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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 15, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PST

11:00 pm and of course we will be back tomorrow, 8:00 p.m., the show live is the sworn enemy, totally sincerely, flying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. we have a surprise for you, ladies and gentlemen. the great sean hannity rips the reins from r our hands and evily rides off into than 9:00 p.m. >> sean: wears that guy? i don't know. tucker, thank you.nn welcome to "hannity" and tonight the biden white house is imploding, the blame game, the finger-pointing is in full gear after a disastrous sending off the civil is. and they are now turning on each other, it's getting very ugly grade coming up we will bring you the very latest infighting out of the biden white house. plus, we are to play the low lights from what was another awkward and embarrassing day for the cognitively struggling presidentmb and of course his incompetent vice president, but first we began withpr our top story tonight, that is kenosha, wisconsin. today we are closing arguments in the trial of kylelere
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rittenhouse, but not before the judge throughout one of the charges. if judge bruce schrader dismissed misdemeanor gun charge, possession of a dangerous weapon by minor, because according to wisconsin state thr law, the rule only aps to certain guns, those with a short-barreled. rittenhouse was carrying a long rifle. just the latest embarrassing setback for prosecutors who have been absolutely atrocious from beginning to end. in his final pitch to jurors, the lead prosecutor referred to the rioters in kenosha as a crowd full of heroes. okay, the heroes that were chasing kyle down the street and ready to pound his head into the pavement? those guys? he was then bizarrely announced that in america, a person loses the right to self-defense when they have a gun. that is not true. take a look. >> they have to convince you that joseph rosenbaum was going to take that gun and use it on
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the defendant, because they know you can't claim self-defense against an unarmed man like this. you lose the right to self-defense when you're the one who brought the gun. when you're the one creating the danger. when you're the one provoking other people. >> sean: none of which was proven in this court of law and the interesting thing is you've got one case where you have their key witness admitting on the stand that he pointed a loaded gun at kyle rittenhouse before kyle fired back. another example, with eyewitnesses, somebody trying to rip the gun out of his hands and of course somebody about to put his foot into his face into the pavement. this might be the single worst legal take in the history of any trial, and it gets, yep, even worse. at one point, for whatever reason, he held up the rifle used by kyle rittenhouse, he put his finger on the trigger and pointed it at those sitting in the courtroom.
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he obviously doesn't know a single thing about gun safety or self-defense or the rule of law. rule number one, sir, is you never, ever, ever, ever, under any circumstances, point a gun, loaded or unloaded, at anyone, even under any circumstances, and less you plan to use it in self-defense. now the verdict is in the hands of theof jury, but let's not loe sight of how we got here. for several days in august of 2020 the city of kenosha and wisconsin come up they experienced a massive wave of violence, arson, looting, vandalism, salt. a complete breakdown of law and order, all because of a lie that was pushed by the democrats and of course their allies, the media mob, who falsely claim that an unarmed african-american man named jacob blake was murdered by the police. in fact, jacob blake was armed with a knife. he fought with the police, and he refused to drop his knife as
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officers were attempting to arrest him for sexual assault charges, but the left, they don't care about facts, they don't care about the law, they don't care about the truth. for them, the narrative is much more important than truth. so of course, they didn't lose sleep over the riots that followed, and by the way, where is liz cheney? she's not lecturing the country on the constitution. liz, where's the commission looking into all those 500 plus riots in the summer of 2020 map riots that killed thousands of americans, injured thousands of cops pelted with bricks, rocks, bottles, and molotov cocktails? i have yet to hear for you call for a commission or lecture everybody on the rule of law on the constitution. these are the riots that molly harris promoted a bail fund for some of the rioters. that's right, it doesn't advance your real agenda, which is to purge donald trump and all things donald trump from the republican party has you now are with your new best friends, the
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people that calledur your fathea liar, a crook, and a murderer. hope you enjoy your new company. same democrats that never bother to look at video evidence talk to eyewitnesses or collect facts, they rush to judgment time andle time again in order o score cheap political points. they did the same thing in ferguson, missouri. remember, hands up, don't i sho, michael brown, officer darren wilson, numerous eyewitnesses that corroborated his story. same thing in baltimore, freddie gray, trayvon martin case. they did the same thing with oh, the cambridge police, the duke lacrosse case. the richard jewell case, more recently, nicholas sandmann, the 16-year-old slandered day in and day out by the media mob for wearing a maga hat. one lie after another told about that young men and don't forget the dirty russian bought and paid for hillary clinton dossier. trump haters breathlessly pushed
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this russia conspiracy theory, the slide, this hoax, this narrative, for five long years and none of it was true, and the dossier's main source was discharged with lying to the fbi. another source was a democratic operative. guess what? close ties to the clinton campaign. it was so bad. to their credit, "the washington post," they are the only ones to date that publicly redacted and retracted their only reporting -- own reporting on the dirty dossier. what about everybody else? the conspiracy theorists, the ever so loved rachel maddow at msdnc. she had the moral courage to admit she was wrong. she lied to her audience. neither do any of her colleagues at msdnc or her friends at fake news cnn, "the new york times." all three broadcast networks, they lied to this country, to you, the american people, for years. by the way, in every one of these cases we've mentioned, we got it right, we didn't rush to judgment and we got the facts and we of course corroborateded
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the sources that gave us the information before bringing it to you. and now the same thing is playing out all over again in the case of kyle rittenhouse. last year during the campaign, joe biden himself referring to rittenhouse as a "white supremacist." last week house democratic leader hakeem jeffries tweeted "lockup kyle rittenhouse and just throw away the key." of multiple media outlets referring to him as a vigilante, woke a ice cream company ben & jerry's tweeting the rittenhouse trial displays yet again that our justice system is racist. how would this child going if he was a black 17-year-old across state lines illegally carrying an ar-15 and shot three white protesters? we need real justice in the legal system, this isn't it. one fake news journalist took it a step further tweeting well, if you're defending kyle rittenhouse, you must be a white supremacist. think about it. powerful politicians, powerful
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media figures ignoring key evidence, rushing to judgment as usual. oh, did i mention of course the case of supreme court justice kavanaugh or clarence thomas or richard jewell or any of these examples? in this case, in order to destroy a 17-year-old, now 18-year-old, young man, all because of their political agenda. and by the way, any unrest that follows will be their fault. that's right, joe biden, it will be your fault, just like it's your fault anything that happens to any american in the islamic emirates of afghanistan that you abandoned. hakeem jeffries, you will be at fault. all of you in the media mob, it will be your fault, and everyone and anyone that rushed to judgment, as per usual, the same cast of characters, those of you that created an expectation among the public based on a set of lies with zero evidence, zero due process, zero presumption of
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innocence, this is why we have these things. the rule of law is so critically important, and of course the left doesn't care about any of this. it's just yet another reminder why most democrats, most members of the media mob, you cannot trust them, and most people don't trust them. president reagan once famously said if fascism ever comes to america, it will come in the thname of liberalism. here with more, the author of the case for a vaccine mandate, harvard professor, alan dershowitz along with fox news legal analyst gregg jarrett. greg, i thought it was an atrocious trial start to finish as it relates to the prosecution. they did not meet the high standard that they needed beyond a reasonable doubt. i would expect this jury to acquit. now based on the gun charge being thrown out, acquitted across the board. that's what i saw, but you really can't ever guess what a jury is going to do. >> no, it's folly to guess what a jury is going to do but i agree with you about the facts and evidence.
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the number of misrepresentations, deceptions, and outright lies by the prosecution about the facts, the evidence, and the law, was really quite worth taking, for the prosecutor to stand there and tell the jury that you lose the right of self-defense if you bring a gun, it's outrageous. that's not the law at all. the other major ally was when the prosecutor -- and you showed the clip -- holding the ar-15 against his right shoulder, the defendant is right-handed, pointing the gun at an imaginary joseph rosenblum and saying this was the provocation and then he showed the videotape. what did the videotape show? it showed the defendant raising an empty left arm with a gun hanging on a swing near the right side because again, he's right-handed. the prosecutor tried to argue that the defendant was the
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initial aggressor and therefore he loses the right of self-defense, except the defendant regains the right of self-defense under the law if he withdraws and retreats, and then the prosecutor showed the videotape of the defendant retreating and actually narrates by saying see here, you can see rosenbaum chasing down the defendant. with prosecutors like that, who in the world needs a defense attorney? >> sean: wow, great analysis. professor, i'm dying to get your take on closing arguments. >> well, first of all, the prosecutor clearly misstated the law. i'm an expert on criminal law, i'm an expert on self-defense. you can vote self-defense if you have a gun and you shoot an unarmed person. if the unarmed person threatens her life by trying to hit you over the head with a skateboard or tries to pull a knife or hits
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you with his fists. remember the zimmerman case where the unarmed person was banging zimmerman's head against the pavement and zimmerman ultimately shot him. so he just is wrong about that, so -- and he was wrong about a great many other things involving the law. the big issue with this case is the time frame. the defense tried to narrow the time frame to just the moments before the shooting, whereas the prosecution tried to put him on trial for the whole day. why was he there, was he really a medic, was he a fraud? under the law, all of that is irrelevant. the only time frame is the moments before the shooting, and did the defendant reasonably believe that his life was at risk by somebody coming at him with a skateboard. somebody trying to pull his gun away from him. if the jury has a reasonable doubt about that, they must acquit.
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>> sean: eyewitness testimony, j video evidence, and of course the lead witness admitting that he pointed a loaded gun first before kyle shot in that incident. we have the video of his face almost getting stomped into the pavement. you mentioned the skateboard. with that said, let's go john mcglocklin on both of you. predictions, gregg jarrett, how does this and?al >> well, there's a possibility of a mistrial if there's just one juror who doesn't agree with the rest. that would be disappointing in this case, but i think -- thanks to the prosecution and their powerful defense witnesses, the audiotape, the videotape, and the photograph, i think prosecutors have made a solid, persuasive, compelling case of self-defense for the defendant which invites the question, why did they even in this case? they did so under public pressure because the woke mob
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demanded it together with the media. >> sean: and of course we also have the possibility of a mistrial with prejudice even post-vertical at the judge can overturn the verdict. professor, your production? >> well, i never predictpr becae i've been in his business too long and jerry's surprise and we don't know what the jury deliberations are about, we don't know who the jurors are. i do think that there can't be a possible conviction of attempted murder on the victim -- alleged victim who admitted that he had pointed a gun at him seconds before heed was shot.e as to the two who were killed, i don't think you can make a prediction. i do think that the evidence does not show beyond a reasonable doubt that he committed a crime and that even if you were to be convicted, it would be very, very serious issues on appeal, so i'm not going to protect but i'm going to tellim you that the right verdict in this case would be an acquittal. that doesn't mean that this young man should be praised for
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coming with an air 15. it doesn't mean he's a hero, it just means the government failed to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he did not act in self-defense. that's a high burden, i don't believe the government met it. >> sean: i don't believe they met up by any stretch, and they put on a very compelling case and in each case in each instance it was self-defense. thank you. tonight, as we await this verdict in kenosha, we are now bracing for another wave of violent riots. 500 national guard troops are now standing by. if and called up by the governor, frankly rightly so, it's sad but necessary. here with reaction, former florida attorney general pam bondi, fox newss contributor leo terrell. i look at the possibility of unrest, pam. all the things, starting with joe biden, that knows nothing about this b kid, i have seen no evidence that he is a white supremacist, the media mob rushing to judgment like they
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always do, same predictable group of people, they offer no presumption of innocence, no due process, no belief that you're innocent until proven guilty, i would put the blame of any reaction by the public on them because they created an atmosphere where there was an anticipated result that's not coming. >> they did, and sean, it was a great legal analysis by greg and alan. i've never in all my years of trying cases heard our jury instruction from a judge where he had to say -- he had to instruct the jury, ignore statements by the president of the united states, because joe biden did call him a white suit promises. it's unbelievable. it's political and it's sad but true, and that's why we need to fund the police. we need as many police officers out on our streets as possible so things like this don't happen again so people aren't out there destroying property and people like kyle rittenhouse don't have to be out there trying to protect their neighbors and their families property.
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>> sean: in ferguson, leo, there was never hands up, don't shoot, that didn't happen. we had numerous eyewitnesses, happen to be african-americans that corroborated the story of officer darren wilson. same thing in baltimore where freddie gray, the same thing down in florida. you know, you have this rush to judgment, duke lacrosse and uva and cambridge police and then of course the whole russia collusion lie of five years. the same protective a cast of characters get it wrong. when people react after they create this expectation, i blame them. they are responsible for their comments that whip people into a frenzy. am i wrong? >> your 100% correct and the left and the media does not care. they don't care if they live. this is a political trial. kyle rittenhouse is a political prisoner. it's about the second amendment, it's about the gun and you heard that prosecutor who was absolutely dead wrong about the right to have the gun.
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he waved his right -- is privileged? that's a lie. he's absolutelyli wrong. but it is the expectation. it's not a race case. the individual -- it's not black versus white, but it doesn't matter. they want chaos. that's why you've got 500 national guard on standby. for what? because the left wants something to happen bad, period. but it's about the second amendment. look at the issue here. if the gun. this man had a right to defend himself and i'll give an opinion, he should be found acquitted, as you correctly stated, the judge has the ace in the hole because he can declare a mistrial with prejudice. >> sean: when you have a group of people, some might describe it as a mini mob chasing you down the street, and you are running as fast as you can to get away from them and they catch up to you, pam bondi, and they're about to stomp their foot on your face and slam it into the pavement, i would say that's self-defense. if some buddy point a loaded gun at you, i would say that's
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self-defense. if somebody tries to attack you with a skateboard, i would call the use of a weapon in that case self-defense. am i wrong on the law? >> no, sean, clear case of self-defense and in fact in this case, the prosecution's own evidence, the video evidence, is what's helping show that kyle rittenhouse defendednh himself. that's why that video was so crucial to the defense in this case. self-defense the whole way. >> sean: we are showing -- at that moment -- and then he also tellss a story, then you add to that the powerful testimony of eyewitnesses. leo, how much did that factor in? will that factor in the jury's mind? >> terminus, because i will tell you right now, everyone in america believes kyle rittenhouse story. those were real tears. that was a real compelling story. he did not have the intent to hurt someone. he came there with the intent to help and in those moments of
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seconds in which the prosecution tried to slow it down, this was a split second decision and this young man defended himself. he should be released and acquitted unconditionally. >> sean: let's make predictions, pam bondi, where you see this going? >> self-defense, not guilty. >> sean: across-the-board? >> across-the-board. i hope that they follow the law. >> sean: if they follow the law, i agree with you, but that's and if. if the law in wisconsin is clear, leo, and that is if you fear -- if you have a fear that your life is in jeopardy or great bodily harm, you have the right to self-defense, there's no ambiguity to that law. did the prosecutor -- >> 30 years of -- >> sean: go ahead. >> 30 years of being a criminal attorney, trial lawyer.e i see self-defense, i see acquittal. >> sean: i see acquittal too. so now we are, what, five of us. we will see. the hard thing is you can never predict what a jury will do. that i've learned in 33 years.
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i say that with thatea caveat. thank you all. straight ahead are going to show youu jen psaki is was our response to a question about kyle rittenhouse, scott brown, kayleigh mcenany, they'll react. also we will detail a bombshell report citing massive dysfunction in the administration and the latest of bidens blunders and biden versus kamala, apparently not a lot of love lost. newt gingrich weighs in on that and a lot more.nd we continue on this breaking news night, thanks for being with us. keeping me from the things i love to do. talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: team biden, they're showing no remorse for their rush to judgment in the kyle rittenhousee case, showing no apologies for falsely suggesting that rittenhouse was a white supreme assessed. now listen to this exchange between circle back propagandists at the white house jen psaki and our very own peter doocy. watch this. >> secretary psaki: so, peter, what are not going to >> sean: right now is anything about an ongoing trial, the president's past comments. what i can reiterate for you is the president's view that we shouldn't have, broadly speaking, vigilantes patrolling our communities with assault weapons. we shouldn't have opportunists corrupting peaceful protests by rioting and burning down the communities they claim to represent anywhere in the country.
11:28 pm
as you know, closing argument in this particular case which i'm not speaking to come on just making broad comment about his own view, there's an ongoing trial. we are awaiting a verdict. beyond that, knuckling to speak to any individuals or this case. >> sean: how about an apology or if he really believes he's a what's a pharmacist, how about bringing forth the evidence? once again, rush to judgment from biden, the democrats, the left, the media mob, ignoring any facts to push a false narrative, needlessly dividing americans. here with reaction, outnumbered cohost, author of the best seller, kayleigh mcenany, along with former republican senator scott brown. good to see you both. how about an apology -- maybe while he's at, scott brown, i have another apology. how about apologize for partnering with a former klansman to stop the integration of schools and stop bussing because joe biden didn't want public schools to become, in his words, racial jungles.
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maybe he can apologize for that too. >> well, you're not going to get any apologies, certainly i do have the press secretary, who really can't carry the water for the president and all his blunders, whether you start at the border, afghanistan, the deficit, inflation, she just can't keep up because it's a blunder every day. and that being said, i'm going to answer your question, guilty or acquitted. welcome of the president, his team, and all the people that you've already referenced, they've already prejudged the verdict and not only is that wrong, it's dangerous, because we do live in a nation of laws. we do have due process, we do have, you know, obviously innocent before proven guilty, and there are so many things at play here but to think that some buddy would use their influence and basically use an ad, a campaign ad for something that they really don't know anything about at that point is really, really dangerous. it'sy just -- i'm blown away, quite frankly. >> sean: but it's not the first time. obama, the cambridge police acted stupidly, or trade on
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could be my son, et cetera. rush to judgment all these people on television, they've create a belief system and a narrative that the public hears and then they expect a certain outcome and they do all of this, kayleigh, before evidence is presented, they do it denying all due process, all perception of innocence and then when it doesn't come out the way they weree told it's going to come out, people are angry, i blame them for the consequences as a result. your thoughts? >> absolutely. maxine waters and the like proactively calling for unrest in the streets in some cases, as she did in the aftermath or before we got the verdict from george floyd, but let me say how deeply irresponsible ofho jen psaki to say what she said. if you really don't want to comment on an ongoing case, oguess what, sean? you don't comment on an ongoing case. but jen psaki said i won't comment on an ongoing case but wink-wink, nudge nudge, we are
11:31 pm
against a vigilante with an assault rifle, a.k.a., those of the buzzwords of msnbc, those of the buzzwords of cnn, who have called this man, young man, 17 years old when this altercation happened -- they called him deeply racist. they called him -- i analogized him to a school shooter. he acted in lawful self-defense. unfortunately two people lost their lives, but the mainstream media totally villain eyes, demonized this guy. joe biden included, calling him a white supremacist in that ad, at least putting his face in and add that said white supremacy. apologize. come out and say i'm not going to comment on this and any aftermath, i think that he will in fact be exonerated in all of this, come out and apologize for what you said, because the commander in chief should not be villain eyes and a 17-year-old young man. >> sean: scott brown, jen psaki said i'm not going to speak right now to anything going on in the trial. and kayleigh is right and then she said what i can reiterate for you, the president's view, broadly speaking, vigilantes
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patrolling our communities with weapons, we shouldn't have opportunists corrupting peaceful protests, burning down the community. excuse me, they already weighed in and those comments themselves are biased joe biden already weighed in on an ongoing case when he referred to this young man without any evidence that i've seen, maybe it's out there, i haven't seen it, but he is a what's a premises. have either of you heard it or seen it? because i haven't seen it. scott. >> listen, the trial, i thought the judge first of all known trial has been doing a reallyy solid job keeping everything on track, going really from obscurity to being on national tv every day 24 hours a dayou basically, and when you situations like this -- it is tragic that people died. of course it is. it's also tragic that people have to come out and try to protect their property and their livelihoods. and it's also tragic but the community leaders in that wonderful city, once wonderful city, and other cities have to
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really not fulfill their obligations to keep citizens safe and that we are getting police defunded on a regular basis and that we have to have citizens try to protect themselves. it's kind of upside down, sean, and people need to start to get along actually look atth each other and have communication and conversations are we are going to see this over and over again and you're right, the people instigating but basically not relying on the facts and making them up as they come along just for a political narrative to gain political points in the political fight that's coming up in the midtermss and beyond, its just wrong. it's not who we are as americans. >> sean: well said, kayleigh, we will give you the last word. >> all i will say is i went to kenosha with former president trump, i started a family owned business that was raised toha the ground in the aftermath of the jacob blake death. so i've been there, i've seen the destruction. i'm glad they're mobilizing the national guard, but we need our national leaders to call for
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peace. if that means the president of the united states. call for peace in the aftermath of what happens. if it's tomorrow, the next day, pretty soon we will know the verdict. call for peace, don't be a maxine waters and don't subtly play into it. >> sean: kayleigh mcenany, scott brown, thank you both. also tonight, and explosive new report shedding light on in parent deep division between joe biden and kamala harris in their offices amid mixed messaging, policy failures, never ending dysfunction inside and outside the white house. the report citing around three dozen sources begins "worn outt by what they see as entrenched, dysfunction, and aee lack of focus, key west wing aids have largely thrown up their hands at vice president kamala harris and her staff deciding this simply isn't timer to deal with them right now, suggesting that confidence in the vice president is cratering and that things are only going from bad to worse." of course this report really just exposes what we've shown you on this program every night,
11:35 pm
that the entire biden white house is in a state of crisis. no plan, no agenda to move the country forward. if by the way, i don't know what's worst, the fact that peter doocy asked about paying illegal immigrants $450,000 and joe biden saying it's garbage and it's not going to happen, not knowing his own administration's policy or than articulating and passionately fighting for it two days later. by the way, the article seems to have struck a nerve. jen psaki tweeting out late last night for anyone who needs to hear it, vp is not only a vital partner to the president but a bold leader, was taken on key important challenges facingt the country. hey, jan, can you be more specific? how is she doing is the border as the borders are? about the biden team may have hope that today's dining ceremony for the infrastructure bill would have been an opportunity for a recess or an opportunity to show unity, ithe was more of the same blunders, predictably, from joe. take a look. >> president biden: and now it's my honor to sign an
11:36 pm
executive order and a couple of my friends are going to be coming out here i'm told. cabinet members. but you know -- here we go. where is everybody? jill. [laughter] >> please welcome heather curtin back! >> in a moment. >> president biden: i want to thank everyone who helped make this t happen. vice president harris, mike cabinet members. i white house team. jill, doug, our first lady and her first -- our first lady and her second husband. >> sean: ... it is beyond humiliating. keep looking at your screen. biden had this bizarre moment, watch this right there. he apparently couldn't find his mask. he is socially distant, he's outside, he's vaccinated, and he got a booster. why is he looking for his mask? aimlessly wandering between the
11:37 pm
podium and the desk looking completely inapt, as usual. just the latest baffling moment of joe biden. here with reaction, just came out with a brand-new book, it's in bookstores as of today, beyond biden, it's on,, bookstores everywhere. fox news contributor newt gingrich. what is kamala harris accomplished? because she supposed to be the border czar, she never went anywhere near where the action is of the border. i got a long list i can read off to you and i think, you know, we've got literally apparently she hired a pr team. they had that disastrous phony session video session with child actors. she's done nothing as border czar. the weird laughing that is seemingly unending, goes to travel to france, she comes out with a phony french accent, doesn't resolve the issues she was supposed to resolve involving australia, so tell me where the successful
11:38 pm
mr. speaker, because i don't see it. >> by the way, there is a website thate has ten hours of kamala harris laughing. taken from all these various -- >> sean: ten hours. >> ten hours. that's right, if you want to punish a friend, make them watch it but it gives you a side of what's happening to her. i mean, being the laughing vice president is not necessarily a good thing if that's one of your most famous accomplishments. i think she actually accomplished something very historic. she got cnn, historically the strongest supporter of liberal democrats, to run an entire story pointing out that the president's team and the vice president's team are fighting internally in a very ferocious way. i've never seen cnn do anything that would be harmful to joe biden. this story was devastating, and i think it starts with a simple fact. biden is at 38% approval.
11:39 pm
she's at 28% approval. powerful people wake up in the morning and they go it can't be me, soy wonder who's doing this, so the biden people say it's all harris' fault and harris people say you know, if only he was using her correctly. i think you're going to see more of this kind of backbiting because the truth is she hasn't accomplished anything. i mean, it's an embarrassment. but then on the other hand, she's working with joe biden, who has accomplished almost nothing and it's an embarrassment, as you point out, just watching him in public in an unscripted environment is a little frightening, frankly, to think that this is t the commanr in chief and to know that our opponents around the planet are watching the same tv coverage. and so i think this is -- to me, this is -- having known a fair number of vice president, this is an amazing moment for probably the worst vice president in american history. >> sean: well, i mean, they
11:40 pm
have this conflict that's always what going on. joe was at 35% on average in the public approval polls, she's at a whopping low 28%. i would say afghanistan is the reason, the economy is the reason, more people died from covid in 2021 then 2020 is a reason. inflation, high cost of energy because of their policies. all of these issues preventable. they can fix it if they go back to the trump policies that work. we both know that's not going to happen. so now the question is how they dig themselves out of this hole if they are not willing to change? >> well, there's no evidence at all right now that they will dig themselves out. as you know, a major liberal publication just released a poll that shows that republicans are now ahead by ten points in the generic ballot, which is the largest lead they've had in 40 years. >> sean: you. >> think about it. 40 years.
11:41 pm
i think that paul actually understates how bad it is because it over sampled democrats and under sampled republicans. but the fact is they're not going to turn around inflation, they're not going to close -- they don't believe in closing the border, so not going to close it. they don't believe in stopping crime, so it's going to keep going up. they don't believe in taking any steps to stop inflation, and frankly, the idea that e pete buttigieg, who has had no experience, is going to solve the logistics problem is crazy. so you're going to have more americans angry, every day when americans fill up their car or their truck, theyca get matter t biden and harris, and i think harris suffers more because she isn't as well known and frankly, to have her laughing while the rest of us are suffering is a pretty bad counterpoint i think just further alienates her for most americans. if you're not a hard-core liberal, you've been alienated from kamala harris and i think
11:42 pm
basically ended any chance shall ever be president. >> sean: don't forget jennifer granholm, the energy secretary laughing saying what's your plan to -- >> i assumed jennifer was an imitator of kamala, that the new thing for liberal democrats is to learn to laugh -- >> sean: not so funny to foreign middle class. they are desperate. and you know what? they're not going to go -- they can stop begging opec and just ask texas, alaska, north dakota, and oklahoma. mr. speaker -- by the way, the book is out, bookstores everywhere,, thanks for being with us. when we come back, the liberal elitist in the media mob once again rushing to judgment. their comments have consequences. we will show you the tip, lara trump and ari fleischer, they way and next as we continue. please stay with us. m
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♪ ♪ >> sean: the rittenhouse trial has once again exposed the media mob's long history of rushing to judgment. this is a small sample, we could run probably an hour or two hours, three hour special how they've covered this trial, ignoring key facts, ignoring the key aspects of the law and of course resorting to the typical
11:49 pm
predictable cheap smear tactics and rushing to judgment. take a look. >> chaotic situation with somebody who is untrained with a weapon, going to the middle of civilians and just looking for trouble. and it is trouble that he found. >> i don't have a crystal ball, all right? what i know is the law, and what i know is what white people are willing to do to defend what's a premise he. >> that acting job of the crying, can't even look at it. that is one of the worst acting jobs have ever seen. >> he was well prepared by defense attorneys to disrupt his image as a trigger-happy vigilante who went on a shooting rampage at a black lives matter protest. >> what kind of idiot 17-year-old gets a giant gun and goes to a riot? he has no license, he has no training, he thinks he's going to scrub graffiti off with his ar-15? i mean, the stupidity of this. >> sean: talk about stupidity
11:50 pm
and what kind of idiot does what he did on a resume call. just saying. of course this is only one example revealing the wide gap between the media mob's false coverage and what actually happened. cambridge police, ducal cross, uva, richard jewell, nicholas sandmann, ferguson, missouri, baltimore, maryland, florida, trayvon martin, george zimmerman. all examples the media rushing to judgment and when they do, they get it wrong over and over and over again. if we named every example we'd be here for then of course the big hoax of all hoax and that is the russia hoax, or the uva oaks published by rolling stone. hands up, don't shoot, that was the lie surrounding michael brown. post covington high school kids, nicholas sandmann. remember just a small it being the victim of a crime? amplifying these lies, the hysteria, the death of freddie gray stoke anti-police hate,
11:51 pm
didn't end up the way the mob and the media predicted it would buried multiple officers wrongly accused come all of them got off.x and of course the russia hoax, the biggest lie of all, the steele dossier, and much more. anyway, as we continue, we welcome to the program again, joining us now, ari fleischer and lara trump. lara, we will start with you. i it is always the same people and you lived through five years of a never ending almost one voice media mob lie about your father-in-law. >> yeah, you're right, sean. i think people every day ask themselves how bad it really is the mainstream media, are they really lying to us? are they really manipulating the truth to further a political narrative, and r you named a don plus examples of how they have done it in the past. this case above all of them, we have a definitive answer, it is absolutely yes. they have had with kyle rittenhouse convicted as a
11:52 pm
murderer from day one and a white suit premises to and sadly, they have been somewhat successful. if you go out on the streetis right now and talk to anybody you find out there, a lot of people will tell you that this trial is about a white guy shooting to black people when in fact that is so far from the truth, it is all white people that are involved in this case and obviously we want due process to play out, we want the jury to come to their own decision, but the media is been successful in making this about race like they do about everything, but you have to realize that that is in the interest of the democrat party. that is what they ultimately want. they want to make everythingt about race because after all, if we don't see each other as just americans and we see each other instead as different colors, then they can divide all of us, and whenever you are a divided country, you don't want to stand up and fight for your country. when you're taught to hate your country and that it's inherently racist and that everything out
11:53 pm
there is about race, and people are not going to fight back when our rights start getting takenak away and when they try to socialize america. so this is all part of a process and it is all part of a plan, and it is absolutelyt' disgustig to see on behalf of the mainstream media. >> sean: and they never -- they never correct the record. they never take with one's ability, they move onto the next life. >> and this is the saddest thing about what's happened to journalism today, it's got -- explained left, but they actually have the fingers on the scale. and that's become more important, it's o actually becoe more fun to be a reporter and a commentator who engages in that kind of activism under the guise of reporting. that's why youou can see it on n and msnbc and they can get away with it, because it doesn't matter if they're wrong. the activism has supported the cause and the cause is superior to accurate reporting. so there's no downside and no consequence.
11:54 pm
that's one of the reasons it doesn't matter what poll you look at, most americans don't trust journalists anymore. they don't think the reporters told the news fully fairly and accurately. it's not just republicans were hurt by this bad reporting, its democrats. it's democrats who might be shocked that there is a not. guilty verdict and they can't understand how that could be, so there must be something nefarious behind it because for a year, two years, they were told that every bit of evidence points out that this was the crime, and then an objective jury finds out it may not be the crime. if that journalism hurts all americans and boy are we seeing a lot of it. >> sean: they create an expectation of an outcome that never happens and then there's anger. thank you. more "hannity" right after this. ♪ ♪
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>> sean: this case the rittenhouse case is in the hands of the jury. you can never predict what a jury is thinking. i do believe that the prosecution failed to reach the standard of guilt laura: see you in a few days at the patriot awards. >> you get to harass me in person. laura: lots of trouble, see you tomorrow night. this is ingraham angle from a busy washington. my angle will come later and reveal how in 10 months president biden's team has said is a disastrous path that ly


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