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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 16, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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believe opportunity is dead. >> tucker: it is so clearly the road to happiness and fulfillment, so i'm grateful in the face of criticism, you're doing anyway. >> i would just say it's a road, not a shortcut and when you turn it into a shortcut, that road will take you -- my pop said shortcuts lead the long delays. >> tucker: nicely played, mike rowe. and now, sean hannity. >> sean: tonight, no verdict as of now and the jury will be back at it in session tomorrow morning despite overwhelming video evidence, testimony that was given that kyle rittenhouse was desperately trying to save his own life trying to flee and run away from violent rioters who were chasing him and attacking him. joe biden, many on the left have already predetermine his guilt.
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according to them, kyle is a white supremacist, and evil reckless vigilante who does not deserve the right of self-defense. fortunately for them, that's not what the law of wisconsin says. now right on cue, another angry mob is protesting outside of the courthouse once again threatening violence, take a look. >> sean: what impact might such protests have on the jury? that's anybody's guess, it should not have any impact, sadly kenosha is now bracing for chaos, lawlessness, 500 national guard soldiers are standing by this evening as kyle rittenhouse and the rest of the country await a verdict. coming up, we have my full monologue also on biden's disaster of a day but first running is now with a live report on the ground, she is our investigative reporter in
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kenosha tonight, our own sara carter. not many people behind you, that's a good thing. >> that is a good thing, but there's a sense of eerie quietness if i can describe it that way here in front of the kenosha courthouse after judge bruce schroeder sent to the 12 jurors home for they will be back home for deliberations after this very up and down emotional trial for so many people and as i flew in to wisconsin, i had an opportunity to speak with a lot of residents, talk to folks at the airport and talk to people on my way into kenosha and they are nervous, they are concerned. there's a lot of tension. they don't want to see the repeat of what happened here before. a lot of businesses have been shut down and never reopened and there's also this concern that the media for a majority of the media haven't been telling the truth about this circumstance that led to those shootings, the
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injury of the other victim, there's a big concern there that because the information isn't being received by the public in the right way that what we could see here if anything happens if he is not found guilty that we will see an escalation in those riots and that is something of that law enforcement as well as residents and business owners are bracing for. >> sean: let me ask you, do we know the chance that were going on outside if kenosha don't get it, shut it down. was that within earshot of the jurors in all likelihood? >> absolutely. one of the issues here is the jurors haven't been sequestered so there's a big debate to what these jurors are hearing, whether or not those type of threats happening here at the
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courthouse are being heard by the jurors on the weather they will react to that and now we are seeing it go into the second day, so some say this is concerning, that maybe it won't go in the direction that the defense would like with kyle rittenhouse but there might be a debate, they know right now what is actually going to happen, no one can get. five male jurors that make up this jury pool. so everybody is just bracing hoping for the best. they are bracing for their worst, there was one common theme among all people that i spoke to. they said nobody is a winner here. everybody is a victim and i don't think they could have said it more truthfully than that. >> sean: we will be checking back in with you throughout the hour tonight, thank you.
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here with more analysis, author of the case for vaccine mandates, fox news legal analyst gregg jarrett. when a jury knows that there's a potential from some type of public reaction if they are hearing the crowd as i've said chanting if kenosha don't get it, shut it down, professor dershowitz, does that add to the pressure of the moment and the decision-making capabilities after all, we are all human, all imperfect, if they are hearing that, cannot influence them? >> absolutely, and it denies the defendant due process and a fair trial. we have heard this for 100 years in the deep south, crowds would demand the execution of black defendants or else they would threaten to lynch them, the leo frank case that happened in the supreme court commented on that and the maxwell case, maxine
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waters essentially threatening violence unless there was a conviction. so when you have a crowd outside threatening jurors, it clearly has an impact. when that has doubled down, not putting their thumb, putting their elbow on the scale telling the jurors that this guy is a terrible person, white supremacist agile anti-person, it really denies him the right to a fair trial so i worry that whatever the verdict will be a result more of what was outside the courtroom then was inside the courtroom. >> sean: the judge has yet to rule, can you glean anything from the fact that the jury has asked at different times for the very lengthy and i would argue complicated instructions given by the judge or what the
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definition, the rules are for self-defense? >> it doesn't surprise me they ask for that first thing this morning, they were given one copy of the jury instructions, 40 pages long and asked can you give us 11 more copies so that all 12 of us can read them individually, talk about them, debate them where necessary, i must say i hate to fault the judge, but he could have simplified these jury instructions and make them more coherent. even a judge at one point in time on monday reading these very complicated jury instructions stopped, recessed, set the jurors back to the libraries and even expressed his own frustration of the jury instructions he approved. he didn't have to abide by those standard jury instructions because they are known. in cases i tried, i saw judges
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rewrite them and in fact craft brand-new ones on their own. this judge himself said i'm not sure i understand this, how are the jurors going to understand this, it was incumbent upon him to fix it and he didn't fix it and that may be one of the obstacles that these jurors are trying to overcome. trying to make sense of these highly complicated jury instructions on the law. >> sean: let me go to some of the more bizarre things that happened towards the end of this trial, closing arguments, you had assistant d.a. actually saying he brought a gun to a fist fight because he was too cowardly to use his own fists to fight his way out and that the defendant should've let himself be attacked because everybody takes a beating sometimes, you have the moment where the lead prosecutor binger literally picks up an ar-15.
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i've been a pistol marksman since 11 years old, rule 101 in gun safety is you never point a gun loaded or unloaded at anybody and he literally pointed the rifle at people in the courtroom. and then he decides to put up an image from patrick swayze's 1989 film roadhouse mocking rittenhouse for his performance as a medic, et cetera, et cetera. i bring this up because it seems like desperation to me. >> it's worse because he misinformed the jury. told the jury that if you bring a gun on the other people are attacking you only by assist, you forfeited your right to self-defense. that's a misstatement of the law. remember the zimmerman case where an unarmed young man was banging the head of zimmerman with his fists, just with his hands and the jury correctly
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concluded that the person whose head was being banged had the right to shoot. you have the right to defend yourself. they were to cohere. the prosecution but on the trial, should he have been there, he have a gun, they defended against a very different which is in the 3 minutes where he was being threatened with a skateboard and being threatened, did he have the right to shoot? now what if the jury believes both? what if the jury believes he shouldn't have been there but he acted properly when he was threatened for his life? the judge didn't tell them how to decide that case and the prosecutor misled them into thinking that if he brought a gun, he waves his right to self-defense, that is reversible error on appeal by the problem is the defense didn't object, they allowed the prosecution to go on and make these phony,
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misleading arguments without objection so it will be a problem for the defense if there is a conviction. >> sean: let me go to this issue of the judge allowing the provocation lifeline, something you talked at length about and that is if the defendant is the initial aggressor, he would lose the right to self-defense. okay, let's go to point number one, that wouldn't be the case when the star witness for the prosecution admitted it on the stand that a loaded gun he pointed at kyle rittenhouse for kyle rittenhouse shot at him and we can go to issue two, if he was the original -- if he did initially provoke any conflict, he was running as fast as he could to get away from that, he would regain the right to self-defense and that charge and the third case, we've got a shooting that took place at a distance of less than 4 feet with a picture in a video of what looked like the person he
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shot trying to grab the barrel of a gun. so that would be another case where that wouldn't be applicable in my mind. so why did the judge throw that lifeline? >> frankly, i think the judge was bamboozled and he threw a lifeline to the prosecutors to allow them to try to salvage their failing case. when you give the provocation instruction, it has to be based on credible evidence in the evidence that prosecutors presented to convince the judge of it was a single frame of a blurry video in which prosecutors claimed that rittenhouse was raising it toward somebody. >> sean: it was blurred, the judge couldn't make heads or tails of it and they spent 20 hours. >> even the judge said i can't tell what's in this and at best,
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what you see is the defendant raising his left arm without a gun and he is right handed so prosecutors misrepresented that in court in this melodramatic moment of trickery and he was called out on it and i think it backfired because the defense attorney immediately said jurors he is lying to you about provocation. >> sean: i have very little time, last question, the longer the jury stays out, how do you interpret it? >> i never try to predict jury verdicts but i think to convict coming up to spend a lot of time because you have to go through each charge, each lesser included and it takes a much shorter period of time. the problem is, the judge's instruction was so confusing. i have to tell you, i didn't understand it. i didn't understand how the jury should decide the case. they think that he was at fault
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for being there with his gun but while he was there, his life was put in danger and he had no choice but to shoot. >> sean: the longer the jury stays out, do you interpret it anyway? >> i didn't expect a decision today, i think jumping into an erroneous conclusion that this is bad for the defendant because there wasn't a decision today, i agree with the professor, complicated jury instructions that should have been simplified. a lot of evidence, videotapes, photographs and witness testimony to go through. they don't reach a decision tomorrow, i would be concerned if i were the defendant. >> sean: it will be interesting to see the jury ask for clarification of instructions, thank you both. now, we will be debating in a moment the repulsive conduct of the media mob during this entire trial as the show unfolds tonight but first, we do turn to the white house more of what was
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another disastrous and frankly humiliating day for joe biden, it all started with a zoom call featuring the hostile regime of china, the call was anything but productive, biden seemingly bullied, strong-armed on every single issue, never mention the origins of covid-19, failed to address china's hostile activity in the pacific ocean, refused to stand up amid the never ending threats of forced reunification, "the new york times" referred to it as little more than polite words, still immediately following the called and trying to threaten the u.s. accused us of playing over any type of support of taiwan, communist china as a hostile actor, a malignant regime, joe biden is to pathetically weak, i believe the biden family is compromised hence the hunter biden zero
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experience $1.5 billion with the bank of china and the $100,000 shopping spree for the chinese national and by the way, i think this president is unable to hold china accountable for anything. his weakness guarantees that taiwan in all likelihood will be taken over by the communist chinese government and joe won't lift a finger to do a thing. have you hours ago, joe sauntered off to new hampshire for a rally and was greeted by a rousing crowd, take a look. [applause]
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>> thank you. >> sean: more secret service agent then there were people, a dozen people managed to turn out to see the president who pulled out all the stops in his speech. he tried the usual whispering, the lecturing, the scolding, the really bizarre jokes and stories that make no sense at all cognitively deficient. did it all in one speech, take a look. >> if i hear one more person tell me how wall street built america, i think i'm going to -- anyway. seriously, the middle class built this country and they've been left out. trickle-down economics does not work. to rebuild the economy from the bottom up, do you know how much money they've made in the last four years, $1 trillion.
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i'm a capitalist coming want to be a billionaire and a millionaire, that's great, good for you, but pay your fair share. 400 -- 450 corporations in the fortune 500. guess what? i misspoke. 55 corporations in the fortune 500. paid $40 billion last year, did not pay one single penny in taxes. who pays it? you will pay it, as they say. >> sean: because of your economic policies, your energy policies, your border policies, you know who's paying more than their fair share that can't afford for gas, $1,000 more to heat their home this winter, paying more for every item in every store, that would be the poor in the middle class because their policies are failing. your only answer and salvation, only solution is go back to the trump policies that were working
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because all of us are paying for your bad policies. we are paying more, says americans need to suck it up and stop complaining. >> while nobody likes to pay no more, on average, we have the money to do so. household savings had a record high over the pandemic, didn't have anywhere to go out and spend. >> sean: joining us now is our very own geraldo rivera and the one and only dan bongino, it's anybody's bet, let's start first before we get to biden, but kyle rittenhouse, you're an attorney, i will start with you. i thought the prosecution put on a very poor showing throughout the entire case. i think the burden of beyond reasonable doubt was not met.
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i think kyle rittenhouse in each instance had the right to self-defense. he was being chased after and in one case, pointed a loaded pointed guns at him and grabbing the barrel of his gun, what other choice did he have? >> i think i just lost you, sean. but my feeling about this case is they have met the burden of self-defense. i think he was in reasonable fear of his life, and have predicted although i know professor dershowitz is uneasy about predictions, i am fairly confident that if a verdict comes back by sometime tomorrow, he will be acquitted on all the charges, left the homicide and
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attempted murder, i think that rittenhouse walks if the verdict comes tomorrow. it doesn't and i think professor dershowitz darted to allude to that. complex jury instructions, the jury is a smart jury, a middle-class jury, they can get through that. they don't come to a verdict tomorrow acquitting this kid, they will be negotiating and it will be an uneasy time for the defendant if the jury does not return a verdict tomorrow. >> sean: it could end up in a mistrial, right? let's get your take on it. >> a couple of things. first, this was never a case. geraldo was right about that, this was never a case, always a case of self-defense, none of the elements of the crime he was charged with litter actually met. this was a media generated event. it was never a viable criminal
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case. the prosecutor in this case who have never seen a prosecutor do a worse job than this guy in the court seems to have learned things about the case during the trial. he seemed to have bought into the media narrative. i'll just give you two quick examples. it involved a short-barreled rifle. measure the darn rifle, you idiots. you never measured the rifle, where was the defense attorney on that? second, he seemed stunned when questioning rittenhouse on the stands that his dad lived in wisconsin. he must've learned from the media. you cross state lines and it reminded me i keep mentioning the usual suspects, a live in queens. you figure that out yourself? you've got a team of monkeys working around the clock. one other thing, you should
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apologize to this kid for really knocking this kid on that fake okay sign white supremacy nonsense. i can't believe you fell for that ridiculous hoax that's been debunked like 37 different ways from sunday. it's the okay sign. it is not a sign of white supremacy. that is a 4 hoax. look it up. everybody at home look it up. >> sean: we have less than a minute. >> okay. one thing you mentioned about the rifle in the way the prosecutor picked it up, his finger was actually on the trigger and he was pointing it at people. i think that is a chargeable offense against the prosecutor. in terms of rittenhouse and his background, there's a lot of story there to be told that has nothing to do with my absolute determination as a attorney that
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he has met the burden of self-defense and should be acquitted. >> sean: called him a white supremacist, is there any evidence that he's a white supremacist? >> i think i'd rather let the jury based on fact. i saw the picture, we all saw the picture. what it means. >> here we go. it's a scam. >> sean: i hate that break this up. fanning the flames ahead of the rittenhouse trial, shows you leo 2.0 terrell and joe concha next.
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>> sean: one verdict we can be sure of tonight is this, the mob and the media is once again guilty of fanning the flames this time in kenosha, wisconsin,
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guilty of outright false, misleading, deceitful coverage, just the typical rush to judgment by the usual cast of characters. here's just a small sample, take a look. >> i think it's really a red light for white folks coming to help and social justice protests because basically what they are saying is it's okay to shoot white people. >> that is a chaotic situation where somebody who is untrained with a weapon going to the middle of civilians and just looking for trouble and it is trouble that he found. >> i don't have a crystal ball. what i know is the law and what i know is what white people are willing to do to defend white supremacy. >> he was well prepared by his defense attorneys to disrupt a trigger-happy vigilante who went on a shooting rampage at a black lives matter protest.
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>> what kind of idiot 17-year-old gets a giant gun and goes to a riot, he has no license, no training, he thinks he is going to scrub graffiti off with his ar-15? the stupidity of this, what could possibly go wrong >> kayleigh: a lot went wrong. >> sean: same false narratives, same fake news frauds, every single solitary time, they never retract, never apologize getting their audience all ramped up over incorrect facts or no facts at all creating a belief that a certain city or community outcome is guaranteed, inevitable when in fact when the facts come out is not inevitable just like the whole hands up don't shoot, that was all a lie. one eyewitness after another corroborating the story of in that case officer darren wilson, the biggest one of all, for years, russia, trump, all about the dossier, all of those lies.
6:31 pm
what are they going to apologize, retract, pledged to do better, what about duke lacrosse, uva? we could go on and on, start with richard jewell, talk about so many other cases, cambridge police, george zimmerman always rushing to judgment, always the same group of people, always in order to score cheap political points, due process from a presumption of innocence, it is so important and critical yet in the case of justice kavanaugh, it will always take a backseat to the mob and the media the democratic party. here with reaction, fox news contributor, of course, writes a media column for the hill and as a fox news contributor. i think should have his own media show here on fox, i believe you stand out from the crowd which is interesting. it's always the same group of people, the same people that lie
6:32 pm
for years on the russian hoax in the same people that rush to judgment and all of those other cases, they are at it again. >> it's the same new rule of justice, guilty until proven innocent instead of the other way around and the race card again played from the bottom of the deck only on msnbc and cnn and a white guy shoot three other white guys and racism becomes the epicenter of the media coverage. we sought in virginia. education, economy, and wins in a blue state against a former governor and his lieutenant governor the first female black woman to win stateside in the commonwealth wins as well. but what do the race hustlers with national tv platforms do? they argue that white supremacy fueled the virginia victory just as they argue that kyle rittenhouse is a racist for shooting other white people. the same media that believe that was attacked by supporters
6:33 pm
during a polar vortex in chicago, totally believable and all of the false allegations always get more media attention than the exoneration and there is zero accountability, just ask adam schiff who is now been rewarded to the media or by the media for lying and earning huge money in the process during his russia collusion book to her. it's an absolute joke. >> sean: and still standing by the lie which is even more outrageous. the potential for consequences, we saw that on a fold numerous times, didn't we? we saw that in ferguson and in baltimore because the expectation is now set, joe biden leading the way, he's a white supremacist, have you seen any evidence that he sympathizes in any way with white supremacy because i've not seen it. >> first of all, there's no
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evidence that the young man is a white supremacist bullet may let me be very clear, what joe said is absolutely spot on, the left want a race war. anyone who disagrees with them who happens to be white as a white supremacist and here's the catch, you don't have to be white to be a white supremacist. they are accusing white people, they want a division of this country based on race and they are obsessed with racism. they were obsessed with skin color, they don't care about confidence, it's about color, skin color. that's why you have critical race theory. they want to tear down institutions. they honestly believe that police departments are all white. it's a lie. the institution they want to destroy it and they will never give up that race card. it's amazing how they are obsessed with race. >> sean: just to be fair and honest, i think leo 2.0 terrell should have his show too, just saying.
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>> after joe first. joe first. >> we could have like a buddy cop movie. >> sean: you guys work out the details. no one listens to me, worry. i have no say in these matters. when we come back, senator ted cruz grilled dhs secretary mayorkas on the hill today. we've got a tape. senator cruz will join us next enter whistle-blower has now come forward with devastating information about the fbi's abuse of power. those details straight ahead.
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>> sean: now failing dhs secretary was grilled on capitol hill today amid the biden administration's open borders failures, now he himself admitted that not all of the
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1.2 million illegal immigrants with final removal orders should be deported exposing what is the bite and open agenda even further. thankfully, senate republicans where they are to answer tough questions, take a look. >> how many murderers have you released? >> i am not aware of any murderers. i am not aware of any. >> how many child molesters? >> i am not aware of any child molesters whom we have released. >> we have a president with an international mandate, somebody who comes across the border illegally shouldn't be vaccinated for that's a reason for expulsion. under title 42 or any other law. >> senator, the analysis for migrants encountered at the border is quite different than for the federal workforce that leads by example. >> my question is why are you not conducting in-person interviews of the people who've been brought here to this
6:41 pm
country, don't you think that's dangerous? >> do you think we have more control over the border now than we did under trump? >> we are very focused. >> that's not the question. do you think we have more control than we did under the last administration? >> i think we have more control that is consistent with our values as a nation. >> sean: america is now officially the biden sanctuary states of america, no vaccine mandates for illegal immigrants, no proof of a negative covid test, that is preferential treatment for illegal immigrants but more restrictions for you law-abiding americans and get this, over 164,000 people were apprehended last month at the u.s.-mexico border, once again another record twice the number that on october of 2020. we have a lot more straight ahead. big breaking story tonight according to an explosive new letter from congressman jim jordan, and fbi whistle-blower is revealing new
6:42 pm
evidence at the bureau his using counterterrorism tools to investigate parents and probe alleged harassment against school officials. here to talk about that and much more, texas senator ted cruz. let's go to the hearings first. we have had high profile incidents of illegal immigrants murdering american citizens, we have had high-profile incidents of criminally convicted serving their time and then not deported, sanctuary status. they are not testing illegal immigrants for covid, not mandating vaccines, they are dispersing them all over the country in the dark of night and you asked the question how many of those kids were put in biden cages? did you get an answer to that or why they would pay $450,000 to people that don't respect our laws, senator? >> sadly, we didn't get an answer to virtually anything in one of the most dismaying things
6:43 pm
seeing secretary mayorkas' pitiful performance as the disaster at the southern border is not an accident. it is by design. they are intending this catastrophe to unfold and the only explanation as to why is that they believe is a matter of cross partisan politics that if you let millions and millions of illegal aliens in that many of them in future years will vote democrat so they are willing to overlook everything else so i asked secretary mayorkas how many kids have been put in the biden cages? he didn't know. i asked him how many people coming here illegally have died, have been abandoned and die in the desert by the coyotes? he said i didn't know. i asked him how many women being traffic by human traffickers have been assaulted? he said i didn't know. i asked him how many children of the over 100,000 children that were brought in by human traffickers, how many of them have been assaulted? he said he didn't know appeared i asked him how many illegal aliens did you release into your
6:44 pm
community's who were covid positive? he said he didn't know and you just played a minute ago how he refused to answer how many murderers they released, how many child molesters they released. they don't care. i also asked him has joe biden gone down to see the biden cages? answer, no. has kamala harris gone to see the biden cages? answer, no. i asked him even one senate democrat on the senate judiciary committee come to see the biden cages for four years and went on and on and on about kids and cages but it even one of them give a damn to see more kids in the bigger cages today? the answer, no. they don't care. it is pure cynical politics and i've got to tell you, in texas, we are paying the price. when i'm down on the border talking to farmers and ranchers and sheriffs and law enforcement, they are fed up with the crime, with the
6:45 pm
disease, with the poverty, it is overwhelming the state of texas and this administration is creating this lawlessness and doing it deliberately. >> sean: not only doing it deliberately, aiding and abetting in lawbreaking and they give preferential treatment to illegal immigrants and the taxpayers are on the hook for all of it and dispersing people in the dark of night or as jen psaki says, an early morning flight at 4:00 a.m. is anything but that. i know you had this back and forth with her if there is a path for her in 2024, so i look at liz cheney and she quotes the constitution a lot and she stands on her high horse about the importance of getting to the bottom of january 6th, i was on record for day one. i believe we must protect their institutions, our elected officials. what i find puzzling is she says the repealing to the vote because you said it would be the democratic party. as i watch her, why has she not
6:46 pm
called for a commission, quoted the constitution only 535 riots that took place and killed dozens of americans in the summer of 2020 and injure thousands of police officers and resulted in billions of dollars in either theft or arson and damage to businesses, why not a single word about that because my conclusion of all of it is she only cares about this case because she wants to purge the party of donald trump. otherwise, i would think she would treat all riots equally. >> i look at the situation of liz cheney and i think it's sad. i've always liked her, have an agreed with her on everything, i think she's a bit too eager to send in the marines and to invade countries all over the planet but i've always liked her and i think she falls into the category of people who donald trump just broke, just shattered and you and i are both
6:47 pm
old enough to have played pinball games. she hates donald trump so much that it just has overridden everything in her system. lashing out at trump and republicans and everything, she's become a democrat and it's sad to watch. >> sean: she has partnered with the people that accused her father of being a murderer and a cook and wanted in jail, but what do i know? things for the great work you did today, it was a good day today to get the truth out there now we need to abide by the rule of law. straight-ahead, in a clear political stunt, biden's doj has now indicted steve bannon on a charge they have not enforced in nearly 40 years. steve bannon's attorney joins us next straight ahead.
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>> sean: once again, the two-tiered system of justice is on full display again tonight after the bidens doj former trump white house advisor steve bannon with contempt of congress for not complying with the democrats shams january 6 probe with a predetermined outcome and by the way, here is bannon reacting to this charge, take a look. >> i'm telling you right now, this is going to be the misdemeanor from for merrick garland, nancy pelosi, and joe biden. joe biden ordered merrick garland to prosecute me from the white house and we are going to go on the offense. we are tired of playing defense. we are going offense on this and stand by. >> sean: the rest of the deep state for their role in the biggest abuse of power, corruption scandal in history,
6:53 pm
you might remember 2012, he was held in contempt, where was his indictment? what about former prior arrests? you have henry kissinger, janet reno, hillary's i.t. guy, former bush chief of staff and all others held in contempt of congress. none of them got the treatment that steve bannon got. so the question is do we have equal justice and equal application of our laws in this country? sadly, i hate to say, the answer is no. here with reaction, steve bannon's attorney. when was the last year, 1983 since this ever happened? of course it would happen to steve bannon because if you are associated with trump, everything happens only to those people. >> that's right. usually i don't comment on a pending case but in this case, have an obligation to because merrick garland the attorney general had the
6:54 pm
audacity to issue a press release with the indictment saying this represents a steadfast commitment of his department to equal justice law. little could be further from the truth. they don't prosecute people criminally for this. every american citizen ought to be scared to death by what happened to steve bannon. he was subpoenaed to this committee headed by the way, let's start there, headed up by the representative supposed to be an investigation into what happened in. representative thompson sued president trump personally saying president trump was responsible for january 6th and then he was personally damaged by it. how could that be an investigator into this? he prejudged it. he mentioned liz cheney earlier. she said president trump was the root cause, she's on that that committee. adam schiff your viewers know well about, the lead prosecutor. these people set it up. they sent the subpoena demanding his appearance and produce documents. >> sean: where is the commission looking into the 535
6:55 pm
riots that took place in the summer of 2020 where dozens of americans died, billions of dollars in property damage and looting and arson? >> doesn't fit their political agenda. this is completely politicized and now they've politicize the criminal law. it's absolutely outrageous. what happened here is bannon is a layperson and that's the subpoena, invoked the privilege, the executive privilege applies here. bannon has a lawyer who he hired, a professional lawyer, experienced guy and said to him you must not appear, must not turn over the documents. he followed those instructions and he is charged with a crime for it. can you imagine? and the american people lose because this is a sham investigation. >> sean: a committee that kicks off jim jordan and puts on liz cheney. great job, the people that called your data murderer, programming announcement next.
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>> sean: unfortunately, that is all the time we have left this evening. as always, we know you make this show possible, thank you for being with us. please set your dvr so you never miss an episode. we will be at the patriot awards tomorrow night in florida we will still be doing the show live. i have good news in the meantime, let not your hearts be troubled because laura ingraham is standing by, she's got a big show tonight. >> laura: what happens when we are all together in one place? >> what do you mean, what happens? nothing. >> laura: we have lightning rods out there that will take away the lightning and we minimize any threats. foxes like to let her speak anymore. we'll have a great time tomorrow. >> one day, i might be there coming to the rescue, just be careful. >> laura: i'm going to stand right next to you because i f


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