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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  November 16, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PST

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who have voted in huge infrastructure plans and other things bankrupting the american people they are also to blame. time to make a change. todd: congressional campaign committee saying house republicans are too dangerous for american families. tomi lahren begs to differ she has a show called "no interruption with tomi lahren." carley: catch did on fox nation. thank you. and you can catch "fox & friends." it starts right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ happy dance ♪ ♪ steve: good morning, miami. we are going to be to be doing the happy dance in south florida later on this afternoon. "fox & friends" going on location november 16th for tomorrow night's patriot awards currently by the way as we plan our next couple of days it is 7g
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for a high today of 80. going to be great. carley: gives you a good idea of what to wear. thank you. brian: i will zip out my liner in my winter jacket i will be ready this is the last time you will see us wearing ties until this friday. carley: everything you pack has to be red, white, or blue has to be patriotic. steve: talking to the produce about the location. we will actually be in a theater. i think we should probably wear neckties. [sighs] did. brian: i spent my necktie budget. took all my buttons off the top collar now i have to sew them back on. ainsley: the jury there l. deliberate today in that trial in kenosha. brian: i wish the closing arguments were longer. kenosha, wisconsin bracing for unrest as the case goes to the
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jury. steve: national guard on stand by as the crowd gathers near the courthouse on both sides. ainsley: saw businesses already board up. alexis mcadams on the ground in kenosha the jury will deliberate in just a few hours, right? >> everything begins again this morning in that courthouse behind me at 9:00 this morning. as you mentioned these were long closing arguments they had in that courtroom just yesterday. now, in a few hours, the 12 jurors will be chosen in this case will then decide the fate of teenager kyle rittenhouse in this investigation. yesterday the jury was given dozens of pages of very specific instructions as they begin the deliberations now this morning. they were out more than five hours of closing arguments yesterday. a time the jury looking exhausted and infuriated as they were sent in and out of the courtroom. the illinois team provoked blood shed during the unrest in kenosha following the police shooting of jacob blake. kyle rittenhouse on trial for
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shooting three men, killing two. >> ladies and gentlemen, this is a political case. we can take politics out of it as in democratic national committee democrat and republican but the district attorney's office is marching forward with this case because they need somebody to be responsible. >> the rittenhouse defense team arguing that the teen feared for his life when he fired those fatal shots when he asked that the jurors stick to the fax of that night. >> one of the things to keep in mind is that when the defendant provokes the incident, he loses the right to self-defense. you cannot claim self-defense against a danger you create. if you are the one who is threatening others, you lose the right to claim self-defense. >> prosecutors kyle rittenhouse pointing ar-15 at one of those men. the district attorney even raising the gun in the courtroom
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and pointing the weapon at those sitting in the courthouse. defense saying any evidence that suggests that kyle rittenhouse was pointing that weapon before these shootings is, quote, hocus poke can you say. live in kenosha, wisconsin, those deliberations expected to begin later this morning and the jury will then be chosen before that all begins. they have had quite a few people listening to this but only 12 people will be able to see this case through. steve: that's right. alexis, real quick question before. you go we saw the assistant prosecuting attorney. why isn't the actual district attorney taking this? this is such a high profile case. >> we have been asking those questions as well here on the ground and trying to figure that out. they were taking turns during the trial but yesterday diewrgted closing arguments as you mentioned one specifically took over. steve: did indeed. thank you. live report. ainsley: businesses are bracing for this verdict. many of them have already boarded up. one interviewed on "fox & friends first." and she said to look back at the
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pictures, the images of what happened a year ago, she is so nervous it's going to happen again today. businesses burned. she didn't sleep for three nights. she and her son were up trying to protect their business and go home and watch it on the computer make sure no one was vandalizing. >> steve: to that point, ainsley, during the closing arguments, at the very end. one of the assistant assistant district attorneys was talking about kyle rittenhouse was there with his gun to protect businesses from what he referred to as minor property damage. it wasn't minor to all those people who lost everything in earlier nights. brian: one thing that surprised me is that as the prosecution was closing up their arguments they were saying the most outoutlandish video. no objection from the defense. at least call them out make them defend what they were saying. found it extremely frustrating. the fact is why are you burning the city? why is this even a consideration? this is a verdict.
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it's a trial. where is the corruption. where is the injustice? this is the deliberation the way it took place. you have had plenty of time. the cops have been empowered. the governor knows the folly. instead of 250. you have 500 national guard and cops going to be backed, i assume by the wisconsin state reps. here is tucker carlson on all the lies that have been said along the way including who the actual victims were, who ended up being white. >> people are totally absorbed in the kyle rittenhouse trial and you have to ask why is that? why is to o. so fascinating. part of the reach so interesting the facts are so different from what we have been have been told for more than a year. completely different. for more than a year, big tech and its lackeys throughout our media have spread misinformation about kyle rittenhouse. well, that's embarrassing. what are they going to say? they're not going to admit it, of course. they are going nike certain you learn about it just minutes
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after the judge in the case who dismissed the gun charge youtube who is owned by google stopped stream. s of attorneys. many concerned that americans might conclude that kyle rittenhouse is innocent, youtube shut them down citing, quote, policy violations. in other words god forbid people think for themselves. that's not allowed anymore. steve: and so what's going to happen is for people who think they knew the story going in and then if the verdict is he is acquitted they are going to be going wait aminute. they really got that wrong. those are people who had not been paying attention to the facts. during alexis' report, they put up the iment mask the assistant district attorney thomas binger. if we can put that up again where in the closing arguments he actually picked up kyle rittenhouse's ar-15 that he had used. and when he was pointing it at people in the -- there he is right there.
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absolutely. how many people thought to themselves you know that reminds me of what just happened on the alec baldwin set. and what he is doing right there. is he is breaking the number one fire safety rule. you never place your finger on a trigger unless you have a target you are going to neutralize. what have you essentially and the "new york post" writes in this morning a prosecutor prosecuting begin crimes with little understanding of actual guns. ainsley: everyone knows you don't point a weapon, you know, at innocent christmas with your finger on the triggerrer. did you see msnbc. steve: it was a real gun. ainsley: msnbc did not show the defense's closing argument. they only showed the prosecution. they only want you to hear one side. brian: by the way they dismissed the gun charge right away. by the way should we dismiss this gun charge because he was old enough and the gun was allowed to be used. yeah, let's dismiss it the subplot to keep in mind, why did it take so long? the subplot to take in mind too
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candidate joe biden came out and basically called this guy a white supremacist? and now jen psaki is like oh, wait a second, i don't really want to comment on on active case? what stopped candidate joe biden commenting on a case even before it became a case? i think the president of the united states, i don't know if he is immune to prosecution, but you certainly can bring this up dee dee famed him. ainsley: went on about vigilantes and unrest. steve: she used the buzz word vigilante and assault weapons. and in the close instruction the judge was very careful he said do not take into consideration any opinions you have heard from media, social media, television, or the president of the united states. clearly, that was aimed at joe biden. brian: i thought he was supposed to calm the temperature in the country and bring back normalcy to the white house. every step of the way he seems to put a buntsen byrne on every issue. ainsley: we will be it all day.
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start after the 9:00 this morning. no word if this could be very quick. we could find out something today. steve: i was reading out of wisconsin they are expecting a verdict today. ainsley: are they ready? 500 national guard troops. steve: going back to the joe biden white supremacist, you know, comparing kyle rittenhouse to that, if rittenhouse is vindicated, i wonder if joe biden will issue an apology? brian: it would be classy and right. ainsley: do you think? brian: we'll have to see. steve: stay tuned to find out the verdict this could come today or tomorrow right here when we are broadcasting live to your point, ainsley down from south florida we will have all the guests and all the information. >> ainsley: 6:10 on the east coast. coming up next, brand new border numbers are out and show nothing signs of slowing down in the month of october. brian: plus, is the democratic divide seems into the administration. new reports warning of a rift
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ainsley: well, we begin with your headlines with a developing story. unite the airlines starting to place unvaccinated employees on unpaid leave today. united the first major airline to announce a broad covid vaccine mandate for its employees. a texas judge issued a temporary order stopping united from enforcing this mandate but the airlines union supports it. this as southwest and american airlines offered generous people
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are ups for flight attendants of up to 300 percent. the loudoun county school board agreeing to lift that suspension of the teachers who spoke out against the county's transgender policies. tanner cross getting a permanent injunction from a circuit on monday after fighting for his right to keep his job. the school board agreeing to move any mention of the suspension from his record. and brian, take it away. brian: jimmy garoppolo, rams monday fight foonk forgetting to show up. miller and odell beckham had big debut and no good. this as avoiding eli and peyton's game telecast avoid what's being dubbed the manning curse. golf great phil mickelson admits the curse is real. >> little thing going around. people are talking about this thing called the manning curse. >> no, i believe it is a thing
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and that's why i'm not playing next week. i don't know if it would carry over in the gulf or not. >> russell wilson, rob gronch and tom brady falling victim to the manning plague. losing following appearance on monday night telecast. what does that mean for the show which is wildly successful but maybe they should just go for retired players, you know, and not do this. ainsley: is the manning curse. >> after you appear on the telecast you lose the next week or get hurt. steve: couldn't that be a coincidence? brian: no. it's the curse. are you kidding? [laughter] they consulted everyone it come back curse. steve: who knew? if you saw it yesterday late in the day yesterday on the south lawn of the white house they had 800 invited guests. ainsley: bipartisan. steve: the president put this off for over a week. he wanted everybody to be there as he signed the infrastructure bill. it was freezing out there.
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and that explains one of the reasons why joe biden and kamala harris could have been gritting their teeth because it was so cold. then again, if you believe what's going on according to cnn, they were actually attempting a little bit of unity after the report on cnn said that she was pretty much isolated within the white house and so when they walked out, he had his arm on her shoulder. the cnn story and here they come out from the southport particular co. the cnn story said joe biden is sidelining her and giving her lousy jobs to do in the administration. brian: clean up. steve: that do not speak to her skill set like the root causes of migration problems. there are no good solutions to that. ainsley: there are two dozen sources that spoke to cnn on this story on sunday and sources say she has been set up to fail. she feels like she is being sent out on losing issues. and he has been more vigorous in defending the transportation secretary pete buttigieg.
3:19 am
brian: he is a an epic ophelia fail to disappears three months on paternity leave comes up and how bad the supply chain is. why do people act like is he the golden child is behind me. go to south bend they look at him total disaster couldn't fill a pothole. vice president harris went out of her way to credit a guy who she really attacked on the debate stage and also believed the accuser, member of sexual assault. she said she believed the accuser. suddenly they spackled that together and became a ticket. maybe they never buried the hatchet. here is the vice president. >> here is what i know to be true, mr. president, you are equal part believer and builder. now this bill, as significant as it is, as historic as it is, is part one of two.
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congress must also pass the build back better act. [applause] >> so on this historic day, let us all continue to believe in our people. believe in our country. and believe in what we can do when we work together. brian: so special, they passed it. it was ready to pass three months ago. and they held on to it. if he had -- wanted momentum when he had 54% approval rating. you take the bipartisan bill and say thank you. i got something coming in the fall. i think we can build on this. instead he humiliated those 19 republicans who cut the deal and put their political careers on the line and said i'm going to vote with the moderates we needed infrastructure. ainsley: bundle. steve: they were twins. brian: he wanted to get the other bill done. he promised it to his left. instead of making that line in the stand and said i'm going to pass this june we will handle that in the spring and then -- excuse me, in the fall and then
3:21 am
of course we had the delta virus right in between and they destroyed afghanistan, the worst military disaster in modern american history, in between. instead of doing that he doesn't take the victory. he puts those republicans on the line. he makes them feel like they have been duped and including joe manchin and kyrsten sinema went out of their way to work with the other side of the i'll. that's why he barely got 15 votes in the house. he would have got 50 to 100 votes in the house. steve: i don't think he cares about republican votes. brian: he wanted to be bipartisan, didn't he? steve: that's what he said but he said a lot of stuff when he was running. he wants all the democrats on the same page. brian: but they are not. steve: now the moderate democrats are saying we are going to wait with cbo comes out with final score it will come out on friday. the white house has said it's completely paid for. if the cbo says it's not completely paid for. look for those moderates to defect. nonetheless, there they are, you
3:22 am
know they're gribbing and putting on the happy face. but peter doocy asked yesterday, a great question that revealed a lot about the thinking inside the west wing, watch. this there are a few reports from over the weekend that the vice president is unhappy. can she expect the president's automatic endorsement if she decides to run herself in either 2024 or 2028? >> well, the president selected the vice president because to serve as running mate because he felt she was exactly the person he wanted to have by his side to govern the country. she is a key partner. she is a bold leader, and she is somebody who has taken on incredibly important assignments. i don't have any predictions of whether she will run, when she will run. i will leave that to her, but i can tell you that there has been a lot of reports out there and they don't reflect his view or our experience with the vice president. brian: she has 27% of approval rating and she earned every one of them.
3:23 am
everything she has done has been terrible. steve: kamala harris. you would think that would be a layup. obviously if joe biden picked her to be vice president, isn't that an easy? yes, absolutely. he will endorse her but, instead, she did not answer the question. crazy. ains they have other issues to deal with the border. she is the border czar. she has only been down there for 20 minutes or something when she visited that one time. he has never been down there either as a senator senator or vice president. steve: he was near it at the airport. brian: drove by. ainsley: the october numbers are out and they are not good. they are so high, this is not slowing down, my friends. october apprehensions up 128% from last year. last october it was a little under 72,000 apprehensions. this october 164,303. steve: i like the way you call this my friends, suddenly it was like joe biden and president xi. brian: it's amazing. ainsley: we are not friends. yes we are.
3:24 am
brian: building a wall, not building a wall. having a virtual barrier. that was something debatable. if you ask the american people do you want your southern border open like a sieve? anyone or anyone let anyone get in? almost 95% say of course not. we need some organization to that. that is not -- that is not a democratic issue. i didn't think democrats want a wide open border, a small section do. which might explain why another -- excuse me, another democrat is switching to republican in texas. steve: right. his name is ryan gillian. he says essentially the democratic party's far left views don't line up with his, and that's why yesterday, down in texas, he said i'm making a jump. watch. >> friends, something is happening in south texas and many of us are waking up to the facts that the values of those
3:25 am
had washington, d.c. are not our values, are not the values of most texans. the ideology of defunding the police, of destroying the oil and gas industry and of the chaos at our it border is disastrous for those of us who live here in south texas. ainsley: big issues in texas and he is well loved there he served in the house for two decades now. steve: he won by 17 points. ainsley: won by 17 points last year. steve: no kidding. brian: he won and said i'm still going to switch parties because basically what the party now stands for. they are killing good paying oil and gas jobs. defunding the police. allowing the chaotic open border. imposing socialism and taking your guns. i don't believe anyone in texas -- not anyone but most people in texas don't buy into any of those things. ainsley: in the oil and gas industry he mentioned huge down there. i wonder if henry cuellar will do the same thing? brian: the president doesn't call texas. he calls saudi arabia and russia to pump more.
3:26 am
steve: beto's to defund the police. is that popular? kill good paying oil and gas jobs. is that popular? the chaotic open border. he supports the failing biden agenda. impose socialism, take your guns. and then finally the governor says to beto bring it beto. brian: remember he wanted to take the wall down? ainsley: yeah. brian: i would like to that i can that down. steve: back when that was popular. never popular anymore. ainsley: showed video of the border. people didn't want to get caught. now they are just walking in. brian: get to stay and get flown to florida, another 50,000 get flown to long island. in the middle of the night. i'm sure they give a meal on a plane. then they sit you down with catholic charities who make sure you get the shelter and then they provide transportation and
3:27 am
send you out to schools with unknowing principles when you show up the next day. steve: what airplane last boot on it. brian: i do get a snack choice. steve: a snack box is not a meal, brian. brian: that's very true. ainsley: you will find tout today, brian. heading down to florida. brian: absolutely. you are talking about a guy that has nothing but powder in the morning. ainsley: what do you have? brian: in steve's next cookbook how brian takes powder. puts it into plastic cup and puts water. steve: brian does not eat food. he has a meal replacement? brian: meal replacement. ainsley: mix it with water. brian: purified water. ainsley: full of protein and vitamins. brian: i feel like i'm fueled till noon. ainsley: why don't we see you drink this. brian: i drink it here. i try to drink it on my own without an audience? is that possible? ainsley: my audience is next to yours. share to tomorrow. brian: i'm going to knock on the door and say drink my meal
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replacement. i should not be drinking alone. ainsley: never drink alone. steve: that's so true. have breakfast. have a plate of eggs. and bacon. brian: tomorrow i'm going to have powdered meal replacement in front of you. ainsley: bring it on set. show the whole group. brian: i hand stir. steve i'm going to have french toast. you be the judge. brian: you love the french. steve: coming up on this tuesday telecast, the country awaits the highly anticipated verdict in the kyle rittenhouse trial. could come today. but the mainstream media pushing some misconceptions and mistruths about the case. we're going to break down fact vs. friction next. >> thence this wednesday night fox nation hosts the third annual patriot awards. >> join pete hegseth for fox nation biggest event of the year. this award show matters. for the first time ever, sean hannity, tucker carlson and laura ingraham will take the stage to honor some of our most
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noble patriots. hear stories from the real heroes all-americans should celebrate. >> watch fox nation's patriot awards live by signing up at fox this wednesday night, america is streaming. th service i could tr. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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and misconceived tweets. "fox & friends first" co-host todd piro has been up all night. he is going to break down fact vs. fiction he has that law degree he never practiced law we will talk about that later and how the media got the case so long. todd, use anchor lawyer skills for us. first off politifact is it against wisconsin law for someone younger than 18 to possess a dangerous weapon. todd: turns out from politifact not fact. wisconsin code is very, very interesting on this. and let's look at the actual headline that explains what the reality is. the judge dismisses misdemeanor gun charge against rittenhouse. so why is that? well, under wisconsin law, the gun in question needs to be short barrel. so you ask yourself why is that? well in 1991, there was a bill that was put out there to prevented gang violence. and the goal was to keep young kids from getting sawed off shotguns, ie then committing more gang violence.
3:34 am
rittenhouse's lawyers did an amazing job of laguardia here. went into the wisconsin code. found and this briefed to the judge and quite frankly, brian, the judge had no choice but to grant this motion. even though you may think to yourself oh but it is a violent weapon. under the wisconsin code it is not. rittenhouse's lawyers did a good job of lawyering, if you don't like the result change the law in the legislature. you can't change it during the trial that's why we have what we have. brian: excellent explanation. cbs morning says this kyle rittenhouse testified in the murder trial yesterday, breaking down in tears as he told the jury he murdered two men at a black lives matter protest last year in self-defense. is that fact or fiction? >> it is fiction. this one gets me fired up. on the previous law. you can understand that was an arcane provision buried in the law. this is murder. you learn this day one in law school that you can't use a word like murder. so cbs figured it out and they changed it to kyle rittenhouse testified in his murder trial yesterday. that is correct. it is a murder trial. breaking down into tears though as he told the judge he killed
3:35 am
two men at a black lives matter protest last year in self-defense. it is true. it is uncontroverted that rittenhouse did kill people but murder requires a very specific mental state and intent. and in this circumstance when this whole trial comes down to the mental state of kyle rittenhouse, self-defense vs. intent, it is malpractice for the media to do this and to have certain lawyers like sonnies who citizen say this is murder. she should know better. cannot claim somebody murdered somebody in a court of law. >> how realistic at all is it to think we are going to get a verdict today? >> i think the jury wants to be very, very careful and prove to the public that they took their time and thought about this. at the end of the day, everything in this case is extra judicial. i think based upon the case, the facts at hand. it's clear this was self-defense, but the jury is worried for their own hides because they know people are going to go after them either in the media or worse if they don't
3:36 am
get the verdict that they like. they will make sure it is buttoned up beyond reproach. brian: right, unbelievable the malpractice going on on other channels it should be a case about him. and it isn't. it's bigger than that we will see what happens after. all right, todd, thanks so much. >> thank you. brian: officers considering fleeing over vaccine mandate. the massive deal, the department is offering to officers who want to relocate. plus the democratic party is playing damage control amid plunging poll numbers. new jersey governor chris christie thinks he has an idea to help the g.o.p.
3:37 am
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steve: welcome back. anti police rhetoric and vaccine mandates push some police officers to leave the force, departments are now finding new and big ways to recruit officers. colorful billboards in new york city's times square advertising, as you can see right there, quote spokane county sheriff, washington state 40 lateral officers here is the best part down in the bottom in the green 15,000 hiring bonus. offer is not just to cops looking to escape the big apple. spokane county sheriff joins us from right now out in washington state. sheriff, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> you know, that $15,000 signing bonus probably caught a lot of people's eyes. >> it has. all the way from portland to austin and now new york. steve: why did you put it up in new york city? we're on the whole other coast. >> this is a nationwide campaign
3:42 am
for us, we are recruiting from areas that have disrespected law enforcement, their leadership have disrespected their law enforcement. we have been in colorado, austin, texas, new york and we have been pulling officers from across the united states not only put billboards up we contact the local media and let them know the billboards are there and we get better coverage that way. steve: that's right. the lion king gets a free add as well because they are next to your add right there. you spent $12,000 to put it up for two days. did it work? >> it did. right now we have five nypd officers in the application process and five more looking at it. steve: fantastic. i understand you put billboards up in the state of texas well. >> right in the austin area, yes. steve: okay. why would that be? >> austin, in texas was one of the few areas that really went after their police officers,
3:43 am
talked about defunding and everything else. and we wanted to make sure that we were targeting areas that had disrespected their law enforcement. our board of county commissioners and smaller jurisdictions city of spokane valley their city council passed a resolution last year staying that they supported their law enforcement and 85% of our community supports law enforcement. we want officers to know when they come to work in spokane county, the entire community supports them. steve: okay, well, that message is loud and clear. but what about, you know, let's say an officer is looking in right now and thinking i wouldn't mind going because my department has got a vaccine mandate as is the case here in new york. what's the vaccine mandate in your county? >> you know, that's one of the biggest questions we get and it's been that way ever since mandates started popping up. spokane county does not have a mandate. the state of washington had a mandate. they lost about 100 state patrol
3:44 am
officers because that mandate. seattle is looking at losing close to 20 and king county has a mandate. spockets can county has no vaccine mandate. steve: all right. so, sheriff, if people are looking in right now. they are in law enforcement. they are interested. would like more information, how do they get ahold of you. >> all they have to do is contact the spokane county civil service office or our recruiting office in spokes can, washington and we'll be more that hook them up and get them start with the process. steve: i bet you would. thank you sheriff for getting up so early out there. it's 3:44 in the morning. you have an important message so we appreciate you getting up. >> thank you very much. steve: you bet. we are coming up on quarter before the top of the hour and ainsley has headlines. ainsley: we begin with this, 6 teenagers are hospitalized after a shooting in broad daylight. it happened in aurora, colorado. police are looking for several suspects in this case. police believe it was a drive by shooting some suspects might
3:45 am
have been on foot. school resource officers responded to the shooting and applied turn cuts to two of the victims. one was rushed into emergency surgery but all are expected to survive. thank goodness. vanessa bryant ordered to share medical records in lawsuit against los angeles county sheriff's office. kobe bryant's wife, her suit alleging first responders shared photos of her late husband kobe and their daughter gianna at the scene of the deadly helicopter crash. the judge requesting the records to prove bryant suffered emotional distress. her attorneys tried halting the request. but a federal judge ruled that records are relevant to the case. britney spears, is celebrating her freedom by breaking her sobriety. the pop star revealing she had her very first glass of bubbly in 14 years after a los angeles judge terminated her 13 year conservatorship. the pop star took to instagram saying, quote: what an amazing weekend. i felt like i was on cloud nine the whole time. i actually got my first glass of
3:46 am
champagne. i think i waited long enough. and now to some pawsome stories. a group of puppies found their forever home thanks to a florida highway patrol officer. the trooper susan barge was responding to a hit and run crash on saturday when she saw three cold little puppy dogs under the porch of a nearby house. the department says the officer she found homes for all of the puppies herself. such a sweet story. over to you, janice. janice: i love it that was a purrrfect story. ainsley: wrong animal. what was it. >> a paw some story. blaming it on the fact that it's cold outside in the northeast. 40 degrees in new york with blues city conditions. clipper system that visited us yesterday and we still have some gusty winds with that our next storm system is going to be moving across the northern plains in the upper midwest. this is the set-up. we will have cold front move in and heavy rain along the great
3:47 am
lakes and back down towards the super plains. ahead of that front, that's where we have very warm air that's going to move into the northeast over the next 12 to 48 hours. we will enjoy that warm up to 51 today. 48 in chicago. 27 in kansas city. going to actually be warmer than average for the plain states. 15 to 25 degrees what they should be for this time of year. 80 is your daytime high in dallas 80 in el paso and 80 in miami where you, my friend are going to be on a plain soon so enjoy it. ainsley: so many of our viewers are meeting us down there. we are heading to hollywood, florida, it's going to be wonderful wonderful. thank you, janice. janice: you got it. ainsley: message behind a new book encouraging to you find your purpose. the author joins us live with his message to help you aspire higher. ♪ i'm going to live while i'm alive ♪ it's my life ♪
3:48 am
this holiday season, give your family the gift that keeps on... going? our very own energizer bunny! energizer ultimate lithium. [snowball splat and windshield wiper] the #1 longest-lasting aa battery.
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3:51 am
brian: all right. back with headlines now. thank you so much for watching. tyson food announcing price hike
3:52 am
for chicken. 33% hike on beef and 38% hike for pork. and walmart reportedly set to restock supply of playstation 5 video game consoles for black friday. reporting the retailer making the systems available to walmart plus subscribers four hours before the general public. ainsley, talk about something different. ainsley: i will. new book offering lessons into being positive and high self-esteem to elevate your own life and the lives of everyone around you. the author of aspire higher and he says building self-love could be the key to peace that will unite us all. we need this now. ken joins us. good morning to you, ken. >> good morning, ainsley. ainsley: good morning. >> nice to be with you. ainsley: it's so nice to see you again. have you written so many books. you say this is the most important. why is that? >> it is the most important, ainsley, these days we are all subjected to so much negativity. we are barraged with stories of
3:53 am
horrific shooghtsdz. devastating evenings ever will covid and global warming racism and happening core and division and distrust and as brian just said, run away inflation. it's no wonder that our spirits and our optimism are dwindling. we are demoralized we feel emotionally stuck. we don't see a way up or a way out of these troubling times. i wrote aspire higher to give everyone the clear and actionable steps to make positive life choices that reflect your highest self, your highest goals and your highest values. and when you make these empowering life choices, you instill positivity and love and peace and strength and highest life purpose in your heart and you also are motivated to live
3:54 am
your very best and highest life. so ainsley, the key is, if you want to live a great life, or a dissatisfactorying life, it's all in the choices that you make. ainsley: well, ken, i know we all have worth. we all v. value. we are all god's children and important even in darkest days there is a sunny day right around the corner. what is your advice to people who are ready to give up? >> well, first of all, you can jump start your jump start your life starting today with the choices that you make. start small. get some little victories of just making small life choices that get your life on the right track. and the key is aspire higher. and what i mean by that is make choices that reflect the life you want to live. the personal you want to be. because that will give you the discipline and it will give you the vision to make choices that
3:55 am
will elevate your life. and once you start to make those choices, it's like losing the first 5 pounds on a diet, you are motivated to lose more. the more you have make positive life choices, the more you are motivated to make more good life choices for yourself. when you feel like you deserve and are worthy of a much better life, you develop self-love. afternoon if you love yourself, you're also far more likely to love others. and when you love others, and when you care about others, and uplift others, you and you are giving us the best chance to have a peaceful, civil and respectful country as well. you can elevate yourself first, you can elevate others. ainsley: what brought you to in your life. he owes ken lidgedder agency. an agency that got me in the door at fox. i don't know if you know, this ken, you hired matthew kingsley.
3:56 am
he sent my tape to fox news and i got the job here. i'm so grateful for you starting the business because it really changed the lives of so many people in our industry. what got to you this point to write this book? >> well, ainsley, first of all, i'm thrilled that matthew kingsley did such a great job. ainsley: thank you. >> thank you, matthew. what got me to write this book is i have always been a student of the affects of our positive life choices on ourself esteem. on ourself image and our feelings of self-worth. and when we make life choices that reflect our higherselves and make us feel good and confident that we can affect positive change in our lives. it lifts. ainsley: aspire higher. ken linder, thanks for coming on. more "fox & friends" coming up. -shawn? yes.
3:57 am
thank you. you're welcome. have a great day.
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4:01 am
two wins almost pulled off one against the colts on sunday. steve: you look at that picture and that's what you think of? can we look at that picture again? one thing i love to do in jacksonville people get in the little boats. it's a lot of fun. ainsley: when i went toe school in tallahassee we would go up and visit a friend's sister lived in neptune beach. brian: i have been there quite often. ainsley: so beautiful. all restaurants on the water. coca-cola. she worked there. we looked up to her because she was older than us. steve the reason we put that image up we are all going to florida today later after the program and doing the live, "fox & friends" show live tomorrow and on thursday and doing the patriot awards that you will see live on fox nation on wednesday night. brian: also named after andrew jackson because he delivered florida james madison. ainsley: what is the zip code? brian: i should know it.
4:02 am
ainsley: you should know that. steve: there a bunch of zip codes. not just one. ainsley: that's true. brian: they have not listed the zip code but they do say the elevation is 16 feet. steve: what is the zip code for where we are right here? brian: 10036. steve: there you go. brian: build up my self-esteem? steve: i was. but if you go like a mile that way. it's not that same zip code. brian: even if i named a zip code someone would be alienated. ainsley: true. did you go a few street in new york city new zip code a million people live there. steve: used to be one area code. ainsley: i remember that south carolina it was 803. steve: 913 in kansas. brian: 13 colonies one area code and kept expanding and kept changing. ainsley: your next book. steve: that's according to you when they used to have to climb
4:03 am
up to the top of the it pole. brian: petty coat junction. steve: that was green acres. ainsley: the jury is going to start deliberating 9:00 a.m. central time. the buildings are border boarded up. many of the businesses there. ken northern shah wisconsin bracing for unrest as the fate of kyle rittenhouse goes to the jury. brian: national guard now on stand by 500 strong as protesters gather neither courthouse. steve: once again this morning live in front of the courthouse we have alexis mcadams. she is there where jury deliberations are going to start at 9:00 and alexis, do they expect a verdict today? >> good morning, well, we are going to wait and see on that. yesterday, as you guys mentioned before, it took a very long time. there was five hours of those closing arguments, some of those jurors looked a little bit irritated they got sent in and out of the room. now they have those instructions, very specific instructions. more than 30 pages handed over
4:04 am
to them as they will begin those deliberations. still, they have to pick 12 jurors that will see this case through here in kenosha, wisconsin, then those deliberations will begin at some point this morning. right now 500 national guardsmen are on stand by in kenosha, wink. the national guard sending in videos of their troops staged just outside of kenosha. they are not in the city of kenosha. just outside closer to milwaukee. many businesses still covered by plywood as they never reopened. just a few hours 12 jurors chosen to decide the fate of kyle rittenhouse. illinois teenager on trial for shooting three men killing two. the prosecution explaining that kyle rittenhouse stoked the blood shed. the prosecutor even holding up ar-15 for the court. >> who is there, these guys are their ar-15s just wannabe soldiers, acting tough. when the defendant provokes the incident. he loses the right to
4:05 am
self-defense. you cannot claim self-defense against a danger you create. >> the kyle rittenhouse defense team arguing that the teen feared for his life when he fired those fatal shots. >> the district attorney's office is marching forward with this case because they need somebody to be responsible. kyle rittenhouse's behavior was protected under the law of the state of wisconsin, the laugh self-defense. >> now, during closing argue.s, prosecutors were replaying those moments and videos on social media leading up to shooting in kenosha last summer. prosecutors were also using a photo they say shows rittenhouse pointing his ar-15 moments before the shootings. the defense kept on saying that any evidence that would ever show that he was pointing his weapon was, quote: hocus poke can you say.
4:06 am
deliberations begin later this morning and court back in session around 9:00 a.m. and that's when they will pick those 12 jurors to see this case through. steve: how large is the jury pool at this point? >> they have more than 20 jurors that have been listening so far. they are only going to choose 12. the process here is a little bit different than other states. they will basically pick those names at random. so only 12 will be able to finish this out. steve: one other final question, alexis. you have done some great reporting. do we know why they included in the charges the gun charge which the judge threw out yesterday? did the prosecution initially make a claim that was never proven? >> yeah. they said that kyle rittenhouse, the reason they put that ended up tropic it yesterday. some of the jurors heard that throughout the trial so far. they ended up dropping it based off the size of the weapon. it goes down to the exact wording for wisconsin law and
4:07 am
17-year-old according to wisconsin law could have that rifle which is based off the size. they had to drop that charge at the last minute. are. ainsley: rather than short barrel. are people worried. spoke to business owners. i heard another lady who said they are really nervous. >> people are nervous. they have been bracing for this and getting ready and every time these people around the community and everybody is talking about it. they are keeping a close eye on the trial here. it's almost a trigger to go back through and play what just happened last summer. their businesses were burned down. and most of them are still boarded up. i haven't seen anybody putting up new pieces of plied would. a lot of the the community members never came back to those businesses. they couldn't rebound because they were just destroyed. steve: alexis, thank you very much for the live report. ainsley: thanks a lot. brian: one of the moments that's going to stand out from yesterday is when the prosecutor decided i have an idea. let me pick up the rifle and point it at the jury and then go
4:08 am
to the back lot to the people that were in the actual courtroom. it was bizarre. i mean, what is he trying to have his o.j. moment? in light of what happened on rust with alec baldwin at this point, would you actually pick up a gun, which, by the way, he made it pretty clear he wasn't familiar with guns like me not a gun expert. but just some of the terminology he wasn't familiar with shows me should anyone feel secure with him holding a rifle pointed in your direction? steve: brian, he wasn't just holding a rifle. if we have got the image, the still frame image, prosecutor assistant d.a. thomas binger, you know, he picked up that ar-15. if you will notice his finger is actually on the trigger. and the number one rule of gun safety is you never put your finger on the trigger unless you are going -- you have got a target you are going to neutralize. is he a prosecutor prosecuting a gun crime with little understanding of the gun. you should never do that in a million years. how many people when they saw that were thinking wait a
4:09 am
minute, you know, somebody pointing an actual gun. ainsley: alarming. steve: presumably completely safe they have taken all the bullets out of it. nonetheless, what happened on the rust set that was crazy. ainsley: is he the assistant d.a. thomas binger. he says that kyle provoked this incident by bringing this gun and he should lose his right to self-defense. the defense attorney, mark richards said that he was acting in self-defense, he went there to go help to protect these buildings, to provide first aid and he brought the gun to protect himself. and he says he was attacked by a skateboard. one guy with hands. one guy with feet and one guy with a gun. so he had to defend himself. brian: ainsley, at one point during the prosecution, opening arguments, the first session, not the rebuttal, he said so this one guy rosenburg, he came out so he knocked over one porta potty, nobody was in it. so he just blew up one dumpster. what's the big deal? so he used the "n" word?
4:10 am
oh wow wow wow wow, are you crazy? that is called destruction and then he charges at the -- at kyle, at which time he says well, he is so small and he is so short, how could he actually have hurt you? did you see that guy out of a mental institution, pedophile? do you see the look on his face? and now this guy, he is hardly somebody you expect to see in the octagon is judging how much danger rittenhouse is in? in i thought it was an snl skit. steve: plenty of reasonable doubt. that's why his self-deference defense essentially rings through a lot of people. that's why we are going to keep on eye on things. meanwhile, last night, the president of the united states had a zoom summit with the president of china. it went on for three and a half hours and here's the thing. what we understand so far is they covered a dozen major topics, climate change, talked
4:11 am
about different nations. the origins of covid never came up. how is that possible? you know, we're going to play something where joe biden answered a question of our correspondent in june, which is completely different than what he said last night to his old friend. watch this. >> is there going to become a time where you might call him old friend to old friend, and ask him to open up china to the world health organization investigators who are trying to get to the bottom of covid-19? >> let's get something straight. we know each other well, we are not old friends. it's just pure business. >> good to see you, mr. president and your colleagues. i'm very happy to see my old friend. [laughter] steve: we're not old friends. it's just business. and then joe biden says we're old friends. ainsley: is he trying to separate himself so he doesn't have to ask those tough question
4:12 am
what's happening to the uyghurs and the origins of covid? steve: a little crazy. brian: we don't know. thought that was one of the things you could say i got elected because i have great relationships with people overseas after being chairman of foreign relations and having that job for over 40 years. they talked about human rights. i was wondering if anyone in china won't get them. that might come up. steam rolling hong kong have you ever addressed ripping up the treaty you signed and the freedom you promised for hong kong for another 20 years? that didn't happen? what about your presence in our hemisphere in these communist regimes like nicaragua and it venezuela as well as your presence in cuba? what about the fact that you poisoned the world and have not admitted to it and because of that when you took months in order to unwind the virus, you fostered on this planet and never owned up to it. what about the fact that you are bulking up your military and yod
4:13 am
everything except the u.s. emblem on missiles. ainsley: when millions around the world have died because of covid. we want to know about the origin so it doesn't happen again, so we can figure out what the problem was. so many people lost their loved ones and they want to know where it started. steve: absolutely. ainsley: morgan ortagus. we asked her earlier she was on earlier on fox news she was a spokesperson under mike pompeo for the state department. here is what she had to say about it. >> of course not mentioning covid-19 guarantees one thing, shannon it, guarantees that they are going to get away with it that is a real, a real tragedy. something that we tried to hold them accountable for. we briefed the media for a year navarro before they finally came around. to saying and acknowledging that we told them in early 2020, that they needed to be looking skeptically into the origins of covid. why china was destroying those
4:14 am
live virus samples from the beginning and hiding all the evidence. >> we have disappointing to hear that wasn't brought up. steve: it was very disappointing that actually president xi in some of his opening comments and those were the only parts that were actually televised. he mentioned covid. but you would think joe biden, 763,000 americans dead. 47 million covid cases in the united states. no issue is bigger to the president of the united states, you would think, when is he talking to president xi than that, but he didn't bring it up. also they didn't bring up the olympics. there are rumors in washington, you know, regarding the olympics, 2022 winter olympics that the united states is not going to send anybody. and had china brought it up, joe biden might have said that but that never came up. extraordinarily though, nothing regarding covid. i'm so disappointed. that would have been a great chance for him to show that he
4:15 am
is standing up to the one guy in the world who is his -- super power. ainsley: he didn't bring up the origin. we need joe biden to ask him about it. ainsley: i wish he could be as angry at china as he was on the border patrol agent as he was on horseback or on rittenhouse before he knew the facts. instead i doubt he is going to leave the olympics but after the olympics are over, all hell is going to brake louise with taiwan. because they know if they go into taiwan, then no one is going to show. after that all bets are off. we saw with russia when they went into georgia right after. so, this is going to be fascinating to see. mean be while, if you were sponsoring the olympics, if you were coca-cola why would you sponsor the olympics when half laborers slave labor genocide of uyghur muslims right now. it's unbelievable how we turned away let alone the fact that they are circumventing the iranian sanctions.
4:16 am
why talk to your old friend if you are not going to bring anything up? meanwhile, 15 minutes after the hour. turning now your headlines, ex-con who attempted to kill nypd cop 10 years ago freed without bail after another alleged attack on an officer isis thompson striking a officer with backpack sunday morning in the bronx. the officer suffering minor injuries to his head but is expected to be okay. this comes as another gun fight breaks out on the streets of the bronx. you are looking at it. gunmen firing shots from point blank range before fleeing. no one has been arrested. just in, pfizer signing a deal allowing other manufacturers to produce his experimental covid-19 pill. this move making the treatment available to more than half of the world wants population. pfizer said its pill cuts hospitalizations and death. people with mild to moderate infections. it would seek approval of the pill as soon as possible. seems kind of backward, doesn't
4:17 am
it? new hampshire high school suing school district after he was allegedly suspended for saying only two genders. how dare he? the exitor high school freshman other student overheard by a third classmate this turned in to a text exchange printed out by school administrators. the school district not commenting on the suspension saying they will put out a statement after the investigation is complete. the world has gone nuts. and meranda is dismissing cancel culture in an interview with the new yorker the hamilton star offering critique from his own perspective as actor and playwright saying quote it's not cancellization. that's having opinions. if you get yourself into a place of fear of what are people going to say about what i write, it's over. no kidding. and those are your headlines. steve: all right. more news later. meanwhile, coming up, concerned parents standing up against school board members once again
4:18 am
in loudoun county, virginia dismissed as alt right by local leaders. two parents react coming up. ainsley: plus they say third time is a charm. will that hold true for beto o'rourke? the texan back on the ballot after two high profile losses ♪ ♪
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4:23 am
rehabilitation fred real estate gay father of two and mother of two vice president for schools. are you guys an alt right group. >> no, i'm not alt right, i'm not a white nationalist. i'm a concerned parent. concerned about what's going on in our schools and i try to hold our school board accountable. i think jessica a. >> we have two democrats on our board and many more that are volunteers. brian: does it bother you that they are looking to label you an extremist? >> absolutely. the fact that they are having julie brisman a board of
4:24 am
supervisors member call our group white supremacist is outrageous. you know, it just goes to show that some of these loudoun county politicians haven't learned a thing. we are seeking the removal of school board members who were in a private facebook group that were targeting parents and calling them racist. we are seeking their removal because they violated laws and their own code of conduct which is exactly what julia brisman just did. she violated her own code of conduct. she attacked her own constituents. brian: do you know what's amazing. >> it's about accountability. it's about standing up and cooking the right thing no matter the cost. we will not be intimidated or silenced. brian: this is all political and republicans put you guys up to it. republicans would never be organized enough to start a going after school board. are republicans behind this movement? and i believe the election is over. >> the elections is over, brian, i think this alt right comment is brisman's attempt to move
4:25 am
away from white supremacists which they were labeling us before leading up to the gubernatorial election two weeks ago. that didn't work. so alt right, i guess is, a larger umbrella that maybe i might be included under but it doesn't fly. it doesn't work. i would suggest to ms. brisman and others like her that she is the white supremacist. she is fisting her ideology on me, a black man, trying to tell me telling me how to raise my daughters and what my daughters need to learn. i reject that notion. i favor liberty over this dark view-dark vision of america's future and i'm just offended by it and she owes us more. she has a code of conduct to operate under. and calling us names is -- brian: have you not gone anywhere and proven not to be a political organization. you got the petitions and still won support fight for schools is the name of your group. thanks so much, guys.
4:26 am
appreciate it? >> thank you. brian: meanwhile the president freedom fighter much on this. talk about our legitimate past, abraham lincoln and frederick douglass the battle to win america's soul. thank you for buying it and coming out. i will be vera beach tonight. hollywood, florida patriot awards be signing before and after. then going to pensacola florida northern florida and hopping over to fair hope, alabama right after. then the villages, can't wait to see everybody there and then sunday in orlando we will do every book. it's on stage. it's at the plaza live. just go to brian and that's where to go. meanwhile, more "fox & friends" in just a moment. stay tuned.
4:27 am
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4:31 am
. ainsley: the fate of kyle rittenhouse now lies in the hands of the jury after lawyers wrapped up closing arguments yesterday. this as the judge dismisses that misdemeanor charge against rittenhouse and a final verdict could come as early as today. our next guest was on the ground in kenosha during all these riots, daily caller reporter george ventura joins us now. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> good morning. so, when you look at this trial and it's all laid out in front of you and you have been there on the ground what are your thoughts? what do you think will happen today? >> i think the case for self-defense is going to be pretty strong. i think the big game changer for me was when gaige grosskreutz was cross-examined by the
4:32 am
defense team he had to admit on the stand not only did he have a firearm but that he chased rittenhouse with the firearm and that he also pointed the gun at rittenhouse. gaige grosskreutz did not mention that in the police statement. he also wrote a letter to the city of kenosha requesting $10 million and did not mention in that letter that he brought a firearm and pointed that gun at rittenhouse. gauge grosskreutz also went on good morning america and told michael strahan he did not point the weapon at rittenhouse even though on the stand he told the defense team that he did point the gun. i thought that was a big moment. as well as my colleague richie mcginnis when he testified when he told the prosecution team that joseph rosenbaum actually lunged for the weapon and that's when kyle rittenhouse pointed the gun and shot. i thought those were the two big moments at the end of the day, who knows what the jury thinks. those were the two biggest moments in the trial so far. ainsley: meaning that would prove self-defense? >> yes. correct. because gaige grosskreutz did have a firearm which he, like i
4:33 am
said, did not tell the kenosha police department when he submitted that police statement. he told them that the firearm fell and also, when mcginnis testified saying that rosenbaum lunged for that weapon. ainsley: grosskreutz was the 27-year-old that was wounded in all of this. the assistant da his name is thomas binger. you have seen him. he was the one pointing the gun inside the ar-15 inside the courtroom yesterday. listen to what he said about the people that were rioting. >> we have had several police officers testify that an active shooter situation, their first inticket. their first training is to go in and stop the threat. they don't sit there and wonder well, maybe it was self-defense. i don't know. i'm going to wait and see. ainsley: what's your reaction to that? >> well, after being there in kenosha, i mean it was pure destruction. it was riots. i covered the riots all summer and by far it was the worst in
4:34 am
kenosha. binger called those people rioting heroes which i was a bit taken back considering all the destruction that they caused and until this day none of the reuters have been charged for arson or destruction of property. so i was a bit shocked by that right there. ainsley: what kind of things did you see? we are seeing the video of the fires. we know there was a lot of looting and businesses that were burned. specifically, what do you remember? >> you know it, felt like a war zone. i covered riots all summer. it was for sure the worst in kenosha. and i think what really stood out was the lack of law enforcement. there was not any national guard or any police officers when we were on the ground. i think it's also important to remember that when the rittenhouse shooting happened, it was the third night of riots this could have been prevented by the national guard and police officers if they would have stopped it on the first night or second night. what really stands out is the lack of law enforcement and also, you know, we here at the daily caller we spent the next couple mornings speaking to business owners basically had their dreams destroyed and small
4:35 am
businesses. that doesn't get highlighted enough the americans affected during those riots in kenosha. ainsley: heart breaking. will 500 national guard officers on stand by. thank you for coming on with us. we appreciate it? >> thank you. ainsley: you are welcome. coming up next, the white house doing damage control as the president's poll numbers take a plunge while the prices of nearly everything soar. former new jersey governor chris christie is here live with his for the democrats ahead of the midterm elections. come on over, governor. >> walk this way ♪ your mission: stand up to moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. and take. it. on... with rinvoq. rinvoq a once-daily pill can dramatically improve symptoms... rinvoq helps tame pain, stiffness, swelling. and for some, rinvoq can even significantly reduce ra fatigue. that's rinvoq relief.
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♪♪not a sign of a cloud passing by♪♪ ♪♪if my heart won't behave in the usual way♪♪ experience the power of sanctuary at the lincoln wish list event. ♪ is in your poll and many other polls that have come out around the country, people are sick and tired of covid and the impact on the economy. life is going to get better for people across the country and that this is part of his effort to finish the job.
4:40 am
part of it. and getting the pandemic under control. making sure we are, addressing rising costs, bringing costs down for the american people. steve: the white house doing damage control yesterday devastating new poll numbers continual to hurt joe biden's build back better agenda. badded sign for his party ahead of the midterms as 51% of american registered voters say they would voted for a republican candidate for congress if elections were held today. shaken by inflation among other things surging to a 31 year high. former new jersey governor chris christie has a brand new book out. it's called republic can rescue saving the country from truth deniers conspiracy theorists and dangerous policies of joe biden. good morning to you, governor. >> good morning, steve. steve: when you look at those numbers it would seem that the republicans are on the verge during the midterms of taking back the house and maybe the senate. >> i think if we are. if we talk in these campaigns to he people's concerns. we talk about tomorrow.
4:41 am
that's a lot of what the book is about is saying how do we talk to people about the next year and the next year and what we as republicans could do to both stop joe biden and what he is trying to do and put forward a positive agenda for them. if we do that we will do very, very well. steve: i think one of the main things that you know, that is really messing up the biden agenda is the price of food. everybody knows, tyson is -- tyson foods raising the price of chicken about 20%. 33% for beef and pork. close to 40%. when people go to the grocery store particularly around thanksgiving they will look at those prices and go what the heck happened? >> that's exactly right. the white house is completely, completely tone deaf to this. you know, you hear people say well, they have plenty of money. people have more money than they used to. it's ridiculous, i said this the other day, my wife went to the supermarket, bought like a big pack of toilet packer, $29. $29. i mean, you know, people are going to be and are up in arms
4:42 am
about this. they blame joe biden for it because his policies that did it. steve: i bought a can of campbell soup two days ago popular new jersey grocery store 2 bucks for a little can of campbell soup. it's nuts. and then when you look at the answers the white house is giving on things like that and the fact that joe biden had a virtual summit with the president of china, never brought up covid? how do you do that? >> you don't bring up covid. you don't bring up the olympics. and, look, we have serious problems with china who is a serious adversary of ours. and if we don't start getting tough on them, they are going to walk all over us. misread signals about taiwan. this is going to lead to incredible conflict for the united states and for our people. and joe biden needs to get tough today with china. we don't need to be throwing bouquets at dictators. steve: what you say in your book essentially is for the republicans to win, to rescue the republican party, is simply stick to the issues. and give the american public
4:43 am
some alternatives to joe biden's policies. >> that's exactly right, steve. it is to lay out for them on the economy. on crime, on education. on taxes and spending. what our vision is for the future and it's conservative vision. and one that's real contrast to what joe biden and kamala harris are trying to do. and, you know, the worst thing a politician can do is to run one way and governor. joe biden is going to be a uniter. he will moderate the country and bring it together. he has governed like he is left of fdr. independents who voted for him, last november, really have buyer's remorse now and they're very angry. you saw some of them speaking out in virginia and new jersey. just two weeks ago. steve: throughout your book you talk, about you know, donald trump has been a friend of yours for over. >> 20 years. steve: over 20 years. right now, what is going on between the two of you right now? because i see some back and forth. you will see something. he will say something. >> look, we are still friends. and we are always going to be friends. would kind of friendship we have
4:44 am
always had is the from him of peers. where you tell each other the truth. when he says something, i say something he doesn't like he tells me. i do the same thing. we have done that for 20 years. that's not going to change. the president, look, for people who support donald trump, the line begins behind me. i was the first one, as you know, to come out and support him. chaired his transition. steve: he asked you to the chief of staff. offered me chief of staff. offered me three different cabinet positions. ran debate prep played hillary clinton. you should see some of the hillary clinton routines i did. played joe biden in this debate prep. so we have been friends for a long time. but, friends tell each other the truth. all i'm saying in this book is we have to stop looking backwards. if we want to be a winning party again, we have got look forward and go after joe biden. we should not be attacking other republicans. what we should be doing is going after the democrats. they are the ones who are trying to ruin this country. steve: so you say saving the party from truth deniers, conspiracy thirsts and then joe biden. who are the truth deniers and
4:45 am
the conspiracy thirsts? throrrists i gothrough in the be and birtherism. conspiracy theories and things untrue that take our party off course, steve. we don't have to talk about that stuff. we should be talking about joe biden and 6% inflation. joe biden and the way he disgraced us in afghanistan. joe biden and the way we are seeing our country being elm bare arrested around the world. and our people at home being taught things in our schools that make us not proud to be americans. if republicans talk about that we're going to win the house and the senate and then win the white house in 24. we talk about all this other garbage. people are going to think we are not fit to certain. steve: speaking of 2024 should we pencil you in. >> no, not at the moment. i will say i'm thinking about it at the end of '22 make a decision. anybody who tries to decide what the race is going to look like now is not smart. steve: what happens in 2022 you mean if the republicans had the
4:46 am
house? have the senate that would be a yes? >> no, i think you are closer to it and understand the political climate a little bit more plus you're i'm going to turn 60 next year. every year is a gift, right? so you see where you are, where your family is and then you make a decision. steve: chris christie. it's a great book. you can tell that you actually wrote it. it's called "republican rescue saving the party from truth deniers, conspiracy theorists. >> thanks for having me. steve: check in with janice dean out on the street with a fox weather forecast. janice: it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. feeling a lot like thanksgiving with the cold air coming in towards the northeast. we had blustery conditions yesterday. here's the deal. so we still have that november chill happening. but it's going to feel like september across the plain states with temperatures 10 to 25 degrees above average. some of those temps will reach 80 degrees in san antonio and dallas. up towards lincoln, nebraska, 74, 63 in rapid city. that's pretty crazy for this
4:47 am
time of year our next storm system move into the northern plains and the midwest. that he was going to be a quoft and drop those temperatures as the front moves on through and bring the potential for some showers and thunderstorms over the next couple of days. but we have frost and freeze advisories for parts of the carolinas down into georgia. where the temperatures are chilly. below freezing for a lot of these sunshiny places. but, you know what? in terms of sunshine, pretty good looking forecast for many. just a little cold here in the northeast and the northwest. we will warm things up tomorrow and friday. all right, steve -- oh, you are going to florida. you don't have to worry about the cold here. back to you. steve: that's right. indeed. all right, j.d., thank you very much. janice: got it. steve: we will take you live to sunny south florida where we find "fox & friends weekend" co-host pete hegseth. good morning to you. pete: good morning. we are standing here on stage for the third annual fox nation patriot awards that are coming up tomorrow night. i can barely believe it's here.
4:48 am
it's going to be an amazing evening i am as you said, steve, honored to be the emcee. in a moment we will take you behind the scenes. the theater is not full right now. we will show you what you are up for tomorrow night. don't go anywhere. ♪ ♪ your heart is at the heart of everything you do. and if you have heart failure, there's a medicine specifically made for heart failure entresto. it's a heart failure medicine prescribed by most cardiologists. entresto was proven superior at helping people stay alive and out of the hospital. heart failure can change the structure of your heart, .: and with a healthier heart, there's no telling where life may take you. don't take entresto if pregnant, it can cause harm, a death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren,
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>> running for governor and i want to tell you why. those in positions of public trust, they're not focused on the things that we really want them to do. steve: despite failed bids for the white house in the past, and the senate, in the past, bet o o'rorke not giving up a run to unseat texas governor greg abbott. ainsley: governor abbott responding with a tweet "bring it" as he calls him out for his response on defunding the police , the green new deal, the open border policies. brian: colonel west is still running too here to react fox & friends weekend co-host pete hegseth. pete can't wait to talk to you about the patriot awards but doesn't this means he gets to tap into that money he raised that just sits there unless you run for office you can't really use it? pete: absolutely, brian and if you were born to be in it, if you were born to run, then how can you not resist that third tr
4:53 am
ifecta of losing? here is the crazy part about beto o'rourke. he was born into a political family, ran in an easy congressional race, won multiple times in a safe democrat seat and then he runs against ted cruz in 2018 in a fantastic year for democrats, if you remember he lost to ted cruz, then he joined the presidential primary, made a fool of himself by saying he was born to run, some comments about how much he parents, then he says he wants to take everyone's gun away and he's out before the primary even starts. now, this political genius think s 2022 is the right year to run in texas, with the borders wide open and joe biden's approval rating in texas at 35%. if there was ever a year he's not going to win it's 2022 but for a man born to run with a war chest of money you've gotta keep running if born to do it. steve: the problem for him though, for beto is the fact that matthew mcconaughey may run for governor perhaps as a democrat. i know they tried to get matthew
4:54 am
mcconaughey to host the patriot awards, but you were the first guy to put his hand up. pete: i think people would rather see matthew mcconaughey. come on, i mean, i was not born to host but i have done it before so i feel -- steve: you do a great job. pete: somewhat prepared. well guys i can't wait for you to come down here. just standing in this theatre at the hard rock live casino and hotel it's phenomenonal. the setup they have this year is yell beyond what we did in years previous, the first year and the second year was virtual so this is our second year out of the gate with a live audience and let me show you what's going on. so what's setup behind me is the fox & friends set. steve: we'll be there tomorrow. pete: you'll be staring at this big old screen which i hope you're wearing a lot of makeup on the night of the event because this is the hd of hd hads screens here i'm telling you. it all shows so make sure you pack the extra and then for the
4:55 am
show for you guys, you'll be in these theaters they are setup for you tomorrow and look at the theatre behind you, yeah, that is the money shot right there. steve: holy cow. pete: and this morning i found out it's phenomenonal. if we're not, we are, i'm pretty sure we're sold out. there might be a couple handful of tickets left but every seat you see in that shot is a seat that will be occupied by a ticket holder by a patriot whose here to see the show. you know how many lights i talked to chris our lighting guy , 188 lights just from fox brought here to light this thing steve: and wait, is it a dinner too? are those tables? pete: let me tell you it's like an award show guys and i know how particular you are about where you're seated if anybody is a diva, it's the fox & friends team so i've made sure, spent the last couple of days like a wedding planner making sure you guys had the perfect seat, so we got -- brian: martin short. pete: steve, ainsley, and brian here and check out your view. you're right there on stage,
4:56 am
here and there's going to be some bottles of champaign i think so guys you'll need to behave. ainsley: pete, when we -- steve: it's like the golden globes. ainsley: last time, we told so many wonderful stories. there wasn't a dry eye in the room because we heard all these wonderful hair heroic stories. pete: if you liked it two years ago you're in for something tonight, buckle up. there will not be a dry eye in the place, you'll be swelled with patriotism and the crowd will beurring so they are waiting for you guys. steve: fantastic. ainsley: our country needs this. steve: okay, it's going to be tomorrow night, at 8:00 p.m., on fox nation, pete, thank you very much. ainsley: coming up with the president and vice president putting on a front as rumors are swirling of an ongoing tension? >> not again.
4:57 am
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save up to $500 on select adjustable mattress sets during the black friday event. >> ♪ >> ♪ ainsley: very pretty, look at the palm trees we're going down to florida today, that's lake wood ranch, florida, and what is the zip code, brian? brian: um, i know. i don't memorize all of them
5:01 am
though. i thought you were just kidding, 34202 or 34211 or 34240 these are the zip codes of that region so if you want to write somebody like the old fashion way. steve: who should we write to? brian: just write generally to the mayor. steve: whose the mayor? brian: probably a man or a woman and i believe they're happy and probably are serving the community. ainsley: maybe they are driving over to hollywood, florida because that's where we are for the patriot awards. brian: we don't have to lick envelopes and stamps. isn't that great? ainsley: you buy the envelopes you pull the tabs? brian: pull tabs we don't have to have that glue taste all day. steve: i still have the kind of envelope that you lick. brian: you lick the envelopes? ainsley: and try doing christmas cards, take a long time in my house. steve: you have a very sheltered life, brian. brian: right, i pull the back. steve: okay. brian: i just stick it on. steve: that's one kind of envelope. brian: i'm not licking anymore.
5:02 am
steve: okay. brian: i'm done. steve: he took a licking and then stopped kicking. brian: stop. i pulled it back. steve: that's the slogan for timex. take the licking and keeps on ticking. ainsley: you're right. brian: now no one gets timex. when is the last time you ever heard of that? steve: what do you mean? they do have them. ainsley: yup. steve: good ones. brian: i don't think so. steve: meanwhile let's talk about news and kenosha, wisconsin, unrest as the fate of kyle rittenhouse goes to the jury, 9:00 a.m. central time. ainsley: look at that they are boarding up some of the buildings there, some of the businesses because they are a little nervous. the national guard is on standby , they have 500 of those as protesters are gathering near the courthouse they were wiping off graffiti. brian: what are they protesting watching this trial, you couldn't have a more fair trial. alexis mcadams is in kenosha where the jury will begin deliberations in just a few hours. hey, alexis. reporter: good morning.
5:03 am
yeah, a big day here in kenosha, wisconsin. one that people have been watching very closely, including s business owners that we have been talking about throughout the morning in court we'll begin in just the next few hours in kenosha, wisconsin for the kyle rittenhouse trial and 12 of the 18 jurors that have been listening to all of this information over the past week will then start deliberations here so right now, 500 national guardsmen are on standby. this video sent into us by the national guard. you can see they are staged outside of kenosha, so not here in the city, so people including those jurors if they came in and out of the building have not been seen any of those guardsmen business owners telling us they are on edge while they wait for this verdict. >> before they weren't, this time they are. i'm praying that it won't come to that. reporter: kyle rittenhouse on trial for shooting three men, killing two, during the unrest, in kenosha, wisconsin following the police shooting of jacob blake.
5:04 am
s the prosecution explaining that kyle rittenhouse was provoking the blood shed and the prosecutors holding up an a r-15 for the court. >> a fight maybe many of you have been involved in, two people hand to hand were throwing punches, pushing, shoving, whatever, but what you don't do is you don't bring a gun to a fist fight. reporter: as the kyle rittenhouse defense team continues to argue that this was self-defense, saying kyle was never pointing his gun at anyone >> what i'd like to say about his photographs, his knowledge of what he did and some of the statements that the state has made regarding it is, what he did for those 20 hours is hoc us pocus. reporter: it was five hours of closing arguments here in kenosha so a very long day for those jurors only 12 will see this case through, out of that 18, and as we were in and out of the courtroom watching those different feeds as well,
5:05 am
some of those jurors just looked really frustrated and pretty tired as they got sent in and out of the courtroom so you'll have to see how deliberations go today. steve: a quick question for you and that is, you know, the jurors have been through this. they've been sitting there patiently for a considerable amount of time, but for people who are just watching it on tv, like we broadcast it yesterday, you saw all the video, so it essentially brought you up to speed on the entire case. did you get the sense that the jurors were board with the summation? reporter: it looked like, you know, some of them were not taking notes anyfor toward the end because as you mentioned they did see that video throughout this trial, and they took a very close look at those still frames as well that the prosecutors kept showing where they say kyle rittenhouse is pointing his gun seconds before those shots were fired. they say he was provoking these people, and provoking the blood shed here in kenosha, wisconsin, but as those jurors just kept seeing those same scenes over and over again some of them were kind of dissuading i think for
5:06 am
things to wrap up. ainsley: i wonder if that means they have already made up their minds they aren't taking notes. thank you so much, we'll be following it all day. the defense, mark richards, said this is all in self-defense. kyle had to defend himself and that's why he shot these individuals who were attacking him with a skateboard, one with their hands, one with their feet and one with a gun. the assistant d. a. says kyle provoked this incident by taking that gun to the streets of kenosha. brian: a lot of people talking about the judge. i saw i guess the judge wanted to order asian food for lunch, and he made a comment about it being late and people thought that was anti-asian. i look at david axlerod's tweets normally a level-headed guy and he says this kid has the good fortune of having a defacto defense attorney on the bench and the judge's message is gun toting vigilante 's forward as if this democrat-appointed judge of president obama-appointed judge is leaning to rittenhouse whoever dentally represents the
5:07 am
right? steve: one of the people that rittenhouse shot was joseph rose nbaum. there was a time yesterday when the assistant d. a. tried to, there's mr. rosenbaum right there, i believe, tried to diminish what he did before he was shot by rittenhouse. listen to the way he described what was going on between the two of them. >> let me tell you, all the awful things joseph rosenbaum did. he kicked over a port-a-potty that had no one in it, he swung a chin and lit a metal garbage dumpster on fire oh, and there's this empty wooden flatbed trailer they pulled out in the middle of the road and they tipped it over and they lit it on fire. oh, and he said some bad words, he said the n word. brian: did that help? i mean, my goodness. that shows this guy is an absolute menace let alone, a
5:08 am
google of his background knows he's trouble and tries to diminish him by saying well he's a small guy, he weighed nothing he could be tossed around, how dare you feel threatened by him. did you see what this guy looked like? steve: well, the d. a. was trying to show it was not a dangerous situation, and that's one of the reasons wyatt one point yesterday, they said, you know, as they just mentioned a moment ago, in alexis' report, that rittenhouse brought a gun to a fist fight, and then they put up a shot from a patrick swa yzee movie, where that's one of the things they said and then they were roundly criticized but nonetheless, it it all brings up they are trying to show it was not a dangerous situation even though so many businesses were burned up. brian: he exploded a dumpster. it's unbelievable. this guy was trouble and this guy sits there with his million dollar suit and oh, he shouldn't have felt in danger. did you see some of those scenes where those drone shots, that
5:09 am
was the epitome of danger. ainsley: last night i heard saying kyle if he gets off he's a hero, that he shouldn't have been there and brought his gun; however, if it's in self-defense and that's the law and the law is the law and you can prove that, without a reasonable doubt , then that's going to be what they decide. steve: and that's the key. reasonable doubt. if they've got a pool of 20 right now later today they are going to be picking 12 people to be the official jury. you've got to figure in those 12 people, will there be at least one who says you know what? i think he was completely justified in doing what he did. did they do a good job, the prosecution in making sure people thought that he was guilty? i don't know. i think there is a reasonable doubt. ainsley: mcthe mcclosky's, the lawyer from st. louis? he and his wife, patricia, they were there outside of the courthouse in support of kyle and they said that they were supporting the basic premise of self-defense and their second amendment rights. brian: just keep in mind, don't
5:10 am
think about 2021. think about 2020 and 2019, city after city was blown up, theophano were occupying portland, seattle, chicago, we're watching the chaos in minneapolis and then all of a sudden, kenosha, wisconsin. the american people say wait a second. cops are being totally dis empowered they have to let this whole chop zone continue, people are getting fed up. i'm not condoning it but you'd be surprised. the american people after a while don't want to see city after city burning 17 miles from his house, his dad lives here and at 17 years old, maybe he shouldn't have went there but at one point, what do you do if no one is going to protect your city? how many times are we watching new york city blow up 12 straight days? ainsley: yesterday, msnbc didn't show the defense closing arguments they just showed prosecution and some of the channels cut away from it to take the signing of the infrastructure bill. they only showed one side. steve: sure, jen psaki was asked yesterday by our correspondent to explain why joe biden referred to kyle rittenhouse as
5:11 am
a white supremacist. remember when joe biden was running for president, they put out that video, she would not answer, but she said ultimately, and broadly, because they don't want to be accused of impacting the jury. you know, they are against vigil antes with automatic assault weapons. anyway, to your point, 800 people went out on the south lawn, the biggest event that joe biden's white house has had, to watch the signing that was delay ed for a week, and while it was cold there, when you think about the story that cnn put out yesterday where there were relations between the president and the vice president, all eyes were on the two of them. would they be chummy? oh, were they. ainsley: the cnn article came out and it said they interviewed three dozen sources, 36 sources, and they said that biden was trying to distance himself from harris, because of her bad poll numbers at 28%, said that she felt like she had been setup to fail, sending out losing issues
5:12 am
like the border, and that more vigorous and president was more vigorous in defending pete buttigieg than defending her. brian: right so she puts on a french accent in france and said i never even talked about the submarine deal that caused friction between the two countries and when it came down to speaking about the border and going there, she also said that classic comment, i haven't been to europe either, and then when she decides that she is going to not address things that are in the news but she's going to address the space race, she's addressing child actors and yesterday it was time for her to walk out and introduce the president, and when they go to introduce her, they introduce somebody else, and she had to sit there and go oh, that person 's not ready yesterday. heather something or other. here is the vice president harris introducing, giving credit to the president for an infrastructure deal that was actually ready in june.
5:13 am
>> here is what i know to be true, mr. president. you are equal parts, believer and builder. now, this bill, as significant as it is, as historic as it is, is part one of two. congress must also pass the build back better act. [applause] >> so on this historic day, let us all continue to believe in our people. believe in our country, and believe in what we can do when we work together. steve: so it was not only cold but it was windy as you could tell right there, so she said those things, the scripted remarks, with the back drop of the tension between the white house and the vice president or the president and the vice president. peter doocy asked jen psaki
5:14 am
yesterday whether or not joe biden would automatically endorse her if she ran for president either in 2024 or 2028, and psaki , you know, she spun it and said do you know what? i don't know if she's going to run and actually, she said, i don't have any predictions whether she will run or when she will run. i will leave that to her. so she did not answer the question, which should have been a simple yes or no. brian: see i don't think it should be, because even barack obama was not going to endorse joe biden until the primaries played out. i think it's pretty typical and plus, we don't even know if he's running for re-election. i don't think it's automatic that you endorse your vice president. steve: i would. if you pick them to be vice president why not pick them to be president. brian: nixon wasn't endorsed until the end. ainsley: maybe he's looking at those ratings, 28%? maybe she couldn't win. steve: listen both of them, both biden and harris are suffering from the american public is
5:15 am
upset about the fact that stuff costs so much and when you can get it, which is not all the time, sometimes it's hard to get , but nonetheless, they're all putting it on joe biden's plate. watch. >> real contrast to what joe biden and kamala harris are trying to do, and the worst thing a politician can do is to run one way and govern another. joe biden said he's going to be a uniter and moderate the country and bring it together. he has governed like he's left of fdr, and independents who voted for him, last november, really have buyer's remorse now and are very angry and you saw some of them speaking out in virginia and new jersey, just two weeks ago. brian: yeah, i mean, by the way , he needs help. he's 78 years old, he clearly needs a vice president like al gore was for bill clinton and dick cheney was for george bush, mike pence was invaluable for donald trump. you really need somebody to step up, his chief of staff seems to
5:16 am
have the worst instincts possible, and then instead of showing the talent as a former a .g. and senator, she comes out and she just doesn't seem to have any instincts or fundamental knowledge of the issues which reminds me of when she campaigned. she was torn apart by tulsi gabbard. she had one good line of the debate and she watched her campaign that was flushed with cash, fall on its face because of in-fighting. guess what's happening now with her staff? in-fighting, so this is no surprise. she can't run an organization, doesn't know the issues and is terrible instincts. that's what you wanted, joe biden, you got it. steve: when you look at the poll s, you know it looks like the republicans could win in 2022 and 2024 and so the democratic machine is thinking okay, if joe biden isn't up to it and neither is she, whose next? there's an item in the new york post this morning that says the guy whose next is pete buttigieg. read that on the op-ed page. ainsley: they are going more and more progressive. i think that's a mistake for
5:17 am
them. look at what happened in virginia. pete buttigieg extremely progressive, kamala harris her voting record extremely progressive, more so than bernie sanders. brian: right. you know what? joe manchin. i'm telling you right now, the republicans would fear joe manchin because he's reasonable. steve: but that's why the democrats wouldn't put him there. brian: or normal. ainsley: and some republicans might vote for him. they like the moderates. brian: i think it be better for the country, center right or left rather than over here. meanwhile turning to the headlines now, this morning united airlines canceling or delaying dozens of flights as it puts an unvaccinated employees on unpaid leave. flight aware reporting 13 cancellations and 21 delays so far, wow, in the country. this as southwest and american airlines begin offering incentives to ensure it has enough staff to meet the holiday travel demands this is going to be trouble. nike is postponing the release of travis scott's new sneakers, and the company says the shoe will not go on sale as planned, nike says the delay is "out of
5:18 am
respect for everyone impacted by the tragic events of the astroworld festival." meanwhile the san francisco why don't you take this. ainsley: you take this. brian: the san francisco 49ers spoiling odell beckham, and after falling on monday night football 31-10. this is the nfl stars are reportedly ducking eli and peyton manning and here's why. their telecast on espn 2 is being dubbed the manning curse after their appearance. >> things are kind of going around people are talking about this thing called the manning curse. no, i believe it is a thing and that's why i'm not playing next week. i didn't know if it would carryover into golf. brian: when you appear as a guest on their show it's not going well, tom brady has lost two in a row, rob gronkowski has been hurt, josh allen also falling victim to the so-called
5:19 am
curse, the teams losing their appearances on monday night football after they appear in civilian clothing without eye black with the mannings. ainsley: whoa so if you're on the show you're going to lose or get hurt. brian: but it is fun. steve: it's like a rocky on the cover of sports illustrated. brian: yeah, or if you're on the madden game, but if you're on the madden game evidently that is a curse. ainsley: but they won't have any guests or they have a buy week? steve: they don't need guests they have plenty of mannings. brian: that's true and here's the thing if you are cursed embrace it, if they do have a curse they are welcoming it . it screws up the curse. ainsley: they can afford to have a curse others can't. brian: exactly. steve: they've done okay. all right, meanwhile, 8:19 here in the east. coming up republicans stepping into stop the surge at our southern border, as border crossings spike 128% over last year. senator mike braun will tell us their game plan from the republicans. ainsley: and a growing number of americans are refusing to fold to the president's vaccination
5:20 am
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this is elodia. she's a recording artist. 1 of 10 million people that comcast has connected to affordable internet in the last 10 years. and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist,
5:24 am
and one of the millions of students we're connecting throughout the next 10. through projectup, comcast is committing $1 billion so millions more students, past... and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities. steve: now numbers from customs and border protection revealing a 128% surge and migrant encounters last month, from the same month last year. this comes as five republican senators are threatening to withhold support from any spending packages due to a lack of funding for border security. indiana senator mike braun is among the five lawmakers joining us from capitol hill. good morning to you, senator. >> good morning, steve. steve: okay so what are you planning to do here? >> well, there are five of us, senator cruz from texas, where all the action is, senator rubio
5:25 am
from florida, governor desantis has made an issue that immigration affect s all states illegally when they come across the border , senator lummis from wyoming and senator lee from utah. very simply, this is where the rubber meets the road out here is when you stand firm on issues. just look at the context. when i was running back in 18, jobs in the economy and the border were the two big issues and the jobs and the economy took off with the tax cut and jobs act and we had the best one in history, and this is a man-made crisis by a one-man wrecking ball named joe biden, because he did it, it was trump, we're not going to keep those policies in place. we were down at the border in march and saw all of the atrocities including the smugglers heckeling at us and that was at about 75,000 illegal crossings. it's now about triple that, fentanyl, all the other stuff
5:26 am
that comes in and this is what most people don't realize. it's not only central americans. it's 54 other nationalities were crossing back earlier in the year, and the smugglers are getting money off of everybody. this is a disaster, and in this spending bill, listen to this. there's not only no money there for the wall or for the security that the border patrol wants but they want to appropriate money to start tearing the wall down. i mean it's craziness. steve: well but here's the thing , senator. you would need the democrats to go along with you. they don't think there's a problem, and that's your problem >> well they don't think there's a problem on a lot of things, and there's a litany of them we don't have time to go through but even on like the vaccine mandate i'm leading on that where you're trying to force businesses, you know, to vaccinate their employees when we've been trying to keep them at their post working. they have not made one decision
5:27 am
that has really been beneficial to the country and that was shown, i think, with the virginia, new jersey elections and man, we better go go to town with it in 2022 and 2024. steve: let me ask you about the president's build back better plan. that's the next big bill. apparently, the cbo will come out with an estimate on how much it actually costs, the white house says it costs nothing we know that's not true. they come out with an estimate by friday. if it's an actual number and not zero, i imagine there's moderate democrats who say wait a minute you made it sound like it was zero but it's fill in the blank number. we're not going to go for that right now. >> i think that's been their kind of modus operandi all along talking about the benefits of more government when we're now nearly 30 trillion in debt and the cbo, if they do the job they did back in the tax cut and jobs act which that was an
5:28 am
estimate that they needed to reposition on because it was working they need to be honest here and hopefully there will be enough moderate democrats left in the house, and i think kyrsten sinema has said she's worried about raising revenues here, joe manchin about spending , i hope they are true to their beliefs because it's a funny feeling to be in the position we're in. steve: all right senator thank you very much for taking a little time out of your morning to be with us. >> my pleasure. steve: all right, straight ahead , jury deliberations begin in about 90 minutes in the kyle rittenhouse trial. what's on the line as the country awaits the verdict? we'll talk to wisconsin natives rachel campos-duffy and her husband sean coming up, next.
5:29 am
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5:33 am
rittenhouse down for something he was privileged to do will serve no legitimate purpose. >> you lose the right to self-defense when you're the one who brought the gun. >> if it comes out at sometime that the method used produces unreliable results, this is going to fall like a house of cards. ainsley: kyle rittenhouse's face now in the hands of the jury, as deliberations are set to begin this morning. let's bring in fox news contributor sean duffy a former district attorney in ashland county, wisconsin joining us alongside fox & friends weekend co-host his beautiful wife rachel campos-duffy. good morning to both of you. rachel: good morning, ainsley. ainsley: sean i'll start with you because of your experience with the law. what do you make of this? we heard joe biden call, label kyle, a white supremacist but now that you've seen the trial and seen it all unfold and know that much of this was in self-defense what's your reaction? >> it's pretty clear this young man was going to the community
5:34 am
to help out, scrubbing off graffiti at the school, he got his medic bag trying to help people, yeah, he brought a gun with him, but it was a dangerous crowd so he wanted to protect himself but here is what happens ainsley. i've done 125 of these trials. the jury brings in their common sense and the life experience as they analyze the facts of the case and they look at the law, and it's no doubt that kyle rittenhouse was fleeing away from danger, trying to get away from the mob, and he didn't shoot anybody that didn't threaten his life and i think they will look at that. the jury will look at that and i think again, this is an acquittal at worst it's going to be a hung jury and the prosecutors will decide whether they want to retry this or not. ainsley: rachel? rachel: ainsley, i just can't help as i see the national guard outside of kenosha that this didn't have to happen. if governor evers, the democrat governor of wisconsin, had allowed the national guard to come as donald trump had wanted him to do, as the community was begging for the national guard
5:35 am
to do and he didn't let it happen, for political reasons, and if the national guard had been there, kyle rittenhouse wouldn't be on trial, businesses , people's dreams went up in smoke, in flames, and it never came back, that town looked like beirut, my own daughter was on the ground there reporting. it looked like beirut. i couldn't believe the pictures auto it was seeing coming through my phone of what kenosha looked like, and kenosha wouldn't be on pins and needles bracing itself for what's going to happen with this trial. none of this had to happen. if there had been proper police protection, if the national guard had been allowed in, because we knew all summer, ainsley, that this is what could have happened. we saw the riots in minneapolis and portland and everywhere else it just was unnecessary. >> can i just make one last point, the national guard is there right now. are the national guard there because if rittenhouse is convicted there's rioting or
5:36 am
are the national guard there if there's an acquittal people are going to riot. we can't have the rioters control what happens in this country and they have to be put down. we have a rule of law, unbiased jurors who come in and decide guilt or innocence and we shouldn't try to sway them by the mob in the fact that the national guard has to come out because the left is so crazy has to be remediesed in this country. ainsley: we've been through such a tough two years our country has so i love this book coming out today, thanksgiving is next week, christmas is around the corner tell us about it. rachel: first of all thank you, ainsley, for being part of the book. i love your chapter and your stories about your family and your faith and your mom and grandma, and that's what people get. people know you from fox & friends, from being on the network for so many years and your good heart but they get a little deeper look at who ainsley and brian and steve and everybody else is in the book is , because the holidays really brings out such a personal side of who we are. >> it launches today you can buy it in-stores right now,
5:37 am
ainsley. i think yesterday, we were at number five on the amazon list we want to go to number one. you can hear what brian kilmeade how he got in a fight with santa locked him out of the house and how the doocys come together we've seen those videos but more in depth into the doocys and the recipes they put in the book and the pictures we have in the book. rachel: the pictures are awesome because there's a whole section with just everybody's pictures you see what everybody looks like. >> lawrence jones sitting on santa's lap so again christmas is a busy time. if the people on your christmas list love fox news they will love this book and this is the easiest way to shop and then get on and have fun with the holidays and spend time with your family. ainsley: everyone loves you make their book number one go buy it on amazon or your local bookstore thank you so much. >> thanks ainsley. rachel: look forward to seeing you in florida. ainsley: i can't wait we're going to have so much fun. companies are calling foul on president biden's vaccine mandate and consumers are
5:38 am
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brian: here we go, mandate-mani a, backlash for president biden's vaccine mandate as private companies challenge the requirements after filing a lawsuit against the administration, a petition posted by the daily wire, to join their fight has exploded in support with more than 560,000 signatures, jeremy boring is the co-founder of the daily wire jeremy, are you surprised about the support you have for the mandate pushback? >> not at all. i think the american people, while largely pro-vaccine, as evidenced by the fact that a majority of them have gotten at least one jab are incredibly anti-tyranny and that attitude goes back to our founding so i'm not surprised that people want to add their voice to our legal battle. i'm more surprised that fewer
5:43 am
companies aren't engaging in the fight. i think that it's absolutely critical as american employees, american workers are facing this unconstitutional choice between their livelihoods and their bodily autonomy it's important states and businesses make a stand about it. brian: how do you feel about a testing option along with the vaccine option? >> well the problem with the testing option along the vaccine option is it does require businesses to intrude into the private health decisions of their employees. i actually think that that's not only unconscionable and illegal and it runs provisions of the a da for example,, i think it opens up businesses to all kinds of new liabilities, for example, that retaliation claims by employees who are forced to test and mask discrimination claims from employees forced to test and mask and it just represents a turning point in the way that we view workers in the country when we see them as a threat. brian: i look at what's happening overseas i think it's
5:44 am
austria where they said un vaccinated can't go to work, unvaccinated is going to be separate when it comes to restaurants and parties. do you worry about that here? >> absolutely. i mean, you see it happening already in cities like los angeles which require vaccine passports to check out at retail outlets, they require vaccine passports to enter restaurants, you know, it's a complete in version of our liberties and the biden administration, listen , they are leading the charge. i say that more companies should make a stand but of course, companies are under direct threat from the administration with this unlawful osha mandate, so it's understandable, you know , the companies are making the decisions they are making that's why our lawsuit is against the biden administration we filed the first in the nation lawsuit in the sixth circuit court of appeals and filed a brief in the fifth circuit which was reflected in that courts order extending their stay of the mandate, and this petition is just a way to say to people listen, we're in this fight, but we know that for a lot of people individuals out in the workplace it's hard for you to find a way
5:45 am
to engage in the fight other than risking your livelihood add your voice alongside ours as we take this fight to the administration. brian: if people want to sign on where do they go? >> brian: best of luck, right now the judge stayed the order, we'll see where it goes from here let goes to steve for breaking news. >> appreciate it. steve: thank you very much, brian, quarter before the top of the hour and fox news alert. the retail and sales data report just released about 15 minutes ago that report showing some sales growth in october of about 1.7% over the month with a total sales topping $638 billion. sales from august through october of this year about 15.4% higher than the same period last year. in other news, prices at the pump keep going up for california residents, golden state reaching a new record for a second consecutive day, a gallon of gas $4.68 a gallon,
5:46 am
holy cow. the record highs come as president biden moves to put new drilling restrictions on areas around new mexico's canyon national park. critics are also slamming the white house for considering a potential shutdown of the line five pipeline that runs through the state of michigan, and those are some of the headlines now we need the weather. let's hit the streets with j. d. >> good morning it is a beautiful day in new york city a little cold but it is november let's speak to some folks hi what's your name? >> natalie. >> good morning. >> where you you from? >> long island. >> i love it and very close to brian kilmeade, i think right? what's your name? >> ian. >> where are you from? >> florida. >> very nice thank you so much let's take a look at the maps, and we have some very loud people in the background, 41 in new york city, 34 in chicago, it's 36 in fargo, and taking a look at the rest of the country, we have showers and thunderstorm
5:47 am
s across the northwest and a new storm moving in to the midwest. all right, steve back to you. steve: all right, j. d., thank you very much quarter before the top of the hour. still ahead we're going to head out to fox square with skip bedell sharing tips to help you and your family stay safe in severe weather emergencies, but first, let's check in with bill hemmer and dana perino with a preview of coming attractions. bill: you got it steve nice to see you good morning great show today. today is the day, steve, in one hour, the jury gets the case in kenosha, we got a first rate team of analysts to take us through that, take you there live. who has the vp in their sights? we'll have a closer look at the inside talk, so many jobs, so many supply issues labor secretary answers questions on all that live today, and karl rove on the state of the biden presidency. come join dana and me see you at the top of the hour 12 minutes away. as a dj, i know all about customization. that's why i love liberty mutual. they customize my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need.
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steve: we got new graphics today all right meanwhile, let's talk a little bit about this right here. brian: that's a little different than we thought it be. steve: it's an image of a tree that has fallen. brian: which we're totally against, natural disasters, but i would like to talk about a disaster which is taking place in virginia.
5:52 am
ainsley: in loudoun county so you know the boy who was, he was convicted of walking into the bathroom in that high school , and assaulting the young lady, and the father was arrested at the school board meeting because he was so up in arms and so upset, rightfully so , well now then he was transferred to another school, and then he accused the school board of hiding that and he's pleading no contest in that assault case. steve: and no contest means he's not admitting guilt, but he's not disputing the facts. so he was found, it was a couple weeks ago, found guilty of sexually assaulting that girl at stonebridge high school in loudoun county and now, this court ruling. then, you were earlier talking to some parents, i do believe, about how somebody in a place of authority in the schools were referring to parents as alt right. brian: that's what they were referring to basically this group that has followed democrat republicans, non- partisan group in order to urge majority in allize their effectiveness and their
5:53 am
complaints said well this alt right group is continuing to push for the elimination of certain board members and have their status revoked. meanwhile, they're not alt right in fact, alt right, one of the parents i spoke to and an african american parent whose a democrat who does not even know what an alt right means, rights this in a tweet. thank you, for a debunked school petition but they are getting petitions abdomens signatures to continue their quest after the election of getting rid of board members to show this is nothing to do with politics it's about curriculum. ainsley: ford board members they want to get rid of because of crt and what's happening in the classroom. brian interviewed them earlier. listen to this. >> no i'm not alt right or a white naturalist, i'm a concerned parent, concerned with what's going on in our schools. i would suggest to ms. brinkman and others like her
5:54 am
she's the white supremacist and forcing her ideology on me, blakeman trying to tell me how to raise my daughters and what they need to learn. i reject that notion. >> it just goes to show some of the loudoun county politicians haven't learned a thing. we are seeking the removal of school board members who ran a private facebook group targeting parents and calling them racist. we're seeking their removal because they violated laws and their own code of conduct and we will not be intimidated or silenced. steve: speaking of will not be silenced, remember a number of months ago at the beginning of the summer, we interviewed a pe teacher from loud en county by the name of tanner cross. he was suspended last spring after he spoke at a school board meeting, where he was denouncing loudoun counties transgender policy. he wound up, he was being relieved of his duties. he sued the school board and the superintendent saying the school violated his rights
5:55 am
to free speech and in june he was reinstated. well, yesterday, apparently a judge granted permanent in junction to be reinstated, so the school board will remove any reference to the suspension from his personal file and they are going to pay $20,000 to help cover his legal fees. so tanner cross has been completely exonerated. ainsley: he did not believe in changing pronouns for children. he says it goes against his religious beliefs. brian: absolutely meanwhile loud ebb county keep in mind it's no conservative county they won by 10 points with joe biden and also went away from youngkin although he caused a gap considerably this is just concerned parents looking to change things because they originally targeted now its become a national movement. elections over. it's time for you to admit it, it is all authentic, not politically-motivated no one is behind it except concerned parents. ainsley: they aren't all republicans. they are independents and democrats that are concerned.
5:56 am
steve: the school board has learned that lesson and is listening. ainsley: let's hope you heard her. steve: she's not alt right. we heard that. brian: according to reports more fox & friends, moments away >> man: what's my safelite story? my my livelihood. so when my windshield cracked... the experts at safelite autoglass came right to me... with service i could trust. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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that is a sweet dream. from looking up for the at the
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hard rock, head of the fox news nation patriot of words. to an end at 6:00 tomorrow morning and on thursday and tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. >> we will be on wednesday morning and thursday morning during the radio show. it's going to be exciting. >> can't wait. thank you. have a good day. >> good morning, closing arguments now in the box and th kyle rittenhouse trial. they will deliberate one hour from now. we will take you there live as we say good morning. i'm bill hemmer. a lot of attention and a lot of attention for this. >> i'm dana perino. this is "america's news". it is the moment of news for rittenhouse. they will see if you acted and defense or if he was a vigilant looking for trouble and the governor is taking no chances t put the national guard on standby as they prepare for potential


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