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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  November 16, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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little john. she got married last week. a beautiful fall wedding. she would you say used to sean hannity. many years on the east coast wishing her and her new husband bret littlejohn. i don't have a photo of him. that's my husband. >> dana: that is it for us. "special report" is up next. hey, bret. >> bret: congrats to elise and brett with two t's. good evening. i'm bret baier. following several major stories to lead our show tonight. right now a jury in kenosha, wisconsin is still deliberating the fate of the illinois teenager accused of killing two people and wounding a third during a protest in the summer of last year. kyle rittenhouse is claiming self-defense. meantime kenosha is on edge, waiting for the verdict. we'll have a live report from there shortly. but we begin with staggering new numbers tonight about the border crisis. federal government officials said today the number of illegal
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immigrants attempting to enter the country last month was more than double the number a year ago. more than double. the rio grande valley remains the epicenter of this surge we start there tonight in la joya, texas. good evening, bill. >> bret, good evening to you. i can tell you the activity in la joya is starting to ramp up again very similar to what we were seeing over the past summer months just a few months ago. gotten to the point it's so consistent you come out here on any morning you will likely see a group of hundreds of migrants here waiting for you. this as cbp releases brand new numbers showing we are well on track to hit 2 million encounters at our southern border just in 2021. it's just before dawn in lajoie a texas. and this group of roughly 30 illegal immigrant runners have just been pulled out of the brush by border patrol and taken into custody these single adult men and women do not turn
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themselves in and instead they try to evades law enforcement in the dark of night. but once the sun pierces that darkness, family units begin to cross and increasingly bigger numbers. many of them arriving in smaller groups. they walk down a road until they find border patrol. and, unlike the runners, they turn themselves n hopes of release. by midmorning, the number of migrants swell to over 200 as family units are once again crossing in la joya in large numbers, with part of the group being unaccompanied kids and minors who traveled without any parents or guardians. meanwhile, newly released numbers from cbp show just over 164,000 migrants were encountered at the southwest border in october. that's a 128% increase over october 2020 but it does not count the number of known got-aways. over the weekend in the same spot in la joya, a large group of up to 300 migrants crossed
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illegally. as part of that group. we saw a 5-year-old guatemala mallen boy who crossed over completely alone. border agents told us his parents were already here in the u.s. also over the weekend in kenny county near del rio, texas dps arrested 25 single adult male runners on a private ranch with most of the men dressed in black or camouflage. dps jailed all of them for criminal trespass. one of the men in the group was an aggravated felon from mexico who had an active warrant out for his arrest from ice. and, bret, earlier today, dhs sort of gave an update on their investigation into horseback border patrol agents who were falsely accused of whipping haitian migrants in del rio during that situation under the bridge a couple of months ago. dhs announcing today that the dhs inspector general declined to investigate those accusations. it was instead given to dhs's opr. that is the office of
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professional responsibility and their updated it's still under investigation. keep in mind, back in when this happened in september dhs secretary alejandro mayorkas told the public this investigation would be completed in days not weeks. those were his exact words. that was two months ago and still not done yet. send it back to you. >> bret: bill melugin live on the border. thank you. speaking of the secretary president homeland security secretary insists the biden administration is not to blame for the border issue. secretary alejandro mayorkas testified to a senate committee today a committee hearing at times got pretty heated. aishah hasnies that that part tonight. >> immigration system is broken. hall alejandro mayorkas thinks congress should fix the broken immigration system but republicans aren't having it. >> it is broken. but you broke it. >> secretary grilled today during an almost four-hour long
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senate judiciary hearing. at center stage the border crisis. >> has kamala harris been down seat biden cage at this facility? yes or no. >> the vice president was at the border. >> has she been down to see this facility. has she went to el paso. has she seen the biden cages. >> they are not cages. >> border patrol estimated 1.7 million illegal immigrants just this fiscal year. already all the expulsions, mayorkas testified there are still about 375,000 in the country. this week senator james lankford sent a letter to mayorkas over leaked ice documents that he says suggests the secretary is not doing enough. today, mayorkas responded. >> i do believe that individuals who pose a public safety threat, who pose a national security threat, who pose a about border security threat should be removed. >> what should an higher priority of the united states government? securing our border or giving amnesty to illegal aliens who are already here?
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>> um, senator, justice is our priority. that includes securing our border and providing relief to those who qualify for it under our laws. >> justice may come in the form of settlement payments for families separated at the border, which democrats support. >> god forbid these 1800 kids who are still separated with their parents trying to ask for some compensation. >> but mayorkas punted to the doj. >> i am not involved in those negotiations. >> and, bret, secretary mayorkas was also asked today by senator tom cotton about whether the dhs was involved with the national school board association. you will remember that association called on federal agents to look into threats made against school board members and mayorkas responded by saying he does not believe that that fell under dhs's jurisdiction. bret? >> bret: more on that story in a minute. aishah, thank you. now, to the kyle rittenhouse trial. the case has gone to the jury
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after yesterday's lengthy closing arguments. you saw here on fox. and the jury at this moment, has not yet reached a decision on that verdict. that's as of this minute. the judge, we're told, is going to poll the jurors pretty soon to see if this is the end of the day. one of the main issues, obviously, is whether rittenhouse met the legal standard of acting in self-defense. meantime city officials in kenosha, wisconsin are bracing for possible trouble after the verdict is announced no matter what the jury decides. correspondent garrett tenney is in kenosha tonight with a live update. good evening, garrett. >> bret, good evening to you. after 8 hours of deliberations, the only hint we have for where those discussions are is a request the jury made today for copies of the jury instructions, specifically the sections dealing with self-defense. this morning, kyle rittenhouse played a direct role in selecting the individuals who will decide his fate by you will pulling numbers at random from an old wooden tumbler.
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the jury is comprised of seven women, five men all persons white with one person of color. as we await that verdict a lot of people are on edge racing for the potential of more unrest. >> people are worried that we're going to have the same problem we had burning the city down. >> i pray that people aren't going to come in from other states and do more damage. >> none of us had any clue what happened last year was going to happen. and, you know, i think we need to be prepared. i wouldn't under estimate anybody. >> local and state leaders are trying to reassure folks here if there is any unrest this time around will be different. 500 national guard troops are on stand by and local law enforcement says they have improved the response capabilities since last year. this afternoon a group of local activist leaders who want to see rittenhouse convicted also called for peace no matter the verdict. come here for reasons did not
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bring good to this community we don't want you here. we don't want what happened last year. that solves nothing for either side. >> there have been a couple dozen protesters outside this courthouse all day and at times they have been so loud you can hear them inside the courtroom. in terms of the jury's schedule, judge schroder is giving them a lot of leeway and says he will allow them to continue deliberations tonight as late as they want. bret? >> bret: and we will follow it gary, thank you -- garrett, i should say. thank you very much. we will head back for any breaking news from the jury obviously. the state in another state has rested its case against three white men accused of murdering a black man in georgia. toted jurors were shown autopsy photos of are a mad are a berry. he died of multiple shotgun wounds. >> it's my opinion that the shot to the center of the chest and
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the it's my opinion that the second shot was a complete miss and third shot chest. his cause of death was multiple shotgun wounds. >> bret: yesterday, the judge denied defense requests for a mistrial. attorneys complained the jury was influenced by crying from you a ahmad's mother who was sitting with civil rights activists reverend jesse jawction. jackson. getting new information. upset over children's education. whistleblower. g.o.p. lawmakers say seems to directly contradict what the attorney general told them.
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congressional correspondent chad pergram joins us live with the latest. good evening, chad. >> good evening, brevment republicans on the house judiciary committee say email by fbi whistleblower demonstrates that the fbi crafted a system to track threats against school board officials and administrators. republicans say attorney general merrick garland didn't tell the truth when asked about this at a recent house hearing. >> they were actually cataloging and categorizing parents who may pose a threat. so this is a federal categorizing of moms and dads showing up at school board meetings is frightening and, of course, merrick garland testified the day after that memo went out no, nothing of the sort is going on. >> the national school boards association asked the feds in september to probe whether threats against school board members were the equivalent of a domestic terrorist threat. in particular, they cited opposition to mask requirements and the teaching of critical race theory. garland told the fbi to probe the threats but the school boards association later
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apologized. the top republican on the judiciary committee jim jordan of ohio wrote to garland about the whistleblower. he says that the email provides evidence that the feds, again, used counter-terrorism tools against parents. bret? >> bret: we will follow this story. chad, thank you. later in the show, we will take a look at how all of this is becoming a major midterm issue as parents grow increasingly concerned over children's education, expressing that concern in washington today. now to news overseas, concerns are growing tonight about a possible russian invasion of ukraine. again. russian troops are massing along the border with ukraine. and ukraine is taking steps tonight to firm up its defenses. correspondent trey yingst shows us the latest. >> overnight a russian drone was forced down over ukraine. a seven year hybrid war between the two countries could soon expand as u.s. intelligence officials say there is a high probability of imminent russian
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military action. >> armed sources are ready to repel attacks. that is why we have no panic. would he have no fear. the we clearly understand the situation. >> despite an estimated 100,000 russian troops gathering along their border, ukrainian forces appear confident and prepared for battle. after years of pushing for membership, the eastern european country is still not a part of nato, meaning they don't have treaty protection if russia invades. although this hasn't stopped the americans, british, and french from offering statements of support. >> we are going to watch very closely as the russian federation chooses its actions in the coming days and weeks. >> echoing the united states and european partners, nato secretary jen saltenberg met with ukraine's foreign minister while in brussels warning russia against aggressive actions. >> any further provocation or aggressive actions by russia
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would be of serious concern. we call on russia to be transparent about its military activities. it is important to prevent escalation and reduce tensions. >> the russians say they aren't planning any military operations in ukraine. they use similar language back in 2014 much while they were building up troops along the border. shortly after that the russians invaded crimia, an area of land they still hold today. bret? >> bret: that's borat following and changing every moment. trey, russia is also taking a lot of heat right now for shooting down a satellite yesterday. what about that incident and reaction to it? >> yeah, yesterday the russians tested a direct assent antisatellite missile by shooting down one of their own satellites. the problem with the test, it created around 1500 pieces of trackable debris and people inside the international space station, astronauts had to rush
3:15 pm
to their space ships because they were concerned this debris was going to hit the international space station, already the world is condemning russia for this test. the united states called it both dangerous and reckless. bret? >> bret: trey yingst in our middle east newsroom. trey, thank you. back here in the u.s., stocks were up today. the dow gained 55. the s&p 500 finished ahead 18. the nasdaq jumped 120 today. up next president biden on rebuilding infrastructure and trying to build on his relationship with china's leader plus another round of clean-up on taiwan policy comments. first, beyond our borders tonight, secretary of state tony blinken travels to kenya as part of a trip to promote democracy and u.s. influence in africa. the trip was postponed dollars in august because of the afghanistan withdrawal. china has gained influence in that region pumping billions into african energy and infrastructure. nearly 300 people rescued overnight in british, colombia
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after torrential rain set off. evacuated evacuees as determine if anyone was swept up in debris. multiple roads were closed in that area. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> bret: the district of columbia will lift indoor mask requirements starting next week this comes as covid-19 infection cases in d.c. continue to trend downward. masks will still be required in certain settings including schools, libraries, public transportation, ride share vehicles and group living facilities such as nursing homes, dorms and jails. meantime white house officials say they will keep their mask requirement in place as is. we are getting new information tonight about last night's virtual summit between president biden and chinese leader xi jinping. meantime today president biden celebrated infrastructure bill win with his fellow democrats as they push for even larger social spending and that tax bill pending on capitol hill. white house correspondent peter doocy reports. >> it is time to rebuild the backbone of this nation. [applause] >> bipartisan infrastructure package now law.
3:21 pm
president biden had trillion dollars burning a hole in his pocket. >> when you see these projects start in your hometown i want you to feel what i feel, pride. >> but new hampshire leaders aren't sure why the president picked the nh 175 bridge as a back drop. >> it is a little odd that the president is coming here to brag about an infrastructure bill when we get the least amount of highway funding. >> next up trillions more for new social programs. >> the mantra of the biden administration is we can't possibly spend too much of your money. >> they have almost got the votes. we aim to pass it before christmas. >> some democrats opt to see the true costs caulked by nonpartisan groeschel budget office. >> let's see what the score is. >> irrelevant according to the white house where officials are challenging the credibility of the budget office reportedly set to undermine biden claims his spending bill doesn't add a penny to the deficit. >> the cbo does not have experience analyzing revenue amount gained cracking down on wealthy tax cheats are ho are
3:22 pm
taking advantage of every honesttaxpayer. >> bo treasury. it's something we are very familiar with and have a pretty well established methodology. >> biden officials blame poor approval ratings on the pandemic but president biden didn't ask president china's xi for help with the covid origin investigations. the closest they got when the importance of preventing future pandemics and important role transparency global issues. how close are biden and xi really. >> we know each other well, we are not old friends. it's just pure business. >> confirm peter, he still does not consider him a an old friend. >> i'm very happy to see my old friend. >> today, more confusion. >> he does not consider president xi an old ferrari friend. >> america's top five has
3:23 pm
briefed president biden they cannot crack covid-19 without help from china. president biden had a chance to ask for that help last night and he did not according to both chinese and american readouts of last night's he said, she said. bret? >> bret: i see what you did there peter. the white house has had to clean up president biden's comments about u.s. policy on taiwan before. and now after this xi biden meeting, right? >> yes, because he said two completely different things on whether or not he wants taiwan to be independent from china. this afternoon, he said he does want them to get independent. this evening he says he does not want them to get independence, which is the official u.s. government policy. we reached out to the experts that work here to figure out what exactly the confusion is all about. bret? >> bret: more on this with the panel. peter doocy live on the north lawn, peter, thanks.
3:24 pm
up next, the parents rights movement and why it could be a major factor in the midterms next year. first, here's what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox 5 in new york with jury selection in the trial of long time jeffrey epstein companion ghislaine maxwell, the 59-year-old british social lite accuse of much grooming young females for sexual exploitation. she denies the charges. this is a live look at grand rapids, michigan. big story there tonight from fox 17. journalist and detroit area native denny finster back in the u.s. after being held captive for nearly six months in a burmese jail. finster was sentenced to 11 years of hard labor on charges of spreading false or inflammatory information. bill richardson helped win his release. that is tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. ♪
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♪ ♪ >> bret: parents rights, especially when it comes to education, are shaping up to be a big issue for next year's midterm elections. tonight case in point with a rally at the u.s. capitol titled
3:29 pm
government is not a co-parent. chief washington correspondent mike emanuel has the story. good evening. >> bret, good evening, concerned parents from virginia, washington, d.c. and maryland rallying today on capitol hill. their message: government should not be parenting their children, a chinese immigrant mother laying out what is at stake. >> no. we don't want the indoctrination. no, we don't want marxist and communist ideology to hijack our schools. >> some conservative lawmakers joined the effort promising to champion legislative options. >> the momentum is on our side. we saw what happened in virginia, and i believe it's just a foreshadow of what we are going to see next year. we are going to take back our country and take back our schools for our kids. >> there are also growing concerns about the influence of the national school board's association on the biden white house. last month, the nsba said it had been actively engaged with the
3:30 pm
white house, justice department and homeland security and more on a letter to compared parents to domestic terrorists less than a week later the doj issued a memo directed the fbi to investigate threats against school teachers and school board members. urged president biden elect biden first lady his wife to lead a special task force on public cool transformation and equity. today the top republicans on house jim jordan and labor committee virginia fox sent a letter to education secretary car dob that about the answers of, quote, heavy hand of federal law enforcement targeting concerned parents. bret? >> bret: mike, thank you. here at home the push is on to get covid-19 booster shots into the arms of as many people as possible. it was confusing at the beginning. now they are pushing. this comes as infections are on the rise. correspondent jonathan serrie has the latest tonight from
3:31 pm
atlanta. >> the u.s. has seen a 15% increase in covid infections over the past week, averaging about 85,000 new cases per day. federal health officials are trying to prevent the highly infectious delta variant from driving a fifth wave of the pandemic as more americans gather indoors during the cooler weather and the holidays. they are strongly encouraging booster shots for some previously vaccinated individuals. >> we know the vaccine efficacy clearly wanes, we know that from our own country and more intense experience in israel. >> current federal guidelines recommend boosters for persons 65 and older or at high risk for complications or exposure. >> while we have now millions of people eligible for booster shots, we are going through an fda process and we will go through a cdc process to see if that eligibility should be widened. >> at least five states and new york city aren't waiting for the
3:32 pm
green light from federal regulators to expand access to boosters. >> clinicians should allow adult patients to determine their own risk of exposure based on their individual circumstances. in practice, this means that providers should not turn a patient away if they request a booster. >> meanwhile, increasing numbers of school districts are replacing traditional quarantine policies with test to stay strategies in which students exposed to known covid case can stay in class as long as they meet certain requirements. >> that student can stay in school in what's called a modified quarantine for seven days if, number one they are asymptomatic, number two they continue to wear a mask and number three they are tested at least twice during that 7-day period and they test negative. >> and federal health officials are still evaluating the safety and effectiveness of these test-to-stay programs. supporters say they prevent the academic and social disruptions
3:33 pm
many children experience by stay at home orders. bret? >> bret: jonathan serrie in atlanta. jonathan, thank you. up next the panel on the alarming new numbers at the border. and the administration's point person on that issue, vice president harris seeing low approval ratings and whisper campaigns in washington? ♪ >> when she speaks, she speaks for me. >> needless to say the work will not be easy, but it is important work. >> the border is wide, wide open. ♪ ♪ (vo) the more we do with our phones, the more network quality and reliability matter. and only verizon has been the most awarded for network quality 27 times in a row. that means the best experience with calls, texts and data usage of any major carrier, according to customers. there's only one best network. the only one ranked #1 in reliability 16 times in a row. we are building 5g right.
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3:38 pm
less illegal immigration? >> i do not think that it would be a pull factor. >> has joe biden been down to see this facility? yes or no. >> the president has not been down to the border. >> okay, no. >> bret: okay. the secretary of homeland security taking a lot of questions up on capitol hill today. some of that heated. this as the numbers came out today, southwest border encounters up 128%. and there you see the difference between 2020 and 2021. a lot of it about border security. >> the key to border security is fundamentally advanced technology. that is the most effective means because we're not going to construct a border wall on the ragged and jagged cliffs in certain parts of the border. >> there are stacks and stacks of border wall panels, there is hundreds of miles of fiberoptic cabling. there is hundreds of cameras
3:39 pm
that were being installed with that that are just sitting. there is no action being taken. >> what about all of this? we will start there with our panel juan williams fox news analyst. byron york chief political correspondent washington examiner and jeff maven the white house correspondent for reuters. byron first to you, obviously it got tense as it has up on capitol hill with cabinet members. mayorkas in particular as these numbers continue to rise along the border. >> well, you know, the bottom line in all of this, the agreement between all of the republican and mayorkas is baseballly that the biden administration has lowered the barrier to entry into the united states. and increased the probability that someone who crosses illegally into the united states can stay in the country. and that's really questions about the u.s. mexico exord been afghanistan that have not been
3:40 pm
sufficiently vetted the problem with immigration debates they are sometimes just depressingly repetitive. you play a brief piece of sound about a border wall and mayorkas said we can't build the wall along thousands of miles of the border along jagged cliffs. well, that's not the suggestion and president trump himself wanted to build a walling on about 1,000 miles of the 2,000-mile border. so there is kind of a groundhog day quality to these immigration debates. >> bret: you know, you are right. jeff, there is a lot of speaking over each other. but where on the list of priorities is the border, do you think, covering the white house for this administration? it's got a lot of played spinning around the world and domestically. where do you think the border is? pretty low. >> it's not may place to say where it is but based on what you see the president focusing on and public comments and events at the white house, you know, you see this week he is
3:41 pm
focusing on the infrastructure bill. he just got back from a trip to your honor where he was focused on the economy and focused on climate change. he doesn't talk repeatedly about the border. i think what today's event underscored and it's not a surprise is that it will continue to be a big political issue for him and, in particular, for republican critics. and this is something that will no doubt be on his radar going into the midterm elections next year. >> bret: yeah, meantime, the vice president obviously factors into all of this as she was kind of put in the position to go after root causes. let's take a listen to this about her responsibilities and reaction to it. >> the president selected the vice president because to serve as his running mate because he felt she was exactly the person he wanted to have by his side to govern the country. she is a bold leader and she is somebody who has taken on incredibly important assignments. >> you say she is not the border czar that's not her role.
3:42 pm
she is not doing something like that. she is doing something very different you are not consulting with her any policy what is it that she is doing exactly. >> she is focusing on addressing the root causes of migration in the context. >> how has that been going? >> that is a -- we are advancing considerably. >> bret: in the con dex of this moment there have been a lot of stories, obviously, juan, about the vice president. cnn had one saying many in the vice president's circle that she is not being accurately prepared or positioned but instead being sidelined, the vice president herself has told several confidantes she feels restrained on what she is able to do politically. those around her weary hinting political ambitions with biden's team signs of disloyalty particularly from the vice president. sounds like not a happy place in that side of the administration, do you think? >> well, not a good story for for vice president harris. i think there is one source in
3:43 pm
there. so i think it's always good to keep it somewhat in context in terms of how authoritative it is. i will say this. i don't think any vice president's job is that easy. i mean, i think it's been equated to a bucket of spit by some others. and if you think back, you know, think back to ronald reagan and george w. bush. george h.w. bush and you think gosh, you know, they were always putting him down, disrespecting. he is invisible. he is a dark horse. and, of course, we just went through reports about president trump attitude towards vice president pence in the midst of january 6th. it's not exactly highly respected of his health and well-being. but i think this whole argument about immigration is, one, that really, you know, yesterday the president was celebrating the infrastructure deal as bipartisan. i think we need -- it's time for bipartisan deal on immigration. and if you are not serious about
3:44 pm
it, don't come to the table. it's not about selfies,not about yelling at the dhs secretary. it's about saying let's cut a deal as people try in 2013 when some pulled out. let's make a deal. >> bret: takes leadership to be able to push that to be able to force that issue and as jeff mentioned the president doesn't talk about the border or immigration that much at all. all right. i want to turn really quickly, byron, to this breaking news about this fbi whistleblower that the g.o.p. lawmakers and the house judiciary committee have put forward saying certainly the federal officials were looking at parents and using tools of the federal government to look at angry parents in these school boards. what about that? >> well, this has been a really sensitive area. we have seen republican lawmakers grill the attorney general and now the homeland security secretary and clearly this letter from the school board association to the white house sort of disgusting parents
3:45 pm
in terms of domestic terrorists has struck a nerve among republicans. they also believe it is very politically profitable and they want to find out. they don't think the administration is telling the truth when they say oh, everything is okay. we really didn't mean it. >> bret: panel, stand by if you would, up next, border tensions between ukraine and russia very tense tonight and the virtual summit between president biden and china's leader taiwan policy questions again. stay with us. ♪
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they went 50 minutes past the scheduled time at 6:00 p.m. eastern time. and now they will come back again tomorrow and start again as we monitor this trial and all that comes out of it. okay, meantime, there is a lot of tension tonight along the ukraine border as russian troops are moving there and a lot of people are reacting to this. >> we're very concerned about some of the irregular movements, the forces that we see on ukraine's borders.
3:50 pm
it would be a serious mistake for russia to engage in a repeat of what it did in 2014. >> significant large russian military build up. russia is demonstrating that it can quickly activate the already amassed troops and equipment. and that every option, including the military one is on the table for russian leadership. >> bret: okay. back with the panel. you know, a lot of people, jeff, in the foreign policy expert crew say russia's you know, just a pussy cat but it's really acting like a lion and massing these troops. it seems to be real concern tonight. >> yeah. i think it is a concern, for sure, for the united states. and you caught that the in clip that you just played from secretary blinken. some also say will gauge some sort of a reason what did when crimea, again, so it has to be
3:51 pm
taken seriously, and it's just one more foreign policy challenge for sure for the united states and for president biden amongst many. but the president has made clear his feelings about russia and i think that they are probably studying this and watching this very closely here and at the state department. >> bret: yeah. definitely. meantime, virtual meeting with the chinese leader last night between president biden and xi jinping after that what was said by b. tijuana. the president responding to some questions. >> it was a good meeting. we got a lot to follow up on. >> any topics on taiwan? >> yes. we made very clear we support the taiwan and that's it. independence. >> bret: independence is what he said. okay, so then the white house puts out a readout about the meeting and it says this. on taiwan president biden underscored that the president remains committed to the one china policy.
3:52 pm
united states strongly opposes unilateral efforts to change the status quo or undermine peace and security across the taiwan strait. that's definitely what he said. china's readout on this question bearing on enchina's sovereignty and territorial integrity there is no room for compromise president biden admitted committed ited to the one china president and does not support taiwan independence. they have had a clean up on aisle 4 on u.s. policy on taiwan. what do we make of it. >> well, i don't know who to make of it except that the president talks all over himself at times. what was actually said we'll have to actually find out. i think a lot of people are concerned that they talked for three and a half hours and beyond that didn't really seem to say much. i mean, americans are concerned about human rights, about intellectual property, about the hypersonic missile and most especially about the origins of
3:53 pm
covid stonewall the rest of the world about finding out about it. and they really, i think you, wanted to hear biden xi and had 2 and a half hour courtesy call. >> juan? >> i think to me the key relationship 21st century potential global conflict and looks like the trigger could be taiwan n. is something we will have to manage very carefully. it's not even simply a military issue. it's also an economic one, bret. keep in mind, unlike the cold war when you had the u.s. vs. then soviet union, the chinese are major investors in this country. we have strong economic ties with china. it would impact the globe in terms of economy and be catastrophic. >> bret: yeah.
3:54 pm
that's true. it's a huge story one we will watch as well as ukraine and russia and overseas. panel, thanks so much. when we come back, tuesday's tweets and a new member of the "special report" family. ♪ ♪
3:55 pm
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>> man: what's my safelite story? my my livelihood. so when my windshield cracked... the experts at safelite autoglass came right to me... with service i could trust. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ ♪ >> bret: finally tonight, twitter tuesday reached out to some viewers on social media, asked for some questions as we are going to do once a week or so. i received a lot of great responses and questions. some about the news. some about me. here's a couple. first from lois casey, how many hours a day do you and your crew spend on getting "special report" ready to air? what percentage of time do you have to call an audible shortly before air time because of breaking news? all right. so we start about 10:00 a.m. in a morning meeting it evolves through the day. i have a great staff that work really hard. i would say more than 50% of the time we are changing the show at the last minute. we did today.
3:59 pm
so, those are usually really good shows about live news. next we have erika could you have any particular person you would really like to interview if so who is it and why that particular person? you know, i would like to interview chinese leader xi jinping obviously because of all that we have covered tonight i would also like to interview the pope as the leader of religion that has 1.3 billion followers. i think that would be interesting. finally, scott asked you can play a round of golf with any three people alive or past. who is in your dream foresome? this is a great question really tough i would say ben hogan, sam sneed, jack nicklaus if i had one more and sometimes you can play five i would throw lee trivino in there. plus, we have a new member of the "special report" family tonight. john paul tomlinson arrived early over the weekend. fox news pentagon producer lucas tomlinson and his wife ann are the proud parents of the 7-pound baby boy. all are said to be doing well. that is great.
4:00 pm
it is one viewer at a time. we ever adding one viewer at a time. "special report." tomorrow on "special report," we are following the rittenhouse trial of course possible verdict from the jury we will see and we will look at the president's agenda on capitol hill. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair balanced and still unafraid. "fox news primetime" hosted by jesse watters this week starts right now. hey, jesse. >> jesse: you are in my dream foresome, bret baier. [laughter] >> jesse: i will see you out on the links. >> bret: sounds good. >> jesse: good evening and welcome to "fox news primetime." i'm jesse watters. we begin with a fox news alert. moments ago the judge dismissed the jury in the kyle rittenhouse trial for the evening. they will return for deliberations first thing tomorrow morning. the jury has been under intense pressure by protesters and the media to deliver a guilty verdict. we have seen reports of jurors being recorded as they enter and exit the courthouse earlier this week. meanwhile, tensions are rising in the streets of


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