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tv   The Five  FOX News  November 16, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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>> he's going to eat it. >> neil: you can wrestle him and take it. there we go. we're not minimizing higher prices, folks. inflation is very, very real. but what is fascinating about what's going on so far, people have their priorities. there's some things for which they will pay a good deal of money so far. chocolate is one of them. here's "the five." >> dana: hello. i'm dana perino, geraldo, jesse waters and greg gutfeld. this is new york city and this is "the five." the verdict in the kyle rittenhouse double murder trial could come at any moment. inside the courtroom a jury is deliberating the charges against rittenhouse. earlier today, the 18-year-old randomly picked a group of people that will decide his fate. outside protesters gather and
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the national guard on stand by as local officials call for calm. the key issue, was rittenhouse acting in self-defense or did he intend to kill two people and wound another? prosecutors say he's a vigilante and expecting violence. >> everybody takes a beating sometimes, right? sometimes you get in a scuffle and maybe you do get hurt a little bit. that doesn't mean you can start plugging people with your full metal jacket ar-15. >> what the defendant wants you to believe is because he's the one that brought the gun eshgs he gets to kill. >> kyle was a 17-year-old kid out there trying to help this community. the district attorney's office is marching forward with this case because they need somebody to be responsible. kyle rittenhouse's behavior was protected under the law of the
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state of wisconsin. the law of self-defense. >> dana: the media coverage facing new scrutiny for a rush to judgment before the facts came out. >> having a protest in another state and he takes it upon himself to go there. you know, he says it's self-defense. no. >> the witness stabbed like he's some poor babe in the woods and he crossed state lines, break gun laws. >> cross examination what we saw is a rehearsed kyle rittenhouse. >> if a black kid did that, how would america feel about that? >> these are the victims. these are the people that people ought to remember, the people that were hurt here, not the person crying on the stand. >> basically we're saying it's okay to shoot white people, too. >> dana: geraldo, start with you. from a legal perspective. >> i think the verdict should if the jurors stick to the law result in an acquittal. once they drop the less serious
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charges that made the possibility of a clean sweep more likely. why? self-defense is so power in wisconsin particularly. it's clear that this kid, however -- i personally feel that he's been lionized way over the top. he's been portrayed by half this country as a heroic youngster fighting for his community. i don't believe that at all. i think he watched too many rambo movies. he's a kid that took a machine gun to a riot. i think -- >> greg: it's not a machine gun and he's too yong to watch ram dough. >> then you don't have cable tv or -- >> dana: he's not on trial for those things. >> my point is he will be acquitted. he should be acquitted. i think what is very distressing and i made a point of telling my colleague here, we have to be careful not the root for an
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outcome in a case. let the jurors decide based on the facts and circumstances as they were presented, the legal evidence that was presented. i must say well after my appearance here last week, i found the articles that had the pictures of him giving the white supremacy sign on the qt. i have the picture here. >> greg: you actually believe this is a white supremacy sign? >> dana: it's okay. >> i hope you're right. i hope i'm wrong. you, ladies and gentlemen, know better than i because as i said, if he's connected with the white supremacists, that gives you an add -- >> you're smearing him again. >> jesse: geraldo, they checked his phone. there was not one thing about malitia or white supremacy.
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checked his phone. nothing on it. that's that. >> it's just a coincidence. i'm not a lawyer. this is based on the facts. >> he should be acquitted. >> jesse: we want that. we want justice. >> don't put words in my mouth. i'm dispressed by the undertones. >> greg: you say you're a lawyer. based on facts and bring up something about this? >> that means nothing to you? >> greg: yes, means nothing. >> i hope you're right. maybe jesse is right. >> jesse: i'm show you barack obama doing this. >> greg: emanuel lewis was doing this. >> who was he standing with? >> dana: we want to -- everybody is going to get a chance. >> greg: who was he standing with? who was he standing with? i don't know. >> i'd read the article but jesse -- >> dana: we can go back to it. >> we can go back to the facts of the case and what happened and the reason why we're in this situation, geraldo.
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the reason why we're here, a mob of criminal adults and rioters, a man that was shot, a multitime pedophile a child rapist, attacked kyle because he was in kenosha putting out the fires at the buildings that the rioters were starting. the police were not there to stop the rioters to put out the fires. kyle was there doing that. they didn't like that very much and they attacked him. they assaulted him. they threatened to kill him, which is why he defended himself in self-defense. two days before the riots, also something people don't know, another band of criminals showed up in kenosha with rifles, rioters that confronted the police. the police backed off. that's why the police weren't there that day to stop the rioters from starting fires. the men in this case that were killed, joseph rosenbaum, child rapist. anthony huber had a suffocation charge against him. pulled a knife on his brother
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and grandmother. and gaguegrosskreutz admitted in court that he stuck a gun in kyle's face and that's why he was shot by kyle in self-defense. i wonder on the other side, how would yo go through the case and come to a conclusion that you did that kyle should be acquitted? what if people are watching a week's worth of video and the town burning down and going i don't want that to happen again. i have to come to a different conclusion. that's not what the jury instructions are. there are threats about this. the jury was not sequesters. there's 500 national guard soldiers in the town to prevent something like this from happening. what if they're seeing it from the other perspective if i don't make the right decision based on the mob, my family will be threatened. >> dana: the protesters said -- in the courtroom you could hear the protesters outside. surely the jury wherever they were -- >> greg: the point i made after
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chauvin when i go like oh, i'm relieve he was found guilty so my city won't burn. i was making a comment on society. society dictates how people decide in court. we're watching businesses get boarded up on an mih, media induced hurricane. the media induces this by awaiting the coverage in a way that they want. cnn and msnbc chose not to show most if not all of the closing arguments from the defense. so what your left with is what you heard from the prosecution, which is that one of them didn't have a gun when he had a gun or rittenhouse is a racest or doesn't like blacks. he wasn't doing the attacking. he wasn't being attacked. by showing one side of this, that makes the riots more justified. when he said the judge misled the jury, that means that justice was not served so the
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activists can say we're we go again. we have to burn everything down. the media pushes the lie again and again that no justice can be had, this is the difference between humanity and media. for humanity, we live by the boy who cried wolf. it's a necessary fable to build trust. when a boy cries wolf, cries wolf. you don't trust him. that's a morality tale. in the media, it's a prophet model. for the media, it's what they do with race, climate and guns because it's their goddamn profit model. that's why they do it and they're doing it again. i'm sorry i swore. >> dana: permission was to swear was granted in retrospect. >> greg: send you letters to dana. >> dana: i don't want you to get in trouble. wrap it up, jesse. >> jesse: i have a lot to say. >> dana: they said we have time.
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>> jesse: here we go. this is what the left did. they falsely label something racest and justifies the riots. that justifies the their ransacking and looting and burning. you can't get in the way of a righteous riot, right? makes you racist, right? so kyle got in the way. he should have taken a being. that's what the prosecution said. take your beating. kyle didn't take the beating. he used self-defense. they can't have that. they had to make an example out of kyle. they have to chill other people from trying to protect their own communities. total snobs. why would you want to connect kenosha? it's flyover country. middle class people with fires got started at a car dealership. whoopy. who cares? you know, the other thing, they come after santa barbara or the hamptons. private property. expensive.
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that's worth protecting. so they're conditioning the country to bow to the mob. they're conditioning the country to not use their second amount right and using psychological warfare as greg said. they will take a huge villain a pedophile a lying communist and turn the guy into a hero or a guardian of a community and make that guy a villain. he went there to give medical aid and put out fires. all right? that confusing the country. democrats exploit that confusion for power. >> dana: more to come at 7:00 p.m. on prime time. >> greg: unless you get fox. >> dana: up next, president biden and kamala harris all smiles after a bitter feud brewing between the two. ♪♪
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♪♪ >> katie: joe biden and kamala harris trying to put on a united front after an explosive report of a nasty feud of their staff. tensions are growing and the relationship is dysfunction.
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harris accusing biden of sidelining here with crumby jobs and the biden staff is upset with her on how she tries to awkwardly laugh off problems. so naturally the white house is spinning like crazy and telling americans that everything is just fine. >> i can tell you that there's been a lot of reports out there and they don't reflect his view or our experience with the vice president. i know that the president relies on the vice president for her advice, for her counsel. she's not looking for a cushy role here. >> she's doing a magnificent job. i'm quoted saying what i believe. there's no vice president that has gotten off to a faster start than vice president harris. >> katie: so dana, the prime minister klain says everything is fine. >> dana: this is one of those things where the white house is expected you to not believe what you're seeing. you can tell there's a problem here. we know it. they called a cabinet meeting for the first time last friday on the day when kamala harris
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was not even in the country. and then that weekend is when the story started coming out. it's not the first time. all the stories that come out about kamala harris start in house, like inside the team. this team it's like within the white house. you can tell in the cnn reporting these are people that are close to the bidens or worked for harris and didn't get hired. they might be bitter or something. then the other thing that they do, they complain that how dare they defend mayor pete, the white man, over defending her more. so jen psaki is okay, i'll throw out you remember tweet and made it worse. i don'ted think that this is going to get much better any time soon and i would point you to bret baier's podcast. chad pergram said they're preparing something in congress that they have not done in many, many years. i can't find it. basically just -- look at the podcast. it's about the process by which
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you go about confirming a new vice president. >> greg: oh, yes. i called that. >> dana: don't take it from me. this is on chad pergram, our amazing reporter on capitol hill. he's on bret baier's podcast. go to bret's instagram. it's not just -- >> jesse: quoting chad pergram on bret baier's podcast. i read it. i wasn't paying attention. it didn't mean -- >> greg: you realize that what that means. >> dana: they're preparing for it. >> greg: the v.p. could be the next president. so they could find anybody. it could be anybody. >> dana: it could be this. she becomes president and you have to confirm a vice president. >> greg: yes. >> jesse: could be nancy pelosi. >> greg: could be newsome. >> geraldo: they seem like a couple that have split and they try to behave in front of the
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children. i have -- >> dana: share the house. >> geraldo: still going to share the house. we won't tell the children yet. keep smiling. >> greg: somebody has done this. >> neil: go to the pta meeting and have the kids over and do the play date. and their marriage is bad. maybe it's not as bad. she's not as bad now as at guatemala. >> katie: don't they deserve this. >> jesse: i love it. joe will be 82 when he runs for re-election. his disapproval will probably be at 82. he was supposed to be the bridge to the new generation. the bridge to nowhere. kamala harris is doa. blacks don't like pete. he's 5'6". >> greg: what does that have to do with it? >> geraldo: because you're popular doesn't mean you can say anything. >> jesse: how is that, geraldo?
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i would never. that leaves bernie sanders and the woman from georgia. that's the democrat bench. >> katie: gavin newsome. >> greg: i'm telling you, if they get her out by either forcing or resign, whoever they appoint will become the democratic president because he leaves in a year. he's not going to make it to -- >> dana: and could be the other way. they're preparing nor what if she becomes the president and you have to confirm a vice president for her? >> greg: i think it's the reverse. >> dana: could be. >> greg: i think it's the reverse. >> dana: it's very intriguing. >> greg: continuing besmirching different groups in america. >> dana: we're almost to a new year. >> jesse: i don't think he's tall enough to be president. i said it. >> katie: all right.
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ahead, the media covering for joe biden's failing presidency. ♪♪
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♪♪ >> greg: all right. hello. it's a media blitz to save biden as inflation spins out of control. the president selling his infrastructure bill. remember that thing? battleground new hampshire as he faces sliding support from his own party and a bleak mid-term outbrook. biden getting a big boost and
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telling americans to suck it up. >> nobody likes to pay more. household savings hit a record high during the pandemic. >> joe biden is getting the blame for things that he doesn't have that much control over. >> a lot of americans are still telling polsters that he's accomplished nothing, which i find amazing. they spent the $2,000 and they're not happy anymore. >> greg: these people are idiots. i have theories why. ignorance is a rule. >> dana: it's out there. it's like wow. >> geraldo: i sort of agree with them. >> greg: how about this? you're the problem, too. this is an industry completely divorced from a giant swath of america. if you can make the argument that inflation is a good thing, you're actually making the case for blue collar journalism. we need a new kind of journalism. it's so cheer that they're so divorced. >> dana: these are the same
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people that the mounted border patrol was whipping migrants. it's a similar thing. they have not been outside of the northeast here. the republicans have the opportunity to hit biden on something he promised. he said no one making under $400,000 would have taxes increased. that's not true. the other thing is i feel like the republicans need to do a better job explaining how the biden policies have led to higher prices across the board. correlation is good. causation is better if you can prove it. that's a little lacking at the moment. >> greg: what do you think, jesse. >> jesse: i'm going to explain it. republicans watch how i do it. i don't know. i want to do some pinocchios. geraldo, you said this is not causing inflation, this trillion dollar in extra spending. you and your folks. said no economists. i have six right here, j.p.
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morgan, bank of america says this will inflate everything. then he says there's seven key nobel prize winners that will reduce inflation. washington called them. they said joe said this. what? i didn't say that. he's lying. troying the dollar and lying about it. the only thing that he can do to help this is raise rates. that's why geraldo and i are short equities and increase energy supply. you should be, geraldo. i'll talk to you. he cannot increase the energy supply because the greens have him by the throat and the saudis hate his guts because of what he said about the crown prince. he's caught. i'm not going to increase energy and that's why he's screwed. >> greg: go ahead. >> geraldo: i wanted to explain one tiny thing. you have the idealogical spin on this.
2:30 pm
geraldosplain. you have too much money with not enough goods. it's a supply chain issue. i went to lunch by myself a couple days ago. tim, the owner of the restaurant, says, i asked him, you having trouble finding help? he said i'm paying the dishwasher $16 to $18 an hour. that's inflation. remember when $15 an hour was so exotic? minimum wage. now $16 $18 for dishwasher. >> jesse: be quiet. johnny is -- >> katie: the reason for that is because the government pump saad much in the economy to pay people to stay home hand not to work and people that own small businesses unlike the big corporations have to compete with the federal government to keep people. when you have to pay people $15 an hour to be a dishwasher, you have to raise prices. and to answer dana's question about how you communicate this, it comes back to energy
2:31 pm
policies. if you have to get the trucks fueled up to go to the store, all the cost gets passed down to the consumer. politically i don't think they're changing course because they're in a panic mode. they looked at the generic ballot. they know they're going to lose. republicans are ahead by 13 points in some places and saying we're going to lose. we're going to keep push ward and try to get as many progressive agenda items passed as possible. >> dana: they have said a couple things, another thing republicans should do, that they want higher gas prices because they will help the push to electric vehicles. >> they want you to pay $4 a gallon for gas. so i'm going to buy a $60,000 tesla? it's ridiculous. >> geraldo: i wouldn't be surprised if biden doesn't open a pipeline or two. >> greg: to at least gas up your bentley. >> geraldo: i don't drive it much.
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>> dana: gas guzzler. >> greg: up next, president biden rolling out the red carpet for china. up next. why hide your skin if dupixent has your moderate-to-severe eczema, or atopic dermatitis under control? hide our skin? not us. because dupixent targets a root cause of eczema, it helps heal your skin from within, keeping you one step ahead of it. and for kids ages 6 and up, that means clearer skin, and noticeably less itch. hide my skin? not me. by helping to control eczema with dupixent, you can change how their skin looks and feels. and that's the kind of change you notice. hide my skin? not me. don't use if you're allergic to dupixent. serious allergic reactions can occur, including anaphylaxis, which is severe. tell your doctor about new or worsening eye problems, such as eye pain or vision changes, or a parasitic infection.
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♪♪ >> geraldo: president biden taking heat after critics accuse the commander-in-chief after having been to chummy with communist china. president biden meeting with xi jinping to talk about climate to global energy. there was zip, nada on the origins of covid-19 and whether it leaked from a lab. despite the fact our president bizarrely denied his friend xi
2:37 pm
were old pals, china's leader welcomed biden in an affectionate manner. >> good to see you, mr. president and your colleagues. the first time to meet virtually although it's not as good as a face-to-face meeting. i'm very happy to see my old friend. >> geraldo: what do you make of that? >> dana: they know exactly what they're doing. he knows the president biden has had to answer several times of whether -- >> geraldo: from peter doocy. >> dana: not just him. maybe at the briefing it happened. the white house said they're not old friends. so the chinese watch everything that happens in our media. everything in the briefing room. he knew exactly what he was doing and trolling the president that way. something happened today that i was thinking about. my stepson came from scotland for the first time in two years.
2:38 pm
wouldn't it be nice in the president showed anger on behalf of the world for what happened? we haven't gotten that. i understand that we have to be competitors and all the strategic stuff. but a little bit of fire wouldn't hurt. >> geraldo: listen, human right, afghanistan, north korea, hong kong, tibet. they can't get anything done with a virtual phone call. biden probably nodded out. >> katie: the virtual meeting looks weak. you can't have a real conversation in a virtual meeting. to dana's it on, this is an administration that claims to care a lot about ending the pandemic, but it doesn't seem like on the surface they're doing much to prevent the next one from occurring. china is still doing gain of function research inside of not one lab but many labs. you have the administration not even showing much care for what happens last time. there's this big question hoff what we do in the next pandemic
2:39 pm
to prepare. we weren't able to get ppe in supply chains. so what are we doing to make ourselves more insulated from a global pandemic? doesn't seem like it's at the top of their list. >> geraldo: not just insulated from the pandemic, but china glomming up the whole world. they have taken over every place. they're beating it's in business, our supply chain got interrupted because -- >> jesse: because we put the factories there. we're getting them back out of there china is on the decline. their economy is on a death spinal. everybody hates them in their own neighborhood. probably going to lash out. we have to avoid a hot war. >> geraldo: remember that point. >> jesse: biden can't get mad at china. he's mad at the border patrol, the rittenhouse. we're the bad guys, not the bad
2:40 pm
guys that unleash this plague all over the place. i'm like katie. you're going to plug in an earpiece. your peach are coaching you. >> geraldo: at least there wouldn't be any exchange of bodily fluids. an unfortunate juxtaposition. when i was growing up, it was about taiwan and there were two little islands that tie want owned up the chinese coast. the chinese could reach with their artillery. that is where i think world war 3 happens. >> greg: it could. we have a problem with the hologram president. i go back to the analogy that i use. do you want your lawyer in an important case to be somebody that laughs and gets along with the other side or a lawyer when he walks in the courtroom that everybody goes oh, crap! that was trump.
2:41 pm
trump was america's lawyer. we were his client. that means he was disliked by the chinese government, the media. he didn't care. he was fighting for himself. in the same similar alignment, he was also fighting for you. you look at this defection from china. you don't want to see that. joe is the kind of lawyer that walks in, pats the opposition on the back, they talk about how that great cocktail party was they were at, that was a clarity for the opera. everything was great. china is happy to see joe in court. it means they have better, meaner lawyers. they're going to roll over him. it is actual -- i was going to say what jesse says. he saves his fires for americans. he doesn't like it. >> geraldo: president biden? >> greg: yes. >> geraldo: how do you say that? he's a patriot that worked his hole life. >> greg: off of us and not done
2:42 pm
a damn thing. >> geraldo: and trump is a macho. that's why -- another topic. macho will be my next topic. stay there. the shares from early christmas joy. a new book. it's out today. ♪♪ as a dj, i know all about customization. that's why i love liberty mutual. they customize my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. how about a throwback? you got it. ♪ liberty, liberty - liberty, liberty ♪ uh, i'll settle for something i can dance to. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ ♪ ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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>> jesse: a new book by fox's family. it's called "all-american christmas." they stories photographs from your gavery personalities and a few of us here at the table. sean and rachel join us right now. geraldo, you participated. >> geraldo: yeah, i talked about my favorite couple. i talk about they have more children than i do.
2:47 pm
>> greg: they only have one partner. >> geraldo: it was more christmassy. i had an interesting story with a catholic father, jewish mother. my brothers and sisters. >> jesse: katie, you want to talk about anything? >> katie: yeah, guys, congratulations. sean and rachel, this is something that millions of americans can relate to. family traditions. talk about why you wanted to do this project. >> yes. we wanted a book where we celebrate christmas. it's a big deal in our house. i an irish catholic. rachel is the latina catholic. we melded them together. we thought with this car on christmas, that jesse knows too well and fighting it a long time -- a great picture of little jesse here. >> hey call him a foot soldier.
2:48 pm
>> jesse: accurate. >> there he is. on the attack mode there. wouldn't it great to get other fox stories? you see you guys multiple hours a day. wouldn't it be neat to look at the stories of your christmass growing up and how you melded and advanced the traditions and how you celebrate it today? you and wyoming and going from denver in the snow sledding. the gifts on "the five" that you gave to jesse, which is jesse's best christmas gift ever, the michael jackson jacket that he wears every day. >> jesse: i do. >> those stories are meaningful and we want to share them with america during this special time. jesse, you look great. >> jesse: it's in my closet. i do wear it. >> geraldo: you look like a game show host. >> greg: that was from the video thriller. >> jesse: very good. >> dana: i have a question for
2:49 pm
rachel. how do you keep christmas presents straight in your house hold? >> that's really up to santa. he does a good job of keeping it all together. >> katie: got it, right. >> dana: i have kids watching the show. >> they love "the five." by the way, dana, i will tell you, we have a very similar christmas memory. we both grow up with the young people that watch your show don't have this memory of circling all the gifts we look in the sears and j.c. penney magazines. so people will be able to read ant things like that, like things that we have in common from a certain generation and also what we're doing now in the present to keep christmas -- i think people are in the mood for christmas. everybody is ready to celebrate. this book is perfect timing. >> jesse: greg already has his tree elected. >> greg: i do. thanks very much. but that's a medical condition, jesse.
2:50 pm
first, a comment and a question. one latin x catholics? how dare you. this is not -- you don't have to pretent this is from you. if you can tell parents where is the best place santa is supposed to hide presents so they aren't secretly opened as i would do, often two to three days before they were -- i was able to find out everywhere they hit the presents. are there any tips you have? kids are not allowed to watch the five. they won't know. >> santa should not hide gifts in the house. >> if santa has a congressional office, a big conference room, it's a great place. that's a great place to high presents. can i say -- this isn't a celebration of you, jesse. >> jesse: no, it is. >> we're number 7 on amazon right now.
2:51 pm
so here's the diagonal. tonight on "the five," your viewers can take us to number 1 on amazon and get a big portion of the christmas shopping out of the way. a lot of shopping and recipes. the doocy's share recipes. we see the videos of peter doocy coming down the stairs. they share more than that. >> it is the easiest way to go shopping. the people on your list love fox news, then just get them this book because they'll love it. >> jesse: send it to number 1, everybody. the way to do this is if you want to see brian kilmeade in the 80s with jheri curl, that photo is in the book. that is worst the price of admission. "all-american christmas" is out now. one more thing is next. ♪♪
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♪ ♪ it's time now for one more thing. jesse? >> jesse: good friend of mine will wynn is retiring. my audio technician for over a decade at fox news. never had an audio issue. every time we went out in the field he we had a blast. he did a great job. he is turning 79 years old next month. he has been here 25 years. happy retirement. >> dana: indeed. >> jesse: also hosting "fox news primetime" tonight at 7:00. kayleigh mcenany, kevin mccarthy, kacie mcdonnell and brit hume. and chad pergram, big big scoop about kamala harris. >> don't miss it. >> dana: i will go now. over the weekend i had a chance to go to valdosta, georgia. i went to the christian school ladies night had a chance to meet with all the folks from the junior league.
2:57 pm
fire side chat q and a. everyone wanted to know how everyone here at the "the five" is. brad and patience lawson and student ambassadors. amazing. also because greg is dying to know. percy had a greats weekend. learning all sorts of things, sit, stay, come, lie down and shake. pretty good in one week a couple pictures. here is him sleeping and here is him awake. greg? >> greg: must been a wild night. christian school went crazy? >> dana: waiting for your invitation? >> greg: tonight mike rowe, kayleigh mcenany, kat and tyrus. let's do this greg's great ininvention. i came up with this. this is to prevent any tubing problems in the future. listen this is what is called the gutfeld privacy protector my laptop. i call it the tuben.
2:58 pm
but eric, show it how it works. when you pull it back, there is your little camera, and then when you put it there the camera is blocked. is this genius or what? >> dana: did you create this. >> greg: this is at g >> selling those. >> that's $150. i don't know how much it is. it will probably break even. >> dana: worth every penny. geraldo, next. >> geraldo: latest edition of geraldo, geraldo news with geraldo. i last thursday big veterans day edition "the five" because i was hosting a big fundraiser in my hometown tv station travis mills foundation. travis is a quadrupled lee jik amputee whose body was blown to bits by wicked ied booby trap. miracle columbusly travis survived. established this foundation to
2:59 pm
provide counseling and additional services for other returning vets who have physical physically emotionally or other ways wounded by war experience. wtan radio phone raised $112,000, huge for cleveland. huge. and we brought this challenge here to the "the five" for gutfeld to step up to the plate. [laughter] i love this guy. dana would probably have been a good fit too though. would she have been better? yeah. and also gutfeld, you owe me some money, punk, you better pay up before i come and find you. >> greg: i have no hearing. >> dana: you owe him money apparently if someone asks you. >> jesse: i can't hear you. greg, you owe me money, i can't hear you. >> dana: i love travis mills. >> katie: my dear friend and former fox news colleague is
3:00 pm
little john. she got married last week. a beautiful fall wedding. she would you say used to sean hannity. many years on the east coast wishing her and her new husband bret littlejohn. i don't have a photo of him. that's my husband. >> dana: that is it for us. "special report" is up next. hey, bret. >> bret: congrats to elise and brett with two t's. good evening. i'm bret baier. following several major stories to lead our show tonight. right now a jury in kenosha, wisconsin is still deliberating the fate of the illinois teenager accused of killing two people and wounding a third during a protest in the summer of last year. kyle rittenhouse is claiming self-defense. meantime kenosha is on edge, waiting for the verdict. we'll have a live report from there shortly. but we begin with staggering new numbers tonight about the border crisis. federal government officials said today the number of


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