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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  November 18, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PST

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laura: we are here with a crowd in florida. and to be a white about next year, wipe out for republicans. biden community in trouble next year to >> big trouble. >> american patriotism. >> that's not an answer. gutfeld is next. >> is not accurate to suggest he is in texas. this issue related to the white house press corps in dc press more than the concern of the american public. >> it is thursday november 18th, president biden won't be taking questions from the press after his high-stakes summit with the leaders of canada and mexico today but the white house suggest the american people don't care. >> that you hear this? the cover nostrand reminded people of something, the brett kavanaugh hearing, in america
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there is a think about white vigilantes is white tears. >> joy read sparking outrage yet again as the judge himself goes off on the media's coverage of the kyle the house case. we are sitting the spin straight and we have some good news to report this morning. >> i'm proud to be living in america because we have freedom. >> that powerful moment just one of many last night as we honored every day heroes at the fox nation patriot awards. that young proud american is here to tell her story and you are watching "fox and friends first" this thursday morning. live at the hard rock hotel in hollywood, florida where the awards were held last night and what an incredible night. so much patriotism, so many incredible people and so inspired this morning because of it.
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todd: and tired as well. we will get into the patriot awards in the next two hours. president biden set to host the leaders of canada and mexico a challenging time for the us and canada after president biden closed the keystone pipeline and close others and as the border crisis rages on, david spent from washington. >> reporter: days after meeting with chinese president xi jinping the focus is on this hemisphere with both those leaders from mexico and canada. the president sent to meet in hours at the white house with both canadian prime minister justin trudeau and the mexican president and there are plenty of topics on that. expect the conversation with the
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mexican president to focus heavily on border crossings and continue to rise in those border facilities that are overwhelmed, this administration is focusing on that. causes of the migration, the mexican president said he will call out lawmakers who vote against immigration reform saying and his legislators from one party we will call them out at a later time in a respectful manner, no president has made a deeper commitment in benefit of migrants than president biden but texas governor greg abbott who deals with the border, on a daily basis wants president biden to engage in tough talk with the mexican leaders, abbott related to the president which reads in part i urge you to engage the mexican government about ways to prevent smuggling of individuals, drugs and the continued flow of illegal immigrants into texas. i urge you to protect american assets from seizure by the mexican government. meanwhile the conversation with
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justin trudeau will focus less on border talk and more on pipelines, also the electric vehicle tax credit for american-made cars announced by president biden. auto parts frequently cost the canadian border many times, and both countries, the united states and canada are dependent on each other. >> we are a little concerned about the supervision the mandates, rebates could have a negative impact. >> something carly mentioned that is important to note on the white house schedule, there's nothing mentioned about a news conference which is a little unusual when you have allies like mexico and canada coming to the white house, the president meeting with both of those world leaders later today. laura: the president is often seen walking away from the podium and not taking questions, this is just the media complaining. >> that is more an issue with white house press corps is their
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job more than concerned to the american public. it's not accurate to suggest he isn't accessible or doesn't answer questions. >> psaki coming to the defense of the vice president despite her abysmal approval ratings. >> it has been easier and harsher from some in the right wing has gone after her because she's the first woman, the first woman of color. >> harris's approval rating created since she was borders are as migrant encounters at the southern border reach record levels. first to the media access comment. foundation democracy's access to the government, we pay for it, they owe it to us, you work for us. this is into problems is for the media, this is a problem for all of us.
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we need to know what the government is doing anything to have accountability and be accountable to us when we ask them questions. that's what the media is therefore, they need to have press conferences. for kamala this has nothing to do with her race. president biden is also doing a horrible job according to many people, he's white, he's a man and he's getting the same excoriation the kamala harris is as well. his poll numbers not very good either. >> it is a huge problem when you don't hear from the president is regularly as you think you should, he doesn't hold press conferences are only takes questions from a carefully curated list, you start to wonder why and there's a political morning consult poll the just came out that shows half of the american people don't think he's mentally fit to hold office and i think a lot of that has to do with some stumbles at the podium but also because the administration appears to be shielding him and it is very common, it is expected when you're holding a meeting with two presidents of
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other countries, canada and mexico you always see them on the podium holding a joint press conference and in this case jen psaki said there would be one and something happened which led them to take that back and you wonder why. >> they don't like what the questions are going to be is the reason why. he to be so cynical that is what it is. >> reporter: some questions may come at the president if he were to hold the press conference, build back better spending agendas it nancy pelosi wants to pass before thanksgiving but democrats are rushing to discredit the congressional budget office. the head of the report on biden's social spending, the agency is getting ready to review tax implications of the spending bill but ahead of that review the white house deputy press secretary says this, take a listen. >> cbo did not have experience
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analyzing revenue tracking down wealthy tax cheats taking advantage of every honest taxpayer. >> this as democrat lawmakers were for analysis could derail nancy pelosi's ever to get biden's bill passed this week in the house. meanwhile louisiana senator john kennedy says the biden administration and the democrats want to ignore the cold hard facts. >> the biden administration i have observed never make the same mistake twice. they make it 5 or 6 times just to be sure. here is the president's solution to inflation which he caused by spending too much and borrowing too much, let's spend even more and borrow even more. he's trying to pass this bill back better bill which is just a spending and borrowing orgy of epic proportions, $4 trillion of new spending, $2 trillion in
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debt, $2 trillion of new taxes and it is going to be like throwing kerosene on a tire fire. laura: kennedy who has a way with words says big government spending is to blame for runaway inflation that is emptying americans wallets. >> he should voice a children's book. the blow to private businesses, spending of the order following the ruling. biden towing companies with 100 employees workers must have the covid 19 vaccine or face regular testing, even threatening to find companies for violation, the affirmative justice is vowing to defend the mandate. the sheriffs association calling on president biden to fire alejandro mayorkas. the organization declaring no confidence in him saying his policies, quote, dismantle the security of our country and the southern border has turned into an invisible line in the sand as and require demands vice
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president kamala harris be replaced as borders are saying, quote, i don't think she has put in the effort. we've got to look at other folks that have the expertise. laura: the jury prepares to enter another day of deliberation in the trial of kyle rittenhouse as the defense pushes for a mistrial over video use by the prosecution. laura: the tension continues to rise. >> good morning. as the jury assessed delivery for other day kyle rittenhouse's defense team is seeking a mistrial on the grounds that they were not provided with a clear copy of drone footage that ended up being key in the prosecution's case. that footage showing what transpired leading to rittenhouse's shooting and killing 36-year-old joseph rosenbaum. prosecution claiming it was a technical error. >> we didn't have the quality of evidence the state had until the case been closed.
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technical incidents should result in a mistrial. >> but judge bruce of schrader saying he will consider the request for a mistrial depending on the jury's decision. >> if there's a guilty verdict by any degree than the motion will have to be addressed. >> does schrader also blasting the media for its misleading coverage and misinformation in the case. >> when i talked about problems with the media when this trial started, it was in part because of grossly responsible handling of what comes out of this trial. people should be able to see what is going on but what is being done is quite frightening. >> as the jury was sent home for a second night with no verdict, loud protests continued outside the courthouse with bom protesters clashing with rittenhouse supporters. police quickly moved in as protesters coupled, one man was hit by camera and several arrests were made. as the city of kenosha braces
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for potential and rest and call in the national guard several schools in close proximity to the courthouse announcing they will switch to virtual learning for the rest of the week as a precaution. john pierce will be on "fox and friends first" to discuss the trial. >> a bill honoring 13 servicemembers killed in a suicide bombing in afghanistan, 11 marines, one army staff sergeant lost their lives in the attack against the kabul airport, unanimous consent awards each of those heroes with the congressional gold medal. jillian: as i mentioned i am here in hollywood, florida where the patriot awards were held last night. pete hegseth hopes to the show and opened with a joke. >> i never ever thought i would host a hollywood award show but here we are in the real hollywood, hollywood florida.
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>> i didn't know he was going to be here but florida governor ron desantis welcoming the show to the sunshine state. >> we were not going to let florida descend into a fauciand dystopia where people's freedoms worker tale than their livelihoods were destroyed. >> us olympian receiving the most valuable patriot award for showing pride in the country after winning the gold moment. the tenant internal scott evacuating americans from afghanistan. >> this is for the men and women who went into the breach at kabul international when everything was falling apart, the 13 the didn't come home. >> surprising the service to veterans award with service to veterans award after giving the
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modern warrior award recipient army sergeant first class john gaudi, great stuff. >> i thought it was such an incredible celebration. i was impressed. it is flawless. everybody appeared to have so much fun and i love how the concept of the patriot awards when you think about other award shows who honor actors and singers and this award show is such a simple idea but it hasn't really been done before especially at this capacity to a real american patriots, the people to keep us safe and free. i'm proud to have been part of it and to meet everybody, so many nice people, so many wonderful americans became to support fox news and to honor the patriots who were honored last night. >> is a very important thing we do because these hollywood
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actors and actresses get all the acclaim regardless whether they have an award ceremony because they are in the spotlight, people are always kissing up to them and all that. these folks just go about their day-to-day business and act the hero every single day and they don't get recognition so it's great events like this give them the recognition they deserve. >> it was fun but also emotional. so many emotional stories of people who have been and done so much and gone through the ringer and given so much lemons for this country, who served in afghanistan and during the war and went back to fight again so if you did miss the patriot was a want to watch it again it will re-air this sunday night at 10:00 pm eastern time. meantime we now know of three alarming instances of kids getting the wrong vaccine dosage. we are talking to two moms whose
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kids were affected by that. >> our show continues, jimmy phelan, brian kilmeade, joe conch and matt schlapp coming up live. do not miss a moment. ♪♪ [engine humming] [clapping] “we will rock you” by queen
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>> oregon middle school abruptly closes its doors for three weeks, the school returning to virtual learning to get a handle on student fights and behavioral issues, but superintendents claiming a letter to parents, quote, we find some students are struggling with socialization skills necessary for in person learning which caused disruptions in school for other students. it is unclear what those safety measures would look like the classes will resume december 7th. >> that would've helped leave the wrong dose of covid 19 vaccine was administered to 112 children and allowing county pharmacy after two similar incidents in the state this month. joining the two moms speaking out, thanks to both of you for being here. what happens when you took your daughter for the shot? >> i took my daughter out when i
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heard this pharmacy were giving kids vaccine, we were superexcited. my daughter is the youngest to be vaccinated in our family. we took her out, super excited to have the opportunity to have her vaccinated and everything seemed fine, we checked in, no problem but then we walked back into the room where they were doing the vaccination and i noticed on the counter there was a purple and all the media has been reporting the patriotic vaccine is coming in an orange and i questioned her. i s. this was orange and she gave me what seemed a great explanation that she's gotten guidance to turn the purple into orange so i better vaccinate my daughter.
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>> same thing happened to you, something similar? >> something similar but a little bit different. our story was we went in, we were excited to get the vaccine, same kind of story but we were not aware was getting another diluted does. it was a purple, and we had the orange but it was over diluted so we were not notified until a few days later. >> for something as important as this, the vaccine in children. there's been a big push to get vaccines into the kids, how is this allowed to happen? >> it is frustrating. it shouldn't be happening, especially how many times it has happened. i would have thought by now maybe the county needs to do something a refresher training
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or something needs to be done so this is prevented from happening again. laura: i to read the response from the loudoun county healthy from, the virginia treatment of health is made aware they improperly administered vaccine formulated for those 12 years and older children age 5 to 11 years old and resulted in a dose that is potentially lower than recommended but you raised concern about this. why didn't the pharmacy listen to your concern as a parent, this is something i talk about a lot especially when it comes to your county, loudoun county, different context but you know where i'm going, why didn't they listen to you? >> i don't know. i can understand there being a simple -- i can understand there being information changes sometimes on the vaccine and i can understand seeing how they needed to push out supplies and they made the decision to allow reformulation of the purple but after being questioned by me, i
1:24 am
had a friend whose husband questioned them, the pharmacist doubled down. that is gross negligence honestly in my opinion, somebody is questioning you you should double check your information. i the pharmacy and googled and took me 2 seconds to realize you can't turn purple into orange, it's not possible. >> would you give your kid the vaccine again knowing this? >> absolutely. we are trying to restart so that she has a full dose that is protected for the holidays. >> the question to you? >> absolutely. we did get my son vaccinated. he has a good first shot. >> parents are trying to do the right thing that society tells you to do, you don't want an optical like this a push back from pharmacists who think they know better than parents. keep us posted, thank you very much.
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>> time is 24 after they are. and new york times contributors as rich people are creating a false panic about inflation. apparently she hasn't been to the grocery store lately. we will tell you what she is saying now after getting called out and president biden burnout, the president puts the pedal to the metal peeling out in an electric a, we are talking about it next.
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>> welcome back. important story, the biden administration is considering an interim agreement with iran to buy more time for nuclear negotiations. aqueous reports the proposal would consist of a trade-off, iran halts in exchange for some of its funds being unfrozen was an israeli official opposed the idea fearing the temporary agreement would become permanent.
1:30 am
it comes as the biden administration attempts to restore the 2015 nuclear agreement displayed iran's advancement in uranium enrichment. defense secretary lloyd austin announcing he will temporarily increase payments to troops to pay for our base housing and food estimating inflation. >> men and women in uniform have enough to work about. this is a readiness issue. that is why i am focused on making sure servicemembers and their families have what they need to thrive so they can focus on the hard work of defending our nation. >> prices were rising at their fastest pace in 30 years. that says it all. >> so important that they do. scottsdale school board president forced to step down after a dossier was discovered with information on parents in a district.
1:31 am
last week one of those parents came on "fox and friends first". >> became a vocal advocate for parental rights and education that made me a target and our school board president has harassed and intimidated us. >> republican candidate for senate funding of our school -- jim, thank you for being here. the individual we are speaking about is jan michael greenberg, what message does this send to people like mister greenberg? >> in arizona we decided this woke liberal, this gentleman at the head of it is not going to stand. we want our children educated and we don't want their woke liberal agenda shut down our throats. we were aggressive in the recall election.
1:32 am
in addition to that, legal if need be. as a veteran and successful businessman i've got the backs of these parents out here, we're going to get to the bottom of this because we believe it goes deeper. we are going to figure out what we have to do to get the education system streamed out in arizona. >> why hasn't he resigned? >> there is too much arrogance. if you're an elected school board member and you are called out on your liberalism and then go after the parents there is too much ego or arrogance or something motivating this gentleman but it is certainly not educating our children which is the primary focus we put school board members in to do. >> you imply this wednesday. are you worried surveillance like this is more widespread not just in scottsdale across the country? >> if it can happen in scottsdale, arizona it can happen across the country. that is why i have risen up in may of this used to be in the u.s. senate race, highly encourage parents across the country to do the same, get
1:33 am
involved, go find out what these curriculums are that are being pushed by the school boards. we were shocked to find this out. amanda has done a great job in arizona. we risen up, to have her back and we will get to the bottom of it but encourage those around the country to do the same. don't take it for granted. >> you mentioned woken us and that's a term we hear a lot. we are not just hearing it from republicans and conservatives, we are seeing democrats say democrats need to stop this. one of those is bill maher. listen. >> every democratic politician has to wear in his sleeve every silly stupid woke thing the fringe left does. going too far and doing things that don't make sense, i keep saying this to the democratic party, the reason you are so toxic is because you have become the party of no common sense. >> your running for senate. i democrats going to wake up to this notion before the midterms?
1:34 am
>> we see it over and again, they are doubling down. they know they have limited time until the next election and we've seen in arizona rising up and pushing back, this being one example in the school boards. everything from open borders across the agenda pushing woke liberalism so far. we will see a wave election in the u.s. senate where i have the backing of the national border patrol council, the arizona police association, we will take back our country. >> appreciate your time this morning, curious to see if that lawsuit leads anywhere, what the remedies are going to be if it does come to pass, step back in with us and let us know what happens. thank you. time is 34 after the hour, the
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judge in the kyle rittenhouse trial putting the media on blast for what he is calling frightening coverage of the case, jimmy phelan is on deck, he's actually there live ready to go after the break. i am totally blind. and non-24 can throw my days and nights out of sync, keeping me from the things i love to do. talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424.
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>> obama economic advisor stephen renner tearing into the biden administration over inflation writing in the new york times i warned democrats
1:39 am
about inflation and a 31 euro 9 inflation is temporary writing, quote, enough about transitory inflation, last wednesday's terrible consumer price index news shift the inflation prospect strongly into the embedded category arguing the original sin was $1.9 trillion american rescue plan the president biden signed in march saying it drove inflation because it focused too heavily on stimulus money. new times contribute to claims only the rich are concerned about inflation. tweeting all the stuff you see about inflation is driven by rich people because they are -- their parasitic assets are not doing as well as they would like. talk about not understanding economics. clay travis saying this tweet is a failure to comprehend basic economics and another saying it makes no sense, with government stimulus. have you seen the stock market,
1:40 am
the rich are doing quite okay. it is if you buy $7 milk at the grocery store that are not. carley: presiding over the kyle rittenhouse hearing slammed the meeting of the trial. >> when i talked about problems with the media when the trial started there in part because of grossly irresponsible handling of what comes out of his trial. jillian: here to react is the host of fox across america. what do you make of this judge addressing the media calling it grossly irresponsible? >> good for him and i will warn you this story has me really cranky and i don't want you to think it is because i ate the wrong side pods before i came on the air. the media is the only reason
1:41 am
there is a trial, the only reason there is a trial in kenosha. understand they lied about what jacob blake did. they said he was unarmed when the cops shot him when in fact we know he sexually assaulted woman at night point, tried to a doctor and got shot. that's pretty good information to leave out of the media narrative which is why they were riding in kenosha in the first place but what the judge is going after his they created the expectation that this was a winnable trial because they played to the emotions of the twitter mob and now they are telling us kyle rittenhouse is a white supremacist because he shot other white people which is insane. >> there's concern because the judge didn't sequester the jury, that all of this media criticism of the trial will be heard by jurors and will affect the outcome of the case. >> no question.
1:42 am
they see the national guard is there. they see people outside the courthouse, they are aware their decision may cause tens of millions of dollars of property damage like the last round of riots was the only upside to any of this is it will probably be less violent because the price of bricks and gas of gone up so much under biden it is hard to burn down the city these days. >> a good example of what we are talking about, joy reed compared kyle rittenhouse to brett kavanaugh in a very to racially charged way. >> >> it reminds a lot of people of something, the brett kavanaugh hearing in which brett kavanaugh cried his way of a hearing in america. there is a thing about which event - white vigilantism and white tears particularly male white tears. >> what do you make of that?
1:43 am
>> joy reed, i really mean this, is a shameless race baiting buffoon. it has nothing to do with her race or gender but do you remember the dollars a kid that if you pulled the string and it can only say three things, that's joy reed. she can only say racism, sexism and white supremacy. she's like racism me elmo, like a children's doll the calls you names all the time because when she goes in and tries to tell us brett kavanaugh got off because of weight tears isn't she omitting that it was a 35-year-old charge with 0 corroborating evidence including christine ford's best friend, there were people out there consuming this, yeah, joy, the white tears, that is nothing but the legal system - the legal system works on the facts.
1:44 am
>> he said brett cavanagh became a supreme court justice because of his weight tears meant more than christine ford's who is also white. can't compute on that. president biden was in detroit, a quick test drive of an electric hummer. watch. >> jump in the back. on the road. >> year, there you have it. what's your reaction? the president says he has experience riding buses or big rigs, not sure that is true. >> first off notice how nobody wants to jump in the back?
1:45 am
not with this guy driving, not sure about this move. everybody gets a little nervous but the other thing, nobody wants an electric vehicle because it is big and is him on wheels, you have to work it into the first sentence of every conversation which is annoying and a defeat soul point of a. on a is you are a rebel, going rogue. nobody wants to watch a version of easy rider really pull over to plug a motorcycle every hundred miles but i will say this. >> be very curious, the electric a sales, two different categories of people buying those two cars. thank you, appreciate it. >> love that easy rider reference. california eighth-grade was honored at last night's patriot awards for her essay about flying the flag high.
1:46 am
>> the thing in america because we have freedom. we stand proud of the founders of our country have created a strong foundation for the generations to come. >> this morning we introducing you to young patriot award recipient charlotte, from hollywood, florida. ♪♪
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>> welcome back. republicans have gone a mayoral candidate overcoming high-profile advancement of his opponent to win what is considered a deep blue city, winning the race for columbia mayor getting 53% of the vote in a county president biden carried by almost 40 points in 2020 despite his opponents getting endorsements from for president obama and house minority whip jim clyburn. rick scott celebrity this pricing when tweeting the red wave is coming. carolina democrat congressman butterfield is expected to retire making him the fifteenth houston to leave his post following the retirement announcements of a democrat house members david price of north carolina and jackie spirit of california with the 2022 election cycle around the
1:51 am
corner, the republican super pac the congressional leadership fund is already warning house democrats retirement crisis is quickly becoming a 5 alarm emergency. democrats could be heading for a term disaster after a year of policy blunders. >> talk about the disaster of afghanistan as a signal moment in this incident with inflation bleeding us into a thanksgiving that will be more expensive for the average american household been anything they have seen and inability to get basic household staples which is making people question the leadership of this white house. i don't think that's going away anytime soon it if it doesn't democrats are headed into significant headwinds next year. >> the national republican congressional committee report of a phrase $105 million to the end of september which they say
1:52 am
the 74% increase from 2019. carley: an eighth grader received fox nation's young patriot award last night, she shared her award-winning essay on what patriotism means to her. take a listen. >> i'm proud to be living in america because we have freedom. we stand proud the founding of our country created a strong foundation for the generations to come. i have always been proud to be american and continue the legacy that was left behind by those that created our declaration of independence. >> joining me now, that impressive eighth grader charlotte bevan. it is so -- thank you for being here, everybody was so impressed by you yesterday, you received this award because you wrote a patriotic essay, tell us the message behind usa. >> the message behind my essay was i to to inspire the youth because now there's not as much
1:53 am
knowing about our country, knowing what patriotism is and i think it is important to teach that. >> i think you are spot on, why do you think his lack of patriotism? >> the way that our country has evolved there is more patriotism back when i was alive and i think it is important to still have it. >> you are so poised last night. i was sitting at a table filled with people in one of the guys at the table and sitting at turned around and looked at me and goes this girl is amazing. were you nervous last night? you read your essay in front of 4000 people? >> i was nervous at first but then i talked to tucker and pete. >> you were backstage talking to tucker carlson and pete and they call your nerves?
1:54 am
what did they say to you? >> talking about life, like talking about their tie. >> apparently you know the square root of pie off the top of your head, a lot of numbers no one else does, you are so impressive on that front too. tell us about why you wrote this essay because you won and award for it, right? >> yes. i wrote this essay originally wrote it for school but then went to a foundation, a country, my county and state and it came here and i did to contribute and did. laura: what do your friends say about the attention you're getting to >> my friends are like charlotte, just what happened? this cannot be real. >> i met your parents yesterday, such great people, the reason you are the way you are is because of them.
1:55 am
they are clearly raising you right, god bless your family. we saw video of you accepting theward and you got emotional because you didn't know you're getting that award. what was your reaction when tucker carlson, one of the biggest stars on fox news presented you with a young patriot award? >> i was standing there and sucker comes behind me and is like here is this young patriot award. i saw his face, this can't be real. carley: last might was filled with patriotism and inspiration. you woke up early. eighth grader, what time did you wake up? >> i will cover 3:53 exactly. carley: she can do it all. thank you for joining us, what an incredible girl. >> so much more in the second hour of "fox and friends first". we will head back to hollywood,
1:56 am
florida to catch up with the aforementioned pete texas who hosted the patriot awards, brian kilmeade, joe collegea, matt schlapp coming up live, do not go anywhere. ♪♪ t really "there." talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424. wow... that's so nice! is that a photo of tepechitlan? yeah! the gift of ancestry®, is a walk through your history. do you remember who this is? it's a gift that surprises you, moves you, and bonds you. ...papa? i can see the nose and everything. she was the original strong woman. i know. this holiday, give the gift of family.
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go to and get 2 months free. >> president biden will face the leaders of canada and mexico but won't face members of the press but the white house think the american people don't care and did you hear this? >> it is easier and harsher from some in the right-wing who has gone after her because she's the first woman of color.


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