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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  November 17, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PST

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is all the time we have left this evening. as always, we know you make this show possible, thank you for being with us. please set your dvr so you never miss an episode. we will be at the patriot awards tomorrow night in florida we will still be doing the show live. i have good news in the meantime, let not your hearts be troubled because laura ingraham is standing by, she's got a big show tonight. let not your heare troubled because laura ingraham is standing by, she's got a big show tonight. >> laura: what happens a laura: w what happens when we rl together in one place, cooker, got to make sure there are lightning rods that will take away the lightning and minimize any threats, don't let her speak anymore. >> you never know. one day i might be coming to the rescue, just be careful. laura: i will stand right next
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to you because i feel safer. i'm not saying anything the entire time. laura: have a great show. ashley: we will see you tomorrow, awesome show tonight. this is ingraham angle on a busy tuesday. last month attorney general mary garland testified that the fbi wasn't targeting concerned parents, now a doj whistleblower has come forward to say that is allied with committee received the complaint and if you're exclusively but first democrats dangerous mutation is the focus of tonight's angle. everything growing up i thought liberals were peace, love and understanding types so kind of the perfect harmony captured in
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that old coca-cola commercial. ♪♪ i like to teach the world to sing ♪♪ and peter carmine ♪♪ i like to keep it company ♪♪ >> see what you missed if you didn't grow up then, great commercials. they were nonthreatening hippies who waxed poetic about things like world peace, tolerance and free speech for everyone even though it is worth the most reprehensible views. they would you want about the flower power crowd but they understood the first amendment applied to all, not a ideas. >> your description of someone who is moderately well-informed. >> i was happy to see her elegant prose style, very inspiring to those of us listening.
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>> that live in live spirit gave way to a dark twisted variance. turned out dominating in politics wasn't as easy as dominating in the universities so convincing is your policies are going to improve lives requires more than messaging skill. it requires sound policy. now as biden's agenda fails at home and abroad we see more infectious and dangerous mutation spreading through their ranks is among the most durable and is the opposition to free speech. this variant is a royally bad one. just today prince harry joined the left-wing aspen institute inc. along on big tech to hold superspreaders are missing this information to account with policies that enable quicker, more decisive actions and
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penalties commensurate with their impacts. of course he's fine was superspreading his noxious ideas around the globe, no problem. this dangerous mutation is also metastasizing in the biden administration where we just learned from was low documents the biden's fbi is tracking threats against radical educrats who push lockdowns and the cit and senate and when i say threats, we mean uncomfortable questions or just plain old criticism from concerned parents. we will dive into this later on in the hour. so much for the question authority bumper stickers that used to be all the rage among liberals. now the left celebrates authoritarian tactics is used as they are used against their political opponents. and the mutation is what the left calls & racism but is really just plain old racism. we are all taught to abhor that
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growing up, different now. unlike covid, this strain is particularly damaging to schoolkids which is exactly where the left is spreading it. >> very important we talk about these intersection nowadays and that we are aware of how our children, what is most important about their identities. as professionals it is on you to understand the districts racial policy and on you to understand your school's racial equity plan and how these things can be carried out in your classrooms. >> i promise that's not a video of the onion website. that is real. when parents point out how sickening and repulsive this toxic curriculum is for the kids the left just turns around and smears them as violent bigots.
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democrats plan to swing back on critical race theory claims:democratic strategists as it is not just the republicans want a bigger role for parents and education, it is the republicans are willing to let white supremacists right curriculum's. figures in virginia and other states have been inoculated against these claims at this point but there's a third you teaching we need to address tonight, the evolution of the left from pro-privacy rights zealots to anti-privacy rights fanatics. in this you are getting multiple abortions are getting gender reassignment surgery democrats and liberals are fine if they are shaming, isolating and punishing anyone who is unvaccinated. just today bill deblasio gleefully uninvited the unvaccinated to new york city's biggest night of the year. >> guess what, a big, strong,
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full strength celebration, it is coming back, this new year's eve time square, everyone come on down, we are celebrating. now let's do it the right way, do it safely. but everyone needs to be vaccinated. all you need to do is have that proof of vaccination and develop photo id. >> is a crystal ball going to be vaccinated. another is how the left relatives severe covid mandates but not the illegals they are letting stream across the southern border. >> how many illegal aliens have you released? >> i have to get that number. >> you don't have that. what should we mandate somebody who comes across the border illegally shouldn't be vaccinated? >> the analysis for migrants and counted at the border is quite different than for the federal workforce that leads by example.
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>> the most noxious and threatening of all these mutations, the left's new support for violence and rioting to get their way. they treated blm and antifa riots, just the summer of love. >> how long do you think it looks like this? >> i don't know. we could have a summer of love. >> we been covering these peaceful protests. >> destroying property which can be replaced is not violence. >> it is not generally speaking and really. >> our country was started -- the boston tea party, rioting. laura: i don't think i can see that montage on this show, that is how sick it makes me.
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this is an infection, they are laying the groundwork for more violence. lying about underlying facts in any case including in the rittenhouse case, the jury is out now. they are setting up a powder cake scenario for kenosha, wisconsin. >> there two, justice systems. >> the prosecution is hamstrung by the judge at every turn. >> the impression of unbiased, racist judge with the trump rally so that is trying to get rittenhouse to walk. >> you are saying it is okay to shoot white people. >> is not martyr. he is a murderer. >> if rittenhouse is acquitted and violence follows the blood will be on their hands. to any harm that comes to the
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plant property in these scenarios is justifiable. it is collateral damage. it is part of the great racial reckoning which may be it will net them more power over your speech, your thoughts, your daily activities. the more americans exposed to these new variants of the left the faster those are developing their own natural immunity. the red states, rural america, virginia has joined and next year a lot of americans will show they are rejecting the new hard left very it and voting for the old normal and that is the angle. joining me is dan benson, located two miles from the kenosha courthouse. people are on pins and needles where you are. what is behind small business owners? are you concerned about more violence?
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>> i actually -- yes. i am. we are on pins and needles. it is a day today event of us worrying about whether we come back in the morning and our businesses are here. i did notice small business owners down my street have started to remove things like remove collectors cars from their lot. things are easy because we don't know what is going to come next. laura: i spent a lot of time in minnesota. that is minnesota. minnesota was burning after floyd. people think of wisconsin and they think wisconsin, the most beautiful part of the country, incredibly great people of all backgrounds.
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you don't think of kenosha, wisconsin is a place where you have people shooting at each other, burning down buildings and small businesses, worrying if they are going to be open up shop the next day. what has happened? to america, what has happened? >> i have no idea. all i know is this is not kenosha. this is not the way i was raised. i used to leave my door is unlocked. i shouldn't say that but i did. it was a very community-oriented place where you would just read people that came to you especially with the bakery. i have people coming from all over the state, out-of-state, coming to visit and i to to maintain that. we all do because all small businesses make up this town and make it that special and with all that is happening it is so scary because the small businesses can't survive. half of them that were destroyed never came back.
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of the wanted to move and the ones that are left are struggling. we are afraid not just from these riots but from covid. every day it is like a struggle here. i don't know what is next. laura: my heart breaks for the small business owners knowing how hard it is to make a payroll after covid, you see her bakery behind you and friends of mine patronize that bakery. it is fabulous. you've been in business 70 years or something like that. isn't that right? >> yes. this place right behind me was built in 1949 and has remained in business all the way to today and my son and i are running it now and we want to continue to have a keep going.
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laura: wisconsin governor tony evers has ordered 500 wisconsin national guard troops to be on standby in case things go bad. is there anything else you want from your political leaders given the devastation we saw last summer? >> i just want kenosha to stay strong. i wish we could have more support. what happened last summer shouldn't have happened. it was too devastating to go through and it was like a war zone. that is not something people should -- my grandson had to see this and i feel sorry for him so the support from outside coming in to help as needed is wonderful. at least we arrested further than we were last summer. >> i to thank you for coming on tonight, brave of you to do so and good luck. joining me is victor davis
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hanson, senior fellow, i to play a moment of honest reflection from m s nbc about what was going on outside the kenosha courthouse today. watch. >> people who were protesting against what rittenhouse did, they think you will be convicted from talking to you? part of this is pushing that. they want to push, pressure the jury will court to hold kyle rittenhouse accountable, in their words. laura: their role is to scare the jury. the jury knows they are out there. they will torch kenosha if they don't get their way. how did we get here? what set this all in motion? >> it has something to do with kyle rittenhouse had nothing to do with him. the case was clear. he was an armed 17-year-old
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pursued by two convicted felons who wanted to hurt him and another person, intoxicated with a firearm. that was the case but in the other sense it was just an occasion, saying hands up don't shoot in ferguson or the covington kids bullying of vietnam combat veteran or tray von martin was an innocent victim, george the mom and's pathological impulses, these are occasions, they pop up in the news. the media, the left, blm, antifa, they use them to exploit and leverage these larger agendas. the larger agendas don't have 51% where there's an open border or inflation a critical race. etc. etc. so they try to leverage, that is why they are farces, so absurd because when you look at the actual trial, there's nothing they can basic
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conviction on so you have the absurdity of the da in the aftermath of the baldwin case pointing a gun with his hand on the trigger at the doors or another prosecutor saying everybody should take a beating. if he was really a man he would go out and fight. in 17-year-old to take on dozens. it is all about race when all the players in this tragedy were all white and we have a president of the united states at the end of august tweeting this was about supremacy in this is a person who in that context had just called one of the senior aides boy and talked about sexual page as a negro and he's lecturing the country on kyle rittenhouse as being a white supremacist. they are leveraging things and can't and that is why they seem so absurd. doesn't mean they are not dangerous, they have an agenda.
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laura: they are increasingly frustrated that they can't just leave their way through every situation. over on m s nbc they couldn't help but reference january 6th. >> the thing we heard in the rebuttal made sense, the fact they called rittenhouse a chaos tourist was remind you of the january 6th insurrection, this idea that you had people that showed up armed to do harm and that is what kyle rittenhouse did as a chaos tourist. >> that's what he didn't do. laura: protesters -- go ahead, hit that. >> we had the fbi running sensitive investigations and one thing they found it was not an insurrection and they're worried because there was a reckoning in georgia, there is a term coming up and they will take a huge hit and people are getting very angry and they are sick of this and they know it and they are trying to find any location to
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whip up this racial animosity and cause chaos and anarchy to leverage these agendas because the people are speaking and they are afraid of it. when you have dave chapelle or bill maher or larry summers all across the spectrum saying chris can't go on. this is not sustainable. this is anarchy. everybody in america knows it and our waking up in the left is terrified and that is why they've gone so crazy. laura: i'm glad you got chapelle's name right, wrong, just teasing you, dave chapelle is another cultural icon who seems to say this is all ridiculous. not documents come from the biden administration is weapon iced their counterterrorism division against concerned parents. jim jordan has the details next. days and nights out of sync, keeping me from the things i love to do. talk to your doctor,
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>> the justice department support and defend the first amendment rights as specifically as they wish. i can't imagine any circumstance in which the patriot act would be used in the circumstances of parents complaining about their children or can i imagine a
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circumstance where they would be labeled domestic terrorists. laura: you wish that guy was on the supreme court. newest of lower documents reveal one day before merrick garland denied targeting concerned parents the fbi was secretly planning to do just that was october 20th the fbi's criminal and counterterrorist division issued a memo asking agents to use a so-called threat tags to track investigations and assessment threats directed against school board administrators and other school personnel, spying on parents who question or criticize the dictates of far left educrats. what is shocking? we would never have known any of this if an unnamed whistleblower haven't reached out to republicans on the house oversight committee.
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joining me is the committee's ranking member of ohio congressman jim jordan. did the a g, was he telling the truth to congress or would he be willing to believe he didn't know what was planned by his own justice department at the time. >> either lied to us or doesn't know. either one is bad for the country, bad for justice in america. at this moment the fbi is treating parents as terrorists threaten the attorney general came in front of the committee and said the opposite. you played the clip, i cannot imagine any circumstance where we treat parents, give them the label of domestic terrorists but the day before an email gets sent out to agents across this country saying just the opposite, spy on parents given this threat tags, categorize, label parents. when i read this i thought this
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is no different than what the irs did with be on the lookout for these organizations using these words and had a list of american citizens just like the fbi is doing now. he didn't know which is terrible or he misled the committee when he came in front of them and we need to have him back plane and simple. laura: what he said is we are not criminalizing or accusing people who disagree, that is a constitutional right to disagree. this is about actual threats of violence. to that you say? >> this started with the timeline. september 2, '09, asked the president to get the fbi involved in local school board matters. five days later the attorney general does that. october 20th we have this email that goes across the nation
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about this threat tags and october 21st on the committee, tells us all this, october 22nd the organization that started it all apologizes for their memo, for their merit withdraws their letter but merrick garland is asking will you stop this, what you put in action. he will not rescind it or withdraw or stop it. that is the part that concerns me. we sent countless letters, to the school board association common to the education department, we need answers because it sure looks like i think without a doubt this is happening. they are targeting moms and dads across the country physically speaking out and saying we don't want this racist hate america curriculum talk to our kids. laura: it seems to me with the midterms coming up and by the looks of it it is going to be a
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republican wipeout of the democrats, they see this issue is a potent one. do you agree that the goal is to intimidate parents against showing up and getting involved across the country? like wildfire it is catching on. >> there to chill free-speech. it is about intimidating parents but one thing i know is one thing you know is you will not intimidate moms and dads, no bureaucrat beats a mom on a mission, these moms are fired up and courage is contagious with we saw it in virginia. one mom stand up, one dad stand up in the whole community saying not with my kid. that is what is wrong about this and you are right, the idea that merrick garland was the smartest man on the planet, had to be on the supreme court is such a crock and the american people, we saw testify in front of committee three weeks ago and didn't know there was a press release that accompanied his memo on
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october 4th and the press release talked about getting the national security division, counterterrorism division involved in this effort, he didn't even know it or if he didn't know it and misled us a that's more wrong so he better come back in front of the committee and be willing to answer tough questions about this and stop this process right now. laura: do you think biden white house is putting undue influence on the justice department for political reasons? it is independent, they are totally different from trump, that is a big point. >> of course we have press reports the white house talks with the school board association before the septum the 20 ninth letter was sent. president biden goes out and criticizes the pro-life law in texas, eight is later the justice department brings suit. when president biden decides the election law changes a few weeks later the garland justice
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department brings suit and on the 20 ninth, the white house, political organization 5 days later do the same thing this left-wing political organization asked for and they are treating parents as domestic terrorists, of course they are political, anyone can see that. laura: what is it called? a terror tag? >> a terrorist tag called the threat tag but it is a domestic terror tag that they are putting on moms and dads. laura: thank you so much and here with reaction is a parent in loudoun county, virginia. this truly is i keep saying it doesn't seem like the united states of america but here we are. what message do you think this will send to parents across the country who may have wanted to
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get involved but didn't want any trouble? >> i didn't want trouble when i went to the school where it asks them to open schools for the mental health of our children and for doing that they called me a racist and then people in front of the house were taking pictures with my computer was hacked. i understand the fear that goes along with being targeted. i could shut the drapes and stay inside and let them win or i could come out and i could speak to anyone that could listen and say we can't allow this in our country. if something happens -- please don't stop, please keep speaking out and to mister garland i would say it is illegal for citizens to target government officials online you
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are calling us to mystic terrorist indebtedness to fbi watchlist how is that not equal your greater offense to have government officials targeting its citizens and their minor children. laura: i think parents are going to have to file a class-action lawsuit for engendering relief against the government of justice for doing this because it is violating your constitutional rights, might be a creative lawsuit but there is some action that could be filed there. the biden administration on top of everything else, all the challenges you are facing, now we find out they have their lifted thousands of afghan refugees across the united states, many into fairfax county, virginia and now the kids of these afghan refugees, many of them unfettered are
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attending public school. they are entitled to public education, the washington post is saying because of lag in budget cycles refugees arrived in school systems that have not been fully funded yet to serve them, bruce baker, professor at rutgers often educated scrambled to adjust. you actually submitted a foia request asking how many were summit is allowed in county without any documentation was what did you find out? >> i found out there were 1300 students that fill into the statutes for children that didn't have the same documentation i required to provide for my children and they might be unvaccinated as well. my kids had to go through 51 different vaccinations from birth to now to be in school and i started looking into it when i found out kids from afghanistan that were coming in and i fully support having kids
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in school from the folks that served our military in afghanistan which i can't say enough about those our heroes and their kids deserve a great education, their girls with a have gotten anywhere else, oh but we need to make sure they have the same vaccinations our children have. laura: here's the problem. the biden administration didn't that most of these people. they are not all interpreters and translators, 125,000 people into the country and thousands of people pouring into virginia and across the country, we don't know who they are or what their intentions are. it's not the kids fault. we know that. but your school, your district has been through a lot and now they have to hire passion and farsi speakers. we are just beginning to see this. >> it will be an interesting year but thank you for having
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me. >> the question on everyone's mind, what happened during the big video chat yesterday. senator bill haggerty has some thoughts.
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i am totally blind. and non-24 can make me show up too early... or too late.
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or make me feel like i'm not really "there." talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424. >> seems to me our responsibility as leaders in china and the united states is to >> seems to me our responsibilities of leaders in china and the united states, to ensure the competition between our countries does not veer into conflict, whether intended or unintended, just simple straightforward competition. laura: by competition the ccp gets what it wants while american workers and businesses get the shaft which can we trust the sanitized readout provided by the white house, the white house claimed president biden underscored the us remains committed to the one china policy and opposes attempts to undermine peace and stability across the taiwan strait but the ccp claims biden
12:42 am
said he does not support i independence. so what did biden really say in his video chat with old friends? joining us is bill haggerty. gordon chang, one of the most brilliant writers on china affairs was on my podcast today and he said we need congressional inquiries into what was committed to or discussed in this call because we can't stress this readout. >> i totally agree. is great at this. we see old friends get together and are aware of the biden family of the financial relationship with china so gordon has every right to be concerned. laura: president biden says this relationship is competitive yet there are
12:43 am
common goals guarding against excessive climate change, we are working essentially in the same direction, china will be lagging behind but nevertheless this is a good start into that you say what? >> from reports i've seen one of most embarrassing things is that we had the president of the united states reaching out to the premier of china asking for a lifeline. president biden asking president xi to release the strategic oil reserves because of his failed energy policy. biden should look within. laura: many of embarrassing things that's one of the most embarrassing. i think president xi knows exactly how to make president biden look weak in the knees. watch this exchange. >> us out and study us china
12:44 am
relationship is required for safeguarding a peaceful and stable international environment including finding effective responses to global challenges like climate change and the covid pandemic. laura: what is the bocce ball starting in the afternoon, china's call production, isn't it hitting an all-time high? am i missing something and increased emissions which are cutting hours. with interest xi. >> next year in the midterm elections people will be focused on gas prices, food prices, the value of the dollar will continue to decline. how will republicans and democrats of sound mind
12:45 am
discussed china in a way that connects with the average voter? why does this matter? >> donald trump did an amazing job converting discussion about china from the way the american public now understands the china is our most strategic adversary. it used to be cheap christmas related t-shirts coming from china. china was our friend, donald trump and a few others fundamentally changed the dialogue, now people look at the election of 2022 they will understand a lot of the policies we have undertaken here since biden to be off the president have driven his inflation through the roof, made america weaker on the international stage, china has gained at every turn. laura: yes or no, do you think we should be educating 340,000 chinese students in the united states given everything that is on the line? >> i'm concerned about this. my friend tom cotton, this is
12:46 am
something we need to look into and put a end to this indiscriminate opening of american universities to chinese students. laura: they are addicted to the bucks. inflation didn't work, they said their bills would lower inflation. they claim republicans are rooting for inflation. congressman jim banks reacts that's been in moments.
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>> we are going to lower costs fo your families. your life is going to change for the better. we are taking a monumental step forward in building back better for this nation. 14 nobel laureates in economics said this will bring down the cost, reduce the deficit and totally paid for. laura: that is president biden saying, but the cbo throwing water on that indiana congressman jim banks,
12:52 am
republican study committee chair, actually my pelosi and powell are trying to ram this through as quickly as possible. the cbo score on this is going to be ugly. >> so true. democrats and the biden administration lied to us about everything. they lied about inflation being transitory, the border crisis being seasonal, how many americans left behind in afghanistan when they pulled out of afghanistan, now they are lying to us about this bill, they say it is $1.75 trillion. the cbo will score it closer to $4 trillion, they know that, that is why the biden administration came out and poured cold water on the cbo. they use to love the cbo when we pass the tax cuts and jobs act, they are part of the cbo score than, now they are pouring cold water on whether they come out within the next couple days but keep in mind they lied to us about everything and they are lying to us about the effects of the socialist spending bill they are trying to vote on sometime
12:53 am
this week. laura: just so people understand these increases in prices to the average family out there the cost of meat and poultry, basic food items since october of 2020 they imprisoned almost 12%. according to the consumer price and ask the price of beef is climbed further, 20% higher. chicken, 7.5%, pork, 14%, pork is cheap in washington dc. that is easy to find. >> that is right. we've never seen a president's poll numbers tank as badly as president biden's poll numbers. his popularity has gone down so badly and it is because of inflation, because the american people are seeing the effects of the disastrous biden and democrat socialist agenda and
12:54 am
what it is doing to hurt every day working families. it is drastic, people feel it, they are hurting because of the democrats agenda. the good news is it is paving the way for republicans to win back the majority in a big way in the midterm election. the bad news is families are literally hurting. laura: these are self-inflicted wounds and it is cool what they are doing to the american people, christmas time, anytime, thank you for leading on this was the invisible graham angle gets results again. the last bite explains next. i am totally blind. and non-24 can throw my days and nights out of sync, keeping me from the things i love to do. talk to your doctor,
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>> parent group in arizona discovered the president of unified school district was operating a secret google drive full of research on outspoken parents. this revealed one of the parents targeted came on the show. >> we need the district to step up and send an apology and let
1:00 am
us know they are investigating this and we call for the resignation of the school board president because parents feel threatened, they feel endangered at this is not something the district can brush to the side. laura: the governing board voted to remove jan michael greenberg as president of the school board. the ingraham angle gets results. carley: it is november 17th. we are awaiting a verdict in the kyle rittenhouse trial as jurors get ready to head back to the court with for day 2 of deliberations. we have the details of the drama unfolding in kenosha. >>'s it is terrible. he misled the committee when - >> demanding merrick garland testify after was


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