gas industry in february. >> going to probably do that. if we want to tackle climate change. >> she says her remarks are being misinterpreted. >> that statement about oil and gas companies going bankrupt i misspoke. that is not well framed.
1:30 am
my intention was saying the opposite, we need to help those companies to get restructured. >> lawmakers characterize earlier remarks killing and disqualifying. msn the host joy read blasting americans from losing hope in the biden economy and says inflation is not an issue. >> republicans want you to believe the economy is good. for hire which is never good but america spending record amount of money, quote, inflation. the economy is in bad, just the people are mad because everything costs a little more. >> elizabeth foreign spoke with reed and supported her sentiment claiming the economy is on the rise. >> president biden kicked off his campaign in front of our next guest's pizzeria with this promise. >> americans are coming back
1:31 am
like we used to be, supporting our allies. >> over two years later, bullington, delaware business owners are not happy with the skyrocketing inflation hurting their pockets. gianni joined me now. good morning. you say inflation hitting the country is the worst thing that could happen to small businesses following the pandemic which is understandable. what are you into the restaurant owners experiencing? >> for us it is a problem like buying food. everything we buy is very expensive and i don't know who to blame or what to do because everything we buy in the store is at least 50%, 60% more expensive.
1:32 am
carley: the cost of eggs of 12%, steak 24%, gas, fuel, oil, 50%, 60%, are you having to pass these prices on to the consumer because as a small business owner the only way you can make money if things cost wars to raise prices? >> i did increase my prices just a little bit. i thank god my customers understand the situation and support me 100% because i've been in that spot for 20 years. but some people, increasing prices, to explain to them it is not i'm trying to keep my lights on because right now everything is expensive, we cannot find some items so we are trying to be in business, not to become rich but to pay bills, to make
1:33 am
payroll and that is it. >> you are not trying to be greedy but just keep your business afloat. we played a clip of president biden outside your pizzeria saying america is coming back. what is your message to the president today? considering the inflationary period we are going through? >> i will be honest. i'm not a political person at all. i just look at the common sense solution for everything in my life. president biden used to come to the pizza shop when he was a senator. very nice guy. i keep politics aside. we live in a place, the moment you say the wrong word, everybody is against you. politicians a wise i stay out of it. persons of the wise, he's a very nice person, very friendly, basically that is it.
1:34 am
other people make decisions on his performance. >> the thing about inflation and the cost of things going up is not red or blue or green but affects everybody including you. thanks for your perspective. >> thanks for having me. todd: 33 minutes after the hour. teresa liberation's resume in the client house trial one major news network won't be in the courtroom. >> no one from msnbc will be permitted in this building. for the duration of this trial. >> msnbc fan sending a producer to follow the jury bus. could things like that impact deliberations? any scary joins me next.
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qualify to sell your policy. don't cancel or let your policy lapse without finding out what it's worth. visit to find out if your policy qualifies. or call the number on your screen. coventry direct, redefining insurance. todd: back with fox news alert and live look at the house floor where kevin mccarthy continuing to speak. he has doing this since 8:30 last night to delay democrats vote on the bill back but are spending bill. >> i tell americans it is your money. what do you do with your money is for you to decide, not washington bureaucrats. today is not just about saving your seat. it is about saving our country. >> that was tape from earlier and we go back live to the house floor. keep in mind the marathon speech
1:40 am
is unlikely to change the outcome democrats believed to have all the they need to go to the senate. all this coming as the congressional budget office estimates the bill will at $360 billion to the deficit over the next decade, which refutes biden's claims that the bill would cost 0 and not raise the deficit. >> us better in pakistan says the us embassy is refusing to help him. >> i tried everything i could. i begged some. i gave up. no matter what i say they kept hanging on. carley: he traveled from the united states to pakistan to help his family escaped the taliban and leave afghanistan, he feels he has been stabbed in the back after being denied entry into the united states embassy when he went to request a medicaid. state department spokesman
1:41 am
telling fox news, quote, we are aware of these report but for privacy considerations, he says he was able to help his family escaped afghanistan by other means but is the biden administration has created a big mess for us citizens. >> president biden signing pro-police bills that include mental health resources to offices for anxiety or other issues who can go overlooked, the bill, biden signing the bills against advice from progressives, several squad members including aoc, corey. and rashida tlaib voted against that measure as part of the from the police agenda. 41 after the hour, the judge in the kyle rittenhouse trial admonishing msnbc after a reporter, trying to photograph jurors in the case. >> i instructed the one from msnbc knows will be permitted in this building for the duration of this trial. this is a very serious matter,
1:42 am
someone who is following the jury bus, that is a very extremely serious matter. >> the author of privilege to victims joins us to react, ms nbc said the freelancer never contacted are intended to contact the jurors during the liberation and never photographed are intended to photograph them, whether that is true or not this guy got arrested for running a red light because he was trailing the bus with members of the jury in it and the judge is fed up saying msnbc not allowed in the courtroom anymore. what is your reaction to the situation? >> the judge made the right choice because i'm shocked anyone following this jury bus not only because we are in jury deliberations but from the beginning, potential jurors,
1:43 am
there's at least one here, at least two said from the beginning that they were worried about their lives, worried about the outcome of the trial would be, what it would do to their community and their own personal safety. they said that at the beginning of this trial and to have people following them, the jurors don't know who is following them, tracing what is going on, they don't know it is a reporter but this is jury tampering and it is obvious that is what that is so the judge made the right choice to say we can't have people doing this, that would be the case for any other news outlet they want to do this so he made the right call and had to do it. >> the presence of this freelancer is enough to center the message to the jury. president biden slipping to 36% approval rating in a new poll amid heavy inflation. we will pop up the full screen showing these numbers and the approval or disapproval numbers are not getting better for the
1:44 am
president. the 36 number is the lowest presidential number in this quinnipiac polling since the start of his presidency. why is he still not reversing course on what caused this drop? >> reporter: most of the poll numbers have to do with the pandemic, this was the president who said i would shutdown the virus, we started coming down from the second biggest wave of new cases of covid, before we got halfway down we are not going back up again, we are looking at the pandemic not shutdown by any means and we are looking at inflation, looking at the border, and any number of things happening with the country in free fall. that's why his numbers are in freefall. jillian: president biden hopes to pass the bills back better social spending plan, could pass
1:45 am
the house today and that would pump more money into the system and arguably increase inflation even more. if this passes could this work against president biden? >> sure. i don't know if the answer is more welfare because that is what this is, build back better, i call it the welfare plan. it is more welfare, more money into the economy, keeps people out of work, they don't want to work, people spending more money at the gas pump, more money at the grocery store. i bought three things, body wash and cereal and it was $50. this is how bad it has gotten. families of four doing it, it's not working out, he's got to see it but you ask why he's not changing course, he doesn't want to change course, he gets upset them. he is doing what they want, they
1:46 am
are not interested in actual solutions to the problem. they are saying we will take the political heat if we have to is long as he gets it done. >> at least you are clean. the latest the privileged victims, clean and well fed eddie scary. 46 after the hour, following this all morning long, house majority leader kevin mccarthy breaking the record from august speech in-house history speaking since 8:30 last night, dealing the vote on the social spending bill. we are going to continue to follow this all morning long. >> in the senate chuck schumer is pushing the father tax and spending policies, and albanian immigrant who fled communism is looking to oust a new york senator next year, he joins us live coming up next.
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carley: jen psaki is not denying that president biden failed to ask president xi for cooperation in tracking down the origins of the covid pandemic during the virtual summit. >> the president's push for the chinese to participate more, provide more transparent data and information, we never held back on that front. it is clear that is what we want. i don't have any more to read out from the meeting. >> reporter: it is clear biden wants chinese cooperation and covid origin probe but not saying where he brought it up during the 3 our discussion on monday. >> and albanian immigrant who came to america to flee communism looking to challenge chuck schumer in the 2022 midterms. is an underdog who feel
1:52 am
duty-bound to stop the left's push towards socialism. kicking off his campaign yesterday joining me now. a reminder of the horrors of communism, describe the world you fled to come to america >> thank you for having me. the first thing people ask me when they ask me, i tell them i'm running because i to stop this catastrophic march towards socialism. i'm running because our way of life the way this country was founded is under threat by people like chuck schumer who have become the face of the progressive movement. they are trying to destroy our way of life in the name of compassion. they are trying to leave our borders porous, let people poor in in the name of compassion, trying to destroy and bankrupt the treasury to shore up their
1:53 am
base, shutdown dissent and create a permanent authoritarian regime and who better to fight off this wave of socialism movement than someone who has lived and escaped communism in the 1990s. >> your campaign has three main ones, combating socialism, and defending the constitution. on the socialism front how would you go about combating socialism in the us? >> the way i would combat socialism is telling people my life experience, what i went through and getting the message through to the voters. at the age of 14, i, along with other high school mates, i was in first grade high school, ninth grade, organized the first revolt, uprising against a 45
1:54 am
year regime that hadn't been challenged previously. we were beaten to a pulp with nightsticks, we were run over by armored vehicles, many people died, many sacrificed their lives to fight this regime the destroyed people's lives for 45 years. a few months later the prime minister of albania in the early 90s got on tv and said we have 6 days worth of bread left, that turned the country into a panic so everyone got onto a ship and if you have a photo of the ship, 30,000 people got onto a merchant vessel of transported goods, 45 or 50,000 people were on the dogs waiting to get on the ship and the whole country
1:55 am
found out about this and got on the train to the government had to shutdown, the rail system to prevent the country from leaving. todd: we've heard story upon story like this from people fleeing countries like albania but they don't seem to get it. hopefully people like you can convince them of the message. chuck schumer, blue states, see if you can do it. >> i to to mention, find out more information and contributes. that is the percentage. carley: a jampacked 5:00 hour on this busy friday morning. house minority leader kevin mccarthy delaying the vote on biden's social spending bill with what is now officially the longest in-house history. we will be following that, plus tom can't, joe concha and lara trump all live next. , joe conc
1:56 am
trump all live next.
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so visit a cadillac showroom, and start celebrating today. i am totally blind.
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and non-24 can make me show up too early... or too late. or make me feel like i'm not really "there." talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424. looking live at capitol hill, he has been at it for 8 straight hours breaking the record for the longest speech in-house history. >> a vote a massive bill this morning. you are


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