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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  November 16, 2021 10:00am-12:00pm PST

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place, you will be a swelled with patriotism and at such an honor to host it. it's an event, a lot of fox, and that there are a few tickets left by the way in the silver tear. it we made a few notes more available so awards. >> have fun at that, "america reports." >> sandra: harris, thank you. fox news alert to kick off "america reports" on a brand-new hour. the jury in kyle rittenhouse is a murder trial beginning deliberation it will determine whether rittenhouse intended to kill two men or acted in self-defense. hello and welcome, i am sandra smith here in new york. >> john: good to be with you here on this tuesday, i'm john roberts in washington. protesters gathering on the steps in the courthouse in kenosha is the city and national guard remain on alert. i kyle rittenhouse this morning
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himself randomly pick an picking the group of 12 men of one who will decide his fate. prosecutors say that he was a vigilante out on the streets expecting violence and his lawyers claim he was attacked while trying to help the community and feared he might be killed. he could spend the rest of his life in prison if convicted on the most serious charge. >> sandra: andy mccarthy, leo terrel and joe concha will join us to react to the latest elements but first, outside the courthouse in kenosha, wisconsin were certainly a lot of tension has been building throughout the day. alexis? >> sandra, that's right. not a lot of action but as soon as the jury went into deliberation we have more protesters from both sides here out in front of the courthouse, and we just heard moments ago from the kenosha county sheriff's department, they say they are keeping a close eye on everything that's happening but at this point they are not expecting everybody to change their daily routine or even put in a curfew into effect at this point. what we can tell you is there is
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500 national guardsmen on standby right now outside of kenosha, just about an hour away, just in case. many businesses here are covered in plywood as they were never able to reopen due to the unrest last summer that was a trial for them. >> we are a little nervous, not sure where we are going to go or what's going to happen. we are trying to stay positive. >> just moments ago the jury asking the court for extra copies of those jury instructions. they have questions on the case though the matter has to be discussed in open court. the jury can continue deliberating as long as 9:00 tonight. the 12 jurors are trying to reach a verdict on kyle rittenhouse randomly picking those names out of a wooden tumbler, interesting to watch, deciding who would decide his fate. prosecutors say rittenhouse was provoking the bloodshed in kenosha but the defense team
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fight back saying this was self-defense. legal experts tell the prosecution, overcharged rittenhouse. >> the thing that's odd about this is it's like watching two different trials going on in kenosha. you turn on some of these programs and they are praising the prosecutor. the prosecutor has made every error you could possibly list. it's a textbook case of what not to do at trial. >> now they just chose not jury earlier this morning as i mentioned but as you know seven women and five men, and the jury will decide if kyle rittenhouse was acting in self-defense, though have to acquit him. a >> sandra: thank you very much and we will go back to you as needed. i'm just getting from the kenosha sheriff's department and an update on the situation there. understanding and recognizing the anxiety is surrounding the kyle rittenhouse trial, they have a coordinated effort they are detailing as we have this live look at what our continued
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protests, john, there in kenosha. if strength into their existing relationships, the police department says, with state and federal resources and right now they say they don't see the need for road closures or to enact curfews but certainly they are watching for the developments there in kenosha. >> john: the atmosphere in front of the courthouse, there is some tension that we are getting reported back to us but it doesn't seem to be at the level that it was, say, in august 2020 when the riots in the streets of kenosha happened. but just in case, 500 national guard personnel are on station about 60 miles away from kenosha and ready to go if needed. president biden new hampshire today to talk about the bipartisan infrastructure deal that he signed into law yesterday and that comes amid the presidents plunging approval ratings, rising inflation and a bitter debate over his upcoming social spending bill. with all that in mind we go to our men at the white house, peter doocy. >> the latest john fan, our
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cameras caught president biden leaving an oval office meeting before he left hand with mitch landrieu, the man he and they called in to figure out exactly how to spend a trillion dollars on infrastructure projects without fraudsters taking advantage. that is something president biden said he did for an obama era recovery project, more than a decade ago. >> to call him sheriff joe for a reason, on the implementation of this, making sure we keep waste, fraud and abuse and we prevent waste fraud and abuse and we are working directly for hours a day which is what mitch landrieu will be doing with governors, local officials and others. >> 800 invited guests watch the president signed the infrastructure bill into law yesterday. some elected republicans even spoke here but it's not clear, there is much more bipartisan dealmaking on the horizon because they have zero republican support for the bill back better plan as republicans fear inflation will just get worse.
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>> the prices continue to rise, and then it will be a massive repudiation for the democrats next november. >> recent opinion polls show the infrastructure planning, the president is selling today will be more popular than his other proposals and it's more popular than the president himself which could be why it could be a more delicate moment for the white house. that could be a first in the nation primary state. >> waste, fraud and abuse, that was a punch line during the current clinton administration but it's back again. big question today, sandra. will the passage of the bipartisan infrastructure bill rescue president biden's agenda? >> sandra: or will it make an economic situation such as inflation even worse? robert wolf will join us, and we will ask him about jen psaki
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making the case that no economists is out there projecting that this will have a negative impact on inflation. what does it robert wolf have to say about that after his visit with the president? meanwhile, cnn being accused of racism and sexism. with a story about how poorly vice president harasses performing an office. josh kraushaar is the national journal of senior national political columnist who writes the against the grain column. so why is, specific pole for usa approval rating. she's dropped to a dismal 28% approval rating. >> yes sandra, it does seem that democrats and the vice president's office in
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particular like to use the identity politics card as a way that route but criticism, actual meritorious criticism about her actual performance in office. but when you have a job approval rating below 30% and you box some interviews, and if these are actual problems and actual challenges and to simply saying that they are racist or sexist, it will get into political or political trouble. and that's a big fight over the d.a., the left-wing d.a. and she could stake out a more moderate position and help the president stake out a more pragmatic position. but she is instead sort of talking about what equity, she's giving these interviews that come across as very tone-deaf
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and haven't helped her political position. >> sandra: it doesn't appear there has been a reality check at least for the vice president. this is a former harris aid, and it's "hard to miss the specific energy that the white house brings to defend a white man. and taking a lot of the hits that the west wing. and the reason kamala harris is being attacked, many, many people who would swear they aren't racist or sexist can only cope with and accept a black women they are insubordinate roles. what is the danger in taking it to that level of identity politics? >> i think it's obvious, it's not a good look for people close
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to the vice president to be attacking the transportation secretary, or even attacking the president by implication. this is supposed to be one happy family, and it just underscores the political problems that they are facing. as a basic political reality that if president biden doesn't get approval up, no one in this administration is going to look good heading into 2022. so it's a pretty safe bet that neither biden nor harris may end up being the nominee in 2024. it's not helpful for vaught biden, and it's not a good look for the vp to throw a haymaker is that people in her own administration. >> we see the back and forth but we see quite a display of warmth yesterday and it really appears
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that the white house is trying to fight back on these reports and at the idea that things are going so well. you saw jen psaki trying to make something of it, something better of the situation. >> it's good that folks in the situation are giving some morale support, probably better done behind the scenes, and even the infrastructure, we identified the row in that ceremony. when things get bad, and i think at the president should certainly keep a lot of the frustrations to herself. >> it perhaps it should have gone better if they would have just introduced her accurately. thank you. >> two months after images of border agents on horseback through outrage, department of homeland security says its inspector general's office has now declined to investigate the
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conduct of the agents back in september. border agents were pictured on horseback and were falsely accused by president biden and some lawmakers by whipping the migrants to try to turn the back. >> president biden and chinese president xi jinping holding a virtual summit last night in an attempt to ease tensions between the two countries after chinese leader welcomed the president as his "old friend. their goal is to ensure that competition between the two nations does not veer into conflict. the two got into the issue that divide issues and at trade issues taiwan. neither side off her concrete action after john, wait for it, three and a half hours of talks and, nothing? >> nothing at all. do you think he was plunking the president just a little bit, calling him my old friend? >> in the virtual nature, this is the first summit and it was
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virtual. the three and a half hours enough to walk away from something concrete is enough. >> that something that we would put two general keith kellogg at coming up in our next hour with so many urgent issues on the table. can president biden afford to walk away amazed summit with and nothing concrete. >> secretary mayorkas from in the hot seat from the senate judiciary today. >> do they give a damn enough to see the children being locked up by joe biden and kamala harris because of your failed immigration policies? >> sandra: mayorkas things it administration is doing everything it can to solve the migrant crisis on the border is closed. a brand-new number say a different story. >> john: 160,000 plus people
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10:19 am
this administration's. >> >> as she bent down to see this facility? i know she want to el paso, has she seen the biden cages? >> they are not cages. >> what are these walls? has kamala harris been down to see these detention facilities? >> she has not been down. >> all of this comes at cbp reports that they have taken nearly 147,000 unaccompanied kids so far and that is quadruple the number from the year before and also this. 164,000 encounter as reported by border patrol in october alone, making it the worst october for illegal crossings ever recorded by dhs. ranking number chuck grassley also grilled mayorkas, washing
10:20 am
his hands clean and punting it to the doj. >> the department of justice is leading the negotiations and litigation arising from the family separation policy and i'm not involved with in those negotiations. i must defer to the department of justice. >> bottom line, mayorkas says the immigration is broken. we will get reaction from senator marsha blackburn who will be joining us next hour and she has a lot to say. >> john: everyone keeps punting this issue, remember when peter doocy asked the present about it and nobody is really willing to talk too much about that. back to our top story, the jury and truck kyle rittenhouse is double murder cases deliberating, they will start
10:21 am
their work earlier this morning, so how long are these deliberations expected to last? let's bring in former assistant attorney for new york and fox news contributor andy mccarthy. we will talk about how long the jury will deliberate before rendering a verdict, and with that in mind what are you predicting? >> so it's hard john when we are not getting notes. i always think with these things that if you get a note, even though notes are a little bit, and it this is a very early stage, and the other thing to bear in mind is if you thought the cherry was -- had questions about any particular area of the law and the law is very important in a case like this were the facts are pretty much not in too much of a dispute,
10:22 am
did he make the self-defense or didn't he, the jury has in the jury room copies of the charge, the instructions that judge schroeder gave to the jury. so we wouldn't get notes about that and sometimes in a different kind of case he would get a note about, tell me about reasonable doubt again or tell me about self-defense and you aren't going to get that more than likely unless they are confused by something they've gotten from the judge. but they haven't asked for feedback of testimony or anything that gives you a clue of what they are looking at. >> john: if they did ask for more copies of the instructions which i assume could be an indication that the instructions were lengthy. before they even begin to deliberate the facts of the case. the judge said before charging the jury, that he acted in self-defense and it's game over but he has a number of accounts against him and a number of different situations, all of which were laid out in excruciating detail by both the
10:23 am
prosecution and the defense. so the jury has to decide in each of those cases whether there was self-defense. >> the way i would read this, and again this is more hypothesis than knowing what's going on in here. but i really think the way that they teed this case up even though there are multiple counts and lesser included offenses, the way the case was teed up for the jury is if you buy self-defense, he's going to walk. if you don't buy self-defense he's probably going to be convicted on the most serious counts. that's the way the case was pitched to the jury. deliberations went on for a long time, it seems to me to be pretty black-and-white that way. then i would wonder if they were starting to negotiate over the potential compromise. then, the lesser included could become more important. >> john: i wanted to ask about
10:24 am
something that happened yesterday. thomas ming are holding up the ar-15 rifle that kyle rittenhouse used in pointing it toward the court with his finger on the trigger. the gun had been cleared up by a deputy but you never put your finger on the trigger unless you plan on firing a round. what do you make of what he did yesterday? >> i just think it's a very irresponsible way to handle a firearm obviously but i don't see how it helps the state to do that sort of thing. when i was a prosecutor it was drummed into me, the gun would be disturbing and be very ostensible and handling them carefully. the big difference now between when i was a young prosecutor, there's almost no video now and
10:25 am
almost no reason ever to do that kind of a demonstration. i can't imagine. and that will be the witness that enters them into evidence in the trial. i don't see any real good reason and if you are a prosecutor, you always want to treat that like it's a dangerous weapon and not a trope toy and i just don't get it. >> john: clearly done for dramatic effect but the fact that he had his finger on the trigger is a point of that weapon as opposed to having it at least on the ready position, i don't know if he's ever been through a gun safety course were not. andy, good to talk to you, i proceeded. >> sandra: john, the cdc failing to report important covid stats in real time so how can the american people be expected to make informed decisions especially around the
10:26 am
holidays and travel season? dr. nicole saphier is here to weigh in. plus this. >> our infrastructure used to be rated in the best in the world. now we are ranked 13th in the world. well that's about to change. things are going to change a big way. i'm >> john: a president biden in the celebratory mood after signing his infrastructure bill into law but will it do anything for a sinking poll numbers? robert wolf was right there with the president for the signing at he us coming up next. musical physical
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>> john: a president biden in new hampshire this afternoon to promote his recently signed infrastructure bill. at this comes as a president attempts to shore up political support for his massive social spending bill which remains stalled in congress. complete coverage, and we begin with molly line, she's live in
10:31 am
woodstock, new hampshire, where the president will be speaking in the next hour. >> john, we are in the tiny hamlet of woodstock, new hampshire and this is of course the critical swing state of new hampshire as well and this is where he's coming, the first spot where he will be touting his $1.2 trillion infrastructure package. he plans to visit an aging bridge, the peerage that crosses over the river which is in need of repair. today it's a backdrop for the president's first stop, celebrating a bipartisan deal and aimed at repairing or upgrading the nation's infrastructure with roughly 110 billion included for roads and bridges. more than 220,000 bridges in the u.s. need major repairs or should be replaced which is more than the third, according to the american road and transportation builders association. members from the delegation all democrats have appraised of the packets but the governor notes in place will make it tougher to get things done.
10:32 am
>> with the challenge is figuring out how we will implement it, when things cost twice that much with inflation issues and supply issues and workforce issues. at the end of the day it really has to be incremented. >> the president will be visiting the general motors electric assembly plant there. >> john: i take it that the people we are in the background are not fans of the president? >> that is the case and there are a lot of folks who are politically active up here. >> john: and a question about that, they do things different in the grandest state. >> sandra: for more on this let's bring in fox news contributor and former obama economic advisor robert wolf who was at the president -- with the president at the white house. there's a picture of you with the president and i know you are taking a victory lap this morning. this is the win for the biden administration? >> it's a win for the country.
10:33 am
i've been supporting this for over a decade, and it is the best thing this country could do. it's important for safety and security and the best a multiplier for gdp and the best job wage again her. >> sandra: so translation is growth, and you are protecting it will lead to economic growth. what it does for inflation, we've been talking ad nauseam about the high price of just about everything which was why it was shocking to hear jen psaki say this at the white house yesterday. >> why should americans not be concerned that injecting another $1.75 trillion or more would further raise inflation? >> because no economist out there is projecting that this would have a negative impact on inflation. actually what it will help do is it will help increase economic productivity and it will help
10:34 am
economic growth in this country. >> sandra: no economist out there projecting will have an impact on inflation. i don't know where she's looking, the goldman sachs economist and the inflation overshoot will likely get worse before it gets better, talking about the prolonged supply chain prices. they are talking about high prices for all of next year and larry summers formally of the obama administration, time for team transitory to stand down and there's a lot of economists that are running about he inflation. >> what i was referring to is the 1.2 trillion infrastructure plan, that's a 1.75 trillion reconciliation. no one is saying, and even rob portman yesterday who was the chair of the budget office said that the infrastructure plan is anti-inflationary. that's a 1.2 trillion and that's the one i am literally applauding 24/7 and i didn't like it when bernie sanders at six and a half trillion, i did like when a house at three and
10:35 am
half trillion. i'm a quay at about one and a half trillion, but we have not seen the cbl scoring yet. the way i look at it is in a post-pandemic world, we have to bring down drug prescriptions. if you had those things done than i would applaud us making sure that we could pay for them. some of the other things i would not possibly have been so supportive but as i said inflation is not transitory, it is here. >> sandra: we have but how can this administration address what is already a problem for american families on how can they fix it if they are not even acknowledging it? i'll ask you what this all means for biden's approval ratings because you can put them up on the screen. as you know he continues to sink in the latest polling, latest "abc news" poll is down, and it down 21%. some double digit drops there so will this help bring back his
10:36 am
sagging poll numbers? >> you know you and i have been talking polls for years and i think the polls are always lagging. the approval of yesterday's infrastructure bill which was bipartisan, 40% of g.o.p. senators voted for it, is at 65% in this country approval. i think the idea that we signed it is positive for his poll numbers and that being said every day is a new ball game when you are president of the united states. if there will be other situations coming. >> as far as economic situations we are approaching the holidays and people are having a hard time getting their stuff, services are down and does the supply chain crisis going on. i now get your final thought on this, this is "the washington post" "abc news" poll that found support for the spending plan is there. but the concern is over the increase in government. because when asked are you concerned biden will do too much to increase the role of
10:37 am
government, there is an overwhelming 59% who say yes. they are more concerned about that. >> listen. no one wants more regulation in our face. it has been rejected and will not pass the senate. the 1.75 children, cotillion has a 50/50 chance to pass but i think in this country we are proud of the infrastructure and there are things that we will like in the build back better but it will be universally applauded it. i do think there are good things in it. >> sandra: i hope you can come back soon because i want to dig into much more. you have this quick rate that's happening while 10 million jobs are open. you're a business guy and a political guy but i don't hear a lot on this white house about how they are specifically addressing the problems. >> i think the infrastructure will become a and i think inflation will be here through 2022.
10:38 am
>> sandra: you at a whole lot of other folks. john? >> don't forget that $1.75 trillion budget, and, military members are now struggling to put food on the table. the reasons behind it and what's being done to help. >> sandra: that's what everyone's talking about. plus the jury deliberating the fate of kyle rittenhouse but the media and those have convicted him long before. joe concha is here to weigh in on that. housands of homeowners
10:39 am
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of this for as low as a zero-dollar monthly plan premium in many areas; and your doctor and hospital may already be a part of humana's large network. if you want the facts, call right now for the free decision guide from humana. there is no obligation, so call the number on your screen right now to see if your doctor is in our network; to find out if you could save on your prescriptions, and to get our free decision guide. humana, a more human way to healthcare. >> sandra: now the brother of alec baldwin is coming to his defense of the deadly movie set
10:43 am
shooting that took place just last month. donya baldwin describing his brother as a target for his outspoken political views and he re-appeared on a radio show monday to weigh in on the incident and said this. >> he's opinionated and that he is strong headed and has some saunter views on certain things and those people who don't like him will take advantage of him and persecute his wife, he's a target. be comic >> sandra: he he described his brother was handed a cold gun and shifted to armor. >> active duty military members are struggling to feed their families on the pandemic has made matters even worse. david lee miller it is in new york with how some organizations are getting together to help feed the
10:44 am
troops. >> the bowery mission here in new york helps feed new yorkers who are in need about hunger is a problem in america that affects at least one group that many people may not realize. i'm talking about members of the active military and their families. those hurting the most are 29% of junior level enlisted service members according to the latest in america. military bases and high unemployment for spouses combined with the economic problems caused by the pandemic, leaving many military families without enough money for food. due to government regulations many military families are often not eligible for food stamps. for rachel is able, whose husband is in the army based in fort bragg, and ymca helped feed her family. >> that was something that has a stigma that if you go to the food pantry or you are super
10:45 am
poor or -- i wouldn't say i was ashamed but i also didn't want to share it with people who wert i was going to a food pantry. mostly i didn't want people to feel sorry for me. >> since covid, the ymca has distributed 3 million pounds of food on 55 bases across the country. the group's president, a retired vice admirals of the department of defense needs help from nonprofits. at stake, attracting and keeping enlistees. >> if you don't have a secure military, and put up with all the moves and protecting our freedoms. >> there is a build now in congress that would provide for
10:46 am
basic needs for military families, and a good number of them are currently living john either at the poverty level or below. >> it's such a tragedy, with such hardships and day-to-day basis, and david lee miller is here for us. >> sandra: a family gathering, covid concerns for asam and the cdc may not be helpful for those seeking information on what we refer to as breakthrough cases. dr. nicole safire. >> president biden, russian aggression against the ukraine. his president biden soft foreign policy approach enabling our competitors? fox news contributor and former from national security advisor
10:47 am
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>> sandra: so if your favorite
10:51 am
part of thanksgiving dinner is desired, maybe this one is for you. hershey's has decided to create a thought just never peanut butter cup and they are calling it reese's thanksgiving pie. according to its website, the pie is 9 inches in diameter and three and a half pounds of pure chocolate and peanut butter. unfortunately john if you did not already order yours you will have to settle for traditional pie like apple or pumpkin, which i would be a fan of anyway. percy's is also only making about 3,000 of these giant sized cups and they sold out in just a few hours. there's not a whole lot i don't like about that, chocolate and peanut butter. >> who would have ever thought of that? >> john: and it looks low-calorie too, why not? center for disease control facing scrutiny, and hospitalizations and deaths among the vaccinated.
10:52 am
or even in real time. and the data that we are looking at here, first of all this case is about one and seven cases among vaccinated people and then at the data on death as well. if you look at the data, it's two months old. so how are we to make a decision on whether or not to travel if we don't have accurate up-to-the-minute data from the cdc. >> that's right john. we've had many disappointments come out of the cdc over the course of last year and a half but the most prevalent right now is their inability to provide transparent real-time data on breakthrough cases and a natural immunity. as you just pointed out, if you are looking at the breakthrough cases, the last they updated that information to the public was september 4th. for hospitalization rates amongst the vaccinated was the end of august. if you notice in those graphs you started to see a rise in
10:53 am
hospitalizations and deaths in the breakthrough cases but now we've gone through the delta wave and i anticipate those numbers are going to be even higher. and breakthrough cases are real. these are real and certain subsets of populations and that's why we are having conversations regarding boosters. >> john: the lag in data is affecting decisions on best health practices and leanna wynn is in the george washington's university's school of health policy. it's definitely a problem, we have not had real-time reliable data on breakthrough infections. why should we be waiting until we see americans ending up the hospital's breakthrough infections before we take action and recommend boosters more broadly? she's talking about not just making travel decisions but public health policy like who to recommend boosters four.
10:54 am
>> john is absolutely correct and as we head into the thanksgiving holiday, for the majority of people, and whether it's mild flu-like symptoms or mild symptoms of a cold and you are able to spread that to something else who may be immunocompromised or may be more vulnerable and breakthrough infection can be severe in them. and we have no idea because the inability of the cdc to provide real-time transparent data on breakthrough cases and their severity. the cdc needs to update this data right now and they were asked a couple of weeks ago whether that would be the next update and the quoted end of october. and they have not updated their data. >> john: dr. last time you were on we had some data that was done in the bay study that was published in "science" magazine. and that's a long term if all of the vaccine. in march it was 89% effective
10:55 am
and that it's now down to 58% of the end of september. pfizer was eight or seven and jay and 86, and in terms of making the risk of death less likely, madrona after six montht 52% less likely so there is still very effective at preventing death. i think people are rightly concerned about. if the breakthrough infection is mild, then we are not going to get 20 covid and it and zero symptoms, just like the flu. we've accepted a flu shot that lessens the severity of the flu and that's likely the same with covid but we need to make sure that these vaccines are all preventing hospitalization and preventing death. without the real-time data is very difficult to assess that.
10:56 am
>> john: dr. saphier, always good to talk to you. we appreciate it. >> sandra: during members meanwhile are on a lunch break at this moment, they deliberate in the murder trial of kyle rittenhouse. rittenhouse this morning at randomly drawing numbers as seen here picking the numbers of that jury and the group will decide if he acted in self-defense or if he was looking for trouble on that august night. leo terrel at the top of the hour to weigh in. ke out up to $r more. give them a call. veteran homeowners- with home values at all-time highs and rates at near all-time lows now's the time to do more with your home equity. veterans are calling newday at a record pace to take advantage of the newday 100 va loan. you can borrow up to 100% of your home's value to upgrade the kitchen, add a pool for the grandkids, or have the security of cash in the bank. with an average cash out amount of $60,000, you can do more.
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>> john: at fox news alert at the top of a brand-new hour, the debate that has been dividing the nation is now playing out behind closed doors. 12 men and women likely feeling the weight of the world knowing whatever they decide they will be changing last forever. good afternoon, i'm john roberts and that washington. >> sandra: the presence in kenosha is building as the tensions build. kyle rittenhouse case on a lunch break at this moment but their job sorting sorting through the different narratives and the
11:01 am
spin having from partisans trying to find the truth. fox news analysts are downtown and any moment now we could receive a verdict in this case. >> john: while the jury deliberates joe concha and women in the media were so quick to convict rittenhouse before the trial even started. and a new at 2:00 to come out this fits into the big picture of missing media information all the way from collusion to what's being taught in your kids as classes. >> sandra: and will any verdicts really matter in a divided country where so many have made up from their minds in this case? leo terrel will be in on that and verdict watch around the clock on the fox news channel with most companies of coverage, whenever it comes in. >> john: it now to another fox news alert and the escalating global threat from america's adversaries stretching from the south china sea all the way to the final frontier. >> sandra: russia confirming a missile strike in outer space forcing astronauts of the
11:02 am
international space station to take cover. it's part of an effort by moscow to weaponize the planets orbit. of all of this as the kremlin continues to increase its military presence along the border. nato is now issuing a warning about the build up. >> john: now china is saying if the u.s. plays with fire it's going to get burned. that threat during president biden's meeting during xi jinping. the high-stakes meeting putting big focus on taiwan and the island nation at that china claims as part of his territory. it's a fight dating back generations and the u.s. has pledged to defend taiwan in the event of a chinese invasion just as the u.s. promised to support the ukraine from russia strikes. >> sandra: on multiple fronts raising the same question, i i will president biden responded to this? general keith kellogg is standing by. it would begin with fox team coverage at the 2:00 eastern time our and trey yingst on russia's latest move.
11:03 am
>> john: but first jacqui heinrich. >> president biden has often boasted that he knows or spent more time talking to the world leader but with the white house is sort of tried to put down in a perception that he's gone too easy on his chinese counterpart because of their friendly relationship. there was some wonder from critics following president xi's mention of biden as an old friend, if she was trolling biden with that one yesterday. speak of the president knows that the chinese communist party are massively unpopular in the united states, not just for unleashing this plague on the world but for decades of stealing jobs and factories, intellectual property and he doesn't want to be associated with xi jinping. >> the three and a half hour call covered more than a dozen major topics in president biden raise concerns about human rights abuses and unfair economic practice and
11:04 am
maintaining a free and open end of pacific. biden express a strong opposition any change in self-government's and a china it will seek to bring the island under chinese control including by force if taiwan is secessionist the redline. there were also some noticeable items that went undiscussed like the origins of the coronavirus pandemic and president xi blocking an investigation into the wuhan lab. it was also a question of whether they would boycott the wuhan olympics. >> all of this i think amounts to a more cooperative and naive approach to china and that's really what concerns me. as well as the fact that we know as a matter of its own personal legacy, xi jinping wants to and is willing to use force if
11:05 am
necessary, but shortly after the propaganda in 2022. >> the reporters have not had any opportunity to ask the president about his call but there might be an opportunity. >> john: jack at the white house, thanks so much. >> sandra: team coverage continues, trey yingst is live in jerusalem for us. >> sandra, good afternoon. overnight a russian drone was reportedly forced down over the ukraine among rising tensions between the u.s. and countries. the concerns were communicated to european allies earlier this month, prompting both the french and british to offer statements of support. remember the ukraine isn't not a member of nato meaning the country does not have the same tree protection and must rely on individual relationships. although they did talk with you
11:06 am
the foreign minister. warning russia against taking aggressive actions. he confirmed that there is a true buildup along the border with the ukraine as officials and key have say there are 100,000 russian soldiers stating next of our country. he says his troops are prepared to fight back against running, any russian offenses that may take place. >> they have no panic and no fear, but they clearly understand the situation. the only thing which is important, the whole civilized world is a hybrid world that's taking place. >> russia and the ukraine have been an ongoing conflict since 2014 and the eastern part of ukraine is partially controlled by russian separatist. any larger conflict destabilizes the entire region. >> sandra: trey yingst, live in jerusalem.
11:07 am
>> john: with tensions high, xi jinping appeared to troll president biden at the start of their summit last night, mocking biden's proclamation that he is no friend to president xi. listen to what biden told peter doocy recently and then listen to what resident she said last night. >> will they become a time we might call him, old friend is too old friend to come and ask him to open up china to the world health organization investigators who are trying to get to the bottom of covid-19? >> president biden: let's get something straight, we know each other well but we are not old friendses. >> i'm very happy to see my old friend. >> john: let's bring in keith kellogg. good to have you in the studio. three and a half hour meeting last night, and apparently they pledged to cooperate with each other but nothing concrete. you would think with that many important issues on the line it
11:08 am
would come up with something concrete, but is the biden policy toward adversaries like china enabling their behavior? >> i think with china we've gone from the america first policy to an america last policy and china to be fits every word of the definition of adversary. it's a multidimensional threat to the united states of america and i don't think we've picked up on it. it's an economic threat, $300 billion annual trade deficit and they understand economic power is political power. when you look at the defense they fortified the spratly islands in the south china sea and this is something that president xi you said in the rose garden 2015 they were going to do. it's a hypersonic missile that we have no defense against, and these are missiles that travel at mach five or higher, 2 miles per second. they are building icbm silos in the desert, hundreds of them are out there. they are building nuclear submarines and when you look at cultural activities and the
11:09 am
suppression of the uighurs in inthe changing province, they ae playing hundreds of things in the defense zone and when it comes to covid which wasn't even mentioned, this is a disease that has killed more americans than we lost to the war. >> john: is at an indication that the biden administration is giving china a pass and what the most significant events in our time? >> absolutely. and the trump administration we tried to find out a lot and they were silent and i thought we should at least push back very hard on china. you're right, he's giving a total free pass on covid. i happen to believe if it was an inadvertent release in the wuhan institute -- and it could have been worse. it could have been deliberately developing a bio weapon. they were doing gain-of-function research which increases efficacy and transmissibility on
11:10 am
bad viruses, coronavirus is. and when they shut down wuhan, this is a city where they do it overnight. that city is four times the size of london so they knew something bad was going on. >> john: let's go to russia now because russian troops are lined up at the border with the ukraine. what does president biden need to say to putin about all of this? >> he needs to pick up the phone and tell them basically to knock it off and he's not. he's leaving that to stoltenberg who is the secretary general of nido. putin reads people pretty well. he's reading that we have a weak commander-in-chief and i know that's probably harsh words to a lot of people but it's true. he plays that very, very well. he did that to angela merkel, he did that to mccrone and biden as well. we need to force him to recognize any threats against
11:11 am
ukraine will impact any influences he has. we can't let that happen again because that is free reign on wherever putin wants to go. >> john: put in play slow pitch baseball. now back to china. what do you say that we are on the brink of a cold war with china and if so what sense does it make for us to get so many consumer and industrial goods from them? >> we are in a cold war, and they look at a long game plan. they look at 15 or 25 years, but we may need -- the economic power we have in the united states, that's what trump was trying to pull the stuff that we built back in the united states. the great example was ppe. personal protective equipment.
11:12 am
80% of that was made overseas. >> do you believe -- it's a real threat because they do not see, i think they will threaten him and coerce him and at that time they should have the ability to invade if they want to. >> it's going to be a rocking 2028. that is not a good forecast. >> no it's not on several fronts and credit from the general as well. you are not walking away on anything in the covert origin, and you could not make the headlines up that came out of that virtual summit. white house issued a statement, biden does not consider president xi an old friend. on the way up to new hampshire were the president will be speaking and reiterated that the president does not consider president xi to be an old
11:13 am
friend. >> sandra: fox news alert meanwhile, we are on verdict watch at this hour in kenosha, wisconsin, and as you can see folks gathering on the steps of the courthouse. jurors are deliberating kyle rittenhouse's fate and we are live there outside of the courthouse in moments. >> john: plus joe concha on what the media got so wrong while covering this case, among others. ♪ ♪ record pace to take advantage of the newday 100 va loan. you can borrow up to 100% of your home's value to upgrade the kitchen, add a pool for the grandkids, or have the security of cash in the bank. with an average cash out amount of $60,000, you can do more.
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11:19 am
say he was acting like a want to be a vigilante. joe concha moments away with more but garrett tenney is live outside of the courthouse in kenosha. >> we are a few hours into the liberation and the jury is currently taking a lunch break. the final makeup of the jury is seven women and five men, almost entirely white and it just one person of color. so far they have made it just one request and that was for 11 copies of the jury instructions, specifically the portions dealing with self-defense. remember self-defense was a focal point of closing arguments for both sides and of the judge said if the jury finds a kyle acting lawfully and it justified in his self-defense than this is over. it judge murphy is giving them leeway in terms of the schedule and said they can continue their deliberations until eight or 9:00 tonight if they want to. at whatever point the jury reaches a verdict we are told we will be given roughly an hour or
11:20 am
so heads up before it's read in court. but with that verdict to looming a lot of folks here in kenosha are hoping for the best while bracing for the worst with the potential for more unrest. >> i don't think none of us had any clue that what happened last year was going to happen and i think we need to be prepared. i wouldn't underestimate anybody. >> he is completely exonerated, i think there will be protests. >> people are worried that we will have the same problem we have a burning the city down. >> for kenosha county's sheriff is trying to use those concerns and say in a statement of our department's have worked together and meet coordinate the efforts over the last year to improve response capability to large-scale events. we have also strengthened our existing relationships with state and federal resources and at this time we have no reason to facilitate road closures, and act curfews or ask our communities to modify their daily routines. 500 national guard troops are on
11:21 am
standby just in case and while protests outside the courthouse have been passionate, they've been relatively small with only a dozen or so people at most. a few counter protesters there as well. of course we will keep you updated as the day goes along. >> john: fingers crossed it will stay peaceful. >> sandra: joe concha joins us now and he's a fox news contributor and me to politics columnist. what do you think the media got so wrong about this case? >> it's only good to see my old friend of sandra smith. the old mantra in media used to be, and it was at upi i believe, get at first but crist get it right and it seems like we are running into judgment. as we saw with rittenhouse to leading up to this trial and then suddenly all this news comes out in all this testimony that we didn't really hear about before as far as what actually happens. when you say you are guilty
11:22 am
until proven innocent, not the opposite of the way the justice system works. andrew sullivan has a great piece on this, it's one of the best micro overviews in the state of traditional media that you'll ever read in the premises when we talked about before. and the political always go, and that's a key example of this recently. the potent bounty is on u.s. troops of the they swore was -- and not true. the one lab leak theory, just a small lead being attacked by someone, there are countless other examples but we have finite time here. as we have also discussed, the false accusations always get
11:23 am
infinitely more media attention than the exonerations all while zero accountability occurs. a >> sandra: i can put these up on the screen, andrew sullivan that you mentioned, the u.s. extreme media gets it wrong and you name some of them, but there was also this. there was a trumpet colluding with the kremlin, the steele dossier then, the source was charged but with a line to the fbi and there was a leaked hunter biden emails that russian disinformation was claimed. then hunter and self admitted laptop could be his. "new york times" officers died after being bashed with a fire extinguisher. and you got crt today constantly in the headlines, crt not caught stomach taught in schools. this stuck out to me earlier going back to the specific case, the rittenhouse case. jonathan turley on the
11:24 am
prosecutor. listen to this. >> the other thing that's odd about all this is, it's like watching two different trials going on in kenosha. and they are praising the prosecutor. the prosecutor has made every error you could possibly list, it's a textbook case of what not to do a trial. >> sandra: so there was that point, but he also talked about the case of two different trials being covered in the media. depending on where you change the channel, where you looked in what you read it, it was almost like people found two very different things happening in the courtroom and that could have an impact on the verdict that we may or may not get soon. >> right, how does it play out in a court of public opinion through the media? and we thought through virginia when after glenn youngkin wins, suddenly we are hearing in other cable channels how it was white supremacy and the first female to win statewide, white apprentices elected her which
11:25 am
makes total sense. only in this country can a white guy shoot three other white guys and racism becomes the primary focus in media. edelman has this thing called the annual truth barometer and they found this, it's a stunning number. nearly six in ten americans believe people trying to lead by a false or gross exaggerations are not the devastating analysis. it's no longer about human error, it's about the perception of the intent to mislead and it's the media is humpty dumpty moment. and as you know because you have kids, you can't put humpty dumpty back together. >> sandra: thank you for closing on that, joe. it's always good to see you. thank you. >> john: i don't know, the right amount of gorilla glue might work. >> sandra: john, if we could put the jerry baker "wall street journal" column up because this is important. from the wall street journal, jerry baker writes this.
11:26 am
it's not that they control much of the public discourse, they do. my suspicion is that most news now is consumed by people who choose what they believe and that tens of millions of americans have simply truck shot the traditional merit comic media out of the consciousness and i'm not even sure i believe the sports reporting there anymore. that's a sad reality. >> john: actually, the buchan's won the other night but washington didn't. it's a busy day of hearings on capitol hill so starting with the supply chain crisis but not the one that you are thinking. house democrats are focusing on going green. >> sandra: and on the senate side, alondra mallorca's facing questions over the border crisis. russia blackburn has her chance and she will join us next. ♪ ♪ >> how many miles of border wall could you build with a billion dollars? obviously you don't know the answer to that. the answer is 50 miles. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> john: coming up, covering for kamala harris. a new surge at our southern border but for some on the left, if you criticize the point person you are either racist or sexist. senator marsha blackburn of the great state of tennessee has something to say about that coming up in just moments. house lawmakers holding a hearing on the supply chain today but the focus is not on fixing the immediate crisis that striving up comic prices, instead it's all about making a supply chain green. hillary vaughn on capitol hill with what this is all about. hey, hilary. >> hi john. house democrats made the case that the way to combat rising gas prices is to get away from using gas. >> the clean enemy economy is the surest way to reduce energy costs over the long term and to ensure reliable energy and the face of volatile fossil fuel
11:33 am
markets. >> but clean energy product producers one lawmakers say that billions of taxpayer cash that president biden set aside for a clean energy in his infrastructure bill could be going overseas if the u.s. does not have the supply and manufacturing here to meet the demands. at the international vice president of the united steelworkers also told the committee today that their workers have been promised jobs for decades but so far no one has delivered. saying, american manufacturing workers have a great deal of skepticism about what this will mean for their jobs. our union has had the green job the conversation with our members were almost 20 years now and for many of them that promise has not been realized. some republicans say today that democrats have been worried about the wrong thing. >> friends, winter is here. republicans have asked for hearings, mr. chairman, that call has gone unanswered by the majority. >> this hearing is supposed to be about the supply chain
11:34 am
challenges of a zero carbon economy. how about instead we first focus on the supply chain crisis of the current energy economy. >> and john, there will be another hearing tomorrow addressing the supply chain issue particularly addressing the labor shortages are contributed to some of these bottlenecks that are impacting consumers. >> john: hillary vaughn for assigned capitol hill. >> sandra: dhs secretary mayorkas back on the hot seat on capitol hill today has brand-new numbers show micro encounters surging 10828% last month. marsha blackburn is one of the lawmakers who got to question mayorkas today. we will dig into the criticism, you are a big on the biden administration and payment to migrants, but you flip the question to ask, does the biden administration have any plans to
11:35 am
issue payments, direct patients to families of those who were killed or assaulted by illegal aliens, is what you asked. >> that's right sandra, because so many times what we hear is, these families cannot even get these illegal immigrants into court. they fully the country and they never get justice. as i have talked to these angel families who have experienced many times the death of a loved one or serious injury, this is a big part of their frustration and what we sought repeatedly over and over is that this administration is welcoming to illegal aliens. they are even incentivizing illegal crossings at the southern border and they don't seem to appreciate that paying $450,000 to individuals, whether they were separated matter of hours or days or weeks, that
11:36 am
this is not going to incentivize people to come to this country. and even when asked, secretary mayorkas is in favor of giving green cards to those that are illegally entering the country. >> sandra: so that was the exchange you had with mayorkas and here's what ted cruz had >> how many children have been in those cages? >> i can provide to you the following figure, that, it's a simple question. how many people have been in those cages? >> i respectfully am not familiar with the term cages and to what you are aimed referring. >> includes her stomach enclosures that they are locked in. >> so we will put kamala harris, the point person on the southern border and here's her approval rating now dipping to as low as
11:37 am
28% now. as she continues to sag in the polls, there are some saying criticize him of her and her handling of the border is sexist and racist. pankey's says the reason that kamala harris is being attacked is because she's a black woman in high office and many people who would swear they aren't racist or sexist can only cope with and accept black women if they are in subordinate roles. your reaction to that? >> the reason that americans are upset with vice president. this is because she treats the issues at the southern border as a laughing matter and this is not a laughing matter. we have people that the cartels are abusing, children that they are abusing, women that they are abusing. this is not a laughing matter.
11:38 am
if it comes to the issue of cages, which secretary mayorkas said he was not fully u.s., i would remind of the secretary that, while he was the deputy secretary during the obama years, that is when they started the fence to the separation. i visited fort sill during this period of time and i saw how the obama administration was using the fences and it during the trump years they started calling this cages. this is a practice that has continued separating adults from children and that's also a practice that this administration has continued, even though they said they ended on day one. we know as the end of march they had still been practicing that separation. >> sandra: i don't know if it helps anybody to be labeled as racist or sexist, one quite
11:39 am
clearly you see approval ratings. clearly those numbers continue to surge, 164,000 over that in october alone, and we are watching it and drawing attention to it, we appreciate you joining us on this. >> it's good to see the senator today. parents in california are fighting against the state mandate for school children. we will talk with some of them. >> sandra: and we are monitoring the scene outside of kenosha, wisconsin, so what will the public accept the verdict in a case that has been so hotly contested for over a year now? ♪ ♪
11:40 am
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or live chat at today. >> sandra: we are on verdict watch in wisconsin, will any outcome don't do much to help a divided nation? leo terrel will take off at that and just a moment. but meanwhile los angeles schools will soon require students 12 and up to be vaccinated and parents are pushing back saying the mandates infringe on their rights. kelly o'grady's live in los angeles with that. >> this is a rare bipartisan effort that really comes down to a parents right to choose and make informed medical decisions for their children and of the
11:45 am
pushback has gained so much traction that grassroots organization has organized and even formed a coalition to challenge the mandates. any question whether a vaccine is necessary that it doesn't actually negative virus with .1% of deaths. some vaccines like polio have long been required for in-person learning but it's important to note that those vaccines were developed and tested for often decades before being mandated. parents question the rush when so little is known about these long-term side effects. >> it won't minimize the tremendous negative effects that it will have, not only on the students psychologically and emotionally but the quality of their education and also from an economic perspective on all of us due to the loss of jobs that we will see.
11:46 am
>> in two lawsuits have already been filed against los angeles and the school district and the pushback goes beyond the narrative of pro vaccination versus anti-vaccination. on top of that many other states are considering mandates and some are requiring student athletes to show proof of vaccination. we are awaiting a verdict in that power and house travel with so many in the media convicting the 18-year-old before the trial even started and with the country so divided, will the verdict do anything to change people's minds? we saw some pictures in front of the kenosha county courthouse. community activists, saying there you are not kenosha. there are 500 guard troops on standby just in case there is
11:47 am
unrest. do you expect the city could unite tonight or will it be calm? >> it should be calm. the process is working out john in the courtroom. we learned that the facts that were presented last year were not facts, they were lies, it's representation. kyle rittenhouse is fighting for his life. he had it a valid self-defense argument. if you are a lawyer giving legal opinions on the show like fox has, you should know that. but there are other people trying to give misdirection and claim everything else, it's not about race, it's about a young man fighting for his life and this prosecutor in my opinion not violated every ethical role of misrepresenting the law. he's one of the people that people hate lawyers. >> john: it seems like there's very little middle ground here and you believe he acted in self-defense and was justified in doing what he did, or you
11:48 am
believe that he was a murderer. there are a lot of people who convicted this young fellow before he even went to trial. do you expect when a jury weighs in either way that they will change any minds? >> it depends on what channel you are looking at and where you get your source of news from. there are people john is already a narrative, it doesn't make difference if the verdict goes one way or the other, you they will push the narrative. as a lawyer for 30 years i'm telling you i saw an affirmative defense for self-defense and if people are going to accept their own narrative and riot regardless of the facts this case, so be it, it's going to happen. we are a nation of laws and we should follow the law and we think this jury is weighing the facts as we speak. >> john: of monmouth had a interesting poll out where a plurality of voters so they believe the country is more
11:49 am
divided since biden took office. 49% say it's more divided, 38% say that they don't think that anything has really changed. it's interesting when you look at that number of 49% because while that does seem to be a lot of people, it's actually less then in the trump administration at the same point in his residency 163% of them nation is more divided. but we are not coming together, that's for sure. >> john, we are looking at everything is determined by race and as a civil rights attorney, i'm shocked. we are at 2021, not 1955. we had the president claiming they wanted to bring the country together but if you disagree with somebody they play the race card and everything is race. it's disappointing, spending 30 years in civil rights to see that we are going backwards on race relations and not forward. >> john: when you take a look at the rittenhouse case, you
11:50 am
have a white teenager who shot three white men but there are still racial coalitions. then they were supporters of jacob blake whose police shooting was what sparked that whole unrest in kenosha on august 25th, which swept up kyle rittenhouse and the two people who were killed and the fellow who was injured. they are saying, the supporters of jacob blake, look at the three people who were shot by kyle rittenhouse, they are at least getting a day of justice whereas the police officer who shot jacob blake is back on duty with the force. is there inequality of justice when you look at the whole picture? >> let me think about that. absolutely not. i say that as an american, civil rights attorney and an african-american. that's where they do the stretching. you have to look at each situation separately. kyle rittenhouse is not about race. the jacob blake case you have to
11:51 am
look at the totality of what jacob blake was doing, what he refused to do and what the officers dead. for those that want to play the race card, it doesn't matter john. they play it no matter what the facts are and they have no shame. >> john: leo terrel, it's great to get your perspective on things. we will get you back when we have a verdict. so we await a vertex and i would imagine we probably wouldn't get one today. the fact that the jury ask for more copies of the instructions -- >> sandra: 40 pages of them. >> john: potentially an indication they wanted to go through those carefully. although we did learn that pages they want to more copies of all related to the self-defense argument that the attorneys are making so maybe they are zeroing in on something. >> we just don't know but as you can see the crowds are continuing to gather there in kenosha. >> i think what's encouraging is
11:52 am
you have these community activists which are there now appealing for calm. and if calm is what prevails on the verdict comes out then that would no question be a good thing. there are probably some people who are itching to mix it up, but the word that is coming from the steps of the courthouse this afternoon sandra is that these folks are appealing for calm and let's hope that calm rules the day. >> sandra: we will keep an eye on kenosha for a verdict that could happen at any time but meanwhile we are going live to new hampshire for the president is currently delivering remarks on how the bipartisan infrastructure bill and how it will actually repair roads and bridges here in the nation. that's a live look at woodstock, new hampshire. the president is speaking and we are live streaming his presentation there. we are going to move on to inflation, every american family
11:53 am
is dealing with it in some areas of the country. they are getting harder hit than others and we will go to one of those places dealing with foreign crisis, next. ♪ ♪
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>> sandra: americans across the country are feeling the pinch. the midwest and the south may be getting hit the hardest with inflation. grady trimble is live in st. charles, missouri for us what do you see there? >> as you know, the inflation rate across the u.s., 6. 2%. here in st. louis, it's even higher at about 7.5%. the same goes for other parts of the south. almost all of the midwest. you name the item, they're paying quite a bit more for it. take a look at the numbers for fuel. in st. louis, up about 58% from a year ago compared to nationally up 50%. same goes for food at restaurants in particular.
11:59 am
they have skyrocketed. almost 11.5% from a year ago in the st. louis area. nationally up 5.3%. we've been talking to folks here on main street in st. charles. they're noticing the higher prices and they are frustrated by them. listen. >> when i go to the store now, i'm paying more for hamburger, things like that. yeah, i'm paying a lot more. >> i think everybody knows that the east and west coast are not in touch with reality and with the bulk of america is experiencing. >> that is the sentiment that we heard time and again from people in this area. at the same time that you see inflation rising in the midwest at a faster rate than the rest of the country, wages are increasing at a slower rate, so that only compounds the problem. sandra? >> sandra: it's an interesting look at it. we're all affected differently. grady trimble on that for us.
12:00 pm
thank you. john, have you noticed the higher prices? >> john: yeah, everywhere. particularly at the pump. that hurts in the back side. that's where you keep your wallet. >> sandra: oh, my gosh. on that note, that does it for us. i'm sandra smith. >> john: and i'm john roberts. thanks for spending your tuesday with us. we'll see you tomorrow. "the story" with martha maccallum starts right now. >> martha: great, guys. thanks. good afternoon. i'm martha maccallum in new york. here's what's happening right now on "the story." another new polling low. there's the president speaking live in new hampshire. he is celebrating his trillion dollar infrastructure deal. he's in woodstock, new hampshire right now. a little snow coming down. today politco calling this trip a victory lap and a reality check thanks to concerns over sky rocketing inflation in the country. his administration says it can be fixed with more


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