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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  November 18, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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at least try to be cool. [bell] >> jesse: cargo joe that's a new nickname. >> dagen: paw paw president. >> jesse: thanks for watching prime time. be back here tomorrow. how i saved the world is still available. tucker carlson is up right now. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to tucker karl sorenson tonight the judge in the kyle rittenhouse trial has just sent the jurors home tonight to think about the trial for yet another day. so far deliberations in this case have lasted about 20 hours. in a normal proceeding we would have the jury's decision in about 20 minutes. the essential question in this case is really clear. did kyle rittenhouse have good reason to believe dangerous men were trying to murder him? and the answer is also clear and unequivocal, yes, he did. these people are definitely
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trying to murder kyle rittenhouse. so rittenhouse's response to that was the definition of self-defense. desperate split second decisions made in the face of uncorrespondent wanted aggression in an attempt to save his own life. that's what happened every person who testified on both sides of the trial confirmed that. no honest person doubts it kyle rittenhouse never should have been charged in the first place. yet, he was. the reason he was is very simple from. this the beginning this case was driven by politics and ever since it's been tainted by government deception and incompetence. for example, we're just learning now relevant new evidence in the case. really? this is evidence a jury should have seen before it began deliberation obviously on the basis of all known facts. needless to say this is not how our lyle legal system is supposed to work. this is what we learned. one of the charges kyle rittenhouse faces felony count for recklessly safety of a man they never identified. video footage from the night of august 25th shows this man kicking kyle rittenhouse in the
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face and knocking him down. rittenhouse responds by firing his rifle twice and both times he missed. tonight the jury is considering whether rittenhouse acted recklessly when he fired those two shots and, yet, and here's the point, the jury has no idea as it deliberates who this man is. the prosecution never identified him. prosecutors claimed they didn't know his identity and they had no way to find it out. so that means that rittenhouse's defense attorneys never got to cross-examine this man or introduce any evidence about his behavior that night. that's not a small thing. according to the daily mail, new reporting today that man's name is maurice free land. free land has admitted that he attacked rittenhouse moments before another man, a domestic abuser called anthony huber started bashing rittenhouse in the head with a skateboard. who is maurice free land according to the daily mail is he a criminal. disorderly conduct and damage to property. one case woman reported to
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authorities that freeland threw her to the ground and kicked her in lower right rib cage. what we learned here among other things is that every single person kyle rittenhouse shot or shot at on august 25th in kenosha had a lengthy and violent criminal record. that seems relevant. but the jury doesn't know it. thanks to unethical behavior by the prosecution he never had to testify in court and yet apparently freeland told prosecutors he wanted immunity before he would agree to appear on the stand. of the assistant district attorney in the case thomas binger refused to provide that that means the state knew all along exactly who maurice freeland was. but they withheld that information from kyle rittenhouse's lawyers. as a result of that kyle rittenhouse was deprived of his constitutional right under the confrontation clause to challenge the accuser in open court. that's not supposed to happen. it can't happen. and that's not the only relevant evidence that was withheld from kyle rittenhouse's lawyers during this trial. we're about to show you some
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drone footage. it aired on this show the night of august 21st, 2020. at the time we were interviewing a law called john pierce who was then representing kyle rittenhouse. take a look at the pictures on the right-hand side of your screen. that's really a tertiary charge anyway because -- let me ask you about the first shooting of joseph rosenbaum. the second two, one man was shot in the arm. the other was shot in the mid section and died. both of them clearly and it's obvious on video attacked rittenhouse. but the first shooting was rittenhouse fired upon before he fired? did he believe he was fired upon? what were the circumstances of that shooting? so that drone footage that you just saw was right there that aired on this show has become part of the rittenhouse case. the prosecutors claim that footage shows kyle brian house raising his rifle in provocative manner accused arsonist joshua ziminiski. the child rapist began chasing
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written house after rittenhouse pointed his rifle at ziminiski apparently the pedophile the honor of accused rapist. that's their claim. joshua ziminiski like maurice freeland never testified in this case why? because prosecutors made sure he couldn't. they charged him with arson and delayed his trial so he would not be a.b. available to testify in the rittenhouse trial. by the way and this is relevant be too. ziminiski brought a gun to the riot and fired a shot before kyle rittenhouse ever pulled his own trigger? how is that for relevant? jurors never got to here joshua ziminiski explain that. so here's the problem. the drone footage we aired on this show was never provided to kyle rittenhouse's defense team. instead they got a blurrer lower grade copy of the tape. look at the images you are seeing on your screen right now. you are seeing the high quality image on the bottom and the low quality image on the top. there is no comparison between the two. the defense had no way to analyze the high quality footage during the trial and provide it
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to their video expert. they couldn't verify the footage is accurate or make any arguments about what it showed. they had to accept the prosecution's version. now the defense only realized this after one of the prosecutors admitted it out loud apparently by accident. he admitted that his version of the drone footage was, quote, much clearer than the footage the defense had. watch our version is much clearer. >> tucker: according to one of rittenhouse's lawyers, the defense copy of the drone footage was nearly three times less clear than what the prosecutors have. >> i confirmed that this file that he said was directly provided to the state crime lab was an 11 mill by the mega by the file not four. the information contained in the flash drive has -- was over double the size, almost three times the size as to what was emailed to me.
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every other piece of evidence from the state crime lab in this situation has been provided to us via drop box. drop box provides an exact forensic copy of what they have. the file title name in this situation should have been exactly the same as the one provided to the state. it was the exact same copy. the file name was nowhere near similar. >> tucker: so how to account for this? well the prosecutors explained they just got this footage in the last minute a few days ago. they said they immediately sent it to the defense and they had no idea the defense would get such a low quality copy of it a technical glitch they said. that doesn't make sense, actually and the judge seemed to understand that he prosecution waited more than a year to get this footage. >> the defendant wants first attorney after he was charged with this case appeared on an interview, appeared alongside the high definition version of
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this footage. >> tucker carlson has got it you could have subpoenaed it, no? >> we didn't know that until, i think today. >> >> tucker: it doesn't matter what the explanation is there is no excuse for this in a criminal trial. the prosecution has a legal obligation to obtain evidence in a timely manner and then provide it to the defense the moment it's available. that's the law. in this case the prosecution waited until after the trial began to give the defense a low quality version of the drone footage. you have to ask is this deliberate prosecutorial misconduct and actually as a legal matter it doesn't matter. kyle rittenhouse's constitutionally entitled to see all the evidence against him at the trial and he didn't. so, by definition, kyle rittenhouse is not getting a fair trial. by the way outside the courtroom as well as inside. yesterday as hundreds of national guard troops idled nearby a fight broke out within protesters within earshot of jurors today we learned a freelancer for msnbc followed the juror's bus to the
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courtroom. he blew through a red light to keep up with the bus. why what would a quote journalist follow jurors before they have reached their verdict? well, the judge seemed to understand exactly what was going on. this morning he banned anyone associated with msnbc from the courthouse. >> the police, when they stopped him, because he was following at a distance of about a block and went through a red light, pulled him over and inquired of him what was going on and he gave that information. and stated that he had been instructed by ms. byron in new york to follow the jury bus. i have instructed that no one from msnbc news will be permitted in this building for the duration of this trial. >> tucker: now, you don't have to like kyle rittenhouse or what he did to see this as scary and wrong and a threat to all of us. it doesn't matter who you voted for or what you thought of donald trump. that's irrelevant.
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withholding evidence in a criminal trial, intimidating jurors these things not just threaten, threaten justice which is the best thing we have in this country. what is interesting is who has no problem at all with any of this. and we can't help but notice that the very same people who love pointless foreign wars and devastating drone attacks on civilian populations think that kyle rittenhouse should rot in prison. now, watch this guest on cnn. one of the sillest dumbest people in public life explain that actually rittenhouse's attempts to save his own life at a biden rally filled with violent criminals was quote political violence. >> i think we are in a fighting situation, don, i think what we are seeing is growing political violence you have kyle rittenhouse on trial right now for taking the law in his own hands and shooting several people. remember you had mass shootings during the trump presidency at walmart at el paso and synagogue in pittsburgh. you had the storming of the capitol of people who had
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gallows with them on january 6th. and republicans are really playing with fire. >> tucker: so you have got to wonder if people who talk like that and there are an awful lot of them all of a sudden believe what they say on television. did they watch the trial? did they understand the facts? do they even care what really happened that night in kenosha? we like to give everyone the benefit of the doubt even max boot but honestly we are starting to wonder. george washington university law professor jonathan turley joins us now. thanks for coming on. this is it 20 hours of deliberations so far. what does that tell you? >> well, you know, tucker, i think that there is a lot of rules of thumb that lawyers use if a fast jury or a slow jury. whatever the truth of that is, i don't think it applies to high profile trials. i think they tend to have their own trajectory. all these assumptions about the jury really are likely unfounded. i mean, consider the fact that
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the cosby trial went five days and then it had a hung jury. phil specter at his first trial went 12 days and ended up hung jury. menendez three days and hung jury. conversely paul manafort was convicted after four days. so it's hard to say that the length of time is really that telling. a lot of things can be happening. one thing that has not clearly happened is that the defense did a good job is showing how these counts of a cascading failure. once you decide he acted in self-defense, with regard to rosenbaum, they did a good job in saying well then you have got to discount this count and they went through them. that clearly hasn't happened. they probably could have done that right off. but, it can be that they reached an agreement on some counts and they have dead locked on others. one of the things you sort of look for with a deadlocked jury is if they send out a question that seems more like an
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intervention question. that it's a try to get the judge to help break things up. sometimes you will see a question like you know, if we find x, should we do y? and it sometimes reflects just an impasse in the jury. or, they can actually send out and this could happen tomorrow, a notice that they are dead locked. they can say we reached agreements on three counts but not the others. every judge that i know will send them back to deliberate. >> tucker: right. >> they never accept that first deadlock. they just say you all have to just try harder. interestingly enough, they often do reach -- they often do break through the deadlock when they get that but we can look for those things, but i don't think you can tell -- i'm hearing a lot of people say well this is clearly now a hung jury or they -- this is clearly a pro-prosecution jury. i don't think you can really say that. >> tucker: i'm confused, as a nonlawyer, by how the prosecution was allowed to withhold the identity of one of
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the pivotal figures in the case, the man who knocked kyle rittenhouse to the ground by kicking him in the head. rittenhouse is charged for reckless endangerment for shooting this guy. the prosecution knew his identity. they negotiated with him about testifying they withheld that from the defense. is that allowed? >> you know, i'm a criminal defense attorney and i have to say there are points in this trial where i would have been apoplectic. referring to the silence of the defendant, which is the supreme court has said over and over again is a violation of constitutional rights. but this is also one of those glaring omissions. you know, you are referring to somebody in the charge without a name by the color of their pants. you go through an entire trial where this is one of the key counts and all along the prosecutors knew the identity? if they did not reveal the identity to the defense counsel and allow the defense counsel to call that person, i think it is a very serious violation. >> tucker: it sure seems it you know, anyone can understand why
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that's unfair and shouldn't be allowed. jonathan turley, appreciate it professor, thank you. >> thank you. >> tucker: so it's interesting inflation is obviously going up. they say it's a little over 6%. clearly much higher than that in some places with some product. no one likes this except people who have massive amounts of debt suddenly costing them less to pay off. the average person is hurt by this and hates it maybe that's why the people know better than you are suddenly telling you that inflation is great. it's good that everything costs more. >> you do make a really good point that inflation as a product of demand has an upside, correct? >> right. to the extent that it's coming from a strong economy, a strong consumer. that's not a bad thing. >> this is the fastest recovery right now in recent memory. demand is high. wages for the bottom 40% of workers are riding very fast. fast enough to help overcome
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what is the big central problem that everyone is rightly discussing right now. inflation. >> while nobody likes to pay more, on average, we have the money to do so. household savings hit a record high. >> republicans want you to believe the economy is doom, terrible. in reality economy lowest point since the pandemic began. the economy isn't bad. people are mad because everything is late and things cost a little bit more. >> these people are so partisan, literally say anything. they will look right into the camera and lie as long as it helps their political candidate, in this case joe biden. i mean, you got to think if people started to starve to death they would tell you it's good because the country is too fat. over at cnn one of their anchors tweeted a picture of a refrigerator stocked with milk that's proof there is no supply chain crisis of course because we import all of our milk from china these people are too stupid to be real. biden's top sympathizer called
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saul okay roe have a is refusing saule omarova. >> dr. omarova do you think gas prices are good or bad for america? yes or no answer would be fine. >> senator, that's a tricky question because i do remember. >> are higher gas prices good for america or bad for america, doctor? >> it's probably bad for america. it's not my expertise. i'm not sure exactly what you are asking. >> mr. chairman, i would let the record reflect that this witness is having a hard time acknowledging that higher gas prices are bad for america. >> tucker: are higher gas prices bad for america? it's a tricky question i guess they are bad. she doesn't care. none of them care. they are for higher gas prices. they are for ending the energy industry which, by the way, is our last functioning sector of the economy in the united states. they there be real poverty. if they succeed in doing that
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they don't care about their effect on you. j.d. vance is running for senate in ohio where people do care about gas prices in ohio. j.d. vance, thank you for coming on. they are telling us inflation is up because there is no denying it. you can look at consumer prices. there is a good thing we can afford it and maybe we can live more like europeans which will make us more sophisticated and we deserve it what do you make of their justifications for crashing economy? >> well, i think it's funny how for the last six months they acted like inflation isn't happening and now it's obvious to everyone they are trying to convince us that it's actually good for us. to me we have to keep our focus on the people who are actually harmed by this stuff. like, i think a lot about the people who have had, let's say, a child killed by the drug epidemic, taking care of grandchildren that they weren't planning on. do you think they care about higher gas prices? of course they do. do you think they care about the fact that they can't put food to feed their grandchildren on the table? of course they do. this inflation hurts people who have made good decisions that
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hurt savers, it hurts people who have retired on a fixed income who are preparing for their golden years. and, of course, the biden administration doesn't care because it looks at these people as deplorable, as evil, as unacceptable and so we have to, as a movement, stand up and fight for them and say, you know, it is a real problem that our energy sector is a disaster. it is a real problem that measures are paying more for the basic things that they need and that they use. >> tucker: only revolution aimed at downward hurt people already struggling, the class beneath you must be exterminated. has there ever been a revolution like this in history? >> i don't think so. but, man, it's going to be really, really rough. because, what they don't anticipate, what they are not dealing with is that the sectors of the economy that actually work for normal people that ploy people in middle class wages, the energy sector, the transportation sector, those are the parts of the economy that are being slammed by this inflation. the parts of the economy that are doing well right now, who doesn't require cheap energy?
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big tech and big finance? those happen to be, of course, the donors hot democratic party. they also happen to be the people who have gotten the richest over the past 10 or 20 years. the democrats are pursuing a set of policies they say the economy is good. but their policies are actually rerewarding their friends in the technology and finance sector. it's slamming everybody else. and, look, if there is a real revolution in this country, it will come because people can't afford the basic necessities. of course, that's terrible for everybody. >> tucker: what if we levied say an 80% tax on server farms or private equity profits, do you think they would be in favor of that? >> no, i think then they would really worry about the fact that the things that they use of, the things that they need are actually more expensive. maybe we should do that because it's time to penalize the folks who have gotten rich off of devastating the american middle class and the american worker. again, the only sectors that have done well just so happen to be the biggest donors to the democratic party.
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that's not a coincidence, tucker. >> tucker: yeah. let's crush cops and oil field workers and coal miners, this is class war, obviously, always has been. j.d. vance, great to see you don't, thank you. >> thank you. >> tucker: so we brought you the story last night of j.p. morgan discriminating people with the wrong political views in the way it offers its banking services. the state of missouri is fighting back against that now the bank has announced it's reversing its decision. so a minor victory but we celebrate every one of them. we have got details coming up. ♪ ♪
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well, i can bust curfew-breakers in an instant. well, you all have xfinity home, with cameras to home security monitored by the pros. *laughs* learn more about home security or get our self-monitored solution starting at just $10 per month. >> tucker: there is no sector of political life politicized banking services have been denied americans across the country on the basis of their politics. yesterday we told you about the latest example. we pay j.p. mortgage chase recently denied process state of missouri the defense of liberty. we pay informed the group that the company, quote: is no longer able to process payments for your account as we are unable to process payments for hate, violence, racial intolerance, terrorism or the, quote, encourage any of those
5:27 pm
things. well, this is insane because defense of liberty doesn't encourage hate or terrorism. they are not a terrorist group what the hell? these are americans. we reached out to jp morgan chase to find out why would you do this? why would you deny banking services for americans it you don't like who they voted for and call it terrorism. after our inquiry and threat from the state of missouri this is how they responded after further review we determined this organization did not violate the terms of service and reaching out to the client to discuss reinstating the account we would never close an account due to a political affiliation which a law. accusing of terrorism no evidence they are for terrorism american citizens? like what the hell? they should be ashamed. and they have been brushed back a little bit. sometimes that works. well i went to the patriot awards other hollywood last night hollywood, florida.
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put me up on stage with no script. i started talking and went on and on and on and on. [laughter] the producers put part of it in this video. here you go. >> tucker: what we are celebrating is the people of the country. and if you have my job it's kind of easy. so ape i'm to be here right now focused on the people who run stuff. i often think to myself never has a better country been run by worse people. [laughter] >> tucker: no, it's true. it's true. [applause] >> tucker: i'm sorry. i'm not being mean. i don't want to be negative. but that is true. yeah, that's one of them. exactly. but you can lose sight if you focus too narrowly on the people who are making the bad decisions, you can lose sight of everyone else which is the overwhelming majority of people in this country. so what do i notice about americans? so i'm 52.
5:29 pm
so that put me on kind of the back 9 as they say. the downward slope of the experience. i have lived on both coasts i have lived all over the country. i spend a lot of time on the road as a writer in the earlier part of my life. so i feel like i have a tangible sense of the country. why are americans different? here are things i noticed about americans. i really noticed. the stories of the people on this stage all of whom were heroes. i thought wow, that person is a lot more impressive than i am. so is that person and that person. then it got to 100 percent of the people. [heckler] >> yeah. right. i thought to myself yes, people have taken greater risks than i have, they are more impressive than i have. they are still recognizablably american in the way they are impressive. they are not like some person from outer space who arrived here to outshine the rest of us. americans raised up in the culture we are all product of who are exhibiting essentially
5:30 pm
american attributes. what are they? they are humble. they are not that interested in talking about themselves. they are competent. that's one thing i always notice when i leave washington and new york. people outside the big cities actually have skills. no, i'm serious. [laughter] i'm not being mean but they can actually do stuff. they can make things. if it breaks, they can potentially fix it they don't have to necessarily order another one from china over amazon. [laughter] they have usable skills. , which by the way at some point might come in handy. they are nice. that's the first thing i notice about americans. they are nice. they are kind people. [cheers and applause] >> tucker: and if you have been to other countries and i like -- i'm about as aggressively american, i couldn't leave even if i had a passport where would i live? i have about a million children that's a problem, too.
5:31 pm
[laughter] i couldn't live in any other country just because i'm thoroughly american. but i do like to travel and a lot of cool countries around the world. one thing i always notice is that no one is on a gut reflexive will level. wake them up middle of the night from a dead sleep no one is as nice as americans. they are kind people. they cry at dog movies. [laughter] i do, too. how many other countries have like dog movies where everyone cries? probably not too many. well, exactly. don't get me going. don't get me going. that's one of my obsessions but not going to lecture to me. [shouting] >> run out of gas in any other country in a rural area and find out what happens to you. do it in this country and all of a sudden you know first person that drives by, can i help you? you don't speak the language.
5:32 pm
you have no local currency. you have no idea where you are. you are in the middle of a big american state. the person will get out of his car and make certain that you get what you need. [applause] >> tucker: there is no other place like that. there is no other place where country men root for each other so passionately as they do here. americans love to see other americans succeed. your success is my success. [applause] >> tucker: you're impressive and i'm thrilled by that i'm not envious because the fact that you are succeeding say something great about this community called the country of the united states. there is something wonderful about that. that is not universal at all. it's uniquely ours. so i have to say having seen this my whole life, sometimes i hear people describe a country that i just don't recognize at all. maybe if i was living in some angry filthy crumbling city that would be my view of america. even in the angry filthy
5:33 pm
crumbling city there are a ton of nice people. i actually don't recognize the descriptions of the country that i hear so very off that it's deeply rotted on or it's terrible afternoon we need burn it all down and build back better no. we don't actually, it's already pretty great. in fact, it's the best expression. [cheers and applause] >> tucker: this country is the best expression of human decency in the history of the world. and if you don't believe that's true, tell me what is. boy, can i go on? that's why i'm a talk show host me yapping was not the highlight of the night the patriot awards, the people being honored, people in the crowd, great people, really great people. watch the whole thing okay fox nation go to tucker so, the qnonshaman the guy with the chew back with a horns was just sentenced to three and a half years in prison for wandering around the capitol.
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how dare he? our next guest sat down with him for a remarkable interview. a documentary part of what is featured on tucker carlson original patriot purge. we will show you what he found. you can head over to tucker during the break to get brand new merch. we do not have supply chain issues. ♪ the worst genocide in human history also destroyed the lives of thousands of jewish survivors still suffering today.
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duck duck all the at the time fling people in this country trip earlier in the show jacob chansley not one of them. you may know him as qanon shaman, chewbacca. vehicle kick guy roamed around in the capitol. he has three and a half years in prison for that: we have turns out we did months of reporting for our three part series patriot purge which is on fox nation. now a filmmaker has secured a remarkable sit down interview with chansley as part of his documentary it's called q sanity
5:40 pm
here is part of it. >> coronation i had no hesitation whatsoever in walking through those doors i did not feel like i was doing anything at all. in fact i felt like i was doing what was right. what was needed. >> jacob chansley faces a six count federal indictment. two felonies and four misdemeanors. the judge says jacob chansley is a symbol of what had occurred at the u.s. capitol. >> this is active participation in a violent insurrection. >> a judge who is a democrat [bleep] >> solitary confinement. they nailed me to the wall, dude. they nailed me to the freakin' wall. >> a violent insurexz. the guy was wearing a viking hat, proving among other things these people have zero sense of humor. they are serious and furious as hell. jason joins me tonight. you talked to jacob chansley, i haven't. is the sense you get from him
5:41 pm
that he is a violent insurrectionist? he seems kind of harmless. what's your view. >> no, tucker, not at all. it's important to know that he was not charged with insurrection or sedition. >> tucker: right. >> he didn't plead guilty to a violent charge. he pled guilty to essentially trespassing in congress. and yesterday at his sentencing jake even said hey, listen, without law and order and accountability there is no freedom. so he wanted to, you know, pay his debt to any law he broke; however, the question is, you know, should he have spent 317 days in solitary confinement and now another whatever 41 months less time served from this point on? and, you know, we were able to interview him on january 7th, amazingly. and then he was locked away 48 hours later. so, we really got his initial reactions and story of the whole experience right when it was still fresh and before he knew that he was in any kind of
5:42 pm
trouble at all. >> tucker: so a lot of people are applauding this punishment. national review wrote a piece today saying he should have got more time. does chansley have any sense of how many violent criminals who are voting the correct way are just walking out of jail right now? does he have any sense of dispro portion that the the sentence is. >> oh, absolutely. when you put this into context i think that's something that was present for jake when he went into the capitol. is that we had seen a summer of rioting in 2020 and we have seen other types of demonstrations that it seemed like, to some people that was actually being, you know, cheered on and then here this incident happened and i would absolutely say that the real story has not been told. i mean, when we posted our movie trailer just a week after interviewing jake, i was suspended from twitter and
5:43 pm
facebook permanently just for posting a documentary trailer. and i was really shocked by that but it really shines a light on what i think the narrative was going to be and needed to be. >> tucker: that's very obvious. i have to ask so in the footage all of us have seen chansley is in the chamber with a cop right there. he is chatting with him. no hostility. presumably the cop is armed. if he was a violent -- there it is right there. it's on our screen. why did none of the police seemed threatened at all auto or do anything about it there are two of them in video. >> yeah. well, and that's the thing. you know, i actually -- after he was in the capitol, you know, jake's image hit the internet. well, we had interviewed him in december, actually, on another film we were making. so we had his cell phone number. so i actually ran into him a few hours later and he was walking around on the streets of d.c. still in his makeup. people were talking to him. and so i ran into him and i was
5:44 pm
like hey, jake, good to see you. do you want to interview with us? i would love to hear your whole story. and he agreed to it but he didn't even realize at that point just a few hours later that he was in any kind of trouble. then when we interviewed him he still didn't think he was in any kind of trouble. he had no idea when he called the fbi that he was going to get arrested. >> tucker: should have gone to ecuador. >> well, you know, i would like for people to check out the full trailer at q sent me we have a lot of footage nobody has seen. we want people to know the real story of what has happened with jake, who he is and what he is like and make their own decision about it. >> tucker: amen. thanks for helping us jason, appreciate it. >> thank you. >> tucker: you probably figured out by now everything that liz cheney and nancy pelosi told you with hysteria about january 6th is a lie. complete lie we spent months looking into the facts of that day. assembled in a tucker carlson
5:45 pm
original piece patriot purge can you watch did. tucker osha, the occupational safety and health administration has suspended its enforcement of the vax mandate immoral but now apparently illegal. we have details from alex berenson the authority on this. we'll be right back. ♪
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♪ >> tucker: so almost a year in, here's what we know. here is what science tells us about the covid vaccine. there is some evidence that the vaccines lower the incidence of hospitalization and death. there is no evidence whatsoever that the vaccines prevent infection or transmission of covid. in other words, the unvaccinated pose precisely no risk to the vaccinated that the vaccinated don't pose to the unvaccinated. period. so there is no justification, scientific justification for the vaccine mandates any more than there is justification for mandated colony scope or prostate exam. it's insane. and now it's been suspended. on or about shoe has suspended its enforcement of biden's vaccine mandates for private
5:51 pm
employers. the move comes after a federal appeals court blocked that mandate. berenson has been on this with clarity and grasp of science that virtually no one else possesses. a journalist, author of the new book pan academia how coronavirus took over rights and lives. alex berenson, thanks so much for coming on. >> thanks, tucker, as a actual actual legal manner these. >> the mandates were supposed to go in place january 4th. the fifth circuit which is texas, louisiana and mississippi issued a very strongly worded order, actually two orders last week saying we think that this is unconstitutional. we are issuing emergency stay. and at the end of the second order they said hey, osha, don't even bother trying to implement this so the biden administration, there have been a bunch of suits over this mandate. and they have now been consolidated to be heard by
5:52 pm
different courts, the sixth circuit, which is in cincinnati, i believe in ohio. and what everyone expects is that this will get appealed to the supreme court. now, given that the supreme court was not very interested in the biden administration's efforts to stop property owners from being able to evict tenants back in august, it seems quite possible that they will agree with the fifth circuit on this and that these mandates will be tossed before they ever took effect. but there is a couple other points, sorry, go on. >> tucker: can i ask you the core point now unless i'm misreading the science and correct me if i am, it sounds like the vaccinated are at no greater risk from the unvaccinated as vice versa. the vaccinated can spread the virus as efficiently as anybody else. what the is justification for these mandates at this point? >> i mean, there is no medical justification for this. one of the things that the fifth circuit said which is fascinating is if this is such an emergency, you issued this order back in september. you said you were going to issue
5:53 pm
it in september. it's not taking effect until january. what kind of emergency is this that takes four months? what kind of emergency is this that employers have to -- if you are over 100 employees if you are under 100 it's not an emergency for you. there is no medical justification for this. i would say you summed up the rules or the science quite nicely. i go even further than that, there is now some evidence that 6, 7, 8 months after you get your second dose that you might actually be at higher risk of infection if you are vaccinate nateed. good swedessish study in that germany and austria very highly vaccinated. they're seeing unprecedented numbers of infection. so much so that they're going into lockdown. there is no evidence that the vaccine halt infection or transmission in any way. there is some evidence, as you said, that they have may help you avoid a severe case or death. i would say the evidence for that over time has been weakening. but even if that's true, as you say, that's your own personal
5:54 pm
choice then, it's like getting a clone scope, it's like riding a motorcycle. it's your choice to protect yourself in that way. so i think you are right about all of it. as for the politics, i don't really understand why the biden administration is doing this. you know, they got spanked in virginia. they nearly lost new jersey. you have would have thought that would have woken them up a little bit but it doesn't seem to have. one last thing, pandemia, 12 days, i think it will open people's eyes even if they follow this. i hope you read it and everybody reads it. >> tucker: i have already read it you sent me a copy and i loved it alex berenson. >> i know, i know. >> tucker: thank you. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: sad news, we are out of time. here is the upside though our brand new and pretty amazing interview with dr. scott atlas on fox nation watch it for free for 90 days go to tucker have a great evening.
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we'll be back tomorrow at 8:00 and every week night. now, we're going to introduce you now to something we saw in the flesh last night in person and we can affirm that sean hannity is doing great. >> sean: it was a magnificent night. >> we have special night. amazing people. and i was honored to be a small part of it, tucker. thank you as well. and welcome to hannity. we begin right now with a fox news alert. breaking news from capitol hill, we are moments away from a late night vote on biden's build back better green new deal social spending spree in the house. as we speak, minority leader kevin mccarthy is on the house floor blasting this bill. listen in. >> you are charging more than $5 trillion to this bill. more than 2,000 pages. enough! you are empowering china to be even stronger. this bill spends billions of


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