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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  November 18, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PST

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time we have left this evening. you always make this show possible, we don't say thank you enough. thank you for joining us. please remember, we hope you set your dvr so you never miss an episode of "hannity" that i have some great news, i was hanging out earlier, we are in florida, the patriot awards, let not your hearts be troubled. laura ingraham. she gave a great speech, took a couple of shots at me, but i enjoyed every minute of it. it was great to see you. laura: great to see you but my question is they have been a little phone booth but i have a huge set. where are you? an incredible wide shot. somebody had a gin and tonic behind me. we have at least three people. >> like stocking you and throwing drinks around.
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>> it was good to see you and be with tucker. we are not together very often. remember bewitched when her sister -- >> you raise a good point. i've been at fox 25 years and i don't think our colleagues ever got along this well and we are lucky to have that. >> come by, we are going to hit the black jack table. >> i will be asleep tonight. >> i'm laura ingraham. this is the ingraham angle live from the seminal hard rock hotel and casino where the patriot awards just wrapped up at fox nation. tonight, the biden ship is sinking, democrats looking for the lifeboats, my angle will come later in the show. what do folks down here think of
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biden's cognitive state government update to it became a viral moment from monday's show. raymond has it all in seen and unseen but we begin with the trial of congress knows as the jury completed day 2 deliberations, the jury has asked 5 questions of judge schroeder with most of the increase focused on videos from that night. those pieces of evidence have taken a great deal of significance and are the center of the defense's request for a mistrial. they are alleging prosecutors gave them a hard to see low resolution version of what was in their mind exculpatory evidence that they only supplied one third of the information that was needed. the defense claims when the prosecution finally did hand that information over, testimony
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had already concluded. this was just the latest example that has us and should have you asking how could the jury's deliberations be taking this long. i want to lay out why this case should be open and shut. for starters all of the video evidence that was handed over indicates that 17-year-old rittenhouse was acting in self-defense and to make matters worse for the prosecution there case was directly refuted by their own witnesses. >> that either of you alone he would expletive kill you. >> any doubt about that? >> no doubt about that. >> so your interpretation of what he was trying to do or intending to do is complete guesswork, isn't it? >> he reached for the weapon. >> until you pointed your gun at
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him, advanced on him, he fired. right? >> correct. >> because that devastating exchange the defense had to ignore the evidence and gauged in a desperate smear campaign to paint, overdose is a racist chaos tourist (bloodshed. when that narrative collapsed in the jury seen the new the prosecutor engaged in behavior celebrate is that the judge had to repeatedly reprimand him. >> when you began your examination by commenting on the defendant's postarrest silence, that is basic law, it is basic law in this country for 40 years, 50 years, don't get brazen with me. >> things only got more embarrassing for the prosecution when rittenhouse himself took the stand and it was obvious to
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anyone watching that this young man feared for his life on the night in question and he made the lead prosecutor a completely childish in the process. >> you decided you needed to run. why? what was so urgent? >> it was a fire. >> with regard to joseph rosenbaum, you fired four shots at him. did you intend to kill them? >> i intend to stop the person who was attacking me and trying to steal my gun. >> in the end the judge didn't just have words for the prosecutor but aim at the media amplified these claims. >> talk about problems with the media when his trial started. we were there in part but in part because of grossly
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irresponsible handling of what comes out of this trial. i will tell you this. going to think long and hard about live television in a trial next time. laura: the question is why is the jury taking so long. let's consider disturbing developers around this case. judge schroeder just revealed he had been sent threatening emails during the trial one of which reads i didn't know under your black robes of justice you where the white robe of the clan. another message man enjoy your term, judge, it's going to be your last. if i ever meet you in person i will speech directly into your face. the most disturbing one threatened the lives of the judge's family. the jury is not being sequestered which is shocking for such a high profile case. hard to imagine the jurors haven't seen any of the media
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spin. >> what kind of idiot 17-year-old gets a giant gun and goes to a riot, he thinks he's going to scrub graffiti with his ar 15? the stupidity of this. >> his defense attorneys to disrupt this vigilante who went on a shooting rampage at a black lives matter protests. laura: easily hard to imagine jerry hasn't heard the threats from the blm agitators who are outside the courthouse. [crowd chanting] laura: it is clear what they want. they whatever it is that defies all of the facts, all of the
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evidence and plane logic. we hope the jury doesn't give in and just delivers a just verdict for kyle rittenhouse. with us is david hancock. you have the jury deliberating. a lot of us are surprised it is taking this long. tell me about the mood in the rittenhouse family. >> the mood is optimistic. what we saw today out of the prosecution was disgusting violation of kyle's due process rights. i would suggest it is just starting, several more instances of misconduct we believe has taken place in the course of this trial, in the course of this past year it but it became evident today when the assistant da tried to back away from the video that listens to the
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defense being of lower quality and potentially exculpatory was not shared with the defense. they receive a low resolution version at a high resolution version that they used to paint their case at the very last second. >> i've got to show you what a former prosecutor said, delayed turning over to the defense. >> caught doing something wrong on video, the more clear the video is the more you want to keep it out. that is all you need to know to know where the defense is coming from. >> as a legal matter the prosecution is legally obligated to turn over exculpatory information. that is a legal obligation they have but can see where the media
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types in a situation where the jury is not sequestered, they hear this inane commentary and lord knows what they think at the end of the day. >> let's not forget this. they didn't turn it over. the defense team had to send an email ssiv they know that the prosecution has been withholding evidence and they must supply their version of the video. only upon that email on saturday afternoon did he say to pick up that video. only upon being forced on the memorial eyes email did they give that video. period. laura: cnn is reporting the jurors were inside the court for 45 minutes reviewing videos they had requested and among those
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requests were fbi surveillance video drone footage that showed the moments leading to the fatal shooting of mister rosenbaum. if you've got the drone footage, from on high looking down, are you optimistic that that footage is going to be good for the defense, your friend kyle? >> absolutely. binger was in court last month and his narrative for the drone footage from the fbi that was mandated for surveillance so he claimed kyle actually yelled across the hood and that is what provokes rosenbaum. that was his initial version of events and seemingly out of nowhere he received a drone
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video supposedly paints a different picture but the image that they took the they showed the jury was one frame, one frame that you see that his actual support hand is always in the picture so that support and they claim is holding a weapon -- after he left, that was an artifact or a reflection. they chose one frame and they tried to tell the jury that that proved that kyle was holding a weapon. it is absolutely false. laura: i said this last night but the prosecution on this
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case, given what has unfolded, the one instance you just laid out, there is grounds for a major sanction against this prosecutor. i to bring in dennis desousa. i think you are saying that the trial, the verdict which is unknown, they come at a pivotal time in america's cultural moment. explain that. >> this is just a trial about rittenhouse. more broadly what you have is rittenhouse is being portrayed as a symbol of the trump movement. the prosecution early on was very eager to show him fraternizing or associated with proud boys, to make rittenhouse a symbol for trump's america. by contrast the rioters, the leaders, the arsonists, this is
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antifa. these other people the media has protected for a year and if you read media accounts of this confrontation you would never get a sense of who these people are or what they were doing with the violence they are engaging with the fact they chased kyle rittenhouse and not the other way around. you have these two rival narratives and prosecutors normally standing up for the will of law, this prosecutor finger has essentially become an apologist for the left-wing narrative. it is just a right, just person, he just blocked that. basically what you have, this is where the implications of the trial reverberate broadly, they want to get rittenhouse because they want him to be a stand out for the whole make america great again movement. laura: over at ms nbc, read seemed to sum up what you are saying.
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>> the kyle rittenhouse trial reminds a lot of people of the brett kavanaugh hearing in which brett kavanaugh cries his way through the hearing, his tears turned out to be more powerful. in america there is a theme about white vigilantes and white tears particularly male white tears. laura: coming back to race once again when there is 0 racial element in all of this, tying this with brett kavanaugh, they are really desperate to hold this together with wire and masking tape. >> a defining aspect of kyle rittenhouse is not his tears but his bravery. if i were on the jury i wouldn't just acquit him but give a
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metal, because the prosecutor himself said was too dangerous. i didn't want to go there. the cops were in retreat. think of the male population of kenosha, they were cowering in their homes while people were burning things in setting things on fire and attacking people so kyle rittenhouse was one of the few guys who had the gets to get out there when no one else did. in a society you don't have will of law and people keep saying vigilante justice but when you don't have will apply and the cops are nowhere to be found, vigilante justice is the only justice you have. laura: the court brought the hammer down on the january 6th, send 41 months in federal prison and placed in probation about 3 years after his release, what does this say, 41 months, a lot
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of rapists are given time served. it is a message to conservatives across the country or dissenters, don't even try to show up? >> i think it is cruel and unusual punishment in the classic definition because here you have a guy obviously a little bit of a kook, seems to have some mental problems. is a guy who puts on this kind of theatrical outfit a marches his way into the capitol seemingly unobstructed and basically does nothing but prance around and he becomes the symbol of the capitol take over but in person, he's been locked up for months and months, to give him 41 months seems to be outrageously disproportionate to anything he did. my heart goes out to him this is a bad reflection on our justice system.
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>> isn't is someone to make an example out of? no one is condoning crashing into the capitol but they need to make examples of people going into the midterms and leading up to the presidential election, don't they? >> yes they do but i also think it is the cowardice and committee of the republican leadership the they see the aggressive the democrats, that republican legislators are trying to avoid getting involved in this one with the exception of a few, but goehmert, marjorie to think of the republican leadership is nowhere to be seen and this is part of what feels the appetite of the democrats, they can get away with this so they are pushing to get more severe penalties for these guys. >> maybe if they knock down property we on the way into the capitol they wouldn't have been put into prison. when the going gets tough many
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democrats seem to be looking for the lifeboats. what joining? my ankle explains in moments.
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to the best stars of the nhl. experience all the nhl action with xfinity x1. track stats and scores while watching your team live. to upgrade, just say “nhl center ice” into your voice remote or go online today. ♪ ♪ >> laura: jumping ship, that's the focus of tonight's >> jumping ship, that the focus of tonight's angle.
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we knew it would happen with the economy deteriorating, biden's approval rating plummeting, some same people left in the democratic party would be looking for the exit. last february one of the smarter economists who happens to be a democrat warned his party about inflation. they brushed him aside. several months later we now larry summers was correct. biden's treasury secretary, janet yellen, is dead wrong. today and other prominent democrat, steve ratner, obama's car czar is trying to pull his party back from the cliff's page. he has called the car czar for his role in the auto bailout, trying to warn his party saying icn administration loaded with savvy political and economic hands about this critical issue so wrong. they should come clean with
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voters about the impact of a spending plan on inflation. we told you this. ratner is not a dumb person she knows the longer inflation hangs around the poorer americans are going to get. their paychecks are not stretching as far as they could and if they get brazen, there are costs and everything. the chances of holding on to power in 2022 and then 2024. check this out. at least nine house democrats have announced they are not seeking reelection next year and another one, a 9 term democrat from north carolina will soon announce his retirement from congress. of true that is ten democrats thinking they are jumping ship. look at the generic ballot. the latest washington post abc
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news poll is the gop up by 10 points. you to understand what this means we just recently died at 10 point translates into something like 100 feet game. the smart democrats are switching parties old himself texas, 10 term senate republican ryan guillen, state rep, declared himself today from democrat he's now republican, the ideology of defending the police, destroying the oil and gas industry and opening the border has disastrous consequences for those of us who live in south texas. the third latino republican in the texas statehouse. the new york times noted this is a red wave among texas hispanics writing democrats shouldn't
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panic, they should go into shock. not all democrats are piling into the lifeboats, some liberals with very impressive degrees basically refuse to see us as a substantive problem. instead they've convinced themselves the entire democrat freefall is due to the public's faulty perception. robert shapiro, political scientist at colombia, suggests the flood tide of political trouble may be beyond democratic control. button the democrats had almost all bad news amplified in news reports. all perception. like he's a passive bystander. doubling down on the delusion democrats in the house spend hour upon hour. i tuned in in florida, this one this topic, pushing for the
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censure of congressman paul gosar tweet and anime cartoon killing a oc. >> it is said this entire house must take this step because of the refusal of the leadership of the other party. it is a sad day. these depictions are part of a larger trend of misogyny, racial misogyny will allow depictions of violence against women, against colleagues. laura: the ongoing drama is a oc. minority leader kevin mccarthy couldn't help but notice the irony here. >> the speaker is burning down the house on her way out the door. democratic chairs a woman flew to minneapolis and told an angry crowd during the trial to stay on the streets, get more active,
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get more confrontational. didn't ask that chairwoman to lose her committee, simply asked for an apology. laura: simply asked for an apology. what you just saw, the message of the parties wants to improve the lives of americans but they want to engage in petty retribution that have no effect on the lives of americans. that's what kevin mccarthy was getting at. senator joe manchin and kristen sinema are watching, it is time for both of you to ignore the lifeboats, jump ship and come over to the republican ship. these low approval numbers should ditch the disaster party altogether. it is clear, the agenda being
12:30 am
rammed through congress, if that's not enough consider this. in arizona and west virginia biden's approval is the -- below 35%. neither of you have the guts to say no to the spending bill i think your voters will throw you overboard anyway but i was thinking about this today shouldn't be about kristen sinema and manchin. all of you senators, unless you want to go down in the history books as a complete left-wing ideologue you better step forward tonight. the bill back letter bill is all wrapped up with debt and trickery. the cost analysis and estimate is all false. anyone with an ounce of integrity should go to biden tomorrow and say no to this
12:31 am
travesty, the bill a special. that means senator mark warner, tim kane of virginia, your state just voted to reject democrat policies and electrical and youngercan but you're going to sign on to the spending extravaganza? john tester in montana, let's see some montana for a change. we will hold you personally sponsor ball for allowing this travesty to go forward. angus king in maine, you're supposed to be an independent, where is the independent spirit in you? live free or die, you promised to be pragmatic. there's nothing pragmatic about spending $4 trillion during an inflationary spiral. you need to do is ron claim, chief of staff of the white house and say this is over. if all we cared about at the angle was hoping the gop would sit back, let this bill passion
12:32 am
take the economy for good. but we actually love the country. the denial know that things don't drastically change they will lose the in the midterms and the solution to their plummeting popularity is obvious. stop the spending, work terrain in out-of-control inflation, prevent americans from losing everything they worked so hard for. the fact that most are doing this but doubling down on these policies that got us here tells everything you need to know about their true priorities. their intent on sinking this ship. they want to watch us drown. that is the angle. a new poll shows -- we will address the violent moments yesterday. raymond arroyo, seen and unseen next. ♪♪
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♪ ♪ >> laura: all right, laura: all right, time for seen and unseen where we express the cultural stories of the day. the spider who saves christmas father raymond arroyo. in a moment we will address the viral reaction to monday's segment that tell us about the new biden pole. >> political voters, if biden was mentally set. majority, 48% said no. that negative margin is a 19 points and october of 2020. people of the patriot awards reacted this way. >> he doesn't know where he is resolved gas, falling asleep at
12:39 am
the summit. we are joe, no one is taking a seriously. >> he can't even finish a sentence. we look like. other countries. that is all anyone is talking about his decline. >> he is cruel is our overblown. this is the president yesterday talking about infrastructure. it >> president biden: highway gets washed out, you got to build a couple feet higher because even if we gain control of the climate, it is going to go back to what was before. i just walked across, this opened in 1939, 82. i had house burned to my wife income she got out safely, but a significant portion of it burned. 10 minutes makes the difference.
12:40 am
>> 74 years makes a helluva difference too, so to 79 which will be on saturday. this is like a series of a collage of ideas with the destination. >> doesn't increasingly look like clint eastwood and grant to come his eyes adjustments, god bless them but they are slip. i don't know if he has a toothpick. >> the fire contained to the kitchen. it was not the towering inferno. and four years since this show has been on nothing has exploded like the segment you and i did monday. i casually brought up this show on netflix and suddenly was covered by rolling stone, the guardian, entertainment outlets, the tech video has been viewed 20 million times. i'm getting like biden, can't
12:41 am
read this thing. here's a reminder for those who missed it. >> watching an episode of the measles came up. >> went i mentioned measles? >> i don't know. it was on you. laura: what was on me, what are you talking about? i never had the measles. >> it was an episode of the show. laura: what is called? >> it is called you. >> never done a show on measles. i completely give up. >> it is a show called you on netflix. >> there is a so-called floor ingraham on netflix? >> people have asked the question for days, was it real, was it scripted? everybody has an opinion. even news lead, the actor chimed in and tweeting definitely a bit, his delivery is great. >> andy richter tweeted the fact that people are actually
12:42 am
laughing at laura ingraham makes they feel like i wasted the last 35 years of my life. his delivery is great i love the way you put that. >> like a touch of envy. people are asking was it real or was it scripted? laura: what do you think? >> i think people are craving something authentic and real and got a bit of that. laura: a lot of liberals out there don't like conservatives having fun. that is what i think. i think they haven't gotten a laugh in 30 years and we practiced for 30 seconds, got 20 million use. the richter scale, we can't match that. all the publicity, i think this
12:43 am
show you should be happy. >> and the privacy, very happy. laura: diamond the show you. >> show me what? laura: this is so stupid now i can't do this. the show you because of all the publicity they got. >> show me? laura: i can't deal with you. i have a lot of pressure with this crowd. you got to go on the road. >> i'm doing a book signing in arizona on monday. i hope you will all come, laura may put the spider outfit on for the spider saved christmas and we might not even fight. we will see. nearly three months after 13 americans tragically lost their lives in afghanistan, has there been any accountability for the families of the fallen?
12:44 am
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♪ ♪ >> laura: now it's been almost three months since 13 americans were killed while evacuating our people and our refugees from
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afghanistan. so far, approximately zero people have been held accountable for that disaster and the lives lost. thinking about this, like what about the families of the fallen heroes? have they gotten any closure or answers from the it administration? administration. one of them is here to tell us. the mother of a staff sergeant, we had a chance to talk to you before. thank you for your son at sacrifice paying the ultimate price, three months of gone by. have you heard from anyone in the administration giving you any clarity on what happened and why? >> know. we resent a sorry letter two days ago that arrived at our doorstep from the president. my question is why? why send it so much later. laura: did you say you just got
12:50 am
a letter from biden? >> i talk to other families, they received one two days ago also. sorry is a little late right now for all of us. laura: generally, general austin, the centcom commander, no one has been fired. one of the biggest losses of lives, american lives in a military scenario that we've seen in recent decades, not one firing, not one reprimand? are you surprised about that? >> a real human, a proud military soldier. ryan new when he served his
12:51 am
country that he could lose his life because he was serving his country. politics was part of this call was not military strategy in couple and so this is a valuable member of our society, the 12 others that gave it all, all of our families, we are hurt that our president and administration has not come forward to say who was responsible for our children's deaths with members of our family can sleep well at night, because we don't know what next caused by this terrible decision-making going on. there is too much at stake in our nation.
12:52 am
we must stand up and be accountable for what we do. our children pay the price for people who are not accountable. laura: your tears are the tears of a broken mother. we all live our daily lives, go about daily inconveniences, complain about stuff that doesn't matter. your son, a beautiful young man lost his life and no one in our country has been questioned in my mind appropriately by congress, republicans or democrats. what can you and other families do together combined to raise awareness about this? his name, his face, will never be forgotten by this show, by all the people here tonight for the fox nation patriot awards, never going to be forgotten but
12:53 am
it has got to be more than this. this cannot happen in the united states of america. if someone makes an egregious error of judgment that affects the lives of any american, we need accountability. i'm infuriated about this. this is your son, this is your son, he served this country in uniform, he deserves better, we need answers here and republicans in the u.s. senate, democrats in the u.s. senate have got to step up and ask millie, austin, all these people, we want answers and they should be kicked out a you know what as well. >> we cannot continue to and flags to our families and have no answers for why we are without our children anymore.
12:54 am
we must have answers and we must be able to stand up and take responsibility with this so i ask americans to stand up, we who are the families left behind, you will stand up for our military and our veterans. >> it took an enormous amount of personal courage for you to be here. you didn't want to have to be here and speak out and you did because you are speaking for so many families who can't. that is righteous anger. we are right there with you. we are not going to stop. we love you, thank you for everything you have been through. we are going to fight for this, thank you. final thoughts on this emotional day in a moment.
12:55 am
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>> laura: we are here with the crowd here in florida.
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[scattered cheers] laura: we are here with a crowd in florida. and to be a white about next year, wipe out for republicans. biden community in trouble next year to >> big trouble. >> american patriotism. >> that's not an answer. gutfeld is next. >> is not accurate to suggest he is in texas. this issue related to the white house press corps in dc press more than the concern of the american public. >> it is thursday november 18th, president biden won't be taking questions from the press after his high-stakes summit with the leaders of canada and mexico today but the white house suggest the american people don't care. >> that you hear this? the cover nostrand reminded people of something, the brett kavanaugh


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