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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  November 17, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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approval ratings and the top issues facing the country. and in just about one hour, this is a great thing, the fox nation patriot awards. you can stream it live on fox starts at 8:00 p.m. eastern. that at hard rock seminole. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight for "special report." "fox news primetime" by jesse watters starts right now. >> jesse: day two of deliberations has wrapped as pressure to convict kyle rittenhouse. outside the courthouse firsts are flying gatorade getting dumped on people's heads and even two arrests. the protesters are getting rowdy, demanding a guilty verdict from the jury. >> i'm here to support the call for kyle to go to prison for a very long time. >> he literally crossed the state lines with an assault rifle into a hostile environment. you don't go to a buffet with a
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fork and say i'm not hungry. >> we need to hope and pray to whatever god arbitrary figure in the sky in the sky or whatever that kyle rittenhouse goes to jail. >> jesse: these protesters and blm activists don't care about justice they only care about mob justice. i have said this before, it's this is a clear cut case of self-defense. so what's taking so long? why haven't the jurors reached a verdict? the speculation is they are afraid of the fallout. they are frayed that if the angry mob doesn't get its way there is going to be a price to pay. and that's exactly what these bloodthirsty prosecutors want. they are bloodthirsty. today we learned that they hid evidence from the defense. >> we were provided a copy of that from mr. krause that was neither in the length or definition clarity that the state had. we did not get the full download
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that they received until saturday or sunday of last weekend. after all the evidence was closed. and that is a real problem. >> jesse: the prosecution has had no problem playing dirty for this trial and near neither has the media. they have managed to twist this entire case. even the judge is fed up with it. >> when i talked about problems with the media, when this trial started, we were there in part, not fully but in part because of grocery irresponsible handling of what comes out of this trial. i will tell you this. i'm going to think long and hard about live television of a trial again next time. >> jesse: it's been a fake news media circus where the kid at the center of it but this trial is just one example of what democrats are willing to do to take down their political opponent. look what we learned about the fbi threat tagging parents who
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criticize radical school boards. and then last week the fbi raided the home of a conservative journalist james o'keefe. imagine if trump raided jim owe >> jim: owe costa's house would cnn being okay with that obviously not. they are okay with this. because that's the mission they are on. always on offense. the left doesn't care if an individual's freedom freedom is at stake they are on a mission to destroy you and the foundation of this great nation. anyone who gets in their path is dust. but it shouldn't be that way this time. tonight, all eyes are on this jury. and whether they ever hold the line. here to respond dan bongino, host of "unfiltered." dan, i don't like this. this is clear they saw video of this trial all week, all last week. the defendant even took the stand. i don't know what is taking this jury so long. this shouldn't take this long.
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>> yeah. i don't know either. this was a media case from the start. jesse, this was never -- none of the elements of the crime here were actually met by rittenhouse. forget about probable cause or yard the standard for conviction in a criminal trial. there wasn't even reasonable suspicion here this was a media case. this was a case fabricated in the far left ecomany is. you played it jesse the in beginning. you see that man on the street they were doing that interview and the guy says man the guy crossed state lines with an assault rifle. his dad lived in kenosha. it was 20 miles of a drive away from where he lived in and i don't care with his mom. the only reason people believed that is because they and the other thing the prosecutors could they be any more incompetent. the drone video you realized what happened there oh hey we texted you the drone video but you had iphone rather than
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android. the cloud wasn't that good. you texted him? have you heard of a thumb drive? this kid's life is at stake? you can't put it on a dvd? you are texting him like it's a data gap? like what the hell is the wrong with these people? this is the most gross incompetence i have ever seen in 12-plus years doing law enforcement. >> jesse: it's not incompetence though because this is by design. sure, it's sloppy, but they are cutting corners, they're rogue prosecutors and this is how they operate fbi clinesmith doctored today spy on donald trump. avenatti, he is like a convicted edge bezos ler and shake down artist. all these lawyers what they did with kavanaugh, i have said this on the show it's an axis of evil between politicians the press and prosecutors. and they all do each other's dirty work. you have got the prosecutor pointing an ar-15 at the jury and they are supposed to go and deliberate after that? come on, man.
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>> jesse, let me tell you the constitutional republic tant continue like this. justice can't be blind to just democrats. you know, like wide open steve bannon throw bannon in jail. lois learner and eric holder contempt of congress. get to write or book or whatever. that's not actual justice. i'm starting to believe. this is not incompetence it's malice. one other thing about this prosecutor quick story here. they didn't measure the barrel. yes, this guy had a short barreled rifle therefore it was illegal. did anybody measure it? like how hard was that? go to home deep toe, get a tape measure. hey, it's not a short barreled rifle. the barrel was 16 inches. like, is this really complicated? my 9-year-old in school is doing this stuff right now. there is no way this guy is this stupid? no way. it's got to be malice. >> jesse: what did peter descruk say you can smell the deplorables from home depot?
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they probably wouldn't go home depot that ♪ the way they roll. i don't like to admit this, i am trying to stay positive here, dan, the jury was not sequestered during this trial. i don't know if they were -- what they were watching. were they watching fake news where they are listening to what their people were telling them? whether were they intimidated? they weren't sequestered. this should not be taking this long after overwhelming video evidence this was a clear cut case of self-defense. i will give you the last word. >> yeah. i got to tell you i have been perplexed why a lot of this. given that we already had a body of evidence kenosha people were willing to riot there obviously that's why we are seeing this case. it's kind of bizarre. ing sequester the jury. seeing all this and influencing their decision. [chanting] >> jesse: they manufactured the first riot with the blake situation and now they are trying to manufacture a conviction against an innocent kid. dan bongino, sounds like crowd
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is pretty pumped up down there at the patriot awards. take it easy on them. all right. and we will see you don't at those patriot awards. fox just less than an hour. and since the case of kyle rittenhouse is falling apart like a -- media is desperate and resorting to, of course, playing the race card. >> imagine if kyle rittenhouse was an 18 or 17-year-old black kid. >> well, that's a different issue with. >> a gun. >> >> bret: 's talk about that how would the judge treat him? what about the people on the right who are making kyle rittenhouse out to be a choir boy because he went across state lines and asserted himself into a situation that he had nothing to do with. killed two people and injured another person. how would america feel about that? >> jesse: joining be me now larry elder host of the larry elder show. your thoughts on don lemon? >> it's pretty pathetic.
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all is he doing is following joe biden's lead. let's remember, the president referred to kyle rittenhouse as a white supremacist and so that's the line. karen bass is a black member of the house. she is from california. and she referred to the weapon that kyle rittenhouse had the ar-15 as an automatic weapon. and, remember, the media reported very widely that kyle rittenhouse jacob blake that sparked all of this was unarmed. that's the black man shot in the back in kenosha that sparked all these protests and riots and looting. he was of course not ununarmed. he admitted weighs not unarmed. he dropped the knife and picked it up and quote wasn't thinking clearly when he did and it opposed the riots that took place in kenosha. after he got shot and had some reflection he has been one of the more sensible people in this drama. speaking of which, how did this come a referendum on race relations.
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rittenhouse was white. two of whom were shot fatally is white. the judge is white. from what i can tell all the prosecution team is white. the defense team is white. only two black people in the courthouse are the black juror and al sharpton. how did this thing become a referendum on race relations? >> jesse: here is why it did because a white teenager interfered with a racial riot. that's why. you can't interfere with knob justice. you are supposed to lay back and watch the city burn. so, obviously, you have to be a racist if you are going to try to protect businesses from being torched by black lives matter activists. it's interesting, larry, that the left, like lemon, has to resort to a hypocritical. what if kyle rittenhouse was black. well, he is not black. deal with the facts of the case. the facts of the case aren't good for the left. because they want this kid cooked. so they have to just create like a fake story in order to justify their argument. >> well, that's right. he has been likened to bull
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conner sheriff 60 water hoses and dogs on civil rights workers. these people were not civil rights workers. they were rioters and looters. that's why kyle rittenhouse went there the analogy is completely ridiculous. all these guys have a race card. black democrat activists has argued priors ought to allow black people off from work in the event that the verdict goes different than they want it to go. i guess because of their mental anguish. black people are going to be so distraught if this man is found not guilty they need to have some days off from work this guy named gregory mche will i have. how many white people got the day off when o.j. simpson was acquitted for murdering two white people with evidence so acute he did everything but leave his business card at the crime scene. how many white people called in sick that day. it's insulting the way they pay the race card. >> jesse: i'm pro-days off.
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i don't know anything about about that. if anybody gets a day off we should all get a day off no matter what color we are. listen to joy reid. she wants this kid locked up more than anybody. listen to her testimony. >> this kyle rittenhouse trial, it reminded a lot of people of something, the brett kavanaugh hearings. brett kavanaugh cried his way through the hearings in america there is a thing about both white village atlantaism and white tears particularly male white tears. >> jesse: i didn't know tears had a sex or gender. >> consider the source. joy reid woman wrote in blog how much she disliked homosexuals didn't want to see brokeback mountain didn't want to see mental kissing. claimed she was hacked. nbc did forensic investigation. found out she wasn't hacked and then she said she doesn't really realize that she was writing these things.
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and i apologize. consider the source. this is a race card player. there is one million of them on msnbc haw and one of a bunch of them. that's what they do how they roll. pathetic. racism has never been a. after obama got elected with higher pfeffer sen damage of white voted than john kerry did four years earlier, i kind of thought this was done. they are pulling out the race cards because donald trump got 12% of the black vote, that's 50% increase of what he got in 2016 and scared to death. they are doubling down on stuff like critical race theory and reparations. it's pathetic. >> jesse: i wanted to show a lot of footage of aoc crying at the border and barack obama getting choked up and i think joe biden is white and we have footage of him crying, too. we are not going to show you a bunch of footage of people crying, at love white tears, black tears, hit-and-run tears, it doesn't matter. people cry. we get emotional. even larry elder cries.
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i'm sure. [laughter] >> and jesse, don't forget apparently kamala harris' aides have accused joe biden of, wait for it of being a racist because apparently he is favoring pete buttigieg over her. so the race card is flying at the west wing of the white house as well. >> jesse: that's right. it's the only card they have left to play. larry elder, thank you for coming on. turns out most americans don't think joe biden is compassionate or competent. newt gingrich on the stunning new poll and the total collapse of the biden agenda. ♪ ♪ at heinz, every ketchup starts with our same tomatoes. but not every tomato ends in the same kind of heinz ketchup. because a bit of magic unfolds when there's a ketchup for everyone.
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throughout the next 10. through projectup, comcast is committing $1 billion so millions more students, past... and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities. >> jesse: sleepy joe was never the sharpest crayon in the box. for the past few years the media has been papering over brutal
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gaffes i mean brutal. saying cute. a feature not a bug. now it appears the american people are catching on. according to a new survey published by politico and morning consult. more than half of the country believe joe biden is unstable and suffering from poor health. this is a stunning 29 point shift since the last time they asked the question. but, it gets worse. 57% he was not a clear communicator. nor a strong leader. 60% would not describe him as energetic, in other words, sleepy. and more than half agreed joe biden probably doesn't care about people like me. that's not good. of course, the democrats and the biden zombies on msnbc were totally caught off guard by this. to them joe biden is the strongest and clearest communicator they could ever find. >> this job -- this jobs -- the job -- crazy. >> visit vaccines dot gum, dot
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or text -- text your zip code to 438829. >> discretion time is money. as one computer said, if you are on the train and they say portal bridge you know you better make other plans. >> now i think i'm supposed to introduce somebody but i'm not sure who am i supposed to introduce now? >> pinelei excuse me, pinel and what am i doing here? i'm going to lose track here. >> i'm going to thank the -- the um, former general, i keep calling him general, but my, my -- the guy who runs that outfit over there. >> am i supposed to speak or is watson going to say something? i was told i was going to hear from -- >> a couple of my friends are going to be coming out here i'm told. cabinet members, but, you know, here we go.
4:22 pm
>> where is everybody? >> jesse: oh, boy. this is devastating. it's no wonder why his real clear politics average looks like bill clinton's polygraph. look at that seeing the complete decay of joe biden's presidency right before our eyes. joining me now newt gingrich former speaker of the house and author of beyond biden. that can't come too soon, speaker. i had not seen that montage before just now and that was horrible. >> well, first of all, you now know why i wrote "beyond biden" instead of writing anti-biden because is he doing such a great job of being the leading an at this biden in the country. a couple things i thought about it and first of all it is sad
4:23 pm
the commander-in-chief, the guy in charge of nuclear weapons and who represents america and the world looks this confused, weak, feeble uncertain, falls asleep at an international conference on climate, think about what that says all of our competitors around the world and to all of our allies. second, what makes it even more frightening is, the person behind him is kamala harris. and she is so bad there is actually a website that has 10 hours of her laughing taken from various tv appearances. so, you know, you can't switch to her. and it's very clear that he will be a one-term president. and it's pretty clear, i think, that with every passing month, he gets a little bit weaker. the last thing you showed by the way was just yesterday where he and kamala trying to prove that
4:24 pm
the cnn report that they were fighting was false came dancing out to the rose garden literally arm in arm, chatting together as though this was some springtime movie for teenagers. and looking totally inauthentic. you couldn't stage these things to look more inauthentic than they did. >> jesse: it's one thing as you said the guy looks like he is going to to fumble the nuclear football that's clear. the polling that he doesn't care about people that he is not compassionate. that's bread and butter democrat politics. at least you have to act like you care. and the country doesn't even think he cares about them. you look at inflation, gas prices, supply chain, crime, border, afghanistan, people stranded, he doesn't care. he doesn't care and the country knows he doesn't care. and we're not even through the first year. how is this going to shake out? >> well, first of all, if you watch him, you realize he can't
4:25 pm
remember where he is. he can't remember what's about to happen. how can he be expected to communicate caring? i mean, he can't even communicate where he's standing. but, second, i think, unless something really dramatic changes, they are in for possibly the worst defeat by the democratic party, maybe since 19 1920. you see this yesterday, for example, in south carolina. they had towns that had never gone republican electing republicans. they had towns with biden had carried by huge margins had in one short year stwoiched elengthing republicans. we just had a democrat in south texas state legislature switch parties and the election else two weeks ago were amazing across the whole country from seattle to san antonio to virginia to new jersey. you know, when a truck driver who spends $2,300 beats the state senate president in new
4:26 pm
jersey, you know that people are walking in and saying not them. now, if that happens across the whole country, you are going to see four or five senate seats and 40 to 70 house seats go republican. >> jesse: yeah, by the time this presidency is over, california is going to be a swing state. newt gingrich buy the book "beyond biden." >> good to be with you. >> jesse: can't come soon enough. thank you. fireworks erupted on capitol hill this afternoon. not over the soaring price of gas and inflation and not over wide open border. house democrats wasted the entire day trying to censure a republican congressman over a meme. >> we cannot have a member joking about murdering each other or threatening the president of the united states. >> that video has been seen by 3 million people. it was up for over two days before it was taken down. >> piercing tweets become sharp
4:27 pm
knives. fiery words bring out deadly firearms and cartoon killing begets real lifeblood shed. >> what is so hard? what is so hard about saying that this is wrong? >> jesse: congressman paul gosar shared a silly scblaps g japanese cartoon video deleted this off video and now the first congressman censured in more than a decade. why stop there? will ken sur pelosi over shady family strong stragd. eric swalwell who slept with the enemy, fang fang the chinese spy. and what about aoc herself she killed thousands, tens of thousands of amazon jobs in her own district. we're not going to hold her accountable? let's not be ridiculous. memes are dangerous and democrats won't stand for any politician evoking violence unless, of course, they are also
4:28 pm
democrat. >> you cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about. >> you see anybody from that cab ghet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you get a crowd and you push back on them. and you tell them they're not welcome anymore anywhere. >> always say when they go low we go high. no, no. whether they go low we kick them. >> jesse: aoc's response? silence. the truth is democrats don't actually care about anybody's safety. they care about scoring cheap political points and nothing else. here now senator john kennedy of louisiana. senator, i watched this little meme video. i had to watch it three times to even see if aoc was in it.
4:29 pm
i guess i'm glad the congressman deleted it but boy oh boy that video we just showed of democrats inciting violence could have done the whole hour. >> well, clearly, jesse inflation is a lot more important right now to the average american than a meme. one of the toughest parts of being a bartender, i am told, is figuring out who is drunk and who is just stupid. and i feel a little bit like a bartender in trying to figure out the biden administration and inflation. on the one hand inflation is waterboarding the american people. you practically have to arrange a bank loan to fill up your gas tank. what's causing it? as any economist with a pulse will tell you, president biden is spending too much money and
4:30 pm
is he borrowing too much money. that's the classic definition of inflation. too much money chasing too few goods. so, what's the president's solution? the other day i said that the biden administration, i have observed, never makes the same mistake twice. they make it five or six times just to be sure. here's the president's solution to inflation, which he has caused by spending too much and borrowing too much. let's spend even more and let's borrow even more. he is trying to pass this build back better bill which is just a spending and borrowing orgy of epic proportions. $4 trillion of new spending, $2 trillion of new debt. $2 trillion of new taxes and it's going to be like throwing kerosene on a tire fire. now, i wish. >> jesse: go ahead. >> i was going to say i wish i could tell you it's going to get
4:31 pm
better, but the water is not going to clear up until we get the pigs out of the creek. and i don't see -- my democratic friends doing anything differently in solving inflation on their own. my party is just going to have to take back congress if we want to end inflation. that's the way i see it. >> jesse: i think it's going to be a lot worse before it gets better. if i were a bartender and i saw inflation going up and crime going up and illegals going up and i clicked on tv and i saw the democratic party wasting the entire day, i'm talking for hours censuring somebody over a video that they tweeted and then took down, i would not only think they were drunk i would think that they were drunk and stupid, senator. and that's the bottom line from bartender watters. we have got run, senator kennedy. the best bartender we have in louisiana. next, an investigation into how the fbi was targeting parents as
4:32 pm
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>> jesse: the fbi has decided that parents, yes, patients are public enemy number one as leaked internal email fbi labeling moms and dads with a threat tag. the fbi is trying to defend their conduct saying, quote: the tag is merely a statistical tool to track information for review and reporting. the fbi has used tags to track everything from drug trafficking to human trafficking. and now parents. so, biden's doj is now putting concerned parents into the same calderon as the el chapo's of the world. bring in former counselor to president trump kayleigh mcenany. the counter-terrorism division of the fbi is involved with parents. >> yes. and they usually go after money laundering. they're trying to stop people
4:38 pm
who are mass shooters and whatnot. now they are weaponizing the department of justice against parents. the facts here are unbelievable. what happened is crazy left wing group the national school board association sounds generic and sanguine. they are a special interest group, jesse. they sent a letter and got a response. then they worked with the white house. instead of the white house saying i'm sorry, you can't influence us and we can't interfear with you. >> jesse: they had their paws on it. >> instead they colluded with the white house. found collusion with the white house. and they said, you know, we need specific examples. they didn't say shut this down. don't target parents as quote domestic terrorists they said give us specific examples. they came back with that the majority do not constitute criminal activity at all. >> jesse: only one actual hard core threat in that whole letter. >> sure. and law enforcement can take care of that weaponizing the fbi is crazy. now merrick garland testified to congress on october 21st. he made it seem this would never
4:39 pm
happen. parents would never -- domestic. >> jesse: looks like he lied to congress. >> lied to congress they since apologized. the left wing group apology devised on behalf of the doj. we haven't heard from the doj yet. the maker garland the chief law enforcement officer he has got to go. do you know who has got to go before he goes. got to go back to congress and answer a couple of tough questions. we were told that our department of justice was politicized. they are weaponizing the department of justice the a.g. who was obama's last pick to fill scalia's seat in the supreme court. >> jesse: can you imagine if that went down? imagine in the trump doj threw a terror tag upset education policy handcuffed. >> do you know what parents are guilty of here? carrying about the stuff being daughter to their kids. carrying about the fact you and i send our kids to school and give up right to our kids 8:00 to 3:00 p.m. >> jesse: slop is right. >> you saw what happened with the dossier french word for load of crap what the fbi did there
4:40 pm
weaponizing it. making fun of americans, et cetera. i just want to tell you, instead of going after the real terrorists the tastes are roaming free in afghanistan because of biden. >> jesse: with our weapons. >> $85 billion of our weapons and equipment. you have got john kerry, you know, cheap date in an expensive suit for iran getting them back into the jcpoa actually a state sponsor of terrorist. everybody is watching this administration. they think that the polling numbers that newt gingrich and you looked over they will go up soon. people will learn. they will see the infrastructure spending panel and they will be happy. that won't happen. they see all of it. >> jesse: we are watching it and covering it people will decide. >> it's the mama bear. >> jesse: you mentioned collusion i'm glad you did kellyanne. peter strzok the most corrupt agent went on tv to claim this is all okay? >> who in their right mind would
4:41 pm
oppose law enforcement looking into threats of violence against teachers? saw some of those crazy comments coming out of congress, which again are absolutely political statements and the a.g. letter is something that is very consistent with the fbi's mission to understand whether there is a broader sort of criminal activity going on? this is not targeting first amendment protected speech. this is not targeting parents. >> jesse: i guess his lover, lisa page wasn't available. they only had to go to peter. >> no sexting there. is there a worse messenger, actually for the truth than peter strzok? dusting him off was not helpful. listen to what he just said. that was really frightening. in other words, i think this whole strategy of tripling down on the democrats have the strategy memo where they will triple down on going against critical race theory saying it's not real, pushing back on parents who want to go to school board meetings. fabulous, fantastic for the republican majority. >> we have frightening for this country. he's wrong. local law enforcement can take care of things that happen in a
4:42 pm
jurisdiction of people get into fisticuffs if they are screaming at each other's school board meeting. this is next level stuff. the patriot act. prevent another 9/11 from happening not stopping you from going going to a school board meeting and teaching my kids this stuff. >> jesse: kellyanne. big weekend. >> faferred at home against the saints. >> jesse: covid cases going up again this time dr. fauci wants to crack down even halderer. rand paul with a message for fauci, next. ♪ i could use some help showing the world how liberty mutual customizes their car insurance so they only pay for what they need. (gasps) ♪ did it work? only pay for what you need ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> jesse: joe biden campaigned on shutting downtown virus but not the economy. he didn't keep his promise. the economy is still shut down to many of us and covid cases surging right back up. to dr. fauci feels like he has no other choice but to go back on television. you may have missed what he said since you were too busy, you know, with your life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. just minor details to the fauci master. >> this misplaced perception about people's individual right to make a decision that
4:48 pm
supersedes the societal safety. >> jesse: fauci obviously has a problem and that problem is that you have too much freedom. you are not putting the state first when you go out to eat or show up at your job and the solution is very simple: just replace everything this country was founded on and have people follow his declaration of dependence instead. joining me now kentucky senator rand paul. just casually throwing the bill of rights under the bus, senator. >> well, alarming. i mean alarming one that he has such casual disdain for individual liberty but if you combine that with also a casual disdain for science, boy, we have got a real problem and authoritarian who obey the science. look at this, over 100 million americans have had covid and if you ask the cdc, well, how do these people react, the people that have had covid and recovered. how much do they get sick again? do they spread the disease very well? we don't know. we don't keep track of that can you imagine the guys in charge
4:49 pm
of this. we pay him more than anybody in the government. he has casual disdain for the bill of rights and your liberty but he is not keeping track. is he like cnn asked him one day what do you think about -- oh, that's interesting. we should look into that as if it was the first time he has ever heard of it. he is a liar. and he lies about the natural immunity. he knows it works. this is a recipe for to tall tarrenism. it's a recipe for something we don't want in our country. >> jesse: it's par for the course. fauci doesn't know anything. mayor can you say yesterday on the border he has got no clue. i don't know, i don't have that information its norense is bliss fauci highest paid guy paid in the federal government. i want to get your reaction to this biden whistleblower says that they are targeting parents with the patriot act. the counter terror division of
4:50 pm
the fbi is now involved. your thoughts? >> well, you know, my father warned about this from the very beginning with the patriot act. he said what finance not used just against terrorists? what if we use it against our own citizens. not only do they want to use the patriot act against parents unhappy about what's going on in their school district. we have been using the patriot act and we use foreign intelligent warrants to go after a political candidate when they went after donald trump. this is a government on steroids that is out of control and we have to be very, very careful. the fourth amendment protects us. but we are ignoring the fourth amendment when we use the patriot act to go after american citizens. >> jesse: soccer moms are the new sleeper cells in joe biden's america. senator rand paul kentucky, thank you for joining "primetime." and kat timpf is on the clock next. ♪ ♪ if you have high blood pressure, a cold is not just a cold. unlike other cold medicines, coricidin provides powerful cold relief
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4:56 pm
you may have seen some other movies, but the official film "mice on the hunter is headed to theaters. despite his money, money and shoes. here is the actor showing off some of his -- should we have picks later that? >> i think it's all right. i think it's all right. i mean come out about the movie -- i'm not going to watch it. i don't watch movies in general because they are too long. >> you more of a 15 minutes and you are out. >> it's because -- you get distracted, you have to ask, what happened? what happened? and do get annoying to other people. i can be annoying and up to other people without putting myself in a situation where i know it's going to be particularly intolerable. >> and i think we know how this movie ends. hunter's laptop stolen, he humiliates his father.
4:57 pm
next up, animals are great and so is animal photography. especially funny tips like these. don't mess with this. are taking on an ego. hands up, don't shoot. here is an honor del micah potter who doesn't like getting carried around. and here's a monkey who probably means to see a doctor. if you don't like what you see, cover your eyes like this pigeon. we call that pitch and sleepy joe. >> animals, that's kind of nice. i like animals. i could picture myself winning don't like living with a bunch of animals. now, you can't eat them'. >> how is your marriage going? >> it's great.
4:58 pm
we couldn't be happier. to speak a good thing we are on the clock here. next up, britney spears as an upcoming oprah interview to talk about the end of her conservatorship. but she took to twitter to thank the fans and the free britney movement. >> you guys rock. honestly, my voice was threatened for so long. i wasn't able to speak up or say anything. because of you -- you guys saved my life. >> i think i tweeted once or like the quote -- i did that. i single-handedly freed britney. now, i think it's amazing. good for her. i bet you -- she will be all right. >> you think so? a lot of people don't think so. >> that's fine, jesse watters. charlie sheen never had a conservatorship, okay? he never had a conservatorship. that was ridiculous she was in a 13 year conservatorship.
4:59 pm
does she see mikey from time to time? absolutely. but look at me. >> finally, cancel cultures strikes again. this time it's coming for the classic is a goal "grease." they are scrapping up in greece" as an option due to sexism. have you seen this? >> i have not. >> i was born in 1988 and people forget that because i'm so successful they forget how young i am. >> you really are a rising star. >> have you ever seen a clip? i don't see any sexism, i see romance. >> people sing them and it's really annoying. >> and you don't know any of the songs. >> it's loud, it's annoying.
5:00 pm
i don't need to watch the movie to know that i hate that. >> that is so open-minded of you. that is why we want to on prime time. okay, cat tim's everybody. don't forget, fox nation's third annual patriot awards is just moments away. and tucker is up next. ♪ ♪ [applause] >> tucker: you are here! the patriot awards. you can stream the whole thing right after the show on we recommend it. good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." there's a difference between lien and propaganda, it's worth knowing what it is. all propaganda is lying, but not


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