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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  November 18, 2021 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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continue to monitor the jury deliberations in the kyle rittenhouse trial plus the latest on the possible vote late tonight concerning president biden's social spending and tax bill and we have our focus on the midterms. we will look at a couple of key race. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. "fox news primetime" hosted by jesse watters starts right now, hey, jesse. >> jesse: hey, bret. thanks a lot. good evening and welcome to "fox news primetime." i'm jesse watters. day three of jury deliberations has come to a close in the trial of kyle rittenhouse. but, still no verdict. and with each day that passes, the tension in kenosha thickens with protesters outside the courthouse getting more impatient and rowdy. another person was arrested tonight in the midst of the chaos and was reportedly armed. but this is what the media wants. they love the turmoil. in fact, they have been fueling this divisive fire from the very beginning. so let's start at the very
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beginning. the summer of 2020. at the root of this entire case is the shooting of jacob blake the media told us blake was an innocent unarmed man gunned down why by racist cops. they even aired incomplete footage to fit the narrative and aided and abetted by joe biden who called on the officers involved in the blake shooting to be charged. but it turns out it was all a lie. he was a dangerous criminal with a knife and an immediate threat to the officer and his own family. but the misinformation was enough to start a riot in kenosha. the town was torched. violence was breaking out on the streets and cnn continued the lie. mostly peaceful protest, they told us. in case you couldn't tell by the burning buildings, that was not a very peaceful protest, which is why kyle rittenhouse went to kenosha that night. he was asked to come and try to help the situation. but then the media twisted the
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story again. without gathering any facts at all, they came up with a narrative that he was a white supremacist with a thirst for blood. the media didn't need a trial they convicted him a long time ago. and continued to spread that lie. >> he showed up, he didn't need to improve the community and do you know what? if the jury listens to the law and applies the fact and the evidence to the law, then they should be able to come back with at least one conviction. >> if the prosecution is not able to convict these white people, there is no appeal. >> in the courtroom there is a lot of things i could have told you last year absolutely kyle rittenhouse is he going to be found guilty. he is going to be held accountable. >> overall it was a bad decision. keep in mind i do think rittenhouse is guilty. >> jesse: people like the protesters outside the courthouse are listening to this garbage. >> i believe he should be found guilty. i think the first shot rosenbaum was justified but the second and third and fourth shot was not. that's when he became a murderer.
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>> ultimately -- hopefully we get a charge on all five counts. >> one was dismissed. >> i hope he gets charged and put in prison for life. >> jesse: but the length the media is willing to go to destroy this kid doesn't stop there the media has grossly polluted this town and this country with lies and misinformation. but now they are putting lives at risk. we learned today that a freelancer with msnbc was caught and ticketed for running a red light while following the jury bus home last night. he told police he was instructed by msnbc in new york to follow the bus and take photos. msnbc news released a statement saying last night a freelancer received a traffic citation. while the traffic violation took place near the jury van, the freelancer never contacted or intended to contact the jurors during deliberations and never photographed or intended to photograph them. we regret the incident and will fully cooperate with the authorities on any
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investigation. sure. msnbc didn't consider the safety of the jurors. they didn't consider the safety of other drivers. they had a mission to fulfill. and now the judge has banned them from the courtroom. watch. >> i have instructed that no one from msnbc news will be permitted in this building for the duration of this trial. this is a very serious matter, and i don't know what the ultimate truth of it is but absolutely it would go without much thinking that someone who is following the jury bus is-that is a very -- it's extremely serious matter and will be referred to the proper authorities. >> jesse: they won't be in the courtroom anymore. but the damage has already been done. not just by msnbc but the entire media industrial complex. who stopped at nothing to distort this tragedy every step of the way. they have completely distorted
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this trial and now it's up to the jurors to follow the real facts and allow the justice system to work. >> here to respond wisconsin senator ron johnson. so, senator, you know, it's probably some stringer trying to land an exclusive of a juror for "the today show." i get that. but, they are putting people's lives in danger by speeding and running red -- but there is also something else. they are intimidating the jury and they are saying the media is there. we're watching you. we know where you live. we are following you. and however you decide, you can be a good guy or a bad guy by the way we cover you. do you agree with that? >> by and large. you know, i think what this trial has just highlighted is the vast divide in this nation. you know, president biden in his inauguration speech said his primary goal was to unify and heal this nation. he has not accomplished that goal. i wish he would have. but, again, this trial is just
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bizarre in so many ways. you watched the coverage, for example, on fox vs. the coverage on cnn and msnbc. it's like two totally different trials. i mean, how can people take a look at the same reality and come away with such different versions of it? but, you know, the crowds banging, you know, making all kinds of noise outside the courthouse, blow horns, it's got to be intimidating the jury. i don't understand why they didn't sequester this jury it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me. this was not the way our justice system ought to work. judges shouldn't be threatened. juries shouldn't be threatened. there shouldn't be intimidation. and, you know, jesse, the other fact of the matter is, i know the mainstream media doesn't like to hear this. but we're not concerned -- i'm sure governor evers didn't call up the national guard in the event that kyle is found guilty. it's only if he is found innocent. the same reason when they
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boarded up store fronts in major metropolitan areas prior to november 20 election. it wasn't in the event that joe biden got elected. so, the threats of violence primarily, not all the time, buff primarily come from the left and, of course, the mainstream media won't admit that. which just exacerbates the problem. >> jesse: it's a very good point. and because you represent that state, tell me about the people of kenosha. we're looking at a jury. they were picked from the town, the surrounding area. and they are taking a very long time, in my opinion, to give a vert. they have seen a lot of evidence. they have seen a ton of video. again, they asked for more footage. they are asking for more instructions. one of the female jurists asked if she could take home the instructions with her. again, they should have been sequestered. i completely agree. but, how would you describe the people in this community and the people in this jury?
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>> good folks that will take their responsibility very seriously and render, i hope, a very fair decision. but, it's, you know, could you blame them if they're feeling intimidated? they are going to take extra time and maybe factor that intimidation, those potential threats in their decision? i mean, that's what concerns me. and, you know, what's also a tragedy about this is this trial shouldn't even be occurring right now. >> jesse: agree. >> we should not have had multiple nights of riots. had governor evers stepped up to the plate, brought in the manpower that president trump offered him, had he and his lieutenant governor mandela barnes not incited the rioters by governor evers issued a statement saying he knew no information about the shooting he said what we do know though is this is not the first time a black man has been shot or injured or mercilessly killed at the hands of law enforcement was basically what he said. that's just inciting the riot as
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did lieutenant governor mandela barnes. so they have been completely irresponsible. we never should are had the riots, not multiple nights of them. had they acted responsibly back in 2020. >> jesse: all right. senator ron johnson, thanks so much for joining prime. >> have a good night. >> jesse: the media has made a point of painting all the people involved in the rittenhouse shooting sainted angels trying to stop a bloodthirsty white supremacist. >> let me remind people of the names of the victims joseph rosenbaum 36 years old. huber. james grosskreutz 24 injured. these are the people people ought to remember are the people her here not the person crying on the stand today. >> jesse: now as the truth trickles out we are learning those victims were anything but. anthony huber was a convicted domestic abuser who did jail time for choking hills own brother. joseph rosenbaum was a convicted
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pedophile who hurt several, several young boys. and now we have learned the identity of jump quick kick man the guy who kicked brian house in the face moments before he was shot. he is no angel either. freeland reportedly was out on bond that night for an alleged assault on his girlfriend that included kicking her in the rib cage and throwing her to the floor. joining me now radio host and author of rush on the radio bo snerdley. all right, so this guy freeland jump kick man has a long rap sheet, 20 years, 25 incidents in kenosha county alone. violent offenses, destruction of property, disorderly conduct. duis, possession of controlled substances. escape from custody. jump-kick man. what an angel. >> you know, is anybody surprised?
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look. you know, parts of the problem is that if you are out on the streets and you are engaging in riots that says a lot about your character to begin with. >> jesse: right. >> so who is really surprised. jesse, this is what bothers me about anybody that watched the video knows and can see clearly that rittenhouse was trying to defend himself, that his life was in imminent danger, grave danger. that's very true. at the same time i have been asking and wondering how can it be that a 17-year-old can say oh there is a riot going on, let me go down. i'm 17 years old, let me take my rifle down and go play, what? play the cop. i think he shouldn't have been there in the first place. that said, he was there. he had every single right to defend his life. he was smacked in the head with a skateboard. he was put on the ground. he was kicked in his face. this kid was about to be killed.
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and he had every right in that moment to do what any human being would do, which was to struggle for his own survival and he did that. it is no surprise that the people that were engaged in trying to take his life from him were thugs and hoodlums. that's who is out there rioting. not a surprise. >> jesse: not a surprise. you know, he was there because the politicians told the police and national guard to stand down. so he answered a call to have someone who needed help protecting their businesses. he was there add as a medic. he was there, obviously, to put out fires, we saw him doing that in the video. well, listen. >> he's 17 years old. >> jesse: i'm not going to speak for him, but he was there because there was a lack of political will and he didn't need to be there, but he had to be there, in his opinion, from what he said, is because his community needed help and he wanted to help his community.
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>> you know what? he has every right to defend himself. every single right. >> jesse: everybody that has a fair mind and sees the video knows that but a lot of people aren't fair anymore in this country and that's a damn shame. all right, bo, we have got to run. thank you. >> thank you. >> jesse: fox news alert, the walls are closing in on kamala harris after more disastrous polls in this morning's painful interview on abc. it looks like heads are starting to roll. ♪ bipolar depression. it made me feel like i was trapped in a fog. this is art inspired by real stories of people living with bipolar depression. i just couldn't find my way out of it. the lows of bipolar depression can take you to a dark place... ...and be hard to manage. latuda could make a real difference in your symptoms. latuda was proven to significantly reduce bipolar depression symptoms and in clinical studies, had no substantial impact on weight. this is where i want to be.
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>> jesse: back with a fox news alert. one of kamala harris' top advisers, communications director ashley atena has announced she is stepping down from her post or she was fired. the news comes as mere hours after vice presidents train
4:19 pm
wreck interview with abc with her approval rating in the gutter, worst of any vice president of all time, harris took some softball questions from democrat george stephanopoulos this morning where she down played the reported texas between her and the president. watch. >> vice president always face chatter about their role and relevance some of the don't feel misused or under used? >> no, i don't. [laughter] i'm very, very excited about the work that we have accomplished. >> jesse: not really sure what the vice president giggles is excited about. because when she was confronted about the sky high inflation in america we got this highly edited response. >> this is all happening in the context of two years of a pandemic. it's one of the highest priorities, actually, for the president and for me and so we're dealing with this issue in a number of ways. short-term one of the issues is the supply chain. we are seeing a bottleneck and we need to release that bottle neck. >> i wonder what her real answer was because abc showed us a
4:20 pm
version with four ed's dits in just 15 seconds. i guess she didn't have one. now, let's bring in lara trump and stephen miller. all right, lara, i mean, she giggles, and then her answer was so atrocious they had to edit it four times in 15 seconds. she actually gave a good interview. we are all waiting on that. she touted by the way all the accomplishments of the biden harris administration, don't forget, again, we have to add the harris, in because she played a very important role she will tell you there. and i think a lot of people think well, gosh, what have they accomplished if anything but i take it a little bit differently, perhaps they actually, jesse, are accomplishing the things that they would like to see happen in america? after all, we would be crazy at this point to think that our open border was not intentional, that they are letting millions of undocumented illegal immigrants flow into america.
4:21 pm
if you look at our stance on the world stage, they want america to look weak. after all, we just want to be whom emergency news group of country. we don't want to be a super power anymore. that's all part of the new world order. they want to kill capitalism. they are killing small businesses. every single day and they want people to get used to reliance on the government. so, continuing to pay people to stay home from work, no incentives for people to get back out there and find a job. people have even stopped trying to do it at this point. so, perhaps be she is right. maybe she got something right in this interview. maybe they are accomplishing all their goals here. it's unfortunate they are all bad for america. >> jesse: psaki said she was oak with high gas prices because that makes it easier for people to go green. steve miller, wow, this is not good. you can go to the biggest softball guy in television, george stephanopoulos, democrat hack for a clean up job and she botched it? >> yeah.
4:22 pm
i mean there weren't even any difficult follow-ups all she had to do to have a good interview was to avoid awkwardly laughing and she couldn't each do that. that's a pretty low bar to hit. the only person in the country that is polling worse. only politician polling worse than joe biden is kamala harris. that is a political crisis for this administration. >> jesse: like having the titanic sink and finding out all life boats filled with holes. truly a political catastrophe because they have nowhere to go. i will also add as they are looking to pass this build back better monstrosity and twist arms in the house and especially the senate, democrats have to know that with the unpopularity of biden and harris, they are looking at a midterm wipeout if they vote for this bill. >> jesse: huge something right around the corner for that. do you think, lara, that the joe people in the white house are cutting kamala loose and throwing her under the bus
4:23 pm
because they believe kamala is the one that's dragging down joe biden numbers? >> well, it's hard to know what's happening in white house, jesse. this is probably the least transparents white house we have seen in modern history. you don't get much information at all from them. so, perhaps that's the tactic-if they knew getetting into this hw unpopular she was, she dropped out so early during the democrat primary because she was polling so low then and then they told us all well we are going to choose her based on how she looks so, no one is surprised about this. maybe they think that making her look worse makes joe look better. unfortunately it makes them all look really bad and us as americans look even worse. it speaks to joe biden's poor instinct which if anybody had followed politics for the last
4:24 pm
few decades we already knew were bad. steven, lara, thank you guys. now, it wasn't just supply chains and bad poll numbers that kamala had no answers for in her abc softball, when she was pressed on her main job as border czar she played the blame game. >> we can't just flip a switch and make it better. the reality is that we inherited a system, an immigration system that was deeply broken and it's requiring us to actually put it back together in terms of creating a fair process that is effective and efficient. >> jesse: but as kamala fails to do her job and blames the trump administration record numbers of drugs are spill across the border. including a 42% jump in fentanyl seizures in october. this comes as overdose deaths reached a record high in the united states last year. let's bring in arkansas senator tom cotton. senator, what did you think of kamala's answer there that trump
4:25 pm
broke the border and she and joe is just putting it back together? >> well, inherited was a border that was closed and that was secure where we were building wall. we had shut down all of the immigrants taking advantage of our legal immigration system. what they have done is totally opened the borders. that's why have you drugs like fentanyl and analogues to fentanyl pouring into to our country. joe biden kamala harris and the democrats are responsible for that huge surge of drugs across our southern border. they are also refusing to put mandatory minimums on chem drugs which can kill you with just a few flakes. at the same time all of their partners in congress are trying to further limit mandatory minimums for drug dealers. that's the wrong direction to go when we had 100,000 tragic overdose deaths in our country last year. >> so they broke the bank? they broke the border and you heard the last interview. did you -- do you think this is
4:26 pm
intentional what they are doing? >> their immigration dollars are definitely intentional. throughout the campaign last year joe biden said he was going to open the border. that's exactly what he has done since january. now they are going to pay $450,000 in reparations to illegal migrants who crossed into our country against our laws last year. $450,000 in payments to illegal migrants. when our government only pays $100,000 to the families of our soldiers who are killed in the line of duty. that is appalling but joe biden thinks it's the right policy. >> jesse: he just had the mexican president over for a snack and i don't even think he took questions. so i don't even think he actually asked the mexican president about the border. and he was just talking to the mexican -- at the chinese leader the other day and never even brought up the fentanyl that he is shipping over here and the covid that came over from china. guy has got to, you know, man up and start confronting the things
4:27 pm
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>> jesse: as we reported earlier there week house democrats busy censuring posting and deleting a silly cartoon on twitter instead of fixing the messes that joe biden created. democrats said they could never stand for such behavior in congress that's a lie obviously. so republicans, especially this one, decided to call them out. >> this speaker has designated the floor to discuss members' inappropriate action, shall we? the jihad quad member from minnesota has paid her husband and not her brother husband the other one over a million dollars
4:33 pm
in campaign funds. this member is allowed on the foreign affairs committee while praising terrorists. a democrat chairwoman incited further violence in the streets outside of a courthouse and then the cherry on top my colleague and three month presidential candidate from california who is on the intelligence committee slept with fang fang a chinese spy. let me say that again. a member of congress who refused classified. [gavel] gentle lady's time expired. >> ununacceptable. >> ilhan omar responded defecating and defiling the house of representatives. meanwhile fang fang's boyfriend said he did nothing wrong. congresswoman lauren bow bart is here now to respond. she accused you of defecating on that house floor, congresswoman. >> jesse, i don't think that fines are applicable as long as you are wearing a mask that's
4:34 pm
permitted on the house floor as long as you are wearing a mask. but i mean, seriously as long as what are we doing here? censuring members for political cartoons that are just as fake as the democrat party and all of their horrible policies that they are pushing here? the cartoon was make believe. it's fake like their entire party like the $7 trillion equaling zero, 1.5 trillion in tax increases means more money in your pocket. and then afghanistan was actually an extraordinary success. look, don't whiz on my leg and tell me it's raining we are not buying it i went down to the house floor to talk about exactly what they wanted to talk about members' inappropriate action. and i was fed up with their small mindedness so i gave them a little piece of my mind talking about ilhan marrying her brother and committing immigration fraud. she did that to bring them to the united states. she says anti-semitic statements praises terrorists. she paid her other husband over
4:35 pm
a million dollars in campaign funds and zero accountability from democrats have taken place. eric was receiving classified briefings and still is and he was sleeping with a chinese spy. literally sleeping with the enemy. the spy fled back to china. the fbi forced him to cut ties with her. this is actually something that has happened in the united states congress and, yet, he is still on the intelligence committee. >> jesse: a couple hundred years ago you would have had a dual dl with congresswoman omar. when you see each opener in the halls is it friendly? do you look each other in the eyes. >> most democrats vote by proxy. we don't see a whole lot of them. maybe when the republicans are back in the majority we will actually have regular order and we will actually be able to debate our colleagues on issues. but right now they are busy removing republicans from committees. not fixing august the crises
4:36 pm
that we are seeing all throughout our country the invasion at our southern border the energy crisis. the supply chain crisis. our children being forced to wear masks in schools and medical mandates taking place. democrats have now removed four republicans from committees. but, look, what goes around comes around. i started making a list. and ilhan and eric are at the top. maxine waters, cori bush and a couple other democrats like liz cheney and adam kinzinger on r. on there too. if you have any names on there you would like to add, let me know. >> jesse: certainty you are going to retake the house and you will be in charge of the committees and you guys can run the show. are you going to be targeting ilhan omar over any of her history and any of her recent history? what sorts of things could do you? >> so, that is exactly what we are going to do. when we have the majority, it is going to be all about accountability and investigations. i will be on the oversight
4:37 pm
committee and i am submitting subpoenas for the people who are in this administration and making them answer to their failures. and i am absolutely calling out the members of congress who serve in the house and do the things that they do. i'm absolutely going to hold them accountable and what goes around, like i said, will come around. >> jesse: all right. a subpoena is mightier than the sword. thank you very much, congresswoman. the squad's top enemy it looks like now. clearly this year has been a disaster for the democrats and freaking out over a meme is certainly going to come back to bite them as we just heard. but, don't tell nancy pelosi that. >> are you at all comfort nge comfortablewith the likelihood t republicans take majority they may retaliate democrats remove them from their committee for any perceived or serious offense that may happen. >> if the inference that i draw from your question that we
4:38 pm
should have not censured mr. gosar for his shameful behavior for fear of something the republicans might do in the unlikely case that they might win the congress, even if they do, we can't -- i don't expect that that's the case and i'm doing everything in my power to make sure it isn't because of our democracy which they are undermining every single day. >> jesse: she is so out of touch with the american people and voters know it a brand new quinnipiac poll show most want republicans to win the house and senate in 2022. and things are looking worse for sleepy joe. his approval rating just plummeted to a measly 36%, an all-time low for joe. and if he thinks his build back better plan is going to improve those numbers he is dead wrong. the nonpartisan cbo just estimated that that bill would add hundreds of billions of dollars to the national deficit. so i guess it doesn't cost zero dollars. charlie kirk, the founder and
4:39 pm
president of turning point u.s.a. and he joins me. your reaction, charlie kirk? >> well, jesse, are this is dangerous and it's horrifying. and not only for democrats, but for the country. in some sense, i actually wish the democrats political consequences of the damage they are doing to the country, instead we are in unprecedented times where the regime and the partners in congress they seem to say you know what? we just don't care. we might turn a blind eye on raiding journalists homes projects veritas james o'keefe. the southern border wide open. we are seeing the framers check and balance of elections to not necessarily threaten them anymore. and the downside is they are going to do whatever they possibly can for as long as they have power as short as that might be. i think pelosi knows she is not going to be speaker in the next term. i think it's the worst kept secret in washington, d.c. that the democrats have expiration on power. what everyone needs to think deeply about and we almost need
4:40 pm
to reconfigure how we cover this is why don't they care? they are not slowing down at all. instead it's the opposite. they are accelerating the intentional demise of the country which could only be described as a kamikaze presidency. a metaphor we will run this thing in the ground fundamental transformation of the nation. i wish they cared. the country would actually benefit from it. >> jesse: it's a great point they are going scorched earth in this small window. they know they are going to get booted on their own by the american people and it's clear joe is not going to be able to run again. kamala is toast. and they will have to have a huge civil war over that nomination. so they're going all in with everything they've got, as you said to fundamentally transform this country. but this is something they are not just going to pay for in the short-term. i believe the wave that the american people never trusted democrats for about two decades on foreign policy after they totally lost control in the cold
4:41 pm
war, they are are going to do the same thing on the economy now. they are not going to be trusted in foreign policy. they are not going to be trusted, the economy for another almost two decades with the way they're going. that's great point. charlie kirk kamikaze presidency you will be tweeted and get escorted by the left later tonight. thanks, charlie. >> thanks, jesse. >> jesse: how insane has the democratic party become? even bill maher is sounding the alarm. >> i keep saying this is the democratic party. the reason why you are so toxic is because you have become the party of no common sense. ♪ ♪♪it's a most unusual day♪♪ ♪♪feel like throwing my worries away♪♪ ♪♪as an old native-born californian would say♪♪ ♪♪it's a most unusual day♪♪ ♪♪it's a most unusual sky♪♪
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this is elodia. she's a recording artist. 1 of 10 million people that comcast has connected to affordable internet in the last 10 years. and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist, and one of the millions of students we're connecting throughout the next 10. through projectup, comcast is committing $1 billion so millions more students, past... and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities. ♪ >> jesse: the democrat party is losing its mind as radicals in washington and on twitter continue to drag its agenda further left every single day. the vast majority of americans do not support open borders, socialism and insane gender and race politics. but those are the only things the left want to discuss. it's gotten to the point where even bill maher the former darling of the far left is pulling the fire alarm,
4:47 pm
demanding that democrats have a come to jesus moment. >> i think they're going it get thumped in the -- i mean that usually happens in midterm elections but, you know, i mean joe, look, i'm glad he's there. but he is not exactly stuck the landing on a lot of the issues that he was dealing with. i keep saying this to the democratic party. the reason why you are so toxic is because you have become the party of no common sense. we are -- should be moving towards a colorblind society where we don't see racism race. wokism we have to see it everywhere. >> jesse: joining me now host of next revolution steve hilton. that was quite an intervention there that bill maher was staging, wasn't it? >> it's amazing. you love to see it it's funny you say even bill maher. actually, if you watch what he has been saying he is saying the democrats are the party of no common sense, is he liberal constantly making sense. he has been saying on the pandemic, the pandemic is
4:48 pm
basically over. can't we just go back to normal? red states are better than blue states. constantly railing against cancel culture and wokism. insane how a far left the democrats are gone. gone racing off and left bill maher as the sensible one. the fact that he is speaking out against it i suspect most of them know how lunatic the whole agenda is. but they haven't got the courage to say so. they have all enthralled to the squad and basically bill maher and the other day james carville no one else is calling it out. >> jesse: you can't cancel him he is on hbo has plenty of dough. is he not old but has he had a long career. listen to what he said about one of your favorite people hunter. >> someone like hunter biden if don jr. had done what hunter biden had done, it would be every night all night on msnbc. but the fact that it's hunter
4:49 pm
biden and joe is on the blue team, they see that's the problem in america severing so binary. >> jesse: do you think cuomo was processing that at all or not? >> it's just amazing, isn't it? it's so great. i think basically maybe he has had enough of hbo, jesse, and is he looking for a slot on this channel. it's just incredible to watch him in action. just calling out how crazy they have all become. the hypocrisy of the media. i mean, it's just incredible. he does that often on his show. it's so true and cuomo is just sitting there. he kept trying to put himself in the position of well, some people might say this and take the other side and try and, you know, desperately trying to cling onto the democrat talking points but he was having none of it. bill maher was terrific. >> jesse: in a way i hope they don't listen to bill maher. >> exactly. >> jesse: i hope they keep driving this crazy train over a cliff because, you know, that would benefit the country politically. but i shouldn't say that. you really do want like a
4:50 pm
healthy rational democrat party so you could maybe get together and get something done for the working men and women of this country, 30 seconds. go ahead. >> the trouble is it's oso divisive. they are guilty of the exact same thing. they constantly accuse everyone else of. it's the division and the hate that constantly putting people, each other's throats and endless racism. that's what is so destructive about it. >> jesse: it's a profit model and we are on to them now. i will see you later. >> exactly. >> jesse: nipples tiger woodsnid nancy pelosi. goes on the clock. ♪ right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ see blood when you brush or floss
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can be a sign of early gum damage. parodontax active gum repair kills plaque bacteria at the gum line to help keep the gum sealed tight. parodontax active gum repair toothpaste
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>> jesse: just a few minutes left and dagen mcdowell is here on the clock. let's go. you remember nipple gate, right? it was the biggest scandal of
4:56 pm
2004 and now all reliving it in a new documentary called malfunction. the doc destroys justin timberlake whose solo career exploded after the scandal as jackson. is he getting me tood 15 years later? >> dagen: here is what happened he already got me tood because this same company the "new york times" on hulu did the britney spears documentary and they blamed him in part. went after timberlake for doing a song after they broke up. what did he do? he comes out. [sobbing] i'm so sorry. he apologized. >> jesse: joy reid calls those white tears. >> dagen: he afollow buysed to britney and janet jackson earlier this year. they go after him again. can't humiliate him enough. 2004. do you know who was in the super bowl halftime show dilly kid rock together. that is how old this is. >> jesse: a bunch of gentlemen. >> dagen: janet jackson is the queen and timberlake is in sync.
4:57 pm
>> jesse: you heard it from dagen. nancy pelosi was spotted maskless at swinger's bar in d.c. no, oh, the producers are telling me swingers is the name of a golf course bar not a -- still speaker pelosi was in violation of d.c.'s mask mandate again. this is like her third time violating the mandate. >> it's a putt putt bar. >> dagen: in dupont circle she was hanging out with congresswoman ivette clark. we would like her more if it was actually an actual swingers bar. >> jesse: not here to judge. >> dagen: put your mask on. mask mandate goes away on monday. >> jesse: under the mask mandate. are we going to let her slide on that. >> dagen: no because she officiated that. >> richard: rich wedding. by the way the pandemic is over.
4:58 pm
>> jesse: there was hunter was at same swinger's bar at nancy pelosi. >> dagen: gross. >> jesse: mike tyson claims he died after licking toads not the only famous person to get freaky with toad venom. hunter biden claimed it helped him get sober. he must have liquid a thousand of them. >> dagen: dessert toad have to be milked and turned not mike tyson that moron, it's five metdnt it. >> jesse: smoke the toad venom you don't just lick it? >> dagen: you have to milk the toad. >> jesse: milked a lot of things but not a toad. >> dagen: think about it hunter biden and chelsea handler in that group of people. mike tyson is an individual all
4:59 pm
his own. >> jesse: if i'm around chelsea handler hand me a toad. >> dagen: it's a super psychedelic apparently. >> jesse: president biden set to pardon two turkeys next week named them peanut butter and jelly. >> dagen: you have an issue with, this right? >> jesse: usually because presidents name turkey tater and tot peas and carrots corn and cob. obama named cobbler and gobbler. pea butter and jelly no one eats that for thanksgiving. >> dagen: jerry. >> jesse: didn't have a sister turkey. >> dagen: i adopt each year because i don't eat meat. i adopt a turkey from a farm sanctuary. i adopted before i came on the show bowie. only $35. and so money goes. >> jesse: he should name it one turkey in, the other turkey inflation and then he just executes them that's what the
5:00 pm
country wants. >> dagen: go like edie and pop. at least try to be cool. [bell] >> jesse: cargo joe that's a new nickname. >> dagen: paw paw president. >> jesse: thanks for watching prime time. be back here tomorrow. how i saved the world is still available. tucker carlson is up right now. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to tucker karl sorenson tonight the judge in the kyle rittenhouse trial has just sent the jurors home tonight to think about the trial for yet another day. so far deliberations in this case have lasted about 20 hours. in a normal proceeding we would have the jury's decision in about 20 minutes. the essential question in this case is really clear. did kyle rittenhouse have good reason to believe dangerous men were trying to murder him? and the answer is also clear and unequivocal, yes, he did.


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