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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  November 16, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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we ever adding one viewer at a time. "special report." tomorrow on "special report," we are following the rittenhouse trial of course possible verdict from the jury we will see and we will look at the president's agenda on capitol hill. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair balanced and still unafraid. "fox news primetime" hosted by jesse watters this week starts right now. hey, jesse. >> jesse: you are in my dream foresome, bret baier. [laughter] >> jesse: i will see you out on the links. >> bret: sounds good. >> jesse: good evening and welcome to "fox news primetime." i'm jesse watters. we begin with a fox news alert. moments ago the judge dismissed the jury in the kyle rittenhouse trial for the evening. they will return for deliberations first thing tomorrow morning. the jury has been under intense pressure by protesters and the media to deliver a guilty verdict. we have seen reports of jurors being recorded as they enter and exit the courthouse earlier this week. meanwhile, tensions are rising in the streets of kenosha.
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law enforcement bracing for impact with police and 500 national guard troops on stand by. crowds have been gathered outside the courthouse all day with blm protesters clashing with rittenhouse backers. some of them have started marching through the streets. a jury of seven women and five men were randomly drawn by rittenhouse earlier today. the verdict doesn't even matter at this point. the democrats and the media have already written the script. >> kyle rittenhouse was a teenager that crossed state lines with a weapon. >> like kyle rittenhouse who crossed state lines ultimately taking matters into his own hand. >> and you have a president who is defending his vigilantism and lawlessness. that's where we are as a country. >> trigger happy vigilante who went on a shooting pam page at a black lives matter protest. >> the whole issue here is whether kyle rittenhouse was a vigilante and whether he was,
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you know, acting out of racial animus. >> that's vigilantism. that's not what people are not supposed to be vigilantes. >> jesse: they have been pushing the vigilante narrative for a year now. the left doesn't care about facts or justice. only care about sick plot line reading from the same script. encouraging more unrest as kenosha tries to heal from the destruction of last summer. we'll bring you the latest developments from ken northern shah as -- kenosha was we learn them. here now brit hume brill analyst. the vigilante narrative we have seen it for a whole whole year. >>age convicted of the crimes he was accused. even if he were a vigilante he still might have a right to self-defense. if you are a vigilante, an armed man and he hadn't shot anybody and he really hadn't engaged anybody in any aggressive way
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and someone approached him in a menacing way and he shot him whether he was a vigilante or not wouldn't matter self-defense it's a legal right you have. >> jesse: they don't care about the legal right. submit to the mob. take a beating as the prosecutor said, and the media hals run with that line now. and it seems designed to really strike fear in the hearts of law-abiding citizens who want to protect their community from unrest. >> well, the worst part of it in my judgment, jesse was the introduction of race into this matter. these crimes, if they were crimes, these killings were not racial. it was white on white. there's no indication that race was an issue in any respect in this. and, yet, you know, the president of the united states has called this young man a white supremacist based on what i hardly know. and that has -- that is an
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example of the use of the consensus against race in america as a weapon in politics. and it is a terrible thing, a very terrible thing. >> jesse: it's despicable. i 100 percent agree. it seems to me they corkscrewed race into it because it's the killing of jacob blake was racially motivated. then they have a legitimate right to riot. those riots are then righteous riots. and anybody who gets in the way of those racial riots is, thereby, a white supremacist. and who should be handled with mob justice. that seems to be what's going on here. and i have noted the white house has really not called for no violence. they haven't said we want everybody to remain calm. we want the jury to deliberate. methodically and carefully. they haven't said that i wish they had said that because i think it would help. >> well, it certainly can't
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hurt. and, you know, you think of ordinary americans around the country watching this process under fold in this courtroom up here. and i think a lot of people have been rifted to it. it's been compelling television to be sure, jesse. they look at this setting in which you can hear the protest -- sound of the protest ringing in the courtroom while the trial is going on. imagine the effect that that has on jurors. you know, they are supposed to be anonymous. but intimidation of a jury is something you simply cannot tolerate in a country like ours. it's intolerable. and my own view of this case, jesse, is that you can never tell what a jury is going to do. juries are unpredictable at times. my guess is that this jury will find the evidence utterly insufficient. one way -- but, whether that happens or not, the fact is, this is a pretty thin case. and you have to ask yourself this question. why was it brought in the first place? you know, why was it even brought? when a case in which the
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prosecution's own witnesses ended up helping make the case for the defense. the reason i think was that the prosecutors and the city authorities there in kenosha were afraid not to bring it. afraid of what would happen. just afraid now that there will be rioting in the streets. >> jesse: i agree it was brought with great haste and looked like it blew up in their face and had to scramble to do some things and say things in the courtroom that had a lot of people shaking their heads. brit hume, thank you for coming on prime bret. >> brit: you bet, jesse. >> jesse: ben shapiro best side of history, some say better than my book. i don't agree with them but i will let that stand. ben shapiro you have been watching this case develop your thoughts on the media coverage and this run away prosecutor? >> the media coverage has been disgusting from beginning to end. it mirrored an original narrative which that kyle rittenhouse must have been some sort of white supremacist trump supporter in the middle of the riots in 2020 when we were learning that america was
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apparently broken down into two groups. people who wanted racial justice and people who supported trump and you are on one side or the other. therefore if there were people rioting in kenosha not really riots mostly peaceful protests and anybody opposing those folks had to be some sort of white supremacist trump supporter. you had biden feature kyle rittenhouse in an ad 2020 alongside white supremacists. as it turns out none of the sphackets reflect that only people that got shot here were white. people attacking them at least one of them was a convicted child molester. another one of them a convicted criminal and all three of the people who were shot by kyle rittenhouse were in the process of ann tacking him by all witness, forensic and video evidence. the media completely botched this one. it's once more of reinforcement of the fact that the media are a bunch of lying hacks of the democratic party propaganda for a living. >> jesse: i couldn't agree more. you mentioned i guess it was too complex for the media to wrap their head around the facts that there are white americans that
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want racial justice in this country, want the laws followed, want police to conduct themselves honorably. but, also, don't want their own hometowns looted and ransacked. they couldn't really process that what they did, as you mentioned, they take a convicted pedophile, a lying communist. a guy who slapped his own grandmother with an open hand and made these guys into heroes. what does that say to you about the press in this country where those guys are the heroes in their plot line? >> and the narrative matters much more than the facts. how many stories do we have to see them botch in one direction before we decide they are propagandist. everything from justice kavanaugh to the covington catholic case to juliette to jue smollett. the thing so troubling about this particular case obviously not even the press the fact that the prosecutor was so cud gel in the press he decided to bring case in the first place. no evidence not self-defense
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negative evidence. his own witnesses were testifying against the prosecution's position. why he thought that he could bring this case is beyond me unless you just believe that he was doing it for the media and see if it works out for him. >> jesse: there he is you see on the screen pointing an ar-15 at the jury with his finger actually on the trigger. it's just astounding that someone like that holds office in this country. there is also some snobbery at play. i brought this up earlier on our air. the press doesn't think kenosha as a midwestern town is worthy of protecting. they don't think kyle rittenhouse should be out there protecting some stupid, you know, car dealership, this is flyover country. right? this isn't worth -- this isn't like the hamptons getting looted. this isn't georgetown. this is small town america. who cares if it burns? you can always, you know, buy another car dealership. and that snobbery really their
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entire posture throughout all of the riots. >> that's exactly right. the thing to remember about this it's not just that they're angry at kyle rittenhouse for showing up in order to defend private property and businesses. they're angry that the cops were led. led all this off in kenosha, wisconsin, they decided to malign innocent cops. they decided jacob blake was shot unjustifiably. turned out jacob blake had arrest warrant out for him alleged third degree sexual assault he refused to turn himself over to the cops and carrying a knife got himself shot in the process. not only the media played that as another stain on america's racially charged system, but joe biden called up jacob blake, kamala harris visited with the family. this was all part of the broader narrative which is the american system is racist, root. that means that root and branch that means anybody who defends any institution including i guess the car dealership is part
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of that. >> jesse: they created racial riots with deception on the blake case and then when the vacuum of power was filled by rioters and by do gooders two people were shot dead. and now they want the guy who was there to defend the community basically they want his life to be over. and have him rot in prison forever. and they want to line nice the e domestic predator. you it's disgusting. msnbc cut this up and splice this up as masquerade it into something it's not. daily wire straight down the middle coverage, broadcasting the entire trial. let the audience decide for themselves. they can hear the video and look at the testimony. that's what you get the truth. you are not getting the spin. last word ben shapiro. >> i always contribute to
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stupidity and malice when i can. impossible not to watch the prosecutor in this case and think it's malice rather than stupidity. >> jesse: let's sprinkle in a little stupidity. ben, got the book out. good stuff. thank you. >> jesse: fox news alert, the first whistleblower of the biden administration has just come forward tonight. big scandal involving the attorney general right back. ♪ ♪♪♪ ♪♪it's a most unusual day♪♪ ♪♪feel like throwing my worries away♪♪ ♪♪as an old native-born californian would say♪♪ ♪♪it's a most unusual day♪♪ ♪♪it's a most unusual sky♪♪ ♪♪not a sign of a cloud passing by♪♪ ♪♪if my heart won't behave in the usual way♪♪
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board meetings. according to leaked emails, the fbi created a threat tag to track school board incidents and track parents themselves writing, quote: we ask that your offices apply the threat tag to investigations of threats specifically directed at school board administrators, board members, teachers and staff. this memo also undercuts garland's sworn testimony before congress, watch. >> the justice department supports and defends the first amendment right of parents to complain as vociferously as they wish about the education of their children about the curriculum taught in the schools. that is not what the memorandum is about at all i can't imagine any circumstance in which the patriot act would be used in the circumstances of parents complaining about their children nor can i imagine a circumstance where they would be labeled as domestic terrorism. >> jesse: so garland's sworn
4:19 pm
testimony was a lie. lying to congress is usually a crime. what exactly did the fbi do to innocent parents. why did they treat them like domestic terrorists why did the attorney general lie and cover up the program when he testified under oath to congress? here for more reaction is missouri senator josh hawley, senator, this doesn't look good. i have this little leaked memorandum right here this looks like they were going after parents hard core. this is the criminal division and the counter-terrorism division of the fbi. >> what this shows us is that in fact parents are getting the domestic terrorist treatment. garland said oh, no, we would never treat them like domestic terrorists of course that's what left wing groups wanted. garland said we are not going to do that now we know the counter-terrorism division has been tracking parents. not only that, if you read that leaked email what you see is that they are drawing up lists of crimes. they are saying is there any crime that we could go after these parents for? is there anything that we could prosecute them for? federal crimes we're talking about. they are definitely trying to
4:20 pm
target parents it does contradict garland's sworn testimony and now he is going to have to answer as to what the difference is. >> jesse: according to memo i have right here. the date says there should have been already a meeting between fbi officials, u.s. attorneys, local, state authorities, so i mean this thing is already out much the gate on a number of levels. what can you do as senator if the a.g. lies to your face? what can you guys do about that? >> well, at the very least, we are going to put them back under oath and bring him up before the committee and say what the in the world is going on. this is a guy before us in the senate it came out that his justice department had drawn up a list of 13 federal crimes that parents could possibly be charged for. that contradicted what he was telling us in realtime. he was sitting there saying oh we wouldn't charge parents and then we obtained the memo from a justice department prosecutor that says here are 13 possible crimes. the attorney general has a problem with the truth. he needs to come back and answer
4:21 pm
under oath what is going on here. why is the patriot act being used against parents? >> jesse: he sure does. lying to congress? i heard people used to get in trouble for that i guess some people still are getting in trouble for that. i don't know if is he going to get in trouble. he probably won't because he is a democrat. so we will see how that all shakes out. this just looks really bad considering what the fbi did with the trump campaign and now with parents? i think it's just a renegade agency that needs to be held accountable grand what i remember, whistleblowers were heroes in the media. i would like to see how this whistleblower gets treated. we will find out very soon. we will now talk to you about something that i think is near and dear to your heart. the crt garbage that you are pushing back on. some whacko, some 1619 lady on "the view" today said this listen. >> for every story of a teacher who may or may not be doing a white privilege exercise you have a story of a teacher who is
4:22 pm
doing a mock slave auction in their classroom. we are only hearing that one is a problem. these are good faith efforts to really deal with the structural inequality to explain to students how does a black man get killed on national television by a police officer to explain to children how do we have insurrection on our capitol. >> jesse: senator, crt is just a counter weight to these slave auctions that are apparently happening throughout public schools in this country and then she brought up you specifically by name. your reaction? >> well, my what my reaction is the folks add they want to teach our kids and trying to do it america america is systemically evil and oppressive. the worst parted of it is they say if you as a parent and i'm a parent of three kids. if you as a parent object to that, you are auto racist. you are a bigot. you are a domestic terrorist like we have just seen. it's crazy. and that's why i have introduced legislation to protect parents rights to make sure that parents
4:23 pm
have the right to go to school board meetings. have the right to know what their kids are being taught. have a right to control their children's education because parents are the most important part of a kids' education. we should protect that. >> jesse: all right, senator hawley, we will be looking for that legislation and follow up. we appreciate you coming on "fox news primetime." breaking in d.c. right now correspondent chad her gram is hearing whispers leading tom suspect that kamala harris' days as vice president could be numbered. e me feel like i was trapped in a fog. this is art inspired by real stories of people living with bipolar depression. i just couldn't find my way out of it. the lows of bipolar depression can take you to a dark place... ...and be hard to manage. latuda could make a real difference in your symptoms. latuda was proven to significantly reduce bipolar depression symptoms and in clinical studies,
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4:29 pm
does confirm vice presidential nominees. does this have something to do with kamala harris? it's no secret she has been running out of favor with the biden team. over the weekend someone at the white house leaked several stories criticizing kamala for her constant gaffes and awkward laughs. the vice president's office responded to those leaks by leaking a story of its own calling the biden team racist. chad pergram joins me now. chad, so what exactly are you hearing? >> good evening, jesse, there is a lot of conjecture right now about the future of vice president harris and lagging poll numbers. this happened at the white house yesterday during the ceremony to sign the infrastructure bill. >> please welcome heather curtainbach. >> in a moment. [laughter] >> the faux pas was probably not intentional but it underscored issues some have in the biden administration with harris. now here is a window into my world.
4:30 pm
as you know i appreciate congressional process and mechanics. so i got a message recently from someone who knows capitol hill very well and they suggested i should familiarize myself with the process to confirm a vacancy for the vice president in the senate and in the house. to be clear, to be clear, this is not something to say that something is afoot here but i always do my homework especially about process, vice president nelson rockefeller who served under president ford was the last vice president confirmed by congress, the senate and house must confirm a vice president. jesse? >> jesse: very interesting. we will definitely stay on top of that. that could be big news if it's headed in that direction. thank you so much, chad. >> jesse: if the biden white house does try toe radio place kamala harris in the near future the border may be a big reason why but it's not just kamala's fault. it takes a village of bumbling bureaucrats to create tent cities along the rio grande.
4:31 pm
today dhs secretary alejandro mayorkas proved that he too is way over his head when he completely failed to answer a series of basic questions about what's happening at our southern border. watch. >> how many illegal aliens have died crossing illegallied into the united states under joe biden's administration? >> i don't have that data. >> you don't know how many got-aways there have been? >> i will have to circle back, senator, with that information. >> how many children have been in those cages? >> i respectfully am not familiar with the term "cages" and to what you are referring. >> how many children have been in that facility? >> i will have to circle back with you with the precise number. >> how many women have been sexually assaulted being trafficked into this country in 2021? >> senator, i have no ability to determine how many. >> okay so you didn't -- you didn't try to find out? how many children have been sexually assaulted by traffickers or other people when they were coming in illegally? >> i do not have that data. >> how many individuals with
4:32 pm
criminal convictions have you released? >> senator, i do not have that. >> okay. how many have you released that were covid positive? >> i will have to get that number. >> okay, you don't have that answer either. >> jesse: here now to react karl rove, fox news contributor and kayleigh mcenany, co-host of outnumbered and the author of her such a time as this kayleigh, ladies first because i'm such a gentlemen. i assume you have been involved in helping cabinet officials do hearings and you get them briefed up and get them all the facts and figures and get a little rovesque briefing manual. was he not briefed? did he not know he would have to answer a few of these questions, when i don't know, he is facing ted cruz during a senate hearing? >> yeah. or maybe mayorkas presumed that i don't know was better than the actual answer, the factual answer. maybe he was kept in the dark intentionally. i will say from a stylistic standpoint he may want to hire
4:33 pm
jen psaki's brother-in-law who is the communications expert advising kamala harris because did he use the word circle back. i wouldn't think those would be words of choice but he indied used those words. when he is asked about kamala harris the border czar he says i haven't be spoken to her in a few weeks. he says he can't find the number of got-aways. you have would think this would be a very basic question. how many illegal immigrant have escaped into the interior of the country maybe he didn't see this curve ball when ted cruz brought up the emergency intake facilities these deplorable conditions that illegal immigrants have been kept in houston facility that was shut down or girls age 13 to 17 were using literally plastic bags to use the restroom? these stories have been out there on abc and elsewhere. he wasn't prepared. he didn't have an answer. good for ted cruz for asking questions that should have been asked long ago by white house correspondents to jen psaki. >> jesse: karl, you heard kayleigh there is ignorance bliss? did he come unprepared for a reason. >> i doubt it if i were him, i would go back and say why the
4:34 pm
heck did you let me get into that place? i mean, he looked like an idiot. and cabinet officials who are in charge of something sensitive like this ought to make certain that they understand exactly what is going to come their way. for example, look, it is known, i'm sure it's known inside the agency they should know, he should know when members of congress go to these facilities. and one of the things, particularly if you are, you know, serving in the biden administration, you have an acrimonious relationship with republican members of congress, then you audited to be able to say all right, where did ted cruz go, what did he see? show me what he saw. and what do we need -- what kind of questions might he ask me? and walk in with a big thick notebook with all kinds of tabs in it and be prepared to give numbers. he looked like an idiot there. and he can't be happy with that performance. and his staff certainly can't be happy with that performance. they weren't thinking ahead either. >> jesse: he needs to borrow your white board next hearing right, karl? >> i'm not giving it to him.
4:35 pm
he has to get his own. they are expensive. >> jesse: i don't think he could fit all those illegals and rapes. >> need a big binder. >> one interesting thing walls some numbers would be difficult for him to get even under the best of circumstances and rather than say that, for example, look, senator with all due respect, we are being overwhelmed at the border or we got a lot of people we have got to process so it is hard for us to sit down and have an interview with each and every one of the 164,000 people that we encountered at the border. so, i would like to get that information and, perhaps, we could do a sample in order to identify how much sexual assaults there were but that kind of information is going to be difficult for us to collect. and, instead, he looked like he was, i don't know, i don't know. i don't care. >> jesse: between the dhs and transportation, and justice, there is a crisis in every cabinet. i mean, what cabinet does not have a crisis going on?
4:36 pm
kayleigh, we have got to run. go buy kayleigh's book it's beautiful and there is a nice picture of kayleigh on it. >> thank you, so is yours. >> jesse: joe biden's approval rating in the toilet. even some down in the 30's. no surprise though. obviously the media isn't going to blame sleepy joe it's your fault nor not appreciate all he has done for you so far. don't forget he has given you vaccines and that big fat check. >> his numbers are pretty low right now. also a lot of americans who despite having gotten the shots and checks are still telling pollsters he has accomplished nothing or almost nothing which i find amazing. i guess they spent the whole $2,000 and not happy anymore? kevin mccarthy here to react probably future speaker the way things are going right now. i don't know if this is a great business model for msnbc. to be just calling your audience a bunch of ungrateful rubies, but i guess they have to find something.
4:37 pm
>> they have to try something. think about this. what should they be grateful for? they pay more for the grocery store. they pay more at the gas station. we have a border that's not secure with millions of people coming across. people who are on the terrorist watch list we are catching. left americans in afghanistan. he gives putin a pipeline so putin thinks he can control europe and put thousands of troops along the border. china believes they can go in taiwan and criticize america on american soil and a president can't get along with vice president because both fighting to have the lowest numbers. last tuesday really set the tone. there was good news across the country. in new jersey there was good news and bad news. did we all hear from the republican truck driver who less than $200 beat the most second powerful democrat in the senate? that's the good news. the bad news is in this new biden america we just lost another truck driver. >> jesse: i want to get your reaction because we have you here this breaking whistleblower situation. they basically said the a.g.
4:38 pm
liar. they are actually targeting parents who were concerned about tabs gender bathrooms and crt with the counter-terrorism division in the fbi and they are using counter terror tools against parents and he said it wasn't happening and he straight up lied about it your reaction? >> we need to bring him back. in he openly lied and i wonder if this was a direct order from the white house. remember what they did. they believed when parents went to a school board meeting instead of answering the question. if you were in that school district had you to sign nda to see what the curriculum was. you intimidated a father. literally arrested him because his daughter was raped inside a bathroom there and he wanted to speak up. they ignored that and what's the answer with this biden administration? that it's your fault. just like what msnbc said. everything is our fault. government greater control. this is what has gone wrong. they cannot use these
4:39 pm
instruments against american citizens and especially against parents. tomorrow we will roll out a parent's bill of rights from the republican members of congress. we are going to stand up for parents. they have a right to know what's being taught in schools where money is being spent. they do not have the government have a right to spy on parents because they care about their children. >> jesse: we need to really ramp up whatever oversight powers you guys have. i know you are in the minority right now. but you have got a supply chain crisis. you have domestic terror targeting at justice. you have an open border. the secretary has no clue. shows up at the hearing has no clue what's going on. job no clue. there is problems everywhere. what are you guys going to do? >> well, i will tell you one thing, it's not -- we are not waiting around. we are fighting back now. we only need five more seats to be in the majority. then we have the subpoena power to bring these individuals in. we have the ability to stolen what president biden is doing. we have the ability to fire nancy pelosi. this is the quest of what we are
4:40 pm
moving forward to but parents have a right inside to know what their children are being taught. more importantly, think about how many lies have come from this white house down to afghanistan. where he said the americans were safe they can get out. they are left behind. that nobody in america, when he told cnn that he knows is worried about inflation. it's going rampant threat. he told us that the border was secure. he has been in office more than 40 years, the closest president biden has ever come to the border was driving by el paso. it's not just people from central america coming here. it's people on the terrorist watch list from yemen we are catching coming across. >> jesse: all right, fire nancy pelosi. that's about enough to motivate anybody in this country, we will see how it plays out. thank you so much kevin mccarthy. when we come back, when we come back someone who knows what it is like to face angry mob and be turned into villain by the media. st. louis mark mcclow ski is
4:41 pm
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4:46 pm
in june 2020 mark and patricia mccloskey became political targets of the left after they stood up to angry mob of blm protesters. when a crowd geartd outside of their home mark and patricia used second amendment right to defend themselves. they never fired a liberal shot but the liberal media vilified them and smeared them as out of control gun toting racists. >> the mccloskeys are not an aberration they are not anomaly. they are a product of their environment because the american environment prioritizes white people, white wealth, and white land at the expense of all others. >> sound familiar, now they are doing the exact same thing to kyle rittenhouse, just another american who was fearful for his life as a blm protest destroyed the city. mark mccloskey was in kenosha today showing support for rittenhouse and he joins me now. what was it like there on the ground, mark, when you were in kenosha?
4:47 pm
>> well, you know, it's really kind of interesting. the steps of the courthouse have been occupied. i have been up here for two days by an angry group of screaming and potentially threatening protesters peaceful -- mostly peaceful protesters underneath the banner today that said revolution nothing less. and i was told today amongst other things that i was a white supremacist and that the -- and i said to the lady who was screaming this at me, well, how are you going to bring the country together? how are you going to heal these wounds if you are standing here screaming at me that i'm a whited supremacist and i'm the problem? and the answer was that once we have eliminated all you white supremacists then we will have peace. and that's the mood outside the courthouse today. >> jesse: that sounds like a beautiful time out there on the courthouse steps. so, a bunch of anarchists and communists and racists just lobbing threats against you and smearing you. when you saw what happened with
4:48 pm
kyle rittenhouse and you have seen this develop. you've probably watched a lot of the courtroom stuff, very similar to your situation. what's specifically were those similarities? because it was, again, race and trying to put down anybody that could stand up to a mob? >> well, once again tough understand severing racism. the crowd in front of my house the mob that broke down my gate and stormed into my property and threatened me with death and raping my wife and burning down my house and kill my dog, despite the fact that in retrospect when you view the videos it's mostly white folk. but, nonetheless, i was a racist immediately. labeled a racist by the press before the last person left my front yard and have been labeled such ever since. and then you have got kyle rittenhouse where the president of the united states calls him a white supremacist based on absolutely no evidence. we have this trend and it's not just in the rittenhouse case but it happened up in minneapolis where the vice president and now
4:49 pm
the vice president was bailing people out of jail so they go out and riot the next day. the vice president, the president of the united states maxine waters all saying in that case that they -- that we needed to have the correct verdict. not the one based on the evidence. not the one based on what the people in the courtroom heard, or what the jury heard but what was politically right for them. there be violence. that's the state of our country, we are in for a world of hurt. >> jesse: you also had a crooked prosecutor, remember? she slung a bunch of charges at you kind of like binger just shirt first, ask questions later. and the cases blow up in their face. the case blew up in her face. is she still a d.a. there? that soros funded crooked prosecutor? >> she is. she got reelected. go figure. she is going to be a -- coming up on some ethical charges in the first of the year. she may or may not continue to have a license after that. but, you know, they are pursuing my law license on the basis that
4:50 pm
defending myself, standing on the front porch of the house, my wife and i were engaged in crimes of moral per prix per pry and not fit to be attorneys any longer go figure. >> jesse: mark, have you seen it all, that, i can tell you. thanks for coming on the show. don't go away, mike tyson claims he died. casey mcconnell goes on the clock on that and much more when we come back. ♪ ♪ e's a dito treat hiv. it's once-monthly injectable cabenuva. cabenuva is the only once-a-month, complete hiv treatment for adults who are undetectable. cabenuva helps keep me undetectable. it's two injections, given by a healthcare provider once a month. hiv pills aren't on my mind. i love being able to pick up and go. don't receive cabenuva if you're allergic to its ingredients or taking certain medicines, which may interact with cabenuva. serious side effects include
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>> just a few minutes left in the show and it's time to put casey mcdonnell on the clock for topics, 60 seconds each. first up, mike tyson. the 55-year-old boxer claiming he kicked the bucket while tripping on a psychedelic toad. but he said he returned from the dead and went on to lick
4:56 pm
venomous toads more than 50 times. where have i seen this before? >> here we go. >> you ever look at toads? >> no. i have not. i had one as a pat when i was younger. i don't know we have those venomous ones in pennsylvania, so let's give you a little background on this, it's a mexican amphibian, lived underground for seven months out of the year, when it emerges, i guess people smoke the venom. he said he was doing coke at the time, he said he was 100 pounds overweight, lost 100 pounds in three months. >> if you are telling people that looking psychedelic toads could drop 100 pounds, you will of people grabbing for toads all over the place.
4:57 pm
next up. >> i want to know who comes up with this. >> some old indigenous tribesmen licked something and tripped and that's where it came from. anyway, next, young people these days hate blondes apparently and they want blondes canceled, brunettes only, watch. >> is being blonde? every celebrity model is going dark with their hair. >> you're up, they don't like you anymore. only brunettes, have to take the highlights out. >> this is real. according to gen z, we are allowed to be expensive brunettes and for me it's here extension filled hair. i bought this. this is mine. i don't care. you're allowed to have it but the roots have to be brunette i guess and one was saying i really hope that natural cuts and colors come back but it's
4:58 pm
like a cut and a color isn't natural. >> a lot of that went over my head but i think what you're saying is that you have extensions. i've got it, i've got it, it's fine. next, oregon governor kate brown masking up for the holidays and feeling pretty festive about it. and there she is with the weirdest mask i've ever seen, she looks like a total freak, for stay is crumbling, but just go for it. >> when are people going to start wearing fish bowls? i don't know how she breathes. it looks cumbersome and going for the band thing, i love to see what she comes out with for easter. what's going to happen? >> it looks like she has a taco bowl on her face, you know what i mean? either that or a salad, doesn't look good. it doesn't look good. maybe mike tyson is going to lick her.
4:59 pm
last up, according to jen psaki, the president of the united states has a new nickname, watch. >> the president is very focused, they call him calm joe for reason. >> couldn't find any instance of anyone calling him sheriff joe. basement biden, beijing biden, china joe cummaquid pro joe, sleepy joe, creepy joe. no sheriff joe. >> maybe he's working on something extra special offer after thanksgiving for the shifts off the coast of the border, i don't know. there we go, cargo pants in the mix, i like that, should put that on a t-shirt. >> anything to get my products. just shove some products in his cargo shorts and shows up at my apartment and christmas is here, that's all we need. just don't bring me a toad,
5:00 pm
all right? i'm too straight edge, that's more your style. thanks for coming on prime time. and things for you guys watching tonight, don't forget all american christmas is out now at fox news, go check it out the stories, photographs, and recipes from some of your favorite fox news personalities including myself. see you tomorrow. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight," another evening and what has become a pretty high drama country. the jury in the kyle rittenhouse trial has gone home for the night after many hours of deliberations today. the jury reaches a verdict so these are taking much longer than most but it's probably not because the evidence they have heard is confusing them. in a typical trial,


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