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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  November 16, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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and recipes from some of your favorite fox news personalities including myself. see you tomorrow. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to tucker carlson tonight. another evening in what's become a hydraulic country really. the jury in the kyle rittenhouse trial has gone home for the night after many hours of deliberations today. the jury reaches a verdict so these are taking much longer than most but it's probably not
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because the evidence they have heard is confusing them. in a typical trial, something complex, an honest observer might be able to see both sides of the case, but that is not true here, far from it. in fact, the opposite. in the very first moments of this trial, it was obvious kyle rittenhouse never should have been indicted in the first place. the key question was did kyle rittenhouse act in self-defense that night in kenosha? the answer unequivocally is yes, obviously. no honest person could reach a different conclusion. kyle rittenhouse shot men he believed were trying to kill him. now why did he believe that? in one case, the man he shot said i plan to kill you. in the other two men, one repeatedly bashed his head with a skateboard and the other stucco loaded gun in his face. so kyle rittenhouse fought back so kyle rittenhouse fought back in order to save his own life. not guessing about that, even the prosecution's witnesses made that point. so once that happened, once kyle
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rittenhouse's life was threatened from the what were his options exactly? he could fight back or he could allow himself to be murdered by rioters and allow himself to be murdered by the writers is -- rioters is essentially for the prosecution is arguing he should have done. kyle rittenhouse had a duty to submit to the mob. that's lunacy and no same jury could agree with that for a second so the question is why is it taking so long for this jury to produce a very obvious verdict? want the answer? look outside the courtroom. there are hundreds of national guard troops assembled tonight in kenosha. they have come in case kyle rittenhouse is acquitted. not in case he's convicted, in case he's acquitted. if he is acquitted, everyone expects the usual mob of joe biden voters to burn and loot and destroy. why does everyone expect this? people on the left are openly calling for it. "now that jury deliberation has begun, i think every city in america should prepare for what could happen if rittenhouse gets acquitted.
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it might get rightfully unpleasant. that's the message from a teacher from the state of indiana and echoes what many others are saying tonight. so imagine if you were a juror in this case, how would you feel about this? you know what the country feels and what the threats are. you might think twice before you acquitted kyle rittenhouse no matter what the evidence was. remember what happened after rodney king, they burn los angeles to the ground. you wouldn't want to be responsible for that and spark riots and of course, that's the whole point of the exercise. the mob threatens violence, the rest of us tremble and pretty soon, the mob controls our justice system. pretty soon, the enemies of civilization which is what they are are in charge of the country. that's what's happening now. so it's worth pausing for a moment to ask how did we get here exactly? here is one summary that caught our eye. today, a hill staffer summed it up in the following way. we are waiting to see if riots break out because of media lies
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about a case from a riot that happened because of media lies. that's nicely put in is totally true. the august 2020 riot in kenosha wasn't really a riot in the way that we understand riots, it was an outbreak of political violence. it began three days after the democratic convention. it was in fact one of many riots that summer across the country, all of which were exquisitely supported by the leadership of the democratic party. we are not making this up, look it up. what was the point of these riots? the big picture was to unseat donald trump. in the specific case of kenosha, we know exactly the chain of events that led to where we are today. a man called jacob blake was shot by the police. immediately, the media and the democratic politicians they served lied about what happened so they told the city that a cop shot jacob blake in the back for no apparent reason.
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by the way, jacob blake was unarmed and helpless. that's what america is like. kamala harris jumped in and said she was proud of jacob blake like he was a civil rights hero he was shot for being the wrong color as so often happens in this systemically racist country. but it was all totally untrue. not just the themes, but the facts. they were lies. in fact, the police were responding to a call from a woman who said jacob blake was trying to kidnap her child. so police showed up as they should have and try to detain jacob blake and he grabbed a knife. jacob blake was holding that knife when he was shot by the police. jacob blake admitted that on television. but it was too late. based on the first false stories from the news media hold intentionally, our leaders suggested these riots were somehow justified and then allow them to continue. so this is what kenosha looked like the night that kyle rittenhouse arrived to help defend local businesses.
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>> tucker: that's not a civil rights protest, that's not people fighting back against oppression and systemic racism. that's just people destroying things they didn't build. that's people wrecking our civilization. in no normal country would that be allowed. you'd be put down immediately
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with force. that's why we have police. we can't allow that because if you do allow that, people get killed as they did. local police didn't virtually nothing to stop any of the things you just saw. from the very top of the power structure of the state of wisconsin, the word was let it happen. the governor of wisconsin turned down an offer from washington to send federal officers to help get kenosha under control. that was shockingly irresponsible decision, and a immoral decision. i have no regrets, he says. downtown kenosha burned it it will never be rebuilt. talk about a city that doesn't deserve any of this. kenosha is a town where and it's not rich people that live there. kenosha is far past its prime. it was part of the industrial base that built this country and built the modern world. now it's suffering even more than it was before the riots because of a bunch of entitled antisocial lunatics broke things for no reason because our leaders allowed them. a city official estimates the damage from last summer's riots, it's more than half the entire
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municipal budget than the city of kenosha. $50 million. so why did the people in charge allow kenosha to be destroyed? they allowed this. why? for the same reason they indicted kyle rittenhouse, to send a message to us watching on television. when the mob comes, you can't fight back. we are in charge. we will do it we want. all summer, they sent that message the rest of us. here's what happened to one man tried to defend his own business from looters in dallas. they are so much video like that
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and at the time, we restrained ourselves but we are not going to show all of it tonight because it is too divisive. it's too emotional. but it's totally real. that happened across the country to people who did nothing wrong. so the message over time was very, very clear and again, it's the same message they are sending us, resistance is futile. during closing arguments, in case you missed the point, one of the prosecutors said it out loud. when the mob comes, just let them get you. >> everybody takes a beating sometimes, right? sometimes you get in a scuffle and maybe you do get hurt a little bit. that doesn't mean you get to start plugging people with your full metal jacket ar-15 rounds. >> tucker: everyone takes a beating sometimes? have you taken a beating sometimes? i doubt it. how dare you talk like that in court.
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in a sane, civilized society, you can't condone violence just because the people committing it vote for the candidate you like. this case has gone from white supremacist hunts down and executes blm protesters to the -- like it was a racial case. everyone is white -- to the new theme which is that teenagers should have accepted his beating from the child molester arsonist he was chasing him and threatening to kill him and because he didn't, he needs to go to jail. once again, very clear message, submit. the prosecution hammered this again and again and again. watch. >> why do you immediately get to just start shooting? as mr. binger said, he brought a gun to a fist fight. and he was too cowardly to use his own fist to fight his way out. he had to start shooting. >> tucker: really? too cowardly. a 17-year-old should've gotten in a fist fight with a 36-year-old violent. right. -- violent pedophile!
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right! speaking of cavalry, where are the police who were paid to stop this stuff and keep mob violence from happening in the first place, where is the governor who is under -- talk about cavalry. blaming a 17-year-old who shows up because the city his dad lives in is on fire and he wants to do something he been there in the first place. watch how the prosecutor characterizes the pedophile's action the night he was shot. >> so what does he do that night? let me tell you all the awful things joseph rose and vomited. he kicked over a port of that -- he kicked a port-a-pottie that no one was in it. he swung a chain. he let a garbage dumpster on fire. and there's this empty flatbed trailer and they lit it on fire. and he said some bad words, he said the n-word.
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>> tucker: that is the weirdest thing that's ever happened in open court. that's a prosecutor, that's a government official mocking the idea that it's a big deal to light cars on fire to keep the police from coming in and restoring order, it's not a big deal at all. that is what the prosecutor is telling us, that's what he just said. he's also saying is not a big deal to scream racial slurs in public. really? since when is that true? by the way, the jury was never allowed to hear the details of joseph rosenbaum. he had quite a history. that seemed sort of relevant. the rest of the media won't tell you anything about it, so we will. in 2002, joseph rosenbaum was charged with 11 counts of child molestation including forcible. this wasn't he was 19 and he had a 17-year-old girlfriend, no, children for the victims were five boys between the ages of
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nine and ten. when he got out of prison, he destroyed his ankle monitor, the one he was required to wear for the day he died, he had an open case for domestic abuse. they are defending this guy just hours before he threatened to kill kyle rittenhouse, he had been released from a mental hospital treated for some sort of disorder, he tried to go back to his fiancee but she had a no contact order after she pressed charges against him a month earlier for hitting her. so this is the man they were telling you was a model citizen. >> let me just remind people of the names of the victims, joseph rosenbaum 36 years old. anthony hoover who was 26, gage is only 27 years old was injured. these are the victims and the people people have to remember, the people that were hurt here, not the person crying on the stand today. >> tucker: if you are an honest progressive, when you ask yourself what are all these people doing at a joe biden rally three days after the democratic convention?
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they're all on my side but i notice all of them are actually horrible. this is not a cross-section of america. these are the worst people in america. joseph rosenbaum? the child rapist? what about the other victim? the media tells you the main victim is a guy called gage pointed a loaded gun in his face for which he's never been charged, by the way. that's not a big deal. who is this guy? well, it turns out he's got a lengthsy criminal history that includes an arrest for hitting his own grandmother in the face. just six days before he testified in the trial which joe biden says is not a big deal but most people are thinking we are not supposed to do that. several years ago, was charged with smashing the bedroom window of his ex-girlfriend's home at 4:00 a.m. on the night kyle rittenhouse shot him, he admitted he was carrying an illegal firearm. no longer a big deal either. some crimes don't matter. so did the last guy anthony huber, the man who hit kyle rittenhouse twice in the head
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with a skateboard. who is he? a convicted domestic abuser. according to court records, he once told his brother if he didn't clean the room in his house, he was going to got him -- gut him like a pig. he said that while he was holding a six-inch knife to his brother stomach and then he grabbed his brother's neck and said i'm going to burn this house down with all of you in it. he pleaded guilty to one count of strangulation. so i guess the point is pretty simple. there are a lot of violent criminals at this particular joe biden rally in kenosha, wisconsin, what are the odds of that? kind of hard not to contrast it with what happened on january 6th, the insurrection they never stop telling us about. no one has been charged with carrying a gun inside the capitol building. how many fires that they set? none that we are aware of but they get to rot in solitary confinement while he gets a seal of approval from msnbc anchors for pointing a loaded gun in the face of a child.
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so the trial is wrapping up, the people who engineered the political prosecution behind this are still in power. one of the main takeaways from all of this is that those people are now more brazen than they have ever been just saying it out loud now. judge jeanine pirro is the host of justice and thank you so much for coming on. i wonder if a nonsequestered jury of americans who like all of us knows perfectly well what's going on can reach an honest verdict if the national guard is on the scene to protect the city from being burned down if they reach the wrong verdict. >> first of all, i thought your opening was absolutely excellent. kenosha is a microcosm of what's going on nationally but to answer your question directly, they don't have to hear these people from inside the jury deliberation room. they live in the area, they know what's going on, the question is will it influence them to the point where they will try to do something to appease the crowd? i tried cases both as a
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prosecutor and a judge for over three decades. i really believe in juries. really believe they can do the right thing and i think here hopefully they will do the right thing. i didn't expect the verdict today. i think the verdict will come at some point tomorrow. i think the jury is looking at the evidence and they've got to be saying to themselves we've got five counts here and the prosecution has improved its case beyond a reasonable doubt and they certainly did not disprove self-defense beyond a reasonable doubt and this guy binger the prosecutor is trying to charge kyle with recklessly using a gun. he picks up a gun and pointed at the crowd in the courtroom, has his finger, this is outrageous. this is amateur hour. this guy shouldn't even be trying misdemeanors and the local court and the ad hominem attacks saying he was an active shooter, that he crossed state
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lines with a gun, all the things we've heard that the left is parroting being started in the courtroom is what is ginning people up to be hysterical if and when the verdict comes down either way. but from the start to the finish, it was a moment in the beginning where they prosecuted within 48 hours, you can't even get autopsy reports back in that short of a period of time. they couldn't possibly interview witnesses looking at the drone footage. now we've seen and aptitudes in -- ineptitudes in the courtroom where the ad hominem attacks by the prosecutions were outrageous and this kid never once shot his gun more than he needed to to stop the threat. when that jury looks at the facts, they're going to know irrespective of that outside noise, this kid was able to hold his ground and if somebody held their hands up, he didn't shoot them. when they came at him and he had to stop the threat, that's when
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he used deadly force. if you analyze this case very carefully within the four corners of that courtroom and what was proven, i don't think there's any qn that this kid is going to be acquitted. the interesting part is that the judge took out the six counts and the six count was maybe the count where jury might compromise but the prosecution was so stupid they put in a charge where they couldn't even indict him for the crime. it's crazy. >> tucker: they never read the law. right? they never read the law that they were supposedly enforcing. tells you everything about them. i appreciate your round up of that case. thank you. >> thank you. >> tucker: so joe biden is not only the president. he is also something of a slam poetry aficionado. he broke it out, the spoken word as he tried to explain his infrastructure bill. pretty amazing.
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we've got that for you next. by the way, you're looking live at where the fox nation patriot awards are set for tomorrow, you can come see us in person with a lot of other people at fox, laura, sean, brian kilmeade, pete hegseth, just go to
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>> this isn't some gigantic bill, but it's about what happens to ordinary people. conversations around those kitchen table that are as profound as they are ordinary. how do i cross a bridge in a snowstorm? think about it. here in a situation what happens when the bridge collapses and there's a fire on the other side? it's going to take 10 miles longer to get to the fire. people could die. this is real. this is real stuff. >> tucker: that's your president indulging his first love for slam poetry with avant-garde freestyle spoken word routine. how do i cross abridge in a snowstorm? what happens of the bridge collapses and there's a fire on the other side? applause breaks out, brilliant. what does it mean exactly? someday, will understand.
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for now, we don't deserve to know that we can be certain of one thing, $1 trillion of newly printed money is a very good thing. it's good. that's what our president is telling us. the downside is that inflation is about to make you a lot poorer. inflation is what happens when a government devalues its own currency, something the biden administration is doing at a faster rate than any time in american history. that result, you may make more money but you can't afford what you used to buy because suddenly everything is much more expensive. think of it as an ever accelerating treadmill. in the end, inevitably, you wind up in a heap on the ground. but don't worry, it may be painful, but it's going to be good for you. it turns out you're too rich as it is. you are weak and decadent and flabby. you've had it too easy, mr. and mrs. america. why can't you be more like our guatemalan grounds crew, grateful and uncomplaining and non-english-speaking?
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that's the new message from cnbc which has taken a momentary break from committing unnatural sex acts on technology ceos to lecture the american middle class about their undeserved affluence. listen. >> the dirty little secret here, while nobody likes to pay more, on average, we have the money to do so. household savings had a record high over the pandemic, didn't have anywhere to go out and spend. >> tucker: so the dirty little secret is thanks to joe biden, you can afford inflation. so shut up. msnbc agrees with that. "why the inflation we are seeing now is a good thing. they ran that headline recently. and then according to "bloomberg news" as inflation rises, americans may need to live more like the europeans. that might actually not be a bad thing. here going to love living like a
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romanian. but you may not be able to drive your car. it's fun to have less food. they are literally saying these things out loud just like louis xvi did and his wife, just like batista. what is it about decadent ruling classes that they always doubled down just as the grotesque and unfair systems they've created start to topple? they never see it coming. it's almost like they are stupid. the blm riots last summer caused several deaths, probably a dozen, more than a billion dollars in property damage in this country most of which has not been rebuilt in case you've forgotten, here's what they look like.
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that's all the memory to save on your hard drive, won't be available soon but the spirit lives on. just days ago, a blm activist called hawk newsom threatened the newly-elected mayor of new york city eric adams who for the record is also black, but whatever. promised riots and bloodshed if the new mayor dares to enforce the law. the existing laws of the city of new york, we are going to kill people if you dare do that. so that's a threat of violence. what's interesting is that merrick garland who is our attorney general hasn't even acknowledged it. instead, he's been targeting parents who complain about school boards because they are terrorists. today, doj whistle-blower came forward with evidence that merrick garland has been using counterterrorism tools to investigate parents who don't like being told that they are racist.
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because you have to sit there and take it. you're racist. ok. so counterterrorism officials created a so-called threat tagged to allow multiple federal agencies to track parents as if they were domestic terrorists. like they're isis. so if this is true, it would mean it's time to impeach and prosecute merrick garland because he just lied under oath during his recent sworn testimony on capitol hill. a lawyer and parents rights advocate, also a former new york city council candidate joins us now. thank you so much for coming on tonight. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: here you have a guy threatening the new mayor of new york with violence if he dares to enforce the law, the justice department ignores it and spends his time classifying people like you as al qaeda. what do you make of this? >> i was pretty shocked, have to say when i read the letter that merrick garland wrote responding to the national school board association letter and that
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letter from the national school board association asked the government to classify parents like me as domestic terrorists and merrick garland responded very quickly to that letter and said that he would take action, he would create a federal task force and he doubled down on the letter that he wrote when he was testifying before congress. that doubling down and that enthusiasm for prosecuting parents could not stand in any stronger opposition to the silence we are hearing now when as you correctly point out activists who were writing last -- rioting last center new york city are now telling our new mayor-elect that if he implements the policies that he campaigned on to get the rising violence in new york city in check, that if he implements those policies, there will be fire, riots, and bloodshed. that's their words. >> tucker: it's almost like some people in authority treat them like their own personal militia that they don't
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restrain, doing the bidding of a political party, it seems that way. >> what we heard a lot last summer while riots were going on in new york city in my neighborhood, the stores were broken into and broken glass on the street for days as we saw stores boarding up their windows, what we saw was a discussion of those riots as protests. there's a big difference between protests and riots in everyday parents and the families of new york city know the difference. >> tucker: and you can't destroy our cities, not everyone can move to montana. he can't let our biggest city become a cesspool so i'm grateful that you are fighting all of this. i hope you'll come back, great to see you tonight. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: let's say things keep getting more and more decadent with people in charge, so decadent it's like late rome but with the internet. where would you wind up? you might hear people defend
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pedophilia. they call them minor attracted people. there's a whole nonprofit devoted to promoting this crap, and you should know about it. we're going to tell you about it next. all them minor attracted people. we will tell you about it
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>> tucker: you may have the sense that this country is out of control, most undergraduate humanities courses are totally worthless at best and you're right. what does that mean specifically? what are they actually teaching your kids? here is one example. a self-described nonbinary assistant professor at old dominion university is called allen walker now teaching students to use a term called map, minor attracted persons. why use that phrase? according to the professor, it is less stigmatizing to pedophiles. >> i use the term minor
10:39 pm
attracted person for multiple reasons. first of all, because i think it's important to use terminology for groups that members of that group want others to use for them and map advocacy groups have advocated for using the term map. they have advocated for primarily because it is less stigmatizing than other terms like pedophile. a lot of people when they hear the term pedophile, they automatically assume it means a sex offender and that isn't true and it leads to a lot of misconceptions about attraction toward minors. >> tucker: you wouldn't want to stigmatize pedophile. problem is professor allen walker let that get on the internet. let that get onto the internet somehow sold old dominion university was busted, people found out what they were actually teaching so the university but that individual
10:40 pm
on leave. there's a lot of the stuff you never hear about. if you so much for coming on. this does feel like the new frontier. you will notice there was a bug on that video from the foundation that posted that video, so it seems like as a may be small but growing movement to regular pedophilia. >> i'm sure murderous would like to be called people who hasten others demise because it sounds nicer. i can't imagine that the taxpayers in virginia are paying a salary of this person. are they paying for the research that was done for this book, are they paying for the book somehow? i think their money would have been far better spent if they were to donate that they're paying for this kind of research and this nonsensical claim that if we just are nicer to pedophiles, the world will be a better place. why don't they donate to the center for missing and exploited children. what they completely discount here and there interviews with
10:41 pm
all of these pedophiles who are supposedly nonoffending is it's only reported at a maximum 25% of the time so that's at least 75% of children who are being abused are never ever counted. they are never found, never rescued, never identified, so i'd like to know where this alan person found these pedophiles who are nonoffending because i can guarantee you some of them are offending against children and this is a slippery slope. you suddenly normalize pedophilia, what are you going to get? more of it. you allow shoplifting, what do you get? more of it. and that's exactly where we are headed here. >> tucker: this is advocacy for pedophilia and they will deny that but that's exactly
10:42 pm
what it is and you just explain why and i appreciate it. great to see you, appreciate it. so the country all of a sudden has a huge shortage of truck drivers. turns out we actually need them. so msnbc has explained what is happening in turns out the industry is racist. that's the real problem with trucking and we will speak to a trucker to find out if that's true after the break. >> tucker: we don't have enough truck drivers, that's part of the so-called supply chain problem. acting like it was a disreputable thing to do and majoring in gender studies was the greatest thing you could do so we are reaping the fruits of that. but msnbc is a completely different explanation for it you'll be shocked to learn that a host of the problem is racism. too many truck drivers on the wrong color, watch. keeping me from the things i love to do. talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424.
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so we don't have enough truck drivers. that's part of the so-called supply chain problems. but msnbc is a completely different explanation for it you'll be shocked to learn that according to a host called tiffany cross the problem is racism. too many truck drivers on the wrong color, watch. >> this is an industry populated by a lot of white men over the age of 55, this group of people overwhelmingly voted for trump, some people have talked about aggressive truck drivers cutting them off for not being helpful.
10:48 pm
>> tucker: so if you think the supply chain problem is a result of racism, maybe you've got a certain obsession that is coloring your interpretation so to speak. all of this was kind of interesting news to a truck driver and we saw his response to that segment on twitter and here's what he wrote. "i'm a truck driver. doesn't matter that i'm black, don't bring your leftist agenda to us." thought it would be interesting to talk to an actual truck driver. carlton is here. thank you so much for coming on. so msnbc's view is this is somehow a race crisis that are trucking shortage, is that your experience as a truck driver? >> not at all. i want to say that there is a divide but it's not on the issues of race. i have to do my due diligence as far as talking to the elder experienced truck drivers that
10:49 pm
are so-called black and have to ask them have you experienced these things that's being interpreted? the obvious is a lot of people are dealing with emotional issues here. it's more of an accountability issue, it's a spiritual battle and i think that it's either right or wrong, good or evil. and that's how i look at it. i like to look at things in that type of lens. i don't fall into the prey of the left where it goes more of the emotional base and it plays upon your emotional weariness as far as being fearful of things to happen. what struck me was the woman stated that there was a racism issue but didn't talk about the more important issues like being in the field of truck driving as a woman. we deal with wage issues. we deal with dot regulation issues, the fact that i have to be over
10:50 pm
the road for over two weeks and then come back home, those are true issues. i don't want to do with the invisible bogeyman like racism so to be able to talk about this, i appreciate you and i just want to get that word out that we need to get over this imaginary thought of racism. to me, doesn't exist. it's only good and evil, right and wrong. truckers that do things that are wrong out there need to take accountability and let those people know that's not the way we do things. we are a family unit in the truck driving industry. we don't want to deter young drivers away from the industry because of other people's fears and disbelief. >> tucker: so in other words, the real problem is that it's a hard job. you should get paid more. exactly, maybe they could point that out. >> say that to my wife every once in a while. >> tucker: i bet. thank you for doing it because we need it. good to see you tonight. >> take care. >> tucker: so mike rowe has spent a lot of his life with truck drivers and people who make the country work.
10:51 pm
he spent a lot of his life highlighting the importance of blue-collar jobs and a strong work ethic. the media is mad for that. he's not political by the way. they say that it is conservative to be in favor of work. we will ask him about that next. you are seeing a live look at where the patriot awards are going to be tomorrow. foxnation patriot awards. and watch your favorite fox hosts, go to for tickets. tickets. do you take aspirin? plain aspirin could be hurting your stomach. new vazalore is the first liquid-filled aspirin capsule clinically shown to cause fewer ulcers than plain aspirin. vazalore is designed to help protect... releasing aspirin after it leaves your stomach... where it is absorbed to give you the benefits of life saving aspirin... to help prevent another heart attack or stroke.
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>> tucker: mike rowe is a well-educated white collar kind of guy but spent most of his life with blue-collar people, those who keep the country running and like most people in the media, he treats them with respect and is interested to what they do and thinks it's meaningful. he is hated for that, just
10:57 pm
published a piece accusing him of sneaky conservatism, hard to even say the word. mike rowe is host of how america works on fox business, the founder of micro works foundation and also the host of dirty jobs, that show is coming back to discovery, never should've taken it off. mike rowe joins us to respond to this piece. mike rowe. good to see you tonight. >> you sneaky show host. >> tucker: we're opposites that way. you don't seem very political to me. why did they see your position in favor of the dignity of hard work and blue-collar work as conservative? >> that is a heck of a question and i think it's actually a secondary question if i may. the first question is what's going on with 10.4 million open jobs and why is that turning out to be such an inconvenient statistic for so many people? i think the answer is because of
10:58 pm
the many divides in the country but the one that worries me the most is the belief held by many that opportunity is dead. you truly believe opportunity is dead, the skills gap is a nightmare whether it's two, four, 8 million positions, they represent opportunity. so when you're confronted by that much opportunity in your fundamental belief is that there is no opportunity, then you have to explain it and typically what happens is my buddies on the left will look at that and say it's not really a skills gap. those jobs are open because employers are greedy and not offering a fair wage. my buddies on the right will look at that same thing and say the problem is people are lazy and fundamentally flawed. now, there's probably something true somewhere in the middle. personally, being the human, i know that given the choice, i'll take the easy way. i don't think we are born
10:59 pm
hardworking people. i think we are born practical people. so that's always been at the heart of it. what's happening now i think is you are seeing not just the politics of it, but the rhetoric of it. you were seeing the language itself fundamentally co-opted. on the show, i remember a few months ago, i think it was lockheed martin finding words like personal responsibility to be problematic and delayed gratification and work ethic itself. my foundation offers work ethic scholarships. you have to sign a sweat pledge and when i talk about that and when i ask people to take the pledge and at least acknowledge that embracing some of these concepts is in your best interest and can dramatically improve your odds of success, that too begins to feel like an existential threat to those who believe opportunity is dead. >> tucker: it is so clearly
11:00 pm
the road to happiness and fulfillment, so i'm grateful in the face of criticism, you're doing anyway. thank you. >> you're welcome. i would just say it's a road, not a shortcut. and when you turn it into a shortcut, that road will take you -- my pop said shortcuts lead the long delays. >> tucker: nicely played, mike rowe. and now, sean hannity. >> sean: tonight, no verdict as of now and the jury will be back at it in session tomorrow morning despite overwhelming video evidence, testimony that was given that kyle rittenhouse was desperately trying to save his own life trying to flee and run away from violent rioters who were chasing him and attacking him. joe biden, many on the left have already predetermine his guilt. according to them, kyle is a white supremacist, and evil reckless vigilante who does no


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