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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  November 17, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PST

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higher power. >> dana: let me -- save me. he is quite resourceful. they may want to spare him this year, don't you think? >> that would be a good idea. >> i'm going straight to bed. i'll be 50% better by tomorrow. >> dana: here is harris faulkner. >> harris: breaking news as we have entered day two of jury deliberations in the kyle rittenhouse trial. people in the city of kenosha are bracing for what could come next after the verdict is read. i'm harris faulkner. you are in "the faulkner focus". that jury is deciding whether 18-year-old kyle rittenhouse will face hard time for killing two men and injuring a third during chaos and violent protests that unfolded in kenosha, wisconsin last summer. the rioting was on the heels of the police shooting of jacob black. rittenhouse claims what he did
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was because he was acting in self-defense. if he is found guilty on the most serious charge of first degree intentional homicide he could spend the rest of his life in prison. with 500 national guard men and women on stand by now, here is a taste of what we witnessed yesterday. very vocal protestors and counter protestors crowded outside the courthouse. alan dershowitz said it puts the integrity of the trial at risk. >> when you have a crowd outside threatening jurors and jurors hearing it, it clearly has an impact. so i worry that whatever the verdict, it will be the result more of what was outside the courtroom than was inside the courtroom. >> harris: alexis mcadams is live in kenosha. >> some of those conversations with the protestors happening now as day two of jury deliberations in kenosha, wisconsin of kyle rittenhouse continue with the trial.
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i'll step out of the way to get a closer look at what we're seeing. this is what it looked like yesterday afternoon. more people from both sides come and they have these conversations. some of those grew pretty heated yesterday. moments ago we saw a man walk by armed with an ar-15 outside of the courthouse. we'll get new video coming in here shortly. inside that courthouse, the 12 juror seats empty and they are remaining behind closed those deliberating right now. what we saw the shocking twist kyle rittenhouse choosing the jury pulling the names out of this wooden barrel at random inside the courtroom. his family tells fox news it was a lot of added pressure but confident about the outcome of the trial. he is on trial for shooting three men killing two during the unrest in kenosha last summer following the shooting of jacob blake in kenosha. was he defending himself that night or is he responsible for
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provoking these shootings? protestors on both sides. >> he crossed the state lines with an assault rifle into a hostile environment. you don't go to a buffet with a fork and say i'm not hungry. >> business owners here are also on edge. we talked to them throughout the past few days. attorney general calling for peace. >> it is cite call the follow up to this verdict people speaking out peacefully and not engaged in any acts of violence or destruction. >> now as the deliberations continue in kenosha, wisconsin kyle rittenhouse could face up to life in prison if convicted of the most serious charge against him. >> harris: we await the verdict. thank you very much. alexis. this fox news alert. house republicans have pulled back the curtain on what they
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see as the justice department's crusade against parents across america. according to a leaked email, the f.b.i.'s criminal and counter terrorism division created a threat tag to log incidents of school board officials allegedly facing threats of violence. house ranking member jim jordan called out attorney general garland over it. he wrote you testified that the department and its components were not using counter terrorism statutes and resources to target concerned parents at school board meetings. this disclosure, the leaked memo, provides specific evidence that federal law enforcement operationalized counter terrorism tools at the behest of a left wing special interest group against concerned parents. he dug deeper into the department's actions last night. >> as we speak, at this moment,
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the f.b.i. is not may be, is treating parents as terrorist threats. and the attorney general came in front of the committee and said just the opposite. they are targeting moms and dads across this country for simply speaking out. and saying we don't want this racist hate america curriculum taught to our kids. imagine that. >> harris: pete hegseth co-host of "fox & friends" weekend is in focus. they leaned on us so hard with essential people during the months and longer than a year of virtual learning and now parents are what to this federal government it would seem, pete? >> they are threats. they are potential political opponents who are being classified as that, as domestic terrorists. the national school board association apparently apologized for that. what we learned is the department of justice justed that characterization as a
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rationalization for the memorandum garland put out. officials of that high level issue memorandums so subordinate units that plan and gain authority from that. one is the f.b.i. now the f.b.i., the federal bureau of investigation, has a classification specifically for parents identified by who? the national school board association, as threats. a feedback loop that the left is happy to use to attempt to intimidate political opponents. they know -- i call it the 1619 effect. the covid 1619 effect. it was under covid that the idea of critical race theory and 1619 project was exposed to parents. they stood up to defend their children. the government, this is what it does when it doesn't like this response and lies at every level. it takes jim jordan and the leaked memo of emails to get
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the truth. the f.b.i. doesn't need to announce these things. i have a whistleblower inside the f.b.i. now willing to reach out to me as pertains to what happened january 6. a new case classification. 266y that uses ambiguous language, empowers the f.b.i. to investigate people who would have been around that. just like they are able to create new classifications at parents at school boards. an unleashed f.b.i. based on a politically-directed department of justice and it's a scary thing. >> harris: i use a different word for it. i call it collusion. the correct way to use that word when you have the national association of school boards writing to the white house and getting all of this response. then the sorry, not sorry, looping around to putting a tag on parents now. that's a lot of collusion. the f.b.i. for their part this morning responded to the reporting on these threat tags quote, a tag is merely a tool
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to track information for review and reporting. the creation of a threat tag is no way changes the longstanding requirements for opening an investigation nor does it represent a shift in how the f.b.i. prioritizes threats the f.b.i. has used tags to track everything from drug trafficking to human trafficking. okay, so they said it. they are comparing parents to drug trafficking and human trafficking. and they put that in writing. >> they came out and said it in their denial and have enough gal to say nothing has changed. this is just a new tag. guess what? last time i checked if you physically threatened violence against someone or create impending threat for an individual it does than matter if you are protesting at a school board or city council or a meeting of a congressman. those are all things the f.b.i. can look into. but when you decide to create a new case, a new classification
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you are targeting someone specifically because of their point of view the way they look at the world, the ideas they are standing for. that's what makes this different. they don't have to admit that but it is precisely what they are doing when they create a new category. >> harris: where i would want to take this next and perhaps we can talk about this again i'll start to go down this road. what does it mean when cases are adjudicated. if i have a special tag on me because i'm a concerned parent and want to flag something about me. when i get into a courtroom does that impede my rights? we have to dig deeper into this. i don't know why you need a classification for the people who make the halloween costumes and also want to weigh in what their children are learning in the classroom. we'll move on. >> you're right. >> harris: the white house breaking with its own city. the city the white house is in over mask mandates. washington, d.c., the district,
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the mayor mural bowser has lifted her indoor mask mandate with a few exceptions. but the white house says it follows the cdc's guidance which still recommends masking in areas of high transmission. meanwhile, voters -- a recent poll found just 47% approve of the job he is doing on that. 49% say they disapprove. that's a massive change from 63% who approved back in june. the virus had been one of the only bright spots in the polls for the president. and i used the wrong word. it is not soaring, it's souring. >> you pointed out the correct part of it. that's what they saw as their best political asset was the handling of covi they were anti-vaccine when it was a vaccine that came from the previous administration and
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never knowledge that portion of it. they thought their strength was in the control and the crackdown. what they didn't count on was the common sense of american people who are able to look at the science, make their own decisions based on their own health needs and sick and tired of any official at the local level and especially at the national level trying to tell them how they ought to live their lives. when the white house has even lost washington, d.c., washington, d.c. which is 90% democrat, it shows you how out of step they are with average people and second of all, how closely they cling to the virtue signaling and control of the mandate. maybe they should figure out that trusting people might a, make their lives better and b, improve their poll numbers. it has been all control, all lockdown, all mask, all to send a signal. the signal is not working anymore.
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people can choose for themselves. >> harris: i don't know how much regular folk are around. i wrote down what you said. one of the top lines of covid of the day or the week. they thought their strength was in the control, not the science. what in the world is more powerful than the science in all of this? we have a vaccine that the former president got going. let's move on. pete, you were there in hollywood, florida, my favorite hollywood, by the way. where you will be one of the hosts for tonight's patriot awards streaming live on fox nation at 8:00 p.m. eastern. fill us in. >> this is an awards show that really matters about real heroes. about the backbone of america, the people who deserve to be honored. the people who never sought the spotlight and not doing it for the -- the spotlight will be on them tonight. the patriot awards 8:00 p.m.
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tonight is a show for you to celebrate. check out if you don't have fox nation, get it. it is going to be a huge event that honors america and why we love america and those who stand up for america. folks like your father, folks like the law enforcement here in the building right now that have made this country great and we look forward to a fantastic evening and hope everyone joins us. >> harris: you will mix in the serious and the humor and the music. it is a full on great time. pete hegseth, thank you for being in focus today and so much of what you are doing in hollywood, florida. >> likewise. >> harris: lessons from virginia. why a deep dive shows the democrats drubbing there may mean even worse news for the 2020 mid-term elections than perhaps some people thought. joe concha in focus on that. fury unleashed by republican senators toward president
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biden's homeland security chief. they want answers and now on the president's border crisis. remember, the secretary was in the hot seat yesterday. they didn't get any answers. one of those answers is tennessee's marsha blackburn. you know she gets answers. >> 2020 there were individuals who crossed illegally into the united states. >> these are all on your watch. >> is it your position that the prior administration bears responsibility for that? >> i'm asking the questions and these are all on your watch. with the newday 100 va loan and take out up to $60,000 or more. veteran homeowners- have you been spending more time at home? imagining the possibilities? like a bigger kitchen, a swimming pool for the grandkids, or a backyard deck. your va home loan benefit and the
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revelation. the way forward for dems is much bleaker than even they may know. the republicans took the house of delegates. according to one analysis every single virginia county shifted to the right on november 2 just months after president biden won virginia by 10 points. republicans have increased their vote margin. all of virginia's 11 congressional districts they've seen that. they've increased their numbers significantly from the previous election cycle. leon panetta who served in the clinton and obama administrations said he is not optimistic about his political party. >> the administration is in trouble period. the president has got, you know, low rankings in terms of the polls. the administration has got some problems. democrats in general have some
8:21 am
problems. i think that's all being reflected among democrats at every level. all of the democrats including the president are going to have to work very hard right now in order to try to deal with the challenges that are out there in the country that frankly are not being dealt with. >> harris: that is a cup of real truth. joe concha fox news contributor and media and politics columnist for the hill. did you expect to hear that from a staunch democrat supporters? >> he is one of the straight shooters out there and jay johnson. faulkner said revolution? concha says revolution. a front has been created for democrats that they never expected to actually emerge. it has turned them defensive. that is education and why glenn youngkin probably won besides
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the economy, of course. until the party, harris, stops blindly taking a side of teachers unions, it will be known as the anti-parent party. it is not me saying that. stephanie cutter, a pretty sharp democratic strategist sounded the alarm on this. as you just discussed with pete hegseth targeting parents as domestic threats and not a peep out of the white house and biden justice department denying this, this is what motivates the mama bears. i live with one. she can be terrifying sometimes what our kids are taught in our schools. she otherwise is quite apolitical. what we saw in virginia brought out suburban moms. you can expect that to happen nationwide in 2022 unless democrats pivot which they've shown zero interest in doing from the white house down. >> harris: i love how you describe mrs. concha as a mama
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bear. >> she is lovely. >> harris: white house press secretary jen psaki is going after republicans and suggesting the president's massive spending agenda will fix everything. question, why when americans are seeing higher prices and republicans united to lower costs, answer, they are rooting for inflation. while republicans would likely beg to differ. they're seizing on the issue highlighting the administration continually downplays the crisis. watch. >> president biden: the data shows most of the price increases we've seen were expected and expected to be temporary. >> in the immediate term we'll see inflation decline back to normal level. >> president biden: it is unlikely it will be long term inflation that will get out of hand.
8:24 am
>> harris: you could set an egg timer for how long that stayed true. we're watching what your thanksgiving will cost you and your family this year. people are tweeting receipts to me from across the country. the price of turkey at record highs. all the fixings way up over last year. eggs nearly 30% higher. now this matters because when you get the total bill that's when you really see it. >> sure. and the white house chief of staff ron klain said it was a rich person's problem not too long ago. jen psaki mocked the supply chain crisis saying people won't get their treadmills on time. a pivot she has made. no matter how many journalists try to play it down. 9 of 10 voters are concerned across party lines. for the president and his aides to continually push this insulting idea that inflation will go down if the government prints trillions more dollars and puts into the system.
8:25 am
the congressional budget office has zero idea what they are doing. trust me. that game plan will come back to haunt them in 2022 and 2024 when voters don't see improvement and inflation and gas prices won't go away. they'll feel it for some time and blame the people in power. >> harris: "the new york times" out with a scathing op-ed scolding the mainstream media of its botched coverage of the christopher steele dossier and urging the press to come clean. the dossier has been largely discredited by two federal investigations and the indictment of a key source leaving journalists to think how many were taken in so easily because the dossier seemed to confirm what they already suspected. investigative journalist tweeted this. corporate media knows it can't get away with ignoring their
8:26 am
major role in this fraud but still trying to limit the damage. congressman jim jordan says if some in the media can come clean about the dossier, so can adam schiff. watch. >> thank goodness they admitted there were wrong statements in all these stories in the past but people need to be held accountable. seems to me adam schiff should be able to do the same thing. everything we said about this over the last several years turned out to be true. >> harris: "the new york times" op-ed points out the situation became complicated because some reporters simply didn't like or trust mr. trump or didn't want to appear to be on his side. he had been berating journalists as charltons while seeking their acclaim. in a perfect world journalists would treat people they don't like the same way they treat people they do like. this is not a perfect world. why can't we know whether or not a journalist likes somebody? why can't they just do a job
8:27 am
without holding up a sign? >> speak truth to power. be like tim russert. i don't know how he voted but he held both sides accountable and we would like to see more of that. until adam schiff stops getting booked on every network to promote his book that pushes the lie of trump/russia collusion based on the steele dossier that is pure fiction. until schiff isn't propped up as a truth teller and until news organizations until cnn and buzz feed apologize for putting the unverified dossier. the damage has already been done. mission accomplished. dominated by the greatest falsehood in political history is the damage. any retraction or correction is meaningless. the exoneration is a complete after thought. >> harris: remember the white house and the administration
8:28 am
aren't happy about cnn's reporting between the rift of kamala harris and the president of the united states offices. some accusing cnn of being racist and misogynistic for reporting based on dozens of sources they have. they better be careful what they ask for here. we want everybody held accountable and all journalists to do their jobs. >> isn't that amazing. kamala harris is polling at 28% and race has to be talked about. people will stop listening. >> harris: we'll see if the journalists cover it the way it's actually happening. critics going after liberal squad member cori bush over her claim she was shot at during the 2014 ferguson riots. the problem is, there is zero evidence that that actually happened at all. plus this.
8:29 am
>> i watched the hearing and saw the secretary of homeland security under oath lie to members of the senate at least six or seven times. i was outraged he would lie under oath like he did. >> bill: senate republicans are letting it rip as the homeland security chief faced their questions on the border crisis from explosion of illegal crossings and sparks flying everywhere. senator marsha blackburn was there for all of it and leading the way in the room as she was trying to hold mayorkas's feet to the fire. keep watching. like a bigger kitchen, a swimming pool for the grandkids, or a backyard deck. your va home loan benefit and the newday 100 va loan make it possible. by borrowing up to 100% of your home's value you can take out up to $60,000 or more. with home values at all time highs, now's the time to call.
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8:35 am
than we did under the last administration? >> i think we have more control consistent with our values as a nation. >> harris: republican senators went after with a torrent of questions the dhs secretary there over biden's border crisis. thousands of people who crossed into this country are coming in droves into the u.s. every day. most of them illegal. recently more and more unaccompanied minors have been making the dangerous trek across our border. mexican cartels are ramping up promises the parents that they can successfully get their kids across to the u.s. and into our country. bill is live at the southern border for us in la joya, texas with more. i'm always curious. how could a drug cartel assure parents they can get their kid into our country? have we made it that easy for them? >> good morning to you. parts of the border it is that easy. not a border wall and agents
8:36 am
can't be everywhere at once. completely overwhelmed processing family units. parts of the border there isn't anybody patrolling. that's the case in la joya, texas sometimes. once again as usually know i sound like a broken record. it happens every day. you see family units who crossed illegally into texas, walk down a road and give themselves up to border patrol. these ones border patrol doesn't have to go to the brush to find. they're voluntarily giving themselves up. they believe they will be released into the u.s. and good reason to believe that. mayorkas said his estimation 375,000 have been released this year. mostly family units, unaccompanied teenagers, young kids is right. the cartels like to advertise on social media they can get kids across the border into the usa. back live for a moment we met for a woman in christie
8:37 am
hutchinson, the founder of women fighting for america. a group throughout the border crisis has gone to different border towns and work with law enforcement and has a sophisticated drone to help track down runners. we were here with them the other night using the drone with thermal imaging. didn't take long. we found a group of five to six runners taking off in the brush after crossing illegally into texas. as the drone was watching the migrants using the thermal imaging they were relaying the coordinates to agents on the ground. they quickly closed in on the illegal immigrants. because of the help of the drone they apprehended every one of those runners. we talked to hutchinson why she feels the need to do it. she is a mom and she has two boys and listen. >> drug trafficking has gone up over 450 something percent. that's a lot of drugs flooding into our streets.
8:38 am
as a mother of two young adult boys, that hits me really hard at home. this is coming to your streets. this is in your neighborhood. the drugs don't just stay here at the border. within 42 to 72 hours they're in cities across the united states. >> and to home run point we just learned from the cdc today for the first time in american history they estimate 100,000 americans died in one year of drug overdoses. that attributed to the rise in fentanyl deaths as we know fentanyl continues to flow across the border. >> harris: you have to start to connect the dots. or as our vice president likes to say look for the causes where it's happening. what we just showed you before bill's report was a tiny snippet of what the senators had in store for secretary mayorkas yesterday. here is more. >> when you run dhs like it is
8:39 am
an abolish ice fan club you shouldn't be surprised when you have an immigration crisis on your hands. >> the people determining our border policy in your opinion, are they just incompetent or do they believe in open borders? >> i am for you. you have to fix it. fix it or step down. >> how many children have been in the biden cages in calendar year 2021? >> does the biden administration has any plans to issue million dollar payments to the families of those killed or assaulted by illegal aliens? >> senator, in 2020 there were individuals who crossed illegally into the united states. >> these are all on your watch. >> is it your position the prior administration bears responsibility for that? >> i'm asking the questions and
8:40 am
these are all on your watch. >> harris: you saw her there. marsha blackburn republican senator from tennessee now in "focus." i watched you press in with those questions like other senators in the room, too. you were focused in on a single point. i understand it when you have said it before. it would seem that the illegal immigrants are being treated better than americans. why do you say that? >> i say that because what we are seeing, harris, is this president, this administration, is paying people who have illegally crossed the border. and whether they were separated from a child a short time or a longer time, and many of these cases were to confirm next of kin and to confirm they are the parents. but they are being paid $450,000 per individual. a family of four that's $2 million. this is being done at a time
8:41 am
when american citizens are struggling against the pressures of high inflation. they are struggling with unemployment and getting back to work. and finding jobs in their community and having the skills to fill those jobs. so this shows you that this administration is determined to open that border, to let people come in, and what we have is a crisis. the entry across that border that is unprecedented. the highest numbers of an october ever is what we saw. >> harris: yeah. and i want to get into this with you. what happens after 2022 in the mid-term elections? if republicans can flip the house and take control even of the senate. the numbers are so squeaky close we never thought joe biden had a mandate. maybe he did. the rest of the country knew he didn't by the way they positioned and voted. so what's the first thing you
8:42 am
want to do, senator blackburn, to deal with what's going on at the border? you'll deal with it even though biden isn't. >> that's right. because the border is wide open every town is a border town and every state is a border state. harris, this is why moms are so upset about this border. the first thing you do is listen to the border patrol and give them what they need. that's what president trump did. the border patrol has said for decade we need a wall. we need better technology and surveillance. we need more agents and more judges to get this thing -- to get this solved. that's what president trump gave them. but the biden administration has stopped building the wall, they are what i hear from border patrol agents, they are removing some of the surveillance and technology that helps them, and they are
8:43 am
not funding more agents or more judges to help the end to these issues. and when you have 1.7 million apprehensions pushing toward 2 million, when you have hundreds of thousands of gotaways, and that this is just out of control. >> harris: so senator real quickly before i let you go i want to get to the gotaways. based on bill's reporting a few minutes ago the cartels are so well networked in this country they can move the drugs they bring if, those who get away from our authorities, can move it 48 to 72 hours into all the rest of the united states. you have to have a tight network. they have a supply chain actually that's working better than ours for our goods. i'm not joking with that. that's frightening. >> it is very frightening. and what i have heard from law
8:44 am
enforcement and border patrols the cartels are putting labor crews and sex trafficking and human trafficking and drugs that are all very tightly networked. now when you talk with border patrol, they will tell you that the gotaways can be as few as a few hundred thousand or as many as a million, million and a half because they don't know what they are not getting. think about that. we have a dhs that continues to say we have 11 million illegal immigrants in the country. that's the same number they were using in 2005 and 2008 and 2012. >> harris: senator, thank you for being in focus. we'll follow the news as it takes it and you will be at the center on this issue. >> absolutely. >> harris: alexandria ocasio-cortez having a problem trying to figure out the
8:45 am
difference between natural gas and oil. in a video explaining why pipelines should be shut down, you know, as gas prices are through the roof, maybe read the room. or a book. and the white house says it is optimistic congress will pass the president's massive social spending plan but questions about the inflation crisis and democratic infighting are casting a long shadow of doubt still over what they can get done. power panel flies in next. what'? what's strong with me? with me! with me! what's strong with me? with me! with me.
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>> harris: house democrats pushing hard to pass president biden's massive spending agenda before getting a cost assessment from the congressional budget office. you know the cbo score that they all want. "the new york times" reporting guess what? build back better won't cost nothing. yeah, not going to be zero, come on. the white house has begun bracing lawmakers for a disappointing estimate from the budget office likely to find the cost of the overall package will not be fully paid for with new tax revenue for more than the coming decade. but the white house says it's going to push back. >> there has been wide agreement on the part of
8:51 am
everyone involved, moderates, liberals, etc., the cbo does not have experience analyzing revenue amounts gained from cracking down on wealthy tax cheats who are taking advantage of every honest taxpayer. >> harris: all right. let's push the go button on the way back machine. jen psaki with a snarky dig at the trump administration over the cbo score quote, watching mulvaney try to walk away from cbo score and explain budget outline is awkward and uncomfortable to watch. power panel matt gorman, former communications director for the national republican congressional committee and leslie marshall fox news contributor. matt, yours first. >> it was a great dig on the tweet from jen psaki you guys showed. there has been a shell game for a long time from the biden administration how much this will cost. for example, one of the largest pay fors in this bill is $400
8:52 am
billion simply through enforcing more through the irs. they claim they can do that by barely increasing the number of audits. it doesn't make any sense. seems like the cbo will finally call the biden administration out because they are making up numbers. they've been saying for weeks it will cost zero dollars. it's laughable. >> harris: when we crunch the numbers, matt and leslie, the average high is 1.85 trillion cost of the build back better bill combined with other spending initiatives over the past 18 months is actually staggering when you add all that up. the total 8.6 trillion dollars in spending. 12 zeros and president biden attempted a victory lap on this for the passage of his bipartisan infrastructure bill. people in new hampshire didn't seem excited about it. only a small crowd showed up to
8:53 am
the event. some were even protesting. leslie, what is happening with the biden presidency right now? and this spending bill? >> the spending bill i think is going to pass because the five democrats that want to wait for that score to come out on friday said regardless of the score and even if they did wait for it to come out they would vote for it. one, the joint committee on taxation agrees with the white house on this and their assessment of the taxation, assessment of the cost. in addition to that, the cbo actually according to -- i'll read it here so i get it exact. according to the budget score keeping guideline cbo is not permitted to say investing money in i.r.s. will create a secretary effect. that's what the biden administration is talking about with the i.r.s. portion of the build back better plan and 17 prize winning economists agree with the white house. my money goes with them. >> harris: wow, all of our
8:54 am
money is on the table now. let's see what 12 zeros really looks like. it is not biden's money. it is our money. matt. >> look, with all due respect to leslie, she can have all the nobel economists she likes. i'm paying more for gas. what i know is the turkey i will have next week is going to be quite a bit more expensive than the year prior. look, this will blow up not only inflation but it will hurt us in the long term for just a waste of money that we don't need. >> harris: in the long term, though. every president will lose some seats in the house but it could be bad for biden and the democrats if people are still feeling it in 2022 and you know they will be. no magic wand on inflation. 15 seconds, leslie, take us home. >> well the mid-terms are a lifetime away as you know. >> harris: a lifetime?
8:55 am
>> they are. in an election time, yes. you said the magic word, feel. and how do the people feel. it is not going to just be the gas prices and turkey prices but it will be about money in the bank >> harris: small businesses who got knocked out. people feel strongly about. the f.b.i. targeting parents. we'll talk feelings next time. "outnumbered" is next.
8:56 am
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an asset more relevant than ever before. gold. your strategic advantage. his sentence and inquiry. >> kayleigh: fox news alert, we are just learning the jury has a question and we expect to see that jerry ushered back. >> so my nightmare has come true. and do you need to know the exact exhibit number? that these parts. any suggestions?


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