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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  November 17, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PST

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will carley: november 17th we are awaiting a verdict in the kyle rittenhouse trial is jurors head back to the courtroom for day 2 of deliberations. todd: investigating the chaos in afghanistan to get into the bottom of hunter biden's business ties house republicans are laying out their future plans as they get more confident about their odds of taking the house in the midterms. you are watching "fox and friends first" on wednesday morning. carley: we are coming live from
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hollywood, florida. the site of the third annual patriot awards, exclusive event celebrating patriotism and honoring every day he rose across the country. pete hegseth will host the award show at 8:00 pm eastern time on fox nation. i'm looking forward to this event. todd: there's a lot of news. protesters moving in and jurors deliberate the fate of kyle rittenhouse. marianne rafferty live with potential unrest. >> reporter: jurist prepared to deliberate for a second day, protesters clashing supporters of kyle rittenhouse outside the courthouse with bourns chanting shut it down if they don't get what they call justice for anthony and joe joe referring to the two protesters rittenhouse is accused of killing.
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those loud protests could be heard inside as proceedings continued and rittenhouse pick numbers at random, choosing 7 men and 7 women and 5 men who will decide his fate. the unrest outside leading to fears can file the jury and effect deliberations. >> when you have the crowd outside threatening jurors and jurors hearing it, it clearly has an impact. i worry whatever the verdict will be, more what was outside the courtroom than inside the courtroom. >> tony evers calling in 500 national guard troops, in the event of unrest after the verdict, the uncle of jacob
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blake, the black man shot by police during a domestic disturbance protect off island protests blasting the governor's move to bolster security saying the governor is a coward and a racist to send national guard doubledealing guard is for the people supporting rittenhouse while we will be celebrity but somebody's going to jail they will be quite upset. the jury is expected to reconvene at 9 am central. todd: another young person speaking out about this, attacking the liberal media is nicholas andman who writes kyle wasn't given his day in court by his credit and neither was i. the attacks came from the national news media just as they came from me without hesitation because kyle was an easy target they could paint the way they wanted and this is the problem with liberal media outlets in the united states. they want to get the story first, get the most views, make the most money and advance the agenda from liberal patrons. we like to comment on news events was nicholas sandersman
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summarized the problem pretty well. >> that has a lot to do with social media and the fast-paced way in which people expect news and opinion to unfold. he said kyle rittenhouse could sue a news organization that accused him of being a white supremacist if he is found innocent, that depends on the outcome of the trial, defamation lawsuits are difficult but nick saidman says if he is found innocent he could sue news organizations who accused him of being a white supremacist if he is found to have acted in self-defense and we can find the verdict today and everybody will be watching very closely, there's a lot going on at the white house, president biden selling his belt back better plan for every day. >> the price tag from the cbo office with more.
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>> the focus in washington is how much will the president's build back better plan costs? democrats in the capitol hill and white house, $1.75 trillion but the congressional budget office has yet to weigh in. looking at capitol hill, the cbo, the agency that scores program such as bills back better to let members of congress know what the actual costs will be. the white house is the answer is simple. it will cost nothing. >> there is wide agreement, moderates, liberals, cbo does not have revenue amounts gained cracking down wealthy tax cheats taking advantage of every honest taxpayer. >> the director of the congressional budget office known as the cbo says hold on a second. of course the cbo has people who
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can properly score the bill. listen here. >> something we are familiar with and have well-established methodology. >> president biden counting on build back better to make it into law but the margins are razor thin in the house and senate. the president yesterday in new hampshire was optimistic about build back better. >> this is and a gigantic bill. it is but what happens to ordinary people, we get it passed within a weekend it is fully paid for. >> reporter: the most powerful person in the senate joe manchin continues to express concern about build back better and the impact on inflation. the thanksgiving deadline to tell members of congress stay in
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dc until the vote is done. cbo will score for build back better on friday. back to you. >> if you want your turkey you need to vote. florida governor ron desantis offering florida ports to help end the backlog out west and save christmas. todd: lawrence jones visited port everglades to find out how you take a look. >> reporter: in one of 11 cargo ports, men and women working day and night processing a record number of containers in an effort to save christmas. the governor - that would make you one of the elves for saving christmas. >> what are you guys doing differently in florida states like california?
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>> one of the unique things is 24/seven operations. so we have the ability, and we invested close to $1 billion just on how do i get the goods from here to the market. whether it is highway modes, the department of transportation coming in and it takes for reports to open not because the shipping channels are open which it is but also we take into the next step. >> does this pass without ron desantis's leadership as governor? >> it happens because the governor has seen what is happening nationally, that florida could help out not only across florida in the region but the whole country as well. >> this is a model for the country? >> a lot of country. >> the state of florida takes 4
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million of these containers a year of essential products. officials say they can take in more because they are nowhere near capacity. for stores together products. >> there is 0 weight timeyour cargo in florida. >> you have the infrastructure and delays, you guys are ready to move. >> we did a lot of investment the last decade to bring these in. that includes dockside capacity for these vessels. we are set to go on it including the overpasses to make them as well. we continue to invest in an additional capacity with these vessels but hopeful for more vessels to come in. >> in a simple case of come to florida. >> you would think it would be an easy one but it is a and site change.
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everyone is using the trade route in california since the 70s. it is beyond capacity. the question is why are we dependent on two ports in california for 40% of cargo going into the united states. you've got to look at other ways to move it. >> reporter: what is your message to companies that warn customers to have their products by christmas? >> good question. the consumers and those businesses are the ones struggling. they have limited control where their product comes in. we want to tell them you need to tell those shipping lines you're working with or whoever you are working with that florida is a place to bring that in, not only for this christmas but for future christmases. carley: to get the goods from
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the ports to the warehouses you need truck drivers and listen to this. and s nbc hosts as racist truck drivers our major concern for the country but an actual truck driver says that is not true. >> the fact that i have to come home and see my family, those are true issues, don't want to deal with invisible bogeymen like racism. >> he thinks the media is driving the whole other crisis in america. todd: attorney general garland says the doj was not tracking critical school boards but according to whistleblower that is a total lie talking to members of the house education committee next. ♪ when you have nausea, ♪ ♪ heartburn, ingestion, upset stomach... ♪ ♪ diarrheaaaa.♪ try pepto bismol with a powerful coating action. for fast and soothing relief. pepto bismol for fast relief when you need it most.
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>> republicans want merit garland underwrote after saying the fbi director agents to use counterterrorism measures to track parents critical school boards. virginia fox from north carolina, thanks for being here. the key passage, quote, the counterterrorism division and, division created a threat tag to track instances of related
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threads. we ask your officers apply the threat tag to investigations and assessment of threat specifically directed against school board administrators. how frightened should every american be at this being what the fbi's focused on? >> they should be very afraid. this brings us back to the days of hoover and mccarthy, labeling good honest american citizens being vilified and tracked by a department of justice in this brings it to the point that attorney general garland perjured himself in front of congress and should face the consequences. the great awakening of what happened in virginia because the mama bears woke up and saw what is being done and that is not wrong for them to speak out. we wrote a letter speaking out that we should have committee meetings talking about what has happened to our children during the pandemic and why they are
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being taught crt and sex education bringing facts home that parents have a right to direct the child's education. todd: you mentioned garland perjuring himself. there's a question what did garland know and what did he off all rise. here's a flashback soundbite from a little while back. >> can't imagine any circumstance in which the patriot act would be using the circumstances of parents complaining about their children nor can i imagine a circumstance they would be labeled domestic terrorists. todd: you heard that in light of the latest revelations. is merit garland lying? >> we know the campaign was a lie. we know they have continued to lie, they say they bankrupt the country better, is it going to
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cost anything? this group of people believes they can pull the american people all the people all the time but that's not true. it is vital that attorney general garland come back and answer more questions, he did not say it didn't happen. he said i cannot imagine it happening. there are many ways not to answer a question and not tell the truth. todd: you are part of a group of republicans asking democrats to address the impact of covid 19 school closures and critical race. on our kids. in light of the red wave a couple weeks ago during the elections how far can democrats fight back on this with midterms around the corner? >> i think the crux of the matter is the mama bears are the real woke of america, probably
2:19 am
democrats but affiliates also. there are silver linings in the pandemic and one is what is brought their children is brought home, on computer screens and they can see this, pulling excerpts out of true nonsense about sex, gender, inappropriate things talk to children is inflamed american parenthood. they have a right to say what's going on in education and i don't think they will really push that right. weight to we get to the vaccines for parents and children. that will be a different scenario. >> 25% of voters say crt is the most important factor when they go to the voting booth, do you see democrats coming around on crt? >> they are out of touch. i think they live in their own enclave. let's remember i was a school board member, they are elected by the pool.
2:20 am
they are to be accountable. this administration elected by the people. we must hold them accountable. that is what the american people are doing and was we believe in. we are elected and accountable. crt is not what we need in our schools. the things doctor murphy is talking about we don't need in our schools, we need to prepare for a better life after their time in public schools. todd: thank you for your time this morning, 20 minutes after the hour. accusing the social media network of knowingly putting profits over the well-being of its young users. attorney general dave yost leading that site next. >> a lot of americans despite having gotten the shot are saying he accomplished nothing or almost nothing which i find
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amazing. not happy anymore? todd: historic inflation $6 a gallon gas and empty shelves you see on screen as americans should be thinking president biden for that. we will get into that next. it's ubrelvy. one dose can quickly stop my migraine in its tracks within 2 hours. don't take with strong cyp3a4 inhibitors. most common side effects were nausea and tiredness. ask about ubrelvy, the anytime, anywhere migraine medicine. when it comes to autism, ask about ubrelvy, the anytime, finding the right words can be tough. finding understanding doesn't have to be. together, we can create a kinder, more inclusive world for the millions of people on the autism spectrum.
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carley: republicans ripping alejandro mayorkas for awarding himself and a for effort on the border crisis despite migrant apprehension reaching a high. >> reporter: he was put to the fire nearly everything notably by senator ted cruz who questioned him on the texas migrant facility earlier this year. >> how many children have been in the biden cages in calendar year 2021? >> i disagree with your use of
2:26 am
the term cages. >> here is a photograph of the biden cages. >> precisely why i stated in march of this year, is no place for a child. >> senator tom cotton was not far behind, pressing on the migrant payout checks for family separated at the border under the trump administration. >> who is more deserving of cash payments from the united states government? illegal migrants who cross our borders or the families of us soldiers killed in action? >> the families of those who lost their lives wearing the nation's uniform. >> illegal migrants could get up to 4 times - a servicemember killed in action? >> advisable to render opinions on facts and circumstances of which i am not familiar.
2:27 am
>> reporter: mayorkas struggled on questions about vice president and border czar kamala harris saying he never consulted her on the development of a security decision to end to remain in mexico policy or change ice guidance. mike lee told mayorkas to fix it or step down but as you both mentioned, he hit back saying he gives himself in a for effort. jillian: ohio, parents, formerly known as facebook, for misleading the public on danger to kids and costing investors $100 billion. todd: the attorney general of ohio joins me with more on a lawsuit. what is the crux of your case? >> the internal review memo, they weren't actually doing things they were doing publicly.
2:28 am
the same internal review memo leaked to the wall street journal went on to say it is a breach of public trust. >> because of that, the state of ohio lost money. >> that is right. ohio pension system like many other investors held facebook, when this news hit the stock price tanked. if you mislead investors to public statements that are not true. those losses are yours, the bp case, the explosion, various
2:29 am
frogs we had. >> we learned a lot about what was happening at facebook through the efforts of was a lower, here she is at a hearing. >> this week and our democracy. the company's leadership knows how to make facebook and instagram safer but won't make necessary changes as they put their astronomical profits before people. todd: will this create any real change at facebook/meta-cuecue >> one of the things we hope to reach is the governance structure within meta-. what facebook files clearly show is facebook new better, doing things they claimed they were doing and their products were harmful. this is big corporate america
2:30 am
not at its best, it is within the province of the court to order governance changes at facebook now that it has been established. >> meta-responded with a statement that is about merit and we defend ourselves vigorously. play devils advocate, the other point that could be made is people who use facebook know that it can be dangerous because we see on full display. we see how toxic the facebook can be, are they hiding the behavior? >> when they tell everybody it is not toxic and don't worry and we will do instagram kids which they abandoned, taking measures to get rid of the trolls was all those things are untrue.
2:31 am
we are being reassured by them that it is okay. as far as their statement, that sounds like every person on the other side of any lawsuit, criminal or civil i ever filed including the day i went. >> it is an interesting case. thank you for joining us this morning and explaining it. political factors website dedicated to fact checking but is refusing to correct the record on its wrong assessment of kyle rittenhouse. we are talking to joe concha next. todd: the white house says the congressional budget office doesn't have, quote, the experience to put a price tag on president biden's social spending bill but is the white house hiding the cost of the agenda? ♪♪
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high thryv! manage my customer list? can do. will do. high thryv! post on social media? hash-tag high thryv my friend! get a free demo at >> political bring down a fact check claim that kyle rittenhouse's position of a firearm was not legal. todd: they put out this long statement that doesn't get to the heart of it, and on "fox and friends". this aims for short barrel shotguns.
2:36 am
prohibiting you from carrying a sawed-off shot guns, they briefed it to the court, to dismiss this charge. how can polar fact call itself the fact checker and ignore what i just said? >> let's unpack this. of the judge throws out the gun charge logic and sanity says they should do the same and award itself for pants on fire which sounds painful but since they are agenda driven instead of fact driven that is not happening. they are the fact checking organization, and it is a blatant lie. it is worthy of discussion and further investigation. facebook fact checkers will the content of emails was a product of russian disinformation and
2:37 am
therefore should be censored. to fact checks the fact checkers? even they can't be trusted. >> youtube censored a number of independent law firms commenting on the kyle rittenhouse trial, the censorship was because of some issue, a copyright issue. are you buying the explanation? pbs and other efforts were not affected by this. >> why would youtube sensor a public hearing that is broadcast everywhere all over the country. like facebook and twitter they are hopelessly biased and believe in right and wrong speech. who dictates the right kind of speech or wrong speech. the problem is they are owned by
2:38 am
google and can do what they please until tech monopolies are broken up. todd: joy read is angry. >> his numbers are pretty low and a lot of americans despite having gotten the shots are saying he accomplished nothing. todd: she's not happy with president biden's approval rating. ending stimulus checks and if bribes didn't work because president biden is so bad? >> she just uncovered something. $2,000 resulting everyone falling in line behind any president particularly a 30 year high inflation and skyrocketing gas prices. $2,000 went to people many months ago but since joy read is a primetime host to lives in a bubble all the members of the
2:39 am
richest one% has 0 clue how far $2,000 can get to in this economy. it is an insane argument from a not so sane host. in the next roadhouse. is that hollywood, florida. >> the kyle rittenhouse case. >> that is on top. >> it will be a good time. >> we got to roll. congress awaiting the release of the congressional budget office report on president biden's billback better plan but support may not like what they see. >> good to see you. the white house is preparing for
2:40 am
what could be a bad cbo score, a $2 trillion build back better spending plan while also attacking the credibility of the nonpartisan agency that scores it. >> there has been wide agreement of the part of everyone involved, moderates etc.. the cbo does not have experience analyzing revenue amount gained from cracking don will the tax cheats who are taking advantage of every honest taxpayer. >> he previously said this plan to beef up the plan to go after the tax cheat is a quarter of what the biden administration was hoping for defending the agency's work. >> people at cbo in the treasury, something we are familiar with and a well-established methodology. >> the cbo score expected friday, the house to vote on the bill no matter the score. >> cbo can't handle it.
2:41 am
a warning from janet yellen. >> the treasury secretary estimates the us will reach its debt limit december 15th, two weeks later than the previous forecast so it gives 12 extra days for congress, who is responsible. and in a letter to house speaker nancy pelosi, janet yellen warns there are scenarios in which treasury would be left with insufficient resources to finance operations of the us government, to ensure the full faith and credit of the united states, it is critical that congress raise or suspend the debt limit as soon as possible. failure to do so could push the government to default on its debt for the first time pushing the economy into recession and almost guaranteed partisan fight just days before christmas could cancel wall street's traditional
2:42 am
santa claus end of the year rally. carley: afghanistan and hunter biden's overseas business ties at the top of the gop agenda. of the red wave continues through the midterm. we are talking about that with sean duffy coming up. todd: will cain live in florida having breakfast with friends with patriot awards. don't know if it is an ice cold beer but something in his hands, coming up next. ♪♪ are not getting you a helicopter. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ some people have joint pain, plus have high blood pressure. they may not be able to take just anything for pain. that's why doctors recommend tylenol®. it won't raise blood pressure the way that advil® aleve® or motrin® sometimes can. for trusted relief, trust tylenol®.
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>> msnbc saying racism is running rampant by white drivers. >> history populated by white men over 55. aggressive truck drivers cutting them off. more populated -- he will see less of that. todd: one tracker fire back saying what he deals with has nothing to do with race. >> the woman stated there was a racism issue but didn't talk about the more important issues we deal with, wage issues, dot regulation issues, the fact that i have to be over the road for
2:47 am
two weeks and come back home and see my family, deal with invisible bogeyman like racism. todd: the trucking industry reporting a staggering shortage of 80,000 drivers. >> house republicans turning on mary garland to testify again before congress after a new memo reports the fbi using counterterrorism measures. >> hoover and mccarthyism labeling good honest american citizens being vilified. attorney general, garland perjured himself and should face the consequences before us. >> will cain in hollywood, florida where the patriot awards are being held tonight. how friend should every american be regardless of party, that is what the fbi is focused on. >> this is an exciting day, patriot awards are tonight,
2:48 am
hosting a diner this morning, the moonlight diner. it is a great day but let me stretch my legs. this is absolutely unacceptable. these whistleblower documents reveal at a minimum, attorney general mary garland perjured himself before congress but more importantly the department of justice using the patriot act to turn concerned parents over children's education, this is not acceptable in the united states of america, certainly isn't, we need to clean house, time for americans to stand up and say we are allowed to voice our opinion and protect our children, and that does not make a statistic terrorists. most important point, attorney general mary garland offered 0
2:49 am
evidence of credible threats, violence, anything toward school board members or staff, nothing to back up this horrendous charge. carley: i have a feeling this is going to be something you will be talking about at the moonlight diner, now we are finding out the doj memo which a lot of people, and intimidation tactic, they were actually preparing to do that. >> if they have threats, they will say investigating parents voicing their opinion, those who threaten violence, where is your evidence, to stick the fbi terrorism unit, or weaponized at the head of the left-wing organization the teachers union to enact and suppress any dissents to their political agenda that is what we are watching.
2:50 am
it needs to be cleared out. >> you say there's only coffee and that cup. usually i think hard alcohol. you don't - you got to come party with me. will: i will see you later today. it is in the glass. and foam, styrofoam - here is what is in it. >> folks are lined up. they get up early at 3:00 this morning to be with us on "fox and friends". i talk to them about this story you are asking about that they are concerned and excited in the united states of america.
2:51 am
we are going to be doing it all morning long in the moonlight diner in hollywood, florida. carley: i know you will have a lot of fun this morning. still to come nancy pelosi tells house members they will be working for thanksgiving if they don't sign off on the spending spree by then. todd: reaction from sean duffy next. ♪ things are getting clear♪ ♪ yeah i feel free ♪ ♪ to bare my skin, yeah that's all me. ♪ ♪ nothing and me go hand in hand ♪ ♪ nothing on my skin that's my new plan. ♪ ♪ nothing is everything. ♪ woman: keep your skin clearer with skyrizi. most who achieved 90% clearer skin at 4 months had lasting clearance through 1 year. in another study, most people had 90% clearer skin at 3 years.
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♪ carley: house speaker nancy pelosi reportedly telling lawmakers to pass president biden's $1.8 trillion build back better bill or else she will cancel next week's thanksgiving recess. todd: turkey is on the line. joining us live former wisconsin congressman and fox news contributor sean duffy. always great to see you as
2:56 am
always. you lived with threats like this from speakers when you were a congressman. is nancy pelosi bluffing? >> so, actually, i have lived through the implementation of these threats and it's real because members of congress have human beings and they have families. what happens is if you actually go into the holiday weekend of thanksgiving, you not only have colleagues putting pressure on the no votes but also have families that are like are you coming home from thanksgiving? are we doing turkey here? many have travel plans can they actually travel with heir families? the pressure is real. when you have a big bill like this, your political future is on the line. i don't think it's going to work. i think that threat will be false. to say hold out if they're strong we will say no, nancy, we are not going to do it. nancy will cave and send them home for thanksgiving. nancy is elected by the conference herself. democrats elected her. if they don't home for thanksgiving they will be angry and she could lose her speakership. carley: friday is a big day,
2:57 am
sean because that's when the cbo score is expected to come out. what do you think the cbo is going to find. we have heard from a nonpartisan tax group this bill cost not 1.8 trillion but $5 trillion. >> yeah. they will say it costs way more than they're leading on. and the second thing is this is not going to cost the american tax paper zero like joe biden has been telling us. it's going to be costly to the american budget. if we are almost $30 trillion in debt. it's hard to pay back off. and when interest rates rise, that interest statement becomes that much bigger. that's an issue and i think it's going to show tax middle class americans. all of this is going to be bad when the cbo comes out. carley, what the cbo will not talk about is the dynamic scoring. what impact does this bill have on the economy which, by the way it will be drag on the economy and have less revenue under the
2:58 am
federal coffers because this doesn't stimulate growth it stifles growth. it being. todd: increasingly confident g.o.p. dr. fauci, if they take back the midterms. promises of action and promises of investigation help the g.o.p. get votes? >> first off, you have got to realize republicans if they take the house and the senate can't pass legislation because joe biden probably isn't going to sign it, right? but the one thing they can do at the gavel is do these investigations. and they are chomping at the bit. to investigate fauci, to investigate afghanistan. the southern border. there is a whole slew of issues, crime. the doj and the topic you were talking about, william, in the last segment, look at all of these things in the power of the gavel and give them subpoena power to bring these individuals in and hold them account in the house and senate. carley: this is very exciting
2:59 am
time for your family. you and your wife have great new book out called all-american christmas. tell us a little bit about the book. >> so this is all-american christmas. you know, rachel and i love christmas. we have melded our traditions of a hispanic, irish catholic family together but we want to get stories from all fox talent. people you might see for an hour, three hours a day on be television. do a deeper dive how they celebrated christmas as a youngster, how they celebrate christmas now. brings people to life more that be what you see on tv. we put these stories in the book with recipes and pictures. we have jesse watters with little jesse with christmas hat on prewarrior. war on christmas fighter, right? so this came out yesterday. you can buy it at any store. but, also, will online fox news amazon, we were number 5 yesterday on the amazon chart. todd: that's awesome. >> we did the "the five" last night with the whole crew and
3:00 am
grant hospital to number one. help us stay at number one. carley: you are number one. congrats. that's awesome. todd: you can see the duffy family for half a day. don't miss the patriot awards tonight at 8:00 many eastern on fox nation. big show coming up. "fox & friends" live from hollywood, florida. i will see you there tomorrow, carley. it starts right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ liberty shaking her fist. steve: live in hollywood we are live amphitheater. , ainsance if you drive to hollywood, florida, it's our guy tamplet our rooms are in this


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